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No. 265761

Since we're approaching 2023, I thought it could be a creative and cute idea to post collages or moodboards that you have created yourself or found online. Non-2023 visionboards are of course welcome but it could be a nice starting point for the nonas who can't come up with ideas.

Here's some suggestions for creating collages and moodboards if you don't have photoshop!


Computer and mobile friendly. Create a collage or moodboard easily by attaching pictures from your camera roll/computer, they have templates you can use. Lots of stickers and pics available on their database that you can use!
Computer only (sorry mobilefags). If you don't want to save a bunch of photos, use Landing. It's very similar to Polyvore (rip) and has a database filled with transparent pics you find by searching for keywords. (Post your collages as "unlisted" if you don't want the social media aspect). I personally always use this one!

Here's some ideas to help anons:
>Create a visionboard of your 2023 goals
>Create a collage of your NYE plans/outfit/aesthetic

Non-NYE related ideas:
>Create a collage that resembles some aspects of your favorite cow (could be fun if nonas can guess the cow)
>Create something artsy!
>Create a collage of your ideal style
>Create a moodboard of your husbando/fav character etc

No. 265771

File: 1672440889343.jpg (6.09 MB, 5023x4974, 1615230320524.jpg)

I can bring this back then

No. 265772

cute. i hope your 2023 is filled with train rides where you read yaoi on your phone, not giving a shit who is looking over your shoulder at it.

No. 265774

love the vibe anon!

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