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File: 1673119170948.jpg (79.53 KB, 800x450, animeymey.jpg)

No. 267505

As a lifelong weeb, those were some of my favorite threads, so let's revive it. Discuss everything wrong with anime, be it modern or tales as old as times.


No. 267508

I hate coombrained mcs… aka denji from chainsaw man

No. 267510

File: 1673121546981.gif (2.36 MB, 640x358, space-adventure-cobra-punch.gi…)

The absolute drop in quality of the animation itself. The industry is so coomer-filled now that they don't give two fucks if the animation is sloppy, or the physics makes no sense. As long as their loli's face (especially the eyes, the eyes are always the most detailed part of the whole thing) looks great, who cares?

No. 267561

File: 1673133494006.gif (3.48 MB, 200x112, 7171662.GIF)

this so much. Is it because of its marketability towards self-inserting coomers? It’s boring and cringe af and not in a fun, but overdone and braindead way. everytime I see yet another one of those horny mc titles I have to think about some director doing a pitch session with an author for the next publishing, going like
>hmmm, a series about [concept] in a unique setting- next
>ah, let’s see.. a series about [concept] in a unique setting with a female mc who’s endgame is not to end up with some guy, but to be strong on her own- next
>hmmm, a series about [concept] in a unique setting, but with a horny teenage mc and girls who function as some sort of harem regardless of if they like the mc or not? deal!

No. 267648

i hate the pedo shit. by that i mean not only 6000 year old lolis, but also how every anime girl looks like she's 12 but with massive boobs, and every female character is voiced in a way that makes it sound like the character is a squeaky 10 year old elementary schooler. when you watch older anime, the female characters actually sound like grown women voiced them.

at this point i just stopped watching anime, even though i had been watching it for almost 25 years of my life.

No. 267652

Personal opinion, but when traditional animation all but died so did quality. Traditional animation feels like it holds more weight in the frame and the dissonance between characters and the background was less. Animation that isn’t traditional seems to have a more plastered on vibe, like everything else except for the characters is an afterthought and the characters were just dragged into the shot. Idk seems like more effort was put in before computer animation did the heavy lifting. Also the rate of series being pumped out thus less quality makes hand drawn animation feel more substantial and important now.
Agree 100%, anime has always been a consumerist culture but buyfagging has changed the industry for the worst. Allowing tiddy monsters to be regularly made into figures is depleting the quality of series and frankly the artistry of figures themselves. Anime was a mistake and fans ruined it by demanding so much out of creators and studios they are pulling shortcuts for the bottom line.

No. 267733

I hate how the default female form starts at large breasts and goes up to inhuman proportions (which is what they consider big in animeland). And it's not even porn, it's just decades of coomer animators working both in the mainstream industry too making it the default, so even anime aimed at general audiences and literal kids have a bunch of big titty waifus. It isn't even normal to do that in shounen manga aimed at little boys, look at fucking Fairy Tail. I don't consume shit like that, but whenever I look up trailers for the most generic shit, I'm really disappointed that every main girl or 90% of the female cast has to have giant tits, unless it's ONLY aimed at little girls.

No. 267742

File: 1673216243441.jpg (571.55 KB, 2009x2975, 11257226.jpg)

Anime has been on the decline ever since yaoibait mecha anime stopped being made, at least on a more major scale. But fujo autism aside, what the fuck happened to anime?
>Be me, long term anime autist
>Goes to see what anime's airing this season since i'm never caught up on seasonal anime
>Isekai, shounenshit, video game adaptation, coomershit, moar isekai, FOTM waifubait, moeshit, retarded boring romance anime, even more fucking isekai and other new seasons of irrelevant anime.

The anime industry is dead, and moids useless sperm cells killed it.

No. 267743

File: 1673216786904.png (475.83 KB, 686x720, 1577831566187.png)

the isekai spam makes me miss the cute girl do cute thing and SOL trend of the 00s. Though, i am very happy of SOL evolving from cute girls do cute things to cute girls do cute retarded club activity, its my favourite genre of animu. I just love autistic characters. I need to watch DIY and the Yuru Camp of fishing

No. 267749

>miss the cute girl do cute thing trend
Isn't it more comon than ever nowadays ? Ot but I've always assumed that only men liked this, not trying to accuse you of not being one anon but I'm genuinely baffled that there is a female public for this

No. 267756

File: 1673222005730.jpg (188.27 KB, 1024x576, 20191208_002031.jpg)

> Ot but I've always assumed that only men liked this, not trying to accuse you of not being one anon but I'm genuinely baffled that there is a female public for this
the most succesful moe anime are made by women. Moe anime was kinda dying out since the new ''otaku genre'' was isekai, but its resurging like the phoenix thanks to anime like yuru camp.

No. 267774

t. someone who has not actually read csm

No. 267779

File: 1673229745906.jpg (140.53 KB, 1920x1080, [SubsPlease] Chainsaw Man - 04…)

these posts, kind of. i really despise cgi. i know why it's used – because animators are overworked and have to meet deadlines – but i also feel like most people in the industry can't name a single scene that employs cgi as the thing that got them interested in animation.

i mean you go into animation to animate, right…? not play with mikumikudance.

lack of creativity also gets me. i don't even flub them too hard for that though (because why take a risk on something people might not even like when you can just create moeblob show #1239021 or fujo sports b8 #12031203912 and rake in enough $$$ to keep yourself afloat until next season) but if you're creating crap with a cookie-cutter plot And subpar visuals…it's just sad.

i count stuff like csm – arguably most of mappa's shonen adaptions – as boring btw. yeahhh sure the fights run at 60 fps and everything's all glossy and professional-looking but it's absolutely dull to see. do something cool with framing or experiment with angles, idk, i'm not the artist

No. 267783

AYRT and I just wanna say
>Personal opinion, but when traditional animation all but died so did quality.
I totally fucking agree with this.

No. 267788

nonna the moe trend has never died out, not even once, even before yuru camp aired

No. 267804

get her. ignites my autism when nonas speak on anime without knowing what the fuck they're talking about.

like i don't enjoy moids either but the most "successful moe anime" are made by them. k-on, lucky star, clannad, azumanga daioh…kek, all men

No. 267822

File: 1673249461999.png (Spoiler Image,397.36 KB, 891x1300, Chainsaw Man - Vol.2 Ch.12 - S…)

I went to read CSM after a few nonnies defended it here and it's literally babies first edgy shonen manga. It is full of coombait, except the mangaka is pushing his femdom fetish on us. Still there's no lack of the usual perverted titty shots.
I can't believe women here are denying that? I don't care if you like the manga, it's totally possible to like it and be honest about what it is, but this blatant lying about how it's actually deep and deconstructive is baffling.

No. 267825

>it's actually deep and deconstructive is baffling.

nobody said that. but to imply it is nothing but a coomb8 manga because of a few sexually charged scenes is very dishonest to its theming. like i don't even see how you could see this scene you've posted and not feel uncomfortable, provided you've Actually read the manga (which you probably haven't)

also if you automatically associate a woman in power with 'femdom' then that's an issue with you

>it's literally babies first edgy shonen manga

says the anon who more than likely got into animanga like, a year ago. don't even care if this is b8 or not, manifesting curses upon you. endless curses. kys

No. 267826

File: 1673252845474.jpg (384.32 KB, 2048x2048, s5c2bhsxcqe61.jpg)

>few sexually charged scenes is very dishonest to its theming
Denji is literally a protagonist driven by coom and his whole situation with Reze is yet another example of that. Dude's driven by it.

>like i don't even see how you could see this scene you've posted and not feel uncomfortable, provided you've Actually read the manga

This only makes sense if you're reading the manga for the second time or after certain reveals, still explains the fact that Makimas whole character is just one big fetish in "disguise". I like her but let's be honest to ourselves.

>also if you automatically associate a woman in power with 'femdom' then that's an issue with you

Fujimoto confirmed it himself, he literally has a femdom fetish.
He references Tarantino for god's sake, you really think he's above including his fetishes everywhere? He's an unironic filmbro kek

No. 267830

>Dude's driven by it.
>Makimas whole character is just one big fetish
The way you obsess over and see only sexualization in all of this is really telling in how skewed your perception is.

No. 267831

>this is really telling in how skewed your perception is.
Now you sound like those 14 year old girls that post blatantly sexualized videos but accuse adult women of being pervy if they point it out kek
I'm just doing the most basic 2+2 and I'm not even the first one to say this or notice this. You unironically used the term manifesting and told me to kill myself over what, a shonen manga written by a scrote? Get over yourself.

No. 267832

File: 1673254224091.gif (1.55 MB, 498x351, bungee-gum-hisoka.gif)

The isekai genre has always brought me comfort but I feel like the newer ones are incredibly devoid of imagination or actual effort. I have a hard time believing no one can come up with a decent story that does not feature a neet as the mc or a very badly done harem. I haven't seen another Inuyasha, Fushigi Yugi, Magic Knight Rayearth, Twelve Kingdoms, Escaflowne, Digimon (1st one) or .Hack in ages, all new isekais have little to no story with almost no world building and are full of undeveloped characters that you couldn't care less if they die. At this point I'm not sure if it's just the nostalgia glasses

Another thing, I can't pinpoint exactly when I started noticing this trend where anime decided we are all dumb and can't comprehend it if they do not repeat it to you for the next 10 episodes. Character has a new move? be prepared because they will explain in detail over and over. Character hates someone? They will tell you every 5 minutes why.

No. 267833

>You unironically used the term manifesting and told me to kill myself over what, a shonen manga written by a scrote? Get over yourself.
I'm not that anon. You sound like a sperg honestly and it's a waste of time to discuss anything because there's zero reasoning and substance behind your opinions. It just seems like a hate bandwagon just for the sake of approval.

No. 267838

>waste of time to discuss anything because there's zero reasoning and substance behind your opinions
How is that? I posted my proof, while nobody else bothered countering it. I'm not even fully hating on csm, I just wish people weren't so disingenuous about it.
It's kind of Denji's whole shtick to be a guy who only wants simple things in life, aka the bottom pyramid tier of Maslow's hierarchy of needs - food, sex, a roof over his head. That is indeed a dude driven by coom, like the first post in this thread stated. It's a plot point in the manga more than once, am I lying?

No. 267846

Denji doesn't really care about sex in itself and it's obvious pretty early in the manga through his interactions with most women. He finds touching Power disappointing, refuses to sleep with Himeno and refusing to go with Reze and be her boyfriend. He even gives up on Makima in the end. Yes, Denji is simple and as such he expresses his desires in a simple way such as wanting a girlfriend or losing virginity, but what he really wants is mutual love and companionship. In part two he becomes less selfish and cares for Nayuta and tries to earn money for her sake because he wants her to have a better life than him and he goes to great lengths to do that.

No. 267854

Yes, he transitions from "me horny me want sex" to "feelings are actually important…", it's okay for a shonen manga but that's all I see it as. Nothing to lose my mind over defending. It's not novel, interesting or worth talking about.

No. 267856

You're second point is not new at all. I think it's just a pretext to have useless characters seem like they actually have a role. Sakura in Naruto was just there to gasp when something happened and sperg about chakra or have someone else explain shit to her to make her seem like she's an important character for example.

No. 267864

>It's not novel, interesting or worth talking about.
Then don't talk about it? I just keep seeing the same few anons repeating their angry spergout about the mc and anime that covers very little of the story. Like I get it but you just keep repeating the same buzzwords(coomer, coombrain) that don't show any critical thinking.

No. 267865

File: 1673259808632.png (Spoiler Image,1.24 MB, 1404x2100, 02.png)

This reminds me of that one time when twitter libfems were defending Hackimoto's decision to put Asa in her underwear during her fight with Yuko. Anyone who called him out was getting accused of being a misogynist and sexualizing female bodies. They even went as far as to praise him for giving her a "realistic" body type and underwear. Fujimoto dickriders are simply incapable of realizing that CSM is no better than the average shounenshit.

No. 267867

File: 1673261055547.png (Spoiler Image,344.05 KB, 901x1300, 1673260631822.png)

You don't get it nonnie, you see moments like these are very important to the theme and the overarching motif of Denji's coming of age and understanding what love is… Without having half naked women Fujimoto wouldn't be able to get his point across properly and you have some serious internalized misogyny for daring to point it out.
How dare you not be happy with the scrote providing us with realistic female bodies to ogle at?
People's standards for shonen really are in the gutter, huh.

No. 267868

A minority group on twitter has a bad take, the horror. I'm glad I'm not a twitterfag, that site makes people crazy.

>looking for story standards in shounen
Most shounens are only worth reading because of the various different characters.

No. 267945

File: 1673279822628.jpg (77.88 KB, 981x1042, Yuru-Yuri-Christmas-Sketch-2.j…)

it died down A LOT, there is still one or two per season but outside of Yuru Camp most of those attempts were failures commercially and the otaku public shifted towards isekai.
you clearly dont know much about moe. Most moe anime adaptations are from kirara magazine, their biggest and most sucessful adaptations(outside of k-on)? hidamari sketch, made by a woman. There is also Yuru Yuri which was also created by a woman and one of the very few moe anime to have more than 2 seasons. There is also blend s, also from kirara magazine and made by a woman. There are probably way more but i havent read or watched them yet. Clannad was also illustrated by a woman and is a group effort, kek. I dont know why there is such a prejudice against moe here, its just dumb fun and its has less fanservice than your general shonenshit.

No. 267948

You are right it is not a new thing but I don't remember it being as bad before, at least I'm talking about pre y2k animes. Take HxH as an example, they did overexplain a few things in the first anime but the reboot became insufferable because they spell out every thought, every move as if the audience can't use their brains and put 2 and 2 together. I get it's hard adapting manga to anime but at some point they need to trust people will understand given enough context. imo someone needs to explain the directors the concept about show, don't tell.

No. 267975

you're not lying, but your view of it differs pretty heavily from mine and seems driven by a need to be contrarian. or is otherwise a whiny moralfag complaint like, "durr boobs bad". i mean i won't deny that fan-service exists – it's a manga for men, by a man, kind of expected – but i thought denji's desires were so superficial because he was a poor teenager who spent most of his life in misery. it's less "he just wanna coom ooga booga basic needs" and more "he is seeking an idealized version of happiness/what he thinks is happiness". to many people that's a romantic partner.

like i recall a scene where he's eating toast with jam (for the first time) and he isn't normal about it, he uses like ten different types + a lot of butter because he thinks excess = luxury, good taste. it's important to try and engage with media on its own terms imo

okay. and the author of fma loves buff men, so she includes a lot of shirtless buff men in her manga. are you really trying to say it's wrong to include some elements of what you're attracted to in your work

"coombait" implies it's an ecchi series or something. it isn't

No. 268000

i quit yuruyuri because of the incest shit with the main character's older sister and that other character who keeps flipping other girls skirts. even if it's made by a woman it comes across as a man's idea of how he thinks girls act around eachother, it's weird. and clannad was based of off some haremshit visual novel but people act like it's sooo different and amazing just because the girls cry a lot, it was the most boring shit ever.

No. 268034

i stopped watching it because it got boring and they dragged the yuri aspect to the ground, though namori's art is really cute. I think hidamari sketch is the best moe anime and it will never be topped.

No. 270542

Newfags learn to put thread name in the right field challenge

No. 284958

File: 1679610030226.jpg (67.07 KB, 816x683, 3314l.jpg)

It's because Kadokawa funds these iseakishit novel adaptations:

I don't even know who watched these lesser-know titles; they seem to exist solely as adverts of the source material, but who would even buy the books?

No. 284960

File: 1679610074705.jpg (94.49 KB, 1440x810, Sieg Zeon.jpg)


No. 285006

Really, don't expect someone who unironically thinks that (rightfully) hating on male degeneracy is "moralfagging" and therefore bad, and who watches moeshit on a regular basis, to get why other women may have a problem with the way girls are depicted in moid media

>>looking for story standards in shounen
>Most shounens are only worth reading because of the various different characters.
NTA but she didn't say anything about "story" so nice deflection. Which just goes on to prove how your standards for shounen really are in the gutter. You can enjoy it and all, we all enjoy some stuff that's objectively crap, but lying about its quality and defending it to death is pretty lame and it's what the nona was getting at.

No. 285911

>I dont know why there is such a prejudice against moe here
because the characters are children or look like children, and the stories focus on how childish they are. also no i don't hate anime and i'm not moralfagging, but they look like they're in middle school

No. 299923

I hate how everything is so predictable these days. From characterisation you can guess by looking at chara designs alone to plot development.

No. 299929

I feel the same way but I wonder if that's because it happens more often recently or if it's because now that we watched a shit ton of anime and TV shows we just know what to expect way more than before.

No. 299946

nah they've necome less subtle. even just the titles, instead of coming up with one they just autistically describe the plot. just "im a shy schoolgirl but the bad sexy boi is stalking me??!" "i was a normal otaku and now i'm king of the big boob demon realm??!"

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