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File: 1673281696557.jpg (40.5 KB, 750x350, images.jpeg-5.jpg)

No. 267971

Post any creative project you've taken on!
(Primarily anime and popculture)
Post figures that you've repainted
Post/share papercrafts!
Post custom sculptures you've made
Thread rules:
>Do not gatekeep crafts for others
Happy sharing nonnitas

No. 267978

File: 1673282400272.jpg (3.45 MB, 4128x2322, 20230107_162308.jpg)

Since I'm a huge tenmafag I'll share some examples!

No. 267986

Jesus fucking christ what happened to these figures?

No. 267998

File: 1673284066643.jpg (529.66 KB, 2064x1314, hatsune-miku-papercraft-hatsun…)

Miku papercraft! Use cardstock for better quality

No. 268004

Only one of them is a bootleg repainted . The other two are sculpted lol I'm a beginner so I'm still learning kek

No. 268013

I'm so happy about this thread, I've picked up doll making and sculpting since youtube brainwashed me. I am still trying to find out how to paint faces and get everything right, but I got all materials and can't wait to put some more time into it, I will try and share my future projects with you!

No. 268016

NTA I think it looks soulful.

sorry I have nothing to contribute to your thread but I like looking at people's crafts so thank you for making it. I'm a self-critical perfectionist so I basically quit every craft before I start because I can't immediately be perfect at it lol, terrible habit.

No. 268019

Good luck nonny! Can't wait to see it! are you repainting bjds? Or body chans? If you want resources I can link them !

No. 268020

That's OK noona! You appreciating other noonas art is contributing enough!♡

No. 268042

I think you have potential and obviously a lot of love for it, but I'd recommend thinning your paints a bit. Watching miniature painting will give you great indoor for techniques and how to apply them.
Good luck nona!

No. 268046

I'm thinking of buying acrylic thinner but since I live in a poor country I can't get the mr.hobby paints I would love them though! .thank you noona!♡

No. 268049

File: 1673290219573.jpg (17.49 KB, 679x485, 51 sjEf0btL._AC_SX679_.jpg)

has anyone tried customizing one of these body-kun body-chan figures? i really want to make a custom of my husbando but i have no idea what to buy. I have never tried sculpting or repainting before so i have no idea if certain paints/clays wont stick to the figure. I am planning to sculpt his hair and paint his skin/face but sew his clothes.
this is so cute!! i love people who do handmade stuff for their niche waifu/husbando.

No. 268053

File: 1673291257134.jpg (66.99 KB, 712x521, Screenshot_20230109-235644_Wha…)

I have noona! I would recommend buying airdry clay for hair pieces or even customize felt hair like this custom I did you technically just glue hair on individual hair pieces . Although customising body chans can be tricky since theyre at best 15cm so the face plate is small buying a small 1 brush will help or choose a rounded brush which has a pointy tip. As for clothing you can either sew or use polymer clay not the oven-baked one (can be scraped off) i would recommend buying a bootleg because surprisingly the plastic is good for customising as compared to real body chan . Who is your husbando BTW? Maybe if I see his design I can suggest more effective techniques

No. 268062

The best cost-effective acrylic paint thinner you can get right now is water. You don't need super expensive paints, specially as a beginner; that's actually a big beginner trap. Buy some mid quality acrylics, like something for uni students. As long as it's not super chalky and coarse, you can "get away" with it. The better investments you can do actually is with a good primer and a good varnish (I prefer matte or semi-shiny)
>T. Also a thirdie that enjoy miniature painting and doll customizing that use mostly local paints

Here's a tutorial that you may find helpful for hair sculpting.

No. 268064

Samefagging to contribute more:
I love this girls' customs. She uses mostly prize figures (they're on the cheaper side, specially in Japan) and she gives it such a cool twist, making it look 2D. I wanna do something like this someday, but I'm not confident enough yet since even prizies are expensive in my country lol

No. 268067

I relate noonie.( I would buy originals if they accessible but they get expensive when they get imported )Maybe get used ones or yknow?….Chinese

No. 268107

Bump for raid

No. 268110

If you don't mind them being boxless, you can find genuine prize figures 2nd hand for as little as $9 actually!
That's how I bought 90% of my collection kek You only have to be persistent to find & catch deals at time

(This is a lovely thread idea btw, I have been too scared to repaint actual figures, but I have been re-painting my repeated littlest pet shops toys since I was little)

No. 268111

i am too ashamed of my autism to reveal who my husbando is, but he wears a robe so i cant mold it. Do you have any recs of bootlegs that are easy to custom? he's skinny so i cant use the regular body kun
thank you!

No. 268182

Using a female body kun may work! Sanding off the breasts and bulk with clay as much as needed As for the Cape get two moveable wires and attach the cloth on the ends.

No. 268183

File: 1673333830495.png (157.61 KB, 768x1024, 1621533975630.png)

Old win chan craft! (BTW all the papercrafts I post are either free to use or are by artists who have gone awol) so please no "buy the original work" .

No. 268186

File: 1673338022135.jpeg (612.81 KB, 1800x1500, 243D44F0-3590-45F2-835E-F981F9…)

Omg I loved doing papercrafts when I was in middle and high school. In middle school I had HUNDREDS of those Hetalia ones, in HS I did a bit more complicated ones from videos games. I have been thinking of doing this one (https://www.deviantart.com/daishihun/art/Tali-Zorah-nar-Rayya-Papercraft-Citadel-DLC-507914002) at some point, though me and ny moid have a 3d printer so I could just get a 3d model to print and paint.

No. 268188

File: 1673338865872.jpg (99.76 KB, 320x240, remi26flan2001-thumbnail2.jpg)

I have the templates for these but I have it in a zip file. Can I post it here for fellow nonnitas?

No. 268189

No. 268193

where do you click download?

No. 268197

File: 1673346411530.jpg (92.03 KB, 720x915, Screenshot_20230110-152531_Sam…)

The blue highlighted are the downloads! Happy creating noona!

No. 268198

File: 1673346529574.jpg (890.27 KB, 2441x3254, 20230110_152317.jpg)

I started sculpting phos! After painting some face plates of her . I really wany to learn gk building but don't know how they sculpt in the pegs for it . I'll share some progress pictures !

No. 268201

File: 1673349812445.jpg (1.56 MB, 4160x3120, 20230110_161926_mfnr.jpg)

I ran out of clay so she'll have to remain half for the time being . But she's at best 1/6 now! She's made our air dry clay so she's brittle

No. 268313

you inspired to FINALLY get into sculpting i will see if i can buy some clay tomorrow and do something quick. Btw can we post videos? I really like to watch sculpting videos

No. 268396

File: 1673423162689.jpg (19.76 KB, 471x300, kuriyamasan.jpg)

No. 268397

Yes you can noona! Would love to see what you sculpt!

No. 268398

File: 1673423282329.jpg (2.27 MB, 4160x3120, 20230110_175331_mfnr.jpg)

Painted her half

No. 268401

Recommend using masking tape to have clean straight lines when you paint nonnie! Theres also tutorials where sections of the figure can be painted separately and attached later with glue and wires. I watch this person because she does alot of husbando tier content and life size sculptures

No. 268404

Thank you noona! Also such a based nonnie I hope the husbando noona sees this as inspo kek

No. 268410

Found a nice tutorial for making your own air dry clay for nonnas that wish to try it out for practice sculpting

No. 268413

File: 1673437093643.jpg (2.82 MB, 4128x2322, 20230111_155638.jpg)

Tired noonas advice and it worked! The face is more cleaner now thank you noona ♡♡

No. 268415

Found a great channel for fellow nonnies! He has eng subs as well (although some of his figures are coomish) I would recommend his tutorials

No. 268586

File: 1673524719712.jpg (581.45 KB, 1820x1688, 1672834369691.jpg)

I was lurking on 2chan figure boards and found this mod of boochi kek . Wonder how do they do it

No. 268596

link us to the board

No. 268603

I dont speak a lick of Japanese so I'm not sure if this is a mod board but here it is anyways!

No. 268914

File: 1673699219948.jpg (242.92 KB, 1654x2339, Enu5jUiXUAAtQ5m.jpg)

I'm very new to papercraft and I wanted to make a papercraft of my oc based on that popular sitting graphig format. Do you nonnies just have printers for this? Do you use paper or board paper?

No. 268916

Cardstock paper would be good noona!any durable paper with uhu glue

No. 268930

im curious so ill ask you noonas… what do you think of a Elise papercraft? or a cute lolcow paper craft?

No. 268938

could be cute! Do you have a base in mind?
I was also wondering if there's a way to digitally check how your design will go or is it just trial and error?

No. 268948

im thinking a cube one could be good , its simple and easy and many noonas can customize it! i could post here to get costume ideas! like a cute mascot for this thread kek

No. 268949

File: 1673722689067.jpg (166.22 KB, 800x600, elisepapercraft.jpg)

for now i have this!

No. 268981

This came out looking really good. I tri d to this once and it was so hard, kek.

No. 269023

File: 1673792551022.jpg (325.86 KB, 800x600, lolita.jpg)

figure making nonnie here! i created a new figure based off this art i did! i always wanted more desi style figures so

No. 269024

File: 1673792764553.jpg (3.01 MB, 4160x3120, 20230115_192359_mfnr.jpg)

Heres the prototype! I used gray clay instead of white since most channels recommend it since it tells you how 3d the figure is !

No. 269036

looking good! what kind of clay are you using

No. 269039

nona this is so cute

No. 269080


No. 269122

keep going this is fun, I like the pose

No. 269143

I used das grey clay! It was much harder to sculpt tho I prefer the stone white much better .

No. 269144

Thank you to all noonas who said it was cute! Hopefully this inspired you to sculpt aswell!♡

No. 269197

File: 1673898235268.jpg (1.03 MB, 1620x2160, SbYvBTrWdZU.jpg)

thought i could leave my gremlin omori here. im not the type to finish things, but his design is simple so i guess that helped

No. 269250

AAAA noona so cute! is he made out of polymer clay?

No. 269251

File: 1674055865783.jpg (110.13 KB, 720x1280, 1674038779122.jpg)

update on this! i posted in cc too , her face kind of turned out like anthy so im thinking making her glasses

No. 269261

This is great, I love how she's turning out!

No. 270613

File: 1674129181839.png (216.8 KB, 777x306, 3.png)


No. 270615

No. 270616

cuz of cp noona

No. 270617

Why tf would you post this image are you a tranny

No. 270618

oh thats why, nope just picked a cute pic noona why am i explaining to you what bumping is….

No. 270619

What is that anime figure in the bg…

No. 270620

You seem very autistic and quite possibly a tranny

No. 270624

>bumping cp off by posting weird coomer pics

No. 270627

File: 1674131546964.jpg (38.19 KB, 380x556, elise .jpg)

please stop ruining the thread by being weird.
anyways heres a new prototype i did! i struggle alot with sculpting braids .. im not sure how to make them with air dry clay like i did with anthy

No. 270628

its a bootleg figure noona i think its the character from eromanga? i dont know her name tho

No. 270629

Why in the world do you have a hentai figure? You are the weird one here

No. 270630

i also am thinking of making a base diorama for her! like a small cow and grass

No. 270631

it was given to me nonnie

No. 270633

File: 1674132429274.jpg (375.46 KB, 1536x2048, FLFXme5aQAEs8sl.jpg)

something like this!

No. 270637

yeah its polymer clay
wasnt very keen on it at first. but working with it turned out to be very enjoyable despite all the baking that i had to go through.

No. 270638

when i tried to make braids with an air-dry clay they just fell off kek. hope you will handle it better than i did!

No. 270646

mine fell off too ! kek . maybe using wires can help? also are you planning to make the rest of the omori gang?would love to see it!

No. 270648

File: 1674134925008.png (9.62 KB, 395x557, braid hook.png)

I would do a wire hooked into the head like this as a base for the braids. Excuse the Nyan Neko Sugar Girls esque drawing

No. 270649

oooh i never thought of connecting wires like that.. thank you noona!❤

No. 270658

File: 1674139685293.jpg (50.66 KB, 620x465, 11101557i.jpg)

was lurking 2chan again and found this custom of phos! i dont know what kind of bjd they used and the head. i want to make one similar to this

No. 270659

That looks so creepy. It also looks like those silicone doll bodies with fake vaginas and shit

No. 270660

Kek yeah. The legs are so realistic too, it's so jarring and you know a moid jerks off to it.

No. 270661

well…its 2chan..

No. 270662

arent those bigger? she seems like 1\6 scale bjd

No. 270665

There are 1/6 scale dolls for coomers, even smaller ones. They have silicone bodies you can insert stuff into.

No. 270680

my figurine's leg cracked even with a wire in it. at least it didnt fall off thanks to the wire heh
doesnt mean however, that a wire wont help. i guess me and air-dry clay just were not meant to be.

i thought of making mari, but i also wanted to try and sculpt something more detailed and complicated to test myself (no idea whom to make though)

No. 270714

It could be a "seamless" action figure. They have a metal skeleton with a soft vinyl skin over them instead of unaesthetic joints.

No. 270715

File: 1674175849185.jpg (13.59 KB, 230x280, 1-Phicen.jpg)

I accidentally hit send before adding the photo I'm a dumbass

No. 270746

Those dolls specifically have genitals and ppl roleplay sex scenes with them kekk. 4chan’s /toy/ has a coomer toy thread and they use those

No. 270752

File: 1674199753282.jpg (489.74 KB, 1006x2048, 2631706.jpeg.jpg)

What the other anok said, the dolls you're posting are sex ones. The are normal seamless dolls like picrel, you got room to pick honestly (though the very nature of anime figures is to cater to coomers unfortunately). Go spend less time on male infected places for everyone's sanity please, I want to like this thread because I make figures and repaint too, but the stuff you post is gross at times.

No. 270762

She doesn't know about the sex doll figures…

No. 270765

i always see these dolls on artdoll forums and was always curious! maybe i can make the head with polymer clay hmm

No. 270766

you seem to very knowledgeable about these things despite calling others coomers… i lurk 2chan and 4chan for modding tips but i dont go looking disgusting stuff like you do.. self report much?

No. 270771

You honestly sound like a tranny or a very autistic coomer girl, because I can't see why anyone wouldn't be suspicious of a gross looking figure with weirdly realistic skin that's probably made of the same materials of sex dolls. And you also post coomer images to bump for cp ffs. Maybe you should stop browsing 2chan.

No. 270773

the only autistic tranny i see is you. no one is chimping over that riamu since she has been posted here before, youre deliberately derailing threads since you are so desperate for any attention . you cant sculpt you cant draw nor cant function like a normal human . taking all those hormones is fucking you up huh? keep being jealous that other noonas are more capable than you retard. take your meds

No. 270779

report him and don't reply to his posts, no point in talking to that freak

No. 270788

File: 1674224081043.jpg (171.04 KB, 720x1280, IMG_20230120_191142_199.jpg)

I used some left over nail accessories to decorate her I'm thinking of making hers witch hat like megumin or I'll just make one with felt

No. 270790

Damn take your meds

No. 270794

Those stickers you have are tranny red flags lol

No. 270814

File: 1674229195588.jpg (251.75 KB, 1790x2117, 2c068ce3369a378993278ae4c32996…)

No. 270816

This thread is interesting. I used to really want to sculpt my own simple BJDs when I was younger. I poured over tutorials, joined a forum, but I just couldn't get things right. Maybe I'll pick it up again.

I've dabbled in plush dolls since then but I'm not sure if this thread is appropriate for that? And even though I don't play many tabletop rpgs I also enjoy buying minis from game stores to practice painting on.

I like how anons are open to giving tips and advice on here.

No. 270817

i forgot to add it in the thread but any craft consisting of a character is allowed here noona!(just ignore the moid ) are perhaps talking about 20cm chara plush toys? heres tutorial if you are!

No. 270818

what kind of clay were you using noona? like what brand? ive heard that some polymer clay shrinks when baked so it tends to crack ,although that can happen in any clay.

No. 270819

Kek he does it on purpose, last picture also had a weird coomery figure in the background

No. 270820

File: 1674231300353.jpg (22.28 KB, 302x500, 41Q3psjTy0L.jpg)

fimo clay could be good! although ive heard it has a rubbery feel after it dries you could also scrape off excess clay to make points (i prefer soft clay so i havent used it personally)

No. 270822

>This, I can instantly tell which reply is yours in both threads you've posted in recently. You might want to type less distinctly unless you want to be known wherever you go as the anon who posted a coomer pic from 2chan
>is on lolcow

No. 270823

No. 270883

File: 1674260704539.png (159.33 KB, 595x842, Elsie.png)

tried to do a papercraft elsie with a base
will print it and see how it turns out

No. 270886

post hand or gtfo

No. 270890

The Megumin hat is a pretty big giveaway that it’s a moid

No. 270898

if i saw one of those things in real life i'd take a 9mm to it

No. 270916

File: 1674287862136.jpeg (Spoiler Image,62.73 KB, 480x694, 70319A67-5B65-45D1-815F-906008…)

Nonna why are you so retarded that you don’t even notice you’re showing your pedo anime stickers in the background. I can see Kanna from dragon maid (a central loli character), you’re a mentally deficient coomer probably on sonichu levels and should stop posting here because you are pathetic.

No. 270917

That’s so adorable, I love it!

No. 270920

File: 1674288914027.jpg (11.86 KB, 480x375, images.jpeg-17.jpg)

>liking anime is moid behaviour
>you have anime figures that means you're a moid
>you use noona that means you're a moid
Keep seething kek

No. 270921

So cute nonny! I love how you made the lolcow cow! Love elise in this too!

No. 270922

You can ignore the part where Miss Kobayashis Maid Dragon involves coomer pedo shit all you want and make false equivalences yet it doesnt stop you from having outed yourself as a troon tier coomlet ~nonna~

No. 270923

File: 1674289102404.jpg (14.95 KB, 554x554, images.jpeg-14.jpg)

They're very delicate..

No. 270924

No to all of those. You liking pedo anime and having hentai figures is moid behavior. Your use of ”noona” just makes you identifiable.

No. 270925


No. 270926

File: 1674289296886.jpg (12.27 KB, 554x554, images.jpeg-23.jpg)

No I know it does but i bought those stickers before i knew . Most of anime is loli bait coomery stuff but women still watch it . You're reaching with some of the claims.

No. 270927

You know that and are surprised when people call you out?

No. 270928

I'm suprised that you care so much . We have anime threads here and figure collecting threads so I suppose all those people posting there are moids as well no? I collect figures to mod them and that also includes the coomish figures (most of anime figures are)which I try to decoomify. Although keep chimping its funny.

No. 270929

“i know this is pedo media but im gonna continue using it cause mainstream degenerate weebs looking for validation from their discord bf’s do it”
If all women jump off a bridge, would you do it too? Are you actually retarded? Imagine holding unto lolicon imagery and coping by saying other loser: like you do it too.

No. 270930

you miss the point where the anime threads shit on titles like Miss Kobayashi sans maid dragon specifically for it being a coomer show with shota & lolicon elements, how thick in the head do you have to be to not understand that not all animes are made equal.

No. 270931

So people owing hatsune miku figures are moids too then? I mean she is 14 after all.

No. 270932

oh I'm sure they are buffalo bill-kun

No. 270933

File: 1674290246132.jpg (478.34 KB, 960x720, 167429015094823063247729911350…)

No I know now and since I was in animecore I just choose something that suited the aesthetic (which I know now was alot of creepy loli stuff but I was a dumb teen ) this is the rest of the sticker collage. Most of them are old as hell but seriously?

No. 270934

>bandaid on your laptop

No. 270935

It's cute. (and I don't know how to get it off without the residue sticking)

No. 270936

>We have anime threads here and figure collecting threads so I suppose all those people posting there are moids as well no
No because they aren't into lolicon shit
Miku's age varies depending on the media and isn't designed like that dragon maid character.

No. 270937

Noona… this is getting embarrassing now. I know we are on lolcow but why don't you get a hobby? Like on the thread you are ? You're seething way too much for a some anime figurines. Either you're a old lc user or just that integrated into twitter culture that you don't realize.

No. 270938

>only twitterfags are against lolicon
I'm talking about the stickers anyway, not figurines. Also do you think only one person here is against that shit? This site has always been against lolicons even before twitter became popular.

No. 270939

i think youre making a elephant out of ant. i stated myself how i know now what i was thinking of as an aesthetic is problematic i did not endorse it nor promote it ., there are actual lolicons on here who post borderline pedo stuff but i dont see you there? at this point you just look like someone whos so vindictive and jealous seeing other noonas being wholesome and creative . why not join us? make some crafts ?

No. 270940

>there are actual lolicons on here who post borderline pedo stuff but i dont see you there?
Because I don't read every thread? Show me and I'll get them too.

No. 270941

youre against lolicon stuff but have no promblems comparing silicon sexdolls to actual art bjds . youre the only one whos acting like an actual coomer, you know nothing of the hobby but instead of learning you go hurr durr that looks like a sex doll haha NO ONE mentioned that and when you got called out you went to the moid pointing? i think youre the only one here acting like a moid

No. 270942

File: 1674293097443.jpg (405.42 KB, 1079x814, 167754334.jpg)

What the fuck. You know there's several people ITT right? I didn't make any posts about sexdolls.

No. 270943

>>That looks so creepy. It also looks like those silicone doll bodies with fake vaginas and shit
>>Kek yeah. The legs are so realistic too, it's so jarring and you know a moid jerks off to it.
youre typing style is very easy to see . no one wanted to see the stuff you wrote. youre either having a manic episode or are that autistic

No. 270944

File: 1674293550827.jpeg (26.79 KB, 360x360, AR6F53-1200-EJK89.jpeg)

Only one anon capitalizes apparently. Believe what you want I guess.

No. 270945

File: 1674293620578.jpg (46.96 KB, 680x646, Tumblr_l_827115932896248.jpg)

>Unwashed tranny pedo shits up thread for days on end to get attention from girlboard users
>Anons take the bait and give it to him

No. 270946

sure. stay seething you got caught(cute dog though)

No. 270948

File: 1674295351300.webm (1.57 MB, 360x640, my CRUSH haha.webm)

Uh anyway, recently I became interested in learning to sculpt so someday I could make a head to put on a BJD to make a doll of my husbando. I made a practice/test in plasticine and it's pretty rough but I wonder what the best material would be for the real one. He also has spiky hair that sticks up and a hairline that shows so I wonder how I would sculpt his hair since I don't think I've seen that style sculpted before. Or if I should try to make a wig but I worry it won't look very on model.

No. 270949

She's probably underage, in /meta/ she unironically used the word "animecore". Never seen anyone above 18 use that term because it's strictly a tiktok thing kek

No. 270950

Omg noona that looks beautiful ♡. You could use some epoxy putty for the hair it's can be scraped and pointed for the hairstyle. If you want it to be detachable making a wig on individual pieces can work >>268053
Like here I did .
I can't wait to see the progress of your husbando! I'm thinking of making one myself for mine but since I'm not good at sculpting I have it as future project

No. 270951

i was actually a tumblr animecore fan …not my proudest moment . i discovered lc cuz of the mayura kinner

No. 270952

Thanks! Ah but how will a spiked wig look? I'll try it someday and see if it works but in the meantime I'll try to learn how to sculpt spiky hair.

No. 270953

It keeps getting better kek

No. 270955

File: 1674296642424.jpg (6.7 KB, 225x225, 6c8.jpg)

it was cringe i know

No. 270956

like this noona! i dont which specific spike look you want but hopefully this helps!

No. 270958

No, imagine something more like Vegeta, but his spikes are thinner and smaller. I worry it'll just look like a troll doll haha but thanks anyway

No. 270961

You are so funny, i like you.

No. 270973


No. 270981

File: 1674312387879.jpg (28.65 KB, 400x400, 2ioav2edt7n61.jpg)

It means being into the anime "aesthetic" while not necessarily watching it. It's just a zoomer way of calling yourself a poser but trying to make it sound cool. Pic related is your typical animecore picture, usually early 2000s anime girls with some added distortion/effects so it looks edgier or worse quality on purpose to imitate this specific early web look.

No. 270992

Obsessed anons are shitting this thread more than the autistic anon. Never change lolcow.

I'm this anon, I finally have everything I need to actually start and I'm so excited! I will soon go fabric shopping and I hope I manage to find good samples at low price.

Thanks Nonnie! I want to repaint BJDs! I am starting off with used dolls, I got a couple Elsa from Frozen and a redhead one with a very pretty face sculpt, since they are cheaper than actual bodies and bjds I am starting with them. I want also to learn how to saw tiny clothes, I remember doing that a lot when I was a kid!
Do you have any tutorials on how to hand saw tiny clothes? I saw many people using kitchen film and masking tape to trace clothing and see how to cut the fabric pieces. I also got a couple of EVA foam sheets to try doing armor pieces!
I can't decide which waifu to make first…

No. 270996

Azone and obitsu clothes can work for a 1/6 scale bjd there's a playlist but I can't embedd it.good luck nona.
hopefully the new admin can control the weird scrotes.

No. 271007

File: 1674320161130.jpg (586.58 KB, 2000x2244, il_fullxfull.1990761304_o3a3.j…)

You can order or make a fur wig like picrel they're very versatile and can be styled with spikes. Honestly for dolls I prefer soft wigs over sculpted ones because I love playing with their hair and it might be nice to wash it in something that smells nice too so you can sniff your husbando

No. 271017

>wash it in something that smells nice too so you can sniff your husbando
Oh my god I didn't even think of that you're a genius! I think I've been converted kek thank you. Ah I'm really obsessed with the specific look of his spikes, but I think it'll be fun to see him in different styles

No. 271018

Although do tell us how did you model your husbando.did you use a specific tutorial or are a expert modder nonna?

No. 271021

I started sculpting a month ago! I just tried to capture his likeness as best as I could but I've been drawing for a long time so that helped. I did watch different videos about sculpting to learn about the tools and techniques. I'll post more progress when I have some!

No. 271029

do share! You sculpt as a pro tho nonna.im very impressed.would love to see him completed

No. 271033

We finally found asherbee's lost brother kek.

No. 271035

No. 271049

File: 1674335548952.jpg (Spoiler Image,131.02 KB, 540x810, Asherbee makeup.jpg)

This gorgeous lady (pic is old but if anything she's gotten worse), spoilered for OT

No. 271050

File: 1674335618884.png (Spoiler Image,1012.5 KB, 1428x448, Asherbee artistic talent.png)

Picrel is what catapulted her to fame

No. 271052

I knew that was going to be the poop brooch before the site slowly loaded it kek
I miss reading about her shenanigans on /cgl/

No. 271097

A badly made brooch?.was she a tumblr artist?I can't find anything on her online.

No. 271098

Are you new? She had a thread here

No. 271100

I searched her.Can't find it.keep getting some strange clothing brand

No. 271116

the newfaggotry…

No. 271124

File: 1674379586696.jpg (85.7 KB, 720x688, IMG_20230122_141951_060.jpg)

Figure making nonna! I've eliminated the cursed figure back to clay to try again at it.although I'm glad I posted because ever since then I've found about sonichu and many interesting people(I'm not in tune with imageboards).I'll post again after I've gotten better hopefully the next one won't be too scary kek.

No. 271129

Please just stop posting

No. 271166

>I'm not in tune with imageboards
>Browses 2chan and 4chan and lolcow
Look I don't really care if you're just autistic newfag or a tranny baiter, but your typing style is very recognizable. This is an anonymous imageboard so consider not making your posts so obvious.
Also you really need to improve your painting technique. I suggest you start out with less details and a simpler design instead of splotching paint everywhere in an attempt to paint a bunch of stars, sparkles and tiny jewelry. Seriously.

No. 271235

I dont know who you think I am, but i only posted this one fucking pic and no others. And that anime fig with the wierd knees has strange wrist rolls like the phicen figure in the photo. It is not a fucking sex doll it is an action figure though i do agree they are super coomery. I dont lurk 4chan threads to find this shit out I was looking on google for metal puppet armature and started finding listing for these. Look up phicen they are not sex dolls.

No. 271578

Does PVC or white glue work?

No. 271586

Why hasn't the obvious newfag tranny here been banned yet? The asking to be spoonfed about cows, reddit spacing, loli stickers, shitting up the thread with several identifiable real life pictures on an anonymous imageboard. Anons don't forget to report this stuff.

No. 271588

Real life? Have they posted a selfie?

No. 271590

Nonas who can sculpt, what would you recommend (in terms of materials, things to sculpt and other essential things to know) to a beginner? When I was younger I wanted to learn sculpting but I just didn't have access to the necessary stuff. I'd love to start making tiny animal figures like little dogs and cats, but I'm confused about what kind of materials I should use.

No. 271675

File: 1674702889608.jpg (1.23 MB, 2320x3256, 1624922180424.jpg)

I dug up /po/ and I don't know what I expected, it's all moidy shit. I saw this cute one though.

No. 271680

File: 1674707874423.jpg (313.23 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20210926-152024_Art…)

I would recommend polymer clay. I feel that it is very beginner friendly and the multitude of brands lets you experiment with textures to find what type suits you best. After using it for years I've come to love super soft clay rather than stiff hard stuff because I have granny hands that hurt trying to knead the shit. Although I wouldn't recommend fimo as a beginner clay, it is very hard to work with. If you are in the us sculpey clays especially premo would be a good starter point.
Also learning how to make armatures for sculptures is very important when working with polymer clay.

No. 271758

Does anyone have any experience with making a papercraft from scratch? As in, making the basic printout sheet. I can't figure out how people make the shapes/folds work.

No. 271767

Watch a low poly sculpting video. The splits are usually at curves .there are multiple tutorials as well.

No. 271768

No. 271910

File: 1674829201889.jpg (4.27 MB, 2480x3250, 09.jpg)

Found a old papercraft file of patchouli I may have the library version but I may need to find it

No. 271911

File: 1674829259574.jpg (731.46 KB, 2480x3250, 01.jpg)

No. 271912

File: 1674829314464.jpg (1.63 MB, 2480x3250, 02.jpg)

No. 271913

File: 1674829339302.jpg (944.81 KB, 2480x3250, 03.jpg)

No. 271914

File: 1674829370441.jpg (835.23 KB, 2480x3250, 04.jpg)

No. 271915

File: 1674829391108.jpg (1.08 MB, 2480x3250, 05.jpg)

No. 271916

File: 1674829448848.jpg (811.11 KB, 2480x3250, 06.jpg)

I'm sorry that I'm missing the instruction manual hopefully it is online somewhere

No. 271917

File: 1674829476259.jpg (1.06 MB, 2480x3250, 07.jpg)

No. 271923

File: 1674831080188.jpg (1.66 MB, 2480x3250, 08.jpg)

Found it!!

No. 325505

File: 1696541070279.jpg (109.7 KB, 1200x675, F0QnELKagAAoN4q.jpg)

No. 325625

child porn in /snow/ P.A.S threads. Vandettachan?

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