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No. 269129

Because the last thread has been abandoned and locked. Let's talk about hosts clubs in Japan and our experiences.

Previous Thread: >>140660

No. 269131

I'll go first.

>Met a guy on bumble, ended up going on a date with him. Ends up confessing he was a former host in Kabukicho.

>Mans said the men are just as depressed as the hoes who go.
>His host club closed because of low sales.
>All and all seems like a shitty ass job and those who move to Japan to be the "Number 1 host" are delusional.

No. 269182

I used to love to read all the tales on that kabukichouboys tumblr or whatever it was called lol

No. 269199

I preferred the personal blog of the girl who ran that one, her life was so interesting to me. Very milky but I guess it doesn't count as milk if someone is just spilling their guts on their online diary.

No. 269242

Do you still remember her url? Her blog was pretty much the only reference I had to the scene, so her ominous
>Most of you probably know who I am, but I’m not going to write it here.
in her FAQ is telling me absolutely nothing, but I'd love to read through her personal blog, too lol.

No. 269282

nta but this is her personal blog https://k-u-r-a-g-e.tumblr.com/
i don't know if she's still active on there though

No. 269473

Seems pretty inactive but she was online just this month apparently, thanks

No. 270565

File: 1674100118365.jpeg (147.41 KB, 466x700, pic01-25.jpeg)

from what i've seen a lot of the hosts are now catering to kpop fans. The most well known in the Kabukicho/Roppingi Host Community is Sakito, a Korean Host born and raised in Japan, and now a lot of hosts are mimicking his look. The club he works at is the top club in Kabukicho, Top Dandy. Stupid name but the majority of the men there are really dropping the early 2000s host club look.
My friends and I tried to go but since they were two girls from Russia it was a swift "no" from the bouncer.

No. 270566

my favorite post from the last thread will always be >>140765

No. 270567

That music video is such a rip off of Hifumi's solo from hypmic kek

No. 270568

that club in particular is obsessed with hifumi. call me top dandy fag i know all about that club.

No. 270578

how bad of an idea is it to go to a hostclub to practice japanese? im gay idc about men

No. 270591

bad idea. The first visit is cheap but theyll try to get you drunk and stay longer and thatll cost at least another 10000 yen from the original fee which is about 5000 yen. not to mention the drinks. if you dont buy drinks the hosts will get mad

No. 271417

File: 1674525958360.jpg (98.37 KB, 590x552, ss (2023-01-23 at 06.05.03).jp…)

sometimes i search up ホス狂さん on twitter to see the deranged shit that goes on here


No. 271418

How does she afford this all

No. 271428

What's happening here?

No. 271430

apparently she racked up a large bill but hasn't paid? but idk why he walked away, then ran back to kick/rob her when she was about to get into a cab.

No. 271434

Pink jacket was so cute and lively

No. 271694

lol she probably racked up a large debt, couldn't pay for it and the host got mad. lolz at everyone stopping to watch. dont go to host clubs if you can't afford it.

No. 271695

the men here look like they rubbed clay on their faces.

No. 271696

this mf is all over kabukicho right now. and go forbid i went to the host club just for hahas and i saw his ugly mug when i walked in and so i promptly turned away. he looks nothing like his pictures idk how the women there love him.

No. 271697

File: 1674714549176.jpeg (133.56 KB, 466x700, pic01.jpeg)

for reference this is on their website >>271696

No. 271725

What the fuck is going on with his face, he looks like if a young Korean girl shooped her face too much.

No. 271990

File: 1674854997483.jpg (232.91 KB, 585x554, dd.jpg)

Hosts attacking girls keeps going viral now. I don't get it why not just 女性用風俗, its cheaper and less drama


No. 271993

What does 女性用風俗 mean?

No. 271997

soapland but for women

No. 272000

how hideous does he look in comparison? Not that >>271697 isn't disturbing in itself already

No. 272002

Huh. He doesn't look that bad beyond the obvious shooping that tends to be common those sites anyways, but what skeevs me out is how young he looks? Pedo shit.

No. 272789

i wish I hd a picture but i only stayed for a minute because it was expensive and i wasn't prepared to see him. He looked like a balloon irl. he was drunk when i was there.

No. 272791

i need to know what they all did for the hosts to go after them. also the police dont give a fuck lmao

No. 272792

File: 1675316327610.png (675.67 KB, 882x1226, Screen Shot 2023-02-02 at 2.37…)

I've yet to see this bitch in person but holy shit lol


No. 272794

oh lmfao that the girl punching the poster i just realized. she got banned from her favorite club

No. 272796

I'm pretty sure she's a mentally ill homeless person who lives in the area, she's always there punching the banner no matter who is on it

No. 272864

that still doesnt change the fact that before she went off the rails the only videos you could find of her was with hosts >>271418 before she became homeless.
That is weird.

Honestly alot of these host men seem abusive and shitty and they are not even that good looking to go all that trouble for.

No. 272876

The girl in the YouTube video has interviewed homeless girls in kabukicho but isn’t homeless herself

No. 272945

There's no way that's same girl as the youtuber

No. 285957


lmao they got an interview with her

No. 285977

File: 1679919425789.jpeg (25.85 KB, 571x401, 84CA8ABE-44BB-48CD-B24F-AF90B0…)

I can’t believe host clubs are a thing tbh, the dudes always look fugly, like horses wearing wigs with their dead beady ass eyes, if that’s how they look with click tier photoshop I don’t want to even imagine how they look like without it.
And them thinking they’re irl anime boys makes it even more cringe, I get visiting a host club once as a tourist or as some silly meeting with friends, but becoming obsessed with these low-tier male prostitutes sounds bleak as fuck.

No. 286749

this one fool i can't stand with his artificial teeth.

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