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No. 271592

Share customs that you've made!
These inculde:
>bjd(azone,dollfie,obitsu,custom sculpt)
>garage kits(resin,Pla,diecast)
>knitting(plush pattern)
>tutorial sharing is encouraged
>DO NOT BRING ANY DISCUSSION OF SEXDOLLS(discussion of art dolls is ok but no moid sexdolls. go be a coomer somewhere else)
>DO NOT SELFMOD(we have farmhands for that)
>DO NOT GATEKEEP ANY CRAFTS(nobody likes a leech)
Happy creating nonnas

No. 271593

Since the last thread was ruined. Here's some resources where you can find papercrafts legit or old.Paperzone and papersized(there's a malware issue on there but they have decent touhou papercrafts). The other one is taobao( some times the models can be privated but that's up to the artist) you can buy papercrafts on there.

No. 271594

File: 1674649052425.jpg (194.71 KB, 720x1209, Screenshot_20230125-171553_Sam…)

Although some are available on shopee aswell.

No. 271597

What is the point in creating the thread when there is a different one with 169 replies? If someone was mean to you, you just gotta go with your day and ignore them, really… It's an imageboard for a reason.

No. 271600

Nta but I was the one who posted the papercrafts on the original one and wanted it to be resource thread on papercrafts and customs and see cool stuff. The shit show that happened while there was no proper admin ruined the whole thread. There was even cp posted in the prior one. So making a proper one where its only focused on the hobby was the only logical choice.

No. 286734

File: 1680233288329.jpg (572.86 KB, 2500x3125, spring moo'd 1.jpg)

Remembered you nonnies

No. 287202

File: 1680508187160.png (183.71 KB, 477x573, Screenshot_20.png)

Do you know what this acrylic roller is called?

No. 287881

Sorry nona, I don't know what the proper name for it is, but you can find it and similar ones by searching for acrylic clay roller, acrylic clay tools, air dry clay tools and similar things, that's how I found mine.

No. 287907

File: 1680824264565.jpg (90.39 KB, 800x800, HTB1LmVaEY5YBuNjSspoq6zeNFXa9.…)

No. 287966

Thank you nonnie!!!

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