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No. 272463

a thread for recommendations ONLY. one rule: if you post, you must recommend at least three things to another nona.

optional shit to share in relation to the og thing you want recommendations for:
>post 3 things you know about already (and enjoyed)
>post 3 things you know about already (and hate)

No. 272464

i'll start. someone please give me more games like elden ring. i mostly want vibes: i love medieval fantasy & the welsh/celtic influence everywhere was great to see.

i've played (and enjoyed):
>every other fromsoft game
>the da series.
>dishonored, which doesn't have welsh/celtic lore, but still somehow scratched that itch

i hated/already know about:
>skyrim. the voice-acting is bad, and the plot put me to sleep barely a few hours in; i don't mind heavy lore but something about it just turned me off.
>the witcher
>roadwarden. text-based games are great, but the writing in this one didn't click form e

No. 272545

You can try breath of the wild if you have a switch, some of the assassin's creed games also fit that theme (I've only played random games from the series, black flag was my fav but its not northern), you can also try hellblade senua's sacrifice and plague a tale of innocence

No. 282607

File: 1678742055026.jpg (1.39 MB, 3221x2725, arbook 05.jpg)

Lamento. It's a VN. Only has a fan translation though.


No. 282608

File: 1678742604490.jpg (70.47 KB, 1366x768, 91 days.jpg)

These rules are not clear to me.

Anyway, today I'll recommend 3 anime about revenge:

1. 91 Days
2. Revenger
3. Gankutsuou

No. 282988

who's this slut

No. 283020

File: 1678957516756.jpg (74.42 KB, 680x1000, 91_Days.jpg)

Angelo from 91 Days.

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