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File: 1676781674010.jpg (160.44 KB, 893x1151, trapper keeper art.jpg)

No. 276834

ITT post 80's and 90's renders. Animation also okay.

No. 276835

No. 276838

No. 276866

Reminded me of this

No. 276885

File: 1676820828180.gif (2.09 MB, 840x473, pipes.gif)

if the AIs made shit like this I'd be into it. don't want to see a computer copy renaissance paintings I want to see it make pipes on steroids

No. 276887

this video is a full hour of this stuff

No. 276888

I also enjoyed this video, OP. Glad to see the thread

No. 276903

haha I actually posted this because I watched that. I'm honestly thinking of downloading the 2007 version of Bryce and trying to play around with it myself, though I've never rendered or modeled anything of the sort, it doesn't look like it's too hard to figure out?

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