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No. 278386

ITT, post and discuss anything pertaining to MLP, from the movies to the shows or even personal crafts and collections. Every generation is welcome!

>Global Rule #4: Any posters with a phallus, do not come here for validation or to announce yourselves.
>/m/ Rule #4: Do not post pornography or NSFW imagery here.

No. 278389

File: 1677346725466.jpg (141.04 KB, 774x1024, Desert-Rose-3.jpg)

Anyone here have a heart pony? My pony waifu (using term jokingly here kek) has always been G3 Desert Rose. She was my absolute favorite as a child and I thought she was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life. I still have my childhood Desert Rose as well as an additional Desert Rose (because old D-Rosie has faded hair). Ponies come and ponies go but she will always have a place in my heart.

No. 278392

File: 1677347200014.jpg (75.21 KB, 561x600, twihug.jpg)

here are some questions to get the thread started
>What got you into my little pony?
>Which is your favorite generation?
>Who is your favorite pony (or multiple)?
>Favorite non-pony character?
>Favorite villain?
>Favorite song(s)?
>Any ships?
>Favorite artist?
>Favorite merch (you own)?
>Are you open about being a fan?
>Frequent any communities?
feel free to elaborate as much as you like. if you can think of any other questions please add them ! i think i have a G4 related brony/pegasister questionnaire saved somewhere if anynonny or should i say anypony is interested

No. 278393

welcome nonnie ! and god i love unicorn twilight. yes i'm vidrel. i'm currently rewatching season 1 and she's so endearingly autistic (literally, see: sleepover episode amongst others) smart and thoughtful, she just wasn't nearly as much by the time the series ended. when the movie came out it was already so apparent, i don't know why they wrote her that way it was really frustrating to watch. it's like she became a complete husk of her former self. that's why i'm a faustfag through and through. plus she was actually a my little pony fan growing up in the 80s and into adulthood so she understood the appeal best.

No. 278396

Making a MLP thread is a recipe for disaster. There is no way to gatekeep

No. 278397

The bronies won't be the ones posting about generations 1-3.5 or even generation 5. Just keep a look out for weird and uncomfortable G4 posts and report if you suspect an anon of being a moid.

No. 278400

>What got you into my little pony?
My father bought my sister and I the DVD boxset of gen 1, although I mostly just remember watching it with my younger brother when we were younger as he didn't get a say on what we watched.
>Which is your favorite generation?
Gen 1 and I also like the first couple of seasons of Gen 4 which I watched on daily motion for free since at the time we didn't have cable.
>Favorite song(s)?
>Favorite merch (you own)?
I had a couple of gen 1 ponies when I was younger however I don't remember much of them or of my younger days since I stopped playing with toys and dolls when I was like nine years old and only when I started to make serious money did I slowly get back into it
>Are you open about being a fan?
NO. Scrotes ruined everything.
>Frequent any communities?
Used to frequent creative writing forum that had a few mlp gen 4 quests/fanfics but got curious by what other users thought about it and saw that most of them were males and that some couldn't shut up shipping/ harems and what ever when we were making a cult.

No. 278412

>What got you into my little pony?
I watched the video The Last Bronycon and seeing her passion made me curious kek
>Which is your favorite generation?
I’ve only seen g4, I tried to watch 1 and 2 but it was too boring since it’s not tied to nostalgia for me
>Who is your favorite pony (or multiple)?
I think Applebloom is my favorite, also love applejack and rainbow dash and pinky pie. Also sunburst, and starlight glimmer + Tricia (mostly only when they are together). Really the only one I don’t like is fluttershy.
>Favorite non-pony character?
Honestly idk I would say spike or discord but there was a lot that ruined those two for me
>Favorite villain?
None they all kinda suck
>Favorite song(s)?
Giggle at the ghostly
>Any ships?
Appledash, I shipped them since the beginning and before I knew they end up together!
>Are you open about being a fan?
No I’m too embarrassed and I don’t want to be seen as a furry kek

Now how about I ask you your mlp unpopular opinions? Mine are that I actually like Starlight Glimmer and that people who think Fluttershy is Rainbow’s bff are dumb

No. 278417

>video The Last Bronycon
is this the video?

No. 278418

No. 278419

Might watch it later when I have the time since it's one hour and eleven minutes long.

No. 278420

File: 1677359275616.jpg (220.32 KB, 724x1200, tumblr_pqls45idiN1r5mwwuo1_128…)

>What got you into my little pony?
i've been really into it since i was little! i grew up with G3
>Which is your favorite generation?
probably still G4 cause the obsession dominated my tween/teen years lol
>Who is your favorite pony (or multiple)?
princess luna! but twilight is a close second
>Favorite non-pony character?
spike from G3
>Favorite villain?
i'm biased but nightmare moon
>Favorite artist?
i liked egophiliac once upon a time but she doesn't really do mlp art anymore
>Favorite merch (you own)?
i wanted star catcher really really bad as a kid and finally bought her myself a few years ago. i also made a plush for someone else recently and that was really cool
>Are you open about being a fan?
i was when i was a teen but everyone thinks i've grown out of it so not as much nowadays. i would cop to it if someone asked me though
>Frequent any communities?
i check up on MLPArena occasionally and have a couple artists i keep tabs on but i don't really participate anymore

No. 278438

>What got you into my little pony?
I was a HUGE fan of G3 when I was little, don't remember exactly how my obsession started though.
>Which is your favorite generation?
G1 and G3! But I like G2 and G3.5 (the nostalgia is too strong, sue me) as well.
>Who is your favorite pony (or multiple)?
Starsong and Starcatcher from G3, Firefly and Fizzy from G1
>Favorite non-pony character?
I have a soft spot for G3 Spike
>Favorite villain?
None in particular
>Favorite song(s)?
>Favorite merch (you own)?
My Chocolate Chipper was my absolute favorite as a kid and I still love her today
>Are you open about being a fan?
Hell no lol, I was bullied for liking ponies as a kid, no way I'd ever say I still like them as a grown adult

No. 278440

File: 1677368571916.jpg (70.66 KB, 396x396, MoondancerMisplaced_300_L_spoo…)

Excellent taste! Desert Rose is one of my favorite. My personal heart pony is g3 Moondancer. I just love her blue and yellow palette and celestial theme.

>What got you into my little pony?

I grew up with hand-me-down gen1 ponies and with new g3 ponies.
>Which is your favorite generation?
It's a tie between gen 1 and gen 3. I have a lot of nostalgia for both of them and I think they're both very beautifully designed in different ways.
>Who is your favorite pony (or multiple)?
g3 Moondancer (see above) is my all time favorite but I also love Medley, Desert Rose, Skydancer, and g3 Rainbow Dash.
>Favorite non-pony character?
g4 Spike
>Favorite villain?
Draggle and Reeka, the witch sisters from the g1 MLP Movie.
>Favorite song(s)?
Call Upon the Sea Ponies
>Favorite artist?
Don't really have one
>Favorite merch (you own)?
I love the g1 stable pony carrying case. I grew up with it.
>Are you open about being a fan?
Yes! My close friends and mother know I love ponies and will sometimes gift me ponies they've found at flea markets, thrift stores, etc
>Frequent any communities?
I lurk the tumblr tags and the MLP wiki but that's about it.

No. 278443

File: 1677369711689.jpg (Spoiler Image,167.87 KB, 768x1024, 48708259287_d67aa04273_b.jpg)

Some notes from the video for those who don't want to watch it. Picrel is spoilerd because of brony
>4chan irony watching the MLP gen 4 show together, they end up liking it, oops!
>4chan ban on pony related topics, memes, fanart and nsfw fanart.
>4channer makes equestria daily. A gen 4 MLP site that made the dailymotion episodes links and general fandom site I think? I don't want to look it up
>Most bronies were furries or made into them by the 4chan fandom-base.
>Which pony do you like? Hogwarts house edition
>Men are not socialized to recognize uncomplicated, unsexual fondness for a female character
>Men: but can I have sex with it?
>The hard, skull-crushing hooves, gone. Squishy like hands hooves yes.
>The long, protruding snouts, gone. Smooshed cat head yes.
>Bronies hosts a BroNYCon MLP convention thirty people show up. However unlike dashcon, BroNYCon flourished and became Bronycon, a convention that would rival comic con that managed to get actual staff from the show into it and more later on. The cons also ended with a rock concert
>Smaller bronycons spawned and was popular too
>Every staff from the show is known and liked by bronies
>Brony fanartist and more is known and liked by bronies
>Jenny from the video and her friend made the abridged series MLP: Friendship is Witchcraft. Which included original songs, that have gone viral on TikTok.
>Jenny has gone to many bronycons and has also been featured on a panel.
>Jenny had an impersonator named Ellie Mint. Who most likely wanted to be Horse famous like Jenny, various fanartist and staff from the show.
>Small panels had fanfic authors, plush making, Pony design 101, Rasing a brony takes a community, friendship is manly, brony stand-up and guide to tumblr askblogs, etc…
>Female fans, cosplay
>Furry fans, fursuit
>Male fans, pony shirt, cape, pony hat or pony headband.
>Small number of male fans would cosplay.
>Pony plushes big or small, expensive, handmade and a status symbol
>A lot of suggestive and risqué pony body pillows and pony items that are often sold were children can see but you can't question it or be critical of it because it isn't nsfw and your just making it sexual. Body pillows and items are also available with child characters
>A popular long fanfic named Fallout Equestria, an original ponies in the fallout videogame, got made into hardback with at least five volumes and had spinoffs too. High in demand and spawned other fanfics into physical format and other pony related books.
>Pony paraphernalia for sell.
>Sweetie Bell robot.
>"Please don't jump" chant as in don't cave the floor in, bronycon light-fixture fire meme and more quickly becomes a meme in the same day or meme related products sold.
>Bronie charities, auctions and more in every bronycon. Last bronycon raised 80.000 dollars for children's cancer research
>Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony. Made by bronies for bronies. A failure since bronies like to fileshare but that's okay they did it for cheap.
>The documentary: Bronies have autism. Bronies, not gay. "Hey brony, you look good!" "Thanks brony!" END
>John de Lancie, Q from Star Trek and Discord from MLP gen 4. A man that has not seen a single episode of MLP, hates bronies and fan conventions but loves money, hence the documentary
>Tara Strong, Twilight Sparkle from MLP gen 4. A woman that has been in the cartoon industry for a long time and greets fans kindly and warmly. Knows that most of her pony fans are autists.
>Bronies hates female fans from before gen 4 and female fans from gen 4
>Bronies hates all gens except gen 4
>Hasbro loves Bronies, goodbye collectable ponies and hello low quality, solid plastic haired pony.
>MLP: Friendship is Magic episode one hundred = bronies. Bronies headcanons become canon.
>MLP: Friendship is Magic, spawned nine seasons
>Bronycon 2019; The Final Con. Over 10.000 attendants. 4channers cry and leave.
>Smaller cons, now hosted by the furries, the group that turned out be more accepting towards older female fans, autists, disabled folk and more despite being horny furry faggots are more tolerant then 4channers, surprise?

No. 278524

File: 1677381865125.webm (4.02 MB, 1280x720, appletini.webm)


>What got you into my little pony?

We had a dvd for some episodes of the G1 show and I had some G3 mcdonalds toys from when I was real little. When I was like 9 my older brother was a brony at the time lol and introduced me to FiM. I became increasingly autistic about it over the next few years

>Which is your favorite generation?

G4 ofc but I appreciate G1 as well

>Who is your favorite pony (or multiple)?

AJ since day one, if I'm ranking the mane 6 it'd be:
AJ > unicorn Twi > Rarity > Pinkie > Dash > Fluttershy (no hate, though)

>Favorite non-pony character?


>Favorite villain?

Trixie, I think Tirek had potential

>Favorite song(s)?

All of Applejack's songs, Twilight's failure song, Love is in Bloom, Becoming Popular, You'll Play your Part

if we're counting EqG: This is Our Big Night, Shine like Rainbows, Right There in Front of Me, Hope Shines Eternal

>Any ships?

Appledash is my OTP and the only ship I really care about, but Fluttercord, Startrix and Sunpie are v cute too


>Favorite artist?

Liliumena who disappeared years ago, lots of appledash artists, Alumx

(Also for music: Neighsayer, 4everfreebrony, DWK)

>Favorite merch (you own)?

favs are a big comfy Rainbow Dash pillow, really nice old-school metal lunchbox I use to keep my old blind bag collectibles

>Are you open about being a fan?

In public? No lol

>Frequent any communities?

Used to go on /mlp/ till grew up and realized how truly insufferable it is. I kind of want to make an art account somewhere one day where I'll prob draw some FiM fanart

No. 278529

>What got you into my little pony?
I had Princess Promenade and the Gen 1 smooze movie as a young kid. I also had a handful of G3 figures. LPS was my favorite toy once my parents got me that, so I grew out of MLP until I saw how popular Gen 4 was on YouTube. I may have been introduced to Gen 4 because it was crossed over often with Team Fortress 2, having their own maps in the game on the community server list and such. My interaction with bronies was limited to their dubstep remixes, though I'm sure I learned of how fucked up they were through what I saw on TF2.
>Which is your favorite generation?
Gen 4. I love all of the mane six. Gen 3 has some cool exclusive characters too (Minty, Kimono, etc), and Gen 1 has this witch trio (vid related; though it's just two of the trio). They're the best. (It's been a long time since I've seen the movie they're from though, I may be elevating it too high.)
>Who is your favorite pony (or multiple)?
Pinkie Pie. I love her energy. Applejack's second, I like how she sees the world and it creates some good material for the other characters to play off of it. Twilight's my least favorite of the mane six cast, not sure why.
>Favorite non-pony character?
I would say Discord but now that I'm remembering G1… I like the witch trio more.
>Favorite villain?
>Favorite song(s)?
Apples to the Core. I remember seeing the animatic on YouTube for it before it officially released, and because I was so young, it filled me with a sense of wonder. I never even saw the actual episode though.
>Any ships?
Applejack/Rarity and Applejack/Rainbow Dash both seem great and rife with funny character interactions. Pinkie Pie/Cheese Sandwich is lol-worthy yet wholesome.
>Favorite artist?
Hard to say. I like UnanimousDelivers's offerings.
>Favorite merch (you own)?
I always wanted those large "Fashion Ponys." They're deluxe figures that come with plastic and cloth accessories. I wonder if they're on EBay now that I'm thinking about it…
>Are you open about being a fan?
It hasn't come up but I don't see why I would be. I was only a little older than the target demo.
>Frequent any communities?
Tumblr has some adorable fanart, I sometimes browse the tag.

No. 278546

Omg thank you for making this thread, there aren't enough places to discuss the older gens. I grew up with G2 and it makes me sad that so many people seem to hate them and they'll likely never get anything like the Basic Fun G1s.
I grew out of mlp by G3 but recently fell in love with them because of how pretty and detailed their cutie marks are and now have 3 I got off eBay!

No. 278575

File: 1677400678883.jpeg (194.5 KB, 1528x1762, 4DCE41C4-8A3C-4FF4-BA58-8C8982…)

>what got you into my little pony?
i only began watching fim recently but i've always found g1 and g3 very aesthetically pleasing. i don't have my childhood toys anymore but i spotted g3 crystal crown at comic con and bought her! she looks so elegant and regal i love her to death.
>which is your favorite generation?
probably g3 because i grew up with it.
>who is your favorite pony (or multiple)?
i think they did a great job with the g4 lineup. rainbow is my favorite so far, we'd be great friends.
>favorite villain?
i like discord better when he's a villain.
>any ships?
shipping isn't really my thing but i'm beginning to like fluttercord a lot. it's cute, sue me.
>favorite merch (you own)?
a tiny knock off pony that looks suspiciously like fluttershy.
>are you open about being a fan?
i'm not ashamed of it or anything, it's not my first questionable fandom. i refuse to talk about it with moids though.

cool thread!

No. 278576

>What got you into my little pony?
I was a little girl, loved my little pony toys from gen 3 and also the movies
>Which is your favorite generation?
Gen 3 lol, special place in my heart
Honestly not really into MLP these days, I love going back and watching gen 3 stuff though because of nostalgia. I did like gen 4 a lot too, but the bronies kinda ruined it for me. Might try to find my old toys later

No. 278583

File: 1677409049434.jpg (34.01 KB, 500x283, bronies.jpg)

>What got you into my little pony?
i'm thinking it was either the youtube episodes uploaded split in parts or i must have seen it on tv. it's been a almost a decade and a half! i grew up with G3 but i wasn't particularly interested, when G4 was released it rocked my world like no other and i've been a fan ever since. i actually learned english solely to consoom more pony content kek. in all seriousness i'm so grateful for this show even if it was my own effort and doing because i wouldn't even thought of doing that if not for my pony obsession.
>Which is your favorite generation?
definitely G4 as i've said i've been a fan for more than a decade, but i'm trying to get into G1 lately. i'll confess that i thought previous generations were kind of ugly when i was little. i'm so sorry !!!! i'm repenting now through becoming sort of a real horse girl. i love real life ponies, that connection made me see the beauty and cuteness in them.
>Who is your favorite pony (or multiple)?
my favorite of them all is applejack. she's simple, strong and sweet. all three S's of perfectness MLP alliterative title style. i like pinkie pie because i always related to her a lot and i love unicorn twilight.
i feel bad for ranking them but here is how i see the mane 6
applejack > pinkie pie > twilight > fluttershy > rainbow dash >rarity
i love them all and i definitely don't hate rara
>Favorite non-pony character + villain?
i love discord, or i like his motives. i thought he was a weird creep back in the day but i like that his evildoings are all from sillyness and not a place of malice. he's really doing it for a laff x. dare i say based.
i like starlight but only as a villain. i really don't like her redemption from a writing perspective. if the series ended with her defeat i think it would have made for a better finale
>Favorite song(s)?
canon: babs seed, this day aria yes i'm basic but i used to sing duets with my friend when we were younger , a true true friend, you're in my head like a catchy tune, your heart is in two places
EQG: all changeling songs from rainbow rocks
>no hooves
but i love all the songs by the changelings in rainbow rocks.
fanmade: ponyswag by swagberg. for the classics i like a tropical octav3 or whatever the title was gypsy bard and obviously TLT's remix of discord kek. also SGaP's star hopper if that counts. love his work
>Any ships?
not really a devout shipper or something i focus on but i used to ship flutterdash then an appledash truther &they actually ended up together. yay !!! i also enjoy fluttercord even if i agree they may have been better as friends story development wise but i can't lie and say the fluttercord teases in the later seasons didn't make me scream in excitement
based nonette
>Favorite artist?
baekgup or nitronic (yeah yeah weeaboo…)
>Favorite merch (you own)?
my prized 2011 mcdonald's happy meal toys. i don't have the full set i only had formerly pinkie which i took with me everywhere, and now i have dash rara twilight and fluttershy. i'm not a merch consoomer type of person but i hope i find something applejack related someday
>Are you open about being a fan?
yes. i am unapologetically autistic and nobody bothers me about it anymore, but even if they still did i wouldn't care anyway i do what makes me happy i don't see why i would be ashamed even my profile picture on the platform i use for uni is pony related kek i don't care. it's not the strangest thing about me and i've never tried to pass as a normie anyway
>Frequent any communities?
/mlp/ with filters. i used to be a frequent deviantart user back in the day, there used to be a chatroom flash "game" deviation but i can't find it at all anymore but i went there often. i loved chatrooms in 2011-2015

No. 278596

File: 1677412343624.jpg (43.62 KB, 438x438, Dazzleglow-Glow-n-Show-Ponies-…)

Dazzleglow. I used to have this as a child, I think it still might be somewhere but it's been lost for years so I am afraid it's gone because I've moved a lot.

No. 278597

Not sure if this counts since it isn't technically pony, but is anybody else really frustrated with the obvious yuribait/wink wink nudge nudge ship tease in Equestria Girls? Don't get me wrong, even as a kid I was fond of shipping the girls with each other (SunLight 4ever kek) but in EQ it's so blatantly obvious (the blushing for instance) and how it's clearly meant to be fanservice for bronies, it's such a clear example of pandering for what was supposedly the "second audience" that it feels like EQ has slowly been forgetting who their core audience is supposed to be (little girls).

I also had the same frustration with the later seasons of FIM (post-season 3 and onwards) with its subtle acknowledging of stuff/headcanons bronies have made (take "Slice of Life" for example).

No. 278600

File: 1677417581502.jpeg (168.79 KB, 725x307, 9B91BAB9-AC01-400E-8701-CD2A14…)

to be fair slice of life was a 100th episode special so it was reasonable to pay homage to its fans in a way it wasn't like it was a serious canon episode but yeah i noticed fanservice in the show right about 2015 or so.
as for EQG i agree with the blushing i thought i was seeing things in legends of everfree with shim and scitwi or in rollercoaster of friendship i think it was with rarity and applejack which is one pairing the EQG writers push A LOT and very overtly (same with flutterdash). though generally in the human series they keep pushing a romantic narrative in general but you're totally right about it seeming like they're forgetting their original prime audience. speaking of the writers/directors(?) i think they aren't the same ones behind the actual base pony show
anyway i like and prefer my ponies as ponies. if i wanted to watch something of the sort i would put on ever after or monster high which clearly EQG was made to compete against. i hate when you can tell something was only a marketing decision spoilered for off topic but like flurry heart's existence. it's one of the many ways the show was inconsistent with the way one becomes an alicorn and i don't like her design at all. i wish she had more of a babycakes design she's seriously the most blatant case of mary sue in a well established show but i'm sure it was pushed by hasbro.
positive picrel to make up for my sperging even if i can't relate to it at all kek. i thought it was beautiful so here

No. 278601

>but i love all the songs by the changelings in rainbow rocks.
omfg the dazzlings* not the changelings i just now realized kek

No. 278610

Oh another unpopular opinion is that I liked the animation better in the early seasons of FiM than when it was “better”, it was just a lot more cute before.

I can’t believe so many nonnies like the fluttercord ship, that shit’s nasty and ruined the interest of discords character

No. 278618

File: 1677426712419.jpg (211.66 KB, 600x600, PrettyPop_600_L_spoosh.jpg)

>What got you into my little pony?
I grew up with it, It was always my favorite toy to collect or get
>Which is your favorite generation?
I will always love, G3, The MOST the toys are the best in my opinion, But I really like also, G1's, 1980's films / Movies and animated designs, I also really love their character designs as well like, G1 Fizzy Pop, and the more girly aesthetic to them, Unlike the other generations of, MLP
>Who is your favorite pony (or multiple)?
Rainbow Dash, Minty, Sparkle Works, Sunny Daze, Desert Palm, G1 Fizzy Pop, All the scented ponies, ETC
>Favorite non-pony character?
G1 Spike
>Favorite villain?
Any of the, G1, One's
>Favorite song(s)?
I really love the, G1 MLP Intro to the film's / movies
>Any ships?
Rainbow Dash / Minty
>Favorite artist?
>Favorite merch (you own)?
Any of the, G1 and G3 Toys, I DON'T think i've ever owned anything but the toys, I guess the McDonald's G3 Ponies around 2006-2008 I think?
>Are you open about being a fan?
>Frequent any communities?

No. 278620

File: 1677428030783.gif (1.86 MB, 800x450, 3271690.gif)

How do you nonnas feel about G5? I personally really liked the movie, the special was okay, haven't watched the Netflix series yet but I enjoye the Youtube shorts a lot. Zipp is my favourite with Izzy being close second, I also really like Misty and Posey.

No. 278632

I dislike how the premise is a rehash of g4.

No. 278634

Bean mouth. That’s all I gotta say

No. 278638

i don't like the lazy uninspired artstyle but the complaint about them not looking like equines goes for g4 as well, but at least g4 was cute and soulful albeit more cat looking than ponies. i haven't watched the movie yet and i doubt the show will have any g5 purists in the future like there are for every generation before it. or very little anyway because children are the target demographic after all so i might be wrong, it just looks like a hard show to form an organic standalone devoted fanbase for. like all its fans aee currently kids or former g4 hardcore fans who can't let it go. i don't know anything about neither the characters nor the premise because i've yet to watch the movie to start watching the series so i can't say if it's a rehash of g4 like that other anon said tbf with a show with generations aren't they all but if i ever do i'll put them here. i'm happy you like the characters so i'll be on the lookout for them when i get around to it nonita !

No. 278656

I wouldn't say it's a rehash of G4 but I'm disappointed it is a continuation of it, I understand G4 was successful but they should've done a new thing.
I recommend at least just watching the movie, it's super charming! Introduces the new characters very well too and the music is great. I just think it should've been longer, the third act felt a bit rushed but it didn't sour the whole movie for me.
I honestly really disliked the art style too but the shorts were so cute that it grew on me kek

No. 278779

File: 1677456015191.jpg (35.7 KB, 564x317, b3cfbe51d90310e2e61048891f5c55…)

>there used to be a chatroom flash "game" deviation but i can't find it at all anymore
I might be wrong, but do you mean pony town nona? I love the pixel-art style and avatar maker on there, and it's definitely still up and running!
Oh I really hope that's not an unpopular opinion… the show's art-style really did mutate into something abhorrent in the later seasons of FiM with their faces getting squashed and their muzzles being drawn more human-like. I only watched season 9 once as it came out but I truly can't bring myself to watch it again for this reason.
The animation in the movie was nice along with the Fit Right In song but I really can't get into the characters. From what I've seen in the movie and a couple of the shorts, Izzy is just a rehashed nu-Pinkie, Zipp is boring Rainbow Dash with an ugly dollop haircut and Pipp is a soulless Rarity. I don't even remember a thing about Sunny or the guy character. I'm also not a fan of modern technology being introduced but I guess I understand them going for something new, it being a new gen and all. I think I just really miss the medieval/mythologic/industrial era thing early seasons FiM had going for it.

Also, can someone lmk if the shorts or new netflix show include some of the concepts from the comic like picrel?

No. 278780

File: 1677456490039.jpg (208.34 KB, 1024x754, add_a_little_more_by_the_wizar…)

No. 278790

Why does it remind me of Steven Universe

No. 278793

File: 1677460166013.gif (868.24 KB, 498x490, my-little-pony-my-little-pony-…)

because they have human like faces now

No. 278794

why does it have fingers for legs, what the fuck did they do to them

No. 278845

I never even understood Fluttercord. Discord always read as a gross old man while Fluttershy was young and sweet. The trope of a kind young woman having to perform insane amounts of emotional labor to melt some shitty guy’s heart is such a nasty dynamic to me.
The new style looks so fucking bad. It’s not even a nostalgia bias, it’s just bad design.

No. 278847

How come no one ships raripie

No. 278849

File: 1677473037220.jpeg (145.39 KB, 800x800, B7DE25B3-DA7D-492C-A519-F9C87E…)

>What got you into my little pony?
FiM premiered my freshman year of high school. The first episode was free on iTunes so I watched it out of curiosity. Became obsessed because autistic teen. Extremely powerful combo of aesthetically pleasing show + childhood nostalgia. I did like MLP growing up but didn’t get super into it until FiM. It became a little too part of my personality and I’m a bit embarrassed about how much I sperged about it nowadays but it still holds a place in my heart.
>Which is your favorite generation?
G4 is my overall favorite but I like all gens. G2 is my most nostalgic gem because of that one CD ROM game that I was really bad at kek.
>Who is your favorite pony (or multiple)?
Fluttershy and Rarity
>Favorite non-pony character?
The fan wiki says Zecora is technically not a pony so I’m choosing her.
>Favorite villain?
Queen Chrysalis
>Favorite song(s)?
This Day Aria, At The Gala
>Any ships?
No, feels to weird with ponies
>Favorite artist?
Picrel is Futuresparkle who made some really weird shit but I love it so much.
>Favorite merch (you own)?
I had about 300 ponies at one point but my room looks like an adult’s now. Had a LE Swarovski Twilight that never appreciated in value kek.
>Are you open about being a fan?
I used to be way too open and now it’s just a past fandom. I won’t deny it but I’ve definitely moved on.
>Frequent any communities?
No kek.

No. 278850

My guess is because their relationship doesn't really fit any popular ship dynamic and people gravitate more towards the ones that do like like Appledash (rivals/lovers) or Rarijack/FlutterDash (opposites attract)

No. 278875

not a ponyfag but I feel like this ship should be called Pinkity

No. 279271

File: 1677634564221.jpeg (104.87 KB, 750x739, 4E9C7E03-F613-41D5-BF03-039DEC…)

I need spicy pony takes reeeeee

No. 279272

G4 sucks.

No. 279275

G4 sucks but rainbow dash presents was so funny. Bonus points for the guy behind it not trooning out or being a sex offender or both.

No. 279298

Based RDP enjoyer, that and Greg's MAS are some peak MLP parody.

Scootertrix is another one and probably my all time fav abridged series + they've started doing some older gen stuff

No. 279354

god i wish they had horse faces, i hate this

No. 283831

File: 1679171201085.jpeg (29.62 KB, 748x474, 8BDD2FD9-4A5A-4039-9355-CAF0F9…)

slight necro but can someone please help me identify which pony this is? i'm having trouble finding anything. is it a custom?

No. 284125

File: 1679246672742.jpg (34.15 KB, 731x600, TAF_Fifi.jpg)

this looks like a fifi that somebody rehaired!

No. 288777

ohhh, thanks anon! she's so lovely.

No. 298458

File: 1684963342181.jpg (46.33 KB, 505x526, c117d41e51014eca3bfedaab2ad61b…)


>What got you into my little pony?

I always liked it since I grow up with g3, g4 is when i started to enjoy it a lot more.
>Which is your favorite generation?
Well when it comes to toys definitely g1, show wise g4!
>Who is your favorite pony (or multiple)?
Fluttershy, Princess Luna, Rarity, and Twilight Sparkle!
>Favorite non-pony character?
Autumn Blaze! I don't know if Kirins count but I love Kirins so… If not then Spike or Discord.
>Favorite villain?
Nightmare Moon.
>Favorite song(s)?
This Day Aria.
>Any ships?
Rarijack, Twishy, and I lowkey ship Lunashy lmao
>Favorite merch (you own)?
My gen 1 ponies!! Love them!
>Are you open about being a fan?
No unfortunately, I am too scared of being judged.
>Frequent any communities?
Kind of? I browse mlp communities on tumblr and twitter.

super interested in that questionnaire nonnie!!

No. 298501

File: 1684971773285.jpeg (71.36 KB, 828x466, IMG_6060.jpeg)

omg! i LOVE futuresparkle, do you listen to catsmilly by any chance?

No. 298516

any nonnies here have a ponysona??? i have one, just recently made her! still thinking on a name for her but she is cherry themed, with a red and cream colour scheme. she is a female unicorn, still developing lore for her and such.

No. 298562

Why do you listen to troon music

No. 298580

damn, why did they change the franchise to My Little Piggy?

No. 298636

it’s good leave me alone

No. 298688

File: 1685056032907.jpeg (74.7 KB, 749x473, 47D8C332-C56F-4BB4-BF75-4A2CF3…)

Does anyone here dislike g5? I like hate the whole thing, I hate the toys, I hate the show, and the animation style. I love Lizzy but I wish she did not have a boring ass human name.Also Pip is so fucking annoying, like deadass I wanna to rip my hair out whenever she is on my screen. She has the average ‘tiktoker’ influencer personality and it so god damn insufferable. I don’t know.. g5 is so disappointing and looking back at the concept is like getting a whiplash. I try not to sperg too much about it ..cause yea it’s a kids show but still it sucks.

Also I hate how dead this thread is, I just wanna talk about ponies with my fellow nonnies.

No. 298704

I haven't watched any of the g5 cartoons but I found a clip of Pip to see what you mean by influencer and it made me feel old. She was talking about getting likes and being shadowbanned (I didn't even know what shadowbanned meant until I watched that clip) and it's surreal for me that kids these days understand thode sort of things. I was 6 when I watched MLP cartoons and the thought of being active on social media at that age is a bit much… I get it they purposely made her neurotic but it's still weird that social media plays a role in 6 year olds livesnot to moralfag but I don't think social media should be discussed in children's cartoon. I get it that in modern society its a big part of everyone's lives but I don't think it's something kids should worry about. Cartoons should encourage their curiosity for the world or other hobbies

No. 298708

I collect G1, 2, 3, and 4. I can't stand G5.

No. 298778

His songs suck ass lol, it's just a troon screaming on a track, get better taste.

No. 298850

File: 1685142587774.jpg (99.28 KB, 877x700, kRLSm4X3dTs0X7tejQc2RncWZjupPf…)

a few years ago I decided to go to the attic to get some my old MLP toys so I could clean/restore them. I then discovered that all MLP toys except for 3 where bootlegs. My authentic MLP toys where also some of my least favorites (my bootlegs where mostly bootlegged from G2 and my authentic ponys where G1 and G3 so I guess I preferred the skinny horses as a kid). Examining the ponys with an adult eye I can see that the authentic ponies are a much better quality not that anyone is sureprised. The bootlegs have thin hair, are made out of rubbery or light plastic and some of them have bad paint jobs. Also I can't really seem the point in displaying bootlegs, partly because they don't look.
The bootlegs are still in the attic at my parents house while my authentic ponys are hidden in my drawer. I can't get myself to display my authentic ponys since I feelvso bad for abandoning my bootlegs. They gave me so many good childhood memories and where my favourite toys. But I don't feel like cleaning and resorting them. I feel like they had their purpose so there is no need to give them new life. They gave me memories I will treasure forever and I do love them but I don't think there is a place for them in my adult life.
The authentic ponys at least have the collectors prestige but it makes me feel vain that those are the only ones I care about as an adult

No. 299177

File: 1685229898489.png (1.33 MB, 1280x1280, Mousse.png)

I agree with you nonnie! I hate how modern the mlp world is now. What I liked about the g4 universe is the fantasy aspect, g5 feels way too modern, and it is so not interesting. Also, the 2D/3D animation is just awful…I hate the art style, they look so ugly now. But yes, I totally agree with you on the social media part. Kids should not be exposed to that kind of stuff. It's a shame cause I like some of the character designs, I think Sunny and Izzy look great! Zip/Pip is alright!

I love fakies tbh, the facial expressions are always so funny. Do you mind showing your authentic ponies nonnie? If not, its alright! I am an mlp collector myself and I Like looking at people's ponies lol.

No. 299178

I think G5 is so modern to appeal to kids with destroyed attention spans due to mobile phone use, and probably because whoever was in charge of the new series was too lazy to put in the effort to make the writing and characters good and interesting enough so they compensated with real-life social media culture references

No. 299179

Nothing made by a troon is good, sorry.

No. 299252

File: 1685284729573.jpeg (48.89 KB, 750x750, DEDCEEFE-58B8-4CAB-99DF-62F439…)

Who is your favourite pony from the mane six? I love them all but my favourite is Fluttershy.

No. 301212

>Do you mind showing your authentic ponies nonnie?
Late reply but I don't have access to my ponies right now but when I do maybe I will upload some pictures of them depends on what state their are in.
I was never an active watcher of FIM but I did see some few episodes years ago but never saw all the episodes. My favourite back then was Rarity and she still is though I just started bingewatching the show and now Applejack is also my favourite I really can't decide between those two. Rainbow dash is also slowly starting to become one of my favourites which is ironic because she was amongst my least favourites when I watched it all those years ago. What was I thinking? She is wonderful

No. 301215

Applejack. She's cursed by both being the most disliked/underrated pony and also because a scrote killed a bunch of people because of her.

No. 301221

>scrote killed a bunch of people because of her

No. 301222

File: 1686261227982.jpg (47.99 KB, 998x553, FuH7YLeXgAMvjPv.jpg)

>a scrote killed a bunch of people because of her.

No. 301232

File: 1686263037637.jpg (67.57 KB, 736x736, 402a1da1c014c2047c5899caad2192…)

Pinkie. Im like her when im not depressed. I've always loved her, but I identified as a serious person. Now I know

No. 301252

No. 301253

Twilight for being adorable and autistic in the beginning of the show, and Rarity for being a dramatic girlboss.

Also anon I'm not trying to be mean but I was just about to post that the only people that like Fluttershy are men and people projecting onto her when I saw your post. I'd love to hear why you like her though, maybe I'm just biased because I never found her all that interesting, that and the worst male at my school adored her and would tell the classmate he was constantly harrassing/assaulting that she was just like Fluttershy

No. 301290

Is that a headless sex doll hanging from the closet

No. 301370

Also, fucking scrotes in the comments blaming the mom because "she ignored the red flags and drove him to the gun store uwu!!!1!!!!!11! it's the mom's fault!!11!!1".
Yeah, not like the mother was probaly fearing for her own life, knowing that if she didn't let him go he would either snap at her or go on his own without telling her and buying god knows what. Sage for ot.

No. 301420

>woman commits crime
"she is a monster!! I feel bad for everyone in her life who had to deal with her"
>man commits crime
"he was a victim!! This would never had happened if his mother/girlfriend/sister/childhood friend hadn't neglected him!!!"
women always gets the blame.
I'm not going to watch the video because male youtubers lacks the compassion to talk about murder and always exploit the victims for clickbait and youtube revenue. They also do nothing to keep their unhinged fans at check

No. 301424

Moids are defective.
That's peak MRA logic. Even when a mother does her best to love and raise her son to be a decent person, the moid might not give a single fuck about her and instead want to "prove his masculinity" to an absent father. How can the mother be possibly responsible for her (adult, violent) moid son's nature, or for the fact that he got his father's mental illness, or for incel males on 4chan and shady sites giving him ideas, or for the system failing to prevent him from committing a mass murderer despite her cries for help? Besides, most males are incapable of seeing things from a woman's perspective (the mother had already been attacked by the son before, so of course she'd be terrified of saying "no" to him, but try explaining that to them) so their retardation isn't surprising.

Anyway, I don't like the MLP association either, but I feel like only people who are terminally online or frequent certain online spaces would permanently associate a cartoon pony to this incident. I already knew about this scrote, but never really thought of him when I saw the character.

No. 301540

I want to rewatch FiM, what seasons are the best? I remember the quality dropping at a certain point

No. 301549

The first 3 seasons imo

No. 301577

the first seasons up until twilight gets her wings imo but maybe you'll like the starlight villain arc. starts to get really bad with the flanderization and pandering but the aj centered episodes were amazing and honestly i cried watching the perfect pear some later episodes are cool in the last few seasons but watching them entirely isn't really worth it.

No. 301928

File: 1686598775532.jpg (52.9 KB, 564x564, 6a3879a3f888c46a7b7e6c1a4617bc…)

I love fluttershy because she reminds me how I was as a child/teen. I was always super shy(still am) and struggled with social anxiety. Plus I really love animals, and I also have a pet rabbit! She is very relatable to me, and honestly I don't care if people who like her are weird or crazy, she has a special place in my heart. Twilight is my second favorite…sometimes tho I like her more than Fluttershy.

Seasons 1-3 are the best. The show kind of goes downhill after Twilight becomes an alicorn.

No. 302235

>Twilight for being adorable and autistic in the beginning of the show
she was so cute in the first couple of episodes. You can tell she wasn't used to having friends so she was kinda socially awkward at first. As the show progressed she did mature more which is interesting to see but it's always nice to rewatch the first season to see her adorkable she is

No. 302277

Minty was my favorite

No. 303374

File: 1687224816080.jpeg (109.9 KB, 720x800, 68F32243-9125-46B0-9564-74EEA0…)

>What got you into my little pony?
Well right before G4 came out I had this g3 sweetie belle baby doll that I got for my birthday, and a few years later I found out about the show In 2011 on Netflix.
>Which is your favorite generation?
G4 has a soft-spot for me since I grew up with it, but I also like G3 for the same reason. G2 is one of my favs as well, I love the style they went for with the ponies in that one.
>Who is your favorite pony (or multiple)?
I love G4 pinkie pie!!! I also love rarity, but G3 minty and Toola Roola both have a place in my heart
>Favorite non-pony character?
G4 Spike!!!! My 3rd fav chara!!!
>Favorite villain?
>Favorite artist?
Hard to say as I don’t follow many pony based art accounts, mostly just people who draw it ocassionally
>Favorite merch (you own)?
I wouldn’t say anything from my current collection is my fav, but when I was younger my favorites were my singing cadence doll and my G3 cheerilee!!!
>Are you open about being a fan?
Absolutely! I’m always excited to tell people about my favorite ponies and talk about my collections and what’s on my wishlist!!!
>Frequent any communities?
Mostly small niche instagram accounts and sellers on depop!

No. 304087

File: 1687456933675.png (400.69 KB, 575x561, photos-4.png)

Is it worth watching Friendship is Magic past season 6 if I dislike Discord and StarlightI could write several paragraph why I don't like them but I loved Discord as a villain but he lost his fun after that and I like the idea of Starlight but they made some odd decision with her which made her character/purpose slightly weird to me? Honestly the season 6 finale was kinda hard to sit trough and it implied that they will become more important to the story and join the main cast which I don't want. I tried watching the fist episode of season 7 but all thr focus on Discord was so off putting

No. 304280

I'm watching FiM again and forgot how much I loved it when it first came out. I stopped watching after Twilight became an alicorn, and I just learned Lauren Faust wasn't involved in later seasons. Wondering if it's worth watching?

As for me my favorite is Fluttershy but I have a new appreciation for Rarity watching things a second time around. I don't dislike any pony but Rainbow Dash gets on my nerves a lot

No. 311365

I’m tired of pretending like I don’t like Lily Orchard. His takes are nearly always based and even though he’s a tranny I appreciate that he’s at least logically consistent and hates Hontra. Seems like he’s just gay anyways. I didn’t know much about the drama but I find it really hard to believe he’s the pedo when the people who hate him are cool with that literal pedo guy who married sweetiebell voice actress. Was there ever any merit found to those accusations?

No. 311366

File: 1690587565020.gif (471 KB, 376x368, 1420566.gif)

Nonas who do you think is the cutest moid pony in the show? My vote goes to Shining Armor.

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