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File: 1678982975203.png (4.04 MB, 2228x1742, 1669835863899.png)

No. 283181

see these pop up on 4c from time to time and i though it would be fun to have one here too. Post DA spaghetti, waifu/husbando autism, weird people, etc

No. 283183

i recently found out that inflatable blueberry suits are a thing. Of all autistic fetishes inflation is the one i least understand

No. 283185

File: 1678983383264.jpg (19.03 KB, 300x269, 1645450259207.jpg)

9/11 tributes

No. 283186

File: 1678983404412.jpg (43.77 KB, 949x455, 1645449628099.jpg)

No. 283187

File: 1678983631725.jpg (89.39 KB, 600x800, 1645449745101.jpg)

No. 283191

File: 1678983898376.jpg (113.3 KB, 1024x680, 1645449813456.jpg)

No. 283204

File: 1678990901899.png (103.5 KB, 552x552, handia.png)

I love this thread

No. 283211

File: 1678993032867.jpg (84.08 KB, 1600x900, mordetwi_cover.jpg)

Gotta post the classic

No. 283213

File: 1678993586745.png (47.82 KB, 800x599, 3b36358a193c476c6331ecf7f1f242…)

No. 283214

File: 1678993676354.png (207.14 KB, 525x700, 5bdc3d22917f5796213c04cf89d5f8…)

already loving this thread

No. 283217

File: 1678994117282.jpg (21.37 KB, 862x926, FB_IMG_1492194431303.jpg)

Bless you OP I've been waiting for an opportunity to post this masterpiece for years

No. 283218

File: 1678994475937.jpg (Spoiler Image,37.26 KB, 640x1136, FB_IMG_1495035174766.jpg)

samefag, not really nsfw but spoilering just in case.

No. 283224

File: 1678997384134.jpg (176.18 KB, 1097x1280, 1513497399.manda-tee_meet_the_…)

She's an icon

No. 283228

File: 1678998711214.png (328.99 KB, 350x741, Screenshot_5107.png)

Mollyhaleismyfriend was one of my favorite lolcows, wonder what happened to him. His entire gallery was just shit like this

No. 283229

I mean, since we have an autism thread, I think this one should be called "autism spotting thread" so we don't get both confused.
Or maybe just "Autismo"

No. 283230

File: 1678999362418.png (13 KB, 639x476, 8AD0EAF6-A96A-4619-8C3B-1F9E29…)

Oh my god nonnie!!!! I saw some of these forever ago on ig and couldn’t tell if it was someone intentionally trying to be creepy/edgy or a genuine autist. They’re so fucking weird.

No. 283231

File: 1678999391446.jpeg (86.61 KB, 1024x683, 794A1DC8-A48F-4568-AA4C-D92934…)

No. 283233

File: 1678999696659.png (104.27 KB, 909x1267, 1549577981751.png)

where's the love for my boy kodyboy?

No. 283234

File: 1678999865561.jpg (252.16 KB, 978x954, 1450985698369.jpg)

No. 283236

File: 1679000468839.png (1.17 MB, 1000x850, 78655322.png)

No. 283237

She is a terrible person all around, but if there is one positive thing I can say about her, it's that her autistic choice of husbando is based.

No. 283238

File: 1679000775214.jpg (37.71 KB, 600x400, 1467963671518.jpg)

nonny your uber is here

No. 283239

File: 1679000929520.png (1.18 MB, 1024x700, 1541500929282.png)

i am surprised there are more autistic husbandofags that male waifufags, they also tend to have actually decent art too

No. 283240

File: 1679000938052.jpg (286.58 KB, 1280x1895, 20230317_000816.jpg)

I love not knowing anything about this shit cartoon and looking at all the angst fanart with all of the sisters in one coffin

No. 283241

File: 1679001018377.jpeg (136.12 KB, 914x875, hell-is-empty.jpeg)

Finally a fitting thread to bring back this Poirot x Hastings tickling fetish art I found ages ago. Thank you OP.

No. 283242

File: 1679001094511.jpg (94.61 KB, 1060x627, 1642133234136.jpg)

they have the faces of those old japanese samurai paintings

No. 283243

File: 1679001101109.jpeg (138.21 KB, 1024x768, help.jpeg)

part deux

No. 283244

File: 1679001228100.png (691.48 KB, 1005x1200, 1646272223462.png)

No. 283245

File: 1679001328057.png (137.96 KB, 906x589, 1345746231645.png)

No. 283246

File: 1679001438442.png (608.48 KB, 1018x635, moshi moshi spongebob desu.png)

No. 283247

File: 1679001486979.png (19.75 KB, 473x648, images (2).png)

No. 283248

File: 1679001540466.jpg (35.34 KB, 299x371, 1634152690796.jpg)

goddam i love her so much i cant believe there are official hot topic shirts with her buff spongebob art

No. 283249

File: 1679001552971.jpg (145.38 KB, 900x940, 00e7f0531e396a8a8e9f65432245d7…)

No. 283251

>there are official hot topic shirts with her buff spongebob art

No. 283252

File: 1679001725209.jpg (433.05 KB, 2048x2048, 54257746_10157229521051979_355…)

i like how it sticks out like a sore thumb amongst the normal ones

No. 283253

File: 1679001741835.jpeg (Spoiler Image,121.3 KB, 827x997, 1676235595932.jpeg)

No. 283255

i wonder how jesus chooses wich autist has the fetish vore furry fart autism or the hamster underwater utopia autism

No. 283256

File: 1679001910182.jpg (137.56 KB, 677x679, 1453672280040.jpg)

No. 283257

No. 283258

File: 1679002122396.png (235.59 KB, 757x1055, 75888988015.png)

No. 283259

File: 1679002313501.png (54.12 KB, 728x550, 1537421188305.png)

No. 283260

File: 1679002329474.jpg (135.26 KB, 1024x583, 1455857811659.jpg)

No. 283261

File: 1679002482342.png (429.77 KB, 717x529, 1532239803543.png)

No. 283262

File: 1679002606618.png (1.16 MB, 1672x1003, 1534805530140.png)

No. 283263

File: 1679002763266.jpg (157.7 KB, 651x795, 1450944791391.jpg)

No. 283264

File: 1679002900071.jpg (161.1 KB, 651x795, 1447518229620.jpg)

No. 283265

male autism at its peak

No. 283266

File: 1679003102373.jpeg (164.56 KB, 780x1011, 1458437128503.jpeg)

No. 283267

How do you even come up with "cartoon characters carrying giant strange marine animals in a cart" to develop it as a fetish

No. 283268

I am so fucking scared

No. 283270

File: 1679003502238.jpg (64.55 KB, 900x563, 1547345300381.jpg)

i dont think its a fetish in this case. He probably has the loud house, carts and marine animals as a special interests and whats better for an autist than combining all his hobbies together. Crossovers are autism catnip.

No. 283272

File: 1679003693434.jpg (536.25 KB, 1280x1896, 1470110800179.jpg)

It's true. For an avalanche of 'tism, just click the "crossover" tag on any booru.

No. 283273

File: 1679003766661.png (2.2 MB, 900x1466, 1562909729811.png)

This comic is actually so good. When autismos arent making weird creepy fetish shit they create pure kino.

No. 283274

File: 1679003906030.jpg (75.76 KB, 585x800, 1431703403285.jpg)

the 9/11 tributes are insane to me

No. 283275

File: 1679004016166.jpg (92.99 KB, 838x450, 1567991719485.jpg)

No. 283277

File: 1679004443603.jpg (105.1 KB, 900x669, sugoi catdog-chan kyaa.jpg)

No. 283279

File: 1679005361465.jpg (159.43 KB, 1024x768, 1464900845383.jpg)


No. 283280

Extremely based! As a big fan of glass insulators (I only have one unfortuately) I believe that everyone should look up more at all the very useful element of modernity! Honestly I should do exactly like him and start taking pictures of them

No. 283285

File: 1679007312859.jpeg (46.79 KB, 640x506, Exb6hAPWEAAhN8q.jpeg)

No. 283287

File: 1679008083246.jpg (453.54 KB, 1899x1386, 1666865583128.jpg)

Similar to OP. Autistic queens

classic, always manages to crack me up

No. 283294

File: 1679011001311.png (146.51 KB, 680x526, 655A9049-4481-4862-8FCF-91B047…)

another classic autismo that I haven’t seen here yet.

forgive this strip because he’s not making Peach coomer bait, at the very least.

No. 283295

This is my fucking favorite thing to come out of twitter ever. in fact it might be my favorite thing on the whole internet. I remembered it earlier today (after i saw the thread where twitter users think that one kpop boy is princess diana's reincarnation) and couldn't stop laughing and my mom asked what was going on and i tried to explain cow hybrid jimin but she didn't think it was funny, she just looked disgusted. None of my other friends think that sort of thing is funny either. It hits the same funny bone as nemu did. That's why I come here.

No. 283298

File: 1679012579268.png (8.72 KB, 581x500, 1486099750782.png)

bling bling boy

No. 283299

KEK the final sentence caught me so off guard

No. 283302

File: 1679014149218.jpg (106.88 KB, 900x695, 1567932201916.jpg)

No. 283303

No. 283304

File: 1679014238216.jpg (Spoiler Image,133.64 KB, 1600x875, 1634152457031.jpg)

there's this sperg who had a very specific fetish for eyes poping

No. 283305

I miss amvs so much. The best ones are the ones that are really well edited but still manage to be autistic as fuck.

No. 283306

No. 283307

Disney is a goldmine for autismo stuff

No. 283308

File: 1679014481456.webm (Spoiler Image,2.88 MB, 1280x720, 1676746404016491.webm)

No. 283309

File: 1679014768202.png (335.7 KB, 1483x1924, 1560483629981.png)

No. 283313

god i want to reach that level of autism but i have too much shame from all the masking.

No. 283316

AMVs nearly always have some kind of plot in it. I think there aren't many newer generation that's making these kind of videos, often just the same women from years ago that are making these

No. 283317

File: 1679017913184.jpg (178.04 KB, 900x1255, 1573926195795.jpg)

this top gear fujo

No. 283318

File: 1679017962516.jpg (133.65 KB, 800x980, 1573926263935.jpg)

No. 283319

>clear and defined face with molest smirk
I better not dream about James May tonight.

No. 283320

File: 1679018305039.jpg (151.38 KB, 1000x1298, 1573954573987.jpg)

No. 283322

File: 1679018483040.jpg (130.77 KB, 1000x1254, 1573954640071.jpg)

No. 283324

File: 1679018895768.png (131.09 KB, 500x462, deviantart.png)

a classic

No. 283325

File: 1679019134943.jpg (70.84 KB, 800x600, 1586809018134.jpg)

if you accidentally stumble upon his twitter you would think he's just a common old man, probably has a wife, kids and grandkids, loves baseball and hates the gays. Then you click on his DA and see this shit.

No. 283330

File: 1679019489512.jpg (444.54 KB, 1311x2233, tko_evening_gown01.jpg)

i kinda like this guys art i am fascinated by old school autismos. Modern weirdos can just open Twitter and find their super specific autistic community of choice. I kinda wanna hear the life history of these weirdos who have been drawing DA spaghetti since before the internet was even a thing.

No. 283357

literally just finished our man in italy tonight nooooo

No. 283378

used to be one of my personal cows. beware the video is fnaf recolor macrophilia. he deleted most of his weird crossover trailers, but I recommend checking out his channel to understand his truly innovative vision.

when I used to be on the deviantart pvz fandom there used to be so many autists in the fanbase, I was a child and I do have aspergers but those adults were on another level

No. 283380

I’m fucking dying they’re all in one coffin??

No. 283382

File: 1679045182707.jpeg (196.89 KB, 1017x786, 1653943759789.jpeg)

kek this is gold, the description reads like a lost footnote from The Infinite Jest
My personal favorite is the plane furry autist.

No. 283384

i can't believe i saw this video before knowing that it was from a real twitter post

No. 283385

If you didnt post this one, I would because I love it too

No. 283390

File: 1679054480088.jpg (61.38 KB, 680x504, 448bb95befd949a907e95365e57b51…)

Ayrt, I am delighted to finally learn more about this specimen thank you. I found the picture on a fb page years ago with no context and never encoutered it again afterwards, I didn't even know the green dude was from Spyro kek. There's a character in a 70s children series called Le Manège Enchanté that also has a spring for a lower body and it reminded me of it, I wonder if she'd find him handsome.

>the book he's carrying is a portmanteau of the words "scat" and "atlas"

my sides…

I love this one. Unironically the healthiest piece of waifufaggery that I've ever seen.

No. 283410

god bless this thread

No. 283411

File: 1679062186137.jpg (149.31 KB, 900x1010, Untitled.jpg)

No. 283413

What’s this about?

No. 283421

File: 1679065322124.jpg (23.17 KB, 576x313, 1on2y0.jpg)


No. 283425

>Bolongna, Ham and cream cheese fetish

No. 283439

I'm obsessed with this image

No. 283442

File: 1679072543118.png (528.37 KB, 1280x720, 1679062186137.png)

isn't this just Soulsborne boss concept art?

No. 283445

>"This is a very different Jake, not the UDC Field agent Desert hopping mouse nor is it the Australian Kangaroo rat from the Rescuers Down Under. species is Kangaroo rat and nationality is Australia, but of something separate and different. This Jake the kangaroo Rat has become Foreverial Tiedup Jake and he was fully delitized with his organs and inside and literally his whole body changed into a permanent living bologna version with permanent living bologna organs and insides and a permanent bologna, ham and cream cheese tongue. nose is a permanent pastrami nose and has two permanent ham lips and two permanent bologna and ham ears. Fully wrapped like a mummy, tiedup this way to remain and always jumping around with a permanent smile on his face and a wide open permanent bologna mouth speaking constantly ready to lick anyone or anything with his permanent Bologna, ham and cream cheese tongue. The furry art bondage borgified version of Jake the kangaroo rat. there are other Australian Jake the Kangaroo Rat characters i have done besides this and the UDC field agent. This is defanitely not the UDC field agent Jake as this doesnt exist at all in that series that I do, this is in the genre of fully permanent living deli and full permanent rubbery rope bondage. This also is defanitely not the Jake from the rescuers Down Under as this doesnt happen to him either, just a different character whom becomes Foreverial Tiedup Jake"
what's up with the human brain

No. 283446

File: 1679073119684.jpg (133.29 KB, 900x1238, sparky_changed_by_rafe15-d30ck…)

More from permanent ham-kun

No. 283447

File: 1679073301598.jpg (95.88 KB, 737x1084, tiedup_bondage_tbone_rightside…)

No. 283471

File: 1679076353443.jpg (75.75 KB, 969x872, 1576917841232.jpg)

this is really good. It looks so cozy i wanna hang out with them.

No. 283476

Oh christ this guy
Wasn’t he also obsessed with Norbert the beaver

No. 283481

File: 1679078308527.jpeg (410.24 KB, 1280x1520, F8BFAC18-4C84-46B4-9A51-2E5145…)

Don’t make fun of her or I will find you irl and kill you

No. 283495

This is so sweet, autistic, but sweet

No. 283502

File: 1679080163727.jpg (128.34 KB, 1000x795, Motherly Love by DisneyFan-01.…)

What's the consensus on DisneyFan-01?

No. 283504

I can't pinpoint exactly why but these seriously creep me out.

No. 283510

This kinda made me sad, its obvious she lover her kid but she no religion or something higher to believe in, so she can only put goddam Disney characters cause they are the only thing's that are worth something to her

No. 283515

File: 1679081577281.png (23.85 KB, 1153x547, hamandcheeseviolence.PNG)

I remember feeling kind of bad for this guy because people were gawking at his art on tumblr and he seemed genuinely autistic. Then I went to his deviantart page and saw him making tongue-related threats of violence toward the general public. Very creepy.

No. 283539

File: 1679084123339.jpg (694.3 KB, 1795x1735, dave strider cosplays and cros…)

half these girls are probably TIFs as of now

No. 283548

she has a child?!

No. 283549

File: 1679085157474.jpg (1.01 MB, 2048x2048, 1676423815398409.jpg)

No. 283550

File: 1679085210279.jpg (631.05 KB, 1536x2048, 1676409608211094.jpg)

i cannot believe they send texas-shaped itabags

No. 283552

well she has a baby in the pic, I'm assuming she had a kid

No. 283553

where'd you find these two?

No. 283554

did you take a closer look at it? that child has a tail and ears

No. 283555

I assumed it was meant to represent her kid

No. 283557

File: 1679085363171.png (2.04 MB, 1366x6000, 1496897974516.png)

4chan's /co/ is where i find most of these

No. 283558

This was posted in the fakeboi threads sometime back, apparently this shrine was made by a TIF scaly

No. 283559

File: 1679085470869.jpg (127.7 KB, 600x1022, 1615774165691.jpg)

i am sure its meant to be simba

No. 283560

I know it was simba, but I assumed it was meant to represent her baby IRL

No. 283561

it was wild seeing such autism unfold. I remember i was on that thread and i am even in the ss https://boards.fireden.net/co/thread/93044131/

No. 283562

File: 1679085681749.jpg (407.29 KB, 1536x2048, 1676429230563537.jpg)

No. 283565

File: 1679085756998.jpg (243.52 KB, 1024x768, 1401350373268.jpg)

No. 283566

I'm again repeating the points I made earlier, half a century ago these same people would be making shrines for dictators and cult leaders

No. 283569

File: 1679085962814.jpg (741.42 KB, 1536x2048, 1584936654552.jpg)

nah they are just modern grandmas, but instead of having jesus as their husbando they have some obscure cartoon character and instead of rosaries they have funkopops

No. 283570

File: 1679086128335.png (169.57 KB, 493x477, mlppantsu.png)

No. 283571

File: 1679086180996.jpg (208.21 KB, 1280x581, 1539999804625.jpg)


No. 283572

File: 1679086201341.png (1.16 MB, 1676x856, 93e9e026e224918af705d2dbb3967d…)

No. 283573

File: 1679086376555.jpg (173.73 KB, 1280x1012, 1614881379965.jpg)

No. 283574

File: 1679086889531.jpg (892.95 KB, 3000x2250, 1558851868849.jpg)

No. 283575


ARSEFLUTE made me audibly cackle

No. 283578

pixyteri's daughter??

No. 283582

File: 1679089674793.jpg (92.2 KB, 1000x952, dfj4j1y-f647ff96-5204-4012-be9…)

In all my life I never imagined I'd see vore porn of the AVGN inside Dawn from Pokemon's stomach.

I don't know what her real life relationship status is, but she's a well-known self-shipper who's obsessed with John Silver from Treasure Planet. The woman in the drawing is her Mary Sue self-insert.

No. 283601

File: 1679096555188.jpg (10.73 KB, 300x198, Johnofe_with_painting.jpg)

IS THIS JOHNOFE??? I was obsessed with him before he nuked his website. My favorite picture was him standing in a formal outfit next to a large painted canvas featuring angry beaver BDSM porn (picrel). I also loved his political sperging he'd do on tumblr and there was one line he said that was so funny to me about politicians being "slaves to the cuckery" that to this day I still hold as an inside joke. I could never find anyone who knew who he was though, i was afraid he was just my personal cow no one else got to enjoy but I am relieved to know I was wrong.

No. 283602

Is this person perhaps also into incest? I think I might know them kek.

No. 283603

>My favorite picture was him standing in a formal outfit next to a large painted canvas featuring angry beaver BDSM porn (picrel)
Thank you, this is the best thing I've seen all day.

No. 283604

File: 1679097333173.jpg (133.59 KB, 1158x512, youdidn'tneedtoknowbutnowyoudo…)

Here's a particularly horrifying passage from an archive of his website

No. 283605

File: 1679097378444.jpg (140.07 KB, 764x1058, Johnofe_user.jpg)

And just so you can visualize it, have picrel

No. 283607

File: 1679097678782.png (99.32 KB, 630x583, deadinside.png)

>tfw no autistic dave strider cosplayer gnc gf

No. 283617

it's the obsession with random non-sexy things i think. like if he was drawing cartoon mice in bondage it would still be weird but he's drawing them in like… cheese bondage and becoming deli toppings? why is he sexually aroused by deli toppings?

No. 283620

File: 1679104585116.jpg (126.07 KB, 1200x900, Johnofe_sculptures.jpg)

No. 283621

File: 1679105028349.png (15.01 KB, 669x342, Untitled.png)

its actually kind of admirable he so bluntly blogged about his paraphilias and knew it was wrong, and that he was unsafe around dogs. so many men dont give a fuck about the lives they ruin in the attempt to get their nut.

No. 283622

I been subscribed to this girl for so many years now. I can't even call her a personal cow because I genuinely enjoy her cooking videos and skits, but an autist for sure. Her videos hit different after I found out she was older than me.

No. 283625

he draws better than me tbh

No. 283630

You didn't read enough of it. He details his plans to find a dog to rape multiple times in his blogging and says he doesn't see why it's "that bad", even says he'd do it and go to jail because then he'd just kill himself like he's always wanted to kek. He's a menace for sure. To no one's surprise, he's on twitter now retweeting videos of real dogs and beavers while also being a retarded elon fanboy.

No. 283631

File: 1679107031840.jpg (263.23 KB, 1899x949, bendy.jpg)

I find her to be amusing ngl.

No. 283634

Who is the guy

No. 283637

Uncle Roger from youtube.

No. 283640

File: 1679110256141.jpg (678.84 KB, 1276x1654, 1400991206685.jpg)

No. 283645

>pro life
These 3 combined were what gave me whiplash

No. 283648

Weirdly those make sense to me but Australatina was a head-scratcher. The whole thing is so good though.

No. 283652

I refuse to believe an actual man made this, this has to be some fujo's OC

No. 283654

it was made by the original kikomi

No. 283656

so it's a FTM pretending to a gay MTF ?

No. 283657

File: 1679115255119.gif (117.44 KB, 650x450, homestuck meetup be like.gif)

Blog, but used to cosplay Dave, and I'm so grateful my autistic ass never got groomed into trooning out. Ngl I kinda miss the shameless teenage cringe of Homestuck meetups.

No. 283658

Have you never heard of fankids? Very common practice with selfshippers & OC x canon fans in general, doesn't mean there's an IRL kid in the mix

No. 283659

No. 283661

Honestly, you never know when an autist online will turn out to be married with kids. I can't remember the specifics of it, but there was a dude with these weird furry homemade realgirl dolls who would mention his wife or even include her in pictures with the things.

That batshit wolfcock lawsuit lady Rachelle Soto also had a husband and a kid (though I think she's more of a bippie than an autist.)

No. 283662

no, its just a fat ugly gay man

No. 283663

> I can't remember the specifics of it, but there was a dude with these weird furry homemade realgirl dolls who would mention his wife or even include her in pictures with the things.
does anyone remember the name of this guy? i cannot find it anywhere but i also remember him

No. 283667

This genre of female autist always end up being anti-feminist pick mes with "I'm not like other girls, I can fix him" complexes, I hate them. Atheism Youtuber fans. Always smell like dried period blood and ass or mildew IRL. They really aren't that different from their male counterparts, aside from the sex offense tally. Autists is the same.

No. 283669

File: 1679118259656.jpg (86.05 KB, 800x800, Mephiles101.jpg)

no one cares, go back to /2x/

No. 283672

>"I'm not like other girls, I can fix him" complexes
Those men are literally not real tho

No. 283674

No u go back to drawing your ugly self insert with a shark fin getting vored by crunch bandicoot on DA and wearing ill-fitted bras

That's the worst part. Never forget the millions of wattpad fanfics with that exact plot line feat. an aside about how superior the MC is to stacy sluts and basic bettys. It's a huge thing.

No. 283675

File: 1679119222425.jpg (19.25 KB, 256x400, 167013570-256-k340598.jpg)

No. 283676

This is making me kek so uncontrollably

No. 283677

The kind of girl that writes and reads those fics is not the same kind of self-inserter as those posted here. Ultra dedicated autists are more likely to not even be attracted to real men which is based.

No. 283679

File: 1679120717111.png (249.9 KB, 1280x1239, 1619670777086.png)

ignore pakichan, she will never be a based autismo, free and cringe

No. 283680

Oh my god kek. It's true that they're often better artists than their male counterparts, I'm surprised.

No. 283683

File: 1679121611828.gif (125.88 KB, 555x649, LegalSlimFeline-max-1mb.gif)

You're making assumptions based on how male autists work. Mentions of husbands or boyfriends who look like gothic king cobra is so common it would need a space on the female autist bingo card. There are as many military wives into this as true femcels.

And Pakichan is ONE of these freaks so don't throw the pakichan allegations at a hater. To keep it semi on topic, heres some Tpirman1982

No. 283684

Pakichan has a husbando? (Varg doesn't count, he's 3DPD)

No. 283686

File: 1679122686673.jpg (15.84 KB, 680x510, 1531067267739.jpg)

this is fascinating, but why

No. 283688

File: 1679122808214.jpg (314.33 KB, 1200x1304, 1466292406938.jpg)

No. 283689

I genuinely don't know why you all are bringing me up, like this is these are the posts I made >>283510 >>283652

No. 283690

File: 1679122904685.png (301.14 KB, 1024x1398, 1493305533994.png)

who gave my man sanic aids?!

No. 283692

ugandan knuckles?

No. 283699

File: 1679125334058.jpeg (155.55 KB, 1170x1548, 2BA0AA1E-9758-4E25-9B2E-B21C78…)

Yesterday I was reading an article on Twitter about climate change and saw this account in the comment section asking about building a time machine. Checked out her page and she seems really obsessed with Kenny from South Park.

No. 283709

I wonder if it's >>283569

No. 283726

File: 1679143368836.png (228.21 KB, 2528x3310, why.png)

The difference between male and female autismos is fascinating. Throw in waifu/husbando faggotry, and it creates some odd mirror of our society. How men and women see relationship and love etc.
I notice, in general, male autismos go after waifubait of the month (any generic moeblob girl from ongoing anime) or obsess over their childhood crushes way into adult life (they are usually very pretty too, like Asuka, Princess Peach, some other cartoon characters).
Female speds on other hand choose the most unlikely and weird characters, sometimes to an extreme degree (that Spyro boss girl, buff SpongeBob girl, octopus girl from r/waifuism etc).
Generally, when autism thrown in the mix, it seams that looks doesn't matter for women, hell, sometimes their husbandos look outright inhuman and repulsive. This is the case for really autistic girls though, since more normal nerd girls may choose bishies and such. Even than, there is some divide between male and female speds. For example, I saw gay autistic guys on DA who simp for fucking Dr. Robotnik. Good luck finding a female example though. Even if they find an absolutely weird husbando, there is little overlap with autistic gay moids.
Sorry for useless musings, but this topic is fascinating for me.

No. 283727

File: 1679144888389.jpg (420.21 KB, 3959x3487, EXORCC3WkAYsq61 (1).jpg)

These are my favorite type of female autists for some reason. It feels like a total fuck you to the scrote aikatsu fans.

No. 283730

File: 1679146572239.webm (5.56 MB, 480x852, v12044gd0000cdq3cb3c77u7ke09pd…)

No. 283731

File: 1679147093122.png (16.05 KB, 1000x701, EWLZq-9UYAEz76m.png)

Sorry for samefagging, i just have waayyyy too much to post kek

No. 283736

The implication of several nipples…

No. 283737

File: 1679148847076.jpg (97.37 KB, 739x600, medium.jpg)

An icon

No. 283738

File: 1679148898501.jpg (376.35 KB, 1080x1920, 1674705287773.jpg)

Seal-chan. Sadcats2007 on Instagram

No. 283739

Praise sealchan

No. 283740

I know he’s clearly autistic, but it’s just so extra autistic to add in details about him fucking it when he could’ve just gave a simple answer to the original question

No. 283741

is there a video of them together

No. 283742

File: 1679149354408.png (7.34 KB, 889x70, Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 9.31…)

made me kek from erik mokracek's kf thread. this truly is the most autistic description of a fart imaginable.

8.5/10 lucinda, not enough spoop

No. 283743

Am I the only one who thinks she's just cringe?

No. 283744

She’s based and her lolcow art should be hanging in all of our homes. I want a copy of the tapestry

No. 283745

File: 1679150349524.gif (2.69 MB, 640x432, chris-chan-christian-weston-ch…)

This thread brings me great joy, and also makes me glad that whilst I'm autistic and my partner is too and I grew up making cringy Sonic fanart, I've never been as dedicated as some of these people. I do wonder how the gene of MLP, South Park or etc autistic is granted and why anyone has a fetish for drawing Disney princesses as bathtubs

No. 283747

While some autistic women do become pickmes, I don't think a woman autistic enough to make a shrine for Doctor Nick from the Simpsons would be a pick me. I mean why would she? She's so devoted to her husbando she doesn't need that irl moid attention.

No. 283748

I want to see him post a video if him fucking it on pornhub like HIMR did with the sex doll

No. 283749

Nah she hangs out with neo nazi scrotes and posts about this site on instagram.

No. 283750

>shout it out
man, that takes me back

wasn't this the comic where Shadow was a girl and was dating sonic?

No. 283751

I always just thought Dogisaga was a troll…?

No. 283752

No, I think she's cringe too. She's a pretty good artist, but she's an attention-seeking pickme. Imagine posting an actual photo of your doughy mall goth ass next to a physical print you made of your own cow fanart. Christ.

No. 283755

She's a troll but she's mentally ill too.

No. 283757

Does anyone remember the weird influx of caillou gets grounded videos made with goanimate that had an obscene amount of effort put into it. Such a weird phenomenon, it never creeped me out or anything i just never understood it.

No. 283759

Idk what’s sad about her not having religion, I’d prefer autistic Disney cartoons over made-up sexist scrote figure kek

No. 283761

dogi is schizophrenic. her mental health has deteriorated rapidly in the last few years.

No. 283763

they are somehow always cleaner and more pure with their obsessions too

No. 283771

File: 1679156074424.png (Spoiler Image,6.62 MB, 3472x5428, 1676539994184.png)

You have to post this too to truly complete the story

No. 283773

Why does it have to be AVGN, can't these fuckers go after Nostalgia Critic?

No. 283774

I want to know OPs of these masterpieces genuinely find this endearing or if they find this hilarious like we do. The effort in the little details make me think they know other people will get a laugh out of this.

No. 283775

the repetitive, specific language is common in fetish fics. and the fact that it's permanent.

No. 283776

You know, I was this close to becoming a right-wing pickme myself, considering I always leaned left and back in the day alt-right was big… until I realized that those people are terminally online retards who only care about video games and coom. So I can't blame her, every internet political place is like a cult that tries to drag you in if you notice you have at least one thing in common with them (like hating troons).
Honestly politics on the internet is like scientology but with more perverts and NEETs.

No. 283777

*I mean I leaned right, ooops

No. 283778

i can usually tell if a piece is made in jest or is the true work of an autist, as someone who used to draw trollish art on fake accounts and as someone who has also studied autists extensively

No. 283779

like this, I lose my shit every time he says "female" cause its not even said with any contempt

No. 283780

The smiths and chocolate angel part makes me think it's satire, but you can never tell with this specific genre of autists kek.

No. 283782

File: 1679159373322.jpg (392.99 KB, 2048x1536, FSrZtakWQAEQnUp.jpg)

First thing that came to mind

No. 283783

File: 1679159456828.jpg (166.7 KB, 774x1032, lzZkMrh889uBLM7uhxOtNg.jpg)

I swear this collector had a DeviantArt account and I think it's a woman

No. 283784

File: 1679159485086.jpg (181.75 KB, 797x1200, R9SHSmmPDtBNQy2vU642vQ.jpg)

Also based Moon Man in her house lmfao

No. 283790

You guys remember pixelmari from encyclopediadramatica? Did we ever find out if it was a woman or a troon?

No. 283791

File: 1679159874417.jpg (Spoiler Image,54.69 KB, 540x778, wtfdawg.jpg)

That looks like female autism to me, but he immediately came to mind. Similar lighting, interests, etc.

No. 283793

File: 1679160421608.png (1.42 MB, 1080x1028, Screenshot_20230318-122646.png)

Found her! Her username is CavitySam. Thankfully not this mood >>283791

No. 283796

No. 283798

I never noticed the giant Trixie head in the background

No. 283817

I got that impression too, mainly because "vintage restaurant memorabilia," is a pretty wholesome thing to collect. Autists of both genders have love shrines to characters, but when a weirdly specific collection has no evidence of infatuation or fetishization, it's more likely to be a woman.

Oh no she's kinda cute…

No. 283842

anyone have a dogisaga archive

No. 283863

oh god. i had a weird fixation on the moon man as a kid. i could have become this…

No. 283927

File: 1679190031760.jpg (75.7 KB, 628x542, thenamethough.....JPG)

she has some sort of weird social media (telegram?) i'm not familiar with that's like one long one-sided message chat where she posts about her life and she's legit unhinged. The porn she draws is horrific and she talks about wanting to be boned by some imaginary man who lives in her head. Anons were talking before about her being in a relationship with a nazi moid because she talked about it and said that's why she got into nazi shit, but after reading this account of hers it sounds like nazi bf was never real and actually another one of the men in her head.
Her comics are so funny that I thought for sure she was self-aware because the humor seemed too smart, but after reading her stream of consciousness I think she's actually extremely stupid? It's all very confusing.

No. 283928

File: 1679190367500.jpg (Spoiler Image,106.5 KB, 556x850, wut.JPG)

an example of the porn she draws now

No. 283930

File: 1679190664577.jpg (Spoiler Image,74.39 KB, 609x811, itsscatpornyouvebeenwarned.JPG)

picrel is anime scat porn, you've been warned

No. 283931

File: 1679190899893.png (1.8 MB, 1329x887, Screenshot 2023-03-19 at 01-44…)

No. 283932

File: 1679191012945.jpg (126.84 KB, 719x466, degenerate room.jpg)

No. 283934

File: 1679191097061.jpg (Spoiler Image,212.27 KB, 1278x958, e0923455ae6e16b48dc36a55cb3f9d…)

Spoilered so that I don't hurt a certain group feelings.

No. 283935

File: 1679191140118.jpg (19.23 KB, 616x134, comingfromyou..JPG)

she also posts this type of thing while looking like augustous gloop

No. 283936

File: 1679191165689.jpg (107.97 KB, 611x819, her.JPG)

what she looks like

No. 283937

Sage for no contribute since I have no idea where to find this stuff, but I love this thread.

No. 283939

love seeing female otaku rooms, kind of goals

No. 283941

File: 1679191924692.jpg (169.1 KB, 1024x968, 1634385370570.jpg)

how do you develop something this vile as a fetish
I wish i had enough money to do this. I would probably live surrounded by garbage, but happy alas.

No. 283945

Isn’t this Andy Milonakis?

No. 283947

kek holy shit, she looks just like him. But she'd probably be happy to hear that because she thinks she's a man these days

No. 283948

he was real anon and they were actually married. I have pictures saved somewhere, she used to post him on telegram constantly. he looked like idubbz.

No. 283950

interesting, then do you think in her schizo illness she has just convinced herself he was all in her head?

No. 283954

File: 1679194222252.jpg (Spoiler Image,13.13 KB, 279x411, IMG_20230318_213334_532.jpg)

who knows, I never understand what she's saying.

this is the only pic I could find of him (lol), there's an unedited version somewhere. tl;dr on them
>met on krautchan, where dogi was a well-known and tolerated tripfag
>dogi lived with him at his parents house for years
>he was a cringey e-nazi, attended some weird local white supremacist gatherings
>dogi spergs about having indigenous blood around them and he tells her to stop because they hate indigenous people
>dogi has a massive mental breakdown where she rubs her poop on the walls
>he takes dogi to the loonybin
>exposes him for being in the white supremacist groups to his family and employment
>at some point she starts saying he has chestfarts
I'm not good at summarizing things just know their relationship was retarded

No. 283955

what am i looking at…

No. 283956

File: 1679194428052.jpg (76.97 KB, 802x518, IMG_20230318_215340_636.jpg)

dogi is damn near worthy of her own thread

No. 283957

File: 1679194478416.jpg (Spoiler Image,75.23 KB, 750x1227, IMG_20230318_214229_414.jpg)

she made that edit idk she has an obsession with black dick like all internet white supremacists…

No. 283958

>has a massive mental breakdown where she rubs her poop on the walls
well that tracks with >>283930

No. 283959

at what point did she troon out? She legit thinks she's a man now and posted pics of her finger lengths to "prove" she was meant to be one

No. 283960

She started trooning out the moment she broke up with her nazi husband

No. 283961

few weeks after she made a tiktok kek she's easily meme'd into retarded things like that. as far as I can tell she started both the race baiting and the troon busniness as a joke but then used her schizo magics to convince herself it was all legit.

No. 283962

The troonening is a genuine mystery because she made this video months before it started

No. 283964

File: 1679196191146.jpg (40.48 KB, 592x605, 8099.JPG)

so weird. She's drunk on gender koolaid now and may be the first instance of a reverse bathroom creeper on record.

No. 283965

File: 1679196234550.jpg (99.2 KB, 630x853, ohchrist.JPG)

I rarely feel sympathy for men, but in this instance i can't help it

No. 283966

File: 1679196753935.jpg (77.46 KB, 1018x529, 1453709909758.jpg)

someone should, she seems interesting. I used to think she was asian for some reason.

No. 283969

what a banger

No. 283970

It's not that complicated, she's a terminally online porn addict whose likely hasn't left her home and interacted with normal people in years, if she didn't end up like this she'd end up something equally worse

No. 283974

>porn addict
I don't know if I'd even go that far, I was under the impression that the dick obsession came from the faggots on krautchan dumping their 30TB blacked porn goon stashes 24/7. Hating gays is the only thing she's been consistent about through the years.

She did mintion her husband left her sexually frustrated because of how awful in bed he was; sex with him was never enjoyable for her. She's just a crazy person.
>vidrel's description

No. 283975

File: 1679198091475.png (41.77 KB, 1557x409, 1601905023122.png)

can you spergs do a thread on her already? i am interested but i have no idea who she is so i cannot follow this garbage.

No. 283976

I'd love to but I also don't have enough background info on her to craft one

No. 283982

File: 1679198554284.png (73.5 KB, 781x408, 1365311381519.png)

this guy has the strangest face structure i have ever seen. Above the nose level he looks like your average fedora user, but he also has one of the chadest chins i have ever witnessed.
hope someone actually follows up and makes a thread she seems really interesting, its been a while since i have actually wanted to follow a lc.

No. 283983

File: 1679198487281.png (73.5 KB, 781x408, 1365311381519.png)

this guy has the strangest face structure i have ever seen. Above the nose level he looks like your average fedora user, but he also has one of the chadest chins i have ever witnessed.
hope someone actually follows up and makes a thread she seems really interesting, its been a while since i have actually wanted to follow a lc.

No. 283988

she unlocked the next stage of circumgender where you have to take the creeping skills you learned in the afab mtf level to the mens room as a ftmtftm transboy

No. 283992

i would love to read about her, i thought she was just being edgy and ironic.

No. 283993

Rich coming from the biggest wannabe victim

No. 284048

I've heard people say specific fetishes like this come from trauma. Likely got touched as a kid at a time they didn't have the consciousness.

No. 284049

File: 1679233370881.jpg (470.06 KB, 1920x1080, FWroT1rUYAIic5s.jpg)

My one of my favorite pieces of autism, tails gets trolled

No. 284113

They don't make moids like this anymore. I wish they did

No. 284159

File: 1679254038756.png (46.32 KB, 1024x404, 1614866450438.png)

I am glad i am not the only one who misses them. They were the last vastion of cute nerdy guys before they all became incels or trooned out. Hope this guy found a nice gf and is happy. The ''i love rainbows, i am not gay'' part brings me joy everytime i read it.

No. 284165

Move over, "Every frame a painting," now we've got "Every panel a reaction image."

No. 284184

cannot tell if ironic or legit autism

No. 284204

it's the name of the country he made up, with Jennifer Lopez as its president

No. 284219

Oh my god, I'm so glad Fully Delitized got posted here. My absolute favorite internet autism moment

No. 284240

lazerbot has legit autism. i followed him on facebook for many years. he would make so many posts about his brother and informing everyone of the next page as soon as they posted with an essay as a forward

No. 284431

File: 1679368753882.webm (15.6 MB, 202x360, videoplayback.webm)

>backup vid

No. 284432

File: 1679369090386.webm (6.83 MB, 480x360, videoplayback (1).webm)

backup vid

No. 284433

File: 1679369255044.jpeg (183.79 KB, 960x1280, 1678592751784.jpeg)

No. 284434

File: 1679369345125.png (11.9 KB, 1080x1171, 1678529412304.png)

dogs an abusive cunt

No. 284435

File: 1679369373496.png (73.28 KB, 1440x1140, 1678539412177.png)

Awful person, in general.

No. 284436

File: 1679369518380.png (39.58 KB, 1440x364, Screenshot_20230320-223119.png)

No. 284437

File: 1679369921911.png (1.27 MB, 1440x2545, Screenshot_20230320-223826.png)

No. 284438

File: 1679369999029.jpg (43.68 KB, 480x415, 23nclq.jpg)

morbidly obese man in drag

CWC 2.0, anyone?

No. 284439

File: 1679370337787.png (32.13 KB, 710x556, Screenshot_20230320-224535.png)

No. 284441

File: 1679370655517.png (100.98 KB, 1440x1778, Screenshot_20230320-225056.png)

No. 284444

File: 1679371268403.png (56.6 KB, 1440x2011, Screenshot_20230320-230045.png)

No. 284449

There's an infinite amount more pages linked back to dog. Just an FYI. Dog is exhausting.

No. 284450

File: 1679372882281.png (43.9 KB, 1440x1173, Screenshot_20230320-232803.png)

This is one of the telegrams dogisaga posts in.


No. 284452

File: 1679373273573.png (136.77 KB, 1439x1823, Screenshot_20230320-233429.png)

No. 284453

File: 1679374145358.png (482.69 KB, 1440x2102, Screenshot_20230320-234757.png)

I feel like I have broken my brain and am going to vomit.

That's enough dogisaga, for now.


No. 284462

Was it really necessary to just link the goddamn homepage of the social media platform?

No. 284465

File: 1679397120888.jpg (124.34 KB, 850x694, 5fd05dfb01d7d4f94451136838dd16…)

What is it with autism and weirdly specific fetishes?

No. 284470

Yes. Some people don't know what telegram is and how it works.

No. 284473

dogisaga is fat and ugly and australian, how sad

No. 284481

kek anon i like how you fit australian in there like being an aussie is inherently problematic

No. 284488


They fit that in there as if being australian is an ad-hominem attack lol.

>fat, ugly, AUSTRALIAN

No. 284491

File: 1679414212935.webm (1.03 MB, 202x360, videoplayback (1).webm)

No. 284510

Then that's their problem. The purpose of threads is not to teach people about whatever platform the cows use.

No. 284528

Calm down, retard.

No. 284531

You're a fucking idiot kek

No. 284539

You're an abusive autistic piece of shit that nobody likes but tolerates KEK

No. 284545

maybe we shouldn't have a dogi thread if it's going to attract her fellow schizos like this dude

No. 284559

Dog, you're trying to flip-the-script but that just ain't working out for you and isn't happening.

No. 284624

File: 1679474281634.jpeg (114.69 KB, 850x804, sample_47b624d6feecb646fdba4e9…)

Anyway, here's some more 'tism.

No. 284628

lol this is cute

No. 284644

I hate that I know this is Homestuck shit

No. 284667

File: 1679498626438.jpg (Spoiler Image,66.82 KB, 976x819, tumblr_0ffa87b3683abbd038c2cd5…)

There's a blog that shares fat anime 'art' from the internet. Peak autism

No. 284671

>adding extra letters to make the names fit troll naming conventions
>toommm dovver
my sides

No. 284818

File: 1679557257418.png (417.4 KB, 1022x748, 1650259934701.png)

No. 284831

is there also a Bbeenn Ddover

No. 284832

File: 1679570322875.png (252.96 KB, 750x753, 1439lcmw22151.png)

No. 284837

what's the joke? what does toommm dovver mean

No. 284853

There's a character in the series that the fanart is of named Tom Dover. That pic is specifically a Homestuck AU, and in HS there is a naming convention where certain characters must have 6 letter first and last names. To make Tom Dover fit in their AU they just stretched his name to Toommm Dovver lmao.

No. 284999

Samefag but I just realized that the they made all of the Dover boys his kismesis (hate-boyfriends.) My fucking sides.

No. 285000

File: 1679627335553.png (100.45 KB, 695x900, 5aa77ccb8f8cec86fea0416bb759c5…)

Apparently there's a Littlest Pet Shop cartoon, and there's an enclave of weirdos on 4c treating it like MLP:FiM (i.e., making lots of coom fanart and unfunny memes.) I wasn't even aware any of this shit existed before I started digging through various boorus looking for autism to post.

No. 285003

File: 1679630237228.png (70.83 KB, 900x714, 73b80b35a970554955062c27ee4373…)

No. 285007

I can't even tell what the fuck is going on

No. 285018

File: 1679644868557.png (65.23 KB, 443x579, Snapchat-778740506.png)

Role playing in general

No. 285167

I just got reminded of Shed 17 going through my folders

No. 285366

Holy shit, is this from the ideas wiki?

No. 285910

File: 1679873003092.jpeg (281.61 KB, 1536x2048, Frg0WVpacAAE73o.jpeg)

No. 285919

File: 1679878116486.jpeg (103.5 KB, 720x720, 6B4906AA-817E-4B4B-8FCE-82F55F…)

No. 285930

i love this so much. there's something so wholesome about it.

No. 285944

is that a custommade doll? Because if it is it's really wellmade

No. 285945

looks like a modded Blythe doll

No. 285956

Why does it look like there's shit leaking out of his nose?

No. 285968

File: 1679908533385.jpg (25.09 KB, 449x462, 95ce9c3c3842574c5873df6ee56472…)

it's a dr seuss character

No. 286360

File: 1680051331585.jpg (47.43 KB, 771x613, Untitled.jpg)

can i put roleplayers here? bc im cracking up at the idea of someone smut rping with whatever the fuck this shit is

No. 286392

Sergio’s cartoons are awful and show no sign of growth. Famous newgrounds users like Oney and Psychic Pebbles have drawn fanart of him.

No. 286452

Nonni I like roleplaying how is that autistic

No. 286633

it's not on its own but can be, depends on what you're doing. i love rping with my friends it's like collaborative fanfic.

No. 286656

Making fliers to advertise your Sonic LARP session in the school parking lot is 100% autistic, anon.

No. 286688

What is that with autists and sonic? I see this particular franchise more often than anything else when it comes to autistic obsessions.

No. 286753

File: 1680244886842.jpg (139.95 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

No. 286770

it's a furry thing, nonnie
and the chao? c'mon

No. 286815

lubby chudder

No. 286870

From a Sonic autist: all the characters are ambiguously aged but lean youthful. Very easy to make a fan character by just color swapping Sonic, hence all the Jason the Hedgehogs. Colorful world with weird lore and no overly complicated morality. Sprawling franchise that rewards repetition in gaming. No overt sexuality or violence. Same applies to My Little Pony.

Sonic characters are also very tropey, so they’re very easy to roleplay without having to put serious thought into imagining what the character is like or how they would act. And the most important Sonic games came out in the early 90s and early 2000s, so there are a lot of people who grew up with those games who were young adults or kids when the internet hit and therefore have a lot of time to post about their Sonic obsession. The Sonic games have fallen off a cliff recently except for Frontiers, so I don’t know if there are going to keep being new Sonic autists in the future kek

No. 286969

why do you think pokemon avoided this? (not like there aren't pokemon autists but it's also probably the most normie "geek" franchise to be into besides, like, lord of the rings)

pokemon has many similarities yet it doesn't attract the level of expected autism you see almost exclusively in sonic and MLP

No. 287169

File: 1680485854854.jpg (89.62 KB, 722x646, 322401314847.jpg)

No. 287171

File: 1680486728498.jpg (117.9 KB, 1080x1059, y5pdtVB7Sj4.jpg)

No. 287172

Stop, you’re going to make the spongeanons cream their pants

No. 287173

when i was in hs my english teacher used this as a representation of emo culture when she was talking about subculture.

No. 287174

im curious if the resident spongeanons have shared their opinion on mephiles101 spongebob art, i need to know how they feel about it.

if my first ever cartoon crush actually WAS that character from le manège enchanté, does that make her the weird mirror universe version of me? lol

No. 287191

File: 1680502855658.jpg (509.12 KB, 2048x1202, FhpKA9tXwAAY4Hm.jpg)

No. 287199

File: 1680506830657.png (413.64 KB, 724x774, wat.png)

Wow, this is amazing. She calls him her husband but simultaneously insists she's a lesbian? How does her mind work?

No. 287206

>She calls him her husband but simultaneously insists she's a lesbian? How does her mind work?
that's not even like a weird thing to do on twitter right now. everyone says they're a lesbian and then hornyposts about men 24/7 with one random coomer booba retweet per month to make sure their followers don't forget they were supposed to be lesbian.

No. 287210

File: 1680514317492.jpg (104.81 KB, 1488x1488, furry columbine.jpg)

furry columbine

No. 287222

Maybe some autistic women think they are not straight because they are not attractet to irl scrotes? Also how can you coom at a character drawn like that? I would understand coomer arts with more anime/realistic stylistics but how can those girls coom to the most simplistically drawn moids?

No. 287262

She headcanons him as a lesbian too or something like that.

No. 287306

File: 1680556517608.jpg (72.21 KB, 961x767, why.jpg)

This unlocked a deeply suppressed memory.

No. 287338

File: 1680576055851.jpg (515.58 KB, 1280x1600, tumblr_c8aa5a6990bd31eac04a152…)

Some nice schizo/outsider art. The artist is 21

No. 287381

how is this schizo? It's a common motive for fairy characters

No. 287408

this is cute!

No. 287414

Pokemon self inserts as characters tend to be straightforwardly 'you', a human being. I think the fantasy of being not-human plays into it. Lots of autistic fandoms are about non-human characters. Self-inserting as a Pokemon exists, but making a fakemon is harder and requires more skill. If you don't do a good job, it may just look like some random neopets creature. And there's not a lot of Pokemon media focusing on the Pokemon themselves, except Mystery Dungeon (and that one does have a lot of autism in it).

tbh I also think that some fandoms have had their autism on full blast because of especially famous members. Sonic has Chris-chan and MLP has the bronies. But I think you can find autists anywhere. They're just especially likely to latch onto some comfort medium from when they were kids because the developmental weirdness makes them continue being interested in that media far beyond the 'acceptable' range.

No. 287431

It's very badly drawn, like sonichu tier bad. Should I have posted in the bad art thread maybe

No. 287438

File: 1680626101640.jpg (80.63 KB, 1280x629, zeebad.jpg)

I don't know, but Zébulon (actually just the one from the 3D reboot movie) freaked me out so bad that I would cry every time I saw him. Which means you and I have the exact opposite flavor of autism, tournicotism.

I still can't believe they tried to create an evil edgy clone of a goofy red jack-in-the-box with a moustache, god that was retarded beyond belief. Picrel is a KH edit that I thought was ironic until I noticed the girl who made it also made Bob the Builder OCs and has actual autism

No. 289277

File: 1681388885627.png (212.5 KB, 1100x531, deqfl1f-7d0c48c4-a825-4062-990…)

At Afternoon, Rainbow Dash Came To See Me Again In Tokyo, Japan To Check & See What Books I've Got From Amazon. She Decided To Look At Those Ratings From The Daring Do Book Adventure Collection. After Looking At Daring Do Books, He Shows 2 Daring Do Figures To Rainbow Dash Where I Got Those From Amazon For Home To Myself.

Credit To Hasbro & Everyone.

Rainbow Dash: Hello Mr. Barnes.

Me: Hey Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow Dash: (Looks At Daring Do Books) Wow, I Didn't Know You Had 3 Daring Do Books You Bought Online. You Know Those Are My Favorite Ones I Tried At Home, Which Was Made By A.K. Yearling For Creating Those Books.

Me: Okay. I Had The Same One Including Daring Do & The Forbidden City Of Clouds, Which Was Rated PG-13 Book, So This One Is The Appropriate Kind Of PG-13 Rated Book Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow Dash: Huh, I Didn't Know About That. You Had One Since 2020, But At Least The Books Of Daring Do & The Forbidden City Of Clouds, & Daring Do & The Marked Thief Of Marapore Is The Appropriate Kind Of PG-13 Rated Books. What Daring Do Book Did You Took Out The Last One?

Me: Probably I Took Daring Do & The Eternal Flower Out, So The Book Is Rated PG.

Rainbow Dash: Wow, I Have Never In All My Years If Twilight Will See This.

Me: (Tooks Out His Daring Do Figure)

Rainbow Dash: Hmm? (Looks At 3D Printed One) It Looks Different But, It's Definitely 3D Printed Or Something. (Looks At My Funko Daring Do Figure) But The Funko One Looks Okay, But Still Needs A Color. So, (Takes One Daring Do & The Forbidden City Of Clouds Book) I'll Read This One If You Don't Mind.

Me: OK.

Rainbow Dash: I'll Be Done Reading Until It Gets To The End Mr. Barnes.

Me: Alright Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow Dash: (Goes To The Living Room)

No. 289278

sorry about your zébulon trauma anon, you're extremely funny though

No. 289280

File: 1681389823483.png (16.94 KB, 1366x768, dbbzep0-4b6b3bf4-e339-44aa-8fc…)

i just woke up and skimmed these posts thinking you guys were talking about the jack in the box thing from spyro having an evil version, and it was in a movie, and i had some mandela-effect crisis wondering how i missed the fact there was a spyro movie and also that anyone cared enough about that dumbass enemy enough to make an "evil clone"
anyway i just remembered this boss from donkey kong 64 that scared me as a kid and looked up fanart of it. lol

No. 289281

File: 1681389894788.png (93.21 KB, 352x363, Mad_Jack_DK64.png)

this is what he looks like

No. 289316

I love these Autism Texts, keep them coming

No. 289484

File: 1681485466206.png (Spoiler Image,1.06 MB, 1280x800, oh hell yeah.png)

The queen uploaded

No. 289486

spoiler this shit

No. 289489

I wish she made it with SpongeBob being in his Magic Mike form instead.

No. 289497

Why? Why do this? Why be into a sponge at all?

No. 289499

the sensuality of this is unprecedented

No. 289500

I hate the childish censoring with cats wtf

No. 289502

He is not buff for once?

No. 289509

File: 1681498586550.png (356.39 KB, 1812x734, AEF4-PDC3-SH2-P10.png)

well according to one of our resident spongefuckers…(not to be confused with the roleplaying spongefucker)

No. 289512

The fact that there is someone out there who imagines Spongebob to be a sex god is killing me. And if you look closely you can see his spongedick wasn't fully censored.

No. 289567

colon left parenthesis

No. 289581

File: 1681534191117.jpeg (59.99 KB, 720x848, Ftm7JngaAAMGmsI.jpeg)

No. 289582

File: 1681534290841.jpeg (48.22 KB, 640x799, Ftm7JnfaUAEt4PK.jpeg)

No. 289589

I think there are at least something like 30'000 kids in Mexico named Goku, so it's not really autism.

No. 289644

Insinuating Latin-American moids aren't inherently autistic one way or another.

No. 289692

How the fuck do you manage to write something with less subtlety and nuance than chris chan lol. I'm impressed

No. 289703

File: 1681586572727.png (1.78 MB, 1512x6000, pg7.png)

I saw someone state in a Youtube comment that author grew up illiterate and only learned to read as a teenager(I don't know if it's true or not) but at least his art-work has actually improved.

No. 289712

File: 1681587277742.jpg (721.34 KB, 2048x1365, clowns nursing.jpg)

I'd post this in the clown thread but I don't think they'd appreciate it kek.

No. 289723

this is sick

No. 289750

He's the one responsible for 9/11

No. 289842

File: 1681631565484.gif (77.3 KB, 622x622, saucer and rosa comic 1 .gif)

Is this the same autist? I just found this Neocities site https://saucers-epic-website.neocities.org/
I came to this thread thinking it was the same guy but apparently they're not, just very similar kek

No. 289906

these are artistically amazing, like they literally should be in major contemporary galleries. deviantautists truly boldly go where no artist has gone before in the most baffling ways. i especially love the last one its so comfy and heartfelt
these are so fucking funny like actual comedic genius at work
powerful based autist, i love autismos who have a strong sense of beauty for everyday objects. plus these guys are the fucking backbone of wikicommons which is my autistic haven.
sigma female
YAAASSSS lillian slay….

god i fucking love this thread thanks everyone

No. 289917

File: 1681659276793.jpg (179.57 KB, 1016x787, truth_lies__by_sharkplane77_d6…)

a favourite aerofag work
used to cosplay dirk, that fucking pic made me so nostalgic. all these moments lost… like tears in rain…

No. 289924

wait, is bottom right taken in Lappeenranta?

No. 290536

File: 1681823911975.png (316.38 KB, 648x684, 9A85-9253E7A7B339.png)

This is autistic, but kinda cute.

No. 290539

One of these days I'm going to quit using the internet entirely and just move to Nepal to become a yak farmer or something.

No. 290587

Either this anon is Mephiles101 and she posts here, or that there are two grown-ass women on the internet who want to fuck SpongeBob. I don't know which possibility fucks with me more.

No. 290615

are those not lizards

No. 290634

you mean three

No. 290635

just imagine someone's bf roleplaying as spongebob during sex

No. 290636

the question is would he have been ok with being spongebob in a spandy roleplay as opposed to squidbob? at least he would not be a gay spongebob.

No. 290679

Lazerbot becomes a comic legend in over a decade of his career. Incredible

No. 290740

Reminds me of Godfather Part II, kek.

No. 291068

File: 1682022952766.png (73.14 KB, 466x441, B65B5892-F163-4BF4-9972-6799D4…)

>implying there are people who DON’T want to fuck spongebob

No. 291071

File: 1682025099091.png (407.83 KB, 849x722, cover.png)

he's actually pretty talented.

No. 291072

File: 1682025136227.png (1.2 MB, 1448x5306, pg1.png)

No. 291073

File: 1682025252498.jpg (634.02 KB, 1497x3219, pg2.jpg)

No. 291074

File: 1682025365888.jpg (892.88 KB, 1000x4737, pg3.jpg)

No. 291075

File: 1682025473308.jpg (879.54 KB, 1497x2809, pg4.jpg)

No. 291077

File: 1682025577324.png (2.33 MB, 1443x10385, pg5.png)

No. 291078

File: 1682025772823.png (1.04 MB, 1557x4502, pg6.png)

No. 291080

File: 1682025888819.png (1.12 MB, 1556x4499, pg7.png)

No. 291081

File: 1682026006661.png (1.44 MB, 1512x8535, pg8.png)

No. 291083

File: 1682026128076.png (638.91 KB, 1512x4811, pg9.png)

Most recent page thus far
Okay, so here's the thing about this comic. it has its moments where it's hilarious, but then it kind of drags on and the jokes start falling flat. But then out of nowhere, it picks back up and has you laughing again. It's like a rollercoaster of humor.

No. 291141

File: 1682034221140.jpg (Spoiler Image,649.05 KB, 1254x1920, tumblr_d78c8688a0caa077c56f8ef…)

The op paid money to promote this on tumblr

No. 291144

I can't tell if his blood is pink and she's collecting it in that bottle, or if she's pouring it on him. I think the Medusa thing is drinking it, but it doesn't appear to have a mouth? Why are they gleefully sitting in a pile of cacti? This is surreal.

No. 291151

This was good, I like how the one troll resembles a literal dick

No. 291347

Weird nitpick, but why is it so scrote gazy? I mean with the attention on the self insert and not the character she wants to fuck and retarded anantomy for the female character

No. 291348

Weird nitpick, but why is it so scrote gazy? I mean with the attention on the self insert and not the character she wants to fuck and retarded anantomy for the female character

No. 291477

Probably since she referenced NSFW art, which is majorly scrote-gazey. Actual male-focus stuff is really hard to find unfortunately.

No. 291607

when you first posted this i wanted to call you a gay fag retard but its stuck with me ever since
had a laugh at the grocery yesterday because i remembered it

No. 291677

File: 1682278597319.jpeg (71.12 KB, 640x360, 17CB4F92-667C-48AA-8F1D-B9ACB6…)

On the topic of Sonic let’s not forget legend Tamers12345.

No. 291688

Tamers is such an enigma; there's no doubt that he is somewhere on the spectrum as evident in the sheer amount of years he has dedicated to making ms paint Sonic Underground animations, but he clearly understands the appeal of his videos is purely ironic and leans into it hard.

No. 291708

Duh, because it's a self insert. She wants to portray herself getting insane orgasms from Spongebob.

No. 291755

Sentences I wish I could un-read

No. 292062

File: 1682442153116.png (2.09 MB, 1707x1715, 1682440997665702.png)

No. 292100

File: 1682455116706.jpg (Spoiler Image,100.26 KB, 816x979, 1672962193110.jpg)

Does anyone remember that Nazi fucker chick on DA? She had all sorts of shit like pictures of self insert with guys like Himmler (?) and the like? Oh and I guess I'll put my autism tax here.

No. 292108

i dont know this dude but i bet he has at least 5 grooming allegations

No. 292150

File: 1682462777083.jpeg (42.8 KB, 512x308, 3560A4B2-BAAB-4FB8-B61A-041EA5…)

Found this bizarre world of people drawing women transforming into anime boys.

No. 292363

File: 1682535913280.jpeg (248.24 KB, 1170x1457, 1A6B0D07-FEC1-42FA-8FED-901EBD…)

there’s an entire tiktok account dedicated to shipping flora from winx club with michael jackson

No. 292365

Why is this weirdly cute

No. 292431

New TIF threadpic contender kek

No. 292724

File: 1682686043969.png (664.67 KB, 1363x432, at least the art is nice.png)

>there is a moid with a fetish for women hanging off buildings
living proof that men are a mistake and we would be living in a crime-free utopia dating cute alien dudes if we gassed all of them

No. 292736

File: 1682689483988.png (1.21 MB, 801x799, Screenshot 2023-04-28 at 16-38…)

She has a whole story on deviantart where Naruto is a plantation owner and Sasuke and Deidara are his slaves

No. 292741

Out of all the things on this thread, this is really getting to me. I can't stop laughing, but I can't believe the level of derangement it took to create this. It's unfathomable

No. 292746

All these pictures have the exact same layout just with a different character. It's like repeating the same 3-second 3D animation but replacing the character model each loop. Moids are so fucking autistic.

No. 292749

Post more please

No. 292753

File: 1682696631902.jpg (11.95 KB, 271x186, images (1).jpg)

naruto's face in this kinda reminds me of this

No. 292784

File: 1682700586754.jpeg (352.02 KB, 2401x800, 816146C9-36CE-48CE-8AF3-047302…)

Made a collage just for you nonna

No. 292790

This is so unhinged I love it

No. 292791

I'm lostin my shit over Naruto treating slave sasuke's whipping wounds.

No. 292800

Speaking of which, wasn't there another autist who shipped herself with this snowman guy or am I misremembering

No. 293326

File: 1682883529291.jpg (303.23 KB, 1400x1400, Untitled.jpg)

this person wants to have romantic and sexual relations with living airplanes and helicopters and boats and i think it's adorable but it also clearly fits here

No. 293334

please post more. Why are my fellow female airshipfags so fucking autistic? i used to follow one of DA who would draw them with kawaii anime eyes and apersonalities

No. 293340

How many airplanefuckers are there damn

No. 293344

File: 1682887809494.jpg (112.51 KB, 1200x805, Untitled.jpg)

No. 293351

this is so scary

No. 293399

all i can think is how fast dude would die of carbon monoxide poisoning

No. 293943

this guy is a fucking visionary, that last panel is killing me

No. 294048

File: 1683153281012.png (1.27 MB, 1951x983, my sunshine.png)

No. 294054

i wish my pinterest pin comments had this kind of autism, instead its TIFs wishing they could be joaquin phoenix

No. 294409

File: 1683318435178.jpg (1.1 MB, 1280x3412, Vegeta_Trunks_wall.jpg)

No. 294422

i see the vision

No. 294449

I thought these were crime scene photographs. Anyways good for her.

No. 294452

me but with sarah snook instead

No. 295248

File: 1683660990692.png (19.61 KB, 522x403, bloody moids and their best fr…)

i thought your cap was the worst in his site. i was wrong

No. 295793

File: 1683839769884.jpg (362.42 KB, 1784x1784, media_Fv3aqjXWAAIkWN2.jpg)

No. 295799

File: 1683840985690.png (148.86 KB, 716x468, surfs up.png)

from a personal cow of mine

No. 296038

File: 1683993800651.png (443.59 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_def56d8fac5360b22e2939c…)

Found this queen in the kf thread (picrel: her and null)

No. 296048

Too thin.

No. 296073

>flying hotdogs
>not flying dancing hampters
not a real fan, another posser

No. 296405

File: 1684097528593.jpeg (231.86 KB, 1170x1879, IMG_4842.jpeg)

inb4 it’s a larping tranny

No. 296408

You're the same person who posted her, right? Stop spamming a random possibly mentally ill lady's website. It's either a fake or a woman who's not ok.

No. 296413

I assume it's the same poster in kiwifarms threads pretending to be "trolling" about simping for Null and acting gross. They want attention so bad, if you see moids spamming this woman's tumblr, It's a scrote spearding the very important information that a woman is a null fangirl,or maybe it's actually her. Either way I wish they'd stop posting on this site and posting this woman's tumblr.

No. 296419

No and I didn't make the troll posts either. I just reposted it lol

No. 296478

Same here. They're obviously the same null fangirl but I doubt this woman is aware her pictures are being spread. One of the null fangirls even referred to her with a nickname related to her boobs so the fangirls are probably also incel men who want to believe a woman who looks like this one day will chase after them as well.

No. 296505

I just realized nobody posted dogisagas YouTube… also can any Dutch nonnie translate this?

No. 296673

No. 296692

Kek I wonder how she feels about Bulma

No. 296700

I was wondering that, too

No. 296703

As a former Vegetafag and having discussed with other ones we are usually fine with her, she's a pivotal character after all.

No. 296767

Do you guys ever self-insert as her? I could see myself doing that if I liked Vegeta to that extent

No. 296894

kek as a yume if my husbando has a canon love interest i’ll usually self-insert as her. being jealous of a fictional character is peak cringe.

No. 296903

File: 1684348547287.jpeg (518.08 KB, 2162x2000, IMG_4857.jpeg)

this dude got fired by the steven universe crew for being openly horny for pearl. it’s been several years already but he’s still salty about it kek.

No. 296904

Minus the ‘you’re not like other girls’ shit this is actually kind of cute to me.

No. 296905

File: 1684349072827.jpeg (71.23 KB, 750x971, 5540881F-3FBA-4EE0-9249-E9B336…)

Depends on the yumejo I guess, if you look up ‘selfship’ on like websites dominated by kids and gendies though they openly get furious.

No. 296926

Wasn’t he the ‘source’ for an EZ;PZ video that was meant to be an expose for the animation industry, but basically surmounted to making baseless accusations? I remember he said Alex Hirsch had a laptop he brought to work that was filled with just porn and that Alex Hirsch shat in an office bin

No. 296927

>fellow female airshipfags
Why do you want to fuck planes

No. 296928

It's not cute, it's a pathetic, retarded cope. Pearl barely tolerates men, there's no way she'd date one. I guarantee you, he's one of those chasing-amy-ass retard scrotes who thinks "the right guy" can "turn" a lesbian. Someone should draw Pearl slicing his dick off.

No. 296931

File: 1684355759448.jpg (133.96 KB, 1125x995, D212234A.jpg)

i always create my own self-inserts and unironic donut steels because i can't relate to the love interests

No. 296932

>you're my OTP now
>fires him in reality
made me kek

No. 296935

>still salty
kek where did he say this? I thought it was all just hearsay on /co/ but I'd love any first hand source because this backstory is too hilarious.
NTA but you gotta admit, if you remove the context, it is kind of cute. I want to steal his art skills and draw my own self-ship art like that.

No. 296941

not the vegetafag you're replying to but I'm not really into self-inserting as other characters. Bulma's a great character and I love her but Vegeta's true wife is me

No. 296990

i dont wanna fuck them though, i like them as inanimated objects

No. 297154

File: 1684450606697.png (586.64 KB, 2983x1736, FaNzgiYXwAAW5.png)

No. 297207

File: 1684462904618.jpeg (102.52 KB, 911x704, IMG_4862.jpeg)

Do people actually get off to this shit

No. 297213

File: 1684463833044.png (74.24 KB, 680x470, tinyratlet.png)

No. 297214

Iirc he wasn't technically fired, his was sub-contracted to briefly work on SU, and when his contract ran out, they didn't renew because he's a creepy Republican douchebag. After talking smack to that YouTube retard, he's probably blacklisted, given how cliquey that industry is.
He's really reprehensible, I remember there being drama a while back because he started fighting with someone on Twitter, began hitting on them until they said they were a minor, and only stopped hitting on them when the person turned out to be a guy. He thinks he's ~le ebic troll~ but he's way too defensive for that to be the case. It's more of a "joke's on you, I was only pretending to be retarded!" situation, where he realized that no one liked him and tried to spin in as trolling. Pathetic.

No. 297260

same self-inserting on an established love interest doesn't make one a yumejo, just an average romance lover

No. 297293

nah i agree with other anon, a grown adult man fawning over a cartoon character is utterly pathetic. nothing but a dry vagina if i found out my boyfriend was drawing shit like this

No. 297294

File: 1684502093338.jpg (16.14 KB, 354x393, FCQBN5oXMAYrvPo.jpg)

the pearl stuff made me think of rebecca sugar drawing ed edd n eddy porn. honestly she's based idc what anyone says lmao.

No. 297296

You can have a "husbando" without self-inserting. As long as you're in love with him and are dedicated/obsessed in some way it doesn't matter if you imagine you two being together.
Being a yumejoshi doesn't necessarily mean being a husbandofag, either, but it's usually implied.

No. 297298

Nah the characters are ugly as shit, why would you get off to that?

No. 297299

Who said anything about finding him cute or wanting to fuck him lmfao, it's just that the drawings are cute (in theory). The same would be said if it was a woman instead.

No. 297410

File: 1684529459879.png (56.28 KB, 369x345, IMG_4864.png)

don’t forget her invader zim self-insert fanart

No. 297419

This must be really, really ancient cause it's the first time I've heard of it

No. 297427

its not about the characters, its about being a successful cartoonist and happily continuing to draw fujo and yume shit, its based

No. 298319

File: 1684940931610.jpeg (108.44 KB, 644x841, IMG_0091.jpeg)

Yeah she was 15

No. 298570

The art is a hell of a lot less "cute" when you know how much of a douchebag the artist is. Seriously, go look at his Twitter, he's always involved in some extremely cringe-inducing slapfight and screaming about how he "wasn't ackchually fired!!1!"

No. 298846

File: 1685141337021.jpg (1.15 MB, 3024x4032, Hololive-4463.jpg)

No. 298848

File: 1685141378365.jpg (803.71 KB, 2268x4032, ChainsawMan-lrji.jpg)

No. 298851

What am I looking at? What is that thing even made of?

No. 298859

We know that you autist, that's why I said it's kinda cute if you ignore the context

No. 298875

it looks like computer paper, there are squares falling apart near her tie area

No. 298883

anon pls its clearly some sort of tarp made of cheap material that has an imprint from being folded

No. 298912

aww this is sweet, it makes me like her so much more kek

No. 299246

this makes me want to go on a genocidal rampage on a men's college campus

No. 299295

No. 299310

File: 1685313907501.jpeg (67.66 KB, 911x587, DC34A31B-F867-4CF4-8289-CC558E…)

No. 299441

File: 1685382187614.jpeg (325.11 KB, 1170x2154, 09941B16-65B0-4EFE-B1D1-4BC25D…)

No. 299445

I hate this little talentless coomer scrotoid so much its unreal

No. 299516

File: 1685410960007.jpeg (260.86 KB, 1170x1794, IMG_4881.jpeg)


No. 299520

is that the guy that drew messi using the world cup as a dildo? or are there several messifags

No. 299521

Pretty sure that's a girl. I would be surprised if it wasn't

No. 299531

File: 1685414031488.jpg (104.51 KB, 800x650, 1577326145724.jpg)

the becky simpsoncest shipper vs the stacy sideshow bob/bart/fry love triangle appreciator

No. 299535

The fan footballers deserve.

No. 299543

File: 1685420732923.png (790.7 KB, 1080x1019, 72228219.png)

They deserve this

Someone made one of these for freddy and jason too is that one anon who wanted to be a third for them or something still here?

No. 299639

i fucking love this pic so much we need more gothic lolita bart

No. 299864

File: 1685614388244.jpg (13.2 KB, 200x178, FxdjWcAbQIlyc.jpg)

No. 299865

This has been posted. Scroll up

No. 299884

i didnt know that there where football yaoi shippers until now but im not sureprised

No. 299889

from what I've seen, they troon out at even higher rates then regular fujos.

No. 299890

Sometimes I wonder what goes through Doug's head when he appoves shit like this.

No. 299908

RPS and even live action media shippers in general tend to.

No. 299938

File: 1685644820836.png (53.28 KB, 400x467, NmGhk7f.png)

I think it's because RPS/live action shippers tend to have a stronger tendency to deny reality its self. I have seen these types talk about a 6'5, 220-pound muscular man as if he were a feminine, girly, pseudo-female with a curvy body, and it's bizarre to me every time because it's a real person who is a muscular man in real life.

No. 299967

and who the fuck is that supposed to be kek

No. 300026

File: 1685680808358.gif (2.15 MB, 498x278, sam-winchester-supernatural.gi…)

Sam Winchester, this isn't even a rule63 version its supposed to be actually him.

No. 300075

kek its giving anonymous_asexual

No. 300078

I love female westaboos so much.

No. 300180

I'm glad the artist remembered Sam's famous childbearing hips for when he births Dean's miraculous ABO mpreg babies.

No. 300204

File: 1685779970462.jpg (20.01 KB, 400x265, more_bellies_by_you_you_you2_d…)

No. 300212

I thought it was B'loody Mary from My Immortal.

No. 300482

File: 1685910159821.jpg (99.23 KB, 1125x2076, FondantHate-13zs3g2.jpg)

This is a cake

No. 300529

File: 1685930980250.png (1.59 MB, 1280x960, this is a cake.png)

This is a cake.

No. 300565


No. 300566

At first I thought he was holding a cheese wheel. Then I realized.

No. 300998

i am biased because i like nerdy men but this was very cute, cringe kino even

No. 300999

File: 1686145117324.jpg (341.94 KB, 1898x1973, 1686135533567199.jpg)

No. 301153

this is Beatles inflation btw

No. 301220

File: 1686260696304.jpg (62.67 KB, 540x582, tumblr_31dfd685fabffe783db8bb1…)

Yeah, we've all heard of the girl who ships herself with Spongebob but try this on for size: TiF who ships herself with Beetlejuice.

No. 301233

>TiF who ships herself with Beetlejuice.
This is not at all that weird for me, I saw plenty of losers ship themselves with Beetlejuice(the Michael Keaton one)

No. 301242

File: 1686266195993.png (235.92 KB, 1607x1291, lisatif.png)

nah, spongebob demon is still miles weirder. Beetlejuice, specially the musical, is extremely popular with tifs and other tumblr adjacent women. It's not weird.
Now, both weird AND creepy, is this ex-tif who ships herself with lisa simpson.

No. 301246

Who is the artist anon…

No. 301249

File: 1686267276252.png (Spoiler Image,657.93 KB, 1398x1484, bf437b873057fc5e.png)

tbrainrot, my favourite art cow. I wrote a tl;dr on the artcow thread >>>/ot/1571804 her account is currently locked though, dunno why

No. 301258

But why? She’s not even an aged up Lisa, it’s the straight up child Lisa.

No. 301261

this is so gross & creepy and reminds me of shmorky tbh

No. 301268

she's literally drawing the interactions to be non-consensual she's so gross

No. 301292

>TiF who ships herself with Beetlejuice.
Wow how totally shocking and unexpected.
Next you're gonna tell me there are women who ship themselves with Jack Skellington

No. 301329

Forgive me for not being terminally online enough to know that it's common for women to ship themselves with the bloated corpse of a used car salesman. Skellington is at least cute in a simplistic, Hello Kitty sort of way. Beetlejuice is just a pervert who tried to force a fourteen year old to marry him. I haven't seen the musical, it looked like a shitty cash grab to me.

No. 301662

File: 1686437475654.jpg (39.47 KB, 474x390, 1686434985169.jpg)

No. 301689

c'mon anon this is joke art

No. 301743

miku binder thomas jefferson meme

No. 301745

this is what killed him kek

No. 301768

Why is it a young Lisa and why is she uncomfortable in every scenario…

No. 301774

How does she manage to be creepier than most of the males posted in this thread. I'm gonna vomit this is so disturbing.

No. 301836

there was a python translator file for download wheb the old website was up, and a tutorial on how to learn the language but nobody cared so it got taken down

No. 301837

i made that video 9 years ago you fucking retard

No. 301838

it was a costume event fuck you

No. 301839

Oh wow she's here

No. 301843

Dogi has made some antifeminist comments since her trooning phase but other than that she's based and just hope she gets better

No. 301844

its funny you gangstalkers like to focus on people doing mildly embarrasing things instead of the prople who have their dicks in animal plushies(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 301847

baby please at least sage your sperging

No. 301852

You don’t have to sage on /m/

No. 301932

File: 1686602198026.jpg (381.48 KB, 1579x1313, 58782a4cfd35c561.jpg)

I share server with a guy (?) who has been husbandofaging Eggman for 13 years. If he wasn't a guy I would find it almost endangering, I love seeing people head over heels for weird characters kek

No. 301957

It doesn't surprise me that dogi lurks here kek

No. 302039

very based regardless

No. 302053

I hope your friend and his husbando are happy together

No. 302055

File: 1686679062017.jpg (Spoiler Image,66.54 KB, 589x960, 352212160_561157369523370_2353…)

There's this turboautist called Daniel Rolland who is obsessed with w.i.t.c.h. and overall the italian comic industry and basically everytime he spergs about witch, he also spergs about millennial artists (he likes to specify 1981-1996 born artists) for not being good like Canepa and Barbucci…
He also commissions random italian comic protagonists being punched or tortured because he dislikes the authors just because they arent the creators of witch and he even reposts their pictures saying that female authors are whores.
Mental illness is one hell of a thing, autism and mentally retarded men with a lot of money are a danger.

Spoiler for nudity

No. 302057

File: 1686680008978.jpg (97.94 KB, 915x861, capped902.jpg)


He's really weird, he also made death threats over nothing ….

No. 302058

File: 1686680208335.jpg (169.84 KB, 905x909, capped903.jpg)


He reminds me of Chris Chan when he had a meltdown over Sonic's arms being colored blue lmao

No. 302161

least retarded wojack poster

No. 302342

File: 1686793914753.png (29.57 KB, 1632x316, webkinzgirl.png)

I started following her videos due to you posting her here, today she posted this, she seems sweet

No. 302372

File: 1686807094743.jpg (293.86 KB, 958x1903, 1686806183012.jpg)

No. 302431

He's definitely stuck his dick in a tailpipe.

No. 302457

File: 1686855493298.jpeg (1.4 MB, 3449x4096, IMG_4915.jpeg)

mephiles101 could never

No. 302495

Mephiles101 and this girl are roommates, obviously.

No. 302516

dont put two queens against eachother i bet they would be really good frens discussing about their marine husbandos

No. 302880

File: 1687051803831.jpeg (164.05 KB, 1170x1304, IMG_4923.jpeg)

This guys adding the donkey from winnie the pooh to his collages now.

No. 302910

No. 302973

What the fuck
Also how is the editing so good

No. 303014

File: 1687120906543.jpg (234.64 KB, 1080x1596, Screenshot_20230618_214218.jpg)

crying, ive never seen this guy before now but his twitter page is pure autism. ty anon

No. 303135

Holy shit.

Also the fuck that its Heathens of all fucking thing is sending me KEK.

No. 303136

Seeing stuff like these makes me glad I kept my self-inserts and donut steels to myself, because I wouldn't be able live with leaving a legacy like this.

No. 303528

Out of all the things I was expecting I was definitely not expecting this. Kinda weird that there's no age restriction seeing that less explicit shit gets struck.

No. 304192

Here’s a classic

No. 304193

I love spongebob husbandofags so much

No. 304194

File: 1687496091257.png (829.67 KB, 1660x1046, nogginchopper.png)

my fave will always be the one who wants to fuck louis xvi

No. 304195

File: 1687496361008.jpg (217.47 KB, 1280x755, versailles_t_shirt_complete_by…)

and she hates marie antoinette.
she apparently made picrel into a t-shirt. (she's german btw)

No. 304196

This is so strange, yes fascinating, I'm curious if there are more people like this attracted to actual historical figures,

No. 304197

Why Louis XVI? He wasn't even cool. At least Louis XIV accomplished things.

No. 304247

Poor Marie-Antoinette, she gets constantly vilified by everybody.

No. 304248

At least she would have been safer in Austria.

No. 304742

File: 1687748069792.jpeg (108.59 KB, 1170x1029, IMG_4947.jpeg)

Which one of you was this

No. 304771

File: 1687761802965.jpg (Spoiler Image,142.81 KB, 1080x1078, 354430142_607205088179558_4443…)

No. 304772

I never understand how people see polygon video game or anime characters, and talk about how "look at the dumptrick bussy" like its so bizarre and such a denial of reality.

No. 304773

Is this one of the ana-chan cows in action?

No. 304774

only autism i see here is you not being able to detect sarcasm without tone indicators

No. 304802

my sides, anon

No. 304812

This is just disgusting fetish art.

No. 304879

Genshinfags say this shit unironically idk what you’re talking about

No. 304928

File: 1687815550843.png (Spoiler Image,204.44 KB, 637x927, osamu.png)

No. 304936

File: 1687819424988.jpg (207.27 KB, 1024x744, my_planned_desktop_background_…)

I wish I had the making-bad-cartoon-collages kind of autism, it seems like endless joy and entertainment. I love finding accounts just filled with thousands of cartoom collages. I bet its so satisfying to pump out like five of these a day making pretty much the same thing over and over. I love the human brain

No. 304940

File: 1687820879511.png (1.23 MB, 1400x1050, kek.png)

Moid on Deviantart I saw a while ago who harbors an autistic hatred for Rumiko Takahashi

No. 304941

File: 1687820974048.png (1.02 MB, 1337x757, lol.png)

He doesn't elaborate on this but lmao

No. 304954

i need to know more, please. Why does he hate her? can you most more milk? this is fascinating

No. 304968

I can't believe fetishes like this existed before the internet, but there you have it. A fifty-year-old drawing of a woman morphing into a car with tits.

No. 304977

This explains anime

No. 305004

File: 1687844542531.png (25.21 KB, 676x1231, ppgz.PNG)

I don't know if this is entirely relevant to the thread because it's just imdb but this person has a lot of hatred towards the Powerpuff Girls anime, so much that he created multiple accounts to review bomb it with the same complaints. This is just a fraction of his reviews. Now I'm curious to see if he's got an online presence and is spreading his autism elsewhere.

No. 305025

>she doesn't know about napoleon anon

No. 305084

Kek anon I used to obsessed with these as a teen, it's unbelievable how much affort these women into this shit. To clarify, there are nonsexual edits too, I'm not a coomer.

No. 305090

I wasn’t ready for this.

No. 305091

File: 1687886271704.png (39.25 KB, 1228x496, femenism.png)

Went to his page, apparently he hates her for him thinking that she's a toxic feminist or something.
I've only seen a few episodes of Urusei for Rumiko's work but weren't Lum's shocks supposed to be cute on some level?

No. 305103

What the FUCK anon I did not expect it to be THAT autistic… I can't imagine the effort that goes into these things

No. 305559

File: 1688081820320.png (2.78 MB, 7032x5255, glyaxc3et3b51.png)

I introduce you all to a form of retardation more bizarre than musical theater autism: opera autism.

No. 305571

It's just ironic zoomer humor going over your head

No. 305605

File: 1688113414497.png (301.14 KB, 1024x1398, IMG_19.png)

I don't understand anything about sonic-fags, not only the sex stuff but when they try to make it edgy or deep, its a series meant for children about a chilly dog eating blue hedgehog and his animal friends fighting a goofy looking evil scientist.

No. 305648

Whenever I see Sonic it reminds me of Chris Chan

No. 305690

File: 1688151193655.jpg (256.18 KB, 1024x1328, tsundere_hunters_by_somepkmn_l…)

No. 305694

File: 1688151508736.gif (158.83 KB, 150x150, d13ntqo-acce7773-2927-4f9e-9d5…)

I love this one kek.
>Nothing's more irritating than a fangirl abusing the Japanese language, they even claim to be Sasuke's wife or someone else… I don't care how many anime's they've watched… attention whores :doh:
They annoy the hell out of me! every time they insert a Japanese word into their sentence, God kills an intelligent person…
You can see so many fangirl/boy here in DA! usually they have "-chan, -san, -sama, etc." attached to their names. Obviously DA is the main breeding grounds for these Weeaboos!… next is Gaia.
and stop singing that never-ending naruto/bleach/etc song!
You can't speak great Japanese from watching a goddamn anime series!
What's the purpose of abusing the Japanese language anyway?, will it make you look pretty?, smart?, get rich? HELL NO! your attempt at being cool has failed!
You call someone "baka"….. you'll only look even more stupid knowing they don't understand what it means. You only know about 20 words, so? that's it? what's next? repeat it endlessly because you can't form a sentence out of it?… L-O-L
But I'm studying the Japanese language! blah blah blah… what a lame excuse for a fangirl!. You won't even last 5 seconds of conversation with a real Japanese person. Babelfish nor Google Translate won't help…. stop copy-pasting!
Don't pretend that you know jap sh!t already by repeating few words that you got from your fangirl club, and if you think you'll get far by that then goodluck… (you badly need it)
Oh another thing!… They think Japan as heaven! That's just great! Realitycheckplz.
ALL OF YOU FANGIRLS are a big FAIL you're still faving this!!!
So yah, I'll put a lot of that overpriced shit-dipped Pocky on your mouth and punch you to death right now! :spank:
Oh my, this is like animal cruelt- Oh sh*t! why did I just dare compare those great animals to such low lives >_<

No. 305698

File: 1688151762882.jpg (217.39 KB, 900x684, the_beatles_in_bikini_bottom_b…)


bleh okay reposting that one didnt really help. im just going to move onto other autism

No. 305701

File: 1688152509407.png (429.08 KB, 3000x2460, df280xf-5f8f04c7-d2b0-496c-aac…)

I love this lady too. Last time I saw her she was on Tiktok and was proudly showing off her Simpsons husbando merch, most of which she had to make herself. I can't find the accounts anymore though and it seems like her new man is Bill from king of the hill.

No. 305704

File: 1688152954642.jpg (110.28 KB, 562x1284, simpsons lady.jpg)

She has a fucking Paddington 2 character as a husbando, queen.

No. 305709

>i am cool with people sharing my f/os except for benton
kek the gatekeeping
does she have socials anywhere? i want to see more of her autism shrines

No. 305710

Ugh, I had that gif saved when I was a NLOG like a decade ago. To think that someone took all that time to animate it.

No. 305711

File: 1688153699181.jpg (656.55 KB, 2048x2048, Fl-fbC4X0AAdEFc.jpg)

No. 305712

File: 1688153839668.jpg (649.23 KB, 1558x2048, FrID8L0WcBYQY6a.jpg)

No. 305713

cute, i find it very endearing she diys her husbando merch

No. 305715

File: 1688154530176.jpg (163.61 KB, 1280x1507, r_i_p_stan_lee_and_stephan_hil…)

No. 305716

File: 1688155198232.jpg (161.52 KB, 1024x1366, farewell__satoru_iwata______by…)

My favorite genre it's just so wholesome

No. 305717

File: 1688155245225.png (68.87 KB, 960x600, df92ogp-aa218bd1-a950-40b8-8bc…)

No. 305725

Kek this is triggering my autism, George is obviously Squidward. And John should be Plankton, the F.U.N song is classic Lennon-Mccartney songwriting dynamics.

No. 305772

something honestly very earnest about this.

No. 305825

She's more of a sadistic tease.

No. 305828

File: 1688193343291.jpg (91.17 KB, 720x540, why didn't you stop it powerpu…)

I think it's because you can tell they genuinely loved their work, they're not just bandwagoning so they feel genuinely sweet.

9/11 art though is pretty strange to me.

No. 305832

Why would happy-go-lucky hippie stoner George be Squidward? Tbh I don't think any of them would be Squidward. I can only assume they relegated John to Squidward because they're the Beatle the artist liked least (based btw, John is worst Beatle)

No. 305833

File: 1688193907397.png (774.57 KB, 1080x1067, 911 hooters pin.png)

911 tributes are very autistic. This hooters donut forget pin looks like something out of a dark comedy, but its just american culture.

No. 305835

>Towers form the "11"
>Let freedom wing
This is extremely tacky even by Burger standards.

I have no idea why but I love autistic fanart tributes to 9/11. I'm probably going to hell, but every time I see MSPaint drawings of random characters like Bart Simpson or the Hamburgler crying in front of a jpeg of the American flag it sends my sides into orbit.

No. 305837

File: 1688194290564.jpg (43.2 KB, 792x618, 1547348056070.jpg)

same, they are hilarious

No. 305838

File: 1688194315712.jpg (130.63 KB, 1037x692, 1614888434195.jpg)

No. 305839

File: 1688194357936.jpg (258.44 KB, 800x1132, 1677726559106.jpg)

this one takes the cake honestly

No. 305840

File: 1688194440854.png (2.5 MB, 2120x1416, 1590061239490.png)

No. 305841

File: 1688194572363.jpg (106.18 KB, 900x633, 1547359439104.jpg)

No. 305843

Holy shit, I was just about to bring this up. Apparently Maxwell Atoms (creator of the show) read the comic this is from and enjoyed it.

No. 305844

Is that their little red train arms saluting? Holy fuck.
This is by that bleedman guy isn’t it. Damn the nostalgia.

No. 305846

File: 1688195129806.jpg (201.19 KB, 900x1200, the_ninja_turtles_remember_by_…)

Kek, this is the most American thing ever all it needs is a crying eagle with fake tits.
>Tfw I've read this entire comic multiple times
Never got caught up with PPGD though, I honestly have no idea how that one keeps going.

No. 305847

File: 1688195224195.png (326.8 KB, 798x1148, dnl8qs-9bfeed4f-184f-4422-a57e…)

No. 305849

File: 1688195299275.png (72.96 KB, 567x519, thanks yoshi.png)

No. 305850

File: 1688195358626.jpg (64.06 KB, 883x597, dnlpyy-613fac8e-cfa5-4a47-83d0…)

No. 305853

WTF is this supposed to be about?

No. 305854

>Just a little something to Remember today…I now know, how it feels to feel,witness, a tragedy. Just like Titanic. Me and Jack……We never forget 9/11/2001……
husbando stuff I think, the artist's username is literally TitanicGal1912 which is pretty damn funny though.

No. 305855

The artist ships their gijinkas of the Titanic and the Twin Towers, duh.

No. 305856

Oh, I thought she was shipping someone from Titanic and 9/11 together.

No. 305858

Now I wish there was a Hetalia style anime about tragic events in human history anthropomorphized as cute anime characters

No. 305861

File: 1688197212638.png (935.84 KB, 1024x910, 1645450128118.png)

these are really cute honestly, i like the ones that have effort put into them, then there is this guy

No. 305883

It's bending the truth to say that the CIA trained Al-Qaeda. The CIA contributed money and resources to the anti-Soviet movement in Afghanistan in the 1980s, and some of the members of that movement were radicalized into Al-Qaeda. However, you can credibly argue that the U.S. unintentionally helped extremist groups seize power in MENA because the American crusade against communism destabilized the region. 9/11 is a tragedy, but it's blowback that could have been avoided, and people were raising alarm bells back in the 90s that terrorists were likely to target U.S. soil next.

He's right that the United States has committed heinous war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, though. Nearly 400,000 civilians have died because of the military conflict. Over a thousand civilians have died in drone strikes alone, including children and pregnant women.

No. 305916

File: 1688212209880.jpg (58.29 KB, 500x500, tumblr_14f79edb32ae5c4d0fd92a7…)

No. 306161

Unironically how I first found out what 9/11 was about.
t. Eastern Euro zoomer

No. 306162

ew that guy is an actual lolicon and it really showed in his comics

No. 306170

This is giving me strong nemu flashbacks, it also looks like she works at a Texas Roadhouse lol

No. 306172

dont insult her like that, nimu was an nlog larper, this queen right here has several itabags, dakis, plushies, etc, all diy. She also doesnt draw bill eating his own vomit which is a plus.

No. 306201

File: 1688310187022.jpg (295.4 KB, 674x867, FJivDWAAEwXK.jpg)

I unironically find weeb Christian art to be really endearing, though as of now I don't think such fan-art can ever be made unironically outside maybe LatAM.

No. 306207

I read somewhere that the biggest reason for all the Christian Sonic fan art might be the fact that in the late 90s and early 2000s Sonic was pretty much one of the "coolest" pop culture franchises that was also Christian kid friendly because there was no sex or drugs or swearing or graphic/realistic violence. Somewhat also the explanation for all the non-Christian autists who love Sonic really, Sonic was "cool" but still in a nonthreatening and uncomplicated way. It also features a large expansive world and an easy to replicate art style that allowed people to self insert with their own donut steels.

No. 306211

Nemu had homemade banners, itabags, and dakis of her weird husbandos too and harrassed the VA of one of them IRL. The only thing that sets her apart from any of these women is that her art was good. /pt/ and /snow/ have taught us many times that all genx - millennial alt women are nlogs.

No. 306227

Nta but you're obsessed with nemu, quit bringing her up every time someone has a weird husbando

No. 306232

What the fuck are you talking about

No. 306306

I must know how she feels about that episode where Rev. Stroup dated him

No. 306314

damn this is gorgeous

No. 306681

File: 1688535646808.png (1.13 MB, 1279x542, the only angela anaconda fan.p…)


No. 306683

This just seems like a cartoon reviewer whose slightly fixated on Angela Anacoda?

No. 306685

i wish we had more of this kind of autism, gonna check her out, she seems fun

No. 306686

some anons have a tiktok tier definition of autism. no aspergians allowed in cwcville, and this girl isn't even close to mr. enter level aspie at that.

No. 306690

Yeah her vids actually make nice background noise sometimes.

No. 306808

I've never watched that cartoon but I never understood why it's so hated. Surprising to see a YouTuber who's a fan of it, it's almost endearing

No. 307028

The "I miss you dad" is absolutely sending me kek I need to know more about this autistic train lore

No. 307034

File: 1688699792771.jpeg (98.4 KB, 600x450, F0D3B7B6-8CBE-43B7-9EBA-2DA881…)

Why are autists so obsessed with 9/11?

No. 307050

File: 1688708369086.jpg (416.01 KB, 1660x2048, 20230707_101918.jpg)

this is cosclay… which is flexible

No. 307071

File: 1688722247267.png (261.82 KB, 577x565, Screenshot.png)

Is that cosplay though? Looked it up because I though it was 3D printed, but according to the tweet it's just a sculpture.
Looking thru her page, she seems to make pretty impresive BJDs, a shame that talent is wasted on My Little Ponys wearing maid dresses and wolves with their tits out.

No. 307136

File: 1688748555144.png (625.5 KB, 1499x714, cosclay.png)

nta but it's this stuff, Cosclay is the brand name

No. 307155

My bad, I need my eyesight checked kek

No. 307250

File: 1688786111695.jpg (296.28 KB, 1300x1206, FsbCDGkWYAA0gPP.jpg)

it genuinely hurts my soul when i see such incredible talent and time put into furryshit. her costumes are stunning and the model work is top-notch. her fantasy figures are really pretty. what a shame.

No. 307251

File: 1688786167154.jpg (170.73 KB, 580x757, Untitled.jpg)

but also what kind of fucking psycho thinks this is funny

No. 307309

It makes me nauseated that every thing now is related to porn and coom memes. Like make it stop

No. 307310

It makes me nauseated that every thing now is related to porn and coom memes. Like make it stop

No. 307320

The original is weirdly pedophilic as well, the actress looks like a little girl.

No. 307358

gachalife for boys

No. 307379

GoAnimate is better than Gacha Life in every single way what are you talking about

No. 307412

it's like when Chibi held a funeral service for Iwata and sang.

No. 307563

File: 1688925172859.png (732.22 KB, 1439x2360, Screenshot_20230709-125443.png)

No. 307564

File: 1688925289466.webm (1.44 MB, 406x720, 1688328526178.webm)

No. 307565

File: 1688925513344.png (1.41 MB, 1440x1704, Screenshot_20230709-130007.png)

No. 307567

File: 1688925596637.png (1 MB, 1440x1333, Screenshot_20230709-130107.png)

No. 307568

File: 1688925697158.png (1.3 MB, 1440x1353, Screenshot_20230709-105422.png)

Dogisaga is a biological male that LARPs as a woman.

No. 307570

File: 1688926183075.png (316.92 KB, 1440x616, Screenshot_20230709-131119.png)

No. 308059

No she isn't retard. Where the fuck have you been? She's been around for years now? She's always been a bio female but has decided to troon without hormones.

No. 308270

naughty homer

No. 308293

no, sadly dogi is a really ugly fat australian woman

No. 308569

File: 1689414473823.jpg (77.35 KB, 480x480, tumblr_p5tc4sDgBh1ujy8mro6_500…)

Samir 34, French North African artist who draws DBZ characters as Muslims

No. 308570

This is so weird to see after I watched Sailor moon and the 7 balls yesterday.

No. 308574

North african male weaboos are autistic by default. If you ever meet one who tells you he grew up watching Dragon Ball or Naruto on TV assume he's a sperg until proven otherwise.

No. 308952

No. 309539

No. 309578

File: 1689852806419.png (508.31 KB, 1016x1177, img_79.png)

I had no idea people like this could exist past 2014.

No. 309579

trim the goatee and i would ngl

No. 309580

same, but he needs to add 20 pounds

No. 309585

Go visit a gas station then.youll find some there

No. 309914

Majorfag? Is that you?

No. 309922

File: 1689992068648.jpeg (Spoiler Image,228.27 KB, 1081x1440, IMG_4999.jpeg)

based tbh

No. 310380

File: 1690199495946.jpg (741.08 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20230724_134408_Chr…)

Thanks anon I fell into the rabbit hole, this guy's twitter is fascinating.
New lore: Team Eeyore now includes bull Del Toro and like 6 female Simpsons characters. Eeyore got recently married. He moved in Springfield after being treated poorly by Pooh characters like the rabbit, Del Toro bull came because of similar reasons. Team Eeyore hates Musk but celebrates gay rights, various prehistoric dinosaurs and Thomas the train. Their official outfits are ninja costumes (the guy is obsessed with asking for art of female Simpsons characters in 'blue ninja outfits but no sexy').

No. 310381

File: 1690199661762.jpg (417.24 KB, 1080x1794, Screenshot_20230724_135518_Chr…)

This is modern art ngl

No. 310382

File: 1690199856091.jpg (256.97 KB, 1080x1232, Screenshot_20230724_135935_Chr…)

No. 310383

File: 1690199948630.jpg (210.82 KB, 1080x1017, Screenshot_20230724_140059_Chr…)

No. 310384

File: 1690200355586.jpg (2.27 MB, 1477x4096, MTXX_PT20230724_140806461.jpg)

No. 310385

Why does Simpsons attract such hyper-specific autists

No. 310387

i feel called out cuz im a sperg who loves simpsons lol its a colorful show and I have noticed hyper autists tends to be drawn towards colorful media. Most people also grew up with it and might find the nostalgia comforting.
It's a status quo show and there rarely happens changes to the status quo. While the characters can fuck up or take spontaneous decisions they rarely have to deal with long term consequences since at the end of the episode the status quo is reset.
I think the status quo draws in people who are obsessed with routine and don't like drastic changes. The show has changed alot during the years but it's subtle changes. A season 2 episode does not feel like a season 10 episose but if you watch them in chronological order it feels like a natural transition. Also the fact it has been running for so long might appeal to people who likes routine. They get to watch new episodes and experience new stories without having to familiarise themselves with a new settings and new characters
yes im aware that its ironic that a sperg in the autism thread

No. 310637

isn't that also the name of that "vomit gore" movie director whom that one calf of Luna's loves?

No. 310950

File: 1690403080239.png (161.33 KB, 1359x753, plushie request.png)

No. 311280

File: 1690547666923.jpg (207.88 KB, 1066x1066, Screenshot_20230728_143552_Chr…)

Important lore update

No. 311841

File: 1690758300716.png (228.64 KB, 1280x433, large.png)

there is a guy OBSESSED with party horse that commissions his OC and her all the time. When Weird AL got with her in the show. He commissioned art of his OC looking at her, AL, and their kid happy, he has a deep sigh, and makes his OC have a smile.

No. 311843

File: 1690759030954.png (147.96 KB, 424x600, medium.png)

i fell down ponyxoc self ship art rabbit hole and now he ships himself with pinkie's r63 kek

No. 311847

File: 1690760408988.png (656.12 KB, 889x684, why.png)

I still think it's really weird that AL's ponysona had kids with Pinkie pie to begin with.
That's like canon autism.

No. 311849

ok i barely watched this show beyond a handful of episodes so maybe i'm out of the loop, but why does the child resemble fluttershy?

No. 311851

Pinkie's husband wasn't very loyal

No. 311852


No. 311853

That or Pinkie's just a cuck.

No. 313047

File: 1691276835516.jpg (193.68 KB, 848x1106, nineeleven.jpg)

It's my favorite pastime, lurking on deviantart and typing in every variation of September 11 to achieve maximum results. What other autist heavy websites are there besides Furaffinity?

No. 313357

Thought this was an actual scene I forgot about, turns out it's just another AMV

No. 314894

I found these like, really weird videos where this moid just walks around a toy store and complains about stuff on clearance (because kids don't play with toys anymore anyway but he's complaining about the toys being of women and black people or something) and in the video implies he does this regularly and has gotten kicked out of stores before because of it?

He has another video where he cries because toys R us closed down, male autism is so fucking weird.

No. 314909

This reads like an inside joke where you have no idea what it could possibly mean.

No. 314913

I think this one is both autistic and retarded. He seems to have a child-like thought process.

No. 314979

File: 1692100708143.jpg (124.16 KB, 832x523, bandicam 2023-08-15 14-31-27-7…)

These deviant art retards with their crappy cartoon screencap edits. There is something so unhinged and funny to it.

No. 314987

They're always so fucking creepy too. And their edits are ultra shitty

No. 315008

these retards who are obsessed with tied up characters and taped shut mouths are so pathetic but they pay so well. my friend used to do commissions and had like three regulars who commissioned her every month. she paid off her 5k euros student loan with the money.

No. 315021

did they commission her to draw tied up characters or to make screenshots edits?

No. 315701

File: 1692330012428.jpeg (625.96 KB, 1600x2048, IMG_5102.jpeg)

Twitter ads are something else.

No. 315710

File: 1692335548253.png (769.58 KB, 1214x1023, spoopybug.png)

this is what every horror ARG wants to be

No. 315712

File: 1692335839317.webm (752.45 KB, 720x480, xenmz5fjwdjo9yyctx5t.webm)

holy shit i was unsure if this was an ARG(cant believe anything is sincere anymore) But she takes fiverr requests since 2014

No. 315713

anon bless you, i have been cackling for multiple minutes. why have you turned me onto this new hobby?

No. 315715

File: 1692337760680.png (2.41 MB, 2734x1816, birdpeople.png)

i have been following this woman's writings and website for 12 years. i have spoken to her over email (she gave me a free set of her books), supported her patreon, and admired her longterm relationship with Hamish (her reptilian lover.) She documents all of her experiences with aliens and most have accompanying beautiful drawings. this is a wormhole so beware. i would start with the alien species list

No. 315716

She has a thread on kiwifarms that is going strong for about ten years now. I highly recommend to read it cause she posts here too and has a vendetta with dang nasty trolls, trying to prove that Wogglebug is not gay and getting scammed by Nigerians (ues she fell for an equivalent of a Nigerian prince scam).
She is my favorite cow of all time. I felt bad for her at first because she is obviously very low-functioning autist to the point of being intelectually crippled and having big trouble to even form any coherent sentences but her nasty and better-than-you attitude makes her a pretty nasty person honestly.

No. 315742

Reminds me of that guy who made a golden throne in some garage for over 2 decades, just because and never told anyone about it.

No. 315819

What is her thread called? I couldn't find it

No. 315821

It's wogglebuglove. Strap in, because you are in for a ride. I can't believe I had to spoon feed newfags itt but it all because O love you nonnies

No. 315934

File: 1692400619794.gif (769.98 KB, 260x221, 1468582058413.gif)

Easy with the newfaggotry accustions, nonnie. I'm not a kiwifag and her site is incomprehensible.

No. 316753

File: 1692723068980.png (96.49 KB, 1080x546, mlp.png)

No. 316757

I thought this was a chris chan comic page for a split second

No. 317163

File: 1692858705975.png (31.44 KB, 1185x143, autism.png)

No. 317184

File: 1692871813915.bmp (1.32 MB, 896x514, 2013June18HamishAndMe.bmp)

actually so compelling, im obsessed with the fact that she writes about her "red turtle dragon" alien lover in a way where he is emotionally/mentally incapable of returning her mammalian affection/love. like youd expect the fantasy would be her as the exception and he would be completely enamoured with her, but she writes about him being basically finding her annoying and only being involved to protect her ovaries, with the physical side of their relationship being purely sexual expression on his part, or like a social dominance display.
i love how her drawings of him develop from being basically sexy muscular alien lizardman to being extremely reptillian and dinosaurish. picrel is my favourite painting shes done of him, im so compelled by the blue ovum she included in the corner. and her fixation on his scales and the scales of the aliens in general is really odd and interesting.

also i find her continuous reference to old famous american military figures (like general patton) being involved in her abductions really unusual. i feel like that sort of historical military fixation is more common in male autists.
pure gold, thank you anon. shes a really interesting artist, love her drawings and world. gem in the rough

No. 317406

File: 1692928588646.jpeg (205.99 KB, 1920x1076, IMG_3622.jpeg)

I love this

No. 317909

good lord

No. 320335

File: 1694219283526.jpg (508.51 KB, 1440x1791, Screenshot_20230909_033034_Sam…)

Why is this creepy to me

No. 320562

I miss when u could make retarded shit like this and no one would bat an eye.

No. 320566

File: 1694325587582.png (71.12 KB, 819x460, ddvqrb9-e9570925-cbc7-4940-92a…)

No. 320567

File: 1694325848163.jpg (106.23 KB, 800x545, FreedomFromHunger.jpg)

one of my favorite ED entries, some fat boomer (who seemed to fetishize being fat?) who made an entire website dedicated to hating sports and jocks got trolled by the /sp/ board of 4chan

No. 320568

File: 1694325877102.jpg (29.08 KB, 600x500, BellytopComputer.jpg)

No. 320768

File: 1694454079886.jpeg (104.22 KB, 1280x640, IMG_5165.jpeg)

Happy 9/11 fellow burgerfags

No. 320770

I can't tell if this is a shitpost or someone's offensive fetish.

No. 320807

File: 1694473733132.png (1.31 MB, 1800x1980, IMG_2341.png)

Thank you so much for sharing it, what an interesting read.

No. 321393

File: 1694720456804.jpg (812.19 KB, 1440x2599, Winx da autism.jpg)

No. 327864

File: 1697573737876.png (742.14 KB, 840x660, 424A4194-A8A3-4208-8A37-0FAA1A…)

Guess who the guys are kek

No. 327868

shaggy, dracula and snape? seriously what the fuck is this

No. 327895

File: 1697577968744.jpg (101.7 KB, 827x997, ylpjgz9s92g91.jpg)

The clown reminds me of picrel.

No. 327910

Don’t tell me it’s Quarter Night…the colors almost match

No. 327912

I like how they are all leaving room for Jesus. Very wholesome Christian content

No. 327918

its the female reboot of that dude who used to steal corpses to sleep with them

No. 327930

File: 1697587214204.jpeg (205.17 KB, 1242x652, B39DDC89-36AC-4E9D-9372-A4B7C8…)

You’re all wrong, they’re the inbred bastards from Wrong Turn movies. Three fingers is cute in a sense that I can understand why it exists but the other two and the wholesome setting made me laugh + imagine the smell

No. 328030

KEKKK I wish I saw the original post in time, I would've recognized them right away. Cannot believe someone out there has a reverse harem fantasy with the three inbred cannibals from the Wrong Turn franchise as their husbandos, I'm howling. Do they have any other art??

No. 330341

File: 1698329846457.jpg (767.46 KB, 1899x1386, 7b5df4bca64f7f87b5df4bca64f7f8…)

No. 330345

File: 1698329967113.jpg (190.54 KB, 715x1118, springtrap_and_aurora.jpg)

No. 330398

File: 1698350541627.jpg (76.89 KB, 640x640, iap_640x640.4669227948_jampumc…)

Questionable…found this on Etsy
The buyer is apparently a woman

No. 330467


No. 330485

Probably a pedo too. The character is Miko Kubota from Glitch Techs and she's a 16 year-old who unfortunately has gross coom art.

No. 330617

File: 1698436546700.jpg (1.06 MB, 3472x4624, f9k0abwkgk271.jpg)

This is old but found this on the R/Tangled subreddit I remember seeing this scrote post lots of Tangled porn on the same subreddit.they never once reported or banned him but fortunately his account is suspended.

No. 330661

What a manbaby,no wonder he covers up his face.

No. 330666

File: 1698447916851.jpg (128.06 KB, 640x640, kys.jpg)

as a plushie collector i hate seeing fetish furfags clog up our nice cute female community with their ball stench and retarded ugly lifesize furry abominations

No. 330668

File: 1698448686026.jpg (27.4 KB, 567x418, Egc8ETzUcAAV5q4.jpg)

I found some feral sex dolls of the paw patrol girl dogs for sale on Reddit,I think that's enough for the internet for today.

No. 330670

File: 1698449420997.png (1.21 MB, 1078x1960, Screenshot_20231027-183228~2.p…)

Lmao no way…

No. 330744

I dont even think guys like this have autism. they have pornrot and have memed their sexual attraction

No. 330757


No. 331262

File: 1698616302669.jpg (15.96 KB, 236x474, 945edd92e3fa32602247c3e33449f0…)

Couldn't find an HD version of this, someone actually finds this thing hot.

No. 331301

Let's be honest, if Pinkie were a human, she'd be a Weird Al fangirl anyway. I'm more annoyed that Fluttershy ended up with Discord.

No. 331315

I really don't know why fans wanted them to be together. Just because they're friends?

No. 332853

File: 1699145986172.jpeg (114.63 KB, 592x680, IMG_5277.jpeg)

I love Russian TiFs

No. 333337

File: 1699260851508.jpg (506.63 KB, 1835x2200, F8ITq8ZXkAAVxP0.jpg)

BakuDeku autism is truly something else.

No. 335450

File: 1699935638334.jpg (279.08 KB, 1280x905, tumblr_0ca06900be04fe02d1863a0…)

No. 335453

File: 1699936085820.jpeg (130.5 KB, 827x997, 1660165075401.jpeg)

No. 335454

File: 1699936176219.jpg (769.28 KB, 1795x2774, 1676195636752.jpg)

No. 335501

Is Deku… breastfeeding him?

No. 335523

Please let this be ironic. Please let this be ironic. Please let this be ironic.

No. 335596

Not sure if this counts but I have a feeling it does, too scared to watch it.

No. 335613

unfortunately it is not

No. 335641

File: 1700009707298.jpg (661.86 KB, 1662x2217, 1671938538.nocturnalfolf_img20…)

Was looking for fox crochet toys when I found this off Furaffinity
Man baby unironically calls it a "Waifu"

No. 335650

The sonic one either looks like he wants to rape or eat the long furby
or both

No. 336969

File: 1700430981267.jpg (103.88 KB, 1080x1080, image0-5.jpg)

Aspie/Ashbie's creator made this shit

No. 336970

this is obviously ironic

No. 337087

I used to know the guy. Let me assure you, it is NOT ironic

No. 337394

File: 1700599719854.png (7.41 MB, 3000x2000, waifuism.png)

I'm fascinated with r/waifuism, the subreddit where everyone roleplays being in a relationship with their beloved "s/o" (or f/o for fictional other). It's like mildly cringe but generally wholesome and silly entertainment to me, even though some of the posters seem to take it very seriously. They'll post confessions of love, photos of dates with their plushies, advice on dealing with haters, occasional breakup announcements, and lots and lots of pictures. My favorite thing is when they draw or commission pictures of themselves with their waifus or husbandos. I can't imagine being so open about self-shipping. In a way, I admire how unselfconscious they are (the yume/himejoshis anyway, the male posters not so much). It's like peering into the weird daydream fantasy lives of people who are more autistic than me.

No. 337395

File: 1700600717601.jpg (170.86 KB, 1056x800, seto-kaiba-4.jpg)

>That leaf one
That's Mariotehplumber's wife, that guy should delete this.

This whole thing reminds of this Kaiba yume I know who commissions art of her and Kaiba and got her last name changed to Kaiba.

No. 337421

The gay one is the cherry on the top. I keked so hard at the shinigami from death note one. But it is endearing indeed.

No. 337467

File: 1700627209509.png (4.92 MB, 2228x1742, basede.png)

Ruyk-chan seems like a sweet person

No. 337468

File: 1700627250882.png (62.3 KB, 1034x593, 1669865168690.png)

Here's her interacting with someone on the deathnote subreddit.

No. 337543

same, nonna, same. when i first heard of r/waifuism i was expecting it to be filled with chris-chan tier delusional virgin with rage type basement dwellers but besides the overbearing 'tism, it's pretty chill? besides the bona fide autists or legit mentally ill people, i get the feeling a lot of them - especially the ones who "graduate" from waifuism when they get bfs/gfs - are just late bloomers or very online zoomers who aren't well-socialized, but it's not too late for them to learn.

kek the fact that i recognize who you're talking about. iirc ive seen her post on /cm/ and ive encountered her on some facebook groups.

ryuk-chan is refreshingly down to earth, id be friends with her.

side note but among the female waifuists, i noticed two main archetypes: 1) female autists or quirky women who are unabashed about their special interest or 2) women with severe trauma who use waifuism as a coping mechanism. the two categories aren't mutually exclusive. #1 includes people like kaiba girl, ryuk-chan, buff spongebob lady and the the squidward waifuist. as for #2, there used to be someone on r/waifuism named niqua who had ike from fire emblem as her husbando. she used waifuism as a cope for her racial and family trauma. i believe she was legit schizophrenic since she earnestly believed that fire emblem characters existed in a parallel world and would get defensive when people expressed skepticism. she'd also do things like sending trauma dump letters to nintendo of america and ike's english va.

No. 337544

>named niqua who had ike from fire emblem as her husbando. she used waifuism as a cope for her racial and family trauma. i believe she was legit schizophrenic since she earnestly believed that fire emblem characters existed in a parallel world and would get defensive when people expressed skepticism. she'd also do things like sending trauma dump letters to nintendo of america and ike's english va.
Any screenshots? that sounds wild

No. 337548

File: 1700664769737.png (3.1 MB, 1390x1044, Screenshot 2021-07-07 at 19.16…)

shes not active anymore, but she's got a thread on the kiwifarms and the waifuism thread there has screenshots of her antics. she had a shrine of merch, she made a website dedicated to her love quest, she had a custom doll made to resemble her and ike's son, the whole nine yards. at one point maybe she had a moment of mental clarity because she deleted everything and disappeared from the internet. i really she ended up getting help for her race and family trauma.

to this day, that mannequin still scares the shit out of me…

No. 337559

any exact details of what happened to her.

No. 337606

she didn't share many explicit details about her personal life but iirc she never knew her biological dad and she had an abusive stepdad, so overall a troubled home life. sadly that kind of family trauma (absent dad, mom introduces shitty stepdad into daughter's life) isn't uncommon in the african american community so i also sort of get why she was obsessed with racism.

No. 337673

File: 1700710490667.jpg (26.34 KB, 386x356, proud_waluigi_fangirl_by_katie…)

Classic DA never fails to amuse me…

No. 337675

File: 1700711203419.jpg (40.65 KB, 548x470, c5a.jpg)

This is so fucking old but every time I see it it makes me lol

No. 337676

File: 1700711343161.jpg (29.3 KB, 300x225, 724984@300-1187228214.jpg)

No. 337680

File: 1700713156864.jpg (107.21 KB, 859x1280, 1179453365.skunkman001_krystle…)

No. 337687

What happens when more than one user has the same husbando? Does a battle ensue?

No. 337717

Can't speak for reddit, but on tumblr they automatically block each other and on ye olden deviantart days people would actively get into wars over who got to be Sephiroth's true wifey.

No. 337740

Somebody asked this in r/waifuism the other day. This response sums it up:
> Either they block eachother and it stays at that, they use the multiverse "every SO is different" headcanon or they simply bully eachother off the internet (it has happened here before)

No. 337772

File: 1700768625110.png (560.7 KB, 720x785, YFwmNJD.png)

>Gavrilo Princip assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

No. 338058

File: 1700887438967.jpg (866.89 KB, 2048x2048, tumblr_8149ce922429fe57ba68f6e…)

>Unironically drew her robot sona pregnant with Benders kids

No. 338059

File: 1700888433126.jpg (43.62 KB, 720x749, Tumblr_l_1629385104084270.jpg)

No. 338060

No. 338062

You're sure it's not a troon? The face is kinda off.

No. 338065

File: 1700893527105.jpg (524.76 KB, 1440x1413, Screenshot_20231125_091627_Dis…)

Don't know if this counts. But I think it's autistic enough.

No. 338066

File: 1700894644063.jpeg (723.76 KB, 2048x2048, Fj6cjxCWAAEpZrp.jpeg)

I'm 50% sure it's a woman tho

No. 338067

This is definitely a woman. And honestly I admire her dedication to her Futurama husbando.

No. 338070

I can’t believe there are people that still talk like this kek

No. 338157

I’m pretty sure she was a nemu orbiter.

No. 338397

I know anons are tired of every one of these literal who’s being compared to Nemu but… I wonder sometimes if it’s just autism or if Nemu had some influence on a some of these types or if they are even trying to mimic her for whatever reason. Because I can see it sometimes, but maybe I am just seeing what I want to see, I don’t know how well known she actually is in the cartoon husbandofag space.

No. 338926

File: 1701317104424.png (476.43 KB, 640x1010, 6kwj8jlbrsnb1.png)

I looked at her post history, she's very interesting. She's 25, from Italy, and here she posted some pics of herself.

No. 339659

File: 1701646326212.png (Spoiler Image,430.25 KB, 740x1316, oh no string cheese!.png)


No. 339661

I’m not entirely sure what’s happening here

No. 339664

KEK god why, who wants to see the golden cheese string mascot looking pokemon being violated like this

No. 340126

File: 1701838878914.png (390.29 KB, 1003x796, d9x7zdn-388cb697-ac02-49e4-bcd…)

Get his ass Garfield

No. 340134

I love this

No. 340135

i hate the high quality of this but also im so so glad to have seen such autism today

No. 340138

I can’t stop laughing, how fucked up does your brain have to be to find this hot

No. 340390

is that Niko Bellic as Gavrilo Princip

No. 340393

A troon would never make something so autistic and yet so endearing. Their autism is the worst coomer-y kind.

No. 340394

I love 13 year old's OCs

No. 340397

nta but not true at all, you're just biased. it's the same to everyone else. because of the autism and increased self importance overlap, a lot of selfshippers are troons.

No. 340427

File: 1701973693819.png (731.91 KB, 1000x3892, 50423a1670281531b82161f4697101…)

my favourite page from total trauma, a lengthy (over 100 pages and counting), high effort and extremely bizarre total drama fan comic

No. 340428

File: 1701973995274.jpg (453.34 KB, 987x2289, Untitled.jpg)

No. 340430

This is the one where three of the male characters were in a gay throuple?

No. 340431

File: 1701974637995.png (3.76 MB, 1000x8622, 50423a1624563622b82161f1844053…)

yeah lol

No. 340443

File: 1701977132805.jpeg (191.82 KB, 1518x2048, D4EF7QkU4AAp_WN.jpeg)

Waifu autism of a coomer self-insert named nanosheep with a scientist shiny Gardevoir OC with hundreds of commissioned porn

No. 340458

i like this guy's ocs, it's fun to see him commission so many artists too

No. 340500

File: 1701987342441.png (1.06 MB, 998x1914, IMG_5467.png)

>not the page of Chris and Chef discussing Steven Universe
Chris in particular was so fucking OOC, like him crying when Duncan died when he wouldn’t give a shit.

No. 340503

File: 1701988488787.jpg (31.87 KB, 480x499, main-qimg-48a96e09fec4f4019550…)

is the last panel based on the ara ara meme? what the fuck

No. 340504


No. 340508

I love that page because of how absurdly chipper they both are
>JUST found out your boyfriend lost both his legs in a horrific car accident
>you and alejandro can be wheelchair buddies! :D

No. 340519

File: 1701991924269.jpg (269.19 KB, 720x1154, tumblr_6be70f464b71aa3979fe7f9…)

The woman who drew this comic attempted to become the legal guardian of a teenager she met on deviantart who came from some sort of broken home, with the plan that the girl would move in with her. The teenager became skeeved out at some point and abruptly broke off the relationship, causing her to post this.

She's also a DIDfag and goes by princeself pronouns, lol.

No. 340520

File: 1701992025761.jpg (322.75 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_4c82be9374e2906cab8455d…)

her and the girl

No. 340853

not the hentai sweater

No. 340926

mob-chan is my favourite. she HATES reigen

No. 341023

is it weird that i kinda envy the waifuism community on reddit and tumblr? i wish i had that kind of passion and dedication

No. 341026

at first I though this was cute autism, but knowing she pulled crap like this creeps me out too much from enjoying the comic.

No. 341032

File: 1702203605725.png (698.7 KB, 1000x1661, tumblr_ccef50dee9d83c3f20a5004…)

We could honestly fill the entire thread with stuff from total trauma

No. 341037

>She's also a DIDfag and goes by princeself pronouns
i spend my formative years in these kind of spaces so my precession on what is considered normal might be a bit skrewed, but I don't think this sort of behavior is autistic just extremely attention seeking. People who do this have self awareness and know what they are doing is off-putting to others but it gives them attention so they don't care.
the screenshot is extremely creepy though

No. 341067

i don't think she was necessarily trying to fuck the girl, it's possible that she just has a very autistic understanding of how the word works and took all those tumblr posts about 'queer found family' seriously; it also used to be a thing to call your deviantart friend group your 'family', where one girl would be the dad (usually the obligatory fakeboi), one the mum and the others would call themselves siblings. Still extremely sketchy, I wonder what it was that finally clued the teenager in that the situation wasn't normal

No. 341087

this reminded me.
everyone please for the love of god watch this video

No. 341153

File: 1702254638993.jpg (175.79 KB, 736x981, b0699573e096e81f9cb783e881014e…)

The Eeyores…Why

No. 341154

Wherever I look, I see myself.

No. 341155

that guy looks like he couldn't wait to lose his job and waste his time in his family's basement

No. 341156

File: 1702256477248.png (949.33 KB, 1600x8000, 1687994865852.png)


No. 341158

I don't know why, but naruto being high on the list took me out.

No. 341160

I presume it's a lot of art of him either transformed as a girl or fucking Sakura/Hinata
But there's probably a fair amount of him and Sasuke I guess?

No. 341162

The fact that Link and Zelda are nearly the same made me laugh. It blows me away that Bowser is higher up than Misty, Miku, and Asuka.

No. 341163

File: 1702257136459.gif (852.05 KB, 220x220, dying-dead.gif)

>sonic, tails, and bowser all in top 5 for guys

No. 341164

Blog, but when I was in high school, there was a high-functioning autistic teacher who collected Eeyore items and displayed them in his classroom. Kids would fuck with him be rearranging the Eeyores when he left the room.

No. 341165

>The only attractive guys on the entire list are Aether and Spiderman.

No. 341166

What about Link?

No. 341167

Aether looks like generic faggotbait, Link and spiderman >

No. 341168

Gay moids draw more porn than straight women, and gay furfag moids draw even more porn than the average gay scrote. Hence most of the males on this list being furries.

No. 341169

I don’t like elves, also don’t play genshin but Aether is a cutie.

No. 341170

The true reason why myreadingmanga and the yaoi tag is like 80% bara and furry bara shit nowadays….

No. 341173

he's not even an elf, those ears are canonically from his ancestors fucking goats

No. 341177

File: 1702260440755.jpg (31.75 KB, 677x521, zl9qs9yvna1.jpg)

Main character, self insert, male token, some gay content but mostly just male token.
Moids go crazy for femboy Link even though genderswapped Link is popular too. There is also a lot of content of just Link and Zelda being submissive to moids or Link getting cucked or something as a male token self insert.
Bowser is used a lot for cuck content and autistic moids love to see Princess Peach with him, he is also a bit popular with faggot moids.

I hate how all of these characters mostly come from content aimed to children and teens.

No. 341178

File: 1702260653769.jpg (65.11 KB, 813x457, nova.jpg)

Still elf ears tho, I've only seen like two long ears I liked and they're from the same VN series.
Aether's big with fujos at least.
>he is also a bit popular with faggot moids
That's an understatement, barafags are fucking obsessed with him.
I'm surprised there wasn't more bara mons like incineroar honestly….

No. 341179

>That's an understatement, barafags are fucking obsessed with him.
Yeah but not as much on that site though? It is surely outscaled by the autistic cucks, i hate any moid who is into Mario games but i can kinda forgive the bara faggot ones, they also have better art kek.

>I'm surprised there wasn't more bara mons like incineroar honestly….

I don't know if i'm as much surprised, i know bara is popular but the femboy and cuck content there is gigantic.

One thing i hate about autistic moids are the ones that make roblox porn but i rather believe that they are just unfortunate minors, i do not want to believe adult moids can sexualize literal cubes.

No. 341180

>Yeah but not as much on that site though?
Haven't checked the tag so I have no idea, I get bowser shit all the time when I'm browsing for yaoi on MRM or danbooru though.
> but i can kinda forgive the bara faggot ones, they also have better art kek.
If you say so…
>I don't know if i'm as much surprised
I guess it just comes from the second largest amount of pokeporn I regularly see next to the typical lopunny/eeveelution cringe shit is from barafags. Bara pokefags 100% have more porn than yumefujo pokemon fans and are probably on their way to having more porn than people who just like the female trainers (Cynthia, Hilda, etc).
It's some crazy ass shit I'll say that.

No. 341183

Where's Goku or Vegeta?

No. 341184

>Not super popular for yaoi
>Not super popular for self inserting
Check a latino site maybe.

No. 341189

If bara pokefags defeat Gardevoir moids i will be surprised.
Yumejo or yaoi porn will never outscale straight or gay moid porn no matter how autistic it is though, in the end women are more stable than men after all.

Maybe that's just my experience but a lot of bara art i've seen was original content, i wonder if that's also why those type of characters aren't as much as popular as one can imagine, it seems like a mixed group, but also that autistic hellhole has horrible tagging, it's definitely different on other sites, especially ones with more japanese users or content.

No. 341227

File: 1702284668884.png (130.59 KB, 728x601, FBqzUDLg.png)

Oh there's that absolutely, it's just that at least in certain places they start putting some other male into it and put all of the focus into his pov basically

Kek i was looking into this guy again a bit and picrel kinda kills me

No. 341230

File: 1702285000717.jpg (1.95 MB, 2182x5718, tMJ9v4H768.jpg)

From my understanding, there are moids who are overweight, unattractive, and balding and cannot project and insert the young male protagonist or the tough and macho action hero. As a result, they choose to self-insrt as creatures like goblins, orcs, trolls e.t.c. as men get uglier and uglier this trend has gained traction, and I first noticed it the baalbuddy comics, where all women are depicted as desiring these repulsive monsters, drawn like ugly men.

No. 341231

that's not just about self inserting, it's mostly about the humiliation of a woman having to fuck such a disgusting creature

No. 341232

File: 1702285485336.jpg (Spoiler Image,189.13 KB, 775x1100, 781c61221c715d54287ea.jpg)

meanwhile, in a village with good economy

No. 341235

Whoever made this comic needs to go kill themselves. Probably a dude, so he needs to go kill himself.

No. 341236

This. I personally knew a moid who was into that sort of thing, and he said that the appeal came specifically from degrading, hurting, or humiliating the woman. Males hate women so much that it bleeds into their sexuality.

No. 341245

i just like cute nerds and tall women and there isnt a lot of it out there

No. 341258

>naruto in 8th place
i am glad i helped contribute to naruto mogging all of the colorful horses and raven

No. 341266

I enjoyed that, thanks for sharing anon

No. 341288

Get better taste

No. 341290

Turbo virgin+Turbo Autist= this
Why are all male pokefags retarded like this?

No. 341441

that guy is a revolting coomer not a cute nerd

No. 341525

>Lucario that high

I'm fucking losing it. It's no wonder I keep seeing furries make large plushies of him jfc

No. 343052

creepy face "prince" has

No. 344168

BBC is everywhere, it's so gross and i hate being reminded of it's existence, why do people pretend it's progressive

No. 348001

File: 1705019808416.jpg (221.46 KB, 1280x960, 1342743923.fedupfox_usethisone…)

Imagine the smell from here

No. 348029

File: 1705048536635.jpg (752.16 KB, 1908x4032, ic3nc513wx4a1.jpg)

No. 348031

That's just a good outfit to go out on the town in

No. 348032

Iirc from the reddit post, he went to university dressed like that for all his classes

No. 348033

File: 1705050854165.mp4 (12.02 MB, All the Single Furries!.mp4)

No. 348042

File: 1705055458814.jpg (161.2 KB, 1080x1440, kemono.jpg)

why are western fursuits so hideous looking? kemono isnt any less cringe but the suits at least look less weird

No. 348080

File: 1705066763169.jpg (291 KB, 683x941, Untitled.jpg)

i love kemono suits. they're sooo adorable. asians are just better at cute things than westernfags.
also it's funny to see western furfags who can't even manage to understand what makes a kemono cute and they try to make their own and it still looks hideous

No. 348081

No. 348082

File: 1705067007953.jpg (264.54 KB, 1096x644, Untitled.jpg)

american vs japanese cosplay

No. 348083

western furries are more Hanna-Barbera/Looney Tunes, kemono furries are animu. You are just a weeb.
Kemono suits are also disgusting by the way. Yiff in hell to the lot of them.

No. 348085

you have to be blind to not recognize that the kemono is constructed much better and more visually pleasing than the western furry in >>348082

No. 348088

File: 1705067700634.jpeg (209.87 KB, 1050x840, IMG_2843.jpeg)

if you want to compare western vs. japanese furry styles at least choose a better western representation of a fursuit style, like the high end ones. The left visibly looks amateur.

No. 348090

File: 1705067740978.jpeg (162.19 KB, 600x600, A7FB2602-9308-4522-8670-D1EDD0…)

I mean, you’re comparing a badly made American suit to a well-made Japanese one. American furries can make good suits even if they’re not hyper-neotenous anime style.

No. 348094

these are ugly as fuck. western fursuits have gross proportions and the characters in question are always overdesigned trash.
also with the pic in question i was mocking western fursuiters who can't understand kemono proportions or why they're cute.

No. 348100

Except kemono suits at fugly as hell the same way western ones are and you're just a weeb

No. 348105

holy shit does it have a peanut allergy

No. 348106

these are fucking ugly. Kemono suits are inspired by cute baseball mascots, pokemon and tezuka, so they look miles cutter. The very first fursuit was also inspired by animu, since the creator of the furry fandom was a huge weeaboo who was friend's with tezuka, who could also be considered the very first furfag with deviant transformation fetishes. It's funny how fursuit wents from looking animu, to looking disney, to looking like a weird disney/animu mix.

No. 348110

this guy went broke from commission a music video were charlie from hazbin hotel seduces and implies rape him

No. 348113

how much does this cost him?

No. 348117

No. 348123

USD?? That’s the down payment for a house. The lengths that moids will go to fulfill their coom never ceases to amaze me.

No. 348124

yes,usd, autism is a hell of drug

No. 348125

I googled it thanks to you. Now That's What I Call Autism.

No. 348127

File: 1705081406209.png (43.17 KB, 316x316, Mr._Game_&_Watch_SSBU.png)

I haven't been able to find her for a while, but there was someone on r/waifuism a few years back who was married to Mr. Game and Watch. I want so badly to know more about their relationship… how does the sex work???

No. 348140

maybe they hitched on the astral plane snape style

No. 348144

My concern is that he's 2D. Does he have a 2D penis as well? If you hug him, is he pointy like a cardboard cut-out? Is that part of the charm?
Also isn't he literally from a watch game? Doesn't he like… not have a canonical personality and can't even speak? Or is that part of the fetish?? I have so many questions. I wish she would return.

No. 348146

samefag but some waifuists make me laugh so much.
If it's like a popular anime waifu or husbando, I'm like, okay, they were designed to be attractive and appealing. They usually have good designs and interesting personalities.
Hell, I even understand people who would waifu Snape or Ryuk, like the Ryuk-chan earlier in the thread. They're not my cup of tea, but I could see why someone would find their personalities or designs compelling.
But there's people on r/waifuism who are like 'oh yeah my husbando is from this 1987 Christmas special that only had 3 episodes and my husbando only had 4 lines in the whole show and never appeared in any other media ever again' and I'm like ??? How do you even become such attracted to a character?
I guess it's literal autism. r/waifuism is definitely an interesting and charming subreddit. Like a poster earlier mentioned, they generally seem wholesome, kind, and harmless in their interests.

No. 348148

least mentally ill yume

No. 348149

Not to nitpick but yumejoshi applies to human women shipping themselves with fictional men, no? Idk if it applies to this male coomer shipping himself with a female character. Unless you're being sarcastic, then my B.

No. 348154

no, yume refers to both males and females who selfship. -joshi is specifically female, -danshi is specifically male, yume is the genral word for both.

No. 348155

My bad, I didn't know. Thanks for telling me.

No. 348210

File: 1705107499873.jpg (64.79 KB, 569x791, TTtQRSz.jpg)

Not sure if this classic waifuist, JustinRPG, has been posted in any of these threads yet.

No. 348226

kinda wholesome

No. 348227

File: 1705114223725.jpg (18.19 KB, 400x282, the_delinquency_of_raccoon_by_…)

i love this guy so much

No. 348228

File: 1705114318829.jpg (152.55 KB, 715x930, a89801504085330fcff82352cd3d1a…)

That one's relatively innocuous, but a lot of his other posts talk about vore, being shrunken, and describe the sex in a lengthy, textbook-like fashion.

No. 348234

I just like how he mentions that his waifu of choice could easily kill him but chooses not to

No. 348241

would bring me joy at my shit fucking university tbh

No. 348243

kek this pattern of communication is so typically autistic. the sperging on details like reshiram's speed or how fire resistance works.
not a big fan of
>I make sure I pleasure anything I have sex with - especially non-humans!
dont like that.

No. 348254

File: 1705121124312.jpg (174.77 KB, 800x1033, ray3.jpg)

Ray Jones, a man in his 50s from Texas, is openly in love with disney character Gadget Hackwrench and obsesses over her despite having a wife and children.

No. 348255

File: 1705121194712.jpg (133.38 KB, 870x598, ray1.jpg)

No. 348256

File: 1705121234816.jpg (Spoiler Image,54.51 KB, 517x600, ray2.jpg)

warning: wtf cartoon mouse porn

No. 348298

It gets even better, I recognize that persona it’s this guy who makes these cartoon beatboxing videos.

No. 348305

Theres an unironical russian cult that worships that mouse.

some of those guys were extremely butthurt when they shipped her with a fly in the latest rescue rangers movie saying that it was race mixing propaganda but i don't have screencaps of the autism

No. 348308

That guy who had that viral beatbox video??? I thought it was kinda weird when i saw he had a channel for cartoon rap but how do you commission ship art of yourself when you went viral some time ago with the same look?? Jesus

No. 348310

go away fucking newfag you dont even know what that means

No. 348314

i am glad he didnt commit mass murder after the last movie

No. 348408

He made a whole comic of himself as a human shagging mouse Gadget and even worse, he included his wife too as a very stereotypical Mexican crackwhore mouse who has sex with that fat mouse who is obsessed with cheese

No. 348414

File: 1705176033457.png (11.76 KB, 442x134, Screenshot_27.png)

Creator's comment on the song (Hide Away) 2 years ago… The theme for his love quest…

No. 348415

File: 1705176141600.png (23.54 KB, 803x96, FireShot Capture 092 - PBB Ser…)

Also, he announced a new rap battle series, without acknowledging the events of yesterday. Comments turned off and high dislike ratio. I wonder whether this will be, oddly, good for his career in the long-term considering there's more eyes on him now.

No. 348420

He should have allowed comments if he was smart because i don't think youtube cares if most are negative as long as there is high engagement. Thats how rage bait ends up getting promoted.

His channel was already struggling so indeed this actually might help him since he hasnt been this viral with anything he was making. Even Vivziepop reacted to the video and ultimately its cringy but pretty harmless, i think he even had plans to release it himself at some point in time but got leaked.

No. 348430

most of these characters are from children's cartoons or children's video games. i don't know why but men who are into children's media are always extreme coomers. I know it's easier to draw porn of a cartoon character than of a character played by a real actor but still men who are into comics and video games meant for an adult audience are never as committed to the coom as people who are into nintendo games. Do they get a rush out of sexualizing a character that exist in a sexless setting because they got too obsessed with the "childhood ruined" meme? or do they find comfort in sexualizing a character they grew up with?

No. 348488

>or do they find comfort in sexualizing a character they grew up with?
Pretty sure it's this one, moids generally either stick to a coom character from childhood or change their coom character every season.

No. 348494

File: 1705198255330.png (712.93 KB, 1531x810, holy_matrimony.png)

after years of skimming DA/blogs for tasty autism, i've come to especially like the 'actual religious epiphany' brand of waifu/husbando worship. i really fell in the rabbit hole with snapewives, can't help but wonder why some female autists(?) or yumefags in general get these religious experiences with husbandos. i haven't seen this happen with male waifufags. i'm starting to think it's no different from female mystics who would talk about their experiences using love-related language. except instead of jesus or a saint, they latch onto cartoon characters which is really cute to me for some reason

the average moid coomer is more likely to be immature and idealize the past. it's not surprising they'd latch onto familiar stimuli. i think you're right that there's something about sexualizing sexless media, either because they get a special kick out of it or because they're 'stuck' with characters/things they unconsciously liked decades ago. like how inflation art is downstream from shitty cartoon gags

No. 348560

so this is what all the would-be church mystics are up to these days…

No. 348651

File: 1705268113832.jpg (2.07 MB, 2731x4096, autism3.jpg)

No. 348729

File: 1705301319124.png (100.94 KB, 640x480, 1704597185338.png)

No. 348760

this is kinda sweet.

No. 352013

File: 1706549556128.jpeg (334.48 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_5390.jpeg)

kek these are an autism goldmine

No. 352025

The only one who'd care about this is Darwin because he is good natured and ignorant, Gumball legit wouldn't care, he'd probably end up causing another war, don't these autists watch the fucking cartoon?????

No. 352219

File: 1706629961525.jpg (728.74 KB, 1440x1987, Screenshot_20240130_185305_Sam…)

Caught this one in the wild.

No. 352222

File: 1706632787083.jpeg (39.53 KB, 254x399, IMG_1008.jpeg)

Imagine being in love with Jonathan Davis’s cartoon counterpart. Kek

No. 352319

you know what? fuck it. good for him.

No. 352406

Right. Not only that but even Twitter started are doing shit like this with other cartoon characters that you know won't care about some real world war going on.

No. 352651

Sage for sperging but the drawings of characters holding palestine flags/watermelons irk me, and I say this as a full Palestine supporter. Palestinians are out there struggling to survive with no Internet or electricity, they wouldn't even fucking recognize those characters to begin with. Those drawings ooze of autism and you can tell the artists have never faced any hardships. Like, draw the flag alone, or the sunbird, not this bullshit that's reminiscent of corporations slapping cartoon characters on pasta cans to get kids to eat them. "Oh no those poor dying people, thankfully I drew Luffy from OnePiece eating watermelon, I'm literally contributing to the hashtag!! I'm helping look!!!"

No. 352673

File: 1706812332664.png (1.48 MB, 848x1200, pnS6Clh.png)

No. 352794

Why are SpongeBob and squidward horny?

No. 352980

they're faggots

No. 352990

File: 1706892177647.jpeg (111 KB, 600x600, D8CEBB2C-EDF1-4CA4-93D2-A63799…)

No. 352991

File: 1706892329351.jpeg (101.69 KB, 600x824, 186E77C1-1FF9-4D6E-8A80-C181B0…)

Baki are you ok ?

No. 353017

KEK you should post these in the bad art thread too. I love seeing this kind of art, like the blurry mega-airbrushed attempt at semi-realism is so good. Unfocus your eyes and it all just blends together in a shapeless hazy blob

No. 353043

File: 1706904569558.jpg (60.71 KB, 1050x1050, Tumblr_l_283220743639144.jpg)

Try this on for size. Is Palestine going to turn into the new 9/11, where weirdos online draw their favorite cartoons "raising awareness" about it? One can only hope.

No. 353046

oh my fucking god kek

No. 353080

KEK I can’t believe my eyes

No. 353097

This is legitimately embarrassing

No. 353156

>Fight like hell for the living
Why are they speaking like they're literally on the front lines starving and fighting every day? These people don't leave their rooms. It's so embarassing to cheer "Fight! Fight!" to gazan people with a shitty cartoon drawing while you're safe in your room in a first world country.

No. 353193

Maybe by "fight like hell" they mean "argue with people on the internet," while ironically condescending to others about how they're not doing enough. Realistically though, it was probably just drawn by a teenager who thought that "fight like hell" sounded cool.

No. 353265

i am a starving palestinian child starving to death and this is the last thing i ever see, gootbye

No. 353288

File: 1707011467149.png (302 KB, 654x529, njrfHlH.png)

I personally think this is the funniest one.

No. 354363

File: 1707339111365.png (1.59 MB, 1750x2450, JTF0yGg.png)

Yume who ships her self-insert OC with piccolo from DBZ

No. 354366

File: 1707339714427.png (1.81 MB, 1600x1600, LnnVxnc.png)

No. 354370

I love her and I wish I was her friend.

No. 354372

Not to rain on anyones parade but thats an actual db character she is videls school teacher

No. 354374

File: 1707341822878.png (1.04 MB, 2000x966, hqPUX0q.png)

I think your mistaking her for a side-character, in a newer spin-off series.

No. 354379

File: 1707343589923.jpeg (135.27 KB, 1080x1080, 9BA2DC3A-6EE9-4BDF-80E0-548A39…)

Just checked and your right, she’s a character that got so little screentime that the eng dub just called her Janet so she could have a name. She’s Pans teacher and is seen in the DBS 2 movie

No. 354413

man this is cute. even if it wasn't an actual character i would adore this chick with an afro self-inserting to her husband piccolo. great art style too

No. 354600

File: 1707430167745.jpg (Spoiler Image,85.32 KB, 828x621, cotton_candy_kiss_by_zylo24_dg…)

This is just embarrassingly gross and cringe not satire but a commission.

No. 354608

File: 1707430451411.png (639.38 KB, 1080x1827, Screenshot_20240208-161632~2.p…)

Vivziepop fans supporting Palestine is so ironic how pathetic

No. 354817

File: 1707542989131.png (162.05 KB, 1432x792, Sometimes I want Henry to fuck…)

I feel like hentai site comment sections always have the more autism.

No. 354818

File: 1707544331531.png (237.65 KB, 598x721, wdsaf.png)

While looking up verbalase on twitter, I came across this guy, whose entire account is filled endless commissions of porn of his self-insert character alongside various female characters from cartoons, anime, and video games. Although It's probably not as much as what verbalase spent, this still would have cost thousands of dollars.

No. 354819

Why does she looks so uncomfortable?

No. 354878

At least the other commentors are bullying him.

No. 354879

Maidenless behavior.

No. 354880

Ayyyy Verblase has some competition now I see.

No. 356798

File: 1708200586515.png (467.37 KB, 375x500, stana_katic_hypno_kaa_5_by_fas…)

No. 356952

File: 1708269247876.jpg (105.44 KB, 837x607, 1978967856747.jpg)

No. 356954

This is clearly irony. Post true autism

No. 356959

File: 1708271610801.png (2.85 MB, 4200x2350, the coomer mind.png)

No. 357508

File: 1708506540480.png (1.86 MB, 1828x2000, EOGxSYK.png)

The MrBeast Fujoshi.

No. 357532

The low rise skinny jeans are dating this image so badly kek.

No. 358467

File: 1708916388534.jpg (112.91 KB, 592x622, 1456862398.weremoose_getting_r…)

No. 358472

my brain registers this as john cena

No. 358473

fellow nonnie.. she's a huge personal cow of mine for years. thank you for posting her. my favorite video of hers is where she practices a "standup routine" in a call and people awkwardly laugh while she "jokes" about killing her highschool bully.

No. 358476

File: 1708923797320.jpeg (1.81 MB, 2000x2000, F4e0dM_W0AAnyZC.jpeg)

KEKK of course this exists

No. 358726

File: 1709006189504.jpg (136.71 KB, 894x894, art_vs_artist_23__by_alexcarto…)

Of course he looks like that

No. 360040

File: 1709534449728.png (1.12 MB, 990x1043, PjcieBJ.png)