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File: 1679767482654.png (32.21 KB, 220x220, Trout_Mask_Replica.png)

No. 285486

post below mediocre music that either make you cringe, laugh or both.

No. 285490

I'll start with an immortal classic.

No. 285741

Even the spicy straights seemed to hate this one

No. 285747

i have so many but i'll start with this one

No. 287730

No. 287951

Does it count if I actually like it

No. 287956

Absolute gold

No. 287957

No. 287959

Every line of this song is so funny, trying to make WAP family friendly and clean

No. 287960

This can't be fucking real.

No. 287974

Lil Nas X has his comment pinned on their family-friendly Montero cover

No. 287983

Miku wannabe a her mid music

No. 288242

This physically pains me to listen, my brother unironically liked this band.

No. 288254

I genuinely like a couple of Beefheart songs though. The opener for Trout Mask Replica somehow resonates with me in a weird way and Moonlight on Vermont is a pretty straightforward song.

No. 288279

No. 288284

No. 288285

>peñis colada

No. 288299

this reminds me of Zappa

No. 288302

No. 288632

Liz Phair is essential libfemcore nonny, gotta admit I like some of her early music though

No. 288635

Trout mask Replica is a masterpiece you troglodyte

No. 288638

A classic

No. 288649

High cost production but low quality vocals, and this comes across as a corny gay anthem from a try hard

No. 288657

great and accurate threadpic. i hate how musicfags worship that retarded album

No. 288667

Kek, this is amazing.

No. 288875

sure the lyrics make me cringe but something about this song is so catchy that i can't stop listening to it

No. 288918

No. 288932

idk why but this became a meme between me and a friend, we'd just send this beyond corny video/song to each other at random

No. 288934

tropical hotdog night gets stuck in my head all the fucking time idk if i even like or dislike it…

No. 288954

This one always makes me laugh tears, this Ukrainian christian rock band has a mediocre sound to say the least but lyrics are SO BAD they sound like something a 5-year-old child could write. I've translated them but surely it's way better in the original because I couldn't preserve the rhyme throughout the song and the rhyme is so simple and childish it makes it super ridiculous

You walk the road where your feet are leading you
The eyes look at the field where daisies bloom
The orange sun is smiling at you
Your soul takes off just like in a dream

Blue sky over the light blue water
A beautiful bird soars overhead
It thrills the soul and draws to itself
Birds' singing pleases the ears, and you like all of it

You're enjoying the life that was given to you by God
God gave you air without which you couldn't breathe
God gave you life, God gave you light
God gave you the answer to all questions

He gave you the hair on your head
He gave you legs that walk everywhere
He gave you hands that take everything anywhere
He gave you a heart more precious than a gem (emerald in the original)

WATER!! that gives life to us
EARTH!! that'll bring a fruit to us
LUNGS!! that can make an inhale
And all of it was given by God!


All the trees that bloom in the spring
All the animals that emanate sounds
All the bugs that borrow into soil
All of them ascribe glory to You!

Only not all people with progress in brains (?)
Want to praise the God of Heaven
'Cause He created everything: me and you
All the planets and sun that's warming you

He painted the whole sky with His hand
Put all the stars above your head
Poured all the seas, planted the trees (poplars in the original)
Created a man and said: "The land is yours."

So let's praise the King of the whole universe
Your whole life is confined to him
Everything earthly and heavenly will praise You
The day will come when I will see You


No. 288955

samefag, forgot the ending
All creation is praising You (x3)
I'm a creation!! I'm praising You!
All creation is praising You (x3)
I'm a creation!! I'm praising You!
I'm praising you, praising you, I'm praisin you, praisin you
I'm praising you… I'm praising you…

No. 288973

File: 1681224972182.jpg (50.28 KB, 500x500, 5645756756.jpg)

Hate to admit it but I genuinely like a lot of Liz Phair's songs. Not even the critic darlings from the 90s but the ones when she was trying to be a Pop punk princess in the 2000s

No. 288993

These guys are supposedly making music since the 80s. This song should be called "Dark Lord" but he says instead "Lord of Eternity".. go figure.

You go out at night
But don't walk on the sidewalk
For fear of the darkness
At home you look in the mirror
And see you're just like what was on the streets

Think you're possessed
Seek death
For the sacrifice
It's no use
Your future is traced
You were born to wander the night
After fun
For your BLOODLUST!!!!

The cow-ards didn't deserve
(Unintelligible) Pathetic vengeance
You rip the eyes
Drink the blood
Relish your feast
Then at night seek the darkness
Enjoy the graves occult
In the dark of the NIGHHHTTTTTTTT!!!!!


(Becomes a ghost for a while)

Give 'em the time zones (??????)
To propagate
Your praise
(Unintelligible) ignorant monsterrr!

No. 288994

Lol this weird constrained singing

No. 295397

I confess I listened to it as a 11 y.o., the music is bad but the video is just hilarious, it's like an online diary of a teenager in 2007, and I can't watch this tiny super serious rap vocalist walking around and waving his arms without tears

No. 295503

NFT music should go here too, it's all unlistenable (but in unique ways)

No. 295517

Something about Duran Duran covering Public Enemy of all groups is so bad that I can't help but like it.

No. 295531

No. 312029

boring libfem shit where the song felt much longer than it actually is because i kept waiting for it to end

No. 312040

another classic

No. 312043

You put this in the wrong thread, it’s amazing

No. 312045

a classic

No. 312046

No. 312047

No. 312144

Greetings fellow LeetStreet Boys enjoyer. Here's another masterpiece.

No. 312168

i kept hearing this song in youtube shorts animation memes, god the full thing is the cringiest shit

No. 312269

No. 312274

File: 1690987322978.jpeg (31.41 KB, 312x312, ACD3927D-09D6-46CD-AC55-5F5DA1…)

Midtown 120 Blues, I can’t attach a link because the neurotic troon who produced it (Thaemlitz/DJ Sprinkles) immediately DMCAs any instance of it being uploaded online, but it’s essentially just a deep house LP in which Thaemlitz whines about the trajectory of house music and the midtown scene in particular in his obnoxious, grating man voice. Fucking awful.

No. 316447

Lyrics are kind of funny but sounds like shit

No. 316468

Zappa definitely belongs here

No. 316469

No. 316482

This is great it goes hard. I love white trash jams, here’s another guilty pleasure of mine

No. 316592

wazzup killa clown

No. 316950

No. 317009

No. 317010

No. 317014

The most inexplicable song in metal history.

No. 317040


No. 317089

Etienne Sin never fails to make me laugh. He's semi cute though in a weird way

No fucking way is this real

No. 317207

>is this real
Yes it is, it's from a demo that has some other dumb tunes (and early versions of songs from Monotheist and Eparistera Daimones) but not as bad as Hip Hop Jugend, I don't even think anybody ever dared to ask Fischer what he was trying to do with this track.

No. 317405

the whole album is cringe

No. 317412

Still makes me laugh. Its like Sweet Child O Mine covered by The Shaggs

No. 317432

Shays not going home cheese on her phone seeeing hu tao duh duh duh duh
https://m.youtube.com/watch?si=WY90P7TryuCgZRai&v=6Yg9LykNobw&feature=youtu.be(learn to embed)

No. 317493

No. 317768

No. 317781

File: 1693023722826.jpg (1023.71 KB, 1440x1493, 7.jpg)

This song is objectively bad but it also reminds me of my OTP (Ben Shapiro/Jordan Peterson) so I feel like I have to like it. Imagine picrel singing it with his gay vocal fry

No. 318395

No. 318398

This was such an early 2010's nerd culture song, and I mean that in the best and worst way

No. 322095

No. 322302

horse horse horse

No. 322471

It's impossible for me to listen to it without laughing, I always forget how insanely bad and weird it is. I wish more kpop sounded like that, that would be much more fun

I will admit my crime and say that I genuinely find this one catchy kek

No. 322503

The fact that this was a hit makes me lose faith in humanity. Worse than Disco Duck.

No. 322506

For the record, the political drama is not why I dislike this song. I just hate the fact the he sings like he's constipated. The screamy singing reminds me a lot of an equally terrible song, Someone You Loved. Also, if you're trying to write a serious song, don't write lyrics about fat chicks and Fudge Rounds.

No. 322522

Don't care what anyone says. This song is just straight up annoying with those hiccup noise and singing about sex. Can't believe this was a hit.

No. 322545

That shit is catchy af though. I hated that I couldnt get out of my head for weeks.

No. 322558

No. 324450

the early 2000s were something

No. 324452

I still hate this song with every fiber of my being

No. 324459

Kek this is so bad that I genuinely love it

No. 324460

thank you for reminding me of Tila Tequila, I had such a massive crush on her as a kid. I hope she's doing well wherever she is

No. 324464

She has a thread on KF if you want to catch up with her antics (spoilers you're not going to like it).

No. 324465

nta but
>On May 6, 2016, Nguyen tweeted that Jewish-American political commentator Ben Shapiro should "be gassed and sent back to Israel" and later posted that "There are only two things in this world, for which I would gladly sacrifice my own life; the destruction of all Jews and preservation of the white race" and "You know what will help Asians earn respect? An Asian version of Adolf Hitler… I want that person to be me; I want to save the world from this Zionist disease!".[60][61]
>In June 2016, Tila Tequila accused Sarah Silverman and the Jews of killing Jesus before saying the comedian was next on a "celebrity sacrifice" list.[62]
>On November 19, 2016, she attended an alt-right National Policy Institute meeting celebrating the election of Donald Trump, organized by white supremacist Richard B. Spencer, and posted photos on social media of herself doing a Nazi salute.[63] One was posted to Twitter with the text "Seig heil!" [sic] and a raised hand.[64][65] On November 22, 2016, her account was suspended by Twitter.[66] Consequently, she joined Gab

No. 324490

No. 324491

take it back

No. 324514

Why is there tons of Japanese comments?

No. 324516

I'm assuming this became a minor meme in Japan for some reason.

No. 324589

"Van Canto's incredible a capella cover version of Metallica's Battery."

No. 324622

I think I prefer the Riley Reid rap.

No. 324625

Sexyy Red's entire discography but this song takes the cake. Still love her tho

No. 324667

Someone added a goth beat to Pound Town and I love it.

No. 324668

Got princess Diana by Nicki and Ice spice too!

No. 325072

Sick of hearing this shit on the radio. This fucking guy knows exactly who he's appealing to with this garbage.

No. 325074

What do you exactly love about a literal minstrel act getting pushed by white millionaires to promote prostitution to black girls?

No. 325095

All these songs sound the same.

No. 325722

Early kpop before it figured out its current formula.

No. 325739

I'd take this over the modern trying to be cool gangsta rappers shit

No. 325747

late 90s and early 2000s kpop is unbeatable. I really hate what it's become. A damn popularity contest and no one can sing anymore after 3rd gen.

No. 337831

No. 337855

wosop everybody in the thread tonight

No. 337904

Vocals are annoying af and lyrics are cringe

No. 337911

Guess you aren’t a teenage dirtbag

No. 338156

I'm old and clean.

No. 338800

No. 338807

Chrisean Rock speaks like she has brain damage (and she probably does).

No. 342488

No. 354859

No. 354909

Timeless classic

No. 354976

Why was her music so hyped? I remember this version being praised even though it was just shit.

No. 355006

Industry plant

No. 358311

>Garrett is bisexual and non-binary and uses singular they pronouns.[1][11] They were diagnosed with ADHD as an adult.[5] In 2021, Garrett earned a degree in music and music technology from Clark University.[1]

No. 358898

Awful troon-fronted "black metal". If you want avant-garde metal, listen to A Forest of Stars or Thy Catafalque. Liturgy is pretentious trash.

And of course Anthony Fagtano loves this fucking band lmfao.

No. 359833

No. 359943

No. 360179

File: 1709586088649.mp4 (15.65 MB, 1080x1920, 725814729686185_6145738307.mp4)

No. 362214

No. 371163

No. 371166

No. 371762

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