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No. 289402

a thread to discuss the Succession TV series.
Feel free to post about episodes, fave characters, ships, fanart and whatever else
Please be considerate when posting spoilers pertaining to season 4!

No. 289407

File: 1681446238074.jpg (82.08 KB, 617x933, tumblr_fe7b16be6e1cd8272ded870…)

so far s4 has really blown my expectations out of the water even though it's just barely started. from the beginning of the show everything from even the most subtle details are written so deliberately that I feel like there is never a boring moment… this show is insane. I really like how pretty much everyone gets their own moment where it seems like they are going to win everything before getting it ripped out of their hands lol. I think this season is turning me into a conhead, atm his moments have been my favorite in s4. though the insanity of the tom and greg dynamic has always been my favorite. sucks about nic braun being a pest though because I feel like I can't really enjoy greg scenes nearly as much anymore even though I still love the way he is written as a character. it makes the minor drama about jeremy strong's method acting look like basically nothing in comparison. shit like this is why I hesitate to fawn over 3d tbh

No. 289408

File: 1681446660866.gif (1.85 MB, 480x254, giphy (1).gif)

>I can't really enjoy greg scenes nearly as much anymore
Nothing can take my enjoyment of this scene away from me! tbh it helps that I never actually liked Greg. Laughed at him, yes, and he's a good character but he's cringe personified. I think I actually physically cringed when he kept calling himself and Tom the disgusting brothers lmao.

No. 289409

File: 1681447284372.gif (8.55 MB, 540x400, asdfgh.gif)

lmaooo for me personally the cringe is what makes me enjoy their duo in the first place but yeah I get what you mean. I think I just love cringe characters in general

No. 289439

File: 1681463526332.jpg (47.08 KB, 1000x563, KR.jpg)

No. 289442

File: 1681463918585.jpg (239.47 KB, 2862x1820, ztra1.jpg)

No. 289443

File: 1681463947696.jpg (3.87 MB, 5098x4078, c6r6bm4tda481.jpg)

No. 289444

File: 1681464004872.png (412.26 KB, 1200x1200, ABF1.png)

No. 289462

>nic braun being a pest
at least he is just mirroring what a pest he is in the show. if his character was meant to be the "good guy" then it was be more jarring, but let's be real Greg is definitely the kind of guy to do what Nicolaus did. i know what you mean though, i can no longer laugh when he is being pervy for comic effect.
thankfully he hasn't been in it too much so far and the rest of the show has been fucking amazing.

No. 289463

kek i love how recognisable this scene is

No. 289469

i really hope queen marcia will be back for the funeral. she's my absolute fave
i feel i'm in the small minortiy who absolutely loathers tom and greg (and doesn't care for ken either)
my faves are marcia, connor, shiv and roman. can't wait to see roman start his full villain arc lol

No. 289470

do you guys know that tweet thats like why is muriel (courage the cowardly dog) with that beast eustace she should be with me. thats me about shiv and tom respectively
anyway does anyone have any weird specific predictions for s4 eps to come.

No. 289492

File: 1681486616876.png (168.5 KB, 750x691, 542B385F-C68C-43D5-A647-0E9B39…)

i was already fond of connor but s4 turned me into a full blown conhead ngl.
>>289470 roman villain arc. he'll feel so guilty for what he said to logan before he died that he'll try to become logan 2.0

No. 289494

did you guys listen to the podcast for the latest episode? its worth listening to.

also i read somewhere in an interview that brian cox said he "wasn't like logan" and didnt know why people were scared of him irl–but then i listened to his interview on that latest podcast, uh yeah, I can see why people approach him that way.

No. 289495

>uh yeah, I can see why people approach him that way
kek. i haven't listened to the podcast (but i will, thanks for the recommendation) but any interview or appearance I've seen with him gives off a very strong personality and his booming voice must be terrifying in contexts where he is genuinely pissed off/angry IRL. sure, he is more of a humanitarian and an all-round more pleasant, good-humoured person than Logan but you can totally tell why people might be scared of him.

will give this a listen this evening!

No. 289559

File: 1681521920858.jpg (389.99 KB, 4096x2294, the fuckysucky brigade has arr…)

i actually think tom is more likely to have some kind of villain arc than roman going off the preview for the next episode. roman is going to launch a brand new rocket right onto mencken's dick before logan's body is even cold though. i like roman and gerri "together" too but it seems dead. at least mencken is less boring than swedish elon musk

No. 289560

I think kendall will have his tragic ending–also I think he's the next 'succession'

No. 289568

the real 'succession' was the friends we made along the way
i agree with tom villain arc, honestly fucking hate tom so much obvi his impotence is annoying as hell but whats really distasteful is his slimy brand of ruthlessness, i always thought he was like the opposite of the kids- emotional, thoughtful, and sensitive (relatively, and only to those he can get something from) in his language but absolutely cold, power hungry, and self interested in his character.

No. 289569

hm didnt phrase this so well because obviously the kids are deeply careless/thoughtless and (and shiv and roman are actively cruel) as a central part of their characters but i was thinking about how they all use language as an armour (most obviously in s1 kendall with his aggressive business jock lingo) but are still extremely emotional characters. ok idgaf about explaining what i meant anymore

No. 289623

>sensitive in his language but absolutely cold, power hungry, and self interested in his character
i get what you mean nona. that's a good observation. the kids are up front about being power hungry and like you say, it's a shield for what are some very sensitive and fragile emotions underneath. with tom, he doesn't even have the balls to be up front about what he wants (power) and his soft, sensitive exterior is all an act for what is a very empty shell underneath. i think the same could be said for greg too.

No. 289774

i cant wait for tomorrows episode. every week i look forward to succession

No. 289778

i don't know why but this post is very sweet. you are cute, anon.

what do you predict for the next episode? funeral episode i guess?

No. 289794

File: 1681610018467.jpg (240.15 KB, 1920x1277, me and con saw you from across…)

same here. a couple of months ago i wasn't even sure i'd bother watching the new season because i stopped engaging with fandom and using social media at all but now i'm practically counting down the days to each new episode fucking kek

>Synopsis: As Roman, Kendall, and Shiv navigate a misstep with Matsson, the Waystar team discusses a pivotal recommendation to the board ahead of the GoJo sale. Angling for position, Kendall seeks support from Stewy and Hugo

i find skarsgard's character pretty boring so i'm not really looking forward to seeing him in this episode, roman is much more interesting paired with/being manipulated by mencken. i think both kendall and tom are going to have a go at getting ceo, i also like the theory that tom could get greg to leak something about logan's death and i'm curious what was in his "logistics" folder. iirc cruises was briefly mentioned last episode so maybe that problem won't stay gone forever?

No. 289875

File: 1681638584227.jpg (44.94 KB, 722x401, cfbxvkf6l5981.jpg)

It’s time for Roman Roy to bring him into the fold

No. 290130

File: 1681686817711.jpg (61.01 KB, 828x823, tumblr_68a5c53aa0e0e59feacd696…)

i'm not ready for ep4 anons

ayrt and i didn't use the villain arc for tom bc in my book the slimy two faced bastard has been a villain from the start. and yeah roman is going to go down the daddy's little nazi route and hop on mecken's dick lol
you explained exactly why i've always hated tom tbh. he's a nasty piece of work underneath theat uwu good boi façade. the roy sibs were born into that cutthroat world and became nasty bastards as a defence mechanism. tom chose that life
brian for waystar ceo 2k23

No. 290175

File: 1681703048336.png (119 KB, 899x592, iqEeSpl.png)

strikethrough or underline?

No. 290268

ayrt thank u and yeah i agree except tom is at least vaguely intelligent. greg is stupid and pathetic on top of all that…

ep4 spoiler ahead anyway nonas how are we feeling shivs current situation will wind up? personally i love abortion and divorce. feeling kind of iffy about this plotline though, on the one hand i get annoyed when this is made a central part of a womans character development but on the other hand it kind of is something straight women go through. really worried itll be mishandled and if we do get abortion era itll be framed as her like throwing away any chance of a normal life which imo would be cheap and tone deaf. would be interesting if she keeps it and we get a gone girl sort of youre trapped in here with me thing from her, i wonder if this is something specified in the prenup?

No. 290269

if we dont get abortion im killing myself…

No. 290301

i feel mega bad for shiv bc she has been sidelined by her male relatives AGAIN and now it looks like she's getting a roylet on the way… and piece of shit top is trying to manipulte her into coming back to him because he needs a new roy protector… she sould dtake a page ot of based marcia' playbook and just kick them all to the curb
i think the succ writers are too smart to do a generic ass plotiline with her pregnncey. i don't think it will be presentzd at somethign positive. they've been really good at showing the kind of misogyny shiv faces o far and i'm sure the pregnancy will play into that. After all the first time it was mentioned it was tom trying to cintrol her in s3.

i doubt we'll ever know. If you look closely at the doc there's a slo a mention of his sister rose, i think it says he wants to get buried with a picture of her. i hope we'll finally get some deets on her (and connnor's ma)
also funny how connor of all people stays winning. get that penthouse king

No. 290304

File: 1681741233142.jpg (35.64 KB, 720x361, 0f38s8i4f0ta1.jpg)

No. 290308

Tom was so funny to watch this episode, going from person to person trying to salvage his position. hilarious

No. 290309

can you spoiler that? it's in the OP ffs
god yes he's such a worm. i hope he doesn't get to shiv
sarah snook was pregnant during filming so maybe that's why they wrote it in?

No. 290313

Apparently each episode = 1 day this season. So 10 days total.
So the matter of Shiv being pregnant really only has bearing on her relationship with Tom, at least that's what I'm guessing.

No. 290324

is it so hard to use a spoiler? this ep hasn't even aired in the uk yet

No. 290330

likely is a contributing factor.
personally i hope the trailer scene of tom saying youve hurt me more than you could possibly imagine boo hoo whatever is a reaction to her having an abortion and only telling him afterwards i will be popping bottles.i hate tom so fucking much (mcfadyen had a really excellent performance with his disgusting slimy little lovebomb on the stairs, skin crawling shit)
unfortunately i am getting the sense that this season will be kendall doomed to repeat logan and (way more tragic and tortured IMO shiv for best character ever) shiv doomed to repeat caroline.

i kind of want shiv to leak the s1 drowning incident to fuck over kendall. i do wish they could all be friends but unfortunately i can never forgive any male character for how they have treated my queen this episode…

No. 290425

ol' tip-toe tommy

No. 290452

literally why would anyone who hasn't watched the new episode come to this thread?

No. 290454

File: 1681776414929.png (38.46 KB, 1190x382, Screen Shot 2023-04-17 at 5.06…)

Ok, perhaps… Roman is the Succession.

No. 290463

File: 1681778906870.png (50.47 KB, 661x618, succession test.png)

I'm bored so I took a succession personality test. my social awkwardness and shyness lands me at a tie between roman and greg, the two biggest pervs. great. test is here if anyone else is bored too: https://www.idrlabs.com/succession/test.php

No. 290477

because someoen might wanna discuss previous episodes? And not everyone is able to view an ep the second it comes out in the us?
it's not that hard
maybe the kid isn't tom's? seems they've been separated for a while. but she really diesn't seem happy about it

No. 290485

here is how roman can still win…
ooh dark horse theory. imo very possible. only time will tell
mfw 70% logan 65% shiv/roman. is there something wrong with me girls…

No. 290644

i like this, it's very cute

No. 291157

File: 1682046306707.png (94.74 KB, 966x925, succession.png)

gross, greg sucks

No. 291182

File: 1682059645402.png (95.74 KB, 966x925, succession.png)

christ i'm awful

No. 291201

File: 1682071311392.png (86.82 KB, 966x925, succession.png)

I am profoundly unambitious kek I spend half my time watching Succession thinking 'why the fuck do these people even bother working, they're already rich'

No. 291202

File: 1682071377844.png (86.82 KB, 966x925, succession.png)

I am profoundly unambitious kek I spend half my time watching Succession thinking 'why the fuck do these people even bother working, they're already rich'

No. 291223

File: 1682076580306.png (92.34 KB, 966x925, succ test.png)

Damn why the results are so high. At least I'm almost anti-Tom

No. 291254

File: 1682093724025.jpeg (112.07 KB, 1125x1311, 9D23C4EA-79E6-41BC-B6D7-E22D46…)

there is something seriously wrong with me

No. 291256

you can't question it too deeply, it's a sitcom. it's like saying "how come Homer hasn't been fired yet and how come those freaks in Always Sunny haven't been killed or jailed yet"

No. 291259

went "yikes" when i saw your roman score. are you okay?

No. 291283

Disgusting bitch

No. 291289

File: 1682108098567.jpeg (79.38 KB, 828x956, 0F70C0C1-29F1-4B7F-BC7E-BEA34A…)

I have issues I guess

No. 291333

File: 1682131050757.jpg (214.56 KB, 1920x1080, kill.jpg)

No. 291501

same as mine. guess we are the disgusting sisters

No. 291531

File: 1682218434696.jpg (250.37 KB, 1365x2048, bde karl.jpg)

forgive me nonnies but i feel like this thread is the right place to ask: which character do you think has the biggest dick? and who has the smallest? alternatively rank them:



No. 291565

gross. go back to /g/

No. 291718

File: 1682293012071.jpg (258.6 KB, 1242x1232, tumblr_4ae31a78be65f42a9b8afc8…)

who's ready for succession sunday

No. 291750

File: 1682306840051.webm (1.89 MB, 1000x558, Untitled.webm)

seemingly good(?) episode for shiv this week. although i'm now concerned Mattson may be just using her in the power player against the brothers

No. 291806

god tom and greg annoy me so much. too cringe

No. 291833

just shiv period i literally feel lightheaded from how fucking attractive sarah snook is anytime shes on screen like.
i lold at the ending tbh. its hard to tell what kind of guy mattson is, like is he genuinely weirdly naive and coasting by on charisma and aggression or is it all a play… this episode actually made me come around on his character, i didnt give a fuck before

No. 292057

mattson sending frozen bricks of his blood… such a silicon valley sociopath move
he's definitely trying to get her on side but I think she is getting what she wants out of it too. maybe she sensed the brothers were trying to tank it on purpose and that's why she gave the subtle suggestions to mattson. she is such a dark horse i love her.
I also wonder if him telling Shiv about the blood thing was a way to try and make her fear him or perhaps just a test (he mentions having terrible boundaries so this might have been his way of testing them).
i don't think it's all a play, or any kind of 4d chess thing. i think he really is just driven by his own pettiness and ego.

No. 292068

the latest eps are just making me hate kendall more and more.
he's already high on his own ego despite not having any of logan's business sense. and he does his best to shideline shiv at every turn (whereas roman at least keeps trying to include her.)
tbh i never got why so many fans act like kendall is their soft uwu babygirl because he's a misogynistic retard who's most likely end up being just like logan while tanking the business. also he's fug

No. 292155

File: 1682464948348.gif (5.77 MB, 540x540, 1hcgzc3pi2wa1.gif)

imagine a night out with Shiv

No. 292175

good take about mattson. youre so smart and thoughtful anon…
she gave + ate, as she does in any scene shes in
i agree with you about kendall although i do understand kendall girls when hes losing and devastated and so pathetic and nothing man, its like cute aggression almost, i dont find him attractive at all and i want to hurt him for fun but i do understand his depressed man slay when things are going badly for him. he just really sucks when things are going his way kek

No. 292179

File: 1682474747276.jpg (99.32 KB, 1280x720, 5jikro0wp.jpg)

this episode had a lot going on. i can't believe krank (the superior succ fujo pairing) is basically canon.

No. 292299

krank makes me laugh so fucking hard im obsessed with fujo delusion for this one. peace and love on planet krank.

No. 292355

I always loved the way they loved

No. 292425

krank is based. i hope they elope to that greek island
i don't even want to hurt him for fun tvh. i jsut hope he dies so i don't have to see his chincel face anymore and it guves some good angst to actually worthwile characters

No. 292435

File: 1682556744518.jpg (159.34 KB, 1584x1055, karlsmile.jpg)

my favourite krank delusion is that they get together after karl breaks up with jamie laird the banker (after the hostage situation with roman in season 2) and frank's abusive ex logan dies. in the end frank will join karl on his greek island and karl will buy shares of wonder bread so he's never short of sandwiches. other fujo pairings like tom/greg and kendall/stewy (boring) have been ignored so far in favour of krank (almost universally loved) this season

No. 292518

File: 1682603066969.gif (8.33 MB, 426x320, 1043A842-4D24-4661-91E0-F68912…)

great headcanons lmao. accepted. tbh the execs are based, gerri should get woth marcia to fleece the kids and karolina can elope with matsson's ex or sth
also i'm not over marcia immediately selling connor the house then wanting to stick logan in a kilt. queen shit

No. 292543

I love shiv

No. 292589

Anyone else doing a rewatch from the beginning? Or watching for the first time?

No. 292590

The way she slaps the shit out of him

No. 292600

kek i love the pic nona

No. 292625

i can't help but wonder how karl would react if frank started sending him litres of his frozen blood

No. 292705

WE love shiv.

No. 292864

File: 1682733041001.jpg (60.01 KB, 1170x660, 0.jpg)

how do anons itt predict succession will end? i've seen people saying they think kendall will kill himself but after logan's death i don't personally see another main character dying. i don't see it ending well for any of the kids though and anything like tom and/or greg ending up winning would feel stupid to me at this point. i've been loving connor and queen willa this season though so i hope they're okay.

No. 292867

i think either something rly bad happens to kendall (suicide or OD or some shit) or he ends up becoming logan 2.0. i don't think jesse armstrong will want to to do a very definite ending with all loose ends neatly tied up.
most likely the cycle of abuse will continue with someone else as logan
or maybe waystar will implode (kendall is already making completely retarded decisions on a whim) and the kids will be left with no purpose
also i hope connor messes up the election for menken or something
anyway yeah no happy ending. It's pretty obvious the kids are too fucked up

No. 292868

i reallllyyyyyyy want him to kill himself soooo bad but he probably wont, he'll just become logan
i think waystar imploding or being left on the cusp of implosion, or matson basically ousting all the roys from the board/company is more likely that i first thought and could be in line with that thing macfadyen said about the ending being "slightly optimistic" or w/e (iirc)- like the kids are suddenly cut off from that insane world and have to actually build their own lives away from logans ghost. that would be nice i think though could also probably catalyse a kendall suicide moment

No. 292869

without meaning to sound too morbid, how would you want number one boy to an hero?

No. 292882

I think the funniest most cathartic ending would be if the company imploded (like anons speculating above mentioned) but the most realistic imo is Kendall fully becoming Logan and running the company. Though I think that this rides on the siblings staying together as a team because every time they’ve fucked up so far this season individually one of them picks up the pieces ..but also the status quo will continue to reinforce itself no matter what they do I don’t know!! I don’t know and I’m terrified to find out! I love this show gosh I love businessmen standing around and talking. I hope krank goes canon and Tom and Greg both end up in mascot suits in a park together and also dead in a ditch

No. 292890

I don't think he'll deliberately an heri but i could see him making a terminally retarded business decision that results in losses for waystar and/or him getting the boot. and then he goes on a drug binge and bam
he's the ine who's shittiest to his siblings so he could jsut become logan 2.0. but he doesn't have any business sense, he's just a bipolar junkie hugh on his own ego. look at him being ceo for less than a day and already deciding to tank the gojo deal on a whim. Even tho he needs the $$$ from the sale because they overbid on PGN. god i hate this chincel

No. 293170

building jump or drowning would be the most symbolically rich but drug od would be the most realistic as per >>292890

No. 293171

da, now you've got me imagining something like him getting high in the bath and drowning there. i love roman and shiv too but kendall was my original favourite for exactly the reasons >>292890 hates him kek

>mfw the final shot of the show is tom and greg watching krank's plane take off for the greek island from one of the parks

No. 293541

File: 1682964315057.png (1.38 MB, 1360x1204, 264AF7FD-4A25-48AF-A529-9669DD…)

the roy boys have no idea what the fuck they're doing oh my god

No. 293722

File: 1683054773099.jpg (44.05 KB, 975x560, shivyshivyshivyyy.jpg)

god i hate kendall and roman even more after this episode. also, i have only one hope for this season and it's that i don't want shiv to settle down with tom. he's a snake. he is out of options and obviously sucking up to her because without her he's a goner. even in the last episode when he and greg went inside shiv's crying room, greg was setting up their "options for tonight". i can't stand how everywhere online people are falling for his good guy act

No. 293785

I think she's going to ally with Mattson
Roman is fucking up by following Kendall's lead

No. 293941

seething tears streaming down my face i hate tom so much shiv should be with ME!!!!!!!!!!

No. 293952

yeah this, but fully without irony kek

No. 294059

i know this is a tom hate thread but i hate mattson more, sorry nonnies. maybe it's because i'm autismo/bpd and see parts of myself in him but i still hope he commits sudoku after being exposed on the succ universe version of lolcow. or something

No. 294160

im not being ironic at all im obsessed with her

No. 294539

File: 1683395507545.gif (8.02 MB, 540x280, 3F91A803-739F-46FC-BC81-7E9178…)

and you're right. sarah snook is so damn attractive and shiv is such an amazing character

No. 294620

File: 1683432777584.jpeg (107.44 KB, 1083x1055, 46DDBD1A-7B98-4654-9FD4-66B7F9…)

hard agree. fellow shivsweeties I (heart) you…she is the best ever. I would lay down my life for her and kill every one in the world just to make her happy for one single second

No. 294959

so my fellow shiv stans, how do we feel about ep 7? shivorce lets gooooo

No. 294963

roman is going to implode during the funeral episode, guessing when he sees logan's corpse and in the eulogy speech. everything is being set up

No. 295049

I loved her in this turtleneck holy shit
RELIEVED I was terrified she was actually gonna get back together with that rubber chicken of a man!!
I want roman to have the biggest, messiest mental breakdown of all time

No. 295113

i wanted tom to jump off that balcony SO BAD

No. 295218

File: 1683652067929.gif (6.48 MB, 386x300, C44C7910-F8AC-4A69-91DA-8426D9…)

shiv should have brained him with that scorpion paperweight. the absolute gall of that abusive manipulative piece of shit moid.
roman is definitely heading towards a meltdown and i'm here for it lmao. kendall probably is just going to go full logan

connor is the only sib that seems to be doing well and i hope it lasts lmao. get that one percent buddy

No. 295318

none of the siblings have truly processed the death
Connor is also the outsider and had his mom locked up by his narc dad, and Wila doesn't love him as we saw in the previous season. It's sad but he doesn't have everything in shambles like Ken

No. 295591

during that tomshiv fight scene i was half expecting one of them to leap over the balcony kek, maybe i'm a dumbass who has no idea what kind of show succession is to think something like that. then i started wondering if roman was going to kill himself at logan's funeral or something, wtf is wrong with me

No. 295594

I'm on my first watch and is it me or season 3 is really draggy? I don't know, I enjoyed 1 and 2 and it almost feels like 3 becomes more of a regular drama with occasional ridiculous moments that I seriously have to suspend my disbelief with. Characters that I enjoyed before (Shiv, Roman, Tom, Kendall) have bored or annoyed me through the season or felt really redundant. Does season 4 pick up?

No. 295662

season 3 was pretty repetitive yeah. The last two eps are excellent tho

No. 295966

File: 1683947525189.jpg (50.38 KB, 630x928, 1883f3323d83d968b0c2ca4f9727eb…)

do any nonas itt see shiv as a secret terf? or do you think she'd be an unassuming libfem?

No. 295983

everything about that scene was intense but when shiv said you don't deserve me, you never did before walking away… chefs kiss
I could see her a crypto terf. She was openly a democrat and woke to contrast her father's image before she started intimidating rape victims. She isn't a feminist character at all imo.

No. 295992

She's neither but finds whole gender thing ridiculous and laughs at ugly men in dresses. At the same time, she probably one of those who'd say "I don't need feminism, I'm strong enough on my own, and this, this, and that doesn't concern me, this and this never happened to me, this and that never happens to you if you…" etc. because she was growing up with her brothers and was most influenced by her father, works in male-dominated industry, and doesn't even have any girlfriends. She wants to be perceived as equal and is most likely in denial that she might be not, and that certain things might not go as she wants because of her sex. She pretends that sex doesn't have any impact on anything. She's too privileged and "has" to be cynical so the struggles of others don't really concern her. But she can pretend to have certain leanings depending on who she talks to or what (public) image is more beneficial to create, only it's unlikely she would pretend to be an avid supporter.
(there could be something contradicting what I've just said in previous seasons that I've forgotten)

No. 296026

best shiv gender politics take. every time she's treated the way other women are in the series it shatters her, she felt that they were just women and she was a person, and when she's reminded that she'll never be anything but a woman in the misogynistic eyes of her father, her brothers, and the whole corporate world it kills her
agree that shes explicitly somewhat of a political chameleon based on what benefits or conveniences her in a given social situation. i think she also tries to have some priciples (her democrat schtick and how she does tend to be the one to call out the right wing insanity first), but because principles are antithetical to corporate success it's not really possible for her to hold them.

she throws other women under the bus in the hopes that men might grant her some modicum of power or respect. sad! i could fix her……..

No. 296201

im never gonna like connor, since he is a sex buyer and i found his initial "courtship" of willa to be… intense. pushy, obviously, but hes got this dark energy i cant vibe with event if buying sexual favors wasnt a no go with me.
that being said, i love that for a single moment, willa became the most important person in the United States. im pretty sure her standin' by her man just saved america from a jordan peterson presidency.

No. 296434

File: 1684109674630.jpg (58.08 KB, 800x606, co.jpg)

it's okay, i like him enough for both of us.

No. 296489

>>296434 you're so real fellow conhead!!
as for the new episode, im so glad that i feel my hatred of roman is even more justified.

No. 296527

shiv is the protagonist of this season. period

No. 296678

File: 1684203291927.jpeg (29.06 KB, 828x206, F5CE67D2-95A9-44C3-ADFB-9D7EA0…)

shiv should get to kill every single man in her entourage. all of them
also fuck kendall. fucking wimpy ass chincel

No. 296690

>tfw i'm only now starting season three
missed out on all the hype

No. 296787

File: 1684278893829.jpg (843.26 KB, 3024x4032, AVtwhUY.jpg)


No. 296800

ken is michael corleone. will win the business game but lose the personal

No. 296806

shiv is wrong to be standing by matsson and i really hope part of her knows it. roman and kendall cut her out but matsson has also promised her absolutely nothing and is probably hoping she'll fuck him

No. 297060

I'd be surprised if it completely backfires because her brothers already have the upper hand and they're being framed like villains. If it does then…what else can be done with her character? There's not much time left and she's dealing with the tom shit, a baby, etc. It almost seems like it's getting a lot more likely someone else will usurp the company during the roy sibling's fighting.

No. 297687

File: 1684639886963.jpg (70.86 KB, 1117x697, 90.jpg)

what are we predicting succ nonnies?

No. 297688

Roman does a really weird sex thing during his dad's funeral. What? It's absolutely on brand for him.

No. 297694

boner during the eulogy would make me LOL, but i think itll be more along the lines of sudden complete or BARELY restrained emotional breakdown from the sound of that tweet
i just feel so bad for her… like what choice does she have. there is no way for her to access the ceo role but shes still scrambling for any possible foothold

No. 297876

fucking kek i wish he'd get a boner during the eulogy. if only we were so lucky. personally i'd rather see him get really angry than upset/cry if we're heading for a breakdown

No. 297883

File: 1684719409446.gif (9.34 MB, 540x430, tumblr_1937e740d3833cef66d7013…)

haven't started watching it yet bc i'm waiting for it to show up on the high seas and im not reeady tbh
my bet: roman will surprise evrytone by doing an ok job of the eulogy THEN collapse. kendall will speedrun becoming logan 2.0
also based marcia will win

No. 297979

no kendall rap at the eulogy? 0/10
jk but he sure is turning into a dead eyed soulless corporate shark. Michael corleone without the looks.
the wives unionizing
was amazing tho

No. 298907

How does everyone feel about Episode 9? I didn't expect to see Marcia, Kerry and all the side hoes to sit together at the front. I knew Rome would breakdown but it was pretty funny when the video started circulating.

No. 299206

Karl smiling and shaking his head at 00:55 and again at 01:59 really made me kek. That old scrote is savage as fuck this season.

No. 299345

File: 1685323252978.png (143.61 KB, 736x521, 92B75477-F2BA-4B2E-9328-D66D6C…)

we ready for the finale?
i know im not

No. 299416

File: 1685364694034.jpg (23.95 KB, 400x583, its never been more over.jpg)


No. 299419

File: 1685370921677.png (173.77 KB, 800x1000, 7E9ACB26-A75B-42CD-A45E-088F34…)

i knowwwww.
she can still win… she can still kill tom… i want to believe

No. 299493

File: 1685405700771.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.28 MB, 1920x1080, 2023-05-29 17-11-21.webm)

Kek, I really wish the series stopped at Roman tonguing the cheese. All was well

Also, side note, did Roman actually like Gerri and not just for weird sex reasons? I never thought he did though for some reason the camera focusing on him when Gerri came up on the screen made me wonder. Also, I feel like the only real winners were the people that ship these two. Congratulations.

No. 299495

File: 1685406009606.jpeg (490.47 KB, 2048x1942, 6D5D3564-EE7A-44D3-9E34-3D3B4F…)

He really did love her !! This is from the script, there’s a lot of really interesting details that didn’t make the cut - nuance and implication is the whole structure of the show so I understand why they got rid of some of the most explicitly raw moments but knowing that they exist warms my heart..I just saw this on Twitter but I really want to get my hands on them, I will drop $100 idgaf this series owns my world

No. 299496

File: 1685406502841.jpeg (87.56 KB, 828x1358, AD76CAE7-6FB5-499C-BEAD-3E5FEB…)

a lot of ships won lol. stewy confirmed gayboi. connor and willa somehow getting an ok ending. these two getting their golden parachutes.
sucks to be the sibs but peace and love on planet krank

No. 299497

I'm dying to read these, omg. Can't find anything but snippets anywhere! I think they might just the available in the UK right now? I need more Kendall content to cope with the finale

No. 299505

the scripts for the first 3 season can be jought from faber in the uk. the scripts for s4 has a july release date it seems
i'm sure they'll end up on libgen soon enough tho
roman and gerri had a fascinating dynamic. im mostly a shiv stan but roman was a compelling character (i hate kendall tho).
tbh i love that out of all the siblings connor ended up more or less winning. also the dinner scene was so good

No. 299515

oh, wow, you're right now that I think about it!! Praise be planet krank.
I thought I grew out of seedy characters like roman but I found him riveting. I was disappointed with him having more of a political edgelord arc in S4 (well, until the funeral killed it).
this is incredible! I wish penisgate wasn't their concluding arc. On the upside seeing Gerri doing good and probably living rent-free in his head is amazing. Also I don't wanna be a devil's advocate though…I feel like the show had less qualms being absurd and daring early on and it started being more reserved. Am I imagining things?

No. 299529

File: 1685413828425.png (489.64 KB, 941x1047, CBC51DFD-D2DC-4DB6-9DA3-AFD38C…)

s4 was decidedly less comedic than the rest but i guess they really had to up the stakes fir the final season. else it would have been too repetitive
they really chose to go full tragedy but i'm peronsally bot complaining. it had a lot of parallels with the godfather too which is rly cool imo. (picrel)
i also winder if they were inspird by the damned by visconti but maybe that's just me

No. 299541

Definitely in season 4 they leaned heavily into the drama, before it came out I was hoping it would still be balanced with comedy/satire but after it was revealed it was the last season I figured it would have to be more intense - it ended great without there being a “conclusion” to the character’s stories so there’s plenty of room for speculation which I love…and I do wish there had been 5 seasons to fit with the 5 act play motif but I really hope they don’t make any kind of spin off or anything, i feel like it would ruin something perfect and also I never want to see Greg on screen again unless he immediately gets hit by a truck and dies after 1 second

No. 299572

and thats exacty why iwant to kill myself
kek say that. nic braun cant act i hate greg i wish tom had beat him to death, would have almost redeemed tom for me. just kidding ill always hate him too but at least hes a fantastic character and mattmac is an excellent actor

No. 299574

The good thing about Succession ending is that Nicholas Braun will never find a job again.

No. 299623

100% Nic Braun was just playing his cringey self

No. 299627

Amen to that! He apparently hates being associated with Greg too but that’s all he’ll ever be known as lol. Plus he’s aging terribly and rapidly, maybe karma exists after all

No. 300017

why? what happened? i thought he was a funny comic relief character. the wasabi scene made me laugh so hard this season

No. 300028

NTA but he's apparently a huge creep and sleeps with underage girls

No. 300169

fuck shiv

No. 300392

What she did was fair.

No. 300397

i watched an interview with him and was shocked at how similar he acts to greg. he's not acting at all kek.
in the end, the siblings all wanted to win Logan's love. this was her last chance to feel worthy as well as securing her future for her baby. the sad thing is, not only did she sacrifice her brother's mental stability forever, she also is stuck in the exact loveless marriage where none of the parents want the kid, like her mother and father

No. 300416

File: 1685880079199.jpeg (97.2 KB, 828x816, 967F4EA6-6D7C-41D1-ADA0-39CADD…)

shiv is based and she was right. fuck kendall, soulless abusive moidlet

No. 300471

File: 1685908722355.jpg (206.54 KB, 1636x1884, FxptQXJXwAICuJ0.jpg)

Love/hate him at the same time tbh

No. 300479

File: 1685909938867.png (187.08 KB, 1368x1515, image.png)

you and me both

No. 300520

File: 1685926407352.jpg (26.11 KB, 540x311, they say french is the languag…)

i love how my king karl is bold enough to caress the knots out of his lover's stressed back using only his moobs in full view of everyone. happy pride month indeed

No. 300539

idk I think what she did was better for kendall in the long run (he would have snapped eventually). I'm surprised people think his best chance at thriving would be as CEO.

No. 300545

based accurate shiv take. SAD!!!!!!!
she deserved better…..

No. 300592

File: 1685956640022.png (81.07 KB, 720x405, 5EC18EC1-E706-4BD9-A182-5B11F9…)

Fucking love him. Masochistic broken boy who seeks women like Gerri, strong, to lean on. Acts like a little kid when he’s mentally weak, sits on the floor, wears a kids shirt, cries. Only feels love through pain which is why he provokes people to hit him all the time, without fighting back. Gerri was the first one who made him feel like someone cared and believed in him without inflicting pain. I’m so obsessed with them.

No. 300598

File: 1685961067544.jpg (26.61 KB, 1234x347, 324567685764342.jpg)

My partner thinks this is Roman casually brining up that he and Shiv have done it before, disguised as his usual act. I didn't pick up on it at all and still feel like it's just Roman saying stuff to irritate her.

In a way I could see it because they are all so messed up and well versed in suppressing trauma, never addressing fucked up events and gaslighting each other about whether or not something actually happened or was that bad. The dog cage story comes to mind. Discuss in small groups.

No. 300608

Your partner is a coomer who watches incest porn. Discuss

No. 300635

your partner is gross. roman makes incest and sex joles about literally everyone but out of all of them he'd bone his sister? weird assumption. yuck
same. i want to tell him it will all be ok but also give him a good kick in the shins
exactly. plus he's been making stupid ass business decisons so he would probably have sunk royco fast.
tbh i din't think she did it for kendall's sake but jsut seeing him turn into their dad must have been hard to stomach.
then again i fkn hate kendall

No. 300898

in the nicest possible way your partner sounds like a redditor of a certain soy persuasion. i'm not against incest pairings i actually love them because i'm kind of gross and it's only fiction after all but the dynamic between shiv and kendall is much more compelling in that context. roman/gerri is probably the best roman pairing, romencken is fun, roman/lukas is the worst (literally just roman/some "hot" guy)

No. 301101

File: 1686191338872.jpeg (216.67 KB, 828x1314, IMG_9798.jpeg)

sooooo fucking tired of seeing pickme ass takes about how evil selfish shiv and poor widdle kendall in the finale.
is shiv selfish? Yeah. but she didn't vite no JUST to hurt/spite kendall, she did it bc a) she saw kendall turn into their father (cf. feet on the desk) and b) kendall had proven time and agin that everytime he got power he always made a point of icing her out. and she knew that with him as ceo she would 100% get sidelined yet again.
like yeah shiv has complicated motives abd shit buti'm tored of kendall stans acting like she's an evil witch and he never did her wrong ever

No. 301108

File: 1686195621408.png (14.19 KB, 2048x2048, jhprtjotrpjhrop.png)

Waystar GoJoCo currently celebrating its first pride month with a (closeted) bisexual CEO

No. 301112

kind of true but i hate how this infantilises her so much. like imo it was more like what you said, but i do think hurting kendall was a big part of it, like vengeance for the absolutely horrible way her brothers treated her throughout s4 and probably their whole lives. in the board meeting she finally was in a position in which she had tangible power, of course she was going to actually use it after being snubbed and sidelined consistently.
its horrible and tragic how the most stable and best option for her and her child is being locked in a loveless, angry marriage with an unstable worm man who betrays her at the drop of a hat and will never support or even care at all about her ambitions and desires, but that is the position shes in. its a testament to how awfully her brothers have treated her that she willingly choses to go with fucking tom, and it shows that logically the closest to power you can get as a woman, even a very ambitious and capable woman, is fucking/childbearing for the ceo.

No. 301124

the scene of ken holding roman's head against his shoulder made me horny I'm sorry. Not because I like incest I think I just like seeing people hurt Roman.

No. 301163

Tumblr users famously have low media literacy.

No. 302101

I find it very strange, like, are they arguing against the phantom minority of people that think her actions are entirely heroic? also I can tell they martyr and infantize kendall bc they compare her to logan even though the only person that actually acted abusive and not just cruel in that scene was kendall, what he did to roman was fucked up and it was a taste of the kind of ceo kendall would have been when people denied his authority/entitlement. It's bizarre that person calls defending her misogynistic when they act like her having any dark feelings makes her logan.

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