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File: 1683817488603.jpg (154.16 KB, 1280x720, totk.jpg)

No. 295708

Since the new game comes out tomorrow, I figured I'd make a thread for it, but all zelda games can be discussed.

No. 295735

I'm a newfag to the series. I have time during the summer so I plan to finally play BotW and this. Is it a bad idea to play them if I have not ever played a Zelda game, other than a bit of the remake of Link to the Past?

No. 295737

absolutely, nonny! i only played minish cap, spirit tracks and phantom hourglass and i'm absolutely not knowledgeable about the lore (like the splitting timelines and stuff) but i loooved botw.

No. 295815

Manifesting that my preorder arrives tomorrow so I can waste all my free time this weekend playing!!! If I have to wait until next week to play I might just rope

There's lore that connects the games but unless they're direct sequels like botw and totk the story lines are independent and you don't need to worry about missing anything.

No. 295824

I'm so insanely excited for this I'm gonna actually wake up at the crack of dawn tomorrow to go buy it

No. 295831

File: 1683854275515.png (1.55 MB, 1280x1280, IMG_0721.png)

Sigh I have an online class tonight when the game releases and it doesn’t end until 1.5 hours after. I’m going to play immediately as soon as the zoom call ends

No. 295835

Digital version comes out 9 pm my time I'm so hype

No. 295836

File: 1683856310241.png (13.43 KB, 216x171, 1683768566501929.png)

>tfw just beat final boss
won't spoil anything but I loved it, it fixed all the main problems I had with breath of the wild and overall felt way more like a real zelda game with a retarded yet charming gimmick that really appeals to me as someone who loved scribblenauts as a kid. am currently mass producing autism machines and staring at links perfect ass in the yiga armor, life is good.

please remember to use ascend-kun, nonnies. thousands will be filtered by ascend puzzles, crossing the lake in the beginning area, and the depths. obviously doesn't matter what order you do the temples but rito ability hard carries just like in botw and has the chillest boss.

No. 295838

File: 1683857066779.jpg (Spoiler Image,35.4 KB, 402x458, 2023051121014500-CC47F0DEC75C1…)

also plz post coords when you get armors

here is my leon…k

No. 295840

Pretty much every Zelda game has a standalone story, so you don't need to know any lore going into them.

No. 295934

I am obsessed with how good TOTK has turned out to be so far. I've played 50+ hours of the leak and there's still tons of content for me to find and do, and everything is just so much better than BOTW. It really blows it out of the water imo.

No. 295958

I'm really conflicted on whether or not I want to play TOTK. I really liked BOTW but this seems really samey. I know there are multiple maps, but idk. Might watch a bit on twitch before deciding, but I feel like the only interest i have in this one is to try and relive the feeling of playing botw for the first time

No. 295965

this is like a fully realized version of botw. if you liked it at all, you'll like totk. if you hated it, you will hate totk slightly less. it fixes most of the problems critics had with botw to varying degrees but not all of them. this is the first game I've spent every possible moment playing since botw.

you can ride the dragons

No. 295968

I think more than enough has changed to warrant getting it if you liked the first. I just went back to kakariko village because I wanted to check up on Paya and the rest, and I was shocked at how much was going on there and how much there was to do!I think I'm probably gonna be there alll day tomorrow. So much has changed that even if the landscape is familiar to you, you'll have plenty of suprises and new people to meet.

No. 295969


No. 295972

wait til you pull the fucking master sword if you decide to pick the game up. that and the final boss were a baste and ludopilled all time high for the series imo, loved it.

No. 296007

File: 1683974656725.png (93.15 KB, 222x552, i-have-a-lot-of-thoughts-see-i…)

I want to fuck the head archeologist at kakariko village and i really hope he gets more story than just "he's a good archeologist lol". But no spoilers please

No. 296097

The second i saw him I knew someone would say this/I’d be seeing a lot of fanart very soon

No. 296104

Beyond retarded ?, sorry, but…honestly, I'm wondering if I should play TOTK on emulator instead of my switch lite. I am enjoying it, though the resolution isn't great, the battery runs out quickly, and I'm starting to realize the world is super beautiful and I can't really fully enjoy it on mobile. I do have a tank of a gaming PC and a controller I vastly prefer. I'm also just 40 minutes in.

I am getting sunk cost feelings though. I got the collector's edition, kek. I shouldn't have unsealed it or gotten it if I was just gonna resell it and play on emulator.

No. 296111

ayrt, i impulsively bought a digital copy after watching my friend play, i played for seven hours straight today kek

definitely enjoyable, glad i decided to buy it.

No. 296138

File: 1684021227299.webm (3.22 MB, 806x574, 1683648189344141.webm)

I'd say go for it, apparently it runs better on yuzu than anything else available

No. 296206


No. 296207

the bait and switch between the erection of the sidlink yaoi statue and then that immediately after did make me kek through the tears. brittany venti's self insert won.

No. 296449

what's everyone's favorite features in TOTK so far? I love that you can use time reversal to go up fallen pieces of rubble. I also really love the dondons and frox they are such cute ass lil fellas

No. 296452


I think the zonai device gacha machines are adorable, and REALLY come in handy for when I want to break the game or bypass some obstacle the wrong way.

No. 296456

The new house is sick but kinda limited? I hope they add new features to it in the inevitable dlc. I really like the Animal Crossing ass remix of the OoT house song that plays there and that I can make link sleep next to ganon horse cuz I'm degen

And the spooky depths are cool too. Going in always reminds me of this scene from spongebob kek

No. 296471

Proving grounds was a fantastic shrine idea. Love it. Took me forever to beat the first one I found though

No. 296480

File: 1684127325953.jpg (101.99 KB, 564x752, 4de7cc8d81e8f51dadfe7c7e58cd24…)

So horny for him, I love his little skirt and gladiator shoe.

No. 296621

I love the house building but I agree it's pretty limited, I'm absolutely salty there is no storage room except for your weapons. Needs some kind of decoration dlc or some hidden theme that you can redesign your house with. I'd love a cozy rito or gerudo themed house.

No. 296696

File: 1684216981078.jpeg (158.22 KB, 1022x1027, IMG_1086.jpeg)

This creature is tranny-coded

No. 296736

kek my thoughts exactly, nonna.

No. 296874

I think i preferred the feel and aesthetics of botw, i hate the look of the zonai stuff and preferred the kind of soft-post-apocalypse feel of botw. I don't want the kingdom rebuilt lol.
Also the abilities felt more like they complimented each other in botw. I'm not very keen on having godlike time powers over being able to move metal around.
I find it really frustrating that the characters won't refer to the events of botw either beyond sometimes recognising you. Are those events ever addressed?? What suddenly came out of hyrule castle if it wasn't ganon?
I just want to run around more unblemished overgrown landscapes forever tbh.
Yes I'm still going to finish the game lol but the Zonai can go back underground tbh. They're ugly furry bait and their tech is nasty and brittle looking.

No. 296881

You can use grab, time reverse and ascend all in tandem with each other so I have no idea how you can think that has less synergy then some bombs, magnets, an icecube, and wonky inertia. None those can even be used well in succession in botw because the control scheme for the powers was UP ON THE FUCKING D PAD. Also the ancient tech in botw looks like a toddler pressed playdough into a premade mug. the zonaite robots at least look like they're ancient and made out of stone, not some polymer crap

No. 296891

>i preferred the kind of soft-post-apocalypse feel
To each their own on that, I like seeing hyrule rebuild a little. Imo everything about this game has been a massive upgrade over botw, from the flow of combat to the abilities and their synergy with eachother to the insane puzzle design and so much more. The dungeons too go without saying; even if they're structurally similar to the beasts, the vibe and not recycling the same boring ganon boss changes everything. It's all to the point where I don't think I'll ever bother playing botw again, feels like it's balding.

>over being able to move metal around

But you can still move metal around along with a billion other things and then glue them to eachother… Magnesis is a pale imitation of ultrahand. The new abilities can do everything the botw ones did but better.

No. 296892

Can balance out my shilling by saying I still don't like the main plot of this childrens game. I didn't like the prophetic gayness in botw and I don't like it here, it's more fun when link is just some cute retard. Dare I say Zelda as a character is somehow even more shit than before. Least they don't beat you over the head with that crap so it can largely be ignored, plus the side quests are popping and undercover ganon starting a crack epidemic in the goron community while yunobo was in pimp larp mode was wild.

MM will always be the only zeldo worth playing for plot alone (and that's ok)

No. 296902

Starter playing BotW, I love it! It’s a bit hard at times tho because I suck at video games kekkk

No. 296945

I need to know where the gloom hands spawn so I can avoid them. It's too scary for me. I still don't know if it's random or not because I've seen people say they get them in places I didn't. I'm guessing maybe it's because I've been avoiding the chasm quest.

I love playing the game but the story is gay and melodramatic. I didn't like most characters either.

I've been having horny dreams with him kek.

No. 296994

File: 1684379788984.jpg (84 KB, 1280x720, 2023051721530000-CC47F0DEC75C1…)

kiltons monster vignette makes me appreciate the old school DnD feel of the monster designs, its so cool! i spent hours hunting down monsters for cute pictures today lol

those things are gross. theyre hard to see until theyre already groping your link.

No. 297339

you and me both nonna, i find them absolutely terrifying. i found this list though:
-Deep Hollow of the Great Deku Tree
-Akkala Citadel Ruins
-South Lomei Labyrinth
-Lindor's Brow Cave
-Makar Island
-Mount Lanayru
-Tabahl Woods

i was scared shitless when i first encountered one on that rock formation with the floating island above it (the one that has a shrine on it) and now i'm terrified of encountering them in the depths. i already find the depths super suffocating to explore so adding gloom hands to it makes it the worst of both worlds.

No. 297449

File: 1684553637947.webm (11.07 MB, 1920x1080, satoree.webm)

thanks for the nudge nonny!! I've been playing for a while and have been having a blast. Did have a few dumb scares - one was a random crash - but passed it the game has been very stable.
my needless contribution.

No. 297854

File: 1684704012101.png (6.43 KB, 117x111, satoripride.png)

I lost my shit when I noticed the Satori pride pin. Is it tinfoiling to assume Nintendo knew what they were doing?

No. 297879

I'm not very far into the game yet, but I've found one that's consistently popped up for me in the woods by Hopper's Pond on the Great Plateau and another that came up by a lone destroyed house not far from the Great Plateau. I found out entirely by luck that you can climb a tree to avoid them, and they'll eventually give up and drop some loot if you stay there long enough I was trying to get a picture for the Compendium kek

No. 298071

I've only finished one temple and I'm 80 hours in kek. There's just so much stuff to do in this game.

No. 298074

That one got me bad kek I was chilling at that spot where they wanted you to burn the grass leading to an enemy camp in botw, in totk the grass looks burned and there's a little fire fruit bush growing next to it which was a cute nod to that, got me sentimental. Then the hands come out of the woodwork and ruin the moment, sad.

No. 298086

I've really been enjoying the game. When I found out you can call out multiple sage ghost things at a time, and they all fight with you like a little MMO party I got so excited. I like their different abilities. also link is very very cute

No. 298097

File: 1684811394962.png (820.41 KB, 730x1050, Purah_-_TotK_Character_Profile…)

Why is every incarnation of Purah so cute, her design in every game is great. I absolutely hate moids who sexualize the child her though, fuck pedos

No. 298098

File: 1684811435748.png (168.44 KB, 550x1250, Purah_-_HWAoC.png)

AOC Purah was great too

No. 298146

File: 1684838318396.png (4.23 MB, 1325x2047, IMG_1168.png)

They’re cute and I really love this drawing

No. 298147

Does anybody else think the voice acting in this game is really disappointing? I'm talking about both english and japanese voices. I switched to japanese thinking it would be good, and while some voices have improved, some are still not good. It's just not something I would expect out of a multi-million dollar company like Nintendo.

No. 298155

File: 1684846401104.png (256.56 KB, 860x693, FwjwaLxaMAE-Kea.png)

Latin american spanish >>>> russian >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> shit >>>>>>>>>>> english >>>> japanese

I am disgusted by this furshit. Why the queen got to be some bland sexy lady but the king had to be a fucked up goat with child birthing hips.

No. 298162

I'm having a great time playing. Not going to finish the story or all of the challenges anyway, so I'm treating it more like an open world I can explore until I tire of it. I'm thinking of trying an item duplication glitch I saw earlier!

No. 298211

Kek the english voices will never be better than the japanese ones, you'd have to be delusional. I'd take moeblob zelda over british granny zelda any day. Not a single english voice is good.
I'm sure the LA spanish one is nice tho.

No. 298223

>I'd take moeblob zelda over british granny zelda any day
But why? I hate the english zelda VA as much as the next gorl but there is nothing on earth more nails on a chalk board insufferable than a nasty japanese moeblob voice on the character you're gonna have to hear the most

>I'm sure the LA spanish one is nice tho

It is, ganon was always intended to be experienced in español

No. 298232

It was awful in botw and age of calamity too so not a shock at all, but I am disappointed by Ganon since this is his first voice intro. Nintendo doesn’t really do a lot of audible dialogue in any of their exclusives so maybe it’s lack of experience in hiring good directors and VAs. Oh well

No. 298244

I cringe every time there's a blood moon, Zelda's voice acting is especially corny in th paratt. Thank god we can skip it.

>I am disgusted by this furshit

Not a furry or a monster fucker but between Sidon and Rauru totk has me questioning things. Would definitely let them hit fr

No. 298576

File: 1685006870863.png (1.52 MB, 1535x2048, IMG_1169.png)

No. 298670

After beating the game I still prefer BotW over this I think. My main gripes are too many monsters and too much "spend 30 mins engineering this dumb flying cart to solve a puzzle" and not enough fun exploring. I kind of hated the zonai stuff ngl. Most of the new areas are very meh (the depths, the sky archipelagos, the caves). I wish the caves and the depths had more variety, and I wish there was just… more… stuff up in the sky in general. I also liked BotW's powers more, except for reversal which is fun af. Collecting bomb plants and having to attach to each arrow is such a drag over just having ready bombs imo.

No. 298696

File: 1685057098623.png (563.49 KB, 556x960, 4577.png)

I didn't take issue with Sidon being betrothed, and I think people were being ridiculous about it in their reactions. Like, duh, he's a monarch, he's got to have kids. Also Yona's design is really cute imo, I like the gold, pink, and green together. When I first came to Zora Domain, a saw her talking with the other characters and I was like, "She must be plot-relevant with a design like that." Like how the reporter Rito is a pelican, and King Dorephan is some kind of whale.

Something I noticed, and maybe this is just a language thing I personally don't understand, but I feel like the English translation of the text specifically made him call her "my love" eight gazillion times when it seems like he wasn't doing it as often in the actual voice acting? Like in scenes where he's talking to Yona, the Japanese VA would say one word (presumably Japanese for yes) but the subtitles would say something like "Anything for you, my love!" or something to that effect. I know Japanese has certain inflections or whatever, so maybe he was using a really affectionate inflection and that's how they chose to represent that, but it seemed to me like the localization was going really overboard with it. That with him constantly calling Link his best friend felt weirdly no-homo, when there was nothing suggestive of romance in the first game anyway? It was all just fanart and headcanons with little basis in anything concrete beyond "Link hot, Sidon hot." Did the localizers think it was necessary? Did Nintendo?

No. 298787

I just checked the part where she talks to Sidon and yeah the localization team definitely took huge liberties with it. Yona doesn't even call Sidon my love or anything either, she calls him Sidon-kun. Sidon speaks normally and doesn't use anything that would make them need to add all those "yona my beloved". When Link asks about her, Sidon even says they haven't talked much since they met again kek, and yet the translation makes it seem like they're super close and romantic with each other. She also introduces herself to Link as "your best friend's fiancee" but in japanese it's just "Sidon-kun's fiancee".
I didn't notice Sidon using anything particular with Link either. Going by the translation I thought he would be referring to him as his best friend, but no. He just says Link. Weird choices imo.

No. 298800

Personally I enjoy Sidon constantly referring to Link as his best friend. It just makes him seem completely obsessed with how close they are, it's cute. It is annoying they decided to change so much for the localization though, I hate when they take liberties like that.

Iirc he only refers to Yona as his love after her speech, right? I haven't finished all of the sidequests in Zora's domain though (I'm saving them for when I need another hit of Sidon). Either way knowing he doesn't originally refer to Yona that way is gonna make the sidlink shippers happy myself included kek

No. 298808

I thought she was really cute too tbh, albeit a little boring but that’s how a lot of the side chars tend to be. That’s interesting about the translations! I think people have totally overreacted to Lady Yona though in defense of their m/m ship and it’s been kind of annoying. Who cares? It’s not like they can’t still ship Sidon and Link. I like a HC I saw where Yona was intended to marry Mipha at first though and had to be with Sidon instead lol.

No. 298836

I think the story-telling kind of sucks with the memories. With natural exploring you're going to find them all out of order, even though the story is linear. So I figured out the gist of the story by the time I finished the first temple. Now having to sit through the other three temples listening to the other characters reactions to things while knowing exactly what is going on. Plus it's the same thing every time. Even plenty of the side quests revolve around the mystery of this thing which might not be a mystery to you right from the start of the game. I know it could have been prevented by doing them in order but I didn't think it would be that big of a deal, especially when the hint of the order to do them in was so small and missable. I like the game but it isn't that interesting to me any more and I don't have that much motivation to continue playing. Since the location of the memories wasn't relevant I feel like they could have just had them play in order, or locked memories behind story progression. Even having them more difficult to find than just spotting one from a sky tower and going straight there. Maybe having to solve a puzzle at a certain point of the story to find the appropriate memory, etc.

No. 298849

File: 1685141802513.jpg (93.46 KB, 716x693, 233048.jpg)

it worked better in botw, and I still didn't love it there. botw's plot suited the tone of the game well, whereas totk's plot is bad and awkward in this iteration of hyrule on top of being told out of order. nintendie's gameplay over plot mentality is going strong. they should've saved the ultrahand building gimmick for a new game, it deserved better. six years tuning it and that crazy physics engine just to waste it on a glorified botw expansion. I hope for the a future game they recycle it and that zelda and ganon fuck off, they're gay.

No. 298855

Plus like, there's always Sidon's sage-avatar-thing. Link basically has a personal magic clone of the guy.

No. 298856

This is a fair criticism, but BotW was so fantastic that I'm comfortable with having a sequel that's basically a glorified expansion. I was actually kind of sad when I ran out of stuff to do in the original game, because I enjoyed being in that world so much. This is pretty much exactly what I wanted personally, though I understand that on an artistic level it was a very lazy move for Nintendo.

No. 298879

I feel that kekkk my gripes with the game aside the botw expansion is still a better experience than anything else I've played in the past several years, esp after eldin ring undershot my already low expectations. it's making me want to replay the original too because I miss kass </3

No. 298951

Nonnies, I feel so conflicted. I was always such a huge Zelda fan, I fell off the radar a bit before Skyward sword came out, because I couldn't afford a new console, and hadn't played any new Zelda since then. Recently I finally picked up Botw, I completed it and I just hated it so incredibly much. The world felt so empty, the shrines had some cool puzzle ideas but fell flat to me because it was one puzzle per shrine instead of it building on the ideas, and what most disappointed me was the lack of tone/charm; I was expecting a devastated post-apocalyptic world. I remember the feeling of seeing Castle town after aging up. I wanted to feel despair and danger, Ganon as a looming threat. Instead I got empty NPC's who just wander around. I wanted closed off villages, wary of outsiders. Not open, welcoming Zora who throw out some "ew a Hylian" with no weight. But I see so many praise, 10/10's, people with some of my complaints but who always end with "but it is my favourite game ever". Am I not seeing something? Is there anyone who was just as disappointed as I am? Is Totk better suited for me?

No. 298962

BotW and TlK aren't like real Zelda games.

No. 299000

botw did feel very empty and a bit boring to me too. totk has a world that is fuller with more stuff to do, with more exploration based puzzles in the world in general. if you want complicated shrine puzzles you probably won't get what you're looking for in totk, but there is at least more things to do and more likeable npcs hanging around doing their own thing

No. 299001

Kek I was just saying this to someone the other day. Like yeah they have a lot of the same characters and races and place names, but botw and totk feel so completely removed from the rest of the franchise to me, even if they’re technically still Zelda games. It’s similar to how Elden Ring is clearly a Fromsoft game but also feels incredibly different from their past games on account of it being open world and drawing in so many new players (nothing wrong with that and not trying to gatekeep, I just feel similarly about this and botw/totk).

No. 299013

File: 1685203610934.jpeg (830.28 KB, 4069x2309, 53E6EDAB-5FF2-46CD-AF10-07B8FA…)

Has anybody else noticed that TOTLK shares some of the newer ideas with Genshin? Obviously Genshin is a rip of Botw but has anybody noticed the depths are like enkanomiya or the chasm? Would not be surprised if Mihoyo paid somebody to release secret info.

No. 299020

Or both games just independently realized underground areas in an open world are appealing. The Undergtound reminded me way more of the Chasm than Enkanomiya though.

No. 299032

Lmao, cope.

No. 299066

Not those anons, but how is it cope? It’s ok if someone doesn’t like a game.

No. 299134

File: 1685219087027.jpg (52.45 KB, 536x534, DtHGtjFXoAArNfA.jpg)

TotK was in development years before Genshin was released, that Genshin area came out one single year ago. The idea of Nintendo ripping off Genshin's design holds less water than an accusation of Genshin ripping off that one Sonic 06 level for their chasm design. Like you suggested I'd be less surprised to hear TotK features got leaked and they hastily slapped together something like what Nintendo were doing. Remember the entire TotK art book leaked to the public months ago, even the game itself leaked early; they're not running the tightest ship over there.

Pic unrelated

No. 299136

Ntayrt but it's zelda boomers' new reality I think

>"With Ocarina of Time, I think it's correct to say that it did kind of create a format for a number of titles in the franchise that came after it," said Aonuma. But in some ways, that was a little bit restricting for us. While we always aim to give the player freedoms of certain kinds, there were certain things that format didn't really afford in giving people freedom. Of course, the series continued to evolve after Ocarina of Time, but I think it's also fair to say now that we've arrived at Breath of the Wild and the new type of more open play and freedom that it affords. Yeah, I think it's correct to say that it has created a new kind of format for the series to proceed from."


No. 299140

That quote makes sense, I still think it's fair though if some people prefer the old format to the new. Yeah, there are probably nostalgia glasses on but the games still feel different from some of the "newer" Zelda games (pre-botw) too. I am a fan of both the new and older formats and OoT was my first game, but I get if people got used to how the games used to be. At least they're still putting quality in though I guess. Can't say the same for the new Pokemon games.

No. 299142

>Can't say the same for the new Pokemon games.
Yeah… Legends arceus was messy but it did feel like a step in the right direction. Then SV came and well… Guess the main series isn't making it out of hell until they start flopping.

No. 299207

Idk I love the older zelda games and oot will always be in my top 5 games but nintendo cant just keep repeating the exact same format forever. Botw and totk have been a lot of fun, I think nonnies mistake was expecting the old games when we knew from the start nintendo was shaking things up. To me the new games still hold enough of the spirit and charm of the earlier games while still going outside of their typical box. Obv not everyone is gonna like every popular game though it's just the way it is.

No. 299220

I'm >>298951 and I never said anything about wanting the same formula over and over, wanting Zelda to stay the same etc. I am fine with Botw's concept, I just think the execution is horrible. Nothing I said went against Aonuma's quote.

No. 299230


imo people would've liked BOTW more if they had those old school temples like ocarina of time/twilight princess; since I think for most people, those old school fantastical elemental type of temples just hit different. Doing those quickie puzzle shrines over and over kinda just got redundant. Maybe its just me but there's just something more satisfying and intriguing to work through a temple than those botw shrines lol Props to them for trying something new but I hope they go back to temples for the next game.

No. 299444

Finished BOTW for the first time and started TOTK today, idk how I feel about the new ability gimmicks. I want to explore not play some machine building simulator.

No. 299467

tbh you can totally ignore the building if you want. I'm kind of iffy on it like you, my bf will spend an hour making complicated machines but 90% of the time I just go with the premade cars and planes they put all over the map kek

No. 299476

File: 1685395955722.png (809.09 KB, 1423x595, 1683673452772024.png)

this flying segway is really good, it and a pile of seals i saved to autobuild to cheat on the seal plushie minigame are all i use when im not in the mood to build

No. 299636

I need to make this!! I also saw that you can put a wheel, stabilizer, and control stick together to make a little unicycle kek

The beauty of totk is that you can play however you like. If you want to spend hours building a korok rotisserie you can, or you can just ignore building altogether. There are shrines you'll have to put a few things together for but it's nothing too complicated imo. A lot of puzzles in the world have the thing you need prebuilt for you too.

I'm really enjoying the freedom the game gives you to explore as you please. Sometimes one task starts to feel daunting after a while like exploring the chasms so it's nice to switch to another sidequest or area to explore, or just jump into the main quest. I just realized today that I already have 60 hours put in and there's still so much I want to do fuck

No. 299751

>premaking a pile of fused plushies for the seal minigame
Holy shit, you're a genius, anon.

No. 299787

I started playing Breath of the Wild (I know I'm late to the game) and I'm honestly not enjoying the exploration. The world is just not intriguing. The colors are muddy(im playing on a switch lite idk if it looks different on a regular switch) and I hate cell-shadingI know everyone freaks out when they see non-cell-shaded graphics cuz of muh uncanny valley but there is something between hyperrealism and cell shading. Specially in BoTW where it looks like it's unrendered. I'm not even enjoying the puzzles. Like in other Zelda games it feels so satisfying to solve a puzzle but I don't get that feeling here. I haven't gotten too far into the game and haven't open up all the abilities so I hope if I play more it will win me over. I'm just disapointed after years of hearing how breath taking it is to explore the world in BoTW and then I play it and it just feels meh

No. 299788

samefag I do love open world games so I hoped that I would like BoTW but something about the exploration feels tedious so far

No. 299789

I enjoy both BotW and TotK but I want a classic top down Zelda so bad.

No. 299791

>Haven't unlocked all of the abilities
So you're still in the tutorial section? If you're this assblasted and you're not even off the Great Plateau yet, it's time to pick up a different game.

Have you played a Link Between Worlds?

No. 299796

File: 1685583084984.png (1.34 MB, 2048x1132, 88948237_p0.png)

same nona! I'm playing oracle of ages for the first time right now, 2d zelda is so much fun. I'll have no problem with 3d zelda turning into good skyrim if we can get a new 2d every once in a while.

No. 299850

File: 1685608621695.png (252.47 KB, 1280x1024, IMG_1313.png)

I know there’s no shortage of Link tranny art out there but this one angered me. I get more pissed when he’s imagined as a TIM than as a TIF.

No. 299851

Links Awakening remake is pretty good of you haven’t played that. The art style was so cute.

No. 299893

No shit this is why when my Nigel, trying to be very nice and hint at buying me the new one, I had to keep saying not to I dont really want it right now…had to keep convincing him not to waste 70 dollars on something I have zero time to play right now. I still havent finished botw, pick it up occassionally and am like 75% done I think but…it just cant hold my interest like I wanted it to. My understanding is the new one is more crafting based. I hate to say it but it just seems….boring to me. I work with my hands and build things in real life… sitting in front of a tv virtually doing it is a hard sell for me. I want more brain bending puzzles and a variety of challenging enemies rather than 17 different ways to chop down a tree. Idk. I enjoy botw a lot but it also wasnt quite what I expected, dont want to waste my time on a new zelda I suspect I wont enjoy as much. I love the whole franchise and feel guilty for saying I don't really care about the new game..it just doesnt feel as zelda-y as i'd like?

No. 299919

Lately I've been playing Skyward Sword and Breath of the Wild and I've been loving both, but I think the ideal Zelda is somewhere in between. SS is a fine Zelda game but it's too linear and holds your hand too much. On the other hand BotW is too open and loses some of the classic Zelda feeling.

I love the way you can move around the world in BotW. For a long time I didn't even follow the story because it was so fun just to explore. Climbing up high and hang-gliding off into the distance never gets old for me. But I also think Link's movement abilities are too powerful. Even though the world in BotW is huge, in a weird way it can feel smaller than it should, since you can pretty much go from A to B in a straight line, climbing and flying over anything in your way. I guess you have limited stamina but it wasn't very long before I had enough food/potions that it wasn't an issue.

I think the problem is they gave you all of your abilities from the start. I would've preferred the traditional Zelda progression where you complete dungeons and gain new abilities which allow you to access more of the world. Like for example, maybe you could only climb trees and buildings at first, and then after a few dungeons you'd get the ability to climb cliff walls, and then later on you'd get the hang-glider. Overall I'm glad Nintendo shook things up but I hope they bring back dungeons and a bit more structure in future games.

No. 299956

Have fun anon, Oracle of Ages and Seasons are in my top 5 Zelda games. I think I will replay one of them after I'm done with TotK. I just hope the battery of the cartdrige isn't dead.
I'd rather replay the original at this point. I don't care about the remakes.
Yes and I loved it, I can't believe it's been 10 years and it was the last top down one.

No. 300134

File: 1685736535596.jpg (52.24 KB, 1067x280, IMG_20230602_104424.jpg)

this shrine makes me think of my nonnies

No. 300136

Haha, love you too nonna.

No. 300137

File: 1685738662751.png (79.38 KB, 966x272, 1683782277061498.png)

kiss u too nona ♥

this shrine makes me think of my husbando

No. 300438

File: 1685895285070.png (700.6 KB, 557x1080, Mineru.png)

I love her

No. 301008

After playing the game for a while now, I don't know if I agree. I like all the different monsters but yeah, I do hesitate when having to build a flying/moving whatever; however, I've noticed that they usually give you the materials you need right there and it isn't as difficult as it needs to be. I like the depths so far, and I really love the caves kek. I also wish there was more in the sky, like maybe an actual populated town. I like the powers in this game though more than the last game, but at least the last game had more variety.

Another thing I like is collecting the unique clothing for that guy. I'm pretty happy with the new game actually, but then again I haven't played many other Zelda games, only the DS ones and the GBA ones (because I only have a DS) and some Skyward Sword on Switch but I'm stuck because I forget how to get to that one part where you have to sneak around the desert area and avoid the monsters and I also keep only having one left and running out of time because I can't find it and it's made me not want to play it for a while…

No. 301045

If you follow one of the main storyline side quests, building becomes a lot easier. actual spoiler: follow josha's quest and find the temple of time in the depths and you get auto build for things you've built before and if you don't have the pieces it costs 3 zonaite for each piece I agree the caves add a lot to the game they're so fun to explore! I feel like between that and having actual temples with bosses that aren't just another blight ganon gives the game more of the old zelda feel (esp compared to botw), idk what other anons want from it tbh. if you want to play an old zelda game, then just do that.

The amount of clothing you can get is actually ridiculous it almost feels like a dress up game with all the options kek

No. 301480

Ok, so my co-worker led me his botw game for me to play because he wants me to get into loz. Have not played a Zelda game cause Majora's Mask traumatized me when I was a child, got too scared to play a Zelda after that kek. Are there any other Zelda games you recommend me to play after I finish botw nonnies?

No. 301491

Wind Waker. Had so much fun with this game when it came out. The sailing might feel like a drag in the modern gaming era, though. I loved the art direction and how charming all the characters looked! The final boss fight was so fun and memorable too

No. 301497

This is a very boiler plate answer, but Ocarina of Time 3D. It's the classic everyone loves with a couple of QoL improvements. You should know that most Zelda games are very linear, though; unlike BotW, you have to do things in a particular order, and it can sometimes be cryptic.

No. 301555

>actual spoiler
Sorry I won't read that. I've probably done that quest though. I read 'josha's quest' and stopped, I don't even remember who that is. Also the shrines are good at teaching alternative building methods, I've found. Also I am really excited to collect all the clothes eeeeeee, I kind of want to look up all the outfits and where they are, but I probably shouldn't until I'm done the main storyline and am at a loss of where to find them. I'm almost done collecting the entire bubbul set or whatever, except I can't find that ugly little imp for the life of me.
Minish cap

No. 301639

Twilight Princess, though thinking about the ending still makes me sad, why'd you have to break the mirror Midna…

No. 301905

Exactly, I think the staggered abilities that allow you to access new areas is what feels like a Zelda game to me. I really like your climbing idea. They could find a way to make it obvious that you can't complete a shrine/dungeon/cave without a certain ability or armor.
>I miss hookshot

No. 302069

Whats everyone's go-to armour and weapon in totk?

No. 302070

honestly i just wear the mystic set for the aesthetics. also putting a bomb on a boomerang is the most superior weapon fushion, if you're willing to risk being blown up every now and then kek

No. 302088

File: 1686692380896.jpeg (40.92 KB, 563x618, link.jpeg)

Thanks for all the recs nonnies!! I recently bought Ocarina of Time for the 3DS, and I am going to play it after I beat botw!

No. 302090

bokoblin mask and climber's pants + shirt, because I like how monster masks makes link act like a gremlin. I think the silver bokoblin and lizalfos horns make the cutest weapons. Also I always try to make sure I have a decent Zora spear in my inventory because the damage multiplier while you're in wet caves is insane

No. 302099

kek i basically live in my lizalfos mask because i love how squeaky it is

No. 302104

sidon's ability can make you wet anywhere you like if you can tolerate his big ass blocking your view all the time

No. 302180

Gloom tunic + gloom trousers + sky mask because it looks like a plague doctor. Cringe I know. I really dislike the gloom hat, they should've made it floppy like Link's hats usually are. I also really like the barbarian set bc it's sexy.

No. 302181

File: 1686720685935.jpg (73.27 KB, 1280x720, Tumblr_l_46046027118546.jpg)

>implying I don't want his big ass blocking my view all the time

No. 302305

bruh this lynel fight is killing me dear lord

No. 302307

no u, the poe collector hat is adorable

No. 302310

I finally defeated him, lets goooooo!! Is this fight notorious for being hard or am I just a noob kek.

No. 302320

Lynels are the hardest monsters in both games including all bosses (I think the hardest ones being silver or gold?). Once you get enough practice it gets easier but they’re definitely challenging for everyone starting out.

No. 302321

Been wearing desert voe bc it’s one of my few outfits that are maxed out in upgrades, but I like to have him wear the fierce deity mask when I’m not fighting because he looks cute and demonic. No particular weapon of choice but I attach stalnox horns and gibdo bones to everything

No. 302328

File: 1686788968524.jpg (32.46 KB, 564x317, 0aef3135d4d727513ca0573f1561a2…)

loz has so much comfy fanart

No. 302329

File: 1686789137678.jpg (63.57 KB, 563x431, 37102b9d7c53be8015bf7f2787d990…)

No. 302334

File: 1686791105454.jpg (30.41 KB, 563x377, 2e07f402e4c33843f678d83cfeca16…)

this image has been my lockscreen for the longest time.

No. 302348

File: 1686795854589.png (189.55 KB, 2264x2148, illust_107152068_20230524_0242…)

No. 302424

File: 1686840896067.jpeg (73.48 KB, 680x680, 0C7024E2-5AB4-4BD8-97E1-2F309B…)

Link would be such a fun friend to have tbh.

No. 302426

File: 1686841834761.jpeg (113.03 KB, 688x900, A0165504-3931-49C9-A23B-2C4BAC…)

He would be a fun boyfriend as well.

No. 302430

File: 1686844710501.jpeg (25.27 KB, 450x253, 450_1000.jpeg)

Me too, but was anyone else annoyed with her construct? It moves super slow and the controls for it were awkward. The Spirit Temple boss battle felt like a fight between two drunk old people. Also, it's the only sage I have dismissed most of the time because it's huge and gets in the way a lot. It's a shame, because it's really cool conceptually and I like the design.

No. 302434

Noooo give her 2 arm bazookas and use her to blow up ore veins and other rocks, she's way better than Yunoshit or flimsy weapons or valuable bomb-chans

No. 302435

Robo and Tulin are the only sages that are useful at all, the rest are full retard

No. 302489

Agree on Tulin. I just got four sage's wills and I immediately chose to upgrade him because not only is his power actually useful, but he's the only sage (including Mineru) who actually manages to consistently land hits on enemies. Everyone else just dicks around while you're getting your ass handed to you.

No. 302490

Anon, her controls are so cancer and she moves like she's walking through molasses. If I want Yunobo to shoot something, I literally just walk up to him and press A. With Mineru, you have to have explosives pre-equipped or take some out to equip her with them, then you have to climb onto her, then you have to hold down the bumpers waiting for the canons to warm up. It's fine when you need to blow up large amounts of rocks at once, but if you just need to quickly blow up a small pile blocking a doorway, it's easier to just use Yunobo than it it's to go through all the steps with Mineru.

No. 302491

>Doesn't talk
>Knows how to cook
>Good with animals
>Nice hair
Ideal man tbh

No. 302515

Ayrt and after beating it, I have a list of pros and cons kek. I won't sperg about it, but in the end I still think botw was just more fun in general. I don't like totk as much because it reminded me of older zelda games specifically, there was especially a lot of nostalgiafagging in the game itself for oot (and other games ig).
That's not to say I hated totk, I did play it through and just finished getting all the shrines. It was just a letdown after how much I really loved botw. Also, has anyone else gotten the furry skin yet? kek.

No. 302775

Botw/Tears of the kingdom is when you take Ghibli movies and combine them with Zelda nostalgia. Hateno village’s theme sounds like something from a ghibli movie too.

No. 303880

File: 1687390180409.jpeg (266.26 KB, 1920x1080, F94223AA-1631-4622-A38E-A5228F…)

New Zelda amiibos nonnies! Don’t really like buying this kind of stuff, but they both look so good, especially Zelda.

No. 303881

File: 1687390257125.jpeg (99.65 KB, 660x881, 640976A6-2202-435B-917D-DDD8D9…)

Also new official Zelda artwork is pretty. She looks so sad…

No. 303889

File: 1687395012939.png (674.68 KB, 1000x971, zeldy.png)

Kind of unrelated but Zelda's outfits have been so cute in the recent games. The blue, white, and teal look nicer on her than the purple and pink imo.

No. 305133

File: 1687907003161.png (627.79 KB, 1000x569, 69479DDD-E584-4BE6-8272-B57863…)

I agree nona, botw/totk Zelda is the best design wise (Twilight princess is a close second). I was looking at concept art of Zelda and I am very happy with the final design, though I would have loved curly/fluffy hair Zelda.

No. 305290

File: 1687966272792.png (87.84 KB, 500x500, enemy_dragon_light_001_detail-…)

Zelda with curly/wavy hair is super cute. I like her dragon design, too. The antlers and eyelashes are pretty. The only bit I don't like is the purple scleras, because they don't match anything else.

No. 305292

It’s there for the beautiful yellow/gold eyelashes
The light dragon is by far the most reliable of the dragons, always there in the sky when I go looking. I like to launch myself skyward and just sit on the mane meandering through the sky together… then I collect my I’ll gotten mats and leave, like a jerk.

No. 306478

do you nonnies consider botw/totk zelda games? ive seen so many people say botw/zelda aren't (good)zelda games, dont get that logic…


No. 306520

They're Zelda games, they feel like Zelda games, they play like Zelda games. BotW even suffers from the same problem literally every other Zelda game has suffered from, big ass world, nothing to do in it. I haven't played TotK so I don't know if it solves any problems, but I spoiled myself on the story and I like it even less then BotW. The hype that BotW's trailer had was epic and it's sad it didn't live up to expectations, for me anyways. Literally if you can come across a really important memory early in the game and have your last one be some mediocre one, it doesn't do well for storytelling. I think it's still a fun game though. I don't think any Zelda is a masterpiece, except maybe Majora's Mask but that's because there is nothing quite like it, but they're all good and comfy games and I like getting lost in them.

No. 306675

I've played about 9 Zelda games now and would consider as part of the franchise as any other. I enjoyed both botw/totk,but liked totk much much more than the first

No. 308636

File: 1689465777771.jpg (291.99 KB, 1169x1439, F1G1yysXsAERdBm.jpg)

new official artwork!

No. 308637

He’s so fucking cute, I want to pinch his cheeks, make out with him and maybe ruffle his hair.

No. 308638

No. 308640

File: 1689467148304.jpg (44.17 KB, 542x480, 653864cba490beca940fb688845e48…)

you got game on your phone nona?

No. 308643

I want to see him get raped by monsters

No. 308645

File: 1689467616499.jpg (23.24 KB, 564x479, 9da09a49eb32e861478f4c883253e0…)


No. 308660

holy based

No. 308804

File: 1689563167642.png (200 KB, 4096x1408, zelda-overworld.png)

It cracks me up when people claim that BotW/TotK aren't "real" Zelda games because they're open world. Motherfucker, the first two Zelda games ever made were open world! The game shunting you down a rigid path using weapon/item unlocks was not originally part of Zelda, and I'm glad the newer games are moving away from that formula because it was getting really boring. It worked really well up through the Gamecube (particularly in Majora's Mask), but by Skyward Sword it felt really lame.

No. 308806

Future troon post

No. 308809

That's not completely true. Some of the dungeons did require items from other dungeons to access them, like how you couldn't reach dungeon 4 wothout the raft from dungeon 3.

No. 308811

File: 1689564971879.jpg (24.69 KB, 400x394, 2ad853975245ad3ed5e9d2f3adfc91…)

>no zora boyfriend
why is life so cruel nonas?

No. 308821

You could argue the same about certain aspects of TotK/BotW, though. The fifth temple in ToTK requires a long, esoteric process where if you arrive at the wrong places in the wrong order, you'll be confused as fuck at best and unable to proceed with the temple at worst. Although it's possible to cheese your way to Dragonhead Island by flying into the thunderstorm and blindly wandering around until you happen upon the shrine (which I may or may not have done kek).

No. 310009

Have anyone tried the N64 port games on Switch Online yet? Was thinking on playing some of the Zelda games on there, don’t know if it’s really worth it since I don’t use online much. Will you lose your file if you unsubscribe Switch Online?

No. 310285

>cheesing Dragonhead Island
I also accidentally did this kek. In my defense I'm retarded and thought that the fog was the challenge of the shrine itself, like it would clear when I finished it. I didn't finish the Ring Ruins quests until the very end of the game because I legit didn't understand what it wanted me to do in that area and I had the rest of the world to explore instead.

No. 310777

Thought this was really neat and wanted to share here!

No. 312606

ok i don't hate yona, but she seems so pointless? like she has zero personality besides being nice, and yona is pretty much is mipha 2,0. i get that sidon is royalty so he will have to get married and produce a heir, but still couldn't they have made yona more interesting. she seems like she had added last minute and added the whole she was sidon close childhood friend to add many chemistry the two don't even have lmao.

and no, i am not a sidlink shipper so don't bother calling me a fujoshit or whatever.

No. 312623

I felt like the entire zora section of totk was the weakest of the bunch this time. I found it more boring than the others and didn’t really care about anything that was happening. I didn’t even mind Yona design-wise, but yeah. She was also boring.

No. 312658

i might be bias cause zoras are my favourite species, and i love sidon. i did enjoy the zora section, but i do see what you mean; it was underwhelming for sure, also doesn't help that yona isn't all that interesting. its super annoying when you critize or even voice your negative opipion on yona and you get slammed with "stop being misogynist" or "you only dislike yona cause you ship sidlink" blah blah.

No. 312663

File: 1691118853242.png (7.94 MB, 3269x4500, 108402771_p0.png)

same, anon. the plot was mario sunshine but boring and the poop made my game lag like hell. and what the fuck was that water temple? all in all I didn't hate it but it was lame after the zora had the best section in botw.

No. 312664

File: 1691118946488.png (2.64 MB, 5757x3307, 105188302_p0.png)

link's new outfits are so cute but I miss my trash bin head armor

No. 312665

tbh I really miss Mipha. She grew on me a lot and Yona is a really bland replacement.

No. 317119

mipha is definitely better than yona, but to be fair mipha isn't all that interesting either. not really their fault, its more on nintendo writing these females characters to just be bland love interests.

No. 321890

Ok, now that the totk honeymoon is over…this game was a fun disappointment. One of my criticism of this game is the lack of Zelda, and how she is treated by the NPCS. I was REALLY hoping we would get companion Zelda and have her personality more fleshed out/have her interact in the world. But nope, she disappears and we have to rescue her (again) even though we did this in the BOTW games(like why not change it up for the sequel?). Its also annoying how the NPCS and the game insists we need to care about finding Zelda, but tbh it just felt like a task to check off my list.

No. 321933

File: 1694952805294.jpeg (312.74 KB, 963x963, IMG_1112.jpeg)

My gripe with it is there’s too much to do and not enough rewards for doing the most. Controls can be clunky and I forget the combat system all the time. Crushing rock walls suck and shouldn’t take 5 weapons to break through. Weapons breaking still sucks. Getting 1 shotted in “easy areas” sucks. The depths look and feel the same throughout and felt rushed. No I haven’t finished the game I quit from frustration. There are some nice moments like I appreciate Zelda’s story but I wish we had more of Zelda like you say. Her sacrifice was worth it but I think bringing her back makes me feel iffy they just wanted that ghibli reference lol.

No. 322201

I just finished ToTK and played most of BoTW around when it released. I really didn't care for either of them, favoring ToTK more than BoTW. I'm much more a fan of Minish Cap, Link to the Past/Link Between Worlds, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Story of Seasons, Phantom Hourglass, & Link's Awakening. I don't think the massive open world did them any favors. They need to keep it smaller and more curated like Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. I agree with all your criticisms.
For both games - I hate the weapon durability nonsense. In ToTK: I did not like how restrictive the building system is. I'm glad I turned on cheats at some point because the game was massively frustrating for me between the restrictions of the build system, the crafting, the stupid amount of gathering of materials they expected for upgrading your gear, the stamina system, etc. I have very little patience for grinding. I liked the creativity that you could have with the build system but that they tied it to your limited amount of inventory resources I felt was very silly. It hampered my desire to mess around with the build system because of how it was so easy to mess up and waste items/zonai devices, before I turned cheats on. It wasn't friendly towards making mistakes and experimenting. I can't believe there isn't a free build area and that you can only have, what, 8 favorite slots? They have a HUMONGOUS world but only 8 favorite slots for builds. Just lol. I did really like most of the abilities and the fusion system with weapons/shields, that was pretty fun to mess around with. The dungeons in both games fell really flat for me. I laughed out loud at the boss fight for the spirit shrine in particular because of how simple it was and easy to beat. I could not get myself invested in the plot, maybe I'm just too old now. The voice acting left much to be desired. The depths was a really neat idea but suffered from the overall game issues mentioned above.
You might like ToTK a bit more than BoTW like I did, but I think from what you said, you'll feel pretty let down overall. If they want to continue down this path, I hope they make some major improvements to the building system and encourage freely building. I want to see them discard with the weapon durability silliness entirely. The amount of grinding needs to go away too, I do not ever want grinding in Zelda of all places. They need to add the ability to make name the pins you set on the map. These two games are joining the list of ones I will never play again along with Skyward Sword.

No. 323934

File: 1695869410133.jpg (85.58 KB, 640x768, 1692413138242579.jpg)

>Her sacrifice was worth it but I think bringing her back makes me feel iffy
They should have kept her as a dragon, especially since Mineru states you can never turn back, so it doesn't feel like a sacrifice. Also, I miss the champions. The sages don't feel like a family or team like the champions did, the sages just feel like random people who were put together. I wouldn't mind an Age of Calamity game for TOTK, it could really help flesh out the sages.

What do you nonnies want for the future of TLOZ? I really want a re-release of Windwaker and Twilight Princess for the switch. Haven't played both of those games in so long and I really want to play them again. For future new games, I want to explore somewhere different…maybe Termina. Or a Zelda game with like sci-fi like elements to it, would be cool.

No. 349663

I got totk for Christmas and I prefer it better to botw. both are still least favorite Zelda games but I hate all of the characters. Zelda is so annoying during these tear drop memories maybe just nostalgia but Zelda in oot tp and Wind Waker we're all such strong and cool Zeldas. She just seems too anime student council president character instead of OoT and Twilight Princess where she's a true wise monarch.

No. 356304

File: 1708009865265.gif (668 KB, 500x248, tumblr_mrbz5pNnWa1rx0l4vo1_500…)

I recently beat OoT and quite enjoyed it, so now I started Majora's Mask but I'm finding it a bit hard to get into. Mostly I feel kinda aimless and like I don't know how to play it. I'm still very very early into the game though so I'll try to stick to it and see if it gets better.

No. 356318

I really don't like the idea of Sci-fi stuff in Zelda. Even the Ipad in BOTW was too much for me. I don't think they should return to Termina or any of the other one-game countries either. If they're going to have a non-Hyrule setting they should just make a new country.
Here's a tip to make the game easier: If you play the song of time backwards then time passes more slowly. This gives you more time to accomplish your goals before you have to warp back.

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