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No. 295763

Come waste some time in this chit-chat room, going back and forth with some other fuckin' jerk off discussing a bunch of fat fuckin' crooks from New Jersey.

No. 295765

To get the ball rolling, here's some topics we can discuss:
>favourite episode
>favourite series
>favourite character
>best actor
>funniest moment
>favourite song featured in the show
And so on. Happy sperging!

No. 295774

File: 1683833497026.jpg (232.27 KB, 1920x1080, fuckin' internet.jpg)

Here's my answers:
>favourite episode
Whitecaps for the drama and the incredible performances from James Gandolfini and Edie Falco. Sopranos Home Movies for the comedy (You Sopranos, you go too fah!) and that heartbreaking ending with Bobby holding Nica tight.:(
>favourite series
Series 2, no question. The introduction of Janice was a great move, I love the tension and the funny moments she provides. The overall arc of the season just flowed so good, and the pay-off in the final couple episodes was amazing. The opening montage of episode 1 and the closing montage of episode 13 was awesome too, I love how it bookends the series.
>favourite character
CHRIS-TUH-FUH! Yes, I'm the anon from the confessions thread in /ot/ that relates to him. Yes, I'm retarded. I just love that idiot so damn much. If The Sopranos was set in this era though, Chris would actually be a criminal genius for stealing a truck full of pokey-man cards. He'd 100% sell them to a YouTuber and then we'd get a B-plot where he considers becoming an influencer or something. Honourable mention goes to Rosalie Aprile, she's a real ride or die friend for Carm and she's got some great lines in the show.
>best actor
Obligatory Gandolfini mention; my god, the range that man had. Obviously he was phenomenal with the heavy drama of the show, but he was also great with the more comedic scenes too. Edie Falco knocked it out the park, and her chemistry with James Gandolfini was fantastic to watch. They're one of the rare couples on the show that I can actually buy as a couple. I do feel like Aida Turturro's performance is overlooked, though. Janice and Tony bounce off of each other so well, I love watching them piss each other and seeing Janice's various schemes and grifts.
>funniest moment
"Sacre bleu! Where is me mama?!" gets me every single time. It's such an evil thing to say, and it shows Tony's true colours and his jealousy at anyone who's getting their shit together. He's like a crab in a bucket. Not that I thought about any of that the first time I watched that episode because I was too busy laughing my ass off, kek. Janice trying to stab Tony with a fork felt like a great callback to Livia threatening to take his eye out with a fork when he was a kid. That whole episode is gold tbh. Janice beating up a soccer mom and running away from a cop who eventually rugby tackles her to the floor was so ridiculously absurd and funny yet still true to Janice's character.
>favourite song featured in the show
My Lover's Prayer by Otis Redding has a special place in my heart, as my wife and I had our first dance as a married couple to that song. Such an inspired choice by David Chase. Usually I think the guy's a bit of a pretentious prick, but he's got great taste in music, IMO. Thru and Thru by the Rolling Stones at the end of season 2 was a great choice too.

No. 295775

thanks for the thread OP!! I have just started watching for the first time and finished episode 6 last night! It’s so cool seeing how much this show influenced others (especially Breaking Bad). I’m hooked!

No. 295777

You're welcome, nona! I'm always happy to sperg so feel free to keep us updated on your thoughts about the show as you watch it. I remember seeing this fan theory on reddit that Breaking Bad is meant to like, mirror The Sopranos. Idk how true that is as I got bored about a couple seasons in (I keep meaning to try watching it again, one day I'll get around to it…). But I know the guy who created Breaking Bad is a huge Sopranos fan and put a lot of references to it in there, so it's an interesting read. Obviously there's spoilers for The Sopranos, but here's the link if you're interested: https://www.reddit.com/r/FanTheories/comments/qeqob9/the_chiral_theory_breaking_bad_is_a_mirror_image/

No. 355108

File: 1707667044182.gif (2.87 MB, 419x498, soprano-gabagool.gif)

Checking in nine months later to say that this show is still fucking awesome. I'm sorry for abandoning the thread I specifically requested! Wow, what a butthole!

Anyway I just got to the part where Ralph is killed by Tony and let me tell you that was one cathartic scene. I was waiting for it patiently and it delivered, lol

No. 355115

That was an overall awesome scene. Another good one is Janice killing Richie. I loved these middle seasons that had the villain of the season thing going on.

No. 355120

Holy shit, yes that was insane. Janice is hilarious. She's the type of character I appreciate where when she shows up on screen you go "oh goddammit" and then whatever she does is entertaining as hell. She sucks so much, I love her.

I'm kind the type of to enjoy every character on their own level even if they're morally bankrupt or a huge asshole or whatever. It's great for watching a show like this. Love a good villain. Like even Ralph, I hated him the most for obvious reasons but the actor was just so damn good at playing a horrible asshole that I have to appreciate it.

Have you guys listened to Talking Sopranos at all? I was thinking of starting it to listen while I work during the day.

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