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No. 298401

post whatever good, bad, or otherwise noteworthy video game music you've got in here!

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No. 298689

based personafag

No. 298690

however persona 2 is best persona

No. 298723

No. 298776

specters have no rights

No. 298779

No. 298782

wtf this is so cute. i wish i played this as a kid just so i can feel nostalgic about it now.

No. 298783

File: 1685113759873.jpg (66.4 KB, 658x658, EwEYfWRXMAYW5IY.jpg)

aww it was a shitty game but the nostalgia is strong indeed lol I think back to it every time I see those little cats in fruit costumes

No. 298784

File: 1685115793188.png (31.37 KB, 458x342, Toxoplasmosis.png)

stop violating my kokokro nonna. i cried hearing this because i started thinking about the kittens that ngmi and get bigger. i'm not even a sensitive person wads habeining

No. 298843

i raise u anotha cat song nonner

No. 298854

Omg I forgot about the cat shit going on at the detective agency

No. 298867

No. 298868

No. 298874

I wish the Tekken soundtracks were back on Spotify

No. 299003

No. 299004

luv this song lol its in a lot of rpgmaker games like witch's heart but its good

No. 299446


No. 299473

No. 299474

nona we're connected. i was just listening to this today. great taste.

No. 299487

No. 299488

No. 299500

No. 299594

No. 299595

No. 299613

No. 299614

No. 299634

No. 299635

PSP version has a great soundtrack

No. 299640

best animal crossing song

No. 306490

No. 306904

No. 306905

I have a meltdown every time I hear Arena music. Especially dungeon soundtracks… This game is brutal.

No. 306927

No. 307168


No. 307195

kek you really put me in a VtMB mood. thanks for posting, nonna!

No. 307215

I've heard the breakcore remix already, but the original is so good

No. 307259

Yes, always happy to see some more VTMB love! The soundtrack is honestly just hit after hit

No. 307300

No. 307302

This one makes me bouncy

No. 307317

why did they name it like this

No. 307630

No. 307662

No. 307906

Time to go ape shitt

No. 307932

No. 308388

No. 308628

No. 308870

No. 308982


No. 309139

god i miss those nintendo days

No. 311794

No. 312579

No. 312599

No. 312611

No. 312900

No. 317240

No. 318266

The game is Limbo of the Lost which was withdrawn from sale because it stole so many assets from other games

No. 318275

I'm playing Neir: Replicant for the first time. I sometimes hum the songs while I'm not even playing the game.
The songs in game have lyrics but has no real translation as the singer (Emi Evans) had to come up with a made up "chaos language" for these songs at the request of the composure Keiichi Okabe.

No. 318276

No. 318277

aka The Earth Light from DDR by L.E.D. LIGHT

No. 318278

'Fluid' for the PSX was totally underrated.

No. 318400

this and pennys song are chefs kiss

No. 319769

this is such a lovely song, I've never played any of the persona games yet it makes me feel nostalgic anyways

No. 322433

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