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No. 299949

For posting media (art, OSTs, whatever you want) and discussions (theories, opinions, anything) related to any SMT game or spinoff. Waifu/husbando posting encouraged.
>mainline SMT
>devil summoner
>digital devil saga (underrated)

No. 299951

File: 1685654532825.jpg (15.76 KB, 400x284, gin midori.jpg)

No. 299952

File: 1685654552607.png (3.15 MB, 1920x1080, 1595269552354.png)

I love Megaten but man I wish I had more free time to play these games. I'm playing P5R, I started SMT3 in HD as soon as it got released and put it aside because I wanted to play other games a bit more, and I still haven't played Devil Survivor 1 and 2 despite having them on the 3DS.

No. 299953

File: 1685654672585.jpg (112.87 KB, 480x640, 44971849_p27_master1200.jpg)

>will cook 4 u
>will defend u

No. 299954

File: 1685654795240.jpg (36.56 KB, 500x500, yukkkkka-6930.jpg)

me too. i am actually playing p5r after playing p5 twice years ago. it is a shame the story sucks. i only have devil survivor because the asshole who took my v-card gave it to me, and i never gave it back.

No. 299955

File: 1685654838246.png (52.47 KB, 500x313, tumblr_olngeqqkrE1ts9894o1_500…)

No. 299959

>death by shota

No. 299960

File: 1685655045556.png (61.89 KB, 800x700, fo1.png)

His only flaw is dying

No. 299961

ok to be fair it was takaya who did it ultimately but ya i cant forgive ken 4 that 1

No. 299962

File: 1685655135508.png (465.8 KB, 639x680, 006.PNG)

why couldn't she have picked ME

No. 299963

File: 1685655210181.jpg (39.09 KB, 400x483, 1445451456779.jpg)

Here, have a Jonathan.

>it is a shame the story sucks.
I agree and disagree at the same time. The story is often very interesting or has interesting concepts and then the next scene is so retarded it cancels the positive aspects of the story. Rinse and repeat. I'm not even trying to start the dungeon where Haru joins the part yet because I'm fucking sick of Morgana and wants to punt him into the sun. I'm sick of shitty mascots, it worked well with Teddie because everything about him makes sense in the context of P4 but Morgana seems to only exist because Teddie is kind of a popular character.

No. 299964

File: 1685655357281.jpg (101.6 KB, 800x883, 주아다.jpg)

No. 299965

File: 1685655646227.jpg (38.57 KB, 433x578, eJwVy0sOwyAMANG7cABsl08gl4kQQS…)

the later persona games did a really good job at having useless characters. i don't mind morgana's personality but the whole game i was wondering why the fuck he is there and the explanation makes no sense imo. i really, REALLY hate makoto though. she is so boring and i have no fucking clue why she appeals to moids so much. all the obsessive sexualization of her just made me somehow hate her more because i don't see the appeal at all. i wish hifumi was in her place.

No. 299966

File: 1685655653033.jpg (64.01 KB, 485x944, c738bb1aa721f4796c23e6965ada6e…)

Used to be obsessed with SMT but memory holed most of that phase after how much I hated much of 4, all of 4A, 5, and what little I saw of SH2 (thank god it flopped)

Even my view of raidou got all the way fucked up after finding out there were actual nationalist faggots working on it, sad. Still love aleph and demifiend gay sex with dante

No. 299968

yeah i am not even gonna bother with sh2. it is extremely pandering and looks super boring.

No. 299970

Before I played P5 I thought surely there was some reason why Makoto was so popular way back when, then I played it and was shocked by not only what a snoozefest she was but by how little chemistry she had with Joker compared to everyone else. I don't even care about the dating stuff but wtf was that awkward mess.

No. 299971

File: 1685656129497.png (255.61 KB, 1150x1550, 40cd3d60902e323ec6967b8c89a923…)

i have a hard time shipping the persona protags in general, they don't often have much chemistry with anyone. i guess akira would be cute with haru imo. and narukami and yosuke are gay (not a fujo this is my only gay ship). minato i guess is cute with mitsuru. idk

No. 299973

I wish there was more yosuke omo

No. 299974

i really like DDS (haven't finished it yet though). the intro song is great and got me into Etro Anime

No. 299975

has anyone play persona q

is anyone ready to admit persona q is the most goated game in the smt franchise

No. 299977

File: 1685656668225.jpg (808.29 KB, 933x580, 0000.jpg)

persona 2 best btw

No. 299981

File: 1685657362470.gif (9.46 MB, 720x404, HFatG0.gif)

>fixes etrian odyssey's only two flaws: generic silent party members and generic fantasy backgrounds with a few standouts
>extremely fun and satisfying puzzles, as expected of an EO game
>qol boosted fun DIY mapping on top of automapping for lazies
>best execution of persona fusion, sub persona system was reminiscent of p1 and p2 but with more polish and QR code hax
>alice in wonderland level
>10000000 instances of fujobait
>yosuke omorashi scene
>theodore forced to wear frilly apron
>ken and kanji's cute and pure scenes together
>tragic shojo bullshit couple plot, it was great do not argue about it
>the plot twist wasn't obvious either because i didn't clock it and i'm smarter than all of you
>great replay value because you straight up start with p3 team OR p4 team and there are tons of differences between which you pick, 2 play throughs are a must
>no moid pandering??? game was women's business cover to cover???
persona q was not only peak EO and peak persona but it was one of the best games in the 3ds library. i'll have to never play q2 if it's shit, don't want its good name tarnished.

No. 299983

File: 1685657463750.jpg (28 KB, 285x296, 8819841a0ff10f35b079bc372e8145…)

forgot to add, the corndog rei was eating all the time looked tasty

No. 299984

File: 1685657653050.gif (642.67 KB, 498x278, persona-q-p4.gif)

+ you can marry all the guys in the group date cafe level but everyone who knows anything about the game knows that by now

No. 299985

File: 1685657770040.jpg (32.38 KB, 362x510, 75266b49525583d288763a3e725259…)

da best

No. 299986

I'm sure Makoto is a party member JUST because she's related to Sae. Just make Sae a late party member herself since she's one of the most relevant NPCs of the game. But Atlus is allergic to adult playable characters in Persona since 3 and would rather give us an ugly mascot and a bland know it all waifu. All the other girls have way more personality and are way more relatable than bootleg!Tatsuya if he were the teacher's pet.

No. 299987

File: 1685657845012.jpg (41.3 KB, 450x600, Shin.Megami.Tensei-.PERSONA.3.…)

maybe i should pick it back up again.

No. 299988

>Atlus is allergic to adult playable characters
ugh it sucks. P2:EP is my favorite and i really fucking wish that they would bring back adult characters in P6 but i know they fuckin won't

No. 299989

File: 1685658098403.gif (699.58 KB, 500x281, download.gif)

pls do there's a scene where him and shinji are smugly begging eachother to take their clothes off

No. 299992

I never played P2EP but I loved P2IS so I'd love to play it someday. But I should finish the games I already started first. Anyway, this made me appreciate Catherine a lot, I guess it's a Megaten adjacent game so why not talk about it. I wish we could get some sort of vague sequel with similar puzzles or different puzzles but a completely new cast and new story. Give us Sex and the City with sexy demon boyfriends Atlus!

No. 299998

File: 1685659416042.jpg (68.41 KB, 512x700, Suou.Katsuya.full.754102.jpg)

No. 300014

File: 1685669630199.png (52.48 KB, 500x700, cake.png)

Why is Katsuya so perfect?

No. 300015

File: 1685670341764.jpg (510.55 KB, 2898x2898, q8hx69oqsxd81.jpg)

he is a sweetie

No. 300016

File: 1685670936424.jpg (303.31 KB, 905x1200, Katsuya71.jpg)

He's my favorite character of persona 2 tbh. Very underrated character

No. 300050

I couldn't get into it, I stopped halfway through the game at the very most.

No. 300074

So happy to see PQ love, it's genuinely my favorite Persona game. Is EO any good? I loved the dugneon crawler/puzzle/RPG mix and the art so I thought about trying EO since PQ its based on it afik.

No. 300129

File: 1685734350301.png (57.88 KB, 500x700, rover_04.png)

yea! mechanically pq is an eo game with a persona skin, but like i said eo doesn't have as much fluff as pq, that's the persona element. they're still lovely games that get better with each entry, so if you want to play them i'd recommend starting the 3ds titles in order of release. it doesn't matter for the plot or anything just the qol updates between games can be so huge and it may feel jarring to play older games once you get comfy with newer ones. some of the girl party member designs can be a little coomer but thankfully every class has different design options, 2 boys and 2 girls to choose from + 1 pallette swap for each, and the boy options aren't ugly cretins either they're just as cute.

love lolita granny rover option from eo5 a lot. this is turning into a fatlus general.

No. 300135

File: 1685737401143.jpg (147.43 KB, 800x1181, 1387257440040.jpg)

Wait what, I've been out of the loop for a long time

No. 300140

File: 1685741472966.png (117.4 KB, 403x1872, 708C98D4-D791-403A-8B72-2439B9…)

The last Megaten game I played was SMT IV. I absolutely HATED the start until the major plot kicked in, and then for a while it was awesome SMT apocalyptic goodness. But after you have to choose between Jonathan and Walter, I got stuck with Lucifer and my interest completely dropped. I stopped playing shortly after the confrontation with Isabeau.
I never played Apocalypse because it looked too anime/moe even compared to IV. But I was pleasantly surprised that IV still felt like a SMT game, even looking at the designs now some of them had that Kazuma Kaneko vibe.

No. 300143

I hate how difficult it can get in SMT4 if you want the neutral route. I just didn't want to kill Isabeau. I liked SMT4A a lot, I liked the story and characters and feel like it's good that the atmosphere isn't the exact same as 4 or I would have found it too repetitive. I'm just mad that Nozomi has a shitty grandma sounding voice actress in English in 4A despite her sounding like a normal young woman in 4.

No. 300163

File: 1685751410389.jpg (94.49 KB, 888x600, DBUM6QzUIAEyE_J.jpg)

Happy Birthday Goro!!!

No. 300165

File: 1685752363204.png (279.41 KB, 600x600, we are all goro bois.png)

No. 300245

File: 1685806919724.jpg (99.91 KB, 600x854, tumblr_ni4smglkGG1s00mlqo1_128…)


No. 300268

File: 1685814320259.png (67.41 KB, 598x381, S.png)

Hopefully this doesn't mean anything, I think they have milked P5 enough already.
It's a huge stretch, but if it ends up being real I hope it's a code for P5 theatre or something. They have just finished the P5 stage play, so they may move on with Strikers now. At least the stageplays are fun and they don't slow down the actual games development.

No. 300289

Do they usually register domains for things that aren't games? I wouldn't mind a game that's set during the P5 timeline (or in P5's universe) with new characters, but it's highly unlikely. I feel like P5's thief concept had so much potential but then the game itself doesn't explore it all that well and wastes time with a lot of useless things.

No. 300298

I'm not sure if it's the case for P5 too, but the P3 stageplay had its own domain. Theyre websites after all, so even though it's rarer to see them nowadays, Atlus and lots other companies still make websites to promo their games/events.

No. 300299

Many companies that produce and sell pretty much anything do this just in case, sometimes they even do it for trademarks and domains they're not actually using just so other companies can't use them and create confusion. I'm sure they're use it in that case though and it could be for anything, not just a game.

No. 300396

Oh I see, thank you for explaining. Everyone thinks it's a game already but it could indeed be a stage play. Or maybe it's that gacha game done by a shady chinese company, since it starts with a T (The Phantom X).

No. 301735

File: 1686475947869.png (61.67 KB, 740x512, 1489602232217.png)

No. 301752

File: 1686486963248.png (125.93 KB, 973x549, fuck.PNG)

Please, just stop with these games. I get it, they're cute but who fucking needs this? Who buys this? They already made Q and Q2 as spin-offs. Why won't they focus on good regular games.

No. 301758

File: 1686489367137.jpg (95.87 KB, 1315x753, FyIoDhOWcAcNhFt.jpg)

There are lots of people into SRPGs, but I can't keep laughing at how Atlus overshadowed their own announcement by showing P5T alongside P3RE kek How did they think it was good marketing?
I have seen a total of 4 people talking about it. I loved the PQ art, but this one looks kinda ugly imo because of the exaggerated limbs.

I’m very excited for P3RE though, it needs some polishing (hopefully they will fix that in the 6-8 months it has left to come out) and I dislike the clash between the P3-style models and P5-style portraits, but I’m pretty content with the bit we have seen. Really digging the whole water/drowning theme it has going on.
The change to pre-rendered cutscenes gives me hope that FeMC will be on it as well since replacing models and changing it a bit is way easier than animating another character.

No. 301762

Have they officially announced P3remake yet or is it still just a leak? If they don't reveal Femc during the official announcement, we might have to accept the fact she's not in it. She's too big of a feature to just receive a "Oh, by the way" announcement later on.

No. 301769

Leak, it will be officially announced later today. But it’s just a teaser, my bets are that they will show a full MC-only trailer during Atlus' expo in July, and then in October they will give FeMC her own trailer.

Would be weird to not include her after all the pushing they have given her, and even though it would be on brand for Atlus to ignore half of the game, I prefer to stay positive.

No. 301770

>I loved the PQ art, but this one looks kinda ugly imo because of the exaggerated limbs
Exactly! They could have just used the PQ style but with higher quality, but then they decided to teak it into those things and it's kinda ruined. I still think we didn't need a SRPG with P5 style and the same exact story as P5 and Strikers (and the gacha shit).

P3RE looks good to me, I don't think the portraits clash that much honestly. The theme looks very cool as you said.

No. 301771

The main reason I'm not optimistic about Femc being in it is that she isn't on the box art. If she's an option, why is it only showing the male Mc on the box art instead of both of them?

No. 301772

But the box art hasn't been shown yet…? But I have seen people saying that they will do a pokemon and sell the MC/FeMC versions as separate games kek. Again, I wouldn't be surprised if they cut her off, but the opposite possibility is always here. I guess they will start adding FeMC to the promotional pics after she's announced.

No. 301785

I just hate how they're trying to make P3Reload be like P5

No. 301787

File: 1686504158230.png (353.54 KB, 570x760, character2_1bbd90394affdfba42a…)

Yukari looks so pretty in her new key art.

No. 301789

Time for me to date her for 10000th time!

No. 301790

File: 1686505561405.jpg (61.76 KB, 800x450, 0612_3_img11-pgptwzr6mgdq2.jpg)

Lmao turns out there are anime cutscenes, you beat me nona. Will still buy day 1, but FeMC and her gay links is y favorite way to play P3. A shame she won't be in, P3 really needed a complete edition.

No. 301795

File: 1686507943113.gif (346.33 KB, 500x379, Tumblr_l_927399362604815.gif)

big downgrade from the old art, sad. p3 didn't need a "modern" remake idc what anyone says. maybe it just didn't click that hard with me but i can't see how someone would want to play it more than twice (fes and girl in portable). it's a loooooong 6.8/10. the answer was gay.

>anime cutscenes
rip femc copers

No. 301800

It's not a matter of needing a remake, iirc P3 won a poll of which game fans wanted to see get a remake. Most of the games that had higher scores were games that didn't need a remake or that had a recent remaster like P4 or SMT4 and 4A. I voted for DDS…

No. 301801

File: 1686516456125.png (272.95 KB, 598x485, S.png)

Reload is a fucking vanilla remake, I cant believe this. I'm still excited for the new content/scenes, but if they dare to remove Aigis' social link I'm not giving them a single penny.

No. 301803

It's not even just that, in that case that would also mean they're removing a few personas you can use in battle as well. There are also the scenes where you can bring Elizabeth outside of the velvet room so she can visit the city, iirc they were added with FES. Atlus is being stupid again it seems.

No. 301808

File: 1686518631155.jpg (516.83 KB, 2128x2434, P3_-_Minato_&_Yukari.jpg)

wtf is this ahaha? i knew back when p5 came out it was going to be milked a hundred times worse than p4, but it still annoys me.

ahh actually looking forward to that, p3 was my first persona/smt game. but i still worry there's gonna be SOME shitty letdown because that's just the state of the gaming industry for years now

No. 301810

here's the reveal trailer. i hope any new content is fun/interesting, it is a bit weird seeing p3 so… polished? like it is almost too polished looking in the trailer to me. don't really like the blue UI but whatever, didnt really like p4 or p5 UI either honestly. not a big fan of some of the newer portraits but yukari's is extremely cute. kenji still ugly af of course.

yeah it kind of took away what made p3 stand on its own.

i also don't get why no FES or P3P content - to get the release out sooner? still looks cool, i will definitely still play it to see what's new and i've already played FES and P3P multiple times now

No. 301815

I voted Persona 1. It desperately needs a remake

No. 301820

File: 1686530285957.jpg (871.15 KB, 1666x2447, 1496953758289.jpg)

♥ P1 and P2. i've seen several times though that one of the creators (sorry forgot his name) left Atlus or passed away and Atlus doesn't want to touch the early games out of respect or something. Kind of sucks. I just really fucking wish that P2 anime teaser was actually a promo for a real anime instead of another way to advertise the game.

No. 301821

samefag but in case anyone is interested in the trailer. it was never supposed to actually happen and that makes me so sad. if i was a millionaire i'd use the money to make this a reality, in the same style and all. it is soo comfy.

No. 301859

File: 1686562380426.jpg (47.53 KB, 1200x630, 20232316132518_1.jpg)

Does Resident evil have a good lore or should i give silent hill franchise a try?

No. 301861

Wrong thread.

No. 301864

Not a Megaten game but still an Atlus game so… Does anyone else think that Metaphor game looks tacky as hell? I saw the trailer yesterday, watched it and I just couldn't bring myself to care about it but the playable characters look kind of ugly. And for some reason since it's the same devs as P3, 4 and 5 they just HAD to make an ugly mascot looking thing a playable character as well AND they're probably going to put a similar calendar system. Which only really worked for P3 imo but oh well. Praying that the new team that manages the Persona series will stop it with the retarded mascots.

No. 301871

Just came here to see if anyone's talking about it, I'll post the trailer.
It looks really good technically (menus are cool and the animations seem very original, although very clearly inspired by P5's style) but it's seems awfully derivative. The fairy mascot reminds me of Berserk, SOME characters you see look kinda cool but the ones who seem to be playable are so ugly and all over the place. The gameplay also looks like the average Persona game. And everything looks so.. brown and dull.

No. 301875

I agree with it being derivative, I noticed this because of the spell names as well, I think you can see a list at some point with "matarukaja" or another buff or debuff spell. It's disappointing, coming from a new IP, I remember Catherine giving off a very different vibe compared to Megaten despite the obvious inspiration. I still want my sequel with a female cast.

No. 301943

i'm on the fence about this one. the comments are all super positive but i was like hmm we'll see. maybe i'll play it, idk. i think maybe they're trying to combine persona-style gameplay and characters with a sort of smt story and setting. agree with the characters being ugly, i think the fairy is cute tho. looks like another amanozako from smt 5 to me.

No. 301952

I’m a bit baffled it’s not coming out on ps4/5.

No. 301962

Is that confirmed? All these games debuted at an Xbox showcase, looked to me like they'd announce them for other platforms at a later date.

No. 301988

Why is there always that one damn character with BRIGHT red hair that clashes with the rest

No. 302005

File: 1686650311595.jpeg (21.96 KB, 1170x464, IMG_8943.jpeg)

Official website https://metaphor.atlus.com/ for the game only displays the xbox and windows logos. It’s just strange, Atlus games and sony consoles are like bread and butter, they just go together. Plus I can’t imagine that there are many jrpg fans that exclusively use xbox.

No. 302018

Sony has died and is no longer Japanese, so I'm not surprised.
It'll probably come out on sony consoles though.

No. 302037

Yeah, Xbox just seems to have an advertising deal right now. Atlus has a panel next month, so most likely they will announce the other platforms are:fantasy & P3/5 will be in.

No. 302076

File: 1686686703785.png (194.93 KB, 440x400, tumblr_inline_p8kyu6Gr5d1sgbrk…)

I hate that everyone keeps saying that Meguro's best OST is the one for Persona 5. He peaked at DDS1 and 2. It's a masterpiece, no matter what newfags think about it.

No. 302100

p5 is one of my least favorite OSTs for not just persona series but smt as a whole.

No. 302166

File: 1686716714212.jpg (276.88 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230613_232623_You…)


No. 302227

File: 1686737828259.jpg (127.44 KB, 1024x1024, FyXcf2mXoAM2Lb8.jpg)

I only heard the ENG dub the 1st time I played P3 (I sticked to JP for the rest of times I played a game with the P3 cast because I love MC & Aigis' JP voices too much) so I'm barely used to the ENG VAs, but I will miss Yukari's. It's very different from her JP VA, but it fitted her very well hahah.

It surprised me they’re changing ALL the VAs though, Junpei’s was going away for sure due to being a sexual harasser, but I thought the rest would stay. I listened to bits from the new VAs and they seem fitting for the most part, the only one I got my doubts on is Akihiko.

No. 302228

File: 1686738249646.gif (1.31 MB, 500x389, tumblr_nmx2xqOqdy1rltalxo1_r1_…)

akihiko is my p3 husbando so i'm sad liam o'brien isn't voicing him this time around. and i loved michelle ruff as yukari as well.

No. 302278

Yeah but Sony is still the weeb console besides the Switch. Atlus won't make money in Japan if it's the Ameribox

No. 302335

File: 1686792285301.jpg (100.22 KB, 500x668, 791.jpg)

No. 302336

File: 1686792544921.jpg (63.1 KB, 500x500, chidori2.jpg)

my FUCKIGN queen.

No. 302337

File: 1686792833392.jpg (102.06 KB, 894x894, 2927149d4ab4507bc029ee7bb76b2d…)

when i first played p3 FES, i had a crush on junpei and hated yukari. i have no idea why but i was 16 and literally retarded. i think i changed my mind when i was 18. yukari is super cute and i like her attitude and backstory. i love her design too. junpei is just a retarded coombrained moid. there's absolutely no fucking way the dude's hard drive isn't full of the most depraved shit known to man. what was i tinking.

No. 302344

makotoshit is just a poor man's walmart brand mitsuru tbh

No. 302381

File: 1686819430938.png (236.81 KB, 598x496, Screenshot.png)

Mitsuru deserved better than this… Why did they even felt the need to replace the whole cast, specially when Tara did such a good job as Mitsuru and Elizabeth? I don't even believe she's gay, with that ~queer~ on her bio she's most likely a spicy straight TRA.

Glad you saw the light haha Yukari is one of the best P3 characters. I specially loved her S-Link with FeMC, I just know she would browse LC. I don't get how people can like Junpei, he was kinda ok during the Chidori arc and a bit on his S-link, but everything before and after that is unbearable.

No. 302382

love chidori, she deserved better than junpei. and yes yukari definitely seems like the type to be a farmer, she would fit right in.
as for mitsuru's VA…
i won't lie, i don't think it's cool to insult a woman for looking manly by saying i genuinely thought this was a TIM because it feeds the TRA bullshit, but i really did think this was a dude.

No. 302383

File: 1686821923450.png (817.45 KB, 793x898, FyX4XtyXoAEiobD.png)

ahhh! the fucking cringe

No. 302398

I checked out the new portraits and for some reason the coloring makes me think of AI generated images.

No. 302399

Junpei is too much of a normie for that. He probably doesn't know how to save pictured on a computer. Yukari is based though, I agree.

No. 302401

As far I know, the new art is drawn by Soejima's trainees, so the muddy/weird parts is most likely them not fully mastering his watercolor-esque style yet.

No. 302525

File: 1686875146782.png (185.77 KB, 965x650, F9170821-8DF0-4801-BAFB-81923B…)

I haven’t played a Persona game since the ps2 era, the models are too uncanny for me

No. 302527

the ps2 models are more charming, kind of like how 07expansion's original portraits are compared to the newer ones.
would like to see a remake of the p2 duology where it's like p3 or p4 visually but everything else is kept the same. strolling through a 3D sumaru city sounds relaxing.

No. 302528

File: 1686876910359.png (217.96 KB, 1138x645, theo my beloved.png)

'ate junpei
'ated crying over shinjiro
love me a clueless bf
simple as

No. 302530

same anon but the lack of theo content and fanart is CRIMINAL

No. 302533

File: 1686877777785.png (128.46 KB, 750x398, akihiko.png)

aki is clueless in a cute way too but theo i guess is different since he's clueless in an otherworldly kind of way

No. 302551

i love my husband so much, so so much it hurts. i love him so so so so much, i miss reading fanfics of him, i don't want to read them now because im scared of tranny bullshit i just want to have a life with akihiko, i want to grow a family with him, i want to marry him i love him so much

No. 302552

File: 1686887032134.png (111.21 KB, 1000x1600, 04e1f087d642ce3771e01234074b53…)

fatlus better not fucking mess with him. he's cool, sweet, and innocent without even trying. a tranny in his presence would disturb and confuse him.

No. 302567

they will make bebe nonbinary, cap this.
i remember the hotel scene with akihiko…………….. i never want to leave that hotel. i want to marry him so much aaah I WISH HE WAS REAL.

No. 302594

File: 1686906802163.png (193.56 KB, 800x862, tumblr_nxx8ypkAVX1svcp14o1_128…)

moar akihiko san

No. 302599

File: 1686911189688.jpg (118.82 KB, 900x1300, 993057f967d45a5237b8b3319ba75d…)

he's also cute but I don't know how to feel about his p4au looks.
plus, part of theo's appeal for me are the silly bellboy suit and the gloves he wears.

No. 302604

File: 1686912183708.jpg (7.78 KB, 197x197, 36c01578cbac552ce9eff3805cc38c…)

i MUCH prefer aki his in school uniform, he just looks so sweet. i don't like the whole muscleman thing but also a friend in high school (who is now a TIF) once sent me fanart of him, unprompted, of P4A aki literally sucking a cock and i was pissed at her bc it was disgusting, so that probably also makes me not like it as much either.

No. 302607

File: 1686916205662.jpg (61.44 KB, 556x736, 2940097_p0_master1200.jpg)

Kanji is one of the two male characters I like from any of the new Persona games. Sometimes when I'm sad I think about sewing with him in order to feel better…
Same nonna, I loved both Yukari and Akihiko's English VAs. Some moid I watch reacted to the news and said he was glad they replaced Yukari's original VA because she sounded like a bitch?! Male Personafags don't deserve rights.
New Persona models (and new Persona games in general) are so soulless.
It's so bright and saturated… I loved the dingy vibes of Persona 3, but ofc they're trying to morph it into P5. Ugh. And no femc alone makes me not want to play this - along with the fact that Kenji as a character hasn't been erased from this game entirely kek

No. 302608

File: 1686916738571.jpg (13.71 KB, 320x240, 136356_320.jpg)

I was looking up Aigis cosplayers and sometimes I forget that 2007 was 15 years ago. Something about 144p photos of cosplayers goofing around really warms my heart, specially the LJ comments under them, they all seem so genuine.
I seem to have lost it, but I remember not long ago I found a SMT/P1+2 geocities with cosplay pics too.

No. 302610

File: 1686916905781.jpg (62.04 KB, 434x600, 115 (2).JPG)

i agree, kanji is one of my fav p4 characters. and he's hilarious and super loveable in the p4 anime.

yukari was kind of supposed to be somewhat "bitchy" though… she had no idea what really happened to cause her dad's death and her mom and her had a strained relationship. she literally doesn't trust mitsuru from the get-go due to her father owning the company her dad worked at so she has her defenses up, it's completely understandable. when she gets her ultimate persona it's because she reaches out to have a real friendship with mitsuru, she softens up and becomes kinder it's literally her character arc. coomers just self-insert into junpei when literally any self-respecting woman would be a bitch to him. moids don't fucking understand or appreciate well written female characters. that's why makotoad was such a hit for p5 faggots, she's got the personality of a string bean and seems easily manipulated because she kinda fucking is.

i miss the soul of the earlier persona games, especially the 2 duology.

and same, i thought the kitchen scene with yukari looks cute but it's kinda odd seeing everything so clean looking and HD. to be fair i'm extremely biased in general to older graphics and retro style games anyway. if they ever touch p1 or p2 again i'd hope it'd be as close to the originals as possible and nothing fancy and shiny like this. then again i don't really like how zoomers have gotten into p2 the past years but it's because i'm selfish and dun wanna share my special niche weeb game with them.

No. 302611

File: 1686916997222.jpg (148.43 KB, 960x640, 4FX8V.jpg)

No. 302612

File: 1686917199375.jpg (40.97 KB, 473x616, eJwNyEEOhCAMAMC_8ADaAhbwNwQJul…)

my sad lil baby boy.
i wont ever let nobody hurt u.
its not yur falt nobody understands u.
i hope tatsuya can fix ur hart, boo.

No. 302613

File: 1686917812721.png (3.25 KB, 89x76, 1 Kenji.png)

fukcing ugly. SO UGY!!!!

No. 302658

>female character has agency, a clear goal that's related to her well written backstory, and doesn't act like a retard like 99% of the cast
>"waaah Yukari is such a bitch why isn't she worshipping my- I mean, the main character's dick like all the other waifus reeeee!!"
This is why men deserve nothing.

No. 302688

File: 1686961113467.jpg (64.75 KB, 500x630, 20220130_113316_IMG_5061.JPG)

wish I lived in Sumaru city, looks so comfy.

No. 302702

I still can't believe Atlus destroyed Sumaru City in P5R

No. 302703

duuude what
im playing p5r atm and you're telling me you get to go to sumaru? and they botched it miserably?

No. 302782

You don't go there, I think she's refering to another thing.

(Kind of unrelated and my memory of it is kinda fuzzy, but I couldn't stop laughing back when I reached the final boss of the og P5, they really did a Nyarly 2, uh… Now that I think about it, P5 copy-pasted a bunch of things from P2IS and made them worse kek)

No. 302821

File: 1687027365569.jpg (158.09 KB, 1300x956, 14243638.jpg)

They didn't even try to be subtle, I remember when P5 wasn't even released yet and the very first trailer where we saw Yusuke for half a second everyone was shitting themselves and spamming "OMG OMG JUN??? JUN??? OMG HE LOOKS LIKE JUN!!!" on tumblr. But Yusuke only looks like Jun, Akechi's role is more similar to Jun's. Then there's Ann being Lisa 2.0 and her most direct and personal antagonist also being a deranged pedo who targeted her friend, Makoto and Sae being Tatsuya 2.0 and Katsuya 2.0 but way more boring. Honestly I think it's stupid to claim Atlus is pretending that they forgot about P1 and P2 when P5 is so inspired by P2 and P3 is basically a Snow Queen Quest sequel.

No. 302832

File: 1687035241919.png (74.51 KB, 805x853, tatsuya-jun.png)

all of this is true. the newer persona games are too mainstream and pandering to ever be able to capture what the older ones did right.
on a side note, i love using the p2 DLC costumes in p5 and p5r and how akechi's is jun's kasugayama uniform.

No. 302924

I almost always use the P2 and SMT if… costumes just because I'm getting sick of the horrible P5R battle theme. The original battle theme in P5 is so much better but there's no way to exclusively hear it unfortunately. And the Seven Sisters' uniform look great on top of that.

>how akechi's is jun's kasugayama uniform.

It's funny how Atlus gave no fuck when it comes to hiding Akechi's real identity as one of the main antagonists, even before the game got released.

No. 302926

i have akira wear the P1 uniform because i fucking love lone prayer but the rest i have wear seven sisters uniforms. oh and morgana wears the catherine costume because i luv sheep.
i honestly don't like any of the p5 battle music, not even last surprise. no hate on the singer, i just don't like the style of music idk.

No. 302927

File: 1687086541198.gif (352.95 KB, 750x561, p2.gif)

sharing this here bc i forgot i had it and it's cute

No. 302928

No I get it. I like the song from P5 vanilla but I don't like having a battle theme with lyrics. It's annoying because you also have the playable characters and bosses talking all the fucking time during battles, it gets distracting. That also applies to P4, but it didn't bother me at all in P3 for some reason. I'm salty that they removed Raidou's costume in the Switch version of P5R just because of Korea, I want to make Morgana wear the Goto's costume.

No. 302929

File: 1687086581504.jpg (75.37 KB, 767x432, Nurjean Guest Rant Persona 2 P…)

chikarin, my underrated queen.

No. 302930

File: 1687086763460.png (21.69 KB, 1600x1080, akechi.png)

that was why we got no raidou costumes on the switch? i was so confused to not see them there. i also noticed they removed the rising sun logo on ryuji's shoes.
do you use japanese or english voices? my first playthrough i had english on and the battles became so fucking annoying so the 2nd time i played p5 and now with p5r i have had japanese on simply because its less annoying when i don't understand what they're saying lol.

No. 302939

>that was why we got no raidou costumes on the switch?
I think so. iirc the Korean version of the SMT3 remaster doesn't have Raidou at all either which is really weird because I'm sure Dante is still an optional DLC for them so it's not like Dante replaces Raidou entirely in that case.

>do you use japanese or english voices?

I started playing P5 vanilla at a guy's place (a friend of a friend) and he was retarded so he didn't believe me when I said he could download a patch for free to get the Japanese voice acting until I was 20h into the game. He accidentally deleted my save file so I beat Madarame and did some stuff after that almost only in English and it sounded so fucking bad. Thank god I didn't reach the arc where Futaba is introduced because her American voice actress said she made her sound like she's autistic on purpose because that's her headcanon iirc. The same voice actress who made Asahi in SMT4A sound way too fucking annoying despite Asahi being a great character imo.

I'm in the middle of P5R right now and I'm playing it with a French translation and with the Japanese voice acting and it's so much better. Ryuji sounded stupid and childish in English, and now in Japanese and French he actually sounds like a troublemaker who ACTUALLY swears every five seconds. Even Morgana swears once or twice to insult him which is funny as fuck. It's insane how obsessed with censorship and making games family friendly American localizers are. Hearing Ryuji saying "effing" out loud instead of "fuck" and "fucking" all the time in a game where the first story is explicitly about a pedophile assaulting his teenage students was super weird like. What a strange sense of priority. It's not exactly a family friendly game and late teenagers, who are parts of the target demographic, swear way more than that irl.

No. 302947

>and now in Japanese and French Ryuji actually sounds like a troublemaker who ACTUALLY swears every five seconds

NTA but I'm glad to hear he swears like a sailor in French too, I'm playing P5R in Spanish and they translated him the same way. I dunno if the EU localization is better or worse than the US one since my JP level is akin to a preschooler, but at least I’m glad that for P5R they didn’t fully follow the English one and actually made the characters talk normally. I’m enjoying the game much more thanks to the new translation, ENG was so stale.

In the other hand, the EU translations for P3P, P4G and P4U suck so much because they made a direct translation from ENG and called it a day (they didn’t even bother to check the JP scrip, the ENG P4U translation is butchered and the same mistakes are present in the EU one). Also in ESP, for the female route in P3P they didn’t even change the male gendered adjectives/nouns towards her most of the time lmao.

No. 302959

I played P3P and P5G in English in their original consoles so I didn't know that. That sucks, especially because they were translated in other languages after P5R iirc.
>Also in ESP, for the female route in P3P they didn’t even change the male gendered adjectives/nouns towards her most of the time lmao.
The definition of not giving a fuck kek. They have no excuse here because the English script and dub is slightly different and you clearly read and hear the characters saying "she" and "her" when you play as the FEMC.

No. 303905

File: 1687404259514.jpg (22.51 KB, 318x344, 038.jpg)


No. 304379

File: 1687575250271.jpg (31.06 KB, 400x400, 475.JPG)

where's my fellow akihiko loving anon?

No. 304854

File: 1687798283821.jpg (63.81 KB, 850x1195, 68d8eeeee79862014e59f4e3859448…)

I just saw P2:IS fanart on Twitter that had over 1k likes… I miss when I was 13 and it was a game that only autists on /v/ knew about. Now the fandom has more of a female fanbase which would be amazing if most of them weren't gendies and/or fujoshis. I was talking on Twitter with another woman who's into the series and she said the only reason she played it was because you could romance Jun and she loves kweer representation.
I feel like a lot of modern P2 fans are like that, as well as forcing gendie shit onto random characters whilst ignoring 99% of their actual characterization (as well as the plot). Sorry for my autistic ranting nonnas… I think I need to just stick to mainline SMT.

No. 304857

Aren't most megaten fans women anyway? Or at least in Japan they're the majority? Not surprising that fujoshi would be into P2, but I don't get it when it comes to fakebois. They're the same crowd whining about Erica and Rin in Catherine, and about some very minor scenes in P3, 4 and 5.

No. 304877

File: 1687802559401.gif (700.33 KB, 512x680, triggered.gif)

why must they ruin my baby boy???
yes they're obsessed with characters so they can project shit onto them instead of recognizing their importance in the story.

No. 304890

I'm friend with this one girl who is super sweet and makes nice art but she keeps using she/her on Jun and it makes me crawl on my skin lmao

Yeah in Japan the female part of the fanbase is big and they're mostly the ones who make art/content for it, but from what I can see the western side is mostly male dominated unfortunately. I befriended some women into megaten but most of them are some flavour of nb/trans men sadly.

No. 304948

>she keeps using she/her on Jun
That's actual homophobia at this point.

No. 304950

File: 1687823075224.jpg (47.84 KB, 598x598, 6a4ac4fbaf73a18738c37bf1dbcc3a…)

i love how the gendies have come full circle

No. 304952

>I miss when I was 13 and it was a game that only autists on /v/ knew about. Now the fandom has more of a female fanbase which would be amazing if most of them weren't gendies and/or fujoshis.
Nona, please give the female fans a break. When I was 13 the only thing that existed SMT related on the internet was the Megaten Web Search. A ton of the websites linked on it were made by fujos and female artists in the early 2000s for posting their artwork and fan fictions.

No. 305043

File: 1687859625886.png (43.32 KB, 1349x642, mgtws.png)

Kek yeah, but she's pretty much just projecting because she's one of these "men can be soft" aidens. Doesn't make it much better though.

I remembered the megaten web search the other day and I'm glad it's saved on Wayback Machine. I have to keep pocking around, but sadly the great majoroty of the sites listed are long gone, with no wayback saves (and/or with broken images for the ones saved there).
I miss the energy of these sites honestly, I even started to google/deepl translate the fics I found on the websites that survived lmao.

No. 305063

File: 1687872611728.png (70.24 KB, 400x400, maruki.png)

just met him in p5 last night and i hate the clumsiness and glasses but he kinda cute.

also googling pics of him gave me spoilers, FUCK me man

No. 305095

Tbh I was a huge nlog when I played P2 for the first time and I definitely cut myself off from exploring more SMT related communities that were used by women. I really regret that now, I just know that deep-down I would have loved to have had other girls to geek out about those games with. What was the fandom at large like back then? Were there any other popular hubs for SMT/Persona 2 stuff? I literally only ever talked about SMT/Persona with moids on 4chan, who a lot of the time had stupid opinions in the first place.

No. 305104

Anon he's shady as fuck why did you google him!! I hope it didn't ruin the fun too much

No. 305108

kinda did, but not too much i hope

i said out loud "okkkk so he's adachi 2.0, so original atlus"

No. 305138

The biggest P2 websites I remember browsing were called Allegory of Whatever (IS) and Crime and Punishment (EP). It had a huge amount of info about Innocent Sin before the fan translation was completed.



I got into Persona when P3 came out while I was in highschool, but two of my friends were older and happened to have played P1 and P2. It was kind of funny because P3 was so different in style it seemed like it barely had anything to connect with the other games.

No. 305140

All this talk is reminding me of the Persona 2 manga getting published in France and in all the three volumes the translator's note says that P1, P2IS and P2EP aren!t available in France but mayve someday! P3 didn't exist yet at the time. Let me just say that we're still waiting for an official release for P2EP here two whole decades later kek

No. 305146

love these links, thanks for sharing.
i enjoyed p3 as i played FES first, but i really fell in love with the p2 duology when i played both of them, even if most people consider the gameplay dated.

No. 305172

Wtf no he isn't. Adachi killed a woman and a high school girl and tried to rape a woman. This guy is actually kind, he just wanted everyone to be happy.

No. 305183

ok if this is to psyop me out of spoilers then thanks. idk though i saw some pics. i will keep playing and see.

No. 305186

My only issue with p2is is that the menus are insanely slow. Battles could be way shorter if that weren't a problem. The gameplay itself didn't feel outdated and I liked the fusion spells being like in DDS.

No. 305188

File: 1687918578813.jpg (61.08 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

luv dds as well, gale is a cutie

No. 305321

File: 1687976590335.png (50.98 KB, 756x481, m.png)

I skimmed your links and they seem interesting, I need to sit down to read them more thoroughly. Something about these kinds of sites warm my heart.

I found about this P2 site a while ago and I liked it (I found it cute how it was IS only in 1999 and then in 200 it turned into IS+EP). The little drawings are adorable and it has info I haven't seen anywhere else, like translations of parts of the P2 fanbook.


First the novels of another game I like and now the P2 anthologies, I shouldn't have skipped my french classes kek
Over here they barely licence any manga even if its source is popular (the P5 one got licensed 4 months ago for example).

I'm curious though, is the french edition the same size as the japanese one? I imported some anthologies from japan and it surprised me they're a chunk bigger than your usual manga.

No. 305346

When I was trying to remember the old sites a couple things bummed me out:
1. Everything now is stuck on fandom/wiki sites instead of having unique html designs like fan sites
2. It’s actually kind of hard to find the old site names / links on Google because the search engine’s so fucking bad

No. 305482

File: 1688059223002.png (89.25 KB, 519x569, its transparent trust me.png)

I’m finishing P5R right now (just started the 3rd semester) and ugh, I don’t even know if I want P6 anymore. I played this series in release order since the PSP versions of P1-3 are awfully easy to pirate, I loved P1-2, P3 is the weird middle child (but I ended up loving it thanks to all its supplementary media), but P4-5 were unbearable for me.

Specially P5, it just drags itself for 130 hours with content that barely has substance, the characters lose all their personality and just become a static anime trope after their arcs that last like 5 minutes, and the game itself seems like it’s too scared to actually make any social commentary in case it offends anyone. I just hope this very last arc is at least mildly interesting. And P4 wasn't much better, but at least the story was a bit more entertaining until they blamed it all on a god

From what I know, the head writer for Persona changed (he was the one who wrote the 3rd semester and P5S, I think? But since I haven’t played these yet I can’t comment on the quality) so that gives me a bit of hope, but if P6 decides to follow P5’s footsteps and ends up being another +100h game with a stale story I’m calling it a day and just stick to P1-3.

Yeah, all Google pulls up nowadays are AI-generated articles made to rank high on SEO unfortunately . I usually use these search engines if I want to find old/obscure pages

https://www.oldavista.com/ - Where I found that P2 site, it searchs for archives of defunct websites.
https://www.marginalia.nu/ - It searches for sites that are still up but badly optimised for current-day web standards, personal sites, and similar.
https://wiby.me/ - I don't use this one much, but it exists as well.

Neither of them are fully optimized, so they miss lots of potential results and such, but they can be a good start

No. 305486

>5 minute arcs
This annoys me so much. I always hear people loving Yusuke and Makoto, but god they were such nothing characters without their confidant links. At least p4's arcs were more impactful for the characters because their arcs weren't overshadowed by their antagonists.

No. 305530

That's another thing I dislike about P5, locking your team mates' persona evolution and character arcs behind Social Links rather than merging it with the story.

No. 305549

P4 was the same shit, literally as P5 where most development is behind s.link.

No. 305552

All I know is I can tell you more about Rise, Kanji, and Naoto than I can about Yusuke, Makoto, and Haru without doing their social links.

No. 305553

>First the novels of another game I like
Which game? And to answer your question, I assume it's the same size. The manga has three volumes so it wasn't compiled into just one or two by the publishing company. I don't know where you're from but I'm going to guess you're American because whenever I see Americans posting the manga they read with pictures of the actual translated books they almost always look larger than what we have and what Japan has.

No. 305554

>the characters lose all their personality and just become a static anime trope after their arcs that last like 5 minutes
I'm not tha far into the game but imo Makoto COMPLETELY ruins the main characters' dynamic once she becomes more important. She's bland and stupid as fuck but just like Naoto she's the one character that parrots what other characters say but with a calm voice so all the characters go "omg you're sooooo smart". Morgana is shit too.

No. 305561

i love to hate makoto, i hate how scrotes coom over her so hard, just shows they like bland, passive women. i've heard hifumi was supposed to originally be on the team but they scrapped that for boring ass makotoad. that would have been eons better.

No. 305565

Totally agree. I played P5 when I was a teenager and didn't really like anyone, now that I'm playing Royal as an adult for whatever reason I started liking Ryuji, Ann and Yusuke a lot more. Especially Ann. Still dislike Makoto though. She really does ruin the dynamic, I hate how she's written. It's a shame because I think she had the potential to be a better character. I think her feelings of uselessness, how she feels pressured by and like a leech on her sister but there's only so much she can do as a student, how she impulsively tries to prove that she's not useless etc are very fitting of a character her age, but she turns into a complete Mary Sue after that. Feels very forced. She makes me think of a worse Twilight Sparkle kek.

No. 305566

Same nonna. I remember when it first came out and my brother and his friends thought Makoto was the end all be all. She's literally a worse version of Sae. Also I don't know how much of Hifumi's character was changed, but if she was the same, she would've been such a cool teammate

No. 305567

>her feelings of uselessness, how she feels pressured
Kinda tinfoilish, but maybe that was some leftover remnants of Hifumi's teammate storyline? Iirc Hifumi's mom was a big pressure on Hifumi in her confidant story and I can see Hifumi thinking of herself being useless. I honestly forgot Makoto felt useless because of the Mary Sue stuff and I have a hard time seeing her as being insecure and impulsive

No. 305569

File: 1688084550700.png (226.57 KB, 512x512, 1496951675083.png)

Team Hifumi ♥
i would bet that's where her out of nowhere "omg im so useless (sad face)" comes from, leftovers from Hifumi's character arc. Like, Makoto is student council president and does very well academically and the fatty principal fat fat literally asks her to stalk akira, ryuji, and ann for no apparent reason imo. she's a complete mary sue and useless in battle, moids just like her stupid ass coom costume (fwiw i don't like ann's costume either, it's creepy to see high schoolers in latex). Hifumi is a badass shogi player, elegant, beautiful, and well-read. Makoto is just one of those idiots who has no interests and can regurgitate information robotically on an exam.

No. 305570

File: 1688084774756.png (2.69 MB, 4200x2550, eukxo40xgbyz.png)

if only. so much cooler than whatever the fuck makoto's AOA pic was, not even memorable

No. 305573

>how she feels pressured by and like a leech on her sister
I hated it because it was obvious Atlus just wanted to copy Tatsuya and Katsuya's relationship, even just a little, but they somehow managed to make it uninteresting all because Makoto herself is uninteresting. And she proved Sae's point by getting in trouble with some shitty yakuza willingly. Sae isn't playable and she feels more relevant than her playable sister.

No. 305589

Hifumi was never meant to be a teammate unfortunately. Makoto's beta design had long hair and her costume was like a traditional japanese warrior, but then they scrapped that and kinda recicled the design and vibe to make Hifumi. Atlus actually does this a lot with their designs, I think it's cool.

No. 305673

File: 1688148018011.jpg (524.09 KB, 1892x2560, 98374p3.jpg)

I'm not from the US, but yeah it may be a regional thing, now that you mention it when I see manga shelves from the US the sizing seems to be pretty inconsistent. The only manga I have bought from Japan are anthologies and all of them are bigger than our usual manga size, so I assumed it had to do with the kind of comic. Unfortunately P2 is the only Persona entry who doesn't have a manga adaptation of its story, all its comics are anthologies so that's why I asked.

(The novels I mentioned are Kirby ones. Yeah it has novels kek)

No. 305737

Anthologies are always bigger, including in Japan. No idea why. Yeah the P2 manga is more like a spinoff with other characters but they're studying in Tatsuya and Lisa's school. I should read it again someday and give a summary if it's not available in English. There's a Katsuya cameo though but I think that's it.

No. 305881

File: 1688206518588.png (14.49 KB, 203x247, 644391507620708352_6_1042e64f5…)

Thanks for replying, I'm glad they're keeping the original size then, they're a joy to read. Doujin/zines and anthologies kind of spoiled me and now I hate reading on the usual A5 size, I feel like a grandma with poor eyesight kek
I remember reading a fan translation some time ago, but it was only one of the volumes if I recall correctly. Both the story and some of the artists’ styles were super cute, I should track them again. I have also seen screenshots of the EP gang, so I’m guessing they made anthologies for that game too, but maybe they’re stuck in Japan.

No. 305911

Anthologies tend to not make it outside of Japan even if they're adaptations of a known IP. I'm abroad right now but as soon as I'm home I'll read the manga again because it's been a while and I'll post a summary. This way you and other curious anons could learn more about it.

No. 305915

tysm nonners ♥

No. 305925

Thanks you in advance!

Yeah that's why it surprised me to read the P2IS ones got published in France, you guys got lucky! I mainly collect the P3 ones and just for that game alone there are +40 (and another new one in the works) so I don’t expect them to bring them all outside Japan especially considering anthologies are often 4komas, but it’s cool to see a few officially translated.

No. 308199

File: 1689195536030.jpg (505.6 KB, 2448x1602, 132 (2).JPG)

No. 310307

File: 1690172596652.png (17.65 KB, 284x475, atsuro.png)

I finally started playing Devil Survivor and I gotta say that Atsuro is a real one. I wasn't expecting to like him so much. I don't want to go too into spoilers but he stays with the protagonist throughout all the endings (unlike other characters)

No. 310422

File: 1690219207175.png (329.77 KB, 800x300, 242b6bf20a8bda62.png)

Is DeSu any good? It has been on my radar for quite some time after stumbling upon a fan translation to my native language, but the battle system seem a bit Fire Emblem-esque from what I have seen & it's a gameplay I find very hard to get into.
I dig its… early 2000s yaoi doujin artstyle (I don't know how else describe it kek). The protagonists look made on the same factory as the P3 MC, I want them on a jar.

No. 310425

nta but makoto in seven sisters uniform?? never seen that, cool

No. 310440

I'm enjoying it and yeah the battle system is like fire emblem mixed with normal turned based rpg which I like. The game is very visual novel heavy though which plays into the whole multiple choices thing. I've heard the second game plays more like a dating sim than the first. On the artstyle, I've heard it compared to durarara, which explains the dlc for the second game with durarara characters.

No. 310636

The artist for the DeSu games is the same one for Durarara to memory

No. 311120

File: 1690477926181.jpg (177.37 KB, 1512x920, FaIY1EQWYAMfFxQ.jpg)

Yeah it was drawn by the P3-4 mangaka during the 25th anniversary. I'm pretty sure there is artwork of the protagonists wearing each other's uniform except for P1 (can't blame them, as much as I love P1 the uniform is kinda ugly kek)

I love VNs, maybe I can endure the battle system then, I will try playing it when I finish with my small backlog. Maybe it's just because I'm aware of its existence now, but I have seen lots of people getting into and/or mentioning DeSu lately on social media, I found it curious seeing it over here as well.

No. 311135

P5R third semester is basically Maki's story from the SEBEC route. Except this time the Kandori (Maruki) is a nice person and instead of Nyarlathotep, it's Azathoth, Nyarly's father.

P5 in general is essentially a mix of both IS and EP. >>302821 And nonnie here is right that P3 is basically an SQQ sequel.

Sumaru is based on Yokohama, but thanks to hidden files in P5R and that Strikers game, Sumaru City basically doesn't exist anymore and now it's only Yokohama. IIRC P3's Iwatodai was based on Kobe but changed it to be Tokyo which makes the lore even weirder considering how so much crap is left unnoticed since it's in Tokyo now.

No. 311139

Seven Sister's uniform is the most stylish of all the uniforms, bar none. Shujin's is fucking awful with those pants. Hermelin's is a boring gakuran. Gekkokan and Yasogami aren't bad, but not as nice as Seven's

No. 311143

>Karukozaka high
kind of weird but cute
>St. Hermelin
its okay imo
>Seven Sister's high
da bes
>Kasugayama high
its neat but maybe im biased because i love jun
>Gekkoukan high
bretty cute
>Yasogami high
its shit and ugly
>Shujin academy
at first i thought it was hot but now it just looks stupid to me.

No. 311179

File: 1690492509386.png (679 KB, 842x736, Fjv5g6HXkAUMElu.png)

Lmao what I like about the P5 uniforms are the pants/skirts.
My favorite one overall is Sevens', though I really like the P3 uniform for the girls, the crop-top cut for the blazer is cute (ziper sleeve is dumb though)

No. 311181

I wonder which car brand logo they're going to shamelessly plagiarize in P6.

No. 311188

File: 1690495215492.png (290.58 KB, 800x609, 3604062_p0.png)

what are your favorite demon designs anons? and don't say mothman. I love any bishie setanta and cu chulainn iteration, also loved oberon, mithras, metatron, and fenrir

No. 311190

File: 1690495592484.png (329.58 KB, 700x795, 653703_p0.png)

samefag, forgot male amaterasu from 3

now that i think about it all my smt playthroughs turn into gay husbando harem training games somewhere down the line

No. 311197

File: 1690496339619.jpg (26.39 KB, 485x278, Lilim.jpg)

(old) Lilim, Pixie, Angel, Mermaid, Hua Po, Throne, Nekomata, Narcissus, Atropos, Clotho, Lachesis, Fortuna, Norn, Attis, Mot, Trumpeter, White Rider, Scathach to name a few. i like the feminine demons and some of the creepy ones too.
doesn't really count but i love yukari's persona Io and Ulala's Callisto.

No. 311206

File: 1690499578684.png (101.67 KB, 216x249, pegasus.png)

Pegasus from devil children. He's just so derpy. I love most of the cutesy designs from the devil children/demikids games.

No. 311221

File: 1690508048104.jpeg (558.7 KB, 1364x2636, 9DB07E8E-A283-4BA8-9301-C7E21C…)

No. 311222

File: 1690508243980.png (1.52 MB, 1040x1569, A6D84E3F-A311-49BB-B7AB-A7E5F3…)

No. 311223

File: 1690508297221.jpeg (472.69 KB, 2128x1680, DBFC4CDC-6B2A-46CF-AB33-C7F065…)

Honestly there are so many good designs

No. 311224

File: 1690508353260.png (1.37 MB, 1675x1926, 959B3DEE-9756-443A-A176-BB2B2D…)

No. 311225

File: 1690508452776.png (1006.91 KB, 973x1920, 67A58CE4-F9A0-495E-9EA9-6783B9…)

No. 311228

File: 1690510529242.png (1.19 MB, 660x1288, Chernobog.png)

kelpie is cute…

No. 311240

File: 1690515860624.png (690.35 KB, 672x967, Fionn_Mac_Cumhaill.png)

Smt v was meh but i do love fionn

No. 311275

File: 1690534433591.png (583.27 KB, 1000x1275, f8621874d45068100869901e588528…)

P3 Thanatos because he's hot, but I wish Caladrius appeared in more games, they're super cute.
IV was my intro to SMT as a whole and my favorite thing about it was how varied the demon designs were, ranging from cute pets to hyper-designed monsters, there's pretty much a demon for everyone. It surprised me that it seems to be a part on the fandom who pretty much dogpiles everyone who isn't Kaneko, I though the variety of artists/designs was one of the games' strong points.

No. 311328

File: 1690571704027.png (1.6 MB, 1238x939, image_141417.png)

the guest artists were hated cuz they were shitting out designs like this. range is cool, but it's something most smt games have. variety is also cool but what's cooler is quality, and the demon design quality took a nosedive after kaneko left (he designed none of the new demons from 4 on) not just cuz of the bad guest designs but doi. doi isn't a bad artist but he's a terrible demon designer. when he spontaneously got thrown the reins more fgocore coomer demons like mermaid and fertile child demeter started popping up and lots of ugly masks to save him from having to give the demons real expressions. i don't think it's a coincidence the mask face demons look like personas either, their cash cow. 4 was the beginning of smt's identity crisis spiral.

No. 311349

File: 1690579195729.jpg (2.08 MB, 2560x1920, deco.jpg)

God, Mermaid infuriates me so much, specially as someone who loves mermaids, her concept art shows more mature designs but of course they had to pick the one that looks like a half-naked child. I don't mind coomer designs, but I wish they at least didn't look like kids.

No. 311350

File: 1690579823431.jpg (972.56 KB, 929x1300, FlO0fAbagAAbW4k.jpg)

There's an artist I follow on twitter who does gorgeous SMT fanart. She mostly focuses on SMT2, and likes to draw yaoi stuff of Aleph and other characters.

No. 311356

File: 1690583212249.jpg (129.55 KB, 850x923, femc.jpg)

I love her so much and the remake is going to ignore her… she made P3 so much fun for me… Atlus, you've spurned me yet again…

No. 311362

Same nonnie, feel like they cut her out cos you can romance the men for once but you didn't get many good options. rip shinjiro

No. 311371

File: 1690590250649.jpg (186.01 KB, 496x1000, 20230728_191959.jpg)

She's awesome, thanks for the rec anon. Most of the SMT artists I follow focus on SMT3, nice to see some 2 appreciation.

No. 311374

File: 1690592294630.png (2.03 MB, 1000x1414, illust_76286407_20230728_19590…)

I miss memessa, her art was gorgrous. SMT fujos are built different. https://www.pixiv.net/users/407256

No. 311375

File: 1690592371574.jpg (28.04 KB, 406x500, 20230728_191724.jpg)

And raidou will always be cucked

No. 311377

File: 1690592882064.jpg (138.56 KB, 1280x813, ep_cast_in_seven_sisters_unifo…)

found this, wanted to share. bao is a qt

No. 311433

If anything they cut her off because there's one (two if you count Elizabeth) same-sex romance route if you play as FeMC, I don't think dating men as a woman is a problem to them.
Though the most likely reason they're remaking just the main male route its because RE is just a test on how to use UE on Persona games, they said RE is here to mark a new era for the series, so they just want to get out there the bare minimum to make P-studio get used to the engine and the new director/composer. I wouldn't be surprised if later they release a complete remake edition with FeMC and/or The Answer.
That said I wish they could cater to the female fans more, specially when the majority of the fandom and the ones who do the most fanwork/free advertising are female in Japan.

No. 311452

What exactly is Persona 5X? Is it a mobile game?

No. 311457

Yeah, from what we know it's just Persona 5 mobile with some asset swap, a gatcha system for party members and censored demons due to chinese laws, don't expect much. The protagonist, main girl and velvet assistant look cute though.

No. 311506

The P5X protag looks like Tatsuya

No. 311683

File: 1690717369954.png (1.75 MB, 1791x1194, F2Pn91rXsAAkpjj.png)

We got a few Atlus announcements at WonFes: Qset+ of P3-5 and 13 Sentinels, along with the prototype of the Joker Nendoll.
No idea of what's Qset+, but from what I saw the normal Qset are just 7-9cm tall chibi figures in the 2-3k yen range. I wonder if the + ones will have extra accessories or faceplates. Not too impressive but they’re cute, I wish they had included FeMC though…

No. 311749

never expect anything to include her, just let it be a pleasant surprise if it ever happens. i don't think she was featured in any official content after P3P (2009) until PQ2 (2018).

No. 331956

Nonnas I'm interested in playing Persona 3 but the different versions confuse me. It looks like FemC is only available on P3P, but the maps are more fully fleshed out on P3 on PS2. Is it worth having fewer explorable environments for FemC? Should I play both? I've only played Persona 5 but I enjoyed it so much, I really want to get into the rest of the series. (Also, anyone remember Tokyo Mirage Sessions? What a weird game. An SMT/Fire Emblem mashup? I had a lot of fun with it though, especially as a Wii U games.)

This is old news but Atlus games have such a weird attitude towards women, like TMS and P5 both criticize the sexualization of girls but also indulge in it too. Especially P5. What a way to shit on the message of the entire first palace of the game by having the rest of the game continue to treat Ann as someone defined by her sexual attractiveness to men. Plus Makoto's outfit, the unnecessary boob jiggle in Haru's teamup scenes. And you have to see these over and over in the battle scenes.


I like Makoto but I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought she turned into a Mary Sue. I'm a sucker for "rule-following good student learns to be their own person," but she gets treated like such a genius by the rest of the cast for making common sense observations in a calm voice. And she definitely changes the vibe once she joins. Futaba is another one I like but who completely changed the chemistry of the team. It felt like the game totally halted to focus on her once she was introduced, and she replaced Morgana as the commentary character. Such weird decisions around the characters in this game.

No. 331976

Play P3P (today is its 14th anniversary btw!) & then Reload for a complete experience. Due to P3P's format, you will miss lots of little information that the 3D models give you, on top of missing cutscenes. It was my introduction to Persona & with all its faults I still enjoyed it & today P3 is my favorite out all games, playing as a female character is so refreshing. I would either watch the cutscenes on YT or the anime after playing, and look a playthru of The Answer for story closure.
Since you're coming from P5, keep in mind the game is 14 years old like I said before, and it was the game that kicked off Persona like we know today, so its age shows. Don't expect 345879 activities to do or puzzles inside dugneons, P3's gameplay is very simple and outside S-Links & exploring the main dugneon from time to time you don't have anything else to do.

No. 334376

File: 1699565994331.png (133.95 KB, 575x977, Cut-In (5).png)

I had negative interest in P5T, I disliked P5 and I can't get into TRPGs, but I downloaded the huge data leak this morning (I think it's a mix of in-game assets with some arwork pages) and just sat down to look everything & woah I can't believe I want the game now.
I only watched…. one trailer and half, so I don't know how the story goes, but going thru the out of context art/cut-ins made it seem interesting, not anything groundbreaking but I got really curious about some of the characters' relationships. The DLC episode has the most cut-ins and seems like a pretty cute story, so I think I will wait for the base game to get a price drop since the dlc looks like a must-have.
I wasn't a fan of the art either, but looking at the in-game art and sprites made it work really well, I love how expresive they are (the translation to 3D isn't good though, but as 2D it works wonders), some of the concept art is totally eye candy.
Honestly P5T may be the P5 spin-off they put the most effort onto keeek.

No. 334378

File: 1699566732828.jpg (Spoiler Image,627.36 KB, 4096x3248, F-g54mcXsAAZYLD.jpg)

(Spoiler for character not officially revealted)
Also I had a jumpscare while looking at the files, I though they had added P3 characters lmao She looks exactly like Mitsuru

No. 340212

File: 1701883685877.png (508.5 KB, 637x539, GAgo-mtW8AAnzCF.png)

They changed it already, but I was bewildered when I first saw this, I had to do a double take kek

No. 340221

kek at least they know their audience. The community manager didn't give a single fuck.

No. 340228

Ken is the worst character in P3 and his useless ass should have died instead of Shinji.

No. 340231


No. 340296


No. 341843

File: 1702471422896.png (692.76 KB, 798x800, GOODS-04429542_02.png)

I feel like Ryoji being in the plush set is evidence he’s going to have a much larger role in reload, which I’m glad about because Ryomina is based as hell.

Not sure what’s going on with Mona there though.

No. 341861

File: 1702480982860.jpg (107.99 KB, 1200x636, GBOkAehaQAAvlGd.jpg)

God I have never bought something faster on my life, really happy I ended up passing on the acrylic stands, the nuis are way cuter and even cheaper.
I adore the moonlight trio, I'm so happy to see Ryoji get some merch. Aikoto and Ryomina are amazing, and the friendship between Aigis and Ryoji is very cute as well, very excited to have them in plushie form.
Mona is most likely here because he's the mascot of P5, but it feels weird. I think he already had a plush similar to a nui, Sumi feels like a more obvious choice if these are P5R merch. Atlus pulls an Atlus I guess.

No. 341866

mona was the better choice because no one gives a fuck about sumire

No. 341879

Lots of people like her actually, I keep seeing people requesting her to be in everything along with Akechi.
I don't care for her though (or P5 for that matter) kek

No. 341910

About to buy Yu and Yosuke just to make them hold hands.

No. 345665

reeee no aki

No. 347062

File: 1704626686183.mp4 (962.64 KB, 360x360, 1704555199175.mp4)

No. 347132

Based TERF Rise

No. 347167

>he’s going to have a much larger role in reload
ryoji is already extremely important in the game. do you mean you think he'll have a social link in the reload, with the mc? i don't know how much larger of a role ryoji could even have?

No. 353486

File: 1707068790744.jpg (42.93 KB, 221x221, 1338317307187.jpg)

Has anyone tried reload yet? I didn't get around reading any reviews yet, I'm just wondering if it's as easy as p5/p5r was

No. 353506

I bought the game, but I'm too poor to buy a PS5 and my laptop can't even run DS games so I still got it sealed and stare at it lmao.
I have heard it's even a bit easier than P5R (or at least, "normal" is very easy), the Tartarus bosses got nerfed or something. Persona games are already easy to beging with, I don't know why they keep dumbing them down.

No. 353611

tbf Sleeping Table was really hard in FES, so I get it. But he's a breeze in P3P because you could have full party control

No. 353673

Honestly tactics were very good in vanilla/FES (ironically they got worse as they released more games, but the original tactic system was very solid), my only nickpick was party members using single-targed healing spells instead of party-wide unless everyone is below x% of health. Even in Portable I still use them during usual explorations because it's faster and I can do other stuff as my team battles kek

No. 356728

I just got P3 Reload, I'm not an old fan because I've only played P5 and Catherine when it comes to Atlus games. The visuals are beautiful and I was excited because everyone online kept saying how much better and deeper the story/writing/social links were in p3 and now I'm playing it and… it's very coomery? I feel like there's a lot of moidy jokes about "getting girls" and being perverts with the female characters… is this how it's going to be? P5 had its moments but it wasn't this bad imo but maybe it's because I expected it to be more mature.

No. 356729

File: 1708173776478.jpg (42.93 KB, 800x450, dissapointed.jpg)

>megaten thread bumped
>by someone whos only played p5 and catherine complaining about coom in fucking p3
deep breaths

No. 356730

Aw shit sorry I hurt your feelings by talking about P3 in a Megaten thread, I didn't realize I needed to play every single fucking Atlus game to be able to talk about the newest one on an imageboard. God I hate fuckers like you, omg anon only played one game so she can't talk about any of the other ones!! Are you going to go scream fake fan now or something? Redditor sounding ass.

No. 356785

Personatards are literal subhumans. Best not to take them seriously

No. 356792

I haven't played Reload yet, but at least in the original it gets better as the game goes on. Junpei mellows down a bit later and the fanservicey scenes are mostly in the initial months were there's barely any plot going on.

No. 356796

>Calling people subhumans over videogames
Touch grass.

Oh good to know. The gameplay and concept is fun and interesting so far and I'm glad the coomery shit goes away later. Apparently Reload is pretty faithful to the original so hopefully I won't find some extra coomer content.

No. 357641

Looks like they're re-releasing SMT 5 with a bunch of new content and probably a new ending too.

No. 357673

File: 1708597382168.jpg (194.74 KB, 1250x938, GG30ZkhWsAA0wLW.jpg)

Might pick it up when it goes on sale, wasn't a fan of the original game but I'm glad we can play it on actual consoles now and I love the designs for the new villains. I don't find having another Atlus re-release girl for the… 7th? time as much as other people seem to do, but it's wild they added another character when the original cast was bare bones at best.
I find interesting they took notes from Devil Survivor 2 for this, I hope the new story fleshes out the original characters even with the new girl around.

No. 357675

I have the OG SMTV and got the law ending after doing all the sidequests except the Shiva boss fight, I think I'll just stick to it and get the other endings later and maybe get this one once it's cheaper for the new route if it's different enough. I feel like I'm the only one who didn't mind the story being barebone, my only issue was how it became non existent in the third area after Sahori's death and until you beat the boss in the dungeon right before Ueno. And I just disliked the third area in general anyway.

Human demon summoners will be playable so it's likely we'll get more development for the already established characters. At least the new girl and Atsuta are playable at some point. I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case with Tao as well.

No. 362196

nonnas i'm desperate. where is the p3 fanfic. i thought there'd be an influx of new fanfic after reload, but it's been over a month now and there's hardly anything, i'm losing my mind. i've read all the good stuff a zillion times. i tried looking for old fic on livejournal and dreamwidth, too, but it's a mess to navigate and half of the entries and journals are purged.

i will read anything at this point. fuck me up. or even doujin?? like where is it.

No. 362313

File: 1710342693240.png (747.5 KB, 1012x1088, kljdsad.png)

Oh that's a shame to hear I expected the P3 tag to be revived as well, I usually only check P3 fics every few months since my favorite ship tag moves slowly so I haven't checked the tag in awhile.
You mentioned DW/LJ already, but these have some P3 fics
This person has only scanned/translated P2 douins and novels so far, but I think she might scan some P3 ones in the future
Some P3 doujins, the Mediafire links still work (it includes the first Ryomina doujin by the P3 mangaka) - https://pandora-scans.livejournal.com/6955.html

I also got picrel, first one are 3 connected aikoto doujins & second one is the MC using Aigis to spy on the male party members. I don't have a scanner so all I can offer are those phone photos, but if you want I dont have any problems uploading it to catbox or something (I can't give you the link to my drive here since its connected to my actual email)

No. 362406

File: 1710371549905.jpg (146.21 KB, 599x485, 001127.jpg)

The SMT TTG made Jack Frost's pronouns hee/ho & while I find that kinda funny I hope idiots don't take the joke seriously and start harassing normal people who use he, I can already see it happening

No. 363839

nta but i'm guessing she means this. https://eirikrjs.blogspot.com/2017/06/jjcat.html?m=1
Def an interesting read.

Sage in case this is considered necroing

No. 364243

File: 1710958792999.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1920x1080, d0fe742e6da8ef3affad7d5df3d6a6…)

in p3/p4 the coomery stuff is really just junpei/yosuke with the peak being beach scene/camping trip. persona is not too bad as far as coomerisms go. also in p3's beach scene they make fun of a tranny being a pedo towards them but i wouldn't be surprised if they changed that in reload.
if you want a more mature experience i recommend the p2 duology, if you don't mind random encounter battles in dungeons. fwiw i hate randoms but the story and characters were so cool and different it was worth it, and innocent sin is easy asf. if only fatlus would bring back cool adult characters for p6 but they will likely keep going in the uwu anime cliché high school direction because most anime fans are pedos or actual children, sigh.

No. 364294

sorry for the late response, but what's the SMT TTG?

No. 364316


google "persona 2 remasters have been leaked to be in development at atlus"
on one hand, very exciting. on the other hand…
>what if it is shit
>le modernization
>im already annoyed and gatekeep-y at persona 5 fags and newshits getting into p1 and p2, this will only make it worse
will 15 year olds play the game and headcanon that ulala is a trans womyn or that baofu is two-spirit???

No. 364318

Bleh, that scrote is being overly fanatical. The most insufferable type of person.

No. 367375

this emo persona mod is so cute! i love akihiko as gerard way KEK

No. 367390

Akihiko is killing me, this is too good

No. 367475

thank u i love u, i luv him as gerard too

No. 367908

File: 1712269482174.jpg (1.21 MB, 1596x2209, 20240405_001509.jpg)

I know no shit about the whole emo scene but it looks so nice. I wish I had a PC to be able to play with it, Atlus did us REALLY dirty when it comes to costumes in P3RE, even removing some that were in the original games (where are the santa outfits!?). My favs are Aigis, Makoto and Yukari and they killed it in that mod, they look so cute. Saw some fanart of it already, I hope it continues.

Also talking about fanart, even thought P3RE sold a million copies, it seems it hasn't attracted too many new people to the fandom…? I have seen lots of people starting P3/Persona with it, but when it comes to fan content there is not much new blood. In a way it makes me glad since it means less dumb discourse made up by newies, but I'm also a bit sad about it.

No. 367963

The new trailer is awesome. New Nahobino form is really cute. I wonder if Aogami dies at some point… Did something happen to Yuzuru too? That would explain why Tsukuyomi coupled with the Protagonist instead.

No. 370683

File: 1713117050812.jpg (469.19 KB, 1920x1080, GK7JMAzbwAE9rxB.jpg)

I'm really enjoying this mechanic. Especially how mad it makes scrotes.

No. 370685

why does that make moids mad? isnt he just talking to some dude.

No. 370698

File: 1713120162243.png (774.32 KB, 958x536, 1691174974616.png)

Because they're insecure as usual. But basically it's a mechanic where you can bond with Aogami and improve your skills as result and there are a lot of occasions for it.

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