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Nati Dreddd, an up and coming singer/songwriter from Scotland. If you ask me, she's a genuinely talented singer who spent a great deal of time honing her craft, and it shows in her live performances. She could play to potentially thousands, if not millions, and honestly, she's one of the best acts to come out of Scotland in years.

While romantic ballads are her strength and her covers are fantastic, she needs to broaden her palate to include more personal themes because singing where it hurts earns you lifelong fans. As it stands, she suffers from many of the same problems those contestants who makes it on shows like America's/Britain's Got Talent for a few rounds before going home. They're always in the running but they never win the game. In any case, I sincerely wish her luck and hope she finds a global audience who treasures her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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Apart from her tunes, she interviews very well and is quite pleasant to listen to as she recounts her life story and journey through music. Her natural charisma shines through in any conversation she's in where she humorously recounts her journey through music with plenty of amusing anecdotes and witty remarks.

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Your music is terrible and you are ugly as fuck. Your shitty attempts at music aren't even worth my attention.

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