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File: 1690720329413.jpg (49.42 KB, 736x729, db009d40443932410e2b5b60150481…)

No. 311690

Talk about the series, the movies, comics and anything related the the Resident Evil franchise.

Feel free to discuss the characters, the games, the plot, the fandom or anything related to it.

>What was your first contact with the franchise?

>What's your favorite game or media?
>What's your least favorite?
>Predictions for the future releases?

No. 311703

Perfect OP picture. Has anyone else seen Death Island yet? And what do you think of the other cg movies?

No. 311709

File: 1690727129587.jpg (25.68 KB, 346x364, Fx-CtIvWcAAiva1.jpg)

>What's your favorite game or media?
probably re 1, 2 original and remake, 3 original and remake and biohazard (i would say 6 too but only for the lolz). i have yet to finish 2 remake and i love it so far. one thing that annoys me about the game is that whenever i go past a licker without running it somehow manages to hear me which is strange. biohazard is probably the scariest game from the franchise, the whole feeling is so eerie in that game, i recommend it if ya want some spookz.
i've never watched the movies but i want to, nonnies who did watch em, are they worth it?

No. 311715

File: 1690729873536.jpg (47.89 KB, 563x730, edc7ef028aa11386b8afb1069464f1…)

The movies are pretty mediocre and predictable on the whole, I can't stop watching them though because omg RE. I enjoyed Damnation the most, since I like Leon and he is the MC. Ada is also in this and the original characters were enjoyable like the female villain who is kinda hot ahem. It was nice to see Jill together with others in Death Island but the villain's motivation was confusing. Also shout out to Vendetta for giving us plenty of meme material.

No. 311721

As for the games, as cool as the new ones are, there is something special about the early games. They are very atmospheric and that slooow door animation is both comforting and scary. The shitty voice acting has a special place in my heart too.

No. 311724

Don't watch Infinite Darkness btw is shit. SO boring. Vendetta starts well for Rebecca but makes her into a damsel in distress. The action is a lot of fun though.

No. 311884

File: 1690778799524.png (1.01 MB, 1000x675, defy5xl-0e55a20a-1310-46ea-88d…)

I watched Death Island, I liked it. It's the average silly action RE movie, though the voice acting sounded off in some parts. I am assuming the VAs didn't watch some of the scenes they were dubbing. Vendetta is my favorite cg movie, it has the funniest fight scene of Chris on the top of the builiding. I like drunk Leon and Rebecca was cute, her being the forced bride was such a FFX Yuna moment kek.

I personally like 6, the hate the fandom has for it not warranted imo. The action style gameplay comes from RE5, yet I don't see RE5 get a fraction of the hate RE6 gets. 6 had good new characters, like Piers, Jake and Sherry coming back and I liked playing the story from different perspectives. The movies are pretty basic, don't expect any real depth, but I see them as mindless action movies, I enjoy them because of the characters.

kek you're right about the villain in Damnation. I liked that movie, but Leon and Ada feel a little bit too much there, almost ooc to me sometimes, and the fact they gave Leon green eyes makes me so confused. I feel like most villains motivation in RE are usually a schizo ramble kek, which is why Wesker is the best villain, the crazy villain rant fits him so well.

Absolutely, I got into the series after the RE2 remake, when I decided to play all the other games I really liked the older ones. The shitty voice acting and the crazy scenes give me the horror B movies vibes that I love. Unironically RE2 original has a more cohesive plot and better characters than the remake. As much as I love RE2 remake, I feel they didn't plan how to tie up the story while simultaneously cutting some the content out. There is one Claire line to Sherry in the RE2 original that she sounds like a pedo and it cracks me up, she says something like "What's the matter? you don't trust me little girl?". I mostly play RE2 remake with the original soundtrack too, I miss hearing thematic ambient music to areas in games. They make all games mostly silent nowadays.

No. 311902

I wish they would make another game in the old style, more slow and horror focused with ambient music. Did anyone see the video of the early version of RE4? Very cool. You can see how it inspired later games like DMC1 and RE8.

No. 311937

File: 1690804571726.png (463.15 KB, 750x470, e48dfb2fa80fdff81fe0ce1d5739ec…)

This teaser was so cool, I heard there were 4 versions made for RE4, one of them was about Leon rescuing a girl and her dog in the castle. I swear to god Capcom reused that idea for another game. I remember reading it and there was so much in common with Haunting Ground, plus the mc of that game looks very close to Jill in RE5. Can't be a coincidence.

No. 311978

Just sharing one of my fave youtube channels.
Bonus Leon asking an important question: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/7sTu5Cs9K_A

No. 311994

the wedding bombing scene in Vendetta is so fucking funny WHO thought it was a good idea for him to lift up his dead wife's detatched arm that miraculously survived the explosion as he reacts to her death LMAOOO god this shit makes me wheeze every time

No. 312027

Thank you so much for introducing me to this channel, this made my day.

KEK That scene is priceless.

No. 312038

This scene cracks me up.

No. 312050

>What was your first contact with the franchise?
My queen Shadowleggy. It’s painful I don’t see any new RE fan content that is as fun like it was in that era.
The old games always felt like you were in a movie to me. Sometimes when movies/tv use an interesting camera angle it even reminds me of RE kek.

No. 312061

the helicopter pilot definitely crashed into him out of spite kek

No. 312074

Glad you enjoyed it, I can't get over Chris' techno "thanks" that he keeps using in the backgrounds kek

No. 312082

originally meant to be a RE AU with Leon as Dante… they even have the same Japanese voice actor, but then again he is pretty damn prolific

No. 312085

I wonder if Leon's motorcycle antics in Vendetta are a reference to DMC.

No. 312111

Sorry but Leon looks terrible here, he aged like shit

No. 312119

Not everyone can be like Jill.

No. 312124

I like him there, but if you are used to Remake Leon it might look weird. Vendetta was made before the Remakes. I prefer him on vendetta over him on Death Island and Infinity Darkness, that's for sure.

No. 312135

File: 1690919028165.png (754.51 KB, 1280x931, 43b06abe709b9a31865d4e8ffb5b20…)

You're going to make him stay drinking, anon.

No. 312282

File: 1690988341652.jpg (460.65 KB, 2304x1080, 3gt7pqlc4baa1.jpg)

He can't always be a pretty boy

No. 312400

All of thr games are on sale on Switch right now. Which game 1-6 would you nonnas recommend for somebody completely unfamiliar with the series? I like male ryona if that makes a difference.

No. 312409

2 and 4 are kino. I started on 4, Louis and Leon are solid eye candy in that one. If you really like 4 and 2 then 3 is worth playing too imo.

No. 312418

OG RE4 and remake 2 are such a blessing.

No. 312419

I used to watch so much shadowleggy stuff with my friends after college. Oh man.

No. 312428

I love this channel nona, I shared it around and my friends are obsessed. I can't get over the Jill is too serious vids kek

No. 312451

File: 1691048114605.jpg (38.63 KB, 564x397, catandleon.jpg)


No. 312454

File: 1691048147690.jpg (248.21 KB, 1250x800, Fvqm9uOagAAt_Tz.jpg)

No. 312512

I recently played through all the mainline games for the first time/again. I have no idea how people act like 5 ruined the series when 3 and 4 really brought out the action side imo. 4 ended up really annoying me for whatever reason though and was my most hated one out of them all. It's plot just didn't capture me at all. At least 5 was dumb fun despite everything I heard about it.

No. 312548

Started 4. It's wild actually meeting Leon after ages of my only knowledge of him being nonnas here babygirlifying him. I'm having fun!

No. 312550

File: 1691086648524.jpg (173 KB, 1200x1085, 1683909853320.jpg)

No one here is babygirlifying him. We are sexualizing him though.

No. 312617

File: 1691096832337.jpg (504.81 KB, 954x563, a9234hjbF.jpg)

These are such cute fanarts.

No. 312621

File: 1691101345029.png (845.54 KB, 900x900, F2VkLhSbsAAp527.png)

I'm actually looking forward to separate ways, I got this slight hope they'll develop Ada's character a bit more, but maybe it's just my wishful thinking. If they keep it close to the original it will be a bunch of shallow comments just like in RE6.

The remakes are a good start, then you can just follow the order 4, 5, 6 and so on. That's what I did, I eventually started going back and playing the originals.

No. 312630

File: 1691109378193.jpg (70.98 KB, 765x510, 2813003-juliavothjillvalentine…)

Agreed, I'm not a big Leon fan but Eduard Badaluta is damn gorgeous. My other favorite face model is Julia Voth as Jill.

No. 312631

And also OG Ashley's face model. This is her and Leon's in this awkward commercial. Remake Ashley is cute and I like her personality more but I prefer her OG design. They did her so dirty with the new hair, it looks like an Amazon wig straight out of the bag. Remake Ashley's face is just too modern Instagrammer cute to me.

No. 312691

Who are your favourite female characters?
Mine is Jill, master of unlocking. The classic nostalgic character from RE1 who was also a badass and very pretty in the remake of RE3. I'm so mad about what they did to her in RE5.
Ashley went from someone I disliked (RE4) to one of the better characters. (RE4R) She is really sympathetic. Got normal human feelings like fear and sadness but is mentally very strong. I like her reaction when Leon tells her that Luis is dead - she looks sad but then gains new resolve.

No. 312941

File: 1691236089220.jpg (147.94 KB, 720x848, 8e1619bc45cc56c48bc7edc14ff019…)

I like Sherry, I felt bad for her on RE2, and I really like her development on RE6.
Jill was great in the originals and the RE3 remake, but I don't like her on RE5 and she gives me Lara Croft vibes in Revelations, which is not my thing. She is the best part of DI and she might be my current favorite female character. Ashley never bothered me as much in the original, but I can see why people hated her. I like her in the remake, her face model is kind of cringe on social media though, she ruined remake Ashley a little for me.
I like Rose too, she could grow to be a nice character in the series. All the female villains in the village are great, regardless of what moids did to Dimitrescu.
I could go on an autistic rant about Ada but I'll just say OG RE2 Ada was a good character and that's it kek.

No. 313172

>I could go on an autistic rant about Ada
Please do. This thread is for RE sperging after all.

No. 313213

File: 1691352097967.png (1.67 MB, 1844x976, godspeed.png)

I asked the universe for a sign that I'm on the right path and while picrel was not what I had in mind, I have no doubt that I am on the holy path. Bless you my leonsisters.

No. 313218

You're in good company anon, my Pinterest front page was mostly just sexy pics of Leon for a while too.

No. 313282

New Sikshadow remix dropped!
It's cute.

No. 313338

File: 1691431461679.png (1.18 MB, 1400x2000, IMG_4052.png)

im never going to forgive capcom for changing leon from a hot butch to milk bread white moid and fsr women cant stop wanting to fuck him. nonas hes so ugly now….love yourselves. also the remakes suck

No. 313341

File: 1691431937450.jpg (54.57 KB, 513x638, 75653b4a4d8e2aa57c61ad83a07323…)

I actually like him, his personality and his interactions with Ashley much better in the RE4R.

No. 313342

Sorry for asking but what's the before and after? The images I've seen of him so far look hot to me but I don't know which game it's from because I'm not playing it or watching play throughs yet.

No. 313343

No. 313351

this nonni knows what's up

No. 313365

File: 1691441357506.jpg (655.51 KB, 2880x2880, my2loves.jpg)

Jokes on you nona I want to fuck both versions. Also don't be afraid, the buttchin can't hurt you.
He's super sweet with Ashley in the remake and they have way more chemistry now. It sets my heart aflutter. He has some jerk moments in the original but he's too hot for them to bother me.

No. 313368

I also like Rose. It seems like they're setting her up to be a protag for a future game and I'm excited about that. Her DLC game was very scary and very moving. I might have cried a little at the end.

No. 313372

File: 1691442682796.jpg (56.31 KB, 894x894, ed756cdddbb82d444d4e582682fe73…)

Cute remake buttchin Leon is clearly the superior Leon.
>It sets my heart aflutter.
Same. I love the moment when he catches her when she jumps from a height the first time. GIWTWM

No. 313377

My bad, asked that before scrolling up and forgot to delete. But I agree he looked better without facial hair and in the older games with a softer less detailed face.

No. 313384

File: 1691445784566.gif (5.93 MB, 640x352, 95f2a6446d1b2c78d3785f01797d14…)

Unpopular Leon opinion: I think he looks hot older in RE6 and Damnation too with his glossy pouty lips. Too bad Ada got the fanservice scenes in Damnation. He is the one who should have ripped his shirt and gotten caught in bondage.

No. 313399

File: 1691451542856.jpg (132.18 KB, 800x1422, HD-wallpaper-jill-capcom-games…)

To be honest I found him more annoying when he looked cute with his dumb personality in 4. Combined it just made me very eh about his character. I like remake Leon the best, not because he's prettier but because he's more respectful and his face is more expressive. He's definitely cuter.
The real glow up though is my girl Jill, I love her in the 3 remake so much. She gives me Ripley from Alien vibes.

No. 313430

File: 1691467065651.png (788.64 KB, 750x1093, whydoyouneedhim.png)

I held back because it's a truly long autistic rant that I doubt anyone will care to read and I'll probably get shit for it, sorry in advance.

I genuinely hate how shallow and repetitive her character became, while I understand and don't expect incredibly deep characters in this franchise, Ada remains the least developed character we got, even after showing in 3 games, at least 2 remakes and 1 movie. Her character just got more boring with the façade that she is "mysterious". When in reality, ever since RE4 she was reduced to a few core concepts, sexy, femme fatale, spy in red and soft spot for Leon. As bad as OG RE2 voice acting and script goes, it hints at a better character than that. She seems genuinely thankful for Leon trying to protect her and somehow a bit guilty too. Maybe she feels she didn't deserve it, maybe she feels she took advantage of him. She says she wished she could escape with him and it could be interpreted she meant escaping her spy life. Ada never directly manipulates Leon to help her, she is a spy doing her job who happens to be helped by a too selfless and naive rookie police officer. In RE3 epilogue we got a inner monologue for her that I really like, I wished they didn't discarded her self doubts and struggles of being a spy.

In RE4 it feels like they erased any of that nuance and stopped adding any elements to her. Every time Ada shows up it's like she never did at all. RE6 is a prime example of that, the plot revolves around her and when you get to her campaign guess what? Nothing. Even Leon reacts more to the happy birthday tape than she does. She doesn't interact with any characters other than guess who… Leon, and even that is a stretch, nothing that they speak adds anything to the plot or to Ada's character. They never let Ada feel or say anything different, she doesn't interact with any other character than Leon. When is Ada ever allowed to show weakness? When she will be the damsel in distress with a coat of sexy for Leon to save.

I know they could write her better, look at how they improved Luis and Ashley, but they don't want that. Capcom doesn't care, if she is a sexy spy lady in red and heels then mission accomplished. People who like her need to grab into a non existent off screen lore to justify her lack of personality and actions, because deep inside they all know she is just an empty shell of what she originally was meant to be. No wonder fans raged so hard when her VA changed, she became such a fragile concept that anything disturbs it. She is now a sexy charm to Leon's character, with no development. RE2 Remake is probably the worst Ada to ever come to existence, she is useless, dumb and shouldn't have been in the RPD in the first place, since she knew where the lab was all along. Maybe if she didn't put on her Louboutins for a mission she wouldn't have failed within 10 minutes of trying, only to whine like a pathetic piece of shit in the garbage, where she belonged. OG Ada was never that, she never asked Leon to do her job, but in the remake we got an idiot with sunglasses in a parking garage, at night, acting all high and mighty, who later has to beg for a guy she just met to "please finish my job for me, I am too fucking useless and pretty!".

Even if Capcom manages to surprise me in separate ways( which I highly doubt they will) I don't know if there is anything they could do to change my mind at this point. If they had put a fraction of the effort into developing her as much as they did into making her bellybutton show through her dress and her boobs and butts jiggle, it would have showed already in the main scenario. The fans love her exactly as she is now, why even bother? Just seeing her concept art design for RE8 I can already imagine how it would go, her doing gymnastics in random areas with her plague doctor mask. At the end she would save Ethan, revealing her perpetually beautiful face at 47 years old, while saying some sexy line. Followed by her hookshotting and mysteriously vanishing with a piece of the mold to deliver to whoever she is working for now. When Ada shows up in a game or movie at the end it's like we are back to the very beginning again and again.

I feel like an insane person for wanting more, but I want OG Ada back, a game with pitiful voice acting made in 1998 inspired by B rated horror movies surpasses what we got. She could have been my favorite character, but I can't stand this pitiful eye candy in heels with no substance, stuck in the same old loop.


Top is RE3 epilogue.
Bottom is RE2 remake Ada in her BPD moment.

No. 313466

File: 1691479446431.jpg (27.69 KB, 320x535, 14aeb65978263859151c9e9ef30359…)

Based Jill enjoyer. She is so fine in the remake!
It's not weird to want character development for Ada. I get you.

No. 313479

Thanks nonna, I feel bad because most people seem fine with her current situation and sometimes I feel like an outlier. She is so beloved as she is right now. They improved Jill so much in the remake, like >>313399 said, she gives that cool Ripley vibes and I liked how they included some of her insecurities over RE5 in DI. As basic and plain the character are in this franchise, they still attempted to make small changes over the years.

Anyway, Wesker is coming.

No. 313615

File: 1691528476624.jpg (139.15 KB, 1920x1080, thumb-1920-800826.jpg)

I don't get why people like the 3 remake version of Jill so much when
A) RE3make was way shorter and less atmospheric then the original.
and B) Jill is way more sexualized in the remake. They made her boobs bigger, had multiple fanservicey camera angles and even added a scene where she gets raped by a monster. Yeah, the original Jill wore a skirt, but she was still more badass and less sexualized than the new Jill.

No. 313656

I personally like her, but I also like her original design. The monster that inserts something in her is probably my most hated aspect in any of the remakes, that shit is beyond disgusting. In DI there is this super long scene of the licker tongue searching for Leon and Jill in the dark and ofc it goes in Jill's direction. I could be reading too much into it but I know how the Japanese moid head works and that was made for a reason. All this said I like remake Jill because I don't like her on revelations and RE5 so it feels like an upgrade. Honestly I've got so used to women being objectified and sexualized in games that I kinda expect it. All the cast was sexualized at some extent even in the originals, they look more tame by today's standards but it was still there and it was different times. This is one my struggles for liking this franchise, it is still focused on moids and the male gaze is very present. I made this thread on LC hoping to talk to nonnas who maybe feel some of this too. The fans are usually males,but there is a lot of women too, but they don't seem to mind these stuff. Most just ignore it and others are pickmes,the latter are a small minority imo. There is a lot of female fans of the series and I feel they just don't talk about the coomer stuff in it and focus on what they like. That's fine,I do that too, but I wished they would. I wonder if they don't want to deal with the backlash and know how the fans are mostly a bunch of misogynistic moids and don't want to deal with that.

No. 313715

There is so often some disturbing scrotey thing in scenes with women and girls in japanese media like action and horror games. Sometimes it gets too much, and I will drop the franchise. I've blocked the tentacle scene in RE3R from my mind. RE3 also has a scene were a zombie runs head first into Jill's skirt like he literally wants to eat her pussy. And yeah, I noticed the DI scene too. Of course the licker went for Jill, not Leon. Poor Jill. Love her, hate the scrotes that direct the scenes.

No. 314639

File: 1691985180222.png (1.33 MB, 1200x1349, Leon_bust.png)

Posted once in the husbando thread, but might as well post this again because it's so amusing to me.

Capcom held a challenge for the RE2 Demo on Japan, whoever got 1st prize would get a 1:1 Leon bust. They showed the 3D render for the game in the social media, but never showed the actual final product. I looked up if anyone was selling it in japanese and found the pictures of the real bust. It amazes me how bad it looks. I never understood why Capcom doesn't seem to put much effort into their merch. Their collector's editions figures are usually ugly imo. Weird that they own the original models and yet fuck up the characters so bad.

No. 314640

i was very confused by that, what about it is bad? i’m not a fan of realistic things but it looks fine in the pic where you can see the whole thing, the paint job isn’t fucked up looking or anything. did people expect the statue to have real human hair?

No. 314652

Usually when they make real life sized busts they use wig material for the hair, eyebrow and lashes. Honestly I don't like life size things, but I feel they could have done a better job.

No. 314670

File: 1691996544227.jpg (85.87 KB, 675x900, trinity-college-library-bust-s…)

Were would you put this anyway? It looks like one of those big busts they decorate public libraries with except too realistic. Maybe decorate the local police station as a prank and say it's a beloved cop from the past?

No. 314685

File: 1691999295976.png (452.3 KB, 807x1558, C9131876-CEF4-4EA0-BE63-18ABC8…)

Only slightly fits this thread but I thought it was funny. Eduard Badaluta getting mad at fan accounts, which I think he’s right for. He’s literally just some model, he’s cute and my favorite Leon face model but the fangirling over him has got to be annoying. It’s all the new fans who don’t know how to be appropriately horny online that end up ruining everything for the rest of us. But tbh I don’t really care that much for men being objectified. He can cry about it, he’s only experiencing just a little bit of what women have gone through before the internet even existed

No. 314698

File: 1692002762756.jpg (48.64 KB, 561x900, 20230814_104811.jpg)

Nonny, i was about to post the same screenshot! I am new to RE games but his reaction towards the TikTok part of the fandom left me curious and wanting to know more. I heard his instagram is closed too?
I am not willing to download tiktok just to look at the state of the fandom there, all i heard is that they are using AI voices and never seperate the model from the character… and i agree, in a sense he is getting the taste of what its like to be a woman online, and i think it will always be harsher than having a fangirl fanbase as a man.

Also, i love Ella Freya, but its also a bit silly how I remember her hanging out with Venus a few years back…a small crossover, you could say.

No. 314702

>Maybe decorate the local police station as a prank and say it's a beloved cop from the past?

Was that even really him? I'm pretty sure his Instagram is still deleted. I remember seeing his account, he deleted a few days after RE4R. He was a face model only for RE2, he isn't in the RE4 credits. I wonder what happened in between RE2 and RE4 that made him snap and delete his presence online.
He had a cute face but he was too skinny when he was Leon's face model. Leon in game looked much better kek. I personally don't care for the face models or the voice actors. Some of them cringe me a little to be quite honest, but the RE fandom can be ridiculous, they threw a fit over Lily Gao doing Ada's voice and her voice acting was fine.

>I remember her hanging out with Venus
That explains a lot, she had the same energy. I personally find the way she acts weird, but to each their own.

No. 314704

>I personally find the way she acts weird
Really? Could you elaborate? Honestly, I never looked at her too much outside her pictures, found out about her a few years back because of Venus threads, all i know is that there were rumors of her being an escort and all that jazz.

No. 314705

The TikTok fandom is mostly Leon fans who are literal children. It's even sort of a meme on there that the TikTok fans don't play the games and only know about Leon. I've even seen someone with a Leon profile pic on a post with multiple characters from the main games comment that they've never seen any of those characters before kek.

People are just weirdly obsessed with the face models or voice actors.People have been trying to find all the random actors who portrayed characters in the original live action opening to RE1, and those are just random people from almost 30 years ago who might not even remember doing it. Video related, I don't see why anyone could care this much no matter how big of a fan they are. If the random actors wanted to be known then they could just share "hey I was the OG rebecca in this opening!".

Also I didn't know that about the new Ashley kek. That might explain why I don't like her face that much, subconsciously I could tell.

No. 314746

The cutesy anime girl thing they do is just weird to me, that's it. I know she's been riding the Ashley hype and pandering to moids, but I don't judge her about it, guess she is being smart. I still find those anime tiktok dances cringe kek.

>People are just weirdly obsessed with the face models or voice actors.
God, this. I don't like when people mix together actors and characters, which is something so common nowadays.

No. 314912

It's part of gaming history preservation. Many of the actors didn't know they weren't credited and are happy to discuss their involvement. It also helps catalog an actors works. For some reason publishers don't keep records and agents/agencies give incorrect names even if recordings are done at the same studios. It also helps in growing the appreciation of all the technical aspects of how things work. The guy that did Harry Mason's voice was also Dracula for Castlevania but the name given on one was not correct. It also is an example of how audio compression and sound design plus actors/directors skill makes such a huge difference. It's just kinda cool to have more information to appreciate and enjoy the games more.

No. 314915

File: 1692071540102.jpg (101.41 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

fascinated by this. it reminds me a little of how the face model for V from DMC5 got swamped with fans commenting on his instagram. he didn't react negatively but i felt embarrassed, like, you're trying to be a model and all these fandom nerds come spamming your comments lol.

No. 314942

The face model for Dante in DMC5 was a DMC fan, wasn't told who he was supposed to be dressed like when he got told about this new job and guessed correctly when he saw the coat kek. I think his instagram wad less spammed than this guy's, or at least the people posting comments asked normal stuff.

No. 315048

>The TikTok fandom is mostly Leon fans who are literal children. It's even sort of a meme on there that the TikTok fans don't play the games and only know about Leon
If they're literal children they shouldn't be playing RE anyway, but how did they manage to become fans of Leon without knowing anything about the rest?

No. 315053

I don't know but ever since I've seen so called Ace Attorney fans not even knowing about plot points and a straight canon pairings that are the very basis of the plot of one entire game, nothing surprises me anymore. For more details they would call Godot a sexist piece of shit for calling Mia "kitten" in out of context screenshots as if he wasn't literally dating her because they thought he was just being a condescending coworker and not her bf or fiancé depending on which translation we're talking about.

No. 315091

File: 1692134752246.jpeg (263.37 KB, 1098x1496, FmUKjpBagAA9OMq.jpeg)

I hope they bring Jake and/or Sherry back in the series. I know the community decided to collectively hate on RE6, but I still have hopes for them.

I think by children, nonna meant they are underage, and even if they are teenagers plenty if not most of the fanbase played RE as kids tbh kek. They probably became fans of Leon through exposure, just like so many other characters. I know people who don't know anything about a media but they still like the style and visual of the characters and get attached to them in a way. Take Tifa as an example, she had a huge fanbase and so many of them don't know a single thing about her other than big boobs and hot girl, does that stop moids from cooming and making and consuming an insane amount of porn of her? Absolutely not. Leon is a hot character and some girls are attracted to him, not everyone is going to care for the lore behind the character, they just like the hot guy kek.

>that spoiler
My sides, I didn't know people said that about him. These kind of stuff are too funny for me to take it serious. Reminds there are people into James Sunderland, maybe because they met the character in dbd or something.

No. 315343

File: 1692210567307.jpg (381.39 KB, 1401x1336, FuPekEiWIAAdIhU.jpg_large.jpg)

I love Resident Evil fandoms and fanarts, but admittedly i suck at playing the game. It makes me feel ashamed because shooter/survivals are so common around gamers so it should be easy for me, yet i RE turned out to be a challenge to me. Still, i love it, but im afraid if one day id stumble upon a person saying that I suck for simply using the trick weapon against Mr X.
What about you, nonnas?
Last but not least, do you have any favorite ship or dynamic?

No. 315425

It's pretty much practice and knowing the game, you get better the more you play it, like anything else. You always do worse when you go blind the first time. Most people who are good at the game know it by heart, they know where every ammo and heal is, what they'll face and what they need. Don't let them guilt trip you into thinking you suck at it.
>but im afraid if one day id stumble upon a person saying that I suck for simply using the trick weapon against Mr X
It's a single player game, unless you are streaming or uploading your gameplay I doubt that would be an issue. What do you mean by trick weapon against Mr.X? Shooting him with a magnum? Either way, you are free to play the game as you want. As someone who unlocked all the records and tries to get all the achievements in all games, I still suck sometimes. It's supposed to be a challenge, that's what makes the games fun and adds some of the horror to the gameplay. It keeps you on your toes and makes you worry if you'll make it. If you didn't struggle the game would be boring and predictable. Don't let anyone tell you how to play it, take your time and just enjoy it!

I don't like the fandom overall, it's full of retarded moids. The shipping fandom is crazy but it's just like any other fandom, that's not a RE issue. I do enjoy the fanart, but I am not attached to any specific ship, I am more invested in the characters than the shipping. There are some terrible and insane ships that shouldn't even exist like EthanxLeon, I already feel it's retarded to ship Ethan and Chris, but they AT LEAST interact. We don't even know if Leon ever met Ethan, that's such an insane crack ship, might as well ship Chris and Krauser if we aren't going to put any logic into it. Ships like Leon and Ashley I don't care for, to me he treats her like a younger sister, but I can totally understand people who like it, even Cleon I can understand, but dear god, the dbd fans shipping Leon and James is just baffling. As a fan of both franchises, I can't think of a worse combo than that.

No. 315437

File: 1692225763827.jpeg (308.81 KB, 1099x2048, IMG_6469.jpeg)

Leon and Ashley are the only pair I’ve genuinely liked but the fandom is obsessed with the “SO SIBLING CODED<3” dynamic they have I guess so whenever people talk about shipping them it’s considered predatory because of the age gap or something.

Besides that they’re so precious in the remake they way Leon flirts with her a little makes my heart explode I just want them to cuddle after what they went through together.

No. 315457

File: 1692230618220.jpeg (Spoiler Image,141.43 KB, 793x906, F3VvQymbUAASSDv.jpeg)

Kek that's why I hate fandoms, I think the pro and anti stuff started it became unbearable. Like I said, I'm personally not into Leon and Ashley too much, especially since I've played the original, I don't feel their dynamic is that romantic, but I can understand whoever likes them. The whole "predatory" discourse is retarded, someone can dislike a pairing, but trying to find a higher moral ground to dismiss it is pathetic, Ashley is still 21 in the remake, it's not like she was 15. Most ships in RE are borderline crack pairings tbh, even Aeon is questionable since the only kiss they share is on RE2 (and it's even more questionable now since they turned the kiss into a manipulative move from Ada on the remake, opposed to the romantic moment they get in the original) and from that they maintain this slippery slope dynamic that seems to never resolve. I don't care for most pairings as long as they are not insane levels of weird like Ethan and Leon.

I wonder if they have any plans on bringing Ashley back in any way. Since her dad got killed in RE6, I wonder if they decided to discard her entirely. When she enthusiastically mentions to Leon in the remake about them making a great team I wonder if they are hinting at us about bringing her back in the future in some way. It would be at least be nice to know what happened to her years later.

No. 315464

Leon deserves to be sexualized the same way Clive is getting it in FF16. More Leon sexualization now

No. 315465

They have such a body guard, body guarded relationship. I liked how they made Ashley way more likable in the REmake, but i dont get any romance from them. Especially with the age gap. Leon and Ada have been through so much since OG 2. I love their toxic ass relationship so much.

No. 315466

File: 1692234682181.jpg (279.46 KB, 590x734, jill age.jpg)

I hate this retarded explanation for Jill's appearance in DI. Now we got perpetually young pretty vampire Jill ready to be sexualized for god knows how long.

>Implying he isn't already.
He has been heavily sexualized way before Clive, just from the RE4 remake the amount of horny fanarts of him tripled.

No. 315471

The fact that they just ported Jill's model from the RE3 remake makes me think this was due to laziness rather than horniness. They couldn't even be bothered to change her outfit.

No. 315474

File: 1692236016086.png (1.39 MB, 636x1456, jill_di.png)

That's what I initially thought too, but they showed a bunch of designs including a 3d model with a different hair. They just dropped all the ideas and even gave that lame ass excuse.
>laziness rather than horniness.
That can be true but I just don't trust them when it comes to Jill, I'm still not over the zombie that infects her deep throating their tongue into her, it infuriates me.

No. 315482

Yeah, I don't have a problem with Jill being sexy, but things like the deepthroat scene in RE3 remake go way too far. It's weird that Jill is way more sexualized now than she was in the 90s.

No. 315537

File: 1692268487618.jpeg (3.42 MB, 2457x3606, Fu-WRy_aAAApZtu.jpeg)

Admittedly, i only look at the fandom through artist-only accounts and simply twt accounts that share some screencaps/funny pictures. Ive been trying to take the grasp of what the RE fandom really is, and apparently Aeon shippers have a habit of harrassing and doxxing others, and i just wonder whether thats true or not, and most importantly, why would they do that…For an old fandom such as RE, you would think people would be a bit saner instead of pulling tumblr 2.0

No. 315543

>Aeon shippers have a habit of harrassing and doxxing others
Wait, what? I've never heard of that before. Do you have any context to this?

No. 315546

We could have gotten older Jill. We could have gotten long haired Jill. We could have gotten casual Jill in a white cardi, ponytail and a cap. What a loss.

No. 316093

File: 1692470009154.jpg (49.76 KB, 532x900, 20230819_202634.jpg)

There is a lot of drama on tiktok/twt surrounding aeon shippers because of the fans being aggressive towards other leon ships, but as in recent i found out that there is a gc where people act like kp*pfags, make fun of people who dont ship aeon and leak their private info. Picrel is one of the examples, there are more pictures and nothing but them making fun of other peoples appearances, trying to find their irl pics and laugh when they find out someone leaked their private twitter, and again, keep talking shit about other people and tell eachother to subtweet about them (mind you, they talk shit about people who again, ship other leon ships). Its like kindergarten. Theres a tweet with 160 quotes with leaked screenshots.
I dont want to bring the op of the thread trouble, their twitter is su/c/dewaifu. Censored because i dont want it to somehow get leaked into the cesspool that the shipping part of the fandom is.

No. 316097

I looked up more, there is a whole drama with these people. They make burner accounts to spam gore and target others through that now by bullying for no reason. Jesus, shippers are deranged. And i wanted to draw a different ship and post it on retwt. Wtf

No. 316106

File: 1692470725238.jpg (88.05 KB, 500x474, ac3-498198792.jpg)

What the hell, all that because they think two fucking videogame characters should be together.

No. 316134

Yeah…I hope the victims and the victims supporters are alright. I never thought that the 'shipping wars' like this still exist. I assume that's because of the amount of new fans from TikTok, too. They post a lot of weird content, and the RE2 Leon's model hates them. Sucks.

No. 316151

This is fucked up, kinda reminds me of the cloti and clerith shipping wars, they were vicious and extremely retarded back then kek. spoiler because completely off topic and don't want to derail the thread but kpopfags are way too invested, idol culture was a fucking mistake.

No. 316155

File: 1692483597755.png (1010.85 KB, 1280x1852, 8A22D290-A09C-4C87-9E60-A9A85B…)

I have to pretend (cope) so hard that Alcina is just a really niche character only I know about and that she isn’t coomerbait tainted by moids.
What fandoms did these retards even migrate from? This sounds like the type of shit the tweens that liked those Minecraft youtubers would do.

No. 316162

File: 1692484790060.gif (12.59 MB, 812x374, alcinations.gif)

I like that she seem genuinely despised by ethan during the game. I know it's still a coomer fetish, but I like to think she would post on manhating theads on lc. I won't let moids have her, fuck them.

No. 317407

File: 1692928634654.jpeg (278.58 KB, 1311x2048, En22mNhW8AQ9KEH.jpeg)

Never realized sherry's alternative costume is based on her clothes from when she was a kid. I already didn't like the costume, but now I hate it, thanks Capcom.

No. 317657

File: 1692985114402.jpg (81.37 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1) (19).jpg)

Finished RE2R, don't understand how people are obsessed with Ada/Leon when I see more chemistry and tension in her and Annette and it was only one scene. The re2r writing is super goofy and i cant take it seriously at all, especially after seeing how wild ada/leon stans are.
>they just met, dont know a single thing about eachother
>she obviously kisses him as a manipulation tactic (but despite that, it was cringe imo)
>leon always answers with :| face and barely any words
I'd understand this ship only under the "everyone are zombies around me and im desperate" setting if we talk about re2r. But even so, Annette is better. Still looking forward to play more games.
I wonder if Claries route is better?

No. 317750

That's because the remake has a terrible narrative full of plot holes. They changed a lot of stuff when they merged side A and B, Ada is one of the characters that suffered the most due to the changes. Remake Ada is much colder, manipulative and has this almost bitchy attitude in the remake, it's hard to get why people like Aeon if you only play RE2R. In the original she is a bit sarcastic at times, but they have normal interactions and she even opens up to him, she doesn't manipulate him the same way she does in the remake. When they merged scenario A and B into one, they changed the context of the kiss scene, in the original it's more romantic, while in the remake is purely manipulative, only Aeon or some old fans can think there is some romance in that remake kiss.

New fans read the lore of the original game, because that's when the characters actually had some connection and it explains their dynamic, then they associate that info with the remake, but they are completely different plots and characters at the end. The remake is full of plot holes and it only works because the fandom knows about Aeon being a thing since 3 games and a movie, if you take that out, a lot of it doesn't make sense. Yes, the original is very goofy and has weird voice acting, but the story works and makes sense, it's not an incredible realistic deep plot, but it does it's job. I personally don't mind Aeon, but I really dislike Ada in the remake, the changes made her a worse character in every possible way. She is very pretty and I like her face model, but that's pretty much it.

>after seeing how wild ada/leon stans are.

I've been in this fandom for a long time and I think the wild stuff anons mentioned itt are new fans, most Aeon fans are just like any other ship fans, very few are wild and most are ok.

>I wonder if Claries route is better?

You'll se a lot of the same things you've seen in Leon's route, with small variations. Annette is fucking terrible in that route and is yet another bad change they made to the remake. There is another bad character and he won't make much sense either.

No. 317852

Is the Re4 remake better or did they fuck that up too?

No. 317857

RE4R is much better, you don't get the all the silly lines the original has, but that aside it's pretty faithful overall. They even added more to it, Ashley and Luis are more interesting and have more unique moments. Ada appears less than the original, but I don't think it's a big loss for her character, specially compare to RE2R.

No. 317865

So are Re1 and Re4 the only remakes that are actually superior to the originals?

No. 317880

The remake of RE1 is pretty faithful, I guess some people would think it's superior to the original, but the original RE4 is still pretty fun and has it's own uniqueness. I wouldn't say RE4 remake is superior, just different. I personally like both versions. I highly recommend playing the original RE4 too.
I still find RE2R fun, the gameplay is good, the plot holes are a issue only if you care about the lore. I think the vast majority of fans don't care about it. The biggest critique is the absence of variations in sides A and B for the characters.

No. 321475

File: 1694768883953.jpg (41.92 KB, 900x506, 20230915_111054.jpg)

Seperate Ways is coming out on 21 sept for the price of 10$.

No. 322120

I look forward to more Luis!

No. 322184

For the longest time, I thought Ashley was 14 and was so weird out whenever someone said she was hot

No. 322353

File: 1695163015860.jpeg (26.29 KB, 378x519, IMG_6817.jpeg)

I joined the RE fandom a year before the 4 remake came out and generally most of it was older millennials / normal well adjusted people, but ever since the tiktok thirst traps got big the whole community is infested with chronically online kids getting into slapfights over ships or not giving a shit about the series outside of wanting to ride Leon’s dick

Does tiktok just ruin every fanbase like this or am I sperging

No. 322398

Tiktok is awful and just ruins things in general. Very nice pic btw.

No. 322408

File: 1695206293317.jpg (609.75 KB, 2000x1250, Tumblr_l_386543015746097.jpg)

I can't stand how I can't say that Ada's writing is flawed (and complain that I wish she was better), down to her not having any personality and just be your typical "hot femme fatale woman" without getting barked at. The retwt/tiktok community are also a part of the problem because they can't see her as a character at all without tying her to Leon; Leon this, Leon that, and that's it. Outside of that they just throw their "yasss" shit and that's it. I hope the SW DLC will fully disconnect her from Leon so the annoying Aeonfags will stop being such idiots and she will get a personality and story of her own
I really like the implication that Luis is gonna be the one to show her the way to her redemption arc (in a sense? I dont think she was ever mean; she is just a morally grey character), and they are extremely similar to eachother. I am excited to see their dynamic together.
In re4r or re4OG? She looks goofy in the OG version. But at the start of re4r they give you a file where they even say shes 20. She even looks 20. I love her and she is such a sweetheart.
I could barely stand re2r "plot", cant wait to play re2og despite it not being relevant anymore.

No. 322464

I really hope the story will develop Ada's character more just like Ashley and Luis got more humanized in this remake.
You're not the first one who confused her for a teenager in the original. I thought so too for a while and other players have as well because of how she acts. Meanwhile remake Ashley is clearly an adult.

No. 322474

File: 1695241632275.jpeg (73.16 KB, 720x801, 1EF2F882-C039-4995-92A3-DC8580…)

Tbh it was getting like that even earlier befor RE4 remake. RE8 brought in a lot of annoying gendies who latched onto characters like Ethan and Heisenberg. Those gendies have latched onto Wesker and William Birkin more now it seems kek. I find it so annoying how much they flanderize characters, and they’re not even going off of their canon personality and lore they go off of fanfic and their retarded ai chat bot bullshit. Or they aestheticize everything because they can’t be interested in characters unless they’re attached to some manufactured by bitches that don’t even play the genre shit like horrorgirlprotagonists-core

No. 322570

File: 1695285873236.jpg (118.85 KB, 600x1108, 20230921_104725.jpg)

I love seeing Tiktok/twt coping reactions towards Separate Ways.
now they are turning AdaLuis moments into a "totez poly relationship with Leon" or are coping by calling them besties. People also are buttmad that Leon doesn't care for Ada, unlike Luis. Its hilarious. Really shows how the only thing about Ada they cared about was the ship. I also think people geniunely expect too much from a 10$ dlc and RE in general.

No. 322606

Obsessive shippers are idiots, I'm more interested in hearing our resident Ada fan's reaction to this DLC.

No. 324542

>Really shows how the only thing about Ada they cared about was the ship.
Because that's most of Ada's character on the series. Unfortunately Capcom doesn't care for developing her too much even when they could and the fans like her as she is.

I liked the DLC overall, it was fun and honestly out of all the character Luis had such a big glow up in this remake. I really like how they made his character not only fit better into the plot, but also a way more likeable person. His death hits much harder, while in the original it's not as sad honestly. Ada was exactly how I expected, I've come to terms with the direction they pulled her character over the years, it's not how I would like her to be, but it is what it is. I was happy to see boss fights and areas they didn't cover in the remake show up in the DLC. I like that we finally find the ganado wearing his jacket because I've looked for that for so long and was upset we didn't find it in the remake.
Now, I wished they would have explained how and when Ada got infected. I am not sure how I feel about Wesker teleporting through the village and the island. I guess it's implied maybe Wesked infected her, but I don't see the point of him doing so and why send her on the mission when he is already there.

No. 324543

I'll drop this amazing OST from the director's cut, enjoy nonnas.

No. 324547


Ada was infected right in the beginning of the DLC, when she's about to face the black cloaked monster for the first time and that blob exploded — the goo inside it hit her arm. She even reacts to it and it damages the sleeve of her dress. Right after that, she starts seeing copies of the black cloaked figure, meaning she's infected.

No. 324562

Idk how I missed that, that makes much more sense, I'm retarded kek. I still don't know what Wesker was doing with that syringe when he rescues Ada.

No. 325792

File: 1696686176109.jpg (526.78 KB, 1536x2048, FtYoFU6WwAEfOWh.jpg_large.jpg)

I know there are ResiEvil movies/series, and I was wondering which ones are worth watching?
I was thinking about watching Damnation, Vendetta, Infinite Darkness and Death Island.
Also a bit confused how there is RE Relevations movie. If i were to watch it, would i still need to play the game after?
I want to watch the movies just so I could know more about Jill, Leon and Claire.

No. 325793

There was a discussion about them earlier in the thread. Watch them if you want mindless action, there isn't much character development.

No. 325969

File: 1696774836824.jpg (34.81 KB, 563x567, 5a639b5b25544a8227801b9cbf570e…)

Does anyone else feel sorry for Ada after the DLC? She really needs a friend. She had Luis as an ally but we all know what happened. She struggled with so many things alone.

No. 325998

File: 1696789007773.jpg (993.39 KB, 2003x2000, Tumblr_l_21573089514915.jpg)

I love them

No. 326004

I hate him.

No. 326843

he took a blood sample

No. 329925

File: 1698184817168.jpg (100.12 KB, 600x780, 1272cd27971b82ce3d3d5db2c52108…)

Incredibly late response, but you are completely right, I watched it again and we can clearly see a blood vial. I must have watched every cutscene with my brain turned off.pic unrelated, I just find it funny.

No. 332404

File: 1698983551068.jpeg (183.33 KB, 1334x1776, F7ZRRv_XgAA_eDf.jpeg)

Leon's nendoroid got an update. Chris nendo came with a green herb and a red herb if you pre ordered it. I wonder what they'll include for Leon.

No. 332408

File: 1698984651284.gif (9.01 MB, 540x540, tumblr_3a1ce25cd3b289e11e054a7…)

any merchantfuckers here

No. 332415

Try the hornyposting thread on /g/

No. 332547

So cute! I need him

No. 341436

File: 1702341833249.png (87.24 KB, 250x342, Ada_Merc.png)

So there's a rumor that the gold edition for RE4 remake will be out on February, which means there will be no more extra content for it, since these editions are usually the final ones. I didn't really expect them to make assignment ada, but I hoped for it, mostly because I liked her outfit and since they didn't add in with separate ways I thought there was a chance.
It's confirmed they are working on RE5 remake but I need to say, I hate Wesker's new voice. For all the hate Ada's new va got, it baffles me people didn't care for Wesker. Even his dbd voice sounds better than the RE4 remake. I am not looking forward to hearing Wesker's dumb lines on RE5 with that voice.

No. 341465

Not after he became british

No. 341658

But he was always british

No. 365082

File: 1711254887693.jpg (700.17 KB, 2048x1152, 1000008328.jpg)

March 25 marks 1 year since 4 remake was released. Are you looking forward to them continuing the story in a new game or another remake?

No. 365165

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Code Veronica. All the og games after 4 don't appeal to me and remaking them feels redundant.

No. 365376

The Separate Ways ending sort of hints to RE5 so I'm guessing that could happen, but I'm hoping for code Veronica as well. Makes me wonder how they'll make younger Chris look in a remake.

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