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File: 1692324564738.png (1.58 MB, 800x1100, My_Immortal_da_book_cover.png)

No. 315681

Share caps of any terrible fanfictions you come across.

No. 315683

Queen Enoby! thanks for making the thread nonny

No. 315690

File: 1692327012298.jpg (17.02 KB, 748x286, i love when random gendie shit…)

Some of my favorite examples I've saved

No. 315691

File: 1692327242664.png (422.28 KB, 806x885, world's most ooc shinji ikari.…)

No. 315693

File: 1692327369838.png (346.03 KB, 1083x760, world's most ooc kaworu.png)

No. 315695

File: 1692327573572.jpg (221.17 KB, 720x1362, Most OOC Dedede.jpg)

No. 315697

Holy fuck source please

No. 315698

nothing triggers me more than mixed tenses. present or past tense, PICK A STRUGGLE

No. 315702

No wonder AI stuff can get so bad when shit like this is in its training data.

No. 315704

File: 1692332198571.png (289.64 KB, 700x291, sub-buzz-29129-1511881607-1.pn…)

It would be wrong for me to not mention the OG fanfic turned published series

No. 315709

File: 1692334992973.png (1.72 KB, 592x30, knives.PNG)

Thanks for making this thread! I forgot how much I used to love bad fanfics, the old ones are still so much fun too

No. 315718


No. 315729

File: 1692345282461.png (360.06 KB, 985x685, moids cannot into fanfic.png)

According to the guy who wrote this.

No. 315731

File: 1692345407907.png (455.28 KB, 1576x456, god tier author's note.png)

No. 315740

this is beautiful

No. 315741

File: 1692350155235.jpg (336.13 KB, 1036x618, fanfic.jpg)

You know that quote from Suicide Squad that's like "She was crazier than him, and god help anyone who dared to mess with his queen"? That's what this feels like. Levi would probably be like 'wtf are you doing' if someone was acting like this kek

No. 315754

kek seeing this in fanfics always feels like a jump scare

No. 315783

I don’t have screenshots because it’s been years and it was on tumblr, but a girl I had befriended used to write smutty kpop fan fiction but then got saved and became a Christian zealot. She wrote a long apology for tempting others and causing them to stumble by writing fanfic and said she would only write about sex in the context of marriage from then on. (I guess rubbing one out to post nuptial smut is okay idk.)

She then would then write the kpop guys as devout. She rewrote an old story with an antagonistic ex girlfriend character and instead of the guy saying “she’s crazy,” he was saying “we need to pray for her.” She was a bad writer to begin with but this was just comedic gold.

No. 315801

literally Anne Rice lol

No. 315873

Really the OG vampire fujo? Didn't know that
Based wholesome wedded matrimony smut Stacy

No. 315952

File: 1692414667360.png (191.29 KB, 785x876, sebASStian.png)

I regret giving this more than one view while trying to screenshot it.

No. 316022

reading the very first sentence I thought this was about sonic

No. 316098

Supremely based. Would like follow subscribe to pwn the fujos.

No. 318687

File: 1693472509920.jpeg (126.12 KB, 749x520, IMG_3767.jpeg)

>bullying someone by bringing up that they have like over 10 girlfriends and are a general chad
These kids suck at bullying

No. 318719

To be fair Nozomu is a total wimp.

No. 318789

File: 1693507260230.jpg (180.97 KB, 743x1023, Sayonara.Zetsubou.Sensei.full.…)

True, but he's also a wimpy chad.

No. 320066

File: 1694059311777.png (32.89 KB, 621x480, ew.png)

So much to say about this, so little time

No. 320071

With characters like the ones in GoT: when you put them in a world so far removed from their own, can they even still be written in-character at all? It's hard for me to imagine them in this scenario, especially when they're not even related. And I know she's supposed to be a movie star, but Cersei being a "mama bear" was a pretty big part of her character. I can't really imagine her being afraid of having kids.

No. 320075

Yeah, it's completely out of character for Cersei to want another woman to have her and Jaime's kids. In the books she breastfed them herself rather than having a wet nurse and she never had a "size zero figure". It used to be fairly common for Jaime/Brienne shippers to make her look as bad as possible to prop up their OTP.

No. 320077

I know everything about this is bad but
>platonic boners
Kek what does it mean

No. 320324

i got curious and sought out this fic to see how the author tackled writing surrogacy and… yeah the writing is about the level you'd expect for this kind of fic kek

No. 320339

A fic about surrogacy being tagged as primarily fluffy is a dead giveaway

No. 322898

File: 1695417690890.jpg (181.75 KB, 1080x856, Screenshot_20230922_225133_Chr…)

You really see the wildest shit out there.

No. 333390

File: 1699278225430.png (1.09 MB, 1840x1334, ch3.png)


This is a Harry Potter fic from 2005. It now starts with a disclaimer from the author:
>Warning Chapter 3 includes invested distortions of homophobic slurs and Chapter 6 includes the word “rape,” but no actual rape.

>I was a much younger, less wordy person when I wrote these stories. I felt that things like rape and homophobic slurs, while awful, could be warped into absurd caricatures that transcend their hurtful origins. While this may be true in other contexts, from other authors, I do not feel it is my place to do it. The experience of those who have suffered from rape and homophobia are bad enough as it is without my story normalizing the language that makes them accepted. I could delete the stories, but that would not change their history and prevalence. I choose to let them remain as a testament to my prior ignorance.

Picrel chapter 3. I don't think he or she needs to feel that bad about this lol

No. 333392

Sorry “invented” distortions not invested.

No. 333396

for a sec i glanced over this and thought it was a fic about patrick and that one gay coworker of his and thought it was based, but then i saw jerma… what the fuck….

No. 333410

>trans jerma
So this is probably a TIF writing about a female Jerma raping Bateman? That's so funny I support her.

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