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No. 31644

Couldn’t find one one the catalog so can we have a favorite YouTuber thread? Just people who’s videos your like to watch/rewatch wether you find them calming, cute, funny etc…

I’ll start, I really love simply_kennas old videos before she went full weeaboo and I’m looking for new videos that fit that autumnal/winter cozy aesthetic to play in the background while I drink tea or paint. Does anyone have any recommendations?

No. 31645

there's one in /g/

No. 31646


This is ASMR channel but great cozy/fall aesthetic, Goodnight Moon ASMR. The travel vids are great for someone who doesn't care about ASMR

No. 31647

My favorite asmr is christennoel. I dont know what it is but I can watch ALL of her vids and feel so relaxed. She seems to be no drama, and theres no weird shit outside of her channel like sex tapes or nudes, twitch thotting or fighting with other youtubers and I can actually listen to her talk and ramble, which isnt usually enjoyable for me.

No. 31648

Cayleigh Elise - Really well researched, respectful true crime videos. Her stuff is engaging without being sensationalist. Also does creepy/horror related videos from time to time.

Jun's Kitchen - One half of Rachael and Jun. Chill, aesthetic cooking videos. Cute cats.

Ask A Mortician - Cozy death related videos. Less morbid than you'd think.

Fredrik Knudsen - Video essays about weird internet figures.

I know they're a shitty company but buzzfeed makes good background noise. I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything of quality so I don't have to pay rapt attention to it. The only thing they do I actually enjoy is Buzzfeed Unsolved.

No. 31649

Criminally Listed — well-researched, professionally and tastefully put together true crime videos that feature a lot of obscure cases that I (a true crime nut) hadn’t heard about before I started watching them; all their videos have a certain theme rather than just mashing a bunch of miscellaneous cases that have no overlap with each other up together (my favorite is the one with cases involving missing heads lol).

Latte ASMR — the only ASMRtist I follow, her videos’ themes/scenarios tend to be super adorable, unique and creative; she also has the softest, most soothing voice ever and has such a sweet personality.

PONY Syndrome / RISABAE — my go-to beauty tubers; they’re both amazing at makeup and do both wearable and more flashy looks, RISABAE also does a lot of Kpop makeup tutorials that I always seem to gravitate towards lol. I watch Heizle Makeup a bit as well.

No. 31650

I'm more into tech so I'll post some channels that I follow. I know that there probably aren't that many farmers here that are into that, but in case you are, feel free to recommend something new or criticize.

If you like programming in Python he has bunch of tutorials for beginners to advanced level. What I like about him is that he's honest and not a sellout. His video on Udemy's scummy tactics were eye-opening.

Traversy Media
Good for beginners. I find the quality of his tutorials vary. He's alright though, dealing mostly with front dev. He used to do more PHP, now it's mostly html/css/js and js frameworks.

ExplainingComputers is a great channel if you're into electronics and learning more about the nitty gritty stuff. The guy really knows a lot and goes into detail about a certain topic, like computer components, servers, robotics etc.

The Coding Train
It's a really comfy channel dealing with programming. He primarily uses Javascript for explaining some concepts and doing projects. He can be over-the-top sometimes, but I don't care. It gives me a childish joy to work on some of his projects.

Coding Tech is an awesome aggregate on all things in web development. There are lots of great talks, inspirational talks, sometimes follow-along tutorials etc. I 100% recommend.

Luke Smith is my guilty pleasure. I hate his usage of memes in the thumbnails but I did learn a thing or two from some of his videos.

N-O-D-E is an underrated channel. It highlights important news from the cyber and sec field in a stylish and bite sized chunks. I like his delivery overall.

And these are the YT channels that I follow for cinema interpretations, analysis and movie recommendations:

ScreenPrism two women that make decent interpretations of characters and movies.

FoundFlix It's good. I use it mostly to get a movie recommendation.

Nerdwriter1 - a channel that is great for random movie interpretations & analysis, philosophical topics, art etc.

Game related channels:
Jerks Sans Frontiers, Lance McDonald, Aegon of Astora, videogamedunkey

Music related channels: Voices of Music, Paul Barton, Mercuzio Pianist.

ASMR channels: Art of Sound, Gaucha ASMR, Sweet Carol, ASMRMagic, Zeitgeist.

I've also started to learn drawing so if you have any channels that you'd recommend to a newbie, that'd be great.

Sorry for the long post.

No. 31651

Werster tbh, I like his attitude. Ended up watching all of his stadium 1 & 2 runs. Super autistic, but also super cozy.

No. 31652

I love the idea of LPs but I find most of the personalities really unpleasant. Gopher on the other hand is an absolute gem. I could blog post about how much I love his videos, but I think they will speak for themselves. He deserves all the views.

No. 31653

I like actually interesting "vlogs" or whatever like Dan Bell or The Carpetbagger where the people in them do actually entertaining things instead of going shopping or whatever. I also like commentary/review channels like RLM but I feel like it's becoming an oversaturated market.

No. 31654

I love another dirty room, rick is hilarious and the new guy they have is so cute

No. 31655

The Gaming Historian
All of his latest videos are just a joy to watch. I love how much time and research is put into every video.

No. 31656

File: 1534821830386.jpg (22.27 KB, 400x400, 1525958693400.jpg)

I watch everything under the sun but because this is a favorite YouTubers thread…

REDLETTERMEDIA - movie reviewers and hack frauds. They have several series that involve comedy skits, pitting three bad movies together to determine which is the "best of the worst", and a more straightforward review format. (They also have a gaming series that they've recently ended. I never watched it myself so ymmv.)

TWO BEST FRIENDS PLAY - gaming channel between three best friends. One of the rare few that doesn't include face cam (which I don't care for personally). There was a fourth member who went off to do his own thing a while back. The only caveat is that they talk over everything so if you're watching them for the games themselves, you might want to find another channel.

HARSHLYCRITICAL / JOHN WOLFE - another gaming YouTuber. Mainly horror games, but he plays others on his second channel John Twolfe. A breath of fresh air because he doesn't shout and ham up his reactions, and he tends to lend genuine critique to developers on how they can improve their games.

DASHIEGAMES - yet another gaming YouTuber. I haven't been watching him as much lately because it feels he doesn't put as much effort into his content anymore, but he's loud and funny. Mostly Nintendo and really bad indie horror games.

KATIE CARNEY - a van-life vlog of sorts. She travels across the country while working online and sleeps in her car. Super informative and interesting for those with nomadic/wanderlust-y tendencies.

EMILIA FART - I… really don't know how to describe her channel, honestly. A combination of vlogs and skits, I would say? She's super funny and weird.

NERDECRAFTER - craft videos with reviews. Informative and honest – if you want to know if a product works, she'll tell you upfront. A lot of her projects have such a goofy charm to them.

OTHER GAMING CHANNELS: retsupurae, JayzTwoCents Slippy Slides, Shesez. JayZ builds computers. The latter two explore secrets hidden within games by utilizing flycam and investigating files for textures, audio, etc.

ASMR CHANNELS: ASMR PPOMO, ASMRMagic, Hatomugi ASMR, ASMR Bakery… I tend to prefer sounds only with little whispering/no-talking videos and these channels are great for that.

BEAUTY RELATED CHANNELS: Safiya Nygaard, Nail Career Education, AlexandrasGirlyTalk, SimplyNailogical. I really suggest checking out AlexandrasGirlyTalk.

Sorry for the long post. I'm always searching for new channels to watch and I like giving others stuff to watch, too.

No. 31657

Rick is the best. I always thought Will was a qt and I miss him. the new kid is pretty cute tho and I like him even though he can be a bit annoying

No. 31658

I know, what happened to will? I miss him

No. 31659

I really like emmymadeinjapan's videos, she's cute and has a very soothing voice. Also just discovered Miss Yeah whose cooking stuff is batshit insane, but I like her a lot.

Definitely agree with Cayleigh Elise, Ask A Mortician, and Dan Bell!! I love their channels.

No. 31660

That pic of Pat gets me every fucking time

No. 31661

Primitive Technology

Can't recommend enough Primitive Technology, basically the dude creates stuff by himself and without using any man made tool, only creating them with what he has on hand.
It's silent but you should definitely turn on the subtitles, to understand the process of what he's doing.

Joueur du Grenier

Otherwise my other favorite, all of his videos have english subtitles, and some are very well translated. I find him hilarious and while he started by copying the Angry Video Game Nerd, he definitely branched to his own kind of content and puts a lot of effort into his channel. Plus he seems very genuine and funny.

No. 31662

I too liked simply kennas videos before she showcased herself being a tool. Her sister sierra still makes some nice videos in that style.

A 'gossipy' channel that I can actually tolerate, we share mostly the same views though her video formulas are fairly repetitive. Makes good background content when I'm doing stuff

Jimena Reno
Qt Spanish makeup artist who puts so much genuine passion into her work and also her editing, her stuff looks bomb and I love the way she talks.

I used to really like itslikelymakeup but I completely stopped watching, idk her content and attitude is repetitive as well and I wish she hadn't gotten lip fillers. Her non-glam looks are weak and need work. But she seems like a nice person and good mom

My favourite asmr channel, she just seems so genuinely chill and.. nonjudgemental?? So her asmr doesn't make me uncomfortable lol

Reagan Wolf
Good background content for doing stuff, and I love her voice and speech mannerisms tbh

Honestly there's probably more YouTubers that I used to watch that I can't stand now and woukd like to see if anyone feels the same way, but it doesn't warrant it's own thread and doesn't fit here or in the YT general thread. Oh well.

I'm mostly into true crime but never watch videos or listen to podcasts on it because I prefer to read it myself. I like to watch crime documentaries on YT but not specific people discussing cases.

No. 31663

For anyone who likes male asmrtists, can I recommend Phoenician Sailor.
He puts crazy amount of effort into his videos and his roleplays are always inventive and great. He honestly deserves much more subs.

I also quite enjoy Ephemeral Rift, because male voices tend to be more soothing to me.

Some other great channels are This Exists (mainly music-related videos), thebrainscoop (museum and science-related), ashens (random tat reviews), Kati Morton (psychiatric help), Ask a Mortician (death culture), Brutalmoose (video game and random reviews), Nature's Temper (creepypasta)
I just watch channels all over the spectrum as you can see.

And if I may ask for a recommendation, what are some good let's play channels? I used to watch Game Grumps, but their personalities started grating on me after several years, they just don't do anymore but stupid yelling and dick jokes and that gets old.
I watch Weeby Newz for her Persona playthrough and I quite enjoy it, but are there any more letsplayers that are more subdued and put a lot of time into discussing their theories about plot and stuff? Maybe female letsplayers that are not twitch thots?

No. 31664

I totally get you about game grumps. I used to be a huge fan but imo the quality has massively declined over the past year or two. I don't know any female letsplayers personally, but one channel that is a nice contrast to game grumps is Super Best Friends Play. They're funny and don't resort to "haha poopy ass dicks" shock humor like gg. They also put out longer vids than gg which is great as I always hated how game grumps episodes felt rushed and shit.

No. 31665

Lazy games reviewer
Does a lot of retro games stuff, oddware, thrifting etc. I like him cause he’s not a total dudebro and has a nice voice to listen to. I love his stuff on old horror games like harvested, sanitarium and system shock.

Safiya Nygaard
Does different takes on beauty stuff(dresses like different time eras for a week, mixing all her lipsticks together, went to a Japanese spa theme park) so not your standard thottery beauty guru. Is really funny and charismatic.

No. 31666

John Wolfe
Someone already mentioned him, but yeah he's great.

The Proper People
An urban exploration channel, they don't bait with spooky stuff, just break into abandoned places to film

Does videos about internet culture, old meme origins etc.

A booktuber who rarely uploads but I love her personality.

No. 31667

Chuggaaconroy's let's plays are nice, the ACNL one was my favorite. His gf(?) Masae is alright too.

If monster factory counts, I'd highly recommend watching it. Not active anymore, but w/e what we have is pure gold. Car Boys was good too on Polygon.

No. 31668

Oh, I ADORE Monster Factory. Seen every episode, love me some of that McElroy goodness.

Car Boys was nice too, a shame about Nick though really.

No. 31669

hell yes dan bell

No. 31670

MBMBAM got me to monster factory, its honestly been a dream show and I wish it would go on forever tbh.

Like you said though, we have gold.

No. 31671

WhispersRed gives off such a caring mom vibe tbh and i really like that

No. 31672

File: 1535167094230.gif (1.81 MB, 448x251, kermit.gif)

kek, I know Chugga IRL through friends but I've never really watched his videos. He's very friendly but def comes off as autistic. As far as I know he and Masae have been dating for years and are now engaged iirc. I don't understand why they're so weird about it?

But anyways. I feel like this is maybe cheating but I've been really into JennaMarbles lately. I just like her so much more than other popular youtubers. She just now bought a house and she made point to talk about how many years she saved up and how this is such a big important dream to her, and you really never see her buy unnecessary expensive designer shit just to front like other youtubers. She just feels like when it comes down to it she knows when to turn it off and be an actual grownup. Also she has a Masters degree so I just feel like she's always taken her career seriously and doesn't take what she has lightly. She doesn't do clickbait and 100% commits to whatever weird shit she says she's gonna do in her titles. Also her dogs are just so ridiculous and I can't get enough of them.

Ok, asskissing over.

No. 31673

I think Arden Rose is really cool I just avoid her hauls and sponsored content

Also Peter Coffin has some very interesting “documentaries” and I enjoy the videos he does with his wife who is just absolutely hilarious.

Stormy Davis is the only storytime person I’ve ever liked because she’s incredibly thorough and is going through her entire childhood as a kid in the foster care system. I’ve never actually met anyone who grew up in group homes so it’s interesting to hear that perspective.

Evie Lupine does bdsm education and is a full time sub who is basically just a bdsm nerd that likes to bake. She’s connected to a few lolcows but keeps herself out of any drama and really focuses on making educational content.

Qcnd’s videos I find really relaxing and she seems to be making content she enjoys. The ex files was my favourite series she did.

Strange æons she just shits on internet idiots and does fun videos about lesbianism. I really like her sense of humour. It’s not laugh out loud funny but she’s pleasant

Rachel Oats. I honestly thought she was going to be boring because she’s a little late to be doing YouTube atheism but she’s not an edge lord about it and she can go off into tangents about neuro science which is nice to learn about.

No. 31674

Peter Brown - he does wacky DIY/shop projects, he's really sweet and entertaining to watch. I love his videos where he uses resin, something about it is so soothing.

No. 31675

emilia fart is my absolute favourite, i discovered her recently and like i feel like my life would be complete is she was my friend. i fucking love her she's just the best vibe, i highly recommend her channel to literally everyone and anyone. my bf watched some with me and was weirdly charmed too she's a tripper.

No. 31676

File: 1535175486573.gif (143.94 KB, 250x188, 250px-Coffinwife.gif)

It's so weird that someone is saying something nice about Peter and Ashleigh Coffin on lolcow.

No. 31677

simply_kenna being the thumbnail is just too far, I can’t even lol

No. 31678

File: 1535230684148.jpg (57.58 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg)

The report of the week: He review fast food products,i dont know why but his wording and mannerisms create such a charm and irresistible presence that i cant keep my eyes of him
Miss Coco Peru: Shes been inactive for a while now,but i love her Boston? accent and overall personality,even though her videos are mostly about her adventures from store to store just to get some panetonne
李子柒: Does videos about her rural life and how she prepares traditional Chinese food,pretty ASMR-ish
Smohxd:A diy youtuber,i found his design a little tumblr inspired but still far more tasteful and unique than others
Mommytang:A mukbang channel,she cook homemade meals and talk about her everyday life

No. 31679

omg anon I just checked 李子柒's channel and I'm absolutely in love. I must have told the three only friends I still have awake at this hour about here already.
do you, or any other farmers know the same kind of channels (rural life, relaxing, traditional lifestyle) with Japanese or Korean hosts? I'm so enamored.

No. 31680

He's a poltard. Gross.

No. 31681

he's a robot too

No. 31682

Fredrik Knudsen and Cayleigh Elise have already been suggested but are good enough to be mentioned again.

Top 5s - the only top# channel I genuinely like. He covers spooky stuff and true crime, I like his narration style a lot and occasionally he makes longer, documentary style videos too.
Trey the Explainer - cool videos about extinct animals, cryptids and evolution.
NativLang - Videos about languages. Way cooler than it sounds.
Blue Lavasix - Another spooky channel but with a lot of fresh content. Doesn't upload as frequently anymore but has tons of interesting videos that are worth watching.
ADV China - A kind of talkshow by two vlogger guys in China (serpentza from South Africa and laowhy86 from the US) where they ride their motorcycles and talk about China-related topics. The GoPro and drone shots are a nice extra.

His charm keeps being brought up on here but all I see is a creepy talking corpse.

No. 31683

Eh,i guess hes not for everyone

No. 31684

whoa really? since when

No. 31685

File: 1535269554423.jpg (22.37 KB, 346x346, supreme-males.jpg)

years. i personally remember bc in 2015 he commented on the whole eggman debacle where he was finally gonna kill himself (then didn't deliver). he had to've been an avid /r9k/ poster/lurker to even know what was going on. he's always had an incel-friendly channel.

pretty sure the nickname "reviewbrah" was given to him by /r9k/ or /pol/ too. could be wrong tho.

No. 31686

He apologized for that

No. 31687

File: 1535270296093.jpg (67.83 KB, 450x600, poster.medium.jpg)

I dont really know about the korean ones because my interest isnt really korean-based,but if you like the japanese one,ill go look for it.In the mean time,enjoy this movie instead,its a japanese film called ''Little forest" its quite similar to the rural vibe

No. 31688

nta, but thanks a lot! It looks exactly like something I'd need and I will certainly watch it this weekend.

No. 31689

Yeah I remember that one time when he advertised his channel on /v/. He's completely excused by the fact that he was a depressed misguided teenager who nowadays regrets the whole experience

No. 31690


doesn't update much anymore, but makes fun videos about linguistics.

No. 31691

I'm the previous anon, and thank you so much! I'll make sure to check it out when I get a little time. I will be delighted and so thankful if you find any other Japanese channels in the same vibe. Thank you so much, again!

No. 31692

i loved Saf when i first found her but her latest videos have been pretty boring. she also over explains everything so much, her videos could easily be at least five minutes shorter. She's clearly a lot smarter than most youtubers so I wish she'd come up with better video ideas.

No. 31693

where can i watch this?

No. 31694

File: 1535313306180.png (518.11 KB, 652x420, Shinya-Shokudo-season-2-652x42…)

I already put them in a playlist,heres another japanese movie,its called Shinya Shokudo enjoy!

No. 31695

Voxis Productions is pretty cool. He does film reviews behind the guise of a British puppet.

No. 31696

Not that anon but speaking of silent Japanese videos, I love Miniature Space

No. 31697

I'm that anon and I can't express with words how much I am thankful that you made an entire playlist… thank you so, so much. This is incredible. I can't wait to check everything out.
You're the real MVP anon!

No. 31698

thank you anon you're the best

No. 31699

My boyfriend thought you guys might like his favourite video. He really loves this man’s videos.

No. 31700

Arne & Carlos - mostly knitting focused channel ran by an elderly gay Scandinavian couple with bg in fashion industry. really like having their longer videos in bg, also helped me learn how to do a short row heel.

Fact Fiend - 2 English bros presenting obscure facts however 80% of the video is them going on long semi-related tangents. i just think karl is cute ok

Supereyepatchwolf - the only good manga/anime channel imo, the dude seems non-creepy and quite sweet.

MB vids - very cute ginger munckin cat.

Gustavo Grazziano - they've reuploaded all of (?) Urasawa Naoki no Manben serioes which goes into manga creating process of some popular mangakas.

No. 31701


usually bingo is a bad otter who gets into cute mischief, but this video of him protecting a watermelon is so fucking cute!

No. 31702

CaptainDisillusion has been producing content of incredible quality for YEARS and it blows my mind that he still hasn't reached 1mill subscribers yet.

Fact Fiend as anon>>290452 explained. their "semi related tangents" on the subject are often funny and very entertaining.

Abroad in Japan , interesting and funny videos. Also, stays away from dramas and shit, he's one of the few unproblematic ones

Andrew Huang , makes music out of everything, he's insanely talented (he made a video called "Leonardo DiCaprio is a tuba" and everyone should see it tbh (vid embedded)

Ask a Mortician , makes really nice and interesting videos on the mostly taboo subject of death (found her through Ted Talks, you should also watch it)

bill wurtz , hard to explain, weird ass jingle-like videos, it'sgenius tbh

CompanyMan , makes videos about companies, how they work, why they go bankrupt or have success, etc. It's very interesting for such a seemingly "bland" topic.

CrashCourse Courses on anything, hosted by some of the same people from SciShow (both created by Hank Green)

SciShow has Space and Psych spin offs, short videos answering questions or detailing stuff

Criminally Listed finds very obscure cases. only downside is his monotone voice with zero intonations sometimes

David Bruce Composer makes videos about how music is built, why some things don't work etc
SpectreSoundStudios is pretty damn entertaining, he's a music producer and gives advice

Davie504 , the bass king, makes memes and cool covers
Kmac2021 guitar memes overload
Seth Everman piano memes overload

Defunctland , documentaries about dead theme parks, hotels etc.

Drew Gooden ex viner, one of the fews who's actually entertaining. (makes critic videos ? )

EroldStory , animated videos on random stuff, quite funny

Exploring with Josh urbex videos. Wide variety of places
Dan Bell urbex, and other things. My fav videos by him are the dead mall series.

exurb1a, hard to explain, watch the one about introverts it's great

GeographyNow pretty self explanatory

Half as Interesting, videos of the same kind as Today I Found Out, both are trivia information etc channels

Hot Dad makes memey music, pls watch the "I Can't Get Google" one

Various mini documentary channels are Kurzgesagt , Its okay to be smart , Life Noggin , minutephysics and RealLifeLore

Video essay channels : TheCloserLook , Nerwriter1 , Lessons From The Screenplay

aaaand of course, more science , Vsauce , Veritasium I guess Tom Scott qualifies in this category sometimes

this is probably a wall of text , sorry ! I can make a list of French Speaking Ytbers if anyone wants, I have a lot too.

No. 31703

Nerdwriter1 sorry for the typo

No. 31704

>CompanyMan , makes videos about companies, how they work, why they go bankrupt or have success, etc. It's very interesting for such a seemingly "bland" topic.

along those lines, Business Casual is also good: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_E4px0RST-qFwXLJWBav8Q

No. 31705

Patricia Bright- she mostly does hauls and beauty, she is always good fun. Can get a little annoying with the inspirational thing from time to time, but mostly does her job. super charismatic and charming

No. 31706

Is anyone else obsessed with mukbang?
Stephanie soo and Hyunee are my faves atm.

I don’t even know why I’m watching but I can’t stop.

No. 31707

I love 'Abroad in Japan' !! He's one of the very few channels that is actually nice, chill and doesnt dive into bullshit politics.

No. 31708

Peter Draws is good if you like art channels. Even if you don't draw anything like him, he's good for inspiration, or to draw with. Has a soothing voice too, none of that shouty Youtube shit. He likes to just talk about all sorts of stuff, or he makes goofier videos like testing Bic Pens underwater and shit.

No. 31709

Thanks, anon!
I really like his channel. Do you have any other artist's YT channel you'd recommend?
So far I only follow Proko.

No. 31710

Not that anon but, China digital painting has a lot of recorded livestreams of chinese fantasy artists if youre into that

No. 31711

Other than Peter Draws, I mostly follow art tutorial type channels, like Proko. New Masters Academy has a channel that does tutorials and lectures. Here's a long Steve Huston one. There's also Alphonso Dunn, or Aaron Blaise if you want digital stuff. Jeffrey Watts, the guy who taught Proko, has a channel too, but he doesn't update very often. A lot of his videos are long livestreams though, if you are into that.

No. 31712

I love yanghaiying, her videos are gems. She reminds me of old youtube videos, the kind you would stumble upon before asmr was a thing and would feel relaxed for some reason. I love her simple/no fancy editing videos and enjoy hearing her stories and wisdom. She's like the chinese grandma I never had.

No. 31713


bingo's adorable, i found him through ma ko's channel and subscribed to every otter channel i could find afterwards

as for other youtubers i watch i'm subscribed to a lot of crafting and cooking channels, vtubers, and a few lesser known gaming accounts, i don't have any specific favorites since i mass subscribe to a ton of channels every so often but i'll probably check out a lot of the ones mentioned in this thread

No. 31714

Thank you!
There's a bunch of good videos on those channels that will surely help me.
Hopefully, I will not end up in the bad/hideous art threads one day.

No. 31715

If your bf is watching male ASMRs he is probably gonna leave you for a man.

No. 31716

Channels I haven't seen recommended that I think people should check out if you're into educational stuff

NativLang - a channel about all sorts of languages from around the world, the history of writing and language, and other 'gee whiz' stuff about language

Townsends - mostly focuses on 18th century American and British cooking, but also features other 18th century recipes from other countries, history, how they did things back then, and is just super wholesome in general. Also theres a commenter named Nicole that calls the host "daddy" on every video which is pretty lulzy

English Heritage - Focuses on the varied history of GB and also has a recipe series based on 19th century cooking. They did a collab with Townsends and it was super cute

Overall these channels are wholesome content with even the comments sections having informative and real discussions. If anyone has channels they can recommend that are similar to these I'd love to check them out!

No. 31717

No prob, I've been using them as well. Also, not Youtube, but cgpeers.com has a lot of really helpful art tutorials. They do sign ups twice a month. The next one is on the 15th.

No. 31718

Are there any sites like twitch where you can stream for donations without doing let’s plays? Is youtube the only option?

No. 31719

Picarto, though it's less popular than Twitch. It's mostly used by furries and NSFW artists.

No. 31720

Or maybe he isn't a desperate horndog. I always see in the comments of youtube men usually watch male asmr and females gravitate towards women. Some food for thought.

No. 31721

Lindsay Ellis and Jenny Nicholson. I love a good video essay or rant. I'm so glad they're friends.

No. 31722

Really? I hate both of them. Two boring libfems who are friends with hontra, one of which used to fuck doug walker. Sick of seeing their videos in my recommends.

Not sick of useless info about vidya though. Pikasprey yellow, stryder7x, false swipe gaming, summoning salt, and ceave gaming are pretty interesting.

No. 31723

>lindsay ellis

people like her? gross. are you sure you're not a 14 year old tumblrina?

No. 31724

nta. I find that the libfem shit tends not to come up in their videos that often. If I only watched youtubers I agreed with politically on everything, I'd only watch like 3 radfem channels with low production values who don't upload that often.

I like that Jenny talks about a lot of the nerd shit I'm into from a female specific perspective and I appreciate that. Her comment section seems to skew male though, which makes me think a lot of those dudes just want to fantasize about her being their kooky nerd girlfriend. That's kind of a bummer.

No. 31725

lindsay's videos are 100% 2quirky4u 90s girl sjw. they suck because she actually is the nostalgia girl character irl. no one is saying to only watch people who align with your views, but there's a point where not aligning turns into preaching the exact opposite views.

No. 31726

File: 1536783699712.jpg (130.73 KB, 968x1200, image.jpg)

I think she does really good and in-depth film analysis (especially compared to Doug, her previous employer) from a professional viewpoint but she lets her political views get into the way too often. I'm watching her getting into some really good destructuring of a story and suddenly she starts blabbering about some woke libfem bullshit on a 15-minute rant and the video is ruined. It's such a shame because she's coherent and clearly knows something about media critique but jesus christ give the social justice stuff a break. It's worth mentioning that she's extra insufferable on Twitter.

No. 31727

That’s why I like watching her stuff too. She does great film analysis, but the political rants are annoying. I think she also dated Dan Olson (Foldable Human) who also tried to peg someone for pedophillia, and it absolutely backfired.

No. 31728

damn that's embarassing lmao

No. 31729

Anyone watch any of peachsalvia’s stuff? She’s more a twitch streamer than YouTuber but she does upload her vods to YouTube. I came across her recently and thought she was pretty neat.

No. 31730

I like booktube, or at least the concept of it but I wish there was more that reviewed and read books other than popular YA novels. Does anybody know any?

No. 31731

just recently discovered Baumgartner restoration channel, it's, as title implies, a channel that goes through the restauration process of fine art pieces, more fun to watch that that sounds lol

No. 31732

I love Emmy! I recently started binging her videos.
She sounds like she used to be a teacher. Some of the recipes she makes are so out of left field. Makes me want to try a prison burrito.

I also like watching gaming channels like LGR, Spawn Wave, Beta64, and Shesez (mainly the Boundary Break videos).
From time to time I'll watch a ChickasaurusGL video. It's amazing how Pokemon R/B/Y still has things you can do to it.

No. 31733

Love his vids too, his thrifting vids are really comfy.

The unraveled videos from Polygon are surprisingly entertaining. Also love Ceave, Brutalmoose's cooking videos and Arlo's BoTW review series because I love a good, long botw circlejerk.

No. 31734

I love Jenny Nicholson. Her rants are so dry and hilarious and she has some thoughtful commentary to boot. This is my most viewed channel by far, I replay her videos rather frequently which my partner absolutely hates. Her viewership being mostly male is such a disappointment bc she definitely has a non abrasive but also unapologetic female perspective on nerdshit and I dig her for that. I want her to have a strong female fandom and not creepy waifu chasers.

Bon Appetit's gourmet snacks series is fun, as is that other series they do with Brad.

Dan Olson and Lindsay Ellis. I'm love thoughtful film criticism though these two are really deep into the left and that can be offputting to some. I don't agree with their politics at times but their videos are still enjoyable for me. Lindsay is really obnoxious on Twitter like the other anon said. Idk anything about Dan's drama, but I don't really care at all. I just like their fuckin videos, my internet browsing history isn't a political platform.

Last but not least, Destiny. Idk how LC feels about him but I think he's doing a great job engaging stupid assholes and trying to debate them properly by addressing their arguments. He does lose his cool occasionally and some of his stances are not what I'd align with but overall the dude is great for spending his energy on doing this shit most people don't wanna dive into. He hates Jordan Peterson almost as much as I hate Jordan Peterson. That is always a huge plus.

No. 31735

omg anon, thank you for the jenny nicholson recommendation, the christmas prince one was so good! wish there were/i knew more female youtubers like this

No. 31736

Yes I love their channel as well and it makes me curious as to how one can get into the art restoration business or at least learn how to do it.

No. 31737

File: 1548835320367.jpg (835.9 KB, 1424x2136, Owk1igJ.jpg)

everyone here has fantastic taste and i'm glad to see some of my faves such as dan bell and lgr are getting some love.

surprised no one's mentioned internet comment etiquette yet, considering his subscriber count. some people might find his sense of humor kind of juvenile but i enjoy his videos very much.

some others i enjoy are whang, wavywebsurf, internet historian and fredrik knudsen. i think i couple of them have been mentioned already but i highly recommend you check them out if you haven't already, especially if you're interested in or nostalgic for internet history.
also friendlyjordies is a must watch for any fellow australians, see his 'laughing at drunks on rbt' video. even though he's primarily a political channel he still keeps it funny and lighthearted and isn't up his own ass like a lot of other political channels are.

No. 31738

File: 1548836322770.png (557.67 KB, 589x480, 8xd433j0p5311.png)

I think they are all lunatics, but if you like their videos you do you.

No. 31739

I've never seen so much soy in one picture. It's cursed.

No. 31740

contra looks like titanic sinclair

No. 31741

I mean, we've never seen both of them in the same room…

No. 31742

Ugh, soyposting is so fucking stupid

No. 31743

I never knew that farmers believed in this "soyboy" nonsense


No. 31744

They look pretty fucking stupid ngl.

No. 31745

They do look stupid however Soy is incel rhetoric and it's pseudoscience.

No. 31746

after the whole vanillahamham debacle, I wound up in a rabbit hole of miniature builds because I found her build videos so relaxing to watch. video related is a great channel, firstly, because of those ~aesthetics, secondly, because they use dollar store shit so you still have that feeling of "yeah, I could totes replicate this" kek

also relatedly, aquarium builds! Foo the Flowerhorn channel has this sweet potato tank build project and it's so fun to watch how the ecosystem develops and tbh it just looks gorgeous

and very unrelatedly, Red Nile is a fun channel if you are even tangentially into chemistry. he explains things very well if you want to understand what's going on and if you don't, they're still entertaining vids!

No. 31844

I love miniature build and diorama videos. ever since I was little I have loved mini things like that (was always making fairy houses) and I love the videos on youtube of people making the mini food too (like rrcherrypie is one of the accounts I think?)

somewhat related, I randomly found this older woman's youtube a long time ago. she makes fairy houses and other garden items. she's so wholesome and sweet and her videos are so relaxing. she makes cute things too!

No. 31895

File: 1558209450082.jpg (81.25 KB, 1200x675, D0ohSjtUYAAmbRk.jpg)

I absolutely love CreamHeroes. It's just creative silly videos about this korean lady's cats. They're fun and relaxing, I even got my mom hooked on watching

No. 31901

I needed this so much with everything happening this week

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