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No. 319163

>The Japanese words "shōnen" and "ai" individually mean "boy" and "love," which is exactly what shōnen-ai means, boy-love. It refers to anime and manga that focus on love and romance (as opposed to sex) between boys or men (typically bishōnen).

Shonen Ai contains NO sex or sexual themes to it compared to yaoi. Shonen ai is a boys love genre that is devoid of sexual intercourse. While the characters may be in love or kiss each other, other than that explicit sex scenes are not shown.

This is a thread to discuss and post about shounen ai works and media.(use the fujo thread)

No. 319165

retarded thread, shounen ai is a term coined by westerners who don't understand yaoi/bl can also be sfw

No. 319166

>yaoi can be swf
This is obvious bullshit and bait so I won't waste my energy giving a actual reply.

No. 319167

We already have a fujo thread. Delete this embarrassment of a thread.

No. 319168

You're not entitled to shit ,if you hate it so much go to meta and complain about it or better yet hide the thread.

No. 319169

That's not what the term bromance means kek. You're free to discuss shonen ai in the fujo thread

No. 319183

Kek. Why does this exist when there's already a fujo thread? You're not better just because you like wholesome non-sexual BL

No. 319185

I actually like both. Sorry to hear about your inferiority complex.

No. 319186

Don't know why anons are so opposed to this thread. But then I remember you guys are allergic to hiding threads you don't like, and feel an obligation to throw a hissy-fit. I think you did good op.
Do you have any favorite Shonen-Ais? I'm pretty limited to manhwas right now, but I'm trying tog et into more shows. Is Heaven Officials Blessing worth starting?

No. 319190

I actually didn't watch heavens blessing but I added it because I know it's a popular shounen ai so I can't give my opinion on it.
Some shounen ai manhwa I really liked is "murderous lewellyn's candlelit dinner" and "interview with a murderer (Queensa)."

A (chinese) shounen ai show I'm currently watching is "Beryl and Sapphire" the show has ALOT of episodes and different themes so I never get bored but I do feel like sometimes the episodes are too tragic that it becomes too much. I have a weird taste so that's why I like that show, maybe some other anon will say that show is crap but idc.


Shounen ai is not just wholesome and can have dark or disturbing themes, you sound ignorant as hell. You think something needs to have porn it for it to be serious or dark.

No. 319191

because this thread is redundant, shounen ai is already allowed in the other thread

No. 319193

File: 1693686632408.jpg (21.32 KB, 236x314, 3e09ea5cef68139aded2b0e312d0da…)

Nta, Not all anons who consume shounen ai also consume yaoi and not all shounen ai is romantic (sometimes its just bromance) so yeah if they want to have a separate thread that's okay. Just hide the thread you moron.

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