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File: 1695265592438.jpg (243.57 KB, 1449x987, faggotvampirebitch.jpg)

No. 322534

Bustin' Out of /vgt/ Edition

Launch trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuCfkgaaa08
Release trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TmGocqpY0Y






>Q: Do I need to play the previous games?
>A: No, but you should give them a try. If you don't feel like it, here's a summary of the events: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__GI7CrYnj8
>Q: Why aren't my companion quests/romances advancing?
>A: Companion quests and romances tend to advance after long rests. If your romance appears to be bricked, maybe you didn't long rest enough.
>Q: Can I recruit Minthara without going down the evil path?
>A: If you don't pick sides and just proceed without completing the grove questline, yes. But you'll miss out on her romance.
>Q: Is Durge essentially "Tav+"?
>A: Yes. You get additional content, BUT there are points where if you've chosen to resist the Urge and/or don't complete quests the "right" way, you'll have to pass additional checks to avoid losing companions.
>Q: Are there any consequences to tadpolemaxxing?
>A: No, you can consume as many tadpoles as you want without consequence. HOWEVER, if you consume the Astral-Touched Tadpole you'll suffer some cosmetic changes.


>If you're updating from EA, delete your saves at "%localappdata%\Larian Studios\Baldur's Gate 3\PlayerProfiles\" before playing.


>Romance: https://strawpoll.com/NMnQ5kJXYn6
>Origin: https://strawpoll.com/3RnYlLkGBye
>Race: https://strawpoll.com/kjn18WPzeyQ
>Class: https://strawpoll.com/eNg69DKKjnA
>Alignment: https://strawpoll.com/PKgl3d87anp
>Companions: https://strawpoll.com/bVg8o8l3VnY
>Tadpole use: https://strawpoll.com/05ZdWXWY4g6
>Durge class: https://strawpoll.com/kogjkdk2NZ6

OP copypasta'd directly from /vg/, sorry baddies

No. 322562

Wow from the polls you can really see that it was based on moids.
>human male palladin that is neutral good and will romance shadowheart
Daring, aren't they?

In my first playthrough right now and I'm playing a tiefling bard. I had a hard time deciding which character to romance, because I want to get them to know all better. In the end I chose Astarion, because it just somehow happened and I feel to guilty to break up with him. I also do not use any tadpoles, but that's also because I don't want to make it to easy. First I played on balanced, now on tactical and I haven't struggled with anything yet. Next playthrough I will download a bunch of mods probably, I hope the multiple romance mod works. I also didn't know that the dark urge was also customizable, I didn't want to play as a dragon so now I'm just a normal tav. I didn't play any of the previous games, but when I have run this game dry (will probably take a while kek) I might try the previous ones.

No. 322577

Gonna play Origin!Shadowheart and romance Karlach next playthrough, gonna be mean but not too mean, like that one parody video of Shadowheart summed up her entire character "I'm indifferent… or am I?"

No. 322581

I played my first one as a chaotic good-ish high elven oathbreaker paladin (vengeance oath originally) / hexblade multiclass, with sick plate armor, face tattos, and a buzzcut. Her dps was CRAZY and she could survive bosses. Definitely one of the best multiclasses in the game, only wish I could have played as an aasimar instead of elf. I played her around encouraging people to pursue freedom, so she made choices like letting Shadowheart decide for herself whether to spare her family and freeing people from servitude to masters of any kind. What got her to break her oath is having to team up with people she initially deemed morally inferior in order to get rid of the parasite, she had to reconsider her approach to life and realized things are not black and white and you can't punish every wrongdoer with impunity. My Tav killed the two goblin leaders before meeting Minthara and found her quite handsome and sad since she was being mind-controlled by the cult so she left the conflict alone, chose to walk away from it instead of meddling further to impose her will on top of the cult control. I went ahead to Moonrise and freed Minthara so it was nice how that worked out without contradicting her backstory. Tav later romanced Minthara although the sex scene is technically skipped, she did get plenty of cute dialog and kisses from her. Her party was Lae'zel, Shadowheart, Minthara. Shadowheart ended up becoming (headcanon incoming) a follower of Umberlee as a tempest cleric. Her DPS was amazing that way and a chaotic evil god suits her better than Selune who is good aligned imo. As with SH, my Tav encouraged Lae'zel to pursue what she wants, so she ended up going on the journey to liberate the Gith. I really enjoyed my playthrough, I'm satisfied with all my choices though I wish I could have had Karlach in my party somehow (probably instead of Lae'zel, sorry Lae'zel), maybe there ought to be an option to escort some tieflings out of the Grove in the future. It's annoying that the only way to have an all-woman party is to either kill Karlach (indirectly) or Minthara (directly). The male characters don't come with this sort of exclusivity.

My next playthrough I'm going to romance Karlach with Durge, I will go for a redemption arc of sorts. Probably a half-orc. I might get the mod that makes it so knocking Minthara out does not remove her from the game so I can save the Tieflings and then free Minthy because I really really like her and a paladin is always good to have.

No. 322584

File: 1695302868908.jpg (68.34 KB, 1024x745, F6gIxwWbcAA_BUU.jpg)

10/10 game, gonna bang gale next

No. 322585

You basically have no choice, every relationship I've had with Gale has been non consensual on my side. He gets clown makeup'd.

No. 322586

you managed to romance minthara? i started an evil durge playthrough after hotfix that was supposed to fix her, but i didnt get shit. fuck larian

No. 322589

There isn't a big scene or anything, you just get voice lines and options to kiss her if your approval is high enough. And a scene at the end talking to her about what you'll do next.

No. 322591

Weird, she's supposed to be fixed even more like full romance path. Can't bring myself to do evil paths because there's not enough content. Like obviously if you kill a bunch of people = less sidequests but it's a nothing path even if you do the least amount of killing you can. I like Minthara because she's unique (unabashedly evil) but there's not enough.

No. 322594

No, that is all there is. That is her entire romance path, she is just not an origin character so she has one sex scene if you kill the Grove and then just some little scenes like at the Dryad.

No. 322597

Yeah, I know that you don't get much on her route. But I myself literally got nothing, like at all. Well, guess evil durge's heart should belong to one person only.

No. 322604

File: 1695309586406.png (516.84 KB, 1070x784, patch3.png)

New patch will allow us to change appearance

No. 322605

My Tav is always perfect but would be great for if you add mods in later on. I really want Orin's hair and Ik there's a mod for that.

No. 322607

Lucky you. I abandoned many Tavs because they were ugly

No. 322650

I'm on my second playthrough and I can safely say this is the best game I've ever played. I love it. I want to do a Dark Urge play-through at some point but at the moment I am playing with a full custom team because I couldn't decide on my next characters; Dragonborn Bard, Seladrine Drow Cleric of Selune, Dwarf Barbarian and Monk Tiefling. It's so nice playing with full custom characters and what's interesting is they do interact when I walk through the world so they do feel alive still. It's fun to do especially since I did a lot of NPC-heavy stuff in my first playthrough. Is anyone else playing with a full custom party?

One thing I find difficult is being mean to other characters and hurting the NPC's lol. I really like what you said here >>322581 your playthrough sounds super fun! Im waiting for a full Minthara fix before I try to recruit her.

Im so excited for this, I wanted to roleplay a bit more and change my character as the story progresses.

No. 322658

Was about to play but now I want this update. I'm not sure why I did vitiligo, but I hate it especially on githyankis.

No. 322660

I’m really happy about this because my tav’s skin color looks completely different from the creator and in-game. It’s weird.

No. 322704

I haven't tried playing with a full custom party, but this sounds like such a fun idea! I'll add it to my running list of playthrough ideas. I'm getting tired of having to deal with companion quests every playthrough, even for companions I love, but I also feel guilty when I don't let them join me kek. I need to remember that they're not real.

With that said, Dark Urge is so much fun, nonna! It's been feeding my desire for a "chosen one" narrative in a game (because unfortunately this isn't super common in fantasy stories anymore) so I've been flying through this run.

No. 322748

What other playthrough ideas do you have? I'd love to hear them. That sounds really exciting, i've heard some people say it's the 'original' playthrough and the 'real' Tav story so it sounds cool that it changes the narrative a bunch. I'll have to give it a go!

No. 322760

I know nothing about DND, how do I get into this game…?

No. 322772

Just play it, I'm betting most of the people playing it (by a huge margin) have never played dnd. Enough is explained to you that you really don't need much else, it's just small references that might go over your head (like the newspaper headlines in Act 3)

No. 322904

Nothing too creative! An evil run (if I end up being able to stomach it) because I would really love to try out Minthara's romance, and a solo run where I use a custom or origin character and go the entire game alone. Those are the only two ideas I've found appealing so far. Maybe I can try doing a "pacifist" run where I try to talk my way through most things (with the exception of the required fights).

No. 322918

Gale pisses me off every time he speaks. He sounds like a fedora tipping m'lady redditor. But I suck at this game and need his magic. I wish I could keep using Karlach instead.

No. 322949

If you don't want to use Gale I suggest playing a character with magic yourself(don't necessarily have to be a wizard or a sorcerer, bard or druid work well). Shadowheart is also very useful if you change her class to light cleric, and spirit guardian and flame strike are extremely useful spells.
I've managed to play the game two times while pretty much only using Shadowheart, Astarion and Karlach while playing as bard and druid. I've never played the game on tactician difficulty though, so I don't know if this advice is helpful on that difficulty.

No. 322950

You can always respec Karlach to a magic class.

No. 322953

I don't think I will be able to do an evil run, I care to much about these pixels kek.

I really hate how he keeps talking about his ex gf goddess. My current party is, Gale, Karlach and Astarion. With my Tav being a lore bard as support. Playing on tactician and it's really good. Wizards are OP imo.

No. 323120

File: 1695550458286.jpg (Spoiler Image,573.87 KB, 918x2123, rip cazador and his spawns.jpg)

>tfw ended up in a duo party with Gale because Astarion got absorbed
Well at least he and my Tav get along well enough…

You can just ask Withers to change some other companion's class to Wizard if you'd rather travel with someone else

No. 323274

How did you even end up having that happen, Cazador tried to do one spell (got counterspelled) ran to the edge of the arena and got Lae'zelled off the edge. He's the easiest boss with his shitty AI (barring the ones you can push before the fight even begins)

No. 323509

Just a tip for everyone who does the Cazador quest: you can rescue Astarion from the ritual during the fight by running to him and clicking him. If you do this, Astarion won't die, joins the fight and the ritual is disrupted so Cazador can't ascend.

No. 323619

Well I only had three party members to begin with (everyone else died under various circumstances kek) and none of them had a particularly high strength score … also I was low key getting annoyed by Astarion being a constant third wheel so I might have waited a little too long before I actually tried to free him

No. 323925

Is anyone here in the Larian discord? If so, did you see the supposed shitstorm that went down between Astarion fans and one of the writers? I can hardly find info on it, and I kinda wish I were in the discord to see it lol.

No. 324010

Was curious about that too, from what I gathered, the issue came up after that writer made a post where she implied that Tav x Ascended Astarion was a bad ending for his romance because it means you just see him as a sex object or something? I haven't romanced Astarion so I'm not 100% sure about the details but from what I've read online, if you let him ascend you either have to leave him or he turns you into his spawn/slave, so it seems pretty obvious that it's a bad ending, though her reasoning sounded kinda stupid. Also she apparently talked about the writers being forced to rush out the game towards the end, which is probably why she ended up deleting those posts eventually.

No. 324031

You have to be braindead, a teenager, or both to think that Tav x AA isn't a bad ending. I have seen some try defend it purely based on "sexy tho" but it's very clearly an ending where You will end up being used by Astarion as Cazador used him and that's par for the course for canon DND vampires. He doesn't love you anymore, you're his thing, it's like a BL VN bad end.
Ascending him is basically a bad end for you and him even without romance since In his ascended ending dialogue he says he will be killing his former allies just n case they turn on him later so even in an ending you don't romance him, he thinks less of any friendship you have and will soon be an enemy.
Seriously dense to not get that.

No. 324057

I didn't bring Astarion with me to that fight but that is insane. Even without being invested in that character I cared enough to keep him well away from ascending because it is extremely well-telegraphed that ascendant vampirism is a negative outcome.

No. 324071

Every companion (who the game cares about, rip Will and Karlach) has a well telegraphed good and bad end the their character, sure there's nuance in the fact that he'll never be a true vampire, never be able to walk in sunlight and all that but seriously, nuance doesn't mean it's not a better ending for the character.

No. 324085

File: 1695913815412.png (667.11 KB, 1004x623, astarion_baudelairewelch.png)

I saw this on reddit and I'm assuming this is what triggered people. They said it wasn't the official Larian Discord, it was a Discord for the writing team.
Honestly I don't get why they feel offended if that's a bad ending or not. If you like that ending, good for you, it's in the game for a reason and what's a roleplaying game if not an opportunity to experience different outcomes and stories. People kept nitpicking all the details in Astarion's story as if there was "right" idealistic perfect choice. Don't get me wrong I much prefer spawn Astarion and it's clearly written as the "good ending", but I would like if they included more dialogue options about how he will miss the sun or walking into homes and things like that. I prefer to not see endings/choices as good and bad, but rather different outcomes with different consequences.
This has been a pet peeve of mine because I keep seeing people arguing about morality of it all, either defending themselves or attacking and judging others for their choices, when it's such a idiotic discussion. It's a roleplaying game, I actually like the idea of exploring different narratives and pick actions that I wouldn't do in real life.

No. 324092

I agree that it's a bad ending, although like the other nonna, I hate when things are framed as good and bad because I feel it discourages people from just doing what they want. As though there is a correct and incorrect path to take. In which case, why even bother giving us choices in a branching RPG if we're going to be told that we're wrong to make those choices? Also kek at the last bit you mentioned. That obviously is something you shouldn't be sharing with random fans. I think this entire situation is why I'm a proponent for staying as far away as possible from actors/writers/etc. for media I like. Nothing good ever really comes of it.

Thank you for the screenshot, nonna! I think I ultimately agree with your take. I prefer spawn Astarion as well because I love how tender he becomes, but I can definitely see the appeal of ascended Astarion and I think it's dumb to use video game choices as a test of morality for people. Fully agree that spawn Astarion did not get enough dialogue! Following the Cazador fight, it did feel a bit…anti-climactic? Probably not the right word, but from what I've heard, there are a lot more scenes with the ascended ending as opposed to the spawn ending. I did adore his graveyard scene, though.

With that said, as much as I love Astarion and his arc, part of me also is sad that for once, when women get a character that is almost entirely aimed at them, it comes with the caveat of a lesson being attached. Men get to objectify characters all the time with no moral judgment so I guess I'm a little disappointed. But I can't be too upset because he's an exceptionally well-written character. I respect what the writers did with him and I'm not sure I would love him half as much if he weren't so complicated.

Thank you both for sharing, this has cleared up a lot! If the drama in this fandom is going to continue on this course (plus the fact that the fandom is infested with scrotes) then I'll probably just go back to enjoying the game on my own in peace.

No. 324125

This isn't the main writer for Astarion anyway and I'm pretty sure this person is a typical tumblrina, but I digress. I doubt the majority of people who let Astarion ascend are doing it for weird bdsm kink rubbish, just yuck. I thought the main interpretation of the scene was representation of a cycle of abuse, and that tav letting Astarion ascend was pretty accurate to how weak willed you can become in an abusive relationship. Especially considering Astarion will just straight up rage and leave completely in multiple options of that scene if you deny him.

No. 324361

File: 1696018408520.jpg (297.36 KB, 1689x1291, Screenshot 2023-09-29 221314.j…)

God bless these mods, now I can stand to look at Halsin. Gale is next. Too bad I'm too retarded to get it working on Wyll.

No. 324462

File: 1696068923815.png (Spoiler Image,427.08 KB, 489x623, astarion_baudelairewelch_disco…)

Bonus is that writer's comment on the drow twins sex scene with Astarion. I think she mentioned in a interview about Karlach's romance arc being inspired by her being neurodivergent and struggling with physical touch or something like that. I love the game, but whoever said in another thread that 2010's tumblr users finally landed real jobs in the gaming industry wasn't wrong kek.

>staying as far away as possible from actors/writers/etc. for media I like. Nothing good ever really comes of it
That's the best you can do and I've been learning that lesson way too late. I've been avoiding fandoms too, but curiosity gets the better out of me and sometimes I check it and most of them I regret it.

She truly is the typical tumblrina, she mentioned her hobby being fanfiction in her website, as if it wasn't obvious enough kek.

Why can't you get it to work on Wyll?

No. 324585

What the fuck is wrong with this writer? Bringing her own dissociative disorder into an unrelated character when it’s clear that Astarion just isn’t the type to be polyamorous. He’s obviously uncomfortable which is bad. Why would we fucking "normalize" it?

No. 324675

The Appearance Edit mod doesn't work on devil Wyll by itself. You need to add some code to a console and I have no idea what that is.

No. 324687

I think it's fine to indicate he disassociates in the moment, it completely fits with the character he is when it comes to sex and how he hasn't really had consensual sex for 2 centuries.
Normalising that he's not into sex that much after is imo ok. Quite nuanced tbh. I mean he does break up with you if you request sex from him in his Act 2 romance.

No. 324740

Is she the one "hobgoblin child"her words that got hired by the studio at age of twenty?

>things are framed as good and bad because I feel it discourages people from just doing what they want
Like with Karlach's storyline Where she sidesteps any conversations of her dying unless she goes back to Avernus and says that she would much rather die then go back until she has admittedly spectacular meltdown after defeating Gortash about how it isn't fair that she has two choices go back to Avernus or to die here. Many players feel like she has only bad endings because of it which I disagree with, mostly because I've admittedly have experience with terminally ill patients and thought her storyline and character was done perfectly in that regards and would have liked seeing more options on agreeing with Karlach's agency on how she wants to go.
It's bittersweet and not necessarily a happy ending for her but a terrifying realistic progress in that regards.
I'm ignoring all of the cut out content that would have possible cured her as even then if they would have been able to fix her, they wouldn't even been able get her a new heart ready in time or if it would just prolong her life and not cure her.

doesn´t he breaks things off if the player forces him to give blood/ or bite Araj the alchemist despite the fact he told the player he didn't want to do so and on a later date, laments about it and how he's been forced to do things he did not want to by others and breaks up with the player because of it?

No. 324762

Yeah I think you can convince him with Araj if you choose the correct options to not break up Astarion has the most break up opportunities I'm pretty sure, you have to be careful.

No. 324781

nta but I think the line in that scene fits the character, I just thought it was funny how she was surprised but how people were taking that line. She said
>it wasn't meant to imply he feels bad or good
But I think most people assume it's bad, since disassociating doesn't feel like the most comfortable thing to do while having sex. All that said, regardless of his writers and their intentions, I truly like Astarion's character. I think he is well written and idc if there is some tumblr weird people behind him, I enjoyed his narrative and how real he felt.

I agree with everything you said with Karlach. I understand the wish fulfillment of wanting to cure her (she even jokes at some point and asks if you have a wish spell in your bag, which is pretty funny by itself in dnd lore. A wish spell is very powerful but it can act like a monkey's paw sometimes, so god knows what other consequences that could bring), but all that said I think maintaining her core struggle is more realistic and makes for a better narrative. Sometimes we can't save people for everything and that's part of life.

No. 324784

File: 1696194560213.png (1.47 MB, 1970x599, twicethedamseledition.png)

Twice the Damsel Edition
Volo, Rolan, Barcus and Mayrina



No. 324788

Kill Mayrina, Kiss Barcus, Fuck Volo and Marry Rolan.
If I married Volo he would talk too much and it would drive me crazy, he probably would run off into a dumb adventure too and force me to save him again. Rolan might develop some drinking problems though. Barcus is bald. Mayrina would sell our child, I don't trust her.

No. 324806

I genuinely thought Mayrina was a kid when I first saw her so I'd have to kill her. Kiss Barcus because I have to. Fuck Volo because he's cute and he has the deed to trollskull manor I can pinch. Marry Rolan because he's a family man.

No. 324871

It’s so funny how mad Reddit moids get over the handsome Gortash mod. He’s literally described AS handsome, and past that, Orin is designed to be attractive, so why can’t the male villain be attractive too and has to look like a pudgy bloated alcoholic corpse

No. 324872

I always thought the fact that he was supposed to be attractive was like top tier gaslighting to the citizens of baulders gate because 90% of them will never see him. Like the pics of him in the gazette red room are more like the mod so I thought they showed everyone that.
But yeah, if the game intends for him to be young and attractive he should have a look upgrade.

No. 324873

facelift gortash mod creator, you?

No. 324875

He looks like the onceler

No. 324879

He payola'd the narrator. Younger than Ketheric, sure. Handsome? Lmfao.

No. 324880

My Tav became half squid and she's so fucking ugly guys. Mismatched eyes too. I cope by telling myself that flying is nice and plotwise it makes sense for her to be a completely different person than when she started, but I'm savescumming next time.

No. 324882

Kek I'm so sorry, nonna. If you don't mind using mods, I think there are mods that fix your characters appearance when that happens but you still want to keep the perks that come with it.

No. 324884

Barcus, because he said neither of us deserve being kissed by one another and the fact he's shy.
Volo, he'll let me tease him to my heart's content and he's pretty cute in a pathethic way.
Rolan because my buggy game killed him in act 3 and I'll never get over it.
Mayrina and help her get a scroll of resurrection.

Biggest catfish in the game. They did this on purpose with making him ugly as he's the only one of the npc with a potato face, notably yellow teeth and dirty despite being rich and seducing everyone to help him to succed.
He should be handsome. He would't have been as successful otherwise as people don't get swayed by ugly men
npcs with a brief interaction had managed to swoon me with their line and handsomeness then young handsome man Gortash

No. 324889

File: 1696246558911.mp4 (2.48 MB, 576x576, 641634729366833bb14f6e92b3e0f0…)

No. 324908

Gortash the type of mfer to sing in the shower

No. 324923

This would make sense if it wasn't the narrator, aka the dm describing him as handsome. Like the game accurately describes both Orin and Ketheric so it makes no sense to describe Gort as how he is supposed to be seen through propaganda.

No. 324929

>That's the best you can do and I've been learning that lesson way too late.
Same, nonna. I've had too much media I enjoyed ruined by sharing it with others. I think some people's interest in things flourish within fandoms but I am just not one of them. Sharing things with others tends to make me hate that thing in the end. At least now I know to completely avoid that behavior in the future.

Love this preset. This is probably the only male preset I like in this game and it really makes Halsin look so much better. Too bad I gave it to my guardian.

Absolutely agree with your points about Karlach. I came to the same conclusion about her endings and ultimately decided that allowing her the agency to do things on her terms was the most satisfying to me. Was it bittersweet? Yes, but it definitely didn't feel like a bad ending.

KEK. Nonnas, I know he's a meme, but the romance potential is top tier. If only he were hotter…

No. 324937

My Durge was in an emo band with him in my headcanon

No. 324941

File: 1696262902410.mp4 (1.17 MB, 576x576, twittervid.com_Reggienaut_0f7f…)

No. 324943

Did he clean himself in the Dark Urge run? He looks a lot more softer and a bit tidier in the latter. a bit disappointed with his looks which is mostly because the DM had said he was handsome and I want handsome simple as. Despite thst I will say that Gortash is rather intriguing lore wise and I liked reading all the letters surrounding him, his aliies and past lovers. Along the fact his offer was genuine concerning the stones and partnership so I can't really judge Gortashfags as he seems to have bigger part in a durge run.

No. 324948

Holy shit my standards are so low they are practically in Avernus. He's so soft here. This is pushing me to finish my Dark Urge run ASAP.

No. 325039

I wouldn't mind, but 1) I'm very bad at installing mods 2) I play the game on GeForce now so idk if it's possible 3) in the starting menu it always says my files could be damaged by mods etc (even though everything is always fine).
Mostly, I have a gripe with how Act 3 feels a lot less polished than 1 especially but also 2. Nobody comments that my face is fucked up and veiny there's not even any more racial/class/background option (even though most are very arrogant and I tend not to pick them)

No. 325041

File: 1696295244297.png (3.48 MB, 1920x1080, You have to see this too.png)

>Act 3 feels a lot less polished than 1 especially but also 2
Act 3 was rushed by the studio and you can clearly see the drop in quality from act 1 to 2 to 3 along with the fact that act 3 does have game deterring bugs that can ruin the game for you. What nearly ruined my gameplay experience was:
>the gazette questline for making me choose a certain article otherwise it wouldn't work and I had to redo this quest a few times before I realised it.
>Game killed Rolan without a reason not game ruining but annoying after I finished his quest and I didn't realise until many saves later.
>After a certain point in the House of Hope I couldn't save my game there and afterwards I had to always save my game in Rivington, if I did a quicksave somewhere in the city and wanted to reload it, I couldn't do it.
>Any cutscene regarding the big brain final quest after the Astral Plane was a rendering mess which was not problem for me before in any other acts and it only appeared after this point till the end. picrel is one example.

>Racial/class/background option and NPC interactions

There is certainly less options regarding class and race in act 3 then in the others and I feel like it didn't add much to the story with the option you could have regarding it.
What I was most disappointed with was the NPC interaction with characters like the tiefling you saved in act 1 or even Yenna when she stays in your camp and says one line over and over again. Along it the fact it seems like they just recorded once for the call forth allies meet up as I played through it a couple of times with different outcomes and honestly there wasn't any difference and some just say the same line even when doesn't really fit with what you chose.

No. 325069

The Witherussy making me act unwise. But yeah there's a lot of issues and I'm not sure they will be resolved. They are fixing stuff as they go, but can they really add non DLC new content in a game thousands have already completed?

No. 325080

File: 1696325549757.jpg (291.15 KB, 1136x1401, tumblr_1b84e95abf59c8cd022dddf…)

Wasn't Gortash obsessed with his self image to the point he controlled the narrative around him in and being adored seemed to be one of his drives to control Baldur's gate? Since we get a hint of them when the elder brain is trying to brainwash us I thought Gortash tired brainwashing us into believe he is handsome as well kek. He seemed deeply insecure and there were some memos and books that support it.

Yes, I hated how aside from one single dialogue from your romance option, there is no comments on the veiny face and I only got that dialogue if I tried breaking up with them. Act 1 is so detailed and it feels such a downgrade compared to Act 3. I actually downloaded the datamined dialogue and I have fun seeing all the different options in the dialogue. When I read act 3 dialogues there is a massive amount of dialogues compared to the previous acts, but what they have in quantity they seem to lack in quality sometimes, which is understandable I guess.
I didn't have many bugs, but the last cutscenes were all weird for me too. Both my friends have better graphic cards than me and it looked fine for them, but for me it was weird. I didn't get to se wither's derrière but It was close. I had to load a bunch of times because I kept getting the "Continue" bug.

They probably will, other games have done it before and think they did it for divinity 2 in the past. I was mad Gale mentions a party and we get to reply but it doesn't show up. Why bring it up then? At least gives us a party like the tiefling/goblin and let us say our goodbyes to our companions at least.

No. 325083

File: 1696327973829.mp4 (5.68 MB, 576x768, video2023-09-1410-52-04.mp4)

No. 325087

File: 1696331193235.jpg (153.97 KB, 903x723, 32456789.jpg)

why am I attracted to a spider.

No. 325096

I don't get this, is there more content of him outside of him trying to kill you immediately? Maybe you met him earlier on?

No. 325113

What did you do to make him try kill you immediately? He escorts you to moonrise towers. Other than that, mans an abomination so he doesn't get much more.

No. 325114

You can talk to him and convince him to give you the lantern. As a drow you can kinda bully him for being a drider too.

No. 325123

NTA, but I couldn't let him escort me because I met the Harpers before him and that triggered the ambush quest. I felt really bad about it though, and he has such a cool design. I tried to search spoilers if I could get more interactions, but if you already met the Harpers your pretty much doomed and have to kill him for the lantern.

No. 325128

I met the harpers as well, for the ambush quest there was a choice to reveal myself before attacking and this led to a convo where you could bully him into handing the lantern over and convince him to leave and traverse the shadows just because you say so. He's so mindbroken… I love it.

No. 325129

Got a true wizards hat faster in Baldurs Gate then I did in Hogwarts Legacy and I’m mad about it but also pretty pleased. Sad I’m not a wizard/sorceress so I could truly enjoy the moment though but my bard could always use more flare I suppose.

No. 325142

Based on the fanart I’d seen of him, I thought he was going to be way hotter and more interesting. Let down.

No. 325146

File: 1696358614345.mp4 (1.93 MB, 576x768, 169600552608177235 (1).mp4)

No. 325152

Theyre all so ugly. Ok, Gale isnt ugly, just dull

No. 325161

I've dreamt that I fucked Raphael and that he gave me massive orgasms

No. 325164

Raphael is canonically bad at sex, dream headcanons are not valid

No. 325167

She was just fucking Haarlep, even though he does it quite weirdly by bouncing on top of a woman.

No. 325176

No. 325180

I’m getting so sick of him I’m sorry

No. 325260

Yeah I ambushed him.

No. 325262

He's my friend in my head but god he's so edgy at times! Most of his fans are also insufferable and can't accept that people don't like someone who is low-key evil

No. 325264

Some really memed themselves into the "I can fix him" and they excuse him like a retarded baby. I love him as a character and I like his romance, though I headcanon him as way more broken and made up way more evil ending alternatives. But if he was a real person I would probably not like him at all. I don't completely merge my fictional interests with my real self, but a lot of people really can't separate that too well. I've seen posts complaining they get upset over seeing screenshots of Astarion in skimpy outfits because of his trauma. There was a comment complaining about Raphael removing Astarion's clothes and how mean and evil that was. Like yeah,who would have thought A DEVIL would be mean and evil to someone? I like overall all companions, some were way less developed than others and it really shows.

No. 325271

I'm an Astarion fan myself but I have to admit even I'm getting tired of him in my most recent playthroughs. It was entertaining at first but I'm ready to permanently bench him. Planning on doing a good party only soon because all the evil party members are beginning to get on my nerves.

I also separate my fictional tastes from my real life tastes and I think that's where a lot of discourse about liking characters like Astarion tends to come from. Some people forget that not everyone wants their fictional world to represent their real life. If he were real I would run in the other direction with the number of red flags he's constantly waving, but I tend to tolerate a lot more stuff in fiction that I would not tolerate irl because it's all a part of a larger story. Btw, would you be willing to share some of the ending alternatives you came up with?

>I've seen posts complaining they get upset over screenshots of Astarion in skimpy outfits because of his trauma.

Yeah…I've been seeing the same thing particularly on reddit and tumblr. I understand relating to Astarion's trauma but some people behave as though the treatment of Astarion's trauma is an attack on their own trauma. They take it so far to the point they get offended on the behalf of a man who does not even exist.

No. 325302

I actually really like Gale's design, imo he's handsome in a not-too-blatant kind of way and I'm a sucker for men with earrings

Yea same tbh, I like him as a character but the constant simping by his fangirls is getting annoying. Also the thought of fucking a vampire grosses me out, I will never get over the fact that he's technically dead already

No. 325309

i got a thing for dudes who look like jesus kek

No. 325831

I love Astarion but the discourse surrounding him (and the whole game really) is so annoying kek. Feel like they have really attracted the 'kweer' crowd somehow. No, he's not 'ace' and no one cares about your ace-aro demiromantic autistic poly queer nonbinary Tav.

No. 325834

If it's any solace, I think this is another case of 'younger teens who've never played the game joining a fandom and getting character interpretation way off because they haven't experienced the whole deal' so ignore it, talk to people who have actually played the game and it's fab.

No. 325881

File: 1696728065568.jpeg (440.41 KB, 1253x1586, F5t_FPBaAAATdJR.jpeg)

You are not the only one it seems

No. 325945

I only use tiktok as social media so the only discourse I see is girls lusting over him and giving you tips on how to romance him kek.

No. 325958

File: 1696764654905.jpg (163.78 KB, 496x383, Neil and his cat.jpg)

>"[Astarion] is a cat. He's a black cat. There's a stray that comes into my house called Red… and he's quite feral. It took me three years before I could pick him up and hold him. He's totally cool with me now. Three fucking years. He gave me a lot of inspiration about Astarion". - Neil Newbon, on developing Astarion's physicality and mannerisms

I find this really important

No. 325959

File: 1696765758664.mp4 (5.77 MB, 580x480, 16948728938121.mp4)

No. 325961

Ok this gal knows how to make a video transition

No. 326024

tsundere cat

No. 326089

The way he is holding the cat is killing me.

No. 326103

he looks like he has seen some shit

No. 326358

What do nonnas here think about fans saying Astarion is gay? I've seen someone listing out evidence as in not only his flamboyant mannerisms, but also him always explicitly expressing interest in men only, like the two of his victims tugging at his heartstrings are men (Sebastian and the 'darling boy'), saying he wants to marry Will, having been going after a man when he got kidnapped by the nautiloid, wanting 'handsome' virgins, and the Drow twins with only the male expressing how good he was if you choose to have a foursome. The only time he expresses attraction to women is only with Mizora, but that's because he wants to know how it's like with a demon. I'm just reiterating the points I've seen the Astarion gay truthers make.

No. 326360

Well they're dumb, all comps are canonically at least bisexual (Neil said he's pan and obv that's a meme sexuality irl but in a world with actual beast people it makes more sense)
Implying flamboyant mannerisms = gay is both homophobic and reinforcing gender stereotypes
He flirts with a halfling woman down in the sewers (who I think is made to look fairly attractive for a short race) And has no issue romancing a female Tav/Durge. 2 out of the thousands he's seduced isn't a great metric anyway.
The other instances of his attraction to men is just yeah sure why wouldn't he, bisexuals also like men lmao Technically the insistence that bisexuals must always fawn for both equally is biphobic. I really doubt a gay man would have sex with a woman just because she's an 'exotic' woman.

He just comes across as a bisexual who prefers men to me. He canonically likes both so they don't have a leg to stand on. They're all teens so just bring up how homophobic and sexist their points are and they'll clam up.

No. 326361

He's Tav/Durgesexual like any other companion in this game. Imo it's fine if people headcanon him as gay or straight for their personal playthroughs but saying a video game character who by the game's code was designed to fall for the player character regardless of gender HAS to have a certain sexuality is pretty dumb … and I say this as someone who only tried romancing him once and cringed so hard that I ended up reloading.

No. 326374

why does cazador look younger than astarion? what did they mean by this

No. 326385

File: 1697035786290.gif (6.1 MB, 540x450, puppy.gif)

Do you think it ill win GOTY? I think it obviously should but I'm scared Zelda freaks will ruin it. BG3 is the highest rated game in history on PC on Metacritic. It's impressive how successful and popular in the mainstream it became given the fact it's a turn based RPG so a niche genre nowadays. The fact it was made by a belgian studio and blew american AAA titles away and caused panic among gaming devs. The fact it managed to serve common fantasy tropes in a fresh and captivating way. I don't even talk about the quality of writing, of over 300 hours of gameplay if you want to actually explore everything, the story, the characters, music etc. It's all top notch. I never cared for GOTY but now I really really want it to win. I want it to triumph even more over soulless uninspired cash grabs, even though it already triumphed.
I played BG2 in the past but for some reason I wasn't that interested in playing BG3, at least not immediately after launch, and I was one of those horny bitches who quickly picked it up because of Astarion. But holy shit it's so so much more than that. 20 years from now I will look at it as one of the great classics and it will fill me with nostalgia

No. 326392

He’s clearly written to come across at first glance as the stereotype of a vampire, think Tom Cruise in Interview With a Vampire as Lestat. A bit metrosexual, very much ‘is he gay or European?’. I know full well it wasn’t the intention however, BUT considering Astarion was essentially a male prostitute, him bringing back mostly men is very realistic kek. Swerf king btw

No. 326396

He does flirt a bit with the girls, especially Shadowheart. I do think playersexual characters kinda flatten the story and I have specific headcanons, but this is a power fantasy game after all, so it doesn't bother me.

No. 326412

He was supposed to have a fu manchu type beard so idk. I kinda think they look the same age.

I've played both and BG3 deserves it way more, the first botw is in my gaming top 3 but TOK just isn't as good so I think it would be fine for it to take second place.

No. 327003

If BOTW wins it's rigged. It never had this many girls actively promoting it. BG3 has attracted people who don't play games and people who would have never played this game if not for the other girls hyping it. I've seen the normiest of girls trying to play it on their fucking macs.

No. 327021

My favourite genre of gaming is 'trying to play it on my 6 year old macbook' my friend is currently playing cyberpunk like this. But yeah TOTK brought back BOTW fans, Balder's gate brought back everyone.

No. 327221

I dont even like the game as much as others but I hope it does. Zelda is overhyped trash and any chance to ruin Nintendo's winning is a good one. I think there are is a lot to do in BG3 and that's a good thing.

No. 327222

I dont get the hype for him. He comes off as very faggy to me. Tumblr 2013-tier Twilight shit. I just dont get it. None of the characters super appeal to me while playing, but Astarion is the worst. He kind of has the same story as Fenris, except Fenris makes me laugh at least when I replay Dragon Age 2.

No. 327282

File: 1697368898334.jpg (471.35 KB, 1280x1792, sometimes tumblr has alright t…)

>Tumblr 2013-tier Twilight shit
That's part of the appeal I think. A lot of women are into pretty vampires, especially the "I could fix him" types. I kinda get it, though I never cared much for vampires personally, like they low key gross me out. But considering how hard I fell for the damn wizard, I can't even blame anyone for obsessing over Astarion.

No. 327283

Do you think there's a chance BG3 will be people's gateway into Baldur's Gate 1+2 and other old rpgs?
I remember I got into Fallout 1+2 and other retro rpgs after the hype behind fallout 3, so maybe the same thing will happen to people here.

No. 327295

Nta but considering most of the hype seems to be about the pretty boys in spite of the gameplay, probably not.

No. 327298

He is so goddamn ugly. At least Fenris was hot

No. 327306

Unfortunately I don't think so. Some of them sure, but it won't be a lot
Baldur's Gate 2 was very popular in my country and it received a very good dubbing here, it was always high in my top of all time games

No. 327311

File: 1697379237613.png (406.75 KB, 686x410, 76565557776.png)

Tell me you didn't love Preminger as a little girl without telling me you didn't love Preminger as a little girl

No. 327383

He's just my type, acts tough but is actually insecure and is a slut. He gets extra points for being evil.

I never found him super ugly but it's definitely an acquired taste. I still use a mod to make him less wrinkly tho.

No. 328515

This game absolutely mindbreak /v/ and it's the funniest thing. Can't wait when it wins GOTY and breaks them even more

No. 328639

not into this game but I need to know what you're talking about, you got any screenshots? why do they hate it so much?

No. 328655

File: 1697799327488.gif (2.42 MB, 582x640, IMG_2549.gif)

Tell us the milk nona, are the moids seething over the cute vampire?

No. 328671

The threads on /v/ have dedicated schizo(s?) which post the following:
- "proof" that Larian is doing the bidding of their Chinese overlords (Tencent), which is to disrupt western culture by including LGBTQ+ themes in their games.
- "proof" that Larian bought bots (with Tencent's money) to a) create shill threads on /v/ b) artificially boost player counts on Steam

Unfortunately for the schizos, one of them accidentally posted the "proof" in a thread for an unrelated game (Witcher 3 (I imagine because of how relatively similar the cutscenes look)). This blunder caused them to be mocked even more.
Additionally, because of Starfield's release (another large RPG, developed by Bethesda, released a month after) the anti-Larian schizos were assumed to be pro-Starfield shills, which in turn were assumed to be Indians because a) Bethesda outsourcing their work to India (based on Starfield's end credits) b) Bethesda being owned by Microsoft, which is relevant because of the "microsoft support" Indian scam callers. This caused a flood of name-calling (rajeesh, pajeet, etc.) and street-shitting "memes" (very explicit AI-generated images of Indians "doing the needful") to be spammed in response to a variety of posts, including the "CCP owns Larian" posts.

Besides that, common talking points include:
- the game being woke (mainly because of gay romance, pronouns, black people and the drag queen in act 3)
- the game being a bland dating sim/weg (western erotic game). I imagine this is mainly because of a) prevalence of BG3 waifu threads b) how often the "sex" scenes are brought up
- the game being unfinished, buggy and front-padded (as to prove that BG3 is as bad as any other AAA game released in the past few years)
- the game being "reddit" (because of Larian's style of writing) + having bad writing in general
- the game being boring (turn-based combat)

An another popular topic, which deserves a bit more explanation, is Halsin (and the bear sex scene). Some moids concluded that if having sex with a druid polymorphed into a bear is not zoophilia then a druid polymorphed into a child should not count as pedophilia and therefore should also be in the game.
Additionally, Halsin is tightly connected to the waifu threads because of his interaction with Shadowheart. Shadowheart was assumed to be the "trad" romance - white, monogamous, wanting to settle down and start a family, etc. Surprisingly she turned out to be the only female romanceable companion that a) Is completely okay with you (the player) hiring prostitutes (the drow twins in act 3) b) Wants to join your threesome with them c) Wants Halsin to also join, making it a fivesome. This of course lead to "bear posting", which besides calling everyone that romanced Shadowheart a cuck, consisted of a ton of bear/Shadowheart edits/memes. Because of this, despite Shadowheart's initial popularity, her waifu threads are practically non-existent.

Of course, due to how prevalent false-flagging is on /v/, all (or parts) of this could, in theory, be fake.

also >>328655, Astarion is generally liked on /v/, often being called the best companion.

No. 328679

he's an ugly faggot but if he's making moids seethe, there's one positive

No. 328681

I know they're dumb but the idea of Shadowheart being a tradwife option is hilarious, not that traditional races exist in dnd but the idea that she's the white tradwife stereo is even funnier because she's mixed race. (half elf)
I'm so glad there's spaces on the internet to talk about Video games with only other women because oh my god.

No. 328691

>Larian is doing the bidding of their Chinese overlords which is to disrupt western culture by including LGBTQ+ themes in their games
KEK they're so predictable.
>one of them accidentally posted the "proof" in a thread for an unrelated game (Witcher 3 (I imagine because of how relatively similar the cutscenes look)). This blunder caused them to be mocked even more.
Actually laugh-out-loud hilarious. 4tard tales are always so fucking funny.

No. 328693

>Shadowheart was assumed to be the "trad" romance - white, monogamous, wanting to settle down and start a family, etc. Surprisingly she turned out to be the only female romanceable companion that a) Is completely okay with you (the player) hiring prostitutes (the drow twins in act 3) b) Wants to join your threesome with them c) Wants Halsin to also join, making it a fivesome.
>Shadowheart's initial popularity, her waifu threads are practically non-existent.
I was the who sperged out about the dumb troon in the vidya thread as I had romanced Shadowheart the first time around. While I did like Shadowheart in the begin, however as time passed I found her romance rather inconsistent and honestly not in character from the behaviour she shows in game and honestly I forced myself not to break up with her in the latter parts of act 2 just to see if it got better, it didn't.
While I won't try to make bullet list of what I disliked about her character and story, I will say that I liked being able to joke around with her in the romance dialogues, the romance cutscences and admittedly the epilogue selune/mercy kill, I have seen the non mercy kill ending and liked that too as it is consistent to her character arch and character. I got annoyed by the simpering troon and her reactions to the prossies and Halsin didn't help that I disliked him which to me seemed out of character and shocked me a bit as it seemed to be contradictive to her inital behaviours regarding strangers but as she said only on physical levels and not emotional ones and could be framed as character development but I disgress. Regarding the wanting to have a family comment is that only viable if your male? Played as a female one and don't remember seeing that. I mean all the retards on /v/ wants to "breed her and have mah babaeies" and whatnot.
I'm going to try to romance Lae'zel the next time I play through the game as I really liked her character development throughout game and I quite liked her as we caught glimpses of her in game.

No. 328702

Nooo, how does her romance get worse? I found her like/dislike triggers interesting and they seem more nuanced then some. I’m still only in act 1, I gave her the Noblestalk and thought it was cute she had a purple Tiefling friend because my tavs also a purple Tiefling and as captivating as I find her I’m not really looking to do the whole sex scene thing unless it has story payoff. Would you say romancing her is worth it or is her story just as good remaining as friends?

No. 328756

File: 1697822311532.jpg (Spoiler Image,531.43 KB, 1502x1706, 1697760095325488.jpg)

>which to me seemed out of character
Might be because Halsin and Shadowheart are both supposedly written by the same person, https://twitter.com/mrjohncorcoran. I've read somewhere that Halsin is supposedly his self-insert, although how true is that I'm not particularly sure.

>regarding the wanting to have a family comment is that only viable if your male?

no idea honestly, i only saw moids mention it. Pic rel is, or rather was, quite often reposted, seemingly to prove their point. I guess she doesn't explicitly say that she wants a family.

if /v/ moids are representative of moids in general, then from what i can tell Halsin and Gale are the most disliked ones.

No. 328765

I don't play BG3 but holy shit the the OP pic is cute fanart
based /v/ nonna, you summed it up really well
I know they're super obsessed with Shadowheart tho

No. 328829

This is really funny. Thank you.

No. 328885

It's been a little fun to make aidens and autists mad when you mention you mod the male companions' looks. Naturally they only defend signs of aging when it's about a fictional man. The only mod they approve of is the dad bod mod too because their taste and standards for men and by extension, male characters, are in the depths of hell

No. 328981

the mod that gives Astarion an ugly mole makes me feral, I think some of us just have some sort of brain damage that makes us attracted to unattractive things

No. 328994

I will mod Gortash to be a handsome young man
I will kek at the seething redditors
I will enjoy my sexy villain
That is all

No. 328999

me with Gortash…end my suffering nonnas I've never been so horny for a man…

No. 329039

Men need to modded. They're all hideous in this game.

No. 329040

He tried to make me choose between him and Laezel when I didn't even romance him once. Boy, bye. He's so weird and needy.

No. 329219

I remember reading that Gale has a glitch which causes him to act as though he's in a relationship with the player even if you haven't initiated it. Could that be what's happening to you?

No. 329226

Maybe? They need to fix this god damn game. I remember I had issues reviving party members and had to restart several battles. My withers doesnt even give me the option for resurrections, despite talking about it in dialogue.

No. 329235

did you perhaps pirate the game? I played the pirate before I bought the game and the difference between the updated real game and the pirate is huge, a lot of stuff that's been fixed weeks ago.

No. 329267

>I've read somewhere that Halsin is supposedly his self-insert, although how true is that I'm not particularly sure.
Nayrt, but gross. I’ve been romancing Shadowheart and when she said she was fine with being polyamorous with my tav and Halsin I was so confused because she seems very monogamous. Also, Halsin disgusts me on a very deep level. I am a lesbian so I don’t really care about romancing the male characters, but I still like some of them as characters. He just skeeves me out really bad and physically I find him repulsive. I can’t believe he had a line about doing things with both tav and SH at the same time, like fuck off.

No. 329327

There's a mod to change the other characters' appearance, maybe it works with gender too. There's also ones to change voice so maybe you can turn them all into girls.
Halsin also grosses me out. Old men are disgusting. I turned him into a bishonen so I could romance him and he says the corniest lines. I can't imagine an old guy saying this, gross.

No. 330075

Yeah when he just proposed a threesome with Tav and SH I was like??? Whenever have I shown interest in you?? Wanting to join two women as well, gross

No. 330103

Well he wants to join in with Astarion as well, if its any consolation

No. 330113

Does anyone else feel like the romance has been written by people who..uhm…do not get laid or have relationships irl? Its just so hamfisted and unnatural, feels lik its written by people who have ao3 as their only reference.

No. 330200

why is gale disliked by moids? i've been avoiding him cuz i don't want to see the ex drama, and don't need to hear my friend complaining about how she groomed him. but i bet thats what jealous moids are seething about kek

No. 330205

File: 1698264927029.jpg (98.38 KB, 1267x151, Halsin_incel.jpg)

He wants in no matter who you are dating. I don't think you can avoid this conversation with him if you have him at your camp. Just by speaking to him and being nice flags as with you flirted with him. Even with you managed to avoid triggering those flags, the game still has some backup dialogue about how he feels a connection to you.

No. 330206

Yes but it is written by dnd nerds, I know plenty of dnd'ers that have had sex but I know of exactly 0 in relationships (that last) but like that's always been fantasy RP to me, clunky, unrealistic, weird.

He came onto you strongly (stronger than usual ik) when the game first came out and so it was kind of a homophobic reaction because companions seek you out rather than the other way round which gasp, means the person who comes onto you may be of the same sex. So, I've seen a lot of dudes dislike this and Gale is likely one of the first party members to come onto you and he comes on strong. You don't see women complaining about Lae'zel in the same way so yknow, males.

No. 330224

File: 1698268685636.png (4.06 MB, 2008x2608, 2Oc0beh.png)

Given the lead romance writer is the person from these
posts, it makes sense if that's how you feel. From her website:
>I am currently working full time at Larian Studios as a Senior Narrative Designer. There I am the feature lead for companion characters and romances.
>In my free time I enjoy reviewing films, LARP, writing fanfiction, and dressing like Oscar Wilde on a daily basis.

Also found picrel from Reddit. Includes some posts mentioned upthread and some new stuff. No idea what the hell the blocked out stuff is.

No. 330225

I hate that. I havent chosen any romance options, always curved all of them, yet every character has tried to hit on me.

No. 330311

File: 1698319344802.png (1009.72 KB, 887x789, F3XcCfsWUAA7yRU.png)

My coworker is a huge nintendo soyboy and he tells me that TOTK will definitely win GOTY over BG3 and I want to stomp him

No. 330314

Gale reads as straight but hits on you (so not like Astarion who is obviously flamboyant), looks like a normal guy (but cuter tbh), was chosen by and fucked a goddess, and still has a pretty important possible part in the plot. And possibly has autism

No. 330319

I know it's a common critique but the ending is so underwhelming. Such a wonderful experience and at the end it won't let me know the future of the companions, or even let me talk to them? I chose to go to Avernus with Karlach and Wyll, cause it's a whole new adventure and I want my friend to live and as a result I didn't speak again with Shadowheart even though I romanced her??? At least make her come along, I'm not leaving her behind. And the Astarion ordeal is depressing.

No. 330357

This is so fucking cringe holy shit he’s a fictional character. Girl he won’t fuck you he’s not even real

No. 330362

? I was just trying to answer the question? The other nonna asked something and I had relevant information. I’m not sure why that’s upsetting but sorry that bothers you.

No. 330410

Different anon but I hate how they force Halsin romance automatically, he fucks anything that moves and isn't doing a genocide run. Have player do something to prompt it, otherwise it feels creepy. They did fix Gale in some update, he used to make me choose between him and whoever I was romancing even though I was ignoring him entirely. I wish they fixed it with all characters. The unprompted manner of trying to fuck is very accurate to how some dnd moids act so maybe it's just that, dnd scrotes and their endless audacity.

No. 330413

Nonono nonnie I meant the bg3 writer in the screenshot, not you. I'm sorry

No. 330430

File: 1698361659174.jpeg (167.48 KB, 750x882, hugs.jpeg)

It's okay nonna, that's entirely my fault. I read it correctly the first time and then began to overthink and went on the defensive lol. No worries!

No. 330438

>the perfect opportunity to present a deconstruction of the concept of parasocial sexualisation of fictional characters
You just know this woman sees fangirls being fangirls over fictional men online as the world's biggest problem

No. 330440

i bet she calls herself MLM and a true boy appreciator unlike those pesky dumb cishet girls

its pathetic how many essays i see in comments over simple dialogue options

No. 330443

File: 1698372695107.mp4 (9.57 MB, 1280x720, VAGaZSJbkXYMoRrp.mp4)

>concept of 'why are we always so compelled to do terrible things in video games in the first place?'
>people have just seen EA Astarion as a sex object
>I saw the perfect opportunity to present a deconstruction of the concept of parasocial sexualisation of fictional characters

Why was she so focused on breaking the fourth wall and adding real life commentary to her writing? Nothing she aimed for really delivered, because she seemed not to understand how the writing would reach the player. You would need to actually integrate the writing with the gameplay.
She says ascended Astarion is a sexual gratification for the player, but at no point before or during the ritual we are hinted about a possible sexual reward with the ascension. Anyone playing the game without knowing spoilers would base their decisions on anything but sex, because Astarion never promises to fuck you if and only if he ascends. To make this even worse, spawn Astarion finishes his romance arc by immediately trying to have sex again too, so when she says
>considering how much video games do often frame sex as the ultimate goal of any romantic interaction
It falls flat because astarion still fucks you in his spawn ending.
I apologize for the rant, I am just amused by how she detached her comments seem from the game. Whoever said it's written by people who have ao3 as their reference is spot on kek.

No. 330492

So true. None of what her essays say is in the actual game.

No. 330531

Not once in my life have I felt compelled to be a murderhobo in video games, and most of the people I know hate those types of players because they ruin it for everyone else involved. Anyway, durge is more obviously supposed to be a reference to the older BG games

No. 330588

you can play durge and not murder hobo. durge's intro in character creation kind of hints at the purpose being that you do not murder hobo, and you get more lore as a durge that tries to be good.

No. 331347

I'm a murderhobo forgive me nonnies. I need to get that loot.

No. 331373

Don't worry I support murderhobo rights (and sometimes it's just fun)

No. 331700

I went back on an old save and got the haarlep scene! it's good now I'm going to start a new playthrough durge.

right, it feels really rushed. maybe they're going to fix it, like they fixed the halsin romance issue (I would talk to him one time and he would act like we were in a relationship.)

people can't seem to differentiate between fiction and reality anymore

No. 331708

File: 1698775137590.jpeg (534.07 KB, 1602x2048, IMG_2889.jpeg)

By looking at the gameplay, (I’m very unfamiliar with games like this) is it even playable on console? Looks like it would be such a hassle with a controller, or am I wrong?

No. 331744

Why do i like the pretentious deep gnome

No. 331922

I don't know because I play on PC but it should totally be playable. Plus you can just move your character by using the stick, I HATE having to click all the time on PC.

No. 331926

My friend plays with an xbox controller on PC.. She doesn't seem to complain the 50+ hrs we've played together..

No. 331929

I actually heard several reviewers praising the console gameplay. I tried it but prefer the PC one.

No. 331945

The console controls is pretty excellent imo, I was really impressed that they managed to cram so much flexibility into such fixed buttons. It’s a learning curve but I’ve found it really enjoyable on console but my preference is a controller over mouse/keyboard so I’m pretty biased.

No. 332017

File: 1698877644552.jpeg (50 KB, 600x1000, IMG_2565.jpeg)

Huh wow thanks anons I really thought it would be a shitty experience but I guess I was too judgmental!

No. 332033

he's so perfect in this picture I want to kill myself

No. 332035

he makes me violently wish tortured and romantic vampire men existed

No. 333059

Did patch 4 break anyone elses game? Dialogues cut short, voice lines not triggering, etc.

No. 333486

Yes a lot of people on the subreddit are saying that too. Companions not following after you anymore, a lot of things not triggering properly etc

No. 333499

I can't gain or loose approval with shadowheart either. I don't know what they did in this patch, but it has the most bugs so far for me.

No. 333567

File: 1699337045750.jpg (414.07 KB, 2560x1440, 20231029224942_1.jpg)

do u like the hair

No. 333623


no, he looks like a weird grandpa

No. 333708

No. 333941

put him down

No. 333947

everything in this game is so ugly, jesus. it's like dragon age with a mild graphics update

No. 333952

File: 1699415298456.jpg (82.06 KB, 1080x1018, 1569507432898.jpg)

I know some of you hate Astarion, but this is going too far.

No. 334166

File: 1699483119505.jpg (624.76 KB, 1152x2048, Tumblr_l_1760703345412.jpg)

I love my autistic wizard husband btw

No. 334177

Dang nonnies hate my long haired astarion. My self insert isn't gonna fuck him anyway but I wanted him to look more like a stereotypical vampire edgelord. I shall put some skin mods on him… or maybe I'll just give him goblin hair and the handsome squidward face mod to piss off both the astarionfags and the haters in one go

No. 334179

File: 1699486884968.png (2.46 MB, 1920x1080, bg3_dx11_WbcBV3HuTD.png)

i couldn't find a long hairstyle that would be flattering with his face shape so i just gave him a cute black cut

No. 334192

File: 1699488833853.jpg (57.3 KB, 640x555, long-haired-astarion-screensho…)

Get the mod with long but wavy hair. Straight hair doesn't fit him at all

No. 334195

Ngl nonny unfortunately he is giving me Snape vibes here

No. 334232

Kek I like it. Anything is better than his vanilla esteemed faggot hair

No. 334242

File: 1699501778713.jpg (71.22 KB, 736x825, 74800f42075abd525a46c241611ef8…)

Seconded, I feel wavy hair fits him better.

No. 334246


looks good nonny! I'll come back with an update.

No. 334279

This one looks good. Although his original hair suits his character more tbh

No. 334297

He looks very pretty here, what mod? Also I can’t get the origin character editor mod to work this patch; I want to change up some hairstyles and can’t

No. 334298

File: 1699527706819.jpeg (58.92 KB, 419x679, F-d1kgYb0AAp5VA.jpeg)

Sorry nonna, it's not a mod, it's from a blender artist @noctis_no. The closest we got in is this one >>334192

No. 334352

File: 1699556017808.png (Spoiler Image,3.07 MB, 1918x1081, ukot.png)

So, I tried modding the game and this the character creation screen now kek

No. 334492

The new patch and the hotfix broke a bunch of mods, but being assaulted by a bunch of bald kens is new to me kek

No. 334513

I had this issue a couple weeks ago, and downloading mod fixer from nexus fixed it for me

No. 335438

File: 1699930482726.png (833.76 KB, 1197x1436, should-i-feel-bad-easy-cheesy-…)

Did the latest patch break the game for anyone else? Dialogue is all messed up now, if I hadnt played the game already I would have gotten massive spoilers for future events bc the character spout dialogue for events thah havent happened yet. Quest item dissapper making it impossible to continue the game etc. Funny is that I think the game just gets buggier and buggier with each update, it was perfect at release for me and now its pretty much unplayable.

Also this is my favourite twink

No. 335568

yeah my game is fucked. aside from the obvious issues with astarion, dialogue is being skipped completely, my subtitles (which i NEED to play the game) keep disappearing mid scene, and cutscenes that are naturally supposed to go from one dialogue to the next is now making me press the space bar to continue. turn based spells also aren't disappearing after the amount of turns pass, i'm being forced to reload to get rid of them. i love the game but god trying to play it right now is a shitshow.

No. 339446

File: 1701556307036.jpeg (116.79 KB, 600x814, IMG_0646.jpeg)

Does anyone have recommendations for female let’s players playing bg3? I really miss watching hour long let’s plays like the old YouTube days

No. 340266

File: 1701900057709.jpg (233.4 KB, 1080x1080, bg3.jpg)

Looks like most players chose Shadowheart, Karlach, and Laezel to romance. I'm surprised Astarion isn't on there, but I guess the male players must greatly outnumber the female players.

No. 340280

>Karlac and Laezel
Based. Laezel my love. Shadowheart is always such a moid choice.

No. 340284

Huh.. there really isn’t much of a female player base. Not really as much as I thought at least. Disappointing

No. 340362

I think there is, the moids just always outnumber us so we don't stand out in these statistics

No. 340452

Based. I don't like being such a hater but I always end up giving the side eye to "queer" women who go for Shadowheart kek.

No. 340474

File: 1701983860054.gif (8.68 MB, 592x623, Tumblr_l_3928463827695.gif)

>I'm surprised Astarion isn't on there
Among male companions, Astarion is only the second most popular love interest. Gale is the most popular (which was surprising to me but also made me happy). Astarionfags exist only in a tumblr/twitter/AO3 bubble.

No. 340482

nta but I thought Gale was most popular because of some sex speedrunning thing

No. 340489

gale is also the most played origin character, funny how it didn't change from the early access days
kek what

No. 340497

That’s honestly shocking. Wonder why.

No. 340499

GOTY is today! Time for bg3 to win everything

No. 340529

So happy to hear that Gale is most romanced out of the guys. It's deserved, I think. Too bad all the hate for him blocks out the love he should be getting.

No. 340544

That bug where he was treating the player like they were already in a relationship and being constantly horny for them kinda fucked him up at the start. Originally his romance was always supposed to be a slow burn. But since they fixed that I've seen more and more people opening up and now even on Astarion-dominated spaces like tiktok I see lots of women who talk about 'Astarion to Gale pipeline' and how they started as 'Astarion girlies' but after giving Gale a chance they think he's the best romance option in the game and their perfect man and there's no going back. The women have finally seen the light kek

No. 340550

KEK yeah I'm one of those "Astarion to Gale pipeline" girlies but I'll admit my reasoning for switching from being an Astarion fan to a Gale fan is pretty shallow. When I first started playing I just wanted to date a vampire, and honestly I don't give a shit about all his baggage, but unfortunately his fanbase only cares about that. If I knew where his romance was going I wouldn't have dated him. While Gale has his own baggage, I guess it's more bearable since his issues feel more "fantastical" to me. Anyway, Astarion's the terrible boyfriend you have at 18 while Gale is the serious boyfriend you have at 25. I have matured since August.

No. 340611

File: 1702015143785.jpg (497.43 KB, 1080x1350, GAzVIkXXMAE7ljt.jpg)

Tonight was your night Nonnie BG3 won GOTY and a couple other awards.

No. 340617

File: 1702016780481.png (539.13 KB, 610x700, loveofmylife.png)

I think romancing Gale after romancing Astarion feels even better than if you started from Gale. It feels so complete, I feel such comfort and love while romancing him. Light of my life
I'm still kinda salty about Astarion favouritism from larian tho, they treat him like their mascot, he had the biggest amount of dialogue with durge, more than any other companion. How is this fair? Characters like Karlach feel so bare in comparison, like they just didn't put equal effort. Also the VAs for other companions basically never met their writers and they didn't work with them which is kinda??? Lame? Only Astarion VA was introduced to his writer. I wish other companions got that amount of attention

No. 340626

I think there’s a lot of female BG3 fans they just… don’t play video games, so they haven’t actually played the game.

No. 340643

Late reply, but I watched some live streams of 39daph when she played it. She uploaded her live streams on youtube. AnnieFuchsia also streamed it, I don't really watch any youtubers anymore just streamers.

No. 340658

Didn't many women romance the women too since the males are so boring (excluding Astarion)/ they like women? I romanced Karlach myself

No. 340667

I'm sorry if being in a non-toxic relationship is boring for you by deafult

No. 340677

In a fantasy video game? Yes it is.

No. 340680

Why? In reality, most moids ARE toxic so a non toxic man who's tender and loves you unconditionally is an actual fantasy. So it's not boring.

No. 340681

Sorry nonnie I don't interact with real men at all. In fiction for women most men are attractive and kind so having yet another one who loves you unconditionally is boring.

No. 340682

I also don't interact with men and I'm a kissless virgin. But I know most men are not capable of loving women so it's obvious to me it feels better to explore a healthy and devoted relationship in fiction. Most romances aren't that good even if they guy is "good", especially in games, and this game does it right

No. 340683

Astarion is so ugly though. Why couldnt we get a hot, young vampire who didnt speak like a fag?

No. 340684

Every person I met who likes Astarion is a FTM, yume or a boring ass straight woman who wants to 'fix' him. Dont worry. Gale is objectively the better choice.

No. 340685

I agree that he is ugly but what the hell is wrong with being a yume or straight woman?

No. 340690

What? How was Karlach's romance toxic? Also I mean the characters are boring to me personally and that's what I've heard other women talk about as well

No. 340693

They are probably Astarion fags who can't handle people choosing Karlach over him.

No. 340695

I like him well enough but some of his fans are… unwell kek

No. 340701

She’s probably just another retarded “lesbian” fujoshit. We got some fujo anons who sit on a high horse while masturbating to anal rape

No. 340702

Like I said most relationships in fiction are healthy and devoted. What real life moids do is irrelevant. For fiction standards it's absolutely boring.

No, this is the obnoxious Galefag who got upset because >>340658 said Gale was boring. Astarion's relationship is obviously toxic as well.

No. 340704

I tried to play BG3 and cannot get the hype for Astarion. I don't like the way he speaks, and I have no desire to cry over his backstory. it's weird to me that he got so popular amongst women.

No. 340708

From what I’ve seen of the fandom across platforms, he’s most popular with women who either want to fix him or are survivors themselves. Usually both. I’ve seen so many posts from women who said they helped him process trauma or their past history of abuse. It’s nice for them but it does get weird when they project onto his character so much that they can’t take any criticism of him. Plus a lot of them have latched onto Neil Newbon by proxy. It’s so oddly parasocial and puts me off most fans, despite liking the character myself.

No. 340711

I know it's probably because of the large male fanbase but I like to pretend it's just because BG3 is overflowing with lesbians. This has been the first video game I've ever played where any of the female love interests have been genuinely compelling to me (tragic ik, too many games have lukewarm female characters), it's too bad the romances for everyone ended up a little sparse in comparison to Astarion's. I also think Wyll is neat, but absolutely got shafted in the story and romance department. I used to think Astarion was an interesting character and was generally neutral about him, but him being ever-present online thanks to incredibly obnoxious fans made me get sick of him.
Speaking of lesbians, Isobel and Dame Aylin are everything to me and I wish I had that. I love them both so much.

No. 340718

Not even the anon you're talking about but what a schizo reach. Were you that desperate to bitch about fujos?

No. 340720

Why moralfag about a fucking game? Are you underage?

No. 340723

we have a twitter/tiktok infestation right now lol

No. 340729

File: 1702058417719.gif (5.9 MB, 540x522, galebun.gif)

Just because something happens more often than diddled toxic love interests, doesn't mean it's boring. Especially for me; if it feels good, it's never boring. Also, there may be many respectful fictional lovers, but not many of them have that autistic rizz I fell for.
>Gale is objectively the better choice.
He is. Not only he's not as ugly as Astarion and doesn't talk like a faggot, but his love isn't self centered, although he also has redflags like being power-hungry. His love is unconditional though. I think the "ascension" brings out
the worst of a character, and ascended Astarion doesn't love you. He literally doesn't. Gale ascended to godhood not only still loves you, but (Spoilers if anyone cares) he wants to also ascend you because he doesn't want you to feel like you're beneath him, like he felt in relationship with Mystra. He wants to be your equal. What does ascended Astarion give you? Kek if you don't want to turn into a spawn he will confess that he would've used and abused you if you did. If you do become the spawn, he thinks you're degrading yourself for him. Wow so hot le epic toxic vampire boyfriend, degrading me for eternity. So hot. I think the women with martyr/savior complex actually love to dwell in their own trauma and it makes them feel better than others, and that's why they romaticize the entirety of Astarion as a concept. Personally I think Astarion needs a friend way more than he needs a lover. The one thing I hate about this game is that it actually doesn't allow you to develop truly deep, platonic bonds with characters, only romantic ones. As if that's what everybody needs and you can't heal and believe you're worthy without romantic love. Anyway bitch give me that godhood and my own domain (the comfy human professor Gale is still objectivelly the best ending tho because I'm boring and I want my hot vanilla fantasy autistic husband wish fulfilment and I have a teacher fetish).

No. 340731

Twitter/tiktok is the biggest pro astarion hivemind. Thinking romancing him is shit is actually true counter culture now.
Also I think I was on lolcow before you two.

No. 340734

Aren’t those platforms filled to the brim with edgy women (mostly tifs) into edgy shit like Astarion eating their menstrual blood or self harm etc though

No. 340735

I just started act 2 and I might start romancing Gale. He sounds like the best male choice. Thank you for summarizing.

No. 340736

I got turned off from Astarion as soon as he tried to bite my ass in camp on the first night. Like, back the fuck off, fag.

No. 340747

File: 1702063541061.png (900.39 KB, 668x837, 44742495568939.png)

Good luck anon!

No. 340751

this is such a funny thing to say nonny i love you lmao

No. 340760

File: 1702073508432.jpg (54.05 KB, 500x518, pika.jpg)

no u, nonita

No. 340767

threatening to kill himself over every little thing brings him below astarion level to me kek. i'm tired of bitches talking about him being groomed too

No. 340775

>Also I think I was on lolcow before you two.
2016 for me so I doubt it. You’re still a retard.

No. 340879

I also started in 2016 kek. Seethe harder. I do believe women's actual preferences influence their 'fictional' preferences and I've seen countless proofs for that, often enough. Fantasies are not free from moral judgement imo, why would they be? It doesn't make any sense.

No. 340902

Thank you. I'm going to give it another go.

No. 340921

>I used to think Astarion was an interesting character and was generally neutral about him, but him being ever-present online thanks to incredibly obnoxious fans made me get sick of him.
Same, it also doesn’t help that people have been equally weird about his VA. I have hardcore fatigue from both of them unfortunately.

>Isobel and Dame Aylin are everything to me and I wish I had that. I love them both so much.

God me too. Aylin in particular is such a cool and refreshing character. Moids seem to despise her which just means more for me.

No. 341016

File: 1702193167876.jpg (341.4 KB, 1290x1764, 4745748384.jpg)

Tim really needed to pay some bills with the way he delivered those lines (and a few others). I can't remember the last time when a fictional man had me in a chokehold like this. Thanks for ruining men for me, forever

No. 341124

File: 1702243621899.jpg (1.33 MB, 1439x1912, Screenshot_20231210_152727_Ets…)

No. 341398

File: 1702333668610.jpg (117.53 KB, 1024x701, 1702242329292696m.jpg)

I'm crying because Gale isn't real

No. 342503

File: 1702660103691.png (678.47 KB, 1022x575, 1702201893143931.png)

I just read that netflix is in talks to acquire the rights to BG3 for a live action movie/tv series. Please god NO, don't let them do it. Are they fucking retarded? If they want to makee an adaptation it should at least be animated, in a style similar to Arcane, and with the original cast of voice actors from the game. The voices are such integral parts of the characters, especially for Astarion, Gale and Raphael, they can't just fucking cast some randos in wigs, they will never be able to emulate the voices, mannerisms, little nuances. God I fucking hate netflix. If they really decide to make an adaptation I still hope someone will come up with the animation idea.
Also, wouldn't an adaptation require to make a "canon" Tav? I don't want that either. God just fucking stay away from this property shitflix

No. 342505

Live action cash grabs and making games more mainstream to get at the normie TV show audiences for more funko pop sales are so grating at this point. I'm reaching a point of being so jaded by them that I roll my eyes at every new headline about them and just ignore them completely unless I hear total raving about the end result actually being phenomenal (like TLOU).
Given how poorly Netflix generally handles fantasy, if they go through with a live action BG3 it'll probably be a bastardization akin to TW3 that diverts from the storyline in a bunch of weird ways with writers who know nothing about the series or dnd and actually have thinly-veiled disdain for it.

No. 342507

The cinema is dead in the mainstream and the animation is still not taken as seriously in the west as it is in Japan, so the next step for pedowood is to try to capitalize on video games, and I absolutely hate it. As much as I cringe with the current "gaming community" now, it'a going to be so, so much worse with the influx of talentless hack writers from pedowood and with even more normie fans. Monopolization is another thing that will occur. I genuinely hate the direction we're heading to and I know there's no going back. The gaming industry will expand and expand until it implodes under its own weight

No. 342523

I don't want Netflix touching BG3 at all after what they did to Castlevania. Why do we even need a Bg3 adaption? The game already has a complex story with great voice acting. What could an adaption do to improve on it?

No. 342524

Oh yay, it's gonna be filled with sex, isnt it? Whats the point of making a live action out of a game that is supposed to be personalized based on a player's choice and actions? I hate this trend of making everything video game related into a live actions.
I hate normies so much. I went to Last of Us themed haunt this year and there were a ton of people there who only watched the show even though the haunt was based on the video game. Like, we lost so much as nerds when both anime and gaming became super mainstream.

No. 342679

>ctrl+f “gameplay”
>6 results
>ctrl+f “romance”
>58 results

No. 342683

What is there to say about gameplay lol it's just like other larian games

No. 342702

I wish they made Karlach explicitly lesbian/female only romance option. We shouldn't have to share with scrotes. They don't like that kind of women anyways.

No. 342712

People tend to complain if you don't make every love interest bi-sexual, because it means you can't date whoever you want. I know that Warhammer:Rogue Trader has love interests with predetermined sexualities, and some people are getting pissed about it.

No. 342713

Idk i prefer if you can date any character you want. I like that you have more options this way, and it would suck that certain girls i wont be able to romance unless i play as a moid

No. 342721

But Karlach is lesbian coded and moids are not into women like her. If she was female only who would complain?

No. 342723

Karlach was one of the top 3 most romanced characters according to Larian, so there must be a lot of moids who are into her.You can't really assume what character people will be into based on how they're "coded". I've also seen some people here say that only moids could like Shadowheart, but I've seen lesbians who are into her too.

No. 342724

Yeah because there's only 3 female romance options. Who else are they going to romance?

No. 342726

Minthara (the best girl)

No. 342731

>I've also seen some people here say that only moids could like Shadowheart, but I've seen lesbians who are into her too.
FYI Shadowheart's voice actor is a lesbian and they met while working on the game.

No. 342732

Met her gf while working on the game I meant.

No. 342735

>You can't really assume what character people will be into based on how they're "coded".
But women aren't allowed to be into Astarion because he's fag "coded".

No. 342736

I’m a lesbian and she was my first romance. I know she’s kind of boring, but I liked her little banter and she’s most like someone I’d actually be with. I like all of the female romance options though. I wish we could romance Jaheira, Dame Aylin, or Alfira too.

No. 343117

File: 1702873719501.jpg (166.77 KB, 1219x921, astarionmodhair.jpg)

If anyone is still insterested, I finally found which mod it was. A month late, but just in case it helps someone out there.

No. 343136

>a style similar to Arcane
I really hope not, while it worked for that game's adaptation, I don't think it fits baldur's gate, but I get where you are coming from, it would be the lesser of two evils. I really can't stand the idea of a real life adaptation. The Witcher series looks like shit to me, I can't stand looking at henry cavill with those contacts and ugly wig.

What is there to discuss about the gameplay? There only thing I remember was that the game gets easier as we progress. Act 1 on tactician was the hardest part and it progressively looses the difficulty as we get more spells and levels, that was my only issue with the gameplay because the final fights don't feel very epic as they should. Still, it was overall consistent and the fights are interesting nonetheless, they don't end up being boring. I have yet to play the new difficulty though.

Oh come on.

No. 344052

File: 1703185566641.jpg (97.35 KB, 965x1022, Capture23.JPG)

I gave him black hair what do you think

No. 344054

He'd better say Hee hee

No. 344101

>But women aren't allowed to be into Astarion because he's fag "coded".
Yeah it's so crazy to me how both anons here seethe about girls liking Astarion just like twitter. Because he's supposed to be “gay coded" (literal twitterfag terminology). Yet his own voice actor fucked Astarion as a woman in his playthrough kek

No. 344143

Personally idgaf what Neil does ore says, this pretentious moid can't shut the fuck up about "nonbinaries" and trannies and how much this game is welcoming of them. He also said that Astarion is canonically pansexual, which in non-pretentious language means "bisexual".
Irl most men who desribe themselves as bi prefer dicks kek.

No. 344145

Astarion looks like he was assembled in a faggot factory. A fagtory if you will.

No. 344150

File: 1703221038571.gif (987.65 KB, 480x250, kek.gif)

>a fagtory
anon, my sides

No. 344203

I assume a lot of this rhetoric that all attractive men must prefer dick is coming from insecure scrotes who want women to settle for hairy fat men. If men are allowed to have pretty feminine partners then so do women.

No. 344237

Not ALL attractive men, my post was specifically about bisexual men.

No. 344241

This anon >>344143 is the galefag who seethes and writes in a really edgy way the second an anon likes Astarion.

No. 344243

File: 1703267745589.jpg (292.65 KB, 1916x1080, peekaboo.jpg)

>old flamboyant faggot
Anon has it ever occurred to you that the reason he's so popular with gendies is because his type of unattractive, old, whiny faggot crosses a line that filters most normal women? They get off on pretending he's attractive despite it, proving themselves to be the ultimate nlogs.

No. 344244

Spoiler your jumpscare pics

No. 344245

Astarion is the ultimate gaslight to women. He is is so hideous.

No. 344246

>she thinks only one woman here thinks Astarion is ugly
My sweet summer child. I also started as an astarionfag but the more I saw of him the more ugly he appeared to me. When I saw him without his hair I was Jesus christ la creatura. His hair literally makes his physical appeal. And Neil ans his fandom made me hate him ever more
Anyway, nothing you say changes the fact most bi men prefer dicks

No. 344247

NTA but how is that edgy? If Neil is a faggot who accepts enbys and trannies irl, he deserves to be clowned.

No. 344369

File: 1703334420097.jpg (845.09 KB, 1707x1890, Tumblr_l_1545755490137210.jpg)

All my friends tease me for choosing Gale to romance and it's kind of annoying and pisses me off. Sorry for choosing the male character that is polite, morally good, loves you unconditionally, and has a fucking talking cat.

No. 344374

File: 1703339407719.jpeg (486.39 KB, 1689x1620, F-TEkPNXcAAXClD.jpeg)

Oh no, you didn't choose someone toxic and unstable and who needs "fixing" and your emotional labor, the drama
You're not even in a minority for choosing him, he's the most popular male romance. I like his premise; burned-out gifted child who thought he could only be valued for his talent/magic and not for the person he was so he was always power-hungry people-pleaser and had the ambition to become a god because as a human he never felt "enough". But you can convince him that it doesn't have to be this way and that he's in fact enough the way he is.
That character progression is similar to Astarion's except far less draining to me, and when Astarion's turn may or may not happen in a very dramatic setting, you can decide Gale's fate during one quiet conversation, and some people even miss that because they don't expect that moment could be so impactful. I think his "good" ending is also objectivelly the best for him, but even if you choose to ascend him, he offers you way more than ascended Astarion.
The main difference between the two (besides obvious BPD vs autism) is that Astarion thinks he deserves love but doubts that anyone could give it to him and doesn't know whether he's still capable of loving, while Gale has enormous amounts of love to give, but doesn't believe he's worthy of any.
It's annoying that people who don't even give him a chance reduce his character to "annoying eating magic items" or call him vanilla kek. As if being vanilla in today's pornified culture was something bad. Astral gangbangs are not even vanilla in my book but what do I know

No. 344378

You guys are so obnoxious with the "muh morally good choice". We get it already.

No. 344379

I mean gale is obsessed with his ex to the point of wanting to become a god just so he can one up her, constantly talk about her and is clearly still in love with her. None of the male companions are bf material imo.

No. 344381

File: 1703343985319.png (576.87 KB, 724x725, 1703277361446113.png)

Except then he gets over Mystra and says there's no more love
Also says he can live without godly powers but not without Tav

No. 344384

File: 1703349139835.jpg (2.2 MB, 1890x2915, Tumblr_l_1587052774072655.jpg)

Fine, he's also much hotter than the other male romances too. Better than some pale faggot.

No. 344396

Can you fucking stop bumping the thread with your faggot-obsessed autism and infighting bait

No. 344400

File: 1703353302497.jpg (38.61 KB, 840x473, c041d-16925725855017-1920.jpg)

Im sorry i dont want to continue the infighting, but as neither a gale or astorian fan girl i just have to say that Gale also looks old and ugly sometimes in game. Like depending on the lightning the characters can just look either really ugly or just normal/pretty. There are scenes where i think astarion and gale look pretty, and some where they just look old. The female characters in general look less older to me, they have less wrinkles no gray hair ect.
For my second playthrough i used a mod that i could romance all characters, because i just want to experience all the scenes im autistic like that. I have downloaded a mod to make astarion and gale look younger, could not find one for wyll sadly. The female companions already look pretty enough too me, even lae'zel has something cute imo.
By the way im not saying there is something wrong with looking old, its just that my tav is also beginning 20s and i dont want to romance someone looking like they are 40.

No. 344401

Also samefag, but i remember thay Gale kinda started suicide baiting to my character in my first playthrough and i also didnt like how he kept talking about his ex goddess loved. Of course Astarion also has a lot of baggage, but my point is a lot of the companions do.

No. 344406

screw gale, screw astarion. shadowheart best

No. 344421

Why are you seething at her, expressing disdain for a character is not infighting on itself, she doesn't directly attack anons itt kek

No. 344430

all of them are ugly

No. 344433

That convo doesnt make it seem like he is over her

No. 344437

File: 1703370597339.jpg (335.14 KB, 758x1009, IMG_20231223_231842.jpg)

I wish it was clearly stated how old Gale was when approached by Mystra. She was his teacher and he started to display magic abilities at just 8 years old (as stated in the letter Elminster leaves for him if Gale ascends). Even if he was a teenager it's still creepy, especially in the context of that one dialogue from Minsc after Gale speaks to Mystra, how in his homeland people used to hide young boys with magic abilities so that Mystra doesn't snatch them up. I don't want to use the "grooming" word but that sounds pretty fucked up kek. Anyway, I think it's clear he was pretty young, she was his teacher and a literal goddess, I'm not surprised it impacted him so hard and caused him to set some unrealistic, unhealthy standards for himself and it was hard for him to let go I head a weird relationship with one of my teachers, although thank god it never became sexual, it can fuck with your head

No. 344445

I'm team both.
I'm on my first play through romancing astarion, next play through plan to do gale.

No. 344485

Did they cover up their credit card number or something

No. 344491

The patrician answer

No. 344507

Me too anon. Haters can bicker while we're busy smooching both guys.

No. 344521

So for your male romance option you can chose
>old faggot with liverspots
>mansplaining autist obsessed with his ex
>whiny edgelord with daddy issues
>sex pest with no lips into bestiality

No. 344558

>forgetting the manipulative squid man making you and others into a mouthpiece
I get the skepticism but it's fun once you throw yourself into it, problems and all.

No. 344708

I've already gotten over 100 hours in in, having a ton of fun. But the male romance options are so unserious lol. For our first playthrough he accidentally romanced Gale and I the emperor. For our second he is romancing Lae'zel and I went for Minthara in act 1 and Shadowheart in act 2. The difference is massive.

No. 345117

If everyone was craving dicks prostitution wouldn't exist. You wouldn't have to pay to rape a child fag if everyone wanted your repulsive body.

Women have softer more beautiful features, better hygiene, better looking bodies and genitals etc. You faggots don't stand a chance. That's why men pay to fuck us and you're second choice at best. As if bifags don't seethe and cry biphobia when women reject them because they want us so badly and to avoid settling for a badly ageing fag with a loose butthole.(off topic sperging)

No. 345572

File: 1703877513636.jpg (105.33 KB, 736x1104, e0dec70dc56050ba74d25911b38987…)

>Wyll is boring
>Halsin is a gross bear dick slinger
>Gale suicidebaits and jerks off to his ex
>Astarion is a faggot
Larian grow some balls and let me fuck the spider

No. 345584

File: 1703880582419.jpeg (505.75 KB, 1554x2216, F9ZY56sboAAqOAX.jpeg)

kek, my females drow talked some shit to him and he basically sulked.

No. 345588

As he should. Lolth sworn are based as fuck in their treatment of moids, peak race. Fem drow tav is always the way to go every male npc just turns into a docile little waif when talking to you

No. 345625

Yes! The female drow experience is actually really fun, I'm glad I picked it as my first playthrough. I remember meeting Rolan in the mage tower and my drow thinking she recognized the marks of torture in his face kek

No. 346876

You can just edit how the moids look and sound with mods. I made Astarion into my dream tortured Vampire man, best game to mod since Skyrim

No. 348153

Oh nonnie my nonnie

No. 353448

I want you to kill yourself, he's a suicide baiting ugly moid(alogging)

No. 353479

Likely because women would romance the female characters while no man would romance the men. Astarion appeals only to fandom-y women.

No. 353508

File: 1707074325682.jpg (84.81 KB, 683x682, 26cc0a6c95e3572da7d9522b8b3712…)

So I'm a half-drow woman and ngl, when Minthara said that my "cute face makes up for the imputiries of my blood" I cried a little, I love her.

No. 353820

File: 1707166538223.jpeg (837.44 KB, 2711x3221, GADOzdTaUAAv8AQ.jpeg)

Never had a thing for baras until this mofo came around, I just know he would threat me right. Also I am seething at all the dad bod fanart out there

i love my pretty, slightly effeminate vampires but honestly that was the reason I had a very hard time romancing him, his whole demeanor is very gay coded imo. Not that it's a bad thing, but romancing him gives me heavy 30s rock "that's the first gay man I ever kissed" vibes kek.

No. 353823

File: 1707167813335.jpg (119.44 KB, 564x1002, 7540ea84ae277e57fdbabf470d6e8f…)

I need a mod with his hair down asap

No. 353832

Did you edit away her nasolabial folds kek

No. 353893

worse than astarion and gale. honestly just iron bull 2.0 but worse because its a self insert of some ugly moid

No. 353906

File: 1707181763628.jpg (653.31 KB, 1698x2334, Ravenloft.jpg)

If Larian's next game was in a Dungeons and Dragons world other than Forgotten Realms, what would you want to see?
Personally, I'd vote for Ravenloft, Dark Sun, or Mystara, since none of them have had new video games in 20+ years.

No. 353933

They need to patch away his chest hair

No. 355073

Didn't do anything, it's a pic I found online.

No. 355130

File: 1707672033598.png (1.36 MB, 1140x1444, download.png)

I just finished the game for the first time and these are my opinions on the various characters.

Make one yourself:

No. 355469

File: 1707779941211.jpeg (187.3 KB, 831x1080, IMG_1831.jpeg)

My beloved Halsin nonnies rejoice lemme kiss you.

I’m late to the Astarion evil/good ending discourse, but I think the reason a lot of people are sperging over him is because they project their own sexual trauma/insecurities into him and tumblrinas are just generally obsessed with fags, so they just HAVE to mold him into this sensitive precious babygorl. It’s nauseating.

In my 1st playthrough I romanced Astarion, let him ascend, turn me into a spawn which I immediately regretted because my tavs true love was with Halsin, but because of my foolish ways i doomed my wholesome Christian paladin to rot away in Cazadors palace, far away from sunshine and Halsins big fuzzy arms. Which is a bad ending, and it’s fine because I love the drama of it all, it’s where bg3 truly shines.

No. 355515

File: 1707795261968.mp4 (1.86 MB, 854x472, m2-res_472p.mp4)

the joy I felt when they announced the new kiss animation can not be described, I swooned. Can't wait for my forehead kiss.

I had a pretty similar experience, bought the game for Astarion, romanced him on my 1st run, met fucking Halsin and regretted my choices (I know you can have a poly relationship but idk, it did not sit right with me). I loved his story and all the drama but honestly I prefer Gale's (now that he is not a buggy mess) and Halsin romances. Wyll romance is adorable but compared to the rest I felt it was a bit lackluster, sucks because I love his design.

No. 355573

File: 1707816996469.png (1.33 MB, 1140x1185, my-image.png)

this was fun. i finished the game a while ago and i kind of forgot who some of the characters are, but i remembered how deep my hatred runs for some of them lol

No. 355608

Absolutely based putting Lae'zel in the highest tier

No. 355627

FINALLY someone agrees shadowheart is fkn annoying

No. 355661

File: 1707837259456.png (1 MB, 1140x744, my-image.png)

Well that was fun

No. 355802

I think most nonas would find her annoying actually. Personally I kind of like her? Not in the way moids like her. I think she's such a good portrayal of an insecure young woman. It's weird how she's supposed to be 40 though, Lazeal at 20-something seems more experienced in life than her.

No. 355923

File: 1707912345369.jpg (101.04 KB, 1280x720, 4177745-baldurs-gate-3-gortash…)

help nonnas I have completely fallen head over heels for this ugly moid what do I do I can't help it I just want to smash him so bad

No. 355936

>lolcow nonnies unironically posting the creep poly moid
I think I'm gonna puke

No. 355937

At least he's not as bad as Halsin

No. 355978

Some of you are sick in the head istg

No. 355991

It could genuinely just be bait like the galefag who infighted for weeks

No. 356009

File: 1707930652427.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1179x1369, IMG_1752.jpeg)

If he didn’t have that yeeyee ass haircut id give him the glonkle shlonke 4000

No. 356019

File: 1707934641383.jpg (86.16 KB, 600x1126, Halsin.600.4061539.jpg)

I will always laugh whenever they call him young, handsome man

sorry sis but no, 100% Halsinfag, I'm into sweet, animal loving baras. hate he's poly but I will just ignore it like I ignore all red flags in my life

No. 356020

I like him as a character and knowing Bane's lore I have some small sympathy for him. Actually the dead three are pretty evil and manipulative gods, but Bane takes the cake.

No. 356024

File: 1707938552946.png (1.26 MB, 854x540, GGN-rmEWIAA1db2.png)

I don't mind his yeeyee ass haircut, but I do mind his chubby cheeks… but it also makes me want him more. Why am I like this…

Please tell me more about Bane! I know nothing of his lore.

No. 356032

Why did make they make several characters poly when it's such a gross, unappealing trait? It makes me think that the one writing the romances has spent too much time on tumblr or something and she doesn't realize that polyamory is a huge turn off for most people.

No. 356035

>doesn't realize that polyamory is a huge turn off for most people.
nonna I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but a LOT of people are swingers.

No. 356060

You're so based. Enjoy your underrated nature loving man. He has a very pleasant, calm energy.

No. 356077

File: 1707955502999.png (162.95 KB, 568x300, Bane.png)

There is a whole lore about Bane, but long story short he enjoys causing terror and controlling people, because he believes he should be ruling everything or something like that. His avatar usually suffers a lot in his control and it's mentioned somewhere that's very common for them to kill themselves over Bane ruining everything around them. If you take Karlach to fight him, he doesn't seem to know what she is talking about when she confronts him. Though it's mentioned the avatar retains awareness when Bane controls them, it made me wonder if getting rid of Karlach was one of Bane's interference, because he really seemed fond of her. I only saw this once though, don't take my word for it.
I feel all the avatars were used by their gods, Myrkul takes advantage of Ketheric's grief, Bane takes control of Gortash and Orin is driven mad by Bhaal. Which we can see how it works through the dark urge. Bhaal tries driving their avatar crazy with dreams and visions until they give in. I feel we were supposed to feel empathy for them at some extent, but because act 3 is so rushed, there isn't enough development for Orin and Gortash as we had in act 2 for Ketheric.

No. 356215

File: 1707976749813.png (745.37 KB, 735x811, GE70w37bUAAaQFs.png)

As much as I hate it, it makes sense Halsin is poly. In the forgotten Realms lore wood elves are known for being polyamorous and if I recall correctly, they even sort of poke fun at high elves because they don't share the same philosophy. Regardless, I would have liked Larian to give us the option to have a committed relationship but I understand he was a last time addition. Guess my poor high elf is fated to suffer

You know what? I never thought of that but I like the theory. I do sort of feel bad for them but you are right, act 3 was too rushed for me to give a crap

No. 356266

Isn't this because it's a D&D thing?

No. 356289

I think a lot of the writers being former tumblerinas or at least very plugged into kweer poly communities is actually what happened here. I mean it doesnt take long to find out a lot of the female writing staff is some variation of fakeboi or shethey. As per usual nowadays. So obviously theyre all obnoxious polyfags

No. 356291

What do you mean? Dnd is about nerds rolling dice, killing monsters, getting treasure and having fun. How is poly shit a part of that?

No. 356294

File: 1708005858700.png (631.26 KB, 1200x664, my wife.png)

Oh that is really cool, but from what I understand Gortash himself was always a bit of a piece of shit, so I can't imagine he'd feel bad about any of the bad things he's done. I think he liked Karlach enough, but I don't think he'd regret what happened to her.

Regardless, I don't think we'll get to see any of it unless they decide to release a DE edition like they did with Divinity.

No. 356295

I heard there was a lot of sex and romance in the game because it was common in d&d, so I'm assuming it's the same for the poly stuff.

No. 356297

I don't know what impression you have of D&D, but it's a tabletop RPG that allows freedom for players and game masters, so you can have runs with no sexual content whatsoever, and of course you have those who are degenerate who do nothing but ERP. In short, it's entirely up to the players and GM how much sexual content is in a DnD game.

No. 356312

Who told you that? I don't know how Dungeons and Dragons got a reputation as some sort of sex game, but that's not what it is. Besides some scantily clad characters and off-screen sex scenes in some of the novels, it really isn't that lewd.
It's just a tabletop game where you play characters going on fantasy adventures. Kids play it too.

No. 356328

nonny is some time traveler from the 80s

No. 356333

File: 1708017347128.jpeg (381.63 KB, 1140x1108, nedladdning (1).jpeg)

For any haters out there this is my world, go to hell!!

No. 356338

File: 1708018195239.png (456.44 KB, 720x719, 1706965130701.png)

wtf? glut but no spaw???

No. 356339

My bad I used >>355130 template and was too lazy to add more characters. We love mushroom lord

No. 356370

It's an old commercial obviously but it's still a more accurate portrayal of Dungeons and Dragons than whatever that other anon thinks it is.
People who include sex and romance in their Dnd sessions are the minority, most people keep their sessions clean.
I think the main reasons BG3 has sex and poly stuff is because
1)Dating sim shit is pretty much standard in every RPG video game now, and
2)it's writers are probably former fanfiction smut writers who can't keep it in their pants.

No. 356381

I wish they had taken the divinity 1 approach where you can buy a ‘prostitute’ but she actually just reads you various stories

No. 356385

Like >>356215 mentioned, some details are lore friendly. The game used to have a heavy male demographic so it is not surprising there is sexual content. Take for instance the whole drow lore, canonically they have orgies with monsters and dress skimpy because covering your body suggests imperfection, and through selection breeding drows are suppossed to be exceptionally beautiful.

No. 356528

Why the fuck does this full elf have chest hair why is lore breaking allowed just so some fag can have his self insert?

No. 356567


Patch notes are here! Some really cool stuff this time!

No. 356762

File: 1708190676795.jpg (547.16 KB, 1540x1960, 6ffeeae7125a0b72fb6b82f29eef5e…)

i'd give this man the sloppiest wettest leg trembling hands desperately grabbing the sheets legs stretching out again and again waist slowly moving up and down small heavy breath "i can't take it much longer" breaths getting quicker twitching throbbing eyes shut lip biting back arching edging begging for relief warm hot rush bubbling up spit upon spit tongue twisting around tip-tapping against mouth sideways licking spit from the end and lick from the bottom to the top then spit from the top and lick to the bottom deepthroating mascara dripping down my face slower then faster then a little faster then perfect pace twisting mouth around each side spiritually enlightening chakra balancing golden light like a halo around the tip noise from the very edge of his throat for the final release head

No. 356770

spoiler this shit or take it to /g/

No. 356783

File: 1708197815002.jpg (83.02 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 356793

Lol I wait for the day that they do a patch so you can fuck Gortash,Raphael,Roland,Dammon.

Hell I'd be happy with a lil hug/kiss depending on the character

No. 356816

File: 1708202327878.png (2.41 MB, 1450x1306, 2324-1694817747-1065872399.png)

he thinks he looks like this. i hate his stupid little sasuke haircut and chest fur

No. 356840

Serious question why do all BG3 male character fans need to post off model fanart and mods of them. So weird.

No. 356916

I CAN'T HELP IT I don't know what it is about him that just draws him to me so, he is so gross looking, so disgusting. I wanna do unspeakable things to him and make him my bitch.

No. 357003

How does everyone feel about the new patch 6 kisses? As a Spawn Astarion lover, I feel left out for once kek. Very cute, but everyone else got lengthier and more detailed animations.

No. 357242

I think the spawn astarion kiss fits him, unpopular opinion but I like the idea of him being more reserved, but I understand what you mean. Honestly some of them made me cringe kek, I prefer that they don't give him a long animation just for the sake of it. I really liked Lae'zel though, now I really want to romance her in the next playthrough.

No. 357446

File: 1708478692442.jpg (313.19 KB, 2048x1060, 1000005904.jpg)

I'm laughing so hard at these redesigns

No. 357448

File: 1708478778604.jpg (363.78 KB, 2048x1506, 1000005903.jpg)

I know it's not for eveyone, but I do like this artist. These are just bad

No. 357450

File: 1708478855187.jpg (675.6 KB, 900x594, 1000005902.jpg)

I kinda like ketheric.

No. 357452

These look cool, unironically better than the originals

No. 357458

I actually like this artist, so I do find the drawings interesting. That being said, knowing the characters some of these designs look completely off from them, it's just funny to me seeing smug wyll with a mizora cat.

No. 357507

You're right anon. I'm starting to warm up to the simple kisses they gave him. They show how sweet he is on the inside, especially with the way he holds Tav's face and handles her like something precious to him. Lae'zel's are cute as well! I never expected her to be so gentle. I see the appeal now. I passed on watching Gale's kisses because I want to be surprised when I eventually romance him.
I can tell the artist is skilled but I hate all of these except for Ketheric.

No. 357510

what the fuck did they do to orin

No. 357525

File: 1708512947704.jpeg (74.06 KB, 254x362, IMG_1940.jpeg)

Fat Orin can’t hurt you
Fat Orin:

No. 357528

Geldoblame lookin ass

No. 357575

They're not sexy so lolcow coomers will hate this but they have so much character. Good art.

No. 357588

Giving Astarion a beer belly is foul

No. 357667

File: 1708594362431.png (179.19 KB, 800x433, okay then.png)

Is there a thread for western vidya drama? This is Baldur's Gate specific so I'll post it here, but I dislike bringing drama to /m/.

Google Doc in its current state: https://docs.google.com/document/u/0/d/1QdFn2wkDh_JfE9rpEyp2sooyh6Qoaz6MthxmYvR9-AQ/mobilebasic

Google Doc before it was wiped with the above version: https://rentry.org/72262m6v

Discord screenshots (some of these seem random as fuck):

tl;dr: a discord mod/game tester (???) working for Larian released a manifesto of a google doc with 1600+ pages of discord screenshots over the new patch being broken as hell and their dismay with Larian.

No. 357699

File: 1708617260330.jpg (1.4 MB, 2480x3604, 059782.jpg)

why is it so hard to do an evil run, I am playing as dark urge and been having an existential crisis after that one murder

I'm either always lucky or not playing this game right because I have not had a single issue with any of my older save files nor in this new run

I am mildly convinced the artist/friends are on lolcow white knighting them because that art is ugly as fuck and the redesigns are straight out of the bad art thread. Fat Orin makes the whole art smell like tumblr. Ketheric looks good tho

No. 357873

>why is it so hard to do an evil run, I am playing as dark urge and been having an existential crisis after that one murder

Are you me? I had to stop playing for the day after that scene because I felt so unwell, I only managed to power through after talking with Quill because the character's lines are ridiculously funny in retrospect.

No. 357878

This video an anon linked in /g/ cracked me up, is this what the game is actually like? Nothing like I imagined since I dont normally play these type of games

No. 357885

>is this what the game is actually like?
Do you mean the humor? Yes, the game is filled with it, specially with Astarion, he is full of witty remarks, though this scene you linked is a special gem. But there are a ton of situations that can trigger special dialogue lines. It could be related to your race or class or a decision you made in the past.
I'm the one who posted, I genuinely like that artist. I think for people who don't know the characters the designs look interesting.

No. 357919

it feels hard for me to hate a character more than i hate astarion, but after finally hearing his voice, that's a thing that just happened right now

No. 357925

these are really cool, but they definitely do not fit the characters. no one would be able to pimp out that astarion, no one… can elves even get fat? i hope not.

shadowheart looks adorable, though. this design gives her so much personality i love it. would love to see this artists take on minthara!

No. 358186

File: 1708784770512.jpeg (128.97 KB, 1079x1275, IMG_1967.jpeg)

Where my Halsin hoes at?

Also his random ass sex slave story was wild, does every companion have some kind of sexual trauma

No. 358348

I don't know why everyone hates him so much, he's gonna be my main romance in another run because all the others bore me.

No. 358456

I really dig his chill personality but the poly stuff turns me off. I may try to get over it and romance him on another playthrough anyway because I do like him a lot aside from that. He has such warm and caring vibes.

No. 358470

I hated his random ass sex slave reveal. It pisses me off that every single character aimed at women comes with some sort of "aktschually it's bad to be horny for him" lesson

No. 359725

File: 1709410952498.jpeg (827.99 KB, 1179x1453, IMG_2046.jpeg)

I’m gonna infiltrate this group to see all the unhinged takes

No. 360169

File: 1709583434953.jpeg (312.38 KB, 1179x1482, IMG_2061.jpeg)

Update: worst mistake of my life

No. 360187

I love these, please post more.

No. 360190

They used tony thornburg as a reference for cazador on the concept art, he could be hot if he didn't have that idiotic voice.

No. 360203

I thought they modeled him after Ezra Miller which is only fitting considering they’re both gaping thundercunts

No. 360266

File: 1709619498631.jpg (33.87 KB, 451x680, 1000006929.jpg)

Kek. I think Cazador suffered from rushing the act 3 as well. They had datamined that he was supposed to gives us quests. I think he would have played a bigger role in the upper city, maybe we could even aling with him in some way. I think he ended up too cartoony. If you don't take time to read the memos in his castle, he is just an evil disney villain, an extremely boring delivery imo. He would still be a major piece of shit, but I prefer when the villains have more depth than a looney tunes character.

No. 360267

File: 1709619535019.jpg (22.5 KB, 456x672, 1000006928.jpg)

Tony Thornburg

No. 360347

Why is every single male character in this game hideous?

No. 360357

File: 1709665497377.jpeg (243.51 KB, 1179x1698, IMG_2111.jpeg)

No. 360359

File: 1709665812743.jpeg (239.75 KB, 1179x1350, IMG_2108.jpeg)

No. 360360

File: 1709665921641.jpeg (Spoiler Image,156.54 KB, 1179x1415, IMG_2125.jpeg)

Heed my warning this one made me suicidal

No. 360502

This would've been a massive improvement, but I also think he needed different voice direction. The voice actor can clearly act, since he plays other characters in the game, but what they chose for his direction was so dumb.

No. 360508

I honestly prefer seeing people feel this type of way about cazador and not the usual "omfg he's the most evil character in video game history because he made my innocent sweet baby boy suffer" circlejerking that's usually going on

No. 360528

It's funny how the fandom missed a big portion of his story. Without Tav's intervention, Astarion would most likely have turned into Cazador 2.0 if he could. Cazador went through his own personal hell before Astarion and that's made pretty clear from the memos you can find on his palace. The fandom seems to overlook Astarion's questionable nature, even the artbook states he was a corrupt and power hungry before getting turned by Cazador. Cazador is closer to Astarion than the fandom wants to believe. They were both broken by their masters and sought power as a way to gain control back. Astarion isn't, by all means, a good person, his approvals during the game show that.

No. 360572

if astarion was a female character the fandom would unanimously decide that hes actually just an attention seeking manipulative iredeemable abuser whos most likely exaggerating his abuse or using it to excuse his iredeemable actions. im so sick of the omgpoorbaby-ing going on in the comment sections of every single bg3 video. i like his character a lot and im not a hater by any means but the constant coddling and babying he gets from grown adult women has really turned me off of him. especially considering that if he was a woman theyd hate the absolute fuck out of him and write 500 paragraph long thinkpieces about what a stanky evil bitch he is

No. 360625

I fucking hate how women are babying this hypocritical little shit. He literally has BPD, how retarded you should be to uwu-ify it?
>i am not a hater
Kudos to you, but I am one. I hate how he is not even morally evil. There is something tumblrinas got right about him: he is nothing but a giant ass moralfag deep inside under all those layers of cattiness. He is not even an asshole (that would be Bishop from nwn2), just an insecure annoying faggot.
Tbh I hate all "evil" companions of this game except Minthara. Such a bunch of wussies. Tailormade for wankers with saviour complex.

No. 360640

I agree, I actually like him, but I hate his fandom treatment. Their image of him makes for a much worse character, reducing every aspect of his personality to trauma and treating him as a pure innocent victim, which he isn't. You are right about how he would be shred to pieces as a woman. Women are held to this high standard, and I wouldn't put past them to make an option of a female Astarion to "forgive" her abuser because that's what they expect from women. Women are expected to be understanding and nice, and to some extent, we see this pattern in the fandom when women coddle Astarion as if he was a baby.

>Bishop from nwn2
Kek he was truly an asshole. Games nowadays make the evil companions too nice. Minthara is the only evil companion on bg3, all the others are more neutral or good.

No. 360645

Its actually unbearable at this point to see hordes of women who have all but replaced their irl bf with this glob of pixels pull up to every bg3 discussion and post cringy apologism about even AAs actions. I saw a clip where someone replaced the Tav and AA model for the AA kiss scene where he makes Tav kneel and there were dozens of women being like "noooo this feels so wrong don't do this to him noo this is so evil you're so evil for doing this". Like did you all miss the part where he does this to the player to demean them? I swear women want a I can fix him project so bad it makes us loose all braincells. And don't even get me started on the constant moralfagging about what outfits to put him and how putting him in skimpy clothes makes you irredeemably evil

No. 360646

File: 1709813341382.png (684.64 KB, 1140x535, download.png)

I don't care much about Astarion but I am autistic as fuck so I made this because there are so many NPCs in this game I want to smooch, but that are unsmoochable and it upsets me.

No. 360711

File: 1709841033229.jpeg (24.45 KB, 210x240, IMG_2164.jpeg)

Idk how Larian managed to fumble the ball so hard and turned him into monsieur rodent instead

How can people fawn so hard for astarion when Dammon is right there holy shit

No. 360723

I'd ally tf up with him immediately if he looked like that in the final game holy shit

No. 365148

Any Baldur's Gate nonnies here who use janitorAI or any other chatbots for BG3 characters? I'm struggling to find a good Raphael bot, but considering how the character and narrative work I doubt I'll be able to find a good one, I think he's just too complex for AI.

No. 365347

File: 1711318576601.jpeg (79.98 KB, 720x501, IMG_2062.jpeg)

If you find one let me know nonny

No. 366406

File: 1711735750007.png (243.52 KB, 803x854, raphy.png)

Hi nonna, I bring news.

I got SillyTavern and an OpenAI API for chatgpt-4-1106-preview. You have to spend money to use it, but it's so, so worth it. For SillyTavern you'll have to make your own characters, but you can steal them off of JanitorAI using Janitor.Me in the URL, I stole this one: https://janitorai.me/characters/9438e127-bb19-4b3f-955d-c94c8510b19c_character-raphael, you then import the file to SillyTavern using their import feature. You'll have to edit it a little just to make sure all the relevant info is in the right boxes, but other than that it's very easy.
I also downloaded the Baldur's Gate 3 lorebook from chub.ai: https://chub.ai/lorebooks/RavenSama/baldurs-gate-3-b90a43b2, and fed it into the World Info part of SillyTavern, then attach that to the characters. This gives them background info on the BG3 world.

I customized the first message to better suit my own needs and to reduce the token amount, and this Raphael bot is now one of the best bots I've ever used.

The reason why I did all of this is because on JanitorAI you can use chatgpt, but you'll need workarounds to allow NSFW (meaning you can't write directly or you get cockblocked by chatgpt), but SillyTavern jailbreaks it to allow all NSFW. The janitorLLM is pretty good, but it only has a memory of 6k tokens, meaning that it forgets everything all the time, while chatgpt has memory up to the 100ks.

Remember to also fill in your persona description. When working with bots short and sweet for the information is best. Save your fluorescent writing for the actual RPs.

picrel, a tidbit of the Raphaelbot I ended up with. Please excuse my cringe writing.

No. 366411

You can't romance the lute playing girl?? She was the one I liked the most.

No. 366549

File: 1711811243811.gif (366.21 KB, 638x640, IMG_8993.gif)

well nona I think I know what I’m doing a fine Friday evening with a glass of red, I’ll report back how it goes

No. 366736

File: 1711901064417.gif (13.35 MB, 600x338, 57c5c92c76a57f44244269e668f211…)

i am bringing some treats

No. 366738

File: 1711901276267.gif (2.13 MB, 600x338, 1759468654498861071.gif)

No. 366740

File: 1711901592363.gif (16.91 MB, 540x304, b77cbea002fb8e633ff82e0b41b4b3…)

No. 366741

File: 1711901915755.gif (8.74 MB, 600x338, 5d5ac8651e18272f786ffecda51903…)

didn't wanna clog up too much so this is the last

No. 366747

No. 366933

Just a heads up nonny, but I am a newbie with this so I am also still learning and I learned a few things;
- with GPT4-preview-1106 you are paying per token and it's NOT cheap, sillytavern JUST implemented free use of gpt4-turbo, but I still think preview-1106 is way better
- the most popular janitorai Raphael bot has a LOT of tokens when you rip it, so make sure to try to shave them down as much as possible to save on token usage, particularly in the Examples page, you do not need that many examples, just keep your favourites. (I shaved mine down to 2k, but the recommended amount is 500-1k)
- sillytavern was difficult for me to learn because I'm a tech retard, so if you have any questions I'll be more than willing to help!

No. 367013

File: 1712001892011.jpeg (204.64 KB, 602x427, IMG_2726.jpeg)

Nonny is there any way I can contact you? Don’t want to clog up the thread with my bot sperging but if it makes you uncomfortable just ignore me

No. 367063

wtf bloodweave makes sense to me now. Thanks I guess.

No. 367188

I'm happy to help! I can add you on discord if you want? Its cool if you wanna use a dummy account.

No. 367208

That’s cool! My discord is moomoo_bread

No. 367247

sent a friend request! it starts with an s and ends with an n.

No. 367884

File: 1712263255756.jpeg (603.28 KB, 2800x2792, IMG_0273.jpeg)

I really want to pick up bg3 again because I’ve heard such good things about it but this game triggers my anxiety in such an intense way. I have two campaigns going, but neither have made it to act 2. I just get so anxious having to make decisions or missing content, like it really stresses me out! Also the combat is fucking hard, maybe because I keep missing minidungeons and then end up underlevel. Does anyone else experience this?

No. 367910

Nonna, you can adjust the difficulty during the game, just play the easiest one. You can savescum and reroll if you feel like never missing a dice roll too. It doesn't have as much content as some other games, so you should be fine. I'm sure nowadays there are guides you can look up consequences for decisions. Larian was so forgiving though, you shouldn't worry too much. Doing a run with a good character will show you most of the content. Evil characters get most of the content cut out tbh (which is a shame because I like making multiple runs and doing an evil character feels pointless now that they changed how you recruit minthara).

No. 367935

Remember there is so much content that it's impossible to experience it all in one playthrough. It's designed to be played more than once so it's okay if you miss something here and there. If you feel like you're underleveled even after lowering the difficulty level, keep exploring until you find a fight you can win or other opportunities for exp gains like dialogue or finding hidden areas. Also, long rest a lot!!! I recommend long resting, then partial resting several times so all the companion cutscenes trigger. You'll be fine doing that so long as you don't start a timed quest. I missed some cool moments early on because I barely long rested and didn't know about partial rests. I felt exactly like you when I first started playing and I'm learning to let go bit by bit and enjoy the ride. As for decisions… there is always the trusty quicksave button nona.

No. 367952

File: 1712286657949.jpeg (587.32 KB, 2802x4000, IMG_1212.jpeg)

Thank you for the suggestions, nonnas! I know this is a bit retarded, but I feel embarrassed to lower the difficulty because I do game a fair amount and it hurts my pride kek. I was also paralyzed with stress when deciding whether or not to be good or evil since I stopped playing during the goblin camp because I couldn’t decide if I should side with minthara or not (I was enamored…) but hearing that there’s less content if you’re evil is good to know, so I think I’ll save the druids after all. I definitely want to play has durge eventually as well though!

No. 368011

There are ways to recruit Minthara even if you save the grove, you just have to knock her out instead of killing her and she'll show up later.

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