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No. 326389

Hello and welcome to the Undertale / Deltarune thread! This is a thread to discuss anything related to Undertale, Deltarune, or Toby Fox's other side projects. Feel free to talk about the games, characters, theories, music, the fandom, the newsletters and events, etcetera. And also, free to just dump cool pictures here.

Side note: you can also talk about Temmie Chang's games or side projects here.

No. 326390

File: 1697037192470.jpg (35.05 KB, 544x563, images-1.jpg)

The deltarune anniversary is coming up so I thought it would be a nice thread to make.

No. 326397

Love you Nonny. I'm glad to see this thread and I hope it will get some good contributions. Here's mine: Lots of people remixed Megalovania for UT's 8th anniversary. Vidrel is my personal fave because of the leitmotifs and, despite being a cover by a random guy, to me it feels even more like Toby Fox than the version included in game. It's less intense and more whimsical and I really enjoy listening to it. DAE have favourite songs or remixes to share?

No. 326416

The only thing I can say about Megalovania is that I once was listening to a dubstep remix of it at 12am and then my mom knocked on my room to tell me my dad was dead.

No. 326423

I heard chapter 3 is fully playable now, but it will be released alongside chapters 4 and 5. I'm guessing we'll get them in 5-10 months. I have no basis for this guess, that's just my own assumption. I can't wait honestly because I loved the first two chapters. Anyways, I headcanon Kris as being an awkward autistic girl because I just like that interpretation the most.

No. 326424

I also headcanon Kris as a girl! though I tend to flip flop between using they/he because those are the words the fandom uses the most. Cringe I know but it's hard to get accostumed.

No. 326537

File: 1697104210000.jpeg (399.43 KB, 1170x957, IMG_6176.jpeg)

>Anyways, I headcanon Kris as being an awkward autistic girl because I just like that interpretation the most.
Same, I also headcanon Frisk and Chara as girls. It’s impossible for me to see any of them as male.

No. 326557

I headcanon Chara as a girl because it's a feminine name here (spain) and Kris as a boy, because it sounds like Chris, a masculine name here. I don't know for Frisk though. But I just use they for all three of them.

Does anyone have this Tumblr theory that says Chara is the narrator? It's very long and also includes pictures, not just text. I dont remember the OP's blog, I think it was deleted. There are many similar posts out there but I'm specifically looking for that one.

No. 326563

>Does anyone have this Tumblr theory that says Chara is the narrator?
I haven't seen it on Tumblr but I've seen it being discussed in many YouTube videos

No. 326625

I headcanon Frisk as a girl, Chara as a boy (because it's the murderous unhinged character kek) and Kris as a boy still because he/she looks like Chara with the shirt.
Also I would have preferred for the chapter to be published separately, but oh well.

No. 326693

same, it would encourage more fan discussion and speculation which has been so much fun with deltarune so far!

No. 326821

File: 1697223258725.gif (1.26 MB, 498x427, deltarune-susie.gif)

Who's your favorite character? I love Susie

No. 326822

Same, I love Susie! I also really like Noelle. I think Susie is ultimately going to be the "antagonist" to the player, but not to Kris if that makes any sense? Mainly because Susie is the one who usually defies the player's input and acts against the player. I think she's going to oppose the player no matter what route they choose but she won't necessarily be evil. An antagonist but not a villain.

No. 326827

File: 1697223784994.jpg (99.86 KB, 1080x1080, FG_SHpwWYA8I3e5.jpg)

Noelle! Super cute design and a really interesting storyline. Her snowgrave arc is my favorite part of the game so far.

No. 326894

File: 1697252619661.jpeg (247.82 KB, 1170x1302, IMG_6181.jpeg)

Kris, with Noelle as a close second. I find the concept that Kris is being controlled by the player and she has her own personality and desires separate from us so fascinating. Especially in the snowgrave route were you have the player manipulating Kris and forcing her to manipulate Noelle. I can’t wait to see how this is explored in the coming chapters.

No. 326895

Based nonas. Noelle is best.

No. 327000

I wholeheartedly agree with your post, I would love to see it! Specially because Susie is so protective towards Kris. Do you think we'll get to play as the Vessel and Kris will become his own character?

No. 331703

File: 1698773775155.png (72.77 KB, 525x2167, F44NAFaZVAwL5m.png)

No. 335847

I need an explanation of this

No. 335876

Wow this is fascinating. Women in fandom are so smart. One thing I love about UTDR is how it subverts genre expectations but still manages to be the greatest RPG of all time. Looking at it through this lens gives it a whole extra layer of subversion. It also helps me to understand why UTDR was an instant hit, as well as how it has been able to support such a large, longlasting (international!) fandom. Undertale truly is a game made by fans for fans.
Which parts do you already understand? What questions do you have?

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