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File: 1558478004948.jpg (666.94 KB, 1118x1600, The_Dream_of_a_lifetime.jpg)

No. 32684

Capefiction is allowed but keep it to minimum - let's give others a chance too!

No. 32701

File: 1558496589121.jpeg (124.46 KB, 750x1059, 6af4a7fa-854b-4ab6-b01c-24b91d…)

Alice in Sunderland is a great comic, gorgeous love letter to all things Alice and definitely worth checking out if you love Carrol's original books.

No. 32702

Based op, I fucking love DuckTales.

No. 32807

File: 1558570319665.jpg (374.32 KB, 1600x1384, RCO020_1558143766.jpg)

Sam's strip is a pretty funny metacomic

No. 35656

File: 1560441238801.jpg (2.32 MB, 1780x2500, 94eddd1e7f57046567621122e1c160…)

What are your favourite Euro comics?

No. 35696

File: 1560470456275.jpg (184.95 KB, 1000x700, Moebius-Edena.jpg)

Corto Maltese series from Hugo Pratt
Nikopol trilogy from Enki Bilal
Le Monde d'Edena series from Jean "Moebius" Giraud

No. 35722

File: 1560490952190.jpg (74.18 KB, 422x534, tumblr_p5vr44D4Zq1x94prwo3_500…)

man i loved reading disney comics with scrooge and donald as a kid

speaking of disney comics,i have gotten nostalgic about w.i.t.c.h since a random video about it popped up in my recommended.i really loved this comic but i never got to read all of them till now(i plan to start soon).i read that they are getting re-released in volumes and i WISH they get released in my country too

No. 35725

You can read all of them (including specials) at Mooncloud's witchoholic website. You are welcome.
Prepare for a HUGE quality drop in the final arcs though.

No. 35728

i found this website with some other ones yesterday.im not surprised if this is the case tbh.i remember finding a witch comic randomly at a kiosk back in 2012 and it was so different from what i used to read

No. 35731

File: 1560493931513.jpg (1.71 MB, 2287x3300, mort cinder (6).jpg)

Some time ago I found Mort Cinder and I'm so glad I did. I'm in love with Alberto Breccia's art.

I'm re-reading w.i.t.c.h. right now too! I love that comic with all it's flaws.

No. 35734

File: 1560496301433.jpg (310.2 KB, 800x1240, X-Factor Investigations.jpg)

I like the art style in X Factor Investigations.

I also like the idea of a really small superhero story. These guys are just a couple of D-list mutants who solve crimes. They're not saving the universe or anything.

No. 35789


I loved Jolies Ténèbres !

I read WITCH when I was younger, and I still adore Canepa and Barbucci, so I'm reading Sky Doll and waiting for the last volume.
I also really enjoyed Black Sad.

No. 35869

You should read Mirka Andolfo's work if you like Sky Doll. You will enjoy the art style for sure.

No. 35877

Is it set in the 90s?

No. 35916

No. 35942

It's set when it was written, so mid-2000s.

In-universe it takes place right after M-day (Scarlet Witch taking away most of the mutants' powers), but it's not very strongly connected to the continuity of other comics, beyond the reduced number of mutants being part of the premise. You don't need much context to read/understand it.

For instance, the story begins with one of the characters about to commit suicide because he lost his powers.

No. 36083

File: 1560686540347.png (826.51 KB, 720x861, Screenshot_2019-06-16-07-55-39…)

If we can include webcomics I just love 'realm of owls'. The webcomic is just 3-4 panels on how this little owl society works. We get to so how children are raised, how letters are sent, and what the local slums look like. Its a comfy little webcomic

No. 36085

File: 1560687553046.jpg (5.03 MB, 4355x3156, RCO019_w_1477108711.jpg)

Corto Maltese, Blacksad, works by Guido Crepax, Enki Bilal, Kerascoët. Milo Manara has a nice drawing style, but his depictions of sexuality are somehow off-putting to me.

I love Requiem Chevalier Vampire. Aesthetically it's Warhammer 40k/Trinity Blood (novel/manga version) mix on drugs, extremely OTT, with plot written by an edgy goth teenager and it doesn't take itself seriously at all. The art is also gorgeous and ridiculously detailed.

No. 36153

yuck that's gay

No. 36184

File: 1560764089210.jpg (408.07 KB, 1280x1640, 4c888a37936dbd94dd743c235ef793…)

I love how the architecture is drawn in The Ogre Gods.

No. 36287

Very interesting art style in that Requiem Chevalier Vampire comic.

Have you read any comics drawn by Geof Darrow? His art has crazy amount of intricate details, but many stories have so much violence, that it can bother some readers. https://scans-daily.dreamwidth.org/6892765.html

No. 36319

Yeah, I've read this comic a long time ago, but nothing else by him. I actually liked it, but I'm not a regular comic book reader, so I never bothered to look for more (and back then comic books in my country were released totally at random).

Back to Euro comics, I was actually disappointed by La Mort de Staline. Film version wasn't a masterpiece either, but it had some fun moments, while graphic novel was just dull and dry.

No. 37870

I'm still quite into Homestuck but the community fucking sucks and I don't like the trolls much so… basically no way of engaging in any discussion.

I wish they made a sburb game instead of that stupid point and click game with 5 gorillion trolls in it.

No. 37887

File: 1561624228591.gif (35.53 KB, 500x346, tumblr_lzo32vHlL11qaa0leo1_500…)

Problem Sleuth is a much for fun read imo. I would never recommend HS to someone (even as someone who likes it), but I'll happily recommend PS. It's funny, it's cute, and it's a reasonable length.

Also everything after the HS credits has been a disaster. Hiveswap is never going to be finished. The Friendsims are obvious cash-grabs, and only 3 or 4 of the 40 fucking characters are any good. The epilogues were absolute garbage. Andrew has completely lost whatever artistic drive he once had, it's sad.

No. 37945

Personally didn't hate the epilogues, though they were not what I expected. I've always hated the cherubs tbh, especially Calliope. I also really hate the retcon shit, it made no sense that John got those powers… I guess Hussie couldn't be bothered to come up with the timeloops and shit so Dave could do it. Vriska being shoved into the spotlight again to undo all the lessons the learned etc was so bad as well. How they defeated LE didn't even make sense… So many complaints.

The Dirk reveal in the epilogue was pretty cool imo. I always thought he was too controlling and all that during the actual comic but to retroactively change the entire context of his existence is a bold move. Now you wonder how long Dirk has been in charge for… I like that.

Wish I had friends that would be willing to run a sburb tabletop campaign with me… lol

No. 37952

what was the dirk reveal? i checked out of HS long ago) (sage for ot)

No. 37958

In the epilogue it turns out Dirk has pretty much been mind controlling characters through the narrator's voice in a really sinister way. Not clear when he started being able to do it. He and Calliope are at odds, both controlling the narrative their own way.

No. 38051

Oh wow, didn't realize there were farmers willing to admit they read Homestuck.

I never got involved with the fandom (which spanned everything from impressive fanwork to absolute retards) but I enjoyed reading it and talking about it. I stopped when the Caliborn fuckery was going on and it was clear how much Hussie hated his audience and was deliberately just bullshitting through without hiding his disdain. Later on I read that a large part of those late Homestuck updates were not only drawn but even written by some big-name fans. Which also explains the sudden SJWness.

No. 38061

File: 1561703785844.png (195.46 KB, 500x284, 55c.png)

Sorry to the other anons in this thread for shitting it up with Homestuck lmao

Just drawn. Andrew wrote everything in the original comic on his own. Multiple people on his team have said as much.

Everything BUT the comic itself, however, was written in part or entirely by other people.

The epilogue was written partly by IPGD, who may or may not be Andrew's girlfriend. I don't know what her real name is. Hiveswap is written by Cohen Edenfield and Ryan North, with music by James Roach and Toby Fox. Edenfield also wrote the official Homestuck Snapchat posts, which are now apparently non-canon. The Friendsim was written by a team of about ten people, with each person writing a couple individual characters. Although Andrew did write two of those characters.

Interestingly, I thought the characters he and IPGD wrote were the weakest. IPGD put a bunch of gross fetish stuff in all the routes she wrote, and intentionally put characters in that people hated– which is also what she did in the epilogues. I think that IPGD (and maybe even Andrew) are actively trying to alienate people from the IP at this point.

I think that Andrew is the George Lucas of webcomics, where he made one like two good things and everything he did after has actively ruined the good things he previously did. The epilogues, particularly Candy, are so goddamn awful it's almost insulting.

TL;DR pic related is how I feel about everything outside the original comic.

No. 38269

I checked out the store page of Hiveswap like once but a point-and-click adventure about a bunch of new characters didn't appeal to me. I wanted to see more of the characters I already love. Also kinda hate trolls in general so I stayed away from Friendsim as well.

I can somewhat relate to Hussie's disdain towards his own audience bc I don't like the fandom either. It's all shippers, fetishists, and autists.

I do want to see where the epilogue ideas lead, even though the two routes were largely just depressing. Ultimate selves never quite sat right with me and I truly don't get why people love Calliope so much. I'm mostly annoyed with what they did with Jade, a character Hussie seems to hate. I was hoping the epilogue could give me some nice Jade character moments and maybe an exploration of her experiences in the main comic but no just make her a dog dick having abuser of Dave… That totally makes sense…

Haven't seen anyone point it out yet but I feel like Calliope was egging Roxy on and confusing her gender identity on purpose. I've never seen Calliope is a trustworthy chracter and I think if there's more to come of Homestuck, people are going to root for her vs Dirk and be mistaken for doing that. Both narrative puppetmasters look sinister from where I'm standing.

No. 38305

Jade and Jane were completely ruined in both epilogues. Candy sucked in general, and reading it was a giant waste of time.

Dirk is my favorite, and I think they completely ruined his character arc. In the comic, he faces consequences for being controlling and learns from it. Also, Dirk's controlling behavior, while shitty, is usually motivated by the greater good. His motivation in Meat is just lame and selfish.

The stuff with Karkat running for president was cute, though. I liked that.

No. 38343

Karkat was adorable, I really like that guy. Johnrezi was actually very sweet too imo!

Since Dirk's aspect is about the self/identity, makes sense for his journey to be largely influenced by that theme too. Ultimate selves are a thing, along with Dirk's splinters that span not only other timelines (like every other kid) but also his own timeline. He has said himself that he can't stand to interact with or acknowledge his splinters, and felt that he was surrounded by them. Thinking about how those versions all begin to merge and how that would fuck with Dirk who never particularly felt good about any of his splinters bc he hates himself, it does make some sense for him to break under that burden and pursue what seems to be the abolishing of everyone's identity and becoming one being? Not sure where he's actually going with it tbh.

>Also, Dirk's controlling behavior, while shitty, is usually motivated by the greater good. His motivation in Meat is just lame and selfish.

Being controlling for any reason is actually nefarious. The person doing the controlling can justify it for any number of reasons, even the greater good, but that doesn't change the fact that they're deciding for others and doing so in a duplicitous way. He thinks he knows better than everyone else, even in matters of personal direction for each character. Let's not forget how he was with Jake in the comic. He never controlled Roxy because of her void powers making her elusive and hidden. He never cracked her so he couldn't use her. He's always been a huge narcissist who has to be in control of people around him. I do think alpha!Dirk was a great character but I wouldn't try to justify his manipulation. He was never a good person, just a very haunted and self-centered dude.

No. 67845

File: 1576536156590.jpg (300.66 KB, 1000x1538, 81vv WaGoL.jpg)

I'm necroposting, but for a good reason. There is a nice comic, lovecraftian horror. The author is something.

Have you got anything similar you'd like to recommend?

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