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No. 330155

There is a lot to go into when it comes to her, if you know anything more, then please share it with me.

Ok, here we go

Enna is part of Ethyria, a wave that got dogshit viewership after debuting. They were pretty desperate for money, so when Luxiem came around they leaped into the pool and never looked back.
>Nina wouldn't even stream unless a Luxiem member was collabing, would often just cancel solo streams outright. Even attended the big Luxiem offcollab. You can hear her in the background of Vox's bathtub ASMR
>Reimu shipped herself with Vox, started openly flirting with Vox and pushing a ship with Vox. They literally did romantic flirting streams and shit, and offcollabed several times too.
>Millie and Enna waited a little bit longer. But Millie dove in headfirst and shipped herself with EVERY member of Luxiem, plus numerous other boys. She started a more "serious" ship with Fulgur that got tons of fanart
>Enna became absolutely OBSESSED with Kyo. More on that.

So Enna started out with a completely fake personality of a bird girl, fake voice and everything. When she failed to gain traction, she dropped the act, and embraced her nasty self. Then she sent into /pol/ pandering, saying racist and edgy stuff. She was actually sort of a 4chan favorite for a while. But then when Kyo debuted, she became fucking OBSESSED with him, and started spamming collabs with him. They would get lots of viewers, the sisters loved it. But it got her in trouble when she joked about Kyo's obvious fake black accent and said he must love fried chicken. This caused the twitter mob to attack, so she did a 30 minute crying apology and dropped this act too.
After that she went into hardcore China pandering. Started talking every stream about her Asian family, how Asian she is, while streaming in China hours, and doing female oriented content like handcams. She actually started a huge handcam trend that blurred the line between vtubers and fleshtubers, and made lots of purists angry. She became super left wing too, which is actually her true opinions in the first place.
So basically, what this proves is that Enna will 100% change her personality and her persona for pandering purposes. She is a chameleon, money is her goal.

Enna is also kind of an asian stereotype, because she's a "memorizer". You'll notice in games, she has an extremely hard time coming up with solutions herself. But once she sees the solution in chat, she "gets it" immediately and is suddenly an expert. She's REALLY good at that, it's actually kind of impressive.
But she takes this to the next level, by imprinting other people's personalities onto herself. So after becoming obsessed with Kyo, she completely changed her personality and the way she talks to copy him. Started using all his slang, using his tone of voice, speaking just like him. She did that with Mika too, imprinting Mika's "I'm so depressed" personality and running the bases with it. Even when it didn't make sense, she's laughing with her millions of friends while talking about supposed "depression", it baffles the mind. More recently she watched a bunch of Netflix shows filled with bitchy women, and now she modeled much of her personality after that "I have a 32/10 personality" you know that whole act.

So what Enna started doing was going HAM with "the Kyo strategy". Which is "stirring up drama and conflict for viewers", which is Kyo's calling card. Kyo will often enter a stream and instigate people to fight each other so it creates drama. Or he'll do a tierist stream which entices the fanbases of the other members to watch, then will shittalk them in front of their own fans. Great person, Kyo is.
Enna took this to the next level, she started viciously insulting her coworkers, her fans, her family, in incredibly nasty and horrible ways. It was so bad that she needed a suspension to make her stop. She kicked up so much drama that the reverberations are still being felt today.

Her antics with Kyo are pretty legendary. She went through an entire "NTR arc" where she would NTR-bait her fans by flirting with Kyo. It came to a head when Kyo invited himself over to her house, and called her fans a bunch of cucks, which she thought was funny. Then they streamed from her bedroom while holding hands and flipping off her fans. Later she revealed they got drunk together and he carried her to bed….who knows what happened next.

Anyway, she got in hot water with the fans for this, as you might expect. She was accused of being an "NTR vtuber" which made her furious. Enna was abused as a child, so her reaction to criticism is to "lash back" rather than take it in good faith. So this caused her to NTRbait EVEN HARDER with multiple males, such as Hex, Luca, and even just random stories of guys who hit on her. This boiled over during the Secret GC stream, when she insulted her 4chan haters and sounded really nasty and bitter about the criticism she was getting. She was suspended for that stream, and took a vacation in Japan, where she met up with Luca in secret, the horndog of NijiEN who she'd been flirting with for months.

So basically, Enna completely changed the social environment of NijiEN from "friendship" to "fighting and bitching". Because she became so popular with Chinese people, she started completely dominating the culture of the branch and lots of the other girls started copying her act. Her NTRbaiting drove off like 1/2 the male fanbase or more. Back then it didn't matter, because so many Chinese fans. But today we see the results of that, with all the girls struggling to find purchase.

Enna has many psychological problems. One of them is that she blames other people for her own failings. Case in point, rather than admitting that her music career went nowhere because of how lazy she was, she blames "white people" for holding her back. Which is a fucking joke, she migrated to a western country as a wealthy immigrant and abused the welfare system.
Enna is VERY lazy in general, which is the real reason her music career never took off. She streams less than any of the other girls, is often eating on stream or doing chores on stream. Even a modest day's work becomes a dramatic experience for Enna.

Enna keeps talking about being a virgin, all the time, while openly flirting with various males in the branch, and offcollabing with them. It stretches the limits of belief.

So basically Enna has no morals, she has no personality of her own other than her natural cuntiness, she ruined the culture of the branch and was rewarded for it. She needs to go pursue other opportunities and leave the world of vtubers so we can pick up the pieces and start gluing them together again.(TL;DR, could go into vtuber general)

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go back faggot

No. 330183

File: 1698259518148.png (180.03 KB, 474x453, Die moid.png)

>It came to a head when Kyo invited himself over to her house, and called her fans a bunch of cucks, which she thought was funny
Gotta say very based of her. But should've posted this in the vtuber thread retard

No. 330185

File: 1698259896522.jpg (123.46 KB, 980x980, 2398kqcn6n351.jpg)

Farmhands nuke the retarded newfag invasion please.

No. 330188

File: 1698261145863.png (205.97 KB, 669x627, 1694001868455.png)

Nobody cares faggot lol

No. 330189

Honestly? Based of her to ruin a vtubing community or whatever. Good. Fuck vtubers.

No. 330190

>NTR tuber
KEK based, gachikois are disgusting

No. 330191

You should just posted this in the vtuber thread. Why does every newfag not lurk before posting shit like this.

No. 330193

File: 1698262171574.jpeg (115.66 KB, 2048x1454, IMG_7876.jpeg)

all vtubers are faggots and their fans are retarded. log off and go read a book, newfag

No. 330194

wrong board m8

No. 330202

>thinking a vtuber hanging out with coworkers is NTR
Go back to where you came from, male.

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