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File: 1699097054339.jpeg (211.33 KB, 750x1019, C0F69CD8-6824-4EB5-9E2C-A156C2…)

No. 332734

Fellow dad rock enjoyers let us discuss our favourite people, bands, and cows

No. 332738

File: 1699104467362.jpg (53.77 KB, 404x598, 25017b4cacc4e91adbd702cbed81e7…)

This is the thread for me. Do you know how many pics I have of dead drummers of 70/80s rock bands and nowhere to post?

No. 332739

File: 1699104530883.jpg (177.05 KB, 736x1155, becde7010636b61b71352d4180722f…)

Pinterest started suggesting me countless pics of cars and bikes all because of this guy

No. 332740

File: 1699104748849.jpg (177.3 KB, 663x1200, 695f9904fad98ad432c2b6e4a030c6…)

When will men wearing crop tops and ridiculous big curly hair come back?

No. 332746

I’m glad nonnie! It always annoyed me that there was never any classic rock threads as I know there’s a lot of us fans here who like to collect 50 year old pictures of men who are most likely dead or a walking corpse kek

No. 332747

File: 1699107589195.jpeg (158.69 KB, 750x1073, AAFE5028-3012-4A49-AC1E-EC22AB…)

Too right, when will men start dressing slutty again without they/themming?? Hilarious how ppl think the world is progressive now when the most masculine of men dressed like this 40 years ago and didn’t give a fuck

No. 332751

File: 1699109416342.jpg (39.16 KB, 450x700, 53a8e4fc2bd1509c83d4bec25ae653…)

Right? I guess that's why some of these old men can see through trans nonsense, you don't really have much freedom to express yourself nowadays without having to change everything, you have to fit either way. Androgyny was so big back then and now it comes "back" (mostly online I guess?) but not as men rocking their long hair and wearing makeup and whatever or women getting short hair and wearing suits, nah, they have to go they/them because they are "challenging" the gender roles the trans nonsense itself enforces, all while still enforcing it, talk about being dumb..
I really wish I could see more Annie Lennox's out there without them going "non-woman" and the men stop being openly degens (not that they weren't degens back then but at least we didn't have to pretend it was progressive or else your life is over)

No. 332754

File: 1699110472745.jpg (28.69 KB, 313x363, 273574cf1fedef4857451924eca1bb…)

Also seeing Slash here reminds me of that excerpt of Paul Stanley's book where he goes all pissy on Slash because he had the gall to call him asking for these sweet free guitars Paul promised him, all cause Slash called him a fag kek
Dude, everyone back then thought that, even your fucking bandmates. And you were marketed as a bisexual manwhore. He is so fucking insecure.

Maybe later I'll make a big post on him cus Paul is such a cow (the entire original band is). To this day he probably cringes at the memory of the soup Vinny Vincent ruined. And he is also known to dox people who don't agree with him on twitter. Dude is like 70 year old and picking fights online and insulting Peter at every chance he gets kek washed up rockstars are the best cows

No. 332794

OT but Ace looks so fucking cute here ahhhhhhh! I love kiss but Paul absolutely is a fag and a massive cow lmfao. I saw them a few months ago actually and I was at the very front, Gene was looking at me the entire time and licking his lips, I felt very uncomfortable and my mum was pretty mad about it lmao

No. 332807

File: 1699132900686.jpg (86.21 KB, 736x897, dacd91b9e5575ff3847bcc9b67c366…)

>chronic pantstuffer
>in a literal dick measuring contest with Peter and Ace, got the tinniest dick
>ex fatty
>had to get very sick to lose weight
>very critical of other peoples weight
>very critical of other peoples anything really
>use back trackings and lip syncs
>was very critical of other artists doing the same back in the day
>had the then 17 years old Slash auditioning for the band
>rejected him because something something "I was already 30 years old and that's a kid" something something
>got instead Vinny Vincent
>was warned that Vinny was hard to work with and kinda scummy
>got him anyway
>compared Vinny Vincent to E.T. (kek)
>insecure as fuck
>hairline receeding bad at 30
>afraid of getting old, got lots of bad platic surgery early on
>hates when someone other than him or Gene gets all the attention
>gifted the then second drummer Eric Carr a car that was known to break every now and then
>didn't want to be the asshole boss that fire the sick dude (Eric Carr) from the band
>instead tried to convince him to resign with the excuse Eric needed some time to rest and recover from his illness (heart cancer)
>said Eric Carr was insecure about his place in the band knowing very well he wasn't considered nor had the privileges of a full member
>tried to paint it as if Eric wanted to be Peter Criss
>didn't want Eric Carr playing on his solo tour even though he begged to
>instead got current Catman Eric Singer to do it
>thought it was crazy Carr would rather speak to fans than be around models and other celebs
>thought it was crazier when Carr said Singer would replace him
>tried to paint Carr as paranoid and possibly an addict in his book
>no proof of it whatsoever
>got annoyed that Eric Carr got distant "suddenly" after years of treating him like shit
>supposedly cut Eric Carr's health insurance at some point during his cancer treatment
>surprised when Eric's family were hostile to him and Gene during Eric's funeral
>described said funeral on his book in a very insensitive and overly detailed way
>accused Peter and Ace of being anti semite because they dressed up as nazis in a party
>forgot to mention he also dressed up as a nazi at said party and you can actually find pics of it online
>80% of his book is shittalking his bandmates and crying about being deaf
>20% is about how everything that went wrong was other peoples fault
>too retarded to oppose Gene's idea of making a movie or recognize they are not good actors
>legit thought a movie produced by Hanna-Barbera would be anything but funny
There is more I'm sure I'm forgetting.

He was really cute before he fucked up his face with all the car crashes and drugs. Gene is a fucking weirdo, I really hate the dude.

No. 332809

The way they treated Eric as he was dying was honestly disgusting. All Eric wanted to do was play with them, even when he was severely ill, but they didn’t grant his wishes bc they replaced him as soon as they found out he was terminally ill. Paul also distanced himself from Eric when he was dying because he didn’t want to get ‘too upset’ over it or something along those lines. They shouldn’t have even bothered to turn up to his funeral as it was super disrespectful to his family who knew that they had treated him like absolute shit and weren’t there for him in the time he needed them most.

No. 332810

File: 1699133890215.jpeg (96.73 KB, 432x571, IMG_0395.jpeg)

Samefag but Ace was so fucking gorgeous ughhhhh…… his face was built for makeup he suited it so fucking well

No. 332830

File: 1699141188662.jpg (123.15 KB, 736x920, 08fa11a218d10fb1ca7a64f8daf17e…)

>trademarked the money bag with dollar sign on it
>tried to trademark the devil's horns
>even though what he did could be called the spiderman or the "I love you" sign of ASL
>claimed he invented the devil's horns
>Dio was doing it before Gene, though neither of them invented it
>tried to trademark anything really
>had a collection of polaroids of the girls he slept with
>showed them to his then girlfriend Cher
>she thought it was weird as fuck
>don't drink nor do drugs
>harshly judges others for doing it
>counts the girls he sleeps with
>probably inflated the count
>momma's boy
>loads of daddy issues
>addicted to sugar
>was a double chin fatty when he met Paul
>used to be a teacher
>legit thinks he's a businessman
>invested in a football team
>knows dogshit about football
>thinks he is the smartest because he speaks [insert here number of] languages and went to college
>told Peter he is a ignorant loser who didn't finish school
>probably thinks he is God's last gift to humanity because his mama told him so
>started dating Cher's friend Diana Ross after him and Cher broke up
>wanted to be an actor
>no talent to show though
>can't remember the lyrics of most of the songs Paul sings
>when he has to sing said songs he fucks up or makes up unintelligible stuff
>messed up a song as simple as Love Gun
>would spit on the floor in hotel rooms because the kerosene for his firebreathing fucked his throat
>got pubic lice
>spread it to the other original band members
>doesn't shower
>overall bad hygiene
>spread STDs
>accused Ace and Peter of being anti semite over the nazi costumes
>conveniently ignores Paul also dressed up as a Nazi
>got accused by Ace of being homophobic and hating the mentally ill and poor
>didn't like Alex Lifeson's "The Bag"
>got upset when Tom Snyder basically ignored him and Paul in favor of interviewing Ace
>just really creepy when it comes to women
I totally think this dude might've slept with minors back then, it wouldn't be a surprise if a story ever comes up.

No. 332832

File: 1699141376904.jpg (48.89 KB, 480x696, e8ebbed284cb3167d9ea8b6c5fe90f…)

Now to break the KISS sperg a bit, here, the manlet Ronnie James Dio

No. 332839

Beatles nonas, what’s your favorite album? I think I have to go with Rubber Soul. Great album except for the misogynist song.

No. 332840

That explains the high voice

No. 332864

File: 1699149884942.jpg (154.86 KB, 736x895, 1ac1144d32fd2eb832611be1fef742…)

It was a great voice. Why can't male nerds these days just dress up and make music about evil wizards and demons and actually develop skills instead of wasting oxygen by playing videogames all day long.

Also adding something I just remembered
>dated Donna Dixon
>Donna told him she needed space
>expects them to get back together soon
>finds out she married Dan Aykroyd in secret kekk

No. 332865

File: 1699150997214.jpg (102.16 KB, 736x736, 28b44e1b97cc4d97c16d71ef11e5c2…)

Hard to choose, but I go back and forth between the White Album and abbey road very cliche I know

No. 332889

File: 1699155277521.jpg (49.55 KB, 404x612, a173d53fee77c9703e7b1ac9bf968e…)

Just one more cus I'll be very busy next week and unable to post
>the oldest of them
>hair prematurely white
>was already married when he got in KISS
>school dropout
>quite dumb
>mixes up expressions constantly in interviews:
>said the band treated him like a "second hand citzen"
>meant second class citzen
>said KISS had lost the "double edged sword" at some point in their career
>probably meant it lost the edge
>"I have a 9 inch dick" was the first thing he told Paul and Gene when they first met
>would mock the (asian?) waiter for his race and speech
>according to Paul "dressed really cool"
>really, it sounds like Paul was infatuated, didn't even want to see how good he was at playing, he simply was in
>despite what Paul says nowadays, was really close to Peter
>frequently phoned Paul
>went on vacations together
>would room together
>probably the only clean and organized member besides Paul
>thought Ace was asian when they first met
>said he wanted to be a real life gangster on Tom Snyder
>talked back at Gene after Gene tried to correct said statement
>"so you can be a bat but I can't be a gangster?"
>snorted loads of cocaine
>would just trash things when high
>was high as fuck while filming KISS Meets The Pantom of The Park
>coudn't pronounce "talisman" correctly
>Paul and Ace mocked him for it
>was overall so bad that he got dubbed by a professional voice actor
>which really made him the best actor of that movie
>wife supported his rockstar dreams
>cheated on her constantly
>was so dumb she found out a phone number of the girl he was seeing
>because he hid in their house
>the same house she cleans
>got a divorce and she took half of his money kek
>married a playboy playmate, didn't last
>asked a kid in a interview "do you like to be kissed?"
>repeated it when the kid went "excuse me"
>a silly KISS themed joke that probably sounded better in his head
>never knows when to keep his mouth shut
>got his dick sucked by Ace during a threesome
>would go "I quit" everytime he didn't get his way
>was voted out by the other three and fired
>lied he could "read sheet music" when on a trial to stay in the band
>of course everyone knew it was a lie
>didn't had any progress, probably didn't even practiced
>knew he was fucking up his last chance
>proceeded at it
>was out after filming Shandi
>didn't even play
>nasty temper, would get angry for no reason
>probably exacerbated by all the drugs in his system
>had to relearn his drum parts for the reunion
>got pissy when his mic cut a bit even though no one but the band really cared or noticed
>that was documented in a vid by Tommy Thayer, you can probably find it on youtube
>smashed a mirror with his hands when he got too angry
>probably very high during the mirror smashing episode
>would throw his sticks at Paul for being in front of him during a concert
>attempted suicide
>gun nut
>had breast cancer
>probably didn't wrote half of Beth
>throwed and smashed his drum kit by the end of the reunion tour
>reason: was angry Ace got more money than him
>difference was 5k per concert (if I remember correctly)
>was still making way more money than he did on his solo career
>probably snorted it all away
>still got his 25% cut for a while after getting fired
>sold the rights of his makeup/character to Paul and Gene
>obviously regrets it
>solo career was basically him playing to small crowds in bars
>had a tour with Ace at some point too
>is sober now (possibly)
>on his third wife

No. 332915

Honestly every album from Rubber Soul onward is a strong contender for best album except Let It Be. imo Abbey Road has the highest highs (the medley) and Pepper is my favourite to listen to as a whole.

How are we feeling about Now and Then? I really like the song, the MV is ridiculous but I'm sentimental about them and it works for me.

No. 332930

Now and then was an utter disappointment imo. Boring as fuck and John sounds so robotic they should’ve just left their legacy as it was. Sounds like such a half assed song repeated the same like 4 words

No. 332931

File: 1699188125792.jpeg (73.29 KB, 572x1047, DFEF2DBE-576A-4CDA-AA62-B87A1D…)

Actually crying about him thinking Ace was asian kekkkkkkkkk no I would’ve probably thought the same I don’t blame him

No. 333464

I liked it, though John's voice sounds a little autotuned. It's been stuck in my head the past few days. The instrumentation is very nice.

No. 333482

>probably didn't write Beth
I'd take this with an assload of salt considering Gene Simmons spends a whole chapter of his book malding and seething that he didn't write the band's most successful song and it's Gene who said Peter didn't write it. If you read his book he blatantly hated both Peter and Ace and liked Paul because Paul was a doormat.
100% he's a retarded addict but I could see him having written Beth and Gene just being assmad.
He claims he slept with over 1000 women, he definitely slept with minors.

No. 333505

File: 1699311621025.jpeg (275.93 KB, 736x1084, 8C3B126D-0065-4912-9857-BDEE5B…)

Any t rex fags here? God I miss marc so much it’s actually insane he’s literally like my jesus

No. 333509

Got introduced to him through 20th century boys manga and later on jojo part 7 because of one character being based on him style and stand name wise, that is Magenta Magenta. I only know 3 songs by him but I like the way he looked, dressed and the melodies of his music.

No. 333510

Is prog allowed

No. 333515

Yes, all types of rock from 50s-early 90s
Marc was so loved in japan! He had the best style ever. He is one of my favourite people ever and I miss him so dearly. Nonnie if I’m going to recommend you a song I’d say listen to Blessed Wild Apple Girl, it’s very cute

No. 333517

don't see why it would be, post prog comments

No. 333518

Also nonnie if you’re into prog I’ll have you know Roger Waters is one of my all time fav cows, I love him so much

No. 333521

Second anon, sure! Thanks for recommendation. I know "21st century boy", "ride a white swan", and "children of the revolution" so far and I like the variety.

No. 333522

Let's goo king crimson appreciation hours. Personally I don't mind the vocalist change and the band going after Lake's death even though I love his voice and he had an impressive range.

No. 333658

>Gene malding and seething over Beth
Oh yeah, Paul also does in his book but then again a portion of his life is dedicated to shitting on Peter kek
I heard Beth was cowritten by a friend of Peter, so my impression was that he just throwed some ideas here and there and the other dude did most of the work writting it. And Paul & Gene just got jealous over the attention Peter got having the stage all for himself AND singing a great song, all while knowing Peter didn't do much. Like they think he wasn't deserving of the success the song got.
When Paul talks about Ace, he just gives me the same impression, like he thinks Ace also didn't deserve the fans nor recognition because he was throwing everything away with his dangerous behavior and addiction, and that he and Gene are more deserving.

Also I just reread my posts and noticed I wrote Vinnie's name wrong kek let's forget about that

No. 333688

File: 1699377784801.gif (2.45 MB, 395x318, this is exactly what it looks …)

Had to hunt down this gif just for you nonnie

No. 334641

File: 1699646256502.jpg (58.59 KB, 494x732, 0548283df7464df9363b3402b76945…)

>actually named Paul
>"Ace" as nickname because he was supposedly very good at getting girls
>says he is an alien from a planet called Jendell
>drunkard humor
>stole the show at Tom Snyder
>was drunk during it and who knows what else
>snorted cocaine as much as Peter
>did it during the filming of KISS Meets The Phantom of The Park
>knew that movie was a bad idea
>would say only nonsense or "ack" to the movie writers
>got angry when realized that was all his character would say in the movie
>knew The Elder was a worse idea
>would find weird excuses to make out with other men:
>"girls think it's hot"
>kissed Eric Carr to "help" him to get rid of a guy who was coming onto him
>"let's make out so he thinks we're together"
>it backfired because the guy was into it
>collects nazi memorabilia
>would make weird homevids dressed up as a nazi and joke and be edgy about it
>got in the band last
>so anxious for that audition didn't realize his shoes didn't match
>started playing over the interview with another candidate
>Gene or Paul had to tell him to shut it and wait his turn
>very skinny but would randomly get fat and then skinny again
>probably drug related
>would fap at random not necessarily in the privacy of his room
>wouldn't carry equipment
>too anxious and self conscious to sing
>but did sing later on
>let the success of his solo album get over his head
>solo career as successful as Peter's
>took him only 10 years to release his second album
>drug fuelled paranoia that Gene & Paul would kill and replace him
>obviously regrets selling the rights of his makeup/character to Gene & Paul
>liked "The Bag" so much it is mentioned in his book
>probably one of the few things he actually remembers
>memory too fucked up thanks to years of drug abuse
>passed out in a bath and almost died by drowning
>too many car accidents to count
>each of them more stupid than the other
>somehow still alive
>supposedly sober now (press X to doubt)

No. 334688

just found out he was like 5'5". what is it with all the classic rock hobbit men

No. 334694

And yet I would still fuck him in the 70s

No. 334778

Does pearl jam count as classic rock now?

No. 335205

I guess so

No. 338468

File: 1701113196637.gif (8.91 MB, 506x380, aww nooo tears are fawlleeeen.…)

Won't let this thread die, come back nonnies

No. 338474

This and the metal thread are always going to be dead. What is there to talk about fr all the hot guys are dead and everyone else is old.

No. 338502

File: 1701128917277.jpeg (67.48 KB, 498x500, IMG_0274.jpeg)

Hi nonny creator of the thread been busy recently with school. Anyway one of my fav images

No. 338503

File: 1701128969444.jpeg (147.53 KB, 640x941, IMG_0278.jpeg)

Also a lovely image to brighten your day

No. 338695

File: 1701220464392.gif (623.56 KB, 325x249, smooch.gif)

Real nice nonna
There is also the 80s music thread no one remembers anymore kek I enjoyed reading the long posts about their faves

No. 338696

Isnt he insane now

No. 340110

I love this song. You know that feeling when you listen to a great song that is so great you wish you could forget it to listen again? Not this one though, this one feels like when I listened to it for the very first time, it never gets old.

No. 340111

Also this cover. Everything is better in Dio's voice, no one can convince me otherwise.

No. 344845

File: 1703569477361.jpg (47.76 KB, 416x612, 6267d470875aaf51ec6ac7bf558fd8…)

At this point I am talking to myself so might as well use this thread to dump all my favorite dead men pics.

No. 344846

File: 1703569534910.jpg (94.14 KB, 607x900, 63fb51017900d77e3c69913b3c393f…)

No. 344848

File: 1703569957339.jpg (46.78 KB, 433x640, 2189b322adcc52ebe8d23258614632…)

This guy really made me want to learn drums. One day I'll get a room big enough to fit a drum kit, then no one will stop me.

No. 344849

File: 1703570108039.gif (1.24 MB, 320x213, 1041565fd234ab5803c8afa8a722a0…)

Can't forget him.

No. 344851

File: 1703570304560.jpg (68.39 KB, 735x496, 89644613aa352b61850b499975b93c…)

Nice ass. Rip.

No. 344852

File: 1703570393881.jpg (73.82 KB, 499x493, 3ad9d5cc9e43e17c340cf407c81fc7…)

Ok they're not dead yet but I like this pic for whatever Peter is wearing.

No. 354378

File: 1707343008675.jpeg (71.46 KB, 894x600, 1C13DB1C-D6FE-4795-AF2C-AAF954…)

Which one would u bang. Both isn’t an option btw

No. 354436

>Yes shirt
Holy shit Roger Waters looks so fucked up there. How inbred is he? I guess the guy on the left, then.

No. 354437

Horseface but he has to make horse noises

No. 354456

File: 1707367133404.jpeg (57.51 KB, 554x720, E201207B-49D7-4BD6-865F-D4C4D0…)

Ummmm anon don’t be mean about my beautiful horseboy. If u saw how his mum looked it would make sense
Correct answer. The videos of him doing his high pitched screaming turn me on

No. 354467

File: 1707369991748.jpeg (404.15 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_2946.jpeg)

Is this you?

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