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File: 1700251726562.jpg (277.43 KB, 1200x678, enstars.jpg)

No. 336426

>What is Ensemble Stars?
Ensemble Stars! (Enstars/あんスタ) is a 2D Japanese male idol gacha franchise published by Happy Elements K.K. It was originally released as an idol raising sim in 2015. It was relaunched in 2020 as two separate apps, Ensemble Stars!! Basic (raising sim) and Ensemble Stars!! Music (rhythm game). Ensemble Stars!! Music was released in English in 2022. The game received an anime adaptation in 2019, and there is also a manga and stage play. Both games are free to download on iOS and Android.

>What is this thread for?

-General discussion of the game, its characters and story.
-Any gameplay-related questions and advice.
-Enstars-related news and updates.
-Sharing of fanart/fancontent is allowed but don't spam. Take it to the 2D Boys art threads.
-Having fun.


Official Sites:

Official Twitter:

Official Youtube:

English Fan Wiki:

No. 336427

For the nonas who were asking for it

No. 336428

File: 1700251943633.png (192.59 KB, 691x899, __kagehira_mika_ensemble_stars…)

First for my husbando Mika!

No. 336429

File: 1700252376463.png (787.14 KB, 1140x739, my-image.png)

Post rankings

No. 336449

File: 1700254952922.png (504.59 KB, 700x900, FJ4GfTyacAAVw11.png)


No. 336454

I don't want to play the game, just autistically read every story, events included. Is there a way to do that?

No. 336462

For the old game, you can still find all the old story translations by putting the eng wiki into wayback machine. I think you have to go back to around August 2021. For the new game, there's many people who do translations on twitter and tumblr, but they usually only translate stories with their fav characters/units, it's not centralized anymore. People also upload event stories onto Youtube

No. 336464

File: 1700261519777.png (791.76 KB, 1140x739, my-image (2).png)

t. a casual player who still has no idea who some of these guys are

i feel a bit bad putting mayoi in worst bc i love alkaloid but man its pretty hard to defend him and his actions as a character

No. 336467

File: 1700263686186.png (837.84 KB, 1140x741, my-image (7).png)

Stopped playing a few years ago, but I still think about this game from time to time. Wish the gacha rates weren't so bad, as a f2p it was painful to scrape enough dias for a 10-pull ugh.

No. 336470

I was about to ree at nonnies putting rinne at the bottom thank you for appreciating him nonna

No. 336473

File: 1700264491830.jpeg (116.25 KB, 640x800, GRR ARF ARF.jpeg)


No. 336474

what a whore

No. 336475

File: 1700264833908.png (21.27 KB, 300x300, 81e363d90acf5b5458c28d29975c3a…)

no worries nona, how could i not love him, he is sex incarnated

No. 336481


No. 336485

File: 1700267511599.png (2.58 MB, 1984x1600, Screenshot.png)

here senpai

No. 336486

Rinne is the world's funniest man what's there not to like

No. 336534

File: 1700278136847.jpg (254.78 KB, 1549x863, list.JPG)

Downloading the game right now so my tierlist is based entirely on appearances and what little I know about the game from friends who play kek. The gameplay reminds me a lot of the old Love Live mobile game (rip) so I'm excited. I think shark tooth guy will either be my favorite or most hated character depending on his personality

No. 336535

File: 1700278444018.png (811.96 KB, 950x832, IMG_2147.png)

No. 336538

Taking bets on hated even though I like Mayoi. Keep us updated nonna

No. 336540

File: 1700278877252.jpeg (1.73 MB, 1869x1333, IMG_0383.jpeg)

No. 336543

File: 1700279120545.jpeg (83.27 KB, 624x506, 124707C8-B6FA-41CC-B025-858DD5…)

I’m very happy there is an Enstars thread now, I hope it continues to be active.

No. 336545

What’s with most of the people on this thread hating Arashi? Is it because the fandom is obsessed with characterising him as a troon or do you all find him genuinely repulsive for other reasons? I haven’t been in the fandom for years (a large portion of it fucking sucks) but I’m curious.

No. 336547

don't like okama characters in general and fandom is obsessed with him and woobifying his personality

No. 336548

wow the online for this game seems very slow… is everyone in the pro lobbies or something?

No. 336549

File: 1700279821984.jpg (229.42 KB, 800x800, Cool-Cat-Sunglasses-for-Small-…)

I only play on auto idk what other people be doing

No. 336552

i have such an irrational hatred for subaru so i feel vindicated seeing him at the bottom of peoples lists thanks nonnas

No. 336557

File: 1700280052842.png (391.5 KB, 1036x1653, IMG_1589.png)

i started hating him really bad in this one story where he snapped at midori. oh my god he is a whiny ass

No. 336559

I don't usually let fandom decide how I feel about a chara but Western Arashi fans are a different breed of annoying. I cannot dissociate him from troonism.

No. 336560

My hate for him is also irrational. It's just on sight for me, IDK

No. 336562

he sounds like a boomer, i love him so much oh god

No. 336564

I love okama/neesan characters but I hate when they get the "canonically trans" narrative pushed on them instead of them just being flamboyantly gay men.

No. 336566

File: 1700280461677.jpeg (142.69 KB, 990x1024, F6W5VssaQAEqSN4.jpeg)

I just think they're neat

No. 336582

File: 1700285162876.png (766.8 KB, 950x834, IMG_2402.png)

thank you so much nonnie, we really needed one
here’s my ranking

No. 336591

I used to like him because I found his personality fun, but unfortunately the fandom absolutely can ruin things for you. Don't hate him though

No. 336593

Okama characters are absolutely dogshit tier.

No. 336596

File: 1700287554825.jpeg (1.99 MB, 2021x1600, 83065279_p0.jpeg)

>hating subaru

No. 336597

I think I'd like him if he wasn't the game's posterboy. It's the result if seeing a guy I'm absolutely meh on way too many times

No. 336599

Which enstars boy is canonically the most toxic? Getting into the game and I want to oshi whoever that is

No. 336600

Eichi probably. Shu is also a strong contender. There's a lot of toxic boys tho

No. 336608

File: 1700293131542.png (2.57 MB, 1920x1080, mayoi.png)

Agree with nonnie above about Eichi. Fuck Eichi. But (I can't remember what he said verbatim) Mayoi did talk about considering spiking drinks with drugs once. Beside that little (very) concerning blip he is very baby.

No. 336630

File: 1700308864398.jpg (39.58 KB, 760x462, 20231118_130128.jpg)

I can understand the hate, cause he can be overwhelming, and I'm sure people who dislike genki/hyperactive characters find him obnoxious lol. But he has so much depth to his character, and I feel like people never give him any credit at all just because as the other nona said he is… the poster child of the icon of the app, lel.

No. 336634

File: 1700311445247.jpeg (160.91 KB, 640x800, IMG_2404.jpeg)

you will love him

No. 336635

Perhaps not the most, bur ritsu is pretty toxic. Plus possessive as hell to the boy he likes.

No. 336638

File: 1700313040723.jpg (91.94 KB, 1155x540, IMG-20231114-WA0002.jpg)

Did you see this recent card? It has the colored stripes in order and everything, it's getting harder for me to defend him from the troonism. Which is a shame because that's not how he started as, he was just a gay guy through Basic! Era. I really like him as a character beyond this so it's very repulsive that there can't be a character who doesn't play into male gender roles without people shoving him into the female box (so much for hating a binary). Arashi's VA also insists "he is not like a sister, he IS a sister". https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMjTfnR77/ very repulsive.
I'm sorry about what they did to you arashi.

No. 336640

File: 1700316545914.png (779.72 KB, 1140x739, my-image.png)

No. 336648

File: 1700323495261.png (804.53 KB, 1140x741, bububu.png)

I don't think I have strong hate for any character. Maybe if I knew more

No. 336660

File: 1700327981772.jpeg (607.82 KB, 2048x2048, FMU4afDVUAA9g6V.jpeg)

When I used to talk about Enstars here during quarantine I remember being one of the only people on lc who actually played it, where the hell did the rest of you come from (not that I'm complaining)

No. 336670

Tips for getting into Enstars? I'm a sideMfag trying to cope I've tried playing multiple times, gameplays enjoyable but I'm kinda eh on the music. I don't read the in game stories for games but fandom interpretations of characters seem like crackfics (though I know the story is apparently kinda like that/weirdly complex) so I feel like I've got to drag through in game to know who's who. Sad bc a lot of these guys are super cute, I was thinking about watching the anime to get into it but is it a good place to start?

No. 336673

RIP, I'm pouring one out for all of the ! era fans who have had to see him get forced into this box in real time

No. 336675

The anime sucks, don't bother
Just watch MVs on youtube until you find a unit/character who CLICKS with you and resonates with your soul and then you can download the eng app to read their stories. At least, thats how I got into it.

No. 336680

The anime is very eh but helped me start to build up the hype

No. 336683

It's really frustrating seeing them butcher a character by appealing to the worst possible demographic. It's basically why I refuse to interact with the fandom any more at all.

No. 336691

File: 1700335867641.jpeg (773.77 KB, 1125x1056, IMG_6929.jpeg)

shu itsuki posting

No. 336706

I wish the localization wasn't painful to read. For such a text-heavy game the translation is very stilted. I feel my brain going numb reading too much at once.

No. 336723

the EN game translations suck nonna, I recommend using the wayback machine and going to the enstars wiki to read the old translations!

No. 336725

File: 1700342240066.jpeg (111.05 KB, 798x950, F5Wmum0a4AA0K9u.jpeg)

Love this goofy ass faggot

No. 336735

Are there consistent translations for !! stories from the past year and a half or so? I remember not being able to find complete TLs for Obbligato just recently.

No. 336738

No. 336741

File: 1700347847734.jpeg (127.46 KB, 1500x1408, F5HAzQSbsAAKblx.jpeg)

You guys feel free to post any helpful links I missed in the OP

No. 336742

File: 1700349326538.jpeg (3.31 MB, 2000x2830, E9Y0TTUVcAEDXjx.jpeg)

No. 336752

They make millions off of yumewhales, why is the translation so bad? And happyele has the audacity to force fan translators to delete their translations that are actually readable

No. 336756

Thank you so much! Time to enjoy that sweet HimeTatsu angst…

No. 336757

Based Ryuuseitai enjoyer

No. 336761

File: 1700357537642.jpeg (231.3 KB, 1245x1517, F9NCoEsboAAcMRE.jpeg)

They are simply the most soulful unit in the game

No. 336762

File: 1700359012634.jpeg (66.1 KB, 530x530, IMG_2413.jpeg)

he’s so cute

No. 336820

Can nonnas please say why they like/hate their favorite/least favorite boys. Not bait, I genuinely think enstars haterism is the funniest thing becuase of the insane shit the source material provides us to develop opinions off of. Please don't get too serious.

No. 336829

File: 1700381868290.jpg (135.71 KB, 640x800, fag.jpg)

Izumi bc i have severe mental problems and he's literally me please don't ask more questions
>Least favorite
Leo. He's so fucking childish and annoying i don't understand how he's popular at all. Honestly i would usually just be indifferent to him but the fact that he's the most popular ship with Izumi pisses me off to no end. No i don't care that they have a complex relationship in canon, he's ugly and obnoxious and i am shallow

No. 336859

I have never seen an IzumiP who dislikes Leo this is a first

No. 336906

Who is your favorite ship with Izumi?

No. 336912

I may as well be the only one. Not gonna change my opinion though. I even tried to force myself to like it at one point but he reminds me of the children in my life with his behavior.
I don't ship him with anyone at all really. if I feel like seeing him get railed I'll go into the ritsuizu tag tho. Don't care for the ship itself

No. 336920

File: 1700419218357.jpeg (203.02 KB, 941x1034, IMG_2420.jpeg)

not a ship but I feel like they would get along well

No. 338470

I hate how basically have to log in everyday for this game, it's so exhausting. I really think i might just stop playing and just read the stories in my free time

No. 338869

File: 1701298220115.png (838.86 KB, 1000x462, tomoya feet.png)

I finally downloaded the game. I am feeling so much FOMO over downloading it so late. Please tell me there are event and scout re-runs… I missed out on almost all of Tomoya's cards.

No. 338875

You can collect memorial coins in events and save up to buy event cards. Gacha cards get added to the general pool and don't rate up again unfortunately

No. 338894

I am glad! i hope i can get really far as f2p. So far i only like two boys, but there are so many i will probably end up liking most of them.

No. 339529

File: 1701593584369.png (804.86 KB, 1000x462, sexooo.png)

Nonnies whats your dream card? I am saving for pic rel.

No. 339694

File: 1701666802039.jpg (119.47 KB, 1000x462, FMVp1vAUYAICpei.jpg)

No. 339695

File: 1701666967146.png (1.63 MB, 1560x720, IMG_0402.png)

He is so beautiful.

No. 339707

File: 1701670072743.jpg (1.24 MB, 1942x1080, 1049710.jpg)

I love Leo and Izumi so much! I downloaded the game when the english server got released after seeing one of the weird ads on Instagram and fell in love with Knights. I hate Arashi mostly for the weird teacherxstudent shit going on in game and the fandom killing me for not calling the 2D png a female. I understand why the Izumi nona dislikes Leo he's very annoying but thats why I love him

No. 339715

i cant stand the faggot characters, honestly. Arashi and tori are such fucking cancer i wish i could erase them off the game. Weirdly enough, i like hajime, probably because he's still pretty boyish and his personality isnt cancer.

No. 339717

Honestly, I'd say about half the cast comes off as faggy to me kek

No. 339733

File: 1701674286325.png (857.05 KB, 640x800, flambe outfit.png)

flambe outfits are so hot to me kek they are shamelessly BDSM outfits. What outfit sets do you like the most?
nah i am okay with yaoi fanservice, waifu games do it all the time. what i hate is the FAGGINESS. Tori feels like a shittier astolfo and Arashi is just an annoying faggot that only a faghag could love, they dont deserve to be in a game for yumes and fujos. I wonder if there are even women who oshi arashi?

No. 339738

I hate Arashi but I like Tori because I think it's funny that he's so fucking toxic and an Eichisimp while looking like that.

No. 339797

File: 1701702635054.jpeg (315.61 KB, 1280x800, tumblr_p9llj8w3Fb1wy2kbjo7_128…)

> I wonder if there are even women who oshi arashi?
clearly weren't around before the english release when one japanese arashiP spent so much money on getting 1st place in one of his rank events that she said all she could afford to eat for the next few months was plain white rice KEK

No. 339799

File: 1701704323015.jpg (275.47 KB, 1500x845, ezgif-1-54d4a0a17d.jpg)

ryuseitai's jiangshi cards are still my favorite

No. 339866

Kek how much did she spend?

No. 341259

I finally gave in and started playing the english version a few days ago.
>have to FC each song on each difficulty to get free auto lives
Damnit, time to get my mobage rhythm game skills back.

No. 341359

you can do it nonnie! enstars beatmaps are usually not that hard

No. 341370

So does clearing lives on higher difficulties give me more rewards or something? I haven't really cleared many songs on normal and higher since I wanted to try all the songs out on easy first.

No. 341515

Nonnies, who do you produce ? And which group could you care less about ?

No. 341745

My lovely Ryuseitai ♥
>Don't give a shit about
80% of them idk. The only other full unit I care about is Valkyrie, with a tiny bit of knightsfagging on the side

No. 341756

>who do you produce ?
ra*bits and switch
>And which group could you care less about ?
akatsuki and undead
cute genki boys>serious angsty edgy fags

No. 341765

File: 1702437201174.jpeg (146.31 KB, 640x800, IMG_2635.jpeg)

he can be genki too, nonna!!

No. 341766

File: 1702437288194.png (192.28 KB, 437x415, 1670987175308.png)

such genki smiles, fills me with joy

No. 341767

File: 1702437396169.png (36.4 KB, 766x1000, 1692638508925.png)

my favrtite thing bout this game is all the flavours of glasses guys i have never felt more cattered to as a glassesfag

No. 341770

File: 1702437611938.jpeg (92.28 KB, 735x736, Chiaki Morisawa.jpeg)

the only glasses faggot i like. he should cry more often

No. 341772

he's a fag for being into super sentai instead of kamen rider which is the superior tokusatsu

No. 341774

>random words
what's that? i can't hear you over the sound of my fag crying sexily

No. 341779

Kamen Rider is my no.1 too but with the state of the series these days can you really blame him kek

No. 341783

File: 1702440146892.jpg (203.86 KB, 736x958, _ on X.jpg)


No. 341921

File: 1702492871495.png (362.33 KB, 854x630, 202312140340_ac9f628c-45ca-445…)

Has anyone else tried this super cute producer picrew thing?

No. 341929

Chatting with the other producers in-game is so fun. I am kinda amazed at the amount of freedom ES gives you compared to other games, i hope they dont get rid of it because of tard zoomers getting groomed.

No. 341936

I would try it but you're literally me nonna. Chiakana is the only reason I play the game. I can't wait for the climax and I don't care how bad it is or what characters they ignore so long as chiakana gets more scenes

No. 341948

File: 1702497509657.jpeg (297.62 KB, 1991x1991, F-lTho0XEAAEa36.jpeg)

Superb taste nona. They're the perfect blend of softness and angst in a ship it's just so good.

No. 341954

File: 1702498626910.png (960.96 KB, 1500x845, (Librarian)_Keito_Hasumi_CG.pn…)

My glasses fetish demands I like Keito, if I didn't already love Mika he'd be my husbando for sure. The fact he collects glasses as well is chefs kiss

No. 341960

i normally dont like this character trope, mostly because it tends to be the only ''glasses option'' in otomes, but i love him.

No. 342126

It says access denied

No. 342227

File: 1702567062196.jpg (132.65 KB, 1280x721, tenmaç.jpg)

Does anyone know why they are changing Tenma's seiyuu? I imagine the guy wants to retire or something, i hope it desnt happen for my favourite boy. I am kinda glad though because my god, his voice is horrendous. I hope they give me a less grating voice.

No. 342230

He scammed people, targeting old people, got outed & fired

No. 342231

Idk why they gave him such an annoying ass voice, he actually sounds pretty nice when singing imo. But are they gonna have this new va replace all his parts in songs for the game?

No. 342247

Agreed. His character design is kyute but holy shit, his voice sounded so faggy the first I heard it. I hope whoever is replacing him is a woman since only a female voice can make male characters like these sound tolerable.

No. 342254

I just can't stand how loud he is when he talks like calm down boy I can hear you perfectly fine.
Speaking of faggy voices we hate, sometimes I can't stand Aira the whole "ai wuuUuuubu" shit is grating as hell.

No. 342353

I actually loved Misturu's voice. It was unique and made him stand out from his group. It's going to be jarring hearing him sound too similar to the rest of Rab*its.

No. 342391

I have voice clips in songs turned off specifically because of these two, kek. Glad to hear he's getting replaced because the adult man forcing a cute voice was always too audible in him for my taste.

No. 342406

I loved him so much for that reason, too. Most characters are too perfect and either super handsome or plain cute. I know that’s the point of idols, but I like how much personality it had, really stood out from generic beautiful voice’d kawaii boy.
By the way, here’s the new VA in action for anyone curious. https://twitter.com/mika_enstars/status/1735541898956194287

No. 342409

It just doesn't hit the same for me. He's missing his vibrato and it sounds too much like the new VA is trying to replicate his old voice too hard. It makes him sound like he needs to clear his throat. I would've preferred if they just went with a new direction.

No. 342502

undead, crazy:b
akatsuki, ra*bits, fine
i like some members in ryuseitai but as a unit i dont give a damn about them

No. 343004

Am I the only one who isn't enjoying the direction the story is taking? I can't bring myself to give a shit about the new non idol side characters like kaname, negi, gatekeeper, or the supposed qweer coded npcs that appear for like one story? There were more memorable stories in the ! era imo

Anyways stan akatsuki

No. 343133

File: 1702878956080.jpeg (83.39 KB, 420x525, IMG_6781.jpeg)

True nonnie, the !! era would be very boring for me if it weren’t for rinne/crazy:b

No. 343135

I’m not into ensemble stars really, but I did get into it briefly for the stories and had some close friends that were obsessed with it for years. But from what I know the fandom is insanely gendie and kinda hyperwoke, every community I’ve seen of it has been, so I’m surprised to see a thread of it on here. I also thought it seemed very active but still niche and small enough that drama spreads fast. Do you all interact with some other side of the fandom I haven’t seen, or do you larp or something?

No. 343142

don't worry nona, i feel the same and ive been into this series on/off since 2016. i'm just here for hokke at this point… <3 once a trickstarP always a trickstarP

No. 343150

Yeah the fandom is full of genderspecials, wich is not surprising considering how most of the enstars cast looks/acts like lol
I don't go out of my way to interact with the online fandom other than following fan translators and fan artists on twitter, sometimes I post fan art of my own. I am lucky enough to have few irl enstars friends who aren't gendies, I find that fans that tend to engage with the jp/cn sides of the fandom tend not to be.

Twitter enstarries are so hypervigilant when it comes to arashi, it's so obvious and performative. There is utterly no room for other interpretations of his character other than being trans, like I see fan translators who don't use she/her get harassed and people throw shitfits over people not changing arashi's pronouns in old fics where they may have used he/him.
I don't know that much about arashi but I wonder when the attitudes of fans became like this?
tbh it's refreshing to see other enstarries who don't buy into this gender crap here haha

I find it annoying when people unironically project their genderspecial views onto the characters, it feels super reductive when they do it to characters like Shu, because god forbid a flamboyant gay man that enjoys sewing and collects dolls exist without changing his body or his identity.
I love that he can unapologetically express himself even though he was bullied for his unconventional hobbies as a child, he breaks gender roles and there is no shame or hesitation in what he does in pursuit of his artistic vision.
iirc he did feel distress with his body and voice during puberty, but more like he was upset that he'd no longer fit his ideal of beauty which is doll-like androgyny and youthful purity(my man is not right in the head so he finds comfort in dolls and aesthetics but that's what makes him so fascinating to me)
I like to think of him as a character who struggled in his youth and his time at yumenosaki but is currently flourishing and is less mentally ill
To me it doesn't make sense for him to go backwards and embrace gender stereotypes by trooning out.

No. 343187

>the fandom is insanely gendie and kinda hyperwoke
it sucks because it's the only bishounen franchise that is semi big in the anglosphere. Other bishounen franchises have bad art or are also targeted towards males (like sports manga) or impossible to find any english translations for.
Enstars is so unapologetically pandering towards otaku women. Men get a gazillion waifu animes and games a year and they have dedicated translation communities. I wish western female otakus weren't embarrassed to admit that they like 2D guys. Enstars is the only not-ugly bishounen franchise that has a dedicated english community but they have a stick up in their ass and use it to virtuesignal.
15 years ago western female otakus had no problem with shipping themselves with 2d guys or shipping 2d guys with each other, but you are not allowed to do that anymore because it's problematic even though that's the entire point of enstars.
It must be a psyop that told women that they aren't allowed to like cute 2d boys. I doubt that these women actually find gendie headcanons attractive but they would rather get browniepoints from internet strangers than they would indulge in powerfantasies.
Sometimes I envy men they have so much media made for their tastes and they don't police each other

No. 343192

File: 1702905101353.png (308.89 KB, 635x870, IMG_4312.png)

Damn, thought this guy was Torahiko from ichu for a minute.

No. 343270

File: 1702924772998.jpg (1.77 MB, 3264x1823, old cards.jpg)

I really miss the soft linework and lighting that was used in the early cards of the old game, its so cozy looking

No. 343272

Honestly i think Akira is tired of the game and doesn't want to write for it anymore. A lot of what made the ! era so fun is missing in !!

No. 343325

I'm the same, I tried getting into it but it seemed to lean more into BL fanservice which I'm not into, but I got to see the fandom being rabid because as always mentally ill gendie women won't let other women enjoy anything

No. 343354

I love his new VA!. I dont care about his old voice being unique or whatever, i want my animu boys to be perfect. His ugly voice ruined his little brother charm to me, it was too obnoxious. With a new voice he's on my top 5.

No. 343356

Damn, we literally cant have shit. One single yume game and they had to add a troon to it. I wish i was a millionaire so i could make my male blue archive and fill it with hot male characters beating the shit of eachother.

No. 343462

>yume game
Lol. But Blue Archive is shit even by gacha game standards. Its only selling point is porn like Nikke. You should be hoping for the SideM Cinderella Girls clone we'll never get because Bamco is an incel company.

No. 343520

Saki is more based than Arashi by miles

No. 343523

File: 1702998528896.jpg (474.09 KB, 1624x1008, ShikiYamato .jpg)

>You should be hoping for the SideM Cinderella Girls clone we'll never get because Bamco is an incel company.
They already did that and it died. SideM really can't keep itself alive, it's a shame because there are a lot of good boys and I really enjoy imas as a whole. It just can't compete with enstars, I guess.

No. 343526

I suggest you do some digging into the SideM games and the drama surrounding their deaths because not a single word you just said was true. SideM's treatment by Bamco is a blackpill story about misogyny.

No. 343527

>Arashi's VA also insists "he is not like a sister, he IS a sister".
this is disgusting

No. 343551

File: 1703007891149.jpg (1.41 MB, 2408x1080, Screenshot_20231219_124212_Ens…)

I just started this game, so excuse my new faggotry. I need this version of Rei so bad. Is there a way to get him or do I just have to get the scout tickets?

No. 343554

Yes I agree. That jimenyan card brings peace on earth…

No. 343555

I believe you can only get him through the scout event until they add his card to the memorial shop in a year. Since you're new you'll probably be able to get him quick though. When you unlock infinite lives just start grinding those, they sometimes give dia tickets as a reward and you can also use coins you get from clearing the lives to buy dia tickets in the infinite live shop.
You could also save up your dia and straight up buy a pull. A 10-card pull is 3500 dia, there's quite a few ways to get dia so I don't think you'll have a problem racking them up. Check your achievements every now and then to claim some dia, you can get a shit ton if you haven't checked on it in a couple days.

No. 343597

Thank you so much, anon! I appreciate you.

No. 343598

File: 1703016641286.jpeg (378.24 KB, 1500x1001, 3840982.jpeg)

I have no idea what Ensemble Stars is or who this guy is, but this is the most beautiful figure I have seen in ages so I pre-ordered it. What can you guys tell me about him?

No. 343599

File: 1703016822525.jpg (40.79 KB, 1024x576, EhRIr9vUYAAINsi.jpg)

vampire, teenage grandpa, a lil chuuni, brocon

No. 343615

I wish I could fund you for male ryona

No. 343638

Ah, the one miss curse. How I have not missed you.

No. 343644

Omg, he's perfect

No. 343663

I'm ready to buy 10 scout tickets with my earned dia. Wish me luck

No. 343672

Do the subaru 5 star missions and buy the cheap scout tickets on the shop, it should give you 4 10 pulls for dirt cheap.
They added a female mc for the anime for a reason, anon. Also, blue archive is great for gacha shit standars, they poured a shit ton of money on it and it shows. I would kill for a male clone of it that's action-based. Love rhytmn games but i can only take one at a time and we need more diversity in gameplay styles.
>You should be hoping for the SideM Cinderella Girls clone we'll never get because Bamco is an incel company.
there was one already and it sucked ass then it closed lol.

No. 343673

File: 1703030020192.jpg (143.97 KB, 1280x576, pain and misery in low res.jpg)

I did 2 10 scouts and only got the guaranteed 4 stars. I dont love him but the cards from that set are pure sex.

No. 343677

Does JP really not have looping autos? The insane masochism of playing this game if true is incredible if true… I kneel

No. 343678

oh sweet sweet new gachaplayer nonna. Love live SIF had an event format where you had to play lives to get event currency, then play the event song with the currency, but instead of being able to play 5x or 10x like in ES you had to do it each time MANUALLY, it was a fucking cancer to rank in those events. They later added a way to play once but consume more event currency, to the detriment of costing more overall paid currency.

No. 343685

Love live was truly something else with it's 1% UR rate and no guarantee for years

No. 343690

File: 1703036058138.gif (2.78 MB, 640x640, mort-crying.gif)

>1% UR rate
>ranking events
>must have 2 copies of the same card to ''bloom'' it
>no 3D models or live2D
i get nam flashbacks from staying up all night trying not to fall out of the event brackets so i could get my wife's .png. Ensemble Stars is so generous in comparison.

No. 343692

Oh my god that sounds brutal.
I feel like the bad thing about JPstars situation is just that better QOL has been implemented for the localized release of the game. So it's totally implementable but mockingly not present for them

No. 343693

what things do you like the most about Ensemble Stars, nonny?
At least it takes a while for BP to regenerate, but it does sound shitty and unfair for JP players.

No. 343696

And you ranked for fucking SR cards. I can't believe how much shit I put up for fucking SR cards

No. 343699

File: 1703039915383.png (854.75 KB, 1000x462, free card.png)

this wtf. Ensemble stars is so fucking generous. I just started playing but i got both an event 5 stars and 2 4 stars cards for free and i couldnt believe it. I got the lattest event 4 stars for free too. I know gachas are inherently greedy and evil, but this one feels weirdly generous. It's tempting to actually spend money on it.

No. 343750

File: 1703079684534.jpeg (339.79 KB, 1500x1001, 3840979.jpeg)

He is genuinely one of the most beautiful figures I have ever seen. I just had to get him. He's up for PO on amiami if you want to get him yourself!

Teenage grandpa? In behaviour or Vampire Knight-style?

The card doesn't do the figure justice imho… but I love what it spawned.

No. 343752

Early deresute was like this too. I was never bothered to rank events, I only wanted to grind enough points for the event cards and even that was brutal, I had to make sure I was getting enough event points each day in order to make it and it would burn me out, there was no autoplay function (still don't think deresute has one, correct me if I'm wrong) so I had to play every song manually, thankfully I had good enough cards at that point that I could fuck up a bit and still clear. It got a bit better after they added event point multipliers but it was really still the same amount of grinding normal songs for the event currency in the end.

No. 343808

I also got those pulls. Great ones. I am dying for Rei though. I need him in that outfit.

No. 343822

File: 1703098799421.jpeg (690.36 KB, 1100x800, E6W5HohUYAA-bFV.jpeg)

>what things do you like the most about Ensemble Stars
The characters of course! There are so many fun and unique characters in this game that fill me with joy. They have really great character development for a gacha game and there are so many interesting dynamics for everyone to enjoy. They may be really over the top and melodramatic at times but I think that adds to their charm. I also think there is some great music in the game as well, especially Valkyrie.

No. 343825

>Teenage grandpa? In behaviour or Vampire Knight-style?
He's a young guy who LARPs as an old man because….he's just like that

No. 343839

i never realized he had whore heels, nice

No. 344155

He's such a slut. I need this card, but I already did 2 10scout pulls and got nothing good.

No. 344263

File: 1703279714494.jpeg (631.36 KB, 2048x1686, GB35p6ubUAAfnER.jpeg)

Posting some cute fanart

No. 344264

File: 1703279795017.jpeg (408.47 KB, 2048x1826, GB35p6xaMAADByU.jpeg)

No. 344266

File: 1703279933750.jpeg (717.17 KB, 2048x1082, GB35p6tbsAA3xYM.jpeg)

No. 344268

File: 1703280217484.jpeg (376.84 KB, 2048x1130, GB35p6taoAAGlsU.jpeg)

No. 344271

This MV was the cutest

No. 344275

Sad that we won't get it on EN server….at least we got the auto feature in exchange

No. 344662

why didnt we get this? i dont get it

No. 344680

File: 1703485619108.png (606.82 KB, 1000x462, better than nothing.png)

how did your christmas pulls go nonnies? i got 2 4stars, one 5stars. All basic too, so not a single interesting outfit.

No. 344684

File: 1703489444564.jpg (119.06 KB, 700x800, akehoshi subaru (ensemble star…)

I got arashi's 4-star card AGAIN. And I had saved up for a dia pull too.

No. 344693

i would lick his tummy

No. 344705

File: 1703510926417.png (3.22 MB, 2436x1125, IMG_3388.png)

I got Ritsu’s 5 star, the first I’ve been able to roll so I’m pretty pleased.

No. 344711

Just some 4 stars i already had

No. 344729

We can lick it together nonnie

No. 344815

File: 1703553462359.jpeg (1.38 MB, 2600x2600, GCMavkKawAAaSdE.jpeg)

merry christmas nonniekins

No. 344825

File: 1703559313009.jpeg (37.54 KB, 345x194, IMG_1801.jpeg)

Merry christmas i want an izumi tour event so bad

No. 344833

File: 1703564329062.jpeg (185.19 KB, 905x674, IMG_6129.jpeg)

I played es when it first released 8yr ago and got bored of it but just downloaded the Eng version today…I just can’t stay away from my boys

No. 344841

the new event format is so fucking retarded

No. 344844

File: 1703567757681.jpeg (416.21 KB, 1307x2048, GCM8caCXoAAciYl.jpeg)

Happy Mika day!

No. 344944

File: 1703617069770.jpg (102.38 KB, 1200x675, GCM-TB7bgAEvAws.jpg)

I had 29k dia saved for him and pulled earlier today. Got both his 5s, one of the 4s I didn't have and all of his 3*s. I'm extremely pleased, there's only one card of my boy I don't have now.

No. 344953

File: 1703619021116.jpeg (152.77 KB, 941x710, IMG_2745.jpeg)

you’re my inspiration nonna, i need all his cards

No. 345060

File: 1703646452614.png (1012.58 KB, 640x800, (Evening_Glow_Paddle)_Izumi_Se…)

God I still can't believe how whore-ish they made him look in this card. I need to plaster it on my homepage…come to EN faster Secchan

No. 345065

I want to start this game but the fact that so much of it has already passed and I'm missing the opportunities I had to get every card of my favorite boy (I like to go full solo character dedication when I play gacha) turns me off. If you join now, is there any chance of getting every elapsed card of my favorite boy?

No. 345068

The EN version of the game is like 1.5 years in rn, so if you want to catch up it's easier to try it on EN. I think there is a few permanently gone low-rarity cards but if you just want your favorite boy's 5 stars, it's doable but definitely requires time investment to save up memorial coins and such. It's easy to farm diamonds as a new player so just rack it up and sit on it until his banner comes

No. 345146

File: 1703694627934.jpeg (159.25 KB, 849x539, IMG_0494.jpeg)

Thanks! Started last night.

No. 345148

who's your favourite boy nonna?

No. 345196

File: 1703713350576.jpeg (114.9 KB, 850x1471, IMG_0495.jpeg)

It's a toss-up between Himeru, Tatsumi, and Natsume right now! I'll have to spend some time getting to know them in game before I really decide. Tatsumi and Himeru appeal a lot to me appearance-wise, but I like Natsume's quirkiness and Switch's music/choreo a ton.

No. 345306

File: 1703754390024.jpg (68.74 KB, 504x504, 53519004_p10.jpg)

Does anyone else get late 00's/early 10's vibes from Knights' music? I don't know if it's the instrumentals or what but something about it just reminds me of songs from that era.
Also started reading the old stories on the wayback machine and man does some of this shit have me cackling, why isn't the official translations for this game more fun? I stopped actually reading the story only a few eps in cause of how fucking boring it was listening to either Eichi or Aira babble on about shit.

No. 345307

(newfag question) How far is common for people to go when producing a specific boy? Would they be maxing out all of his cards that they can get their hands on, and saving/going in on events for all of his cards?

No. 345309

The official localization for !! Is painfully still and dry to me too, which is a shame considering how fun the story conceots and characters are. It's especially palpable coming in fromg TWST being my other main mobage, as TWST has a great localization barring some minor warts but I find Enstars to have much more engaging gameplay.
I also just really don't like some of the creative choices made with this localization compared to the ! era fan localizations… Like Hiyori's tic loses a lot in the official IMO.
I've experienced way worse in mobage localizations before, so I'm still grateful for what we have, but man.

No. 345337

Yes, knights music gives me 2nd gen kpop boy band vibes lol. EDM tracks with the vocalists just going off (I love izumi's voice so much). Even their choreo gives me flashbacks. Agree with you about the translations, the official ones are such a slog to get through while im constantly rereading the fan TLs from the old game

No. 345343

I produce only for one boy and it's pretty hard. His next card is a limited collab-only card so i am saving all my dias for it, so even if i use all my dias without getting it i can still get it through the coin shop. My goal is to get enough dupes to unlock the alternate colors outfit, so i am also saving money.

No. 345399

File: 1703790716925.jpeg (141.28 KB, 530x530, IMG_2761.jpeg)

happy mika wednesday

No. 345402

File: 1703791455177.jpg (100.02 KB, 1114x1080, Fo7Oh1YaAAMPlUJ.jpg)

Nona are you trying to bait me to post this retard? Because I will

No. 345406

File: 1703792543102.png (2.27 MB, 1000x1250, IMG_0499.png)

It should be Wataru Wednesday and Mika Monday

No. 345409

File: 1703793833059.png (808.85 KB, 640x800, IMG_6999.png)

I call dibs on Tsumugi Thursday. My overworked, pathetic, little homosexual man.

No. 345416

Post more of him so that I can study his appeal

No. 345452

File: 1703819999904.jpeg (168.57 KB, 850x1394, IMG_0501.jpeg)

I love him and he makes me want to be better, but not in a yume way… He's truly an idol to me and I feel happier just looking at him and hearing his words. He could fix me

No. 345495

he's bisexual because he loves me

No. 345758

A couple questions:
-How long does it take for a card to show up in the memorial shop? I'm waiting on a gacha card and a card from a tour event for my boy, both from the past 6 months, but neither are there yet.
-Should I even bother with other items in the event shop, or should I focus on picking up memorial coins for now?

No. 345829

>Gacha card
Should be there. They get added to the general pool 3 months after the first run. Is the card you're waiting for limited? Those don't get added.
>Tour card
Event cards and all the other event stuff get added to the memorial shop after one year iirc
>Should I even bother with other items in the event shop, or should I focus on picking up memorial coins for now?
I mean, that's what I do since I started late and missed my oshi's event 5*. Maybe someone else can give better advice on this though

No. 345841

File: 1703999305006.png (1.6 MB, 1560x720, IMG_0503.png)

The gacha one is this one from October(I believe?), I'm not sure which cards are limited.
Thanks for the information!

No. 346242

File: 1704234928940.jpg (289.59 KB, 1500x1900, 1703847268.jpg)

Happy new year nonnas! Did anyone have any luck with their new year's scouts? I ended up getting FS Rei and another copy of Wataru's so I'm pretty satisfied.

It's nice seeing other TatsumiPs ITT. Didn't have much interest in him when I first started playing, but now he's my fave boy and makes me smile every time I look at him. Ended up maxing out his feature scout card on his birthday too! He really is purifying.

No. 346243

got 3 5stars, although one was a dupe, but i am not complaining.

No. 346263

File: 1704254602037.jpeg (363.43 KB, 1003x1416, GC0srambcAAYq3b.jpeg)

mika a cute…

No. 346266

File: 1704255551895.jpeg (193.71 KB, 1297x1295, GCxQ-XvbMAAzAjG.jpeg)

Anyone else feel so fucking deranged because you have two favorite units who don't interact that often in canon? I need Ryuseitai and knights to be mashed together for literally any fucking reason at all at this point i can't take it anymore. I need to see my favorite boys interact more, I don't care if it doesn't make sense

No. 346299

I like Rei a lot, but Mika's accent has been stealing my heart.

No. 346433

File: 1704333440325.jpg (163.39 KB, 1000x1200, 54912365_p6.jpg)

Nonnies why can't a cute boy attack me with hugs everytime I see him?

No. 346473

File: 1704353171312.png (533.61 KB, 700x900, IMG_0506.png)

Fellow TatsumiP reporting in, I got Tetora's 5* off of the New Years scout!
And same, I joked about liking him early on because of the Christian gimmick but ended up feeling genuinely healed by his presence and loving him dearly. I'm going to be in pieces when Obbligato arrives.

No. 347140

File: 1704656696203.png (275.38 KB, 600x855, 56577421_p7.png)

Hey nonnies, what's your opinion on a console enstars game? I'd think it would be like idolm@ster and possibly the project diva games. I know this would never happen cause gacha whales are more profitable, but the idea popped up in my mind and thought it was interesting enough to share.

No. 347155

I'd like this. What comes to mind for me is a game that's part open world, part dating sim/stat raiser where you go around producing them but once stat requirements are high enough you can date them. This idea probably works better in my head, but these boys are too good to be stuck in a gacha if you ask me

No. 347156

I want something like Gravure for you or dead or alive xtreme 2. It kills me that there isnt a male equivalent of horny games for women. I just want to see husbandos pose for me in swimsuits or play volleyball in sexy clothes.

No. 347188

Both of you just made me depressed that neither of these will never happen but if it was the 00s we'd probably get at least some type of console port…

No. 347205

bandori is on switch, so there is hope

No. 347287

idolmaster side M but there isn't the volleyball edition or anything of course

No. 347368

File: 1704749691813.jpg (482.23 KB, 1508x1177, Tumblr_l_21268257673568829.jpg)

Isn't sideM dead?
Also the autism kicked in and I started jotting down ideas for an ES game and want to know if anyone is interested in my sperg. It's weirdly fun coming up with stuff for this even if I'm not gonna do anything with it kek.

No. 347371

I'd love to hear it, nona.

No. 347435

i know side m exists i wasnt talking about a male idolmaster lol, i just want a male gravure game where i can take pics of cute boys

No. 347831

File: 1704946924849.jpg (2.9 MB, 2952x3600, 114699718_p11.jpg)

Sorry nona I got confused lol
Incoming sperg: I figured the game would be like a more open idolm@ster (shocking I know). Probably produce a whole unit of your choice and raise their stats to perform well in live shows. Not entirely sure how I'd want lives to work but I was thinking having dreamfes be the big events to prepare for. I'd like it to be free roam and be able to run around with your idols and talk to people, I was thinking of the PC having relationship stats with the boys and interacting with them and becoming friends with them would let you date them. Also get close to them via skinship kek (thought of the petting minigame from fates and thought it would be funny).
I'd also want to focus on idol activities other than just lives, like fan meetups, photoshoots (obligatory photo mode), and dramas. I'd imagine these would all have their own minigames and your idol/unit's stats would apply to all idol activities in different ways. Oh yeah, you can also collect and put stupid accessories on the boys for shits and giggles.
Honestly not too sure how I'd like relationships to work cause I feel like doing something like persona social links would be a bit boring, I think it would be funny to piss off a boy you don't like and become an enemy of his lmao. Also don't know what stats they'd have and how that would affect idol activities since Idk what you'd do for some of them. I'd like to hear any ideas nonnies have, this could be fun.

No. 348232

File: 1705115871698.png (883.28 KB, 800x800, GDjsBvibUAACht9.png)


No. 348277

File: 1705127456679.jpg (893.64 KB, 800x1200, 113237846_p0_master1200.jpg)

recently got back into the game after being "retired" since about 2019 when ! was in the process of closing down. still attached to the same characters (trickstarfag for life im afraid…) but i'm very invested in niki now too… he's cute… i like that he calls the player nee-san…

No. 348318

File: 1705146736326.jpeg (1.3 MB, 926x1171, IMG_2940.jpeg)

tatsumi anons how are you feeling

No. 348324

Not a TatsumiP but that card is pretty ugly.

No. 348426

File: 1705178509027.png (500.72 KB, 1500x1500, IMG_0518.png)

Is this a crane bride theme? I'm so here for it, thank you HE for my life.

No. 348449

Congrats. He's so cute.

No. 348450

I need that card. I love Tatsumi so much.

No. 348973

the card and full cg are gorgeous to me. then again, all of his cards are pretty…

No. 349109

File: 1705435326462.png (317.88 KB, 1140x463, my-image.png)

Post ship ranking. (Please sperg about your favorite enst ships to me)

No. 349330

File: 1705529999358.png (89.78 KB, 1140x432, download.png)

I'll ship almost anything but I love shumika so much my little toxic loser boyfriends

No. 349379

File: 1705541900731.jpeg (114.66 KB, 834x489, IMG_6574.jpeg)

shumika ftw
I like too many. I hope they all explode

No. 349400

File: 1705546041749.jpg (173.27 KB, 640x800, mayomayomayo.jpg)

La Mort scout will be coming to EN soon, this is not a fucking drill! I will try to get my hands on this Mayoi and maybe Ritsu, pray for me.

No. 349435

good luck! many mayo blessings to you nonna

No. 349439

File: 1705554345087.jpg (41.99 KB, 679x510, aafa3a69636ff132a2823fa0f5a491…)

based shumika nonnas. i can't wait to suffer for acanthe.

No. 350717

File: 1705973876440.jpg (6.17 KB, 400x300, 1700411036919.jpg)

I have never been this painfully unlucky before in a gacha. I keep getting repeats of the same cards even though i just started playing. I have only 5 5star cards but i somehow keep getting repeats of the cards i already have. Worst part is i keep getting repeats of the starter cards, so its not like i can aim to unlock the second MV outfit color.

No. 350937

I have a different but similar problem, I've gotten good (but not amazing) pulls on EN but JP Basic hates me.

No. 350944

i have been playing for like a week and have 13 5 stars, is that good?? im new to rythm games altogether but also play project sekai where i feel like its harder to get 5 stars (only have about 8 and play for almost a month now).

No. 350949

I love Vakerie so much. Mika and Shu are my strongest cards right now.

No. 350968

File: 1706114394679.jpeg (68.87 KB, 640x354, GC6rqZiasAAOsxi.jpeg)

I had to miss the first two days of the event because we had guests over this weekend and was really busy…wish me fucking luck nonnies the grind is so hard

No. 350982

File: 1706122600793.jpeg (108.01 KB, 480x600, GD4JFzJbYAA9SDu.jpeg)

>this card rerunning while ritsu's event is up
i'm committing suicide nonnies

No. 350983

huh where is it rerunning? on the jp servers?

No. 350985

File: 1706123364682.png (845.72 KB, 745x828, ceaafe2dc9999fc00e4c4d2452ec6d…)

No. 350989

I can only grind out ~1mil points per event right now and that's with using dia. How do I grind more? That's nowhere near the 5 star and my boy has an event coming up in april

No. 351012

I’m literally going to end it all this is my favorite card of him why now God, I’m trying to save dia for mayo and shu in march….

No. 351412

File: 1706288745607.png (1.12 MB, 1560x720, Screenshot_20240126-110408.png)


No. 351431

Happy for you Izuminona!

No. 351544

CONGRATS NONNA!! He came home to me as well I’m so happy!

No. 351549

check this girl's videos

No. 352036

File: 1706554909755.jpeg (20.18 KB, 568x318, GE7EhO1WIAAQzLi.jpeg)

did we make it…….?

No. 353214

not related to the game but seeing threads on /ot/ derailed over enstars so often is so kekworthy why does this keep happening…ensisters please stop fighting and come and talk about our boys here instead!!!

No. 353219

I've seen it happening too and as an enstarrie it's frankly embarrassing to see and is giving us a bad reputation. I wish it would stop being bought up in other threads and this thread was being used instead
Anyway, I got extremely drunk last night and spent a three figure sum on merch of my boy from YAJ and mercari. Buyee needs to be taken away from me, he will bankrupt me if I let him kek

No. 353226

File: 1706990752905.jpeg (214.26 KB, 1500x2000, IMG_0601.jpeg)

can relate…i usually don’t spend much on merch but es comes out with the cutest stuff ever. what did you buy?

No. 353228

Anons seething at even the mere mention of an enstar boy are more pathetic. There is one sperg that was trying to minimod the designs you like thread because anons were posting enstars boys.

No. 353234

File: 1706993977512.jpg (135.12 KB, 1200x900, 347bd46.jpg)

Mika is who I was buying for so it's funny you post him kek. I bought a massive job lot of pashakore/bromides/other cards, a plushie and two rings (one is picrel) for yume reasons. My shrine to him isn't going to build itself

No. 353262

I've been noticing the random seething from an anon as well, and I don't get it? We all like to bash on genshin but I've never seen nonnies get mad at genshin the way that one anon gets mad at enstar boys.
Anyways, do any nonnies move cards for the boys they don't like into storage even if they're rarer cards? I have like 3 of Arashi's 4 stars in there right now kek.

No. 353267

>Anyways, do any nonnies move cards for the boys they don't like into storage even if they're rarer cards? I have like 3 of Arashi's 4 stars in there right now kek.
same. I have all tori and arashi's cards quarantined. I dont want them near my boys

No. 353335

File: 1707026106911.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1284x1717, IMG_5639.jpeg)

with all the merch this game has, why hasn’t happyele released more dakimakuras? they did release some for a couple characters way back, but none of my favourite boy. i’m so depressed i can’t cuddle with my own cute enstars husbando

No. 353340

the releases were based on popularity polls that ran during the ! game era, which is why theyre so limited… i do wish they'd release more though…

No. 355339

File: 1707727508336.jpeg (132.29 KB, 599x749, IMG_5996.jpeg)

>mayoi at risk of not graduating and having to repeat the grade in new tour event
>”if i repeat a year, i can still be a student for another year…”
this is absolutely heartwrenching i’m going to scream and the card is so fucking beautiful… god this is the best card we have gotten in a while. i feel so bad for mayoi though as he didn’t get much time as a student. the blackjack story absolutely broke me and this one probably will as well especially if they include shinobu in it

No. 355340

File: 1707727570465.png (1.03 MB, 800x800, IMG_5997.png)

i am going fucking bananas over the bloomed HE IS SO BEAUTIFUL GOD

No. 355342

>5 pulls in a row without a single 5 stars
I hate this game. My husbando's birthday scout is soon and I already know I am not going to get jack-shit.

No. 355366

Same nona. He’s so beautiful and his expression is so soft and perfect. God, I fucking love Mayoi but my heart can’t take this right now, it’s too much.

No. 355367

File: 1707745508563.png (87.14 KB, 235x224, 26b4bfee6ecab1280c087738800d41…)

Valentine's event soon, nonnies.

No. 355370

I am so excited to get another dupe 4 star with the free scout ticket!

No. 355386

this card is so perfect in every single way… literally let out a gasp when i saw it

No. 355914

File: 1707902957842.jpg (201.63 KB, 2400x1080, Screenshot_20240214-062739_Ens…)

kek this made me laugh for some reason

No. 356402

File: 1708038148489.jpeg (195.49 KB, 2048x946, IMG_6216.jpeg)

they included shinobu in the story and i can’t deal!
>mayoi is complacent with not graduating because he doesn’t want shinobu to be lonely in the ninja association by himself
i’m fucking broken someone help i get so retarded over this ship i legit punched a wall and started crying right after kek

No. 362744

File: 1710474507726.mp4 (1.28 MB, 576x690, ssstwitter.com_1710474606800.m…)

I found this in my files today

No. 362750

Very bad, thank you for sharing.

No. 363543

File: 1710749048398.jpeg (2.4 MB, 3264x3264, IMG_3810.jpeg)

Stole this from the Idol Franchise thread, post your favs nonnies!

No. 364150

File: 1710913682894.png (6.42 MB, 1284x3600, enstarschart.png)

i made a collage of the charts from the latest event

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