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File: 1702276914873.png (1.63 MB, 1621x616, gogogogogo.png)

No. 341213

I know I'm not the only fan here who revisits these series often out of nostalgia. For posting media and/or discussions related to Winx Club or W.I.T.C.H. Waifu/husbando posting always encouraged.

>favorite/least favorite heroes

>favorite/least favorite villains
>favorite/least favorite story arcs or seasons
>in-universe settings that are aesthetically pleasing
>plotlines that don't make sense or leave you with questions
>fan theories
>side characters you wish we saw more of
>discuss cool or stupid transformations or powers
>merchandise you have or want
>character or world designs you love or hate
>memories you have surrounding these series
>opinions on the winx club dubs
>how and why winx club went to shit after season 3
lastly… for autistic fun
>if you could be in either universe where would you fit in? what would your powers be? who would you have an alliance with?

No. 341214

File: 1702277108638.jpg (73.92 KB, 720x576, 6njiri4tpnmb1.jpg)

agh i forgot something important! discuss ships pls

No. 341216

File: 1702277731076.jpg (183.43 KB, 279x400, 9781975332990.jpg)

i'm so happy that disney finally has translated the rest of the series in graphic novel form (in burgerland we only got the first 16 chapters in graphic novel and the first 26 in chapter book form which was boring!) and i think they're almost done. if you think it looks interesting and want to read it you should.
i feel like i might re-watch the w.i.t.c.h. animated series again soon but i always remember as a kid the comics were much more interesting and nicer to look at. the tv show looked very dull color-wise and it was so different from the comics, and i liked the story in the comics a lot more.

No. 341220

Riven was such an angstlord in the beginning.

No. 341221

riven deserved bloom tipping that vase on his head and she shouldn't have ever tried to apologize

No. 341223

All I remember was that everyone was obsessed with this edgelord, either shipping bloom or their self-inserts with him.

No. 341225

i always thought the fangirling over valtor was weird, he's ugly and an asshole

No. 341240

I loved Winx as a kid, nothing will ever beat the excitement of those very first episodes of Bloom discovering she's a fairy, going to Alfea for the first time, meeting the Trix etc. I even love the animation, it isn't as clean and slick as modern animation but god it takes me right back to being a 10 year old desperately wanting to be a cool fairy with kickass powers.

I never watched full seasons after season 2 or 3. What's the season they go to earth and run like a dog shelter or something like that? I remember watching that on TV and hating it. And in even later episodes they look all the same with identical personalities.

No. 341241

>What's the season they go to earth and run like a dog shelter or something like that
season 4, which sucked. season 2 is the best one though i would recommend trying it out.

No. 341267

File: 1702310773185.png (539.65 KB, 664x561, EV-aO-FX0AEkSS8.png)

>favorite/least favorite heroes
My fave winx character is Musa and for witch it's Irma. My least favorite are Stella and Taranee. Stella because as a child I thought she was to rude and self centered. And with Taranee I just really dislike her hair with her transformation. Wish she would have something cute like pic related.
>favorite/least favorite villains
Nerissa is my fave because she was just so scary to me as a child, for Winx I guess jsut the Trix because I thought they were cool. Witch has a few minor villains that are not that great but has been to much of a long time to remember which one i hated the most kek. hate the wizard guys from winx tho
>favorite/least favorite story arcs or seasons
winx club season 3, witch arc 1 is still the best even though i liked Nerissa as a villain a lot.
>plotlines that don't make sense or leave you with questions
Wtf happened to the Pixies, why the hell are there suddenly fairies on earth. Why do the winx girls sometimes use transformations that make no sense in the current battle they are in.
>side characters you wish we saw more of
Mirta and Elyon
>discuss cool or stupid transformations or powers
I know looking back that Enchantix was maybe not appropriate for young girl because it shows to much skin but i still think it's the pretties transformation
>merchandise you have or want
I want heart of kandrakar necklace tbh
>how and why winx club went to shit after season 3
It was a stupid idea to go to earth because that i just boring, removing the pixies and replacing them with annoying animals was also dumb. And the whole retcon with the earth fairies was also silly

No. 341271

because he's a dark edgy pretty man whose older but not too old and has a monster form as well.

No. 341273

Based thread idea. Gonna check it out and post in it once I'm done with all my projects.

No. 341274

File: 1702314357306.jpg (56.59 KB, 320x500, 9780786836567-us.jpg)

season 4 of winx was such a let down! first of all at the beginning of season 3 Faragonda is all "enchantix is a super big deal guys its a fairy's penultimate form" so i was like wtf is this belivix shit. and going to earth? that was such a stupid boring setting, magix was much cooler because it's literally a magical fantasy setting and it was like they totally threw that out of the window. and don't get me started on how s4 was when they started being shitty and bland with character design.

the first arc of w.i.t.c.h. is special to me too. picrel was my introduction to it, picked it up at a school book fair because it looked so interesting and it was. i always was taken to another world looking at all the beautiful art.
when i found out i could read translated scans online the ragorlang arc was so cool and mysterious to me and it still is!

No. 341275

File: 1702314450089.png (3.07 MB, 1036x1342, 786.png)

and picrel some of the panels in issue 7-8 that i loved to look at the most. i remember reading it as a kid and being able to imagine what the unseen areas in a panel would look like, it was so fun and magical. i would read the graphic novels over and over again.

No. 341282

The art is so cool, what the hell. I never knew WITCH was a graphic novel, I only knew of the cartoon. Now I want those graphic novels.

>I know looking back that Enchantix was maybe not appropriate for young girl because it shows to much skin but i still think
Tbh despite a lot of their early outfits showing a lot of skin, it never struck me as sexualized or inappropriate. Like the whole show is just so super girly and girls-targeted and so very much not about or for boys, I just can't see it as sexualized even as an adult.

No. 341284

omgg you MUST read at least the first arc. all the ones i've gotten through so far have been good. the disney translated graphic novels have all of arc 1 in the first 3 volumes.

No. 341300

File: 1702318172286.jpg (43.85 KB, 640x342, 60d663e9a1cfde92e10ae7665e6860…)

>first of all at the beginning of season 3 Faragonda is all "enchantix is a super big deal guys its a fairy's penultimate form" so i was like wtf is this belivix shit. and going to earth?
Yeah it was so dumb, i guess they realised if they keep adding new transformation theh could sell more merchandise or something. Also believix was so ugly compared to echantix.
>i always was taken to another world looking at all the beautiful art.
when i found out i could read translated scans online the ragorlang arc was so cool and mysterious to me and it still is!
The art in witch is indeed so beautiful, my sister was like subscribed to like the comics or something? I remember that she got a new issue maybe like weekly. But since she was missing some she also bought like these huge bundles together, but i like the separate issues more because the cover art was always so nice!

I'm glad you are able to validate my feelings about enchantix still being the best transformation. I saw a lot of discourse around it being to skimpy for teenage girls online. But like you said, this was so much for the female gaze, and the way how the girls were drawn it didn't feel sexualized at all. What do you think of the enchantix "remake" outfits?

No. 341301

File: 1702318218983.png (2.29 MB, 1920x1080, Winx_Enchantix_S8.png)

Samefag here is the new one

No. 341304

File: 1702318286172.png (933.54 KB, 1354x589, 1563526788_youloveit_com_winx_…)

Compared to the old one, with the ugly new art style aside. It looks so much uglier in general. Far to much pink and the skin tones look washed out

No. 341313

>What do you think of the enchantix "remake" outfits?
all the new winx art post s3 is ugly to me, like the girls have lost all their character or something. it truly boggles my mind that they allowed that to change, what was wrong with the original art style? literally looks like a bootleg version of the original lmao

No. 341314

>I'm glad you are able to validate my feelings about enchantix still being the best transformation.
KEK I read this like three times before I got what you meant, sorry anon just awkward copy pasting on my part.

To be honest I wasn't aware of the remake outfits. I'm more bothered by the new artstyle than anything. There's something very offputting about their faces. Aside from some colour choices I don't mind the new outfits. They're not as cute or fun as the old ones but they're fine.

No. 341317

i feel like >>341301 legitimately looks like bootleg merch you would find in the back of a flea market

No. 341330

Why of Flora really light skinned??

No. 341336

Tinfoil but I always assumed they tried to get the asian market with season 8.

No. 341354

No it was my bad, i was on mobile so i had a hard time to respond to your post properly. My point was that I kinda felt bad about Enchantix being my fave outfits because a lot of people say it's creepy. So you saying it doens't feel sexualized makes me feel like im not a creep kek. I remember that even on lolcow people were saying that winx club was full of fetish stuff and inappropiate outfits.

>Aside from some colour choices I don't mind the new outfits. They're not as cute or fun as the old ones but they're fine.

Idk it's not just the color for me, it also look just messy because they added more clothing parts and weird extra details/accessoires, it looks messy.

They lightend Stella, Flora and Aisha a lot. No idea why, I don't think its that popular in asia anyway?

No. 341355

bloom SUCKS.

No. 341368

bloom had personality in the first 3 seasons, season 4 is where she started to lose more and go along with the plot and she lost everything in the later seasons.

No. 341383

Am I in the winx subreddit again?

No. 341387

I always liked Bloom but then again kid me definitely wanted to be Bloom and discover I could be a fairy in a different realm kek. The only thing I didn't like much about Bloom in the early seasons was the Daphne stuff.

No. 341422

When I was a kid I thought season 4 was so fucking stupid. It deeply disappointed me to see people online praise it just because Nabu fucking dies and thus it's cool and mature.

Meanwhile they literally killed one of the best Winx husbandos and gave Aisha one more burden to bear… smfh.

No. 341431

>favorite/least favorite heroes
Tecna and Flora. Bloom was my least favorite during season 3 for the disproportionate amount of focus on her.
>favorite/least favorite villains
Darcy. All the Trix are fun. I really liked Darkar for some reason (probably because of Dark Bloom, I wish Dark Bloom was around longer/more) and found Valtor lame in comparison. I liked Diaspro too somehow, probably because Sky was such a douchebag towards her at the start and I felt bad for her, plus she was pretty.
>favorite/least favorite story arcs or seasons
Seasons 1 and 2 are good. Season 3 was a mixed bag, it had some good ideas like the Stella mini arc and Tecna being trapped on the prison planet but the Trix were made into complete jokes to make Valtor a threat and I hated it.
>side characters you wish we saw more of
I thought post season 1 Mirta would join the cast and that kind of didn't happen for some reason. It was weird, it was like they were setting up for it but it just didn't happen and she was barely mentioned afterwards.
>discuss cool or stupid transformations or powers
Everything up to season 3 was good, though Tecna getting Enchantix not saving someone from her own planet was lame and so was Bloom brute forcing one. She shouldn't have gotten one until the movie, it could have been a big triumphant moment for her to finally achieve Enchantix instead of pulling it out of her ass and contradicting the lore.
>memories you have surrounding these series
Stormy's pretty girl transformation just sticks with me for some reason. It's not particularly good in hindsight but for some reason I just remember it.
The other one is all the Blingee edits that would go around of the Winx. I loved finding new official art with animated sparkles added.
>opinions on the winx club dubs
4kids dub had decent voice work but unnecessary censorship. Singapore dub was bad quality but uncensored so I ended up watching it after the 4kids version and kept with it. Nickdub = garbage.
>how and why winx club went to shit after season 3
Nickelodeon ruined everything. I like the idea of a mermaid arc and justifying a transformation after Enchantix that way but it's post season 3 so of course it sucked. Earth arc was a stupid idea to begin with and the show was already fine for young girls, it didn't need to become infantile.
Sad downgrade. It really does look bootleg compared to the original.

No. 341519

File: 1702363587324.png (69.17 KB, 329x400, 37e4e199065c15290423694b1035b6…)

underrated character. she's so cute giving her little pumpkin friend his card reading

No. 341555

I bought winx shirts a while ago from the official website. Cost a fortune but it's worth it, it makes me so happy. I bought 2 winx shirts and 1 trix shirt. Wanted to buy a w.i.t.c.h. one too or any official merch but aside from ebay resells, there aren't any, so I ordered a heart of kandrakar off aliexpress. It's on its way and gonna arrive some time today! Can't wait to try it on. Hope it doesn't break or something.

No. 341558

File: 1702384568726.jpg (71.13 KB, 542x640, Flora_Cowgirl_by_SelinTayler.j…)

I didnt hate season 4, it was a let down from the third one but it would have been hard to top that season and I was interested in seeing how life on Earth would play out.
Maybe its just me being a zoomer, but I liked the outfits they used in season 4 when visiting that farm. In general I think winx had very good fashion design from seasons 1-3 and some of 4

No. 341560

Enchantix was peak Winx. The music, wings, and lead up to their transformations felt so ethereal to me and perfect for something based in magic. I never got into the show after Enchantix, and while I get why they continued being money, I firmly believe they should have stopped after season 3 and introduced a new cast instead. Because they kept trying to make a continuous storyline but fuck me if I know how many times Bloom got engaged because they needed to run it back and have more relationship drama.

No. 341561

File: 1702385073844.jpg (50.07 KB, 736x392, zyn1yxdzxxla1.jpg)

i loved a lot of the fashion as well. the outfits stella, layla, and musa get in Gangs of Gardenia were really cute too. and the clothes they wear when they go to that resort realm towards the end of S2

No. 341563

for some reason i've always wished we had a few more seasons before S3. like they could have milked Charmix for another season. i dont even recall the fairies using charmix in the beginning of S3 before enchantix and all the girls except tecna/bloom got them pretty quickly. i wish we had a solid 4-5 seasons of being students at alfea, maybe a couple specials at the end to bring some closure to bloom's story (i didn't like SOTLK), see some ships get married, maybe get a final punishment for the trix, and see what the fairies do as adults in their enchantix form since it was supposed to be the most advanced fairy form in the first place. but no they went to earth, redesigned everything to look generic, and looks like they introduced a bunch of literally who characters.

No. 341569

File: 1702388665316.jpg (47.49 KB, 1000x1000, unnamed.jpg)

It's here! And it looks like picrel! The crystal seems strong but I'll try my best to not drop it.

No. 341570

thats cute anon, ive been thinking of getting one too

No. 341571

You should! It was 3$ on aliexpress. And they shipped and delivered it in 2 weeks approximately.

No. 341576

We should watch a season of winx or witch sometime over the christmas break in the /ot/ movieroom if anyone's down for that. I think that would be lots of fun

No. 341629

i vote s2

No. 341631

No. 341635

Or watch christmas episodes of each! Winx has "Christmas magic" in s5, I can't remember if w.i.t.c.h. did though.

No. 341647

Tbh I really like Tecna's. They gave her the full wings and I like that it's a one piece. More futurism-esque imo.

No. 341648

Nta but it's popular at least in japan iirc. But the skin tone changes is part of a color palette change as well. Everything is brighter, more saturated and pastel.

No. 341650

anything beyond s3 is terrible trash though

No. 341651

S4 is when rainbow was acquired by/partnered with viacom, not nickelodeon. But s5 and s6 were the nickelodeon seasons. S7 and s8 are 100% rainbow only.

No. 341652

Did unicorn of war give that opinion?

No. 341654

> I didn't like SOTLK
Wow that's a new opinion, can you explain why? I'm very curious.
>more seasons of them being students at alfea
Already happened with s5-s8. Which ironically is one of the reasons people hate these seasons kek. Spoilers they learn new stuff like time travel and going to magical microscopic dimensions for missions, and the history of magic taught by Daphne, and more potionology and metamorphosis classes.
>punishment for the trix
they get trapped in limbo in s7, and get redeemed in s8

No. 341655

Holy shit thank you for making this thread! It's a been awhile since I've even thought about this but I'm open to rereading/rewatching.

This theme song has been stuck in my head for nearly 18 years though lmao

No. 341656

You're lucky because it's officially released in the "songs from and inspired by W.i.t.c.h." album. The songs on it are very good, I recommend listening to it.

No. 341657

damn nonna, now i'm thinking of ordering one too. i had one like 20 years ago when the first ever issue of the comic dropped in germany. of course it broke very soon kek but i loved it so much.

No. 341664

Oooh that looks so cool! Is it metal that holds the stone? I just looked at aliexpress and they seem a lot cheaper then buying it on etsy, but im also scared the material will be cheap. But then again im pretty sure a lot of those necklaces on etsy are actually also plastic but just sold at a higher price

No. 341668

>favorite/least favorite heroes
Winx: Bloom, Stella, Musa, and Tecna. I don't care for Aisha that much but I love her backstory. Flora is my least favorite because she has 0 development or arcs outside of caring for her sister, and Helia related drama.
W.i.t.c.h.: Cornelia, Haylin and Taranee. I dislike Irma because she's too insecure and smug and lets it out on Cornelia. Will is alright, always found her cool and wanted to be her as a kid, even wanted her hair and the kandrakar heart, but hated her boyfriend drama so much, and especially in the comics.
>favorite/least favorite villains
Winx: the wizards of the black circle are super cool to me. I love that they are a team that actually cares about each other and feel like friends, and how they were capable of genociding earth fairies. I like Valtor and the Trix as well. Darkar is the most boring though. He wasn't that strong for a literal god.
W.i.t.c.h.: Nerissa ofcourse, I love her angsty story. Least favorite is probably the woman who kidnaps girls to steal their youth.
>favorite/least favorite story arcs or seasons
Winx: s3, s4, s5 and s7 are my favorite. S1 is a good introduction and I love the finale. S6 is ok, but s2 is the most boring imo with the biggest nonsensical plot. Pixies are annoying and uselessa and Darkar was too weak for a god. I like gloomix, Aisha's introduction and arc, hallowinx, the hot himbo that is Avalon, and Palladium's design change, though.
W.i.t.c.h.: the veil portals and meridian arc, the Nerissa arc, and the oracle getting voted out and Taranee leaving the group arc. She was so bold for that I loved it, she told it as it is, and Orube was a nice addition to the group, her and Cedric's relationship was cute and tragic. The rest of the arcs I genuinely don't remember anything of.
>in-universe settings that are aesthetically pleasing
All of them
>plotlines that don't make sense or leave you with questions
Winx: Bloom's inner dragon arc from s3. Wtf was that? That's genuinely more childish than anything from the nick era or s7 and s8 lmao. The time inconsistencies about when was domino destroyed and when were the earth fairies genocided.
W.i.t.c.h.: Will seeing her feature as a broke loser because…..she broke up with her boyfriend? Did I remember that correctly? If so why tf did that happen.
>fan theories
Idk about W.i.t.c.h., but winx has a lot that are very cool. Forgot them all though, sorry for being grandma brained.
>side characters you wish we saw more of
Winx: Roxy and Mirta. Avalon as well. Galatea! Thoren, too.
W.i.t.c.h.: Orube.
>discuss cool or stupid transformations or powers
Winx: I love Bloomix, very beautiful designs regardless of how weak it was, and enchantix is my favorite despite fans being annoying about it lol. Butterflix is adorable I love it. Cosmix, tynix, Dreamix, onyrix, sirenix, Harmonix, mythix are all cool. I'm 50/50 about believix, I get what they were trying to do with it but it's kinda ugly, too disney setcom fashion for me. Lovix and sophix are beautiful though.
W.i.t.c.h.: I prefer the og transformation more, but the evolved one isn't that bad. I like Will's haircut but wish she had a shirt on top of high waist pants with a curved cut instead of a one piece. Taranee looks slightly better in the evolved version but both her transformation were ugly. Cornelia and Haylin have the best evolutions.
>merchandise you have or want
Winx: bought 3 shirts already. But would love to cosplay as either Flora or Bloom. Or even make my own transformation.
W.i.t.c.h.: bought the heart of kandrakar. But I want a W.i.t.c.h. shirt and maybe cosplay as Will or Irma despite not liking her, because her outfit and looks are close to my style.
(Already mentioned what I bought upthread.)
It's a mixed bag. I LOVE crossover fan art of the two franchises, I'll share the stuff I like off deviantart later. I love the creativity of the winx fandom and their OCs and the transformation ideas they come up with a lot! And I love westaboo W.i.t.c.h. fan art a lot. There's some nice stuff of W.i.t.c.h. on deviantart as well. But I hate the race/skin color sperging in the winx club fan arts a lot. They make Stella dark, make Aisha coal black with equally dark facial features that she's invisible, make Flora Aisha's actual skin tone, make Musa look like a kpop idol and too washed out etc. They also make Tecna troonish sometimes or make one of the girls fat. I hate it.
>character or world designs you love or hate
Winx: I love all designs of all worlds and characters except Andros. Why is it one castle on land with a yellow sky lmao. I also hate Aisha's enchantix, sorry.
W.i.t.c.h.: I love Kandrakar the most, it's so magical. I love all characters' designs.
>memories you have surrounding these series
Grew up with W.i.t.c.h., always wanted to be Will, and I'd take my baby sister's at the time shaky toy because they were round and tie a string around it to wear it as the heart of kandrakar kek, and play pretend that I'm leading the team to save the world. Only discovered winx club last around 2 years ago though and loved all of it. I grew up with poppixie though.
>opinions on the winx club dubs
Rai is my favorite, best voices, matches the characters' personalities and ages perfectly. Nick comes next because of the good acting. 4kids sucks, too exaggerated and annoying. The s7 and s8 and world of winx ones are alright.
>how and why winx club went to shit after season 3
It didn't lol. As my current favorite winx youtuber said, s3 was op because it was supposed to be the end of winx club, so they poured their all into it. Then they got the chance to produce more winx club and they decide to explore new ideas. I love thay they did all the things I wanted to see in s4 to s8. Tecna's world? Check, more of each girl's world? Check, some if minimum Roxy appreciation and the introduction of a new member? Check, Daphne finally getting saved too just like her parents? Check. Water themed, light themed, nature themed, and dragon flame themed transformations? Check. And so many other stuff I forgot.
lastly… for autistic fun
>if you could be in either universe where would you fit in? what would your powers be? who would you have an alliance with?
Both. In winx club I'd be the fairy of singing because I said so. Idc that Musa exists. If a fairy of melody can exist, then a fairy of singing can. I'd have mind controlling and emotional manipulation powers using songs, like a siren or Amber McClain from danny phantom. But use it for good ofcourse, and be an idol in the magix realm. In W.i.t.c.h. I'd have sound waves powers because it's more of a "natural" element. And I'd use sound waves to shake and move things or scream to deaf my enemies. I'd be an occasional friend of Musa and hang out and get along with the winx and help them occasionally. And I'd help the W.i.t.c.h. as well with any mission they need me for. I'd go to the same school as them or be a "cool" music teacher who tries to guide them.
>discuss ships pls
Winx: I like Bloom x Sky for the royal aesthetic, fairy princess x prince charming that she always saves kek. But I hate their drama so much. I was on Diaspro's side at first because she was wronged big time but she turned into the crazy ex quickly. I hate Musa x Riven except in s8 because they actually fix everything. I don't care for Nabu x Aisha, he was a cool character but stalking her to later date her was weird, especially that they are an arranged marriage essentially and they full in love, making it seem like arranged marriage is alright??? Flora x Helia is boring. Tecna x Timmy are cute and so are Stella x Brandon. Icy x Tritanus was sweet idc what anyone says. Avalon x Palladium should've been a thing. And I'm convinced Mirta x Lucy is canon.
W.i.t.c.h.: Peter x Cornelia is the best. They're cute together despite the age gap, not that big but it's still weird he's in college while she's still in highschool. Will x Matt in the animated show is super cute, but the comics Matt is annoying and deserves the worst, I wish they broke up. Taranee wasn't that lucky with love and I prefer her single. Haylin x that boy with the blue hair forgot his name was cute but for some reason forgotten? Irma x that blonde guy is meh I guess. Orube x Cedric was bittersweet, I was weirded out by it at first but warmed up to it because of his death scene.

No. 341669

Samefagging to add we should discuss the reboots of each and the music! Winx music is very good. The musicals and series albums are fantastic. W.i.t.c.h. has only one album but it's great. I recommend all of it.

No. 341670

i've never watched that faggot nor have i ever watched any idiot online talk about the media i loved most as a kid, i can form my own opinions.

No. 341671

Yes it's metal, the chain is also metal/steel. The crystal is glassy but very thick, strong and heavy, not plastic at all. Idk what material though. Just make sure it's the same as my picrel upthread because it's the one I bought, and it's identical to the picture. But it's fairly small, which I think is good so it won't be too heavy or look tacky.

No. 341672

I was joking lol. But I'm tired of seeing that opinion everywhere. I recommend kevinlighten11 for proper opinions on the later seasons and world of winx. He's a mega autistic actual fag but he's respectful to the series and I agree with 95% of his opinions. It may change your look on the newer seasons.

No. 341673

the animation is so ugly i refuse to watch it. they make them all look literally botched and lack personality. also why would they be in school for 7 whole years (they technically werent in s4 iirc). i did not like SOTLK because it wasn't as interesting as s1-s3. i would say i'm a s1-s3 purist. that's the show i like, exactly as it is

No. 341675

Do you mean the flash animation? That started in s4 but they hand drawn some stuff and mixed it with flash. It was messy because it was a transition era. S5, s6 and s7 have flash animation entirely and I think it looks nice, with s7 being the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. I don't mind it personally and like both styles. But the best style is fairy couture from world of winx. They look amazing in that. I don't see the personality change that much, and I kinda don't mind because I enjoyed the storylines of the later seasons. Especially 5 and 7. 8 had lots of nice stuff and the ending felt like a proper ending where the girls became truly actually invincible and the trix to never be seen again, so it felt like it's truly over. Then s9 happened lol. I do dislike s8 art style but you get used to it as you watch and the plot makes it worth it, if you ignore the lumins and Orion's arc for the few first episodes, after that it gets better, minus the dance competition and obscurim lol.

No. 341677

File: 1702419109354.jpg (219.14 KB, 1600x900, Winx Club Serie 7 Canzone Ep15…)

Samefag to add what s7 looks like

No. 341679

File: 1702419179207.gif (3.76 MB, 500x280, 75d829cd6672d8ca2f274e4989968b…)

No. 341680

File: 1702419214025.png (108.55 KB, 640x360, opinion-on-heart-of-alfea-mini…)

Not from the show directly but it's a location in s7, this is a stock art I think?

No. 341682

File: 1702419335978.jpg (909.54 KB, 2880x2880, 20231213_011611.jpg)

Fairy couture supremacy despite the tacky casual outfits. Dreamix is gorgeous. Ignore Daphne and Roxy though there are edited by fans kek.

No. 341683

im sorry you might hate my opinion but i just hate flash animation, it looks horrible, cheap, and uninspired. i hate the motions of flash animation its lazy. i really only like the style of the first three seasons. thats what winx club looks like to me, not the new stuff. everything clashes in my perception and looks like they just keep adding more embellishments and sparkles when original winx was more simple and it worked.

No. 341686

It feels so weird to not see them in their signature colours in the top pic, Stella and Flora look so different and imo it just makes all of them look like extras and not the main characters

No. 341713

Sorry anon but that could just be blind nostalgia. Since I didn't grow up with the show and watched it as an adult from start to finish, I didn't develop these opinions. Maybe you could rewatch it and give the new seasons a shot?

No. 341715

I personally like the occasional color palette change, it keeps things fresh. And I think the transformation looks nice. Just not the casual outfits.

No. 341717

Samefagging because I rememberd I wanted to add that I hate how entitled winx club fans feel to rewrite the entire show to fit their specific tastes. Just go and watch something else lmao.

No. 341719

File: 1702425994388.png (226.21 KB, 640x818, 8babd55bqx5c1.png)

Butterflix redesigns based on mythical aniamls someone is doing on reddit.
credit: https://www.reddit.com/r/winxclub/comments/18gxh0k/aisha_faunix_butterflix_redesign/

No. 341721

File: 1702426178620.jpg (961.56 KB, 2880x2880, 20231213_031044.jpg)

All of the girls

No. 341798

File: 1702453535921.png (716.34 KB, 500x715, a50a70b658_105127581_o2.png)

Not just a graphic novel, Witch had a whole themed magazine series. You had these cool presents and the whole issud was witch and friendship themed. Had a lot of quizzes, DIYs, little rituals and so on. It was so much fun. For example this issue had sections "We Love Dragons" "Divination from rice grains" and "Magical places - China".

No. 341799

File: 1702453570676.jpg (76.27 KB, 430x640, d83518627.jpg)

I also used the shit out of this planner

No. 341810

File: 1702454367251.jpg (293.49 KB, 649x1000, b_710-a4e3582fa21e2775863ee1fe…)

Now that I'm thinking about it I wonder how things like this got released in the more religious countries. My country had no problem with little girls doing magic rituals and calling themselves witches because we're majority non religious. Though I know they also had these magazines in Poland which I'm surprised by considering how strong the religion is there. Maybe that's why a lot of countries only had the graphic novel.

No. 341812

Nonna you just activated my W.I.T.C.H autism with this thread. Can't wait to get home from work to properly go through it.

My friends recently gifted me a heart of kandrakar necklace which I cherish, I recommend all the nonnas who think about buying it to go ahead!

No. 341814

im a burgerfag and was always sad we didnt have the magazine here. i went to bookstores to buy the books but barely any of the series was officially translated/published

No. 341816

File: 1702456223990.jpg (101.97 KB, 525x700, 4650ec66-e65f-4ca1-ad8f-97703b…)

The dutch magazine included a lot of quizes about boy from fantasy media like Harry Potter, Narnia and lotr. It did include some wicca and paganism stuff. I remember one issue that included a butter beer recipe from Harry Potter. I really love reading the letters from dutch readers that they send to the redaction, some of them send there own drawings too. I will send some of them later because they are cute imo.

Thank you for giving details about the material! I don't mind that it's smaller, because like you said if its to bulky its kinda tacky looking. I will order it today

No. 341820

File: 1702458741413.jpg (196.72 KB, 746x1071, w_i_t_c_h_cornelia_by_marthama…)

I hate how they mean girl-ifield Cornelia in the animated show.

No. 341838

Agreed. She's my favorite in the comics.

No. 341842

it's weird too because in the comics irma had the most mean girl tendencies

No. 341844

I always assumed to content of those magazines was identical throughout the different countries they were released in, was that not the case?

No. 341850

Polish anon here and things like witches and magic are not controversial here. I read all the W.I.T.C.H magazines as a kid. Religious nutjobs call these things satanic but they're not the majority. Some of the most hardcore fantasy nerds I know are devout catholics lol
Nta but why do you care so much that she doesn't like it? I dislike the new seasons too, I think the fashion looks tacky and everything feels like it's catered to younger kids and it's not nostalgia talking, because season 4-7 came out when I was still in their targeted age range and I remember that I disliked it back then too, I remember hate watching season 4.

No. 341855

im the early seasons purist and i've never been in any fan spaces for WC and i'm genuinely shocked that i have the unpopular opinion here. not mad bc its a tv show and i'm not that autistic. i honestly didnt even know there were adult fans of WC that wasnt based on nostalgia. i rewatch the first three seasons often (i am right now as i type this), zero desire to watch anything past 3. i did watch s4 when it got put on youtube subtitled in english and it was an absolute disappointment, i was probably 11 so it's not like i was too old to enjoy it, i would always come home from school and go on 4kids website to watch WC and ojamajo doremi. my biggest pet peeve with s5-onward is the fucking flash animation. how can anyone watch it, its like the junk food of animation. it is so lazy because the animation functions the exact same way the yt channels churning out the elsa/spiderman type videos do, as they use flash animation because it's faster. i literally cannot watch flash animation shows the same way i cant watch newer anime that uses too much cgi. all the movements are so stilted and awful, when all characters move the same it takes away from their personality. i would be open to watching newer seasons if the art style and animation weren't the way it is. if a cartoon has zero artistic quality to it it's unwatchable. also they're doing too much with all the fashion and accessories, in the earlier seasons it was very "less is more", it was simple and worked so well, this is why enchantix was so striking and special to fans who watched it at the time, you could tell enchantix was important because it was so different to any other fashion we saw in the show. it looks like now they keep adding unnecessary details and make everything too glittery, it crowds the mind and is overwhelming. i'm not saying newer fans have trash taste or shitting on them, this is just my opinion.

No. 341858

File: 1702477981429.png (267.78 KB, 600x400, 1560446290_youloveit_com_speci…)

also season 8's huge change in art direction is appalling. they all look like babies! they did the specialists so dirty.

wanted to add i also had no clue many fans dislike season 2 and the pixies. that's my favorite season and i love the pixies, still have all the pixies from my mattel dolls

No. 341862

They really gave him the 'uwu' treatment. He looks so bad. Like a 14 year old cosplaying.

No. 341863

I've never seen s8 KEK is this REAL? Genuinely could go into the ugly art thread.

No. 341865

File: 1702481670604.png (698.21 KB, 833x409, why.png)

specialists? more like special ed

No. 341867

God this looks terrible. Riven's edge was the focal point of his character, why would you take that away?
It really does look like a bootleg oh my god

No. 341868

File: 1702481752000.jpg (100.23 KB, 600x400, 1560446273_youloveit_com_speci…)

they thought it would be a good idea to simultaneously give timmy some type of normie sex appeal AND make him look like he is 12

No. 341869

The gave the one with black hair a massive cock

No. 341870

It wasn't because we didn't really have boy quizzes very often in czech magazines I posted before. But in nona's photo it looks like dutch magazines had them almost every issue.

No. 341872

File: 1702482099886.png (703.67 KB, 836x546, Untitled.png)

it is so jarring how they managed to make them less distinctive. yeah they all wore the same uniform in picrel but at least they looked the age they were supposed to and you could see their personality types.
>riven: the edgy jerk
>sky: the kind prince
>brandon: the chad
>helia: the sensitive gentle guy
>timmy: the awkward nerd

No. 341873

File: 1702482265777.png (25.93 KB, 75x136, heh.png)

also upon further inspection timmy here really looks like the guy you should watch out for and not be alone with

No. 341885

I haven't kept up with winx club after season 4, but is this from an alternate timeline cause they look 12 years old.

No. 341907

File: 1702489126835.jpg (66.41 KB, 800x600, 411338fb-fdfd-4a56-8ba3-e5472a…)

the comics are currently being re-released as hardcover editions in germany. vol 1-6 are out already and you can preorder up to vol 10. the first volume also included interviews with the original editors of the german witch magazine and it was so exciting to read about it. all these women were so excited about witch and about producing a comic magazine for girls. i absolutely loved the magazine back then and i always wanted to have my own witch circle of friends. unfortunately nothing ever came out of my attempts at finding a penpal kek.

No. 341908

I can't believe this is the same show, I'm both laughing and crying. I had seen the girls in the new style before but I had no idea the specialists look like THIS.


No. 341909

File: 1702489623106.jpg (109.16 KB, 828x933, 1697200244_youloveit_com_winx_…)

No. 341911

File: 1702489674582.jpg (86.14 KB, 737x517, 1695292632_youloveit_com_winx_…)

Who's the fat girl here? Is that supposed to be that girl who turned into a pumpkin or is it a character from later seasons I didn't watch?

No. 341912

File: 1702489713223.jpg (1.15 MB, 870x1160, 1689160874_youloveit_com_winx_…)

No. 341916

File: 1702490599713.png (515.81 KB, 1055x491, f429c25325bb5ab50d2a71d62417ff…)

Why are Tecna's limbs articulated? Is she a robot now? Layla/Aisha's outfit is a travesty, but the others look okay. Stella's outfit is kind of a downgrade to what she used to wear though.
Looks like a generic earth NPC.

No. 341920

The difference between all these art/animation styles makes me wonder how much of the original charm was just the art style

No. 341923

It looks awful, even the outfits are super ugly, why

No. 341925

Genuinely looks like a fat Irma from W.I.T.C.H. lol. She doesn't look ugly tho.
I think Tecna is not a robot it's just the design of her shirt and stockings made to look like that. It's like cyber fashion, I forgot how the name of that style is called tho.

I don't mind the new casual clothes designs for the most part but I hate how Bloom and Stella are so pink now. Also Aisha and Stella should have their old haircuts back.

No. 342117

oh no they gave them disney elsa sameface. who decided there was something wrong with the original art style anyway???

No. 342131

File: 1702529309264.png (208.8 KB, 400x565, bloom_vintage_by_winxclubrus_d…)

Because s4-s8 get too much hate when they aren't actually bad. They have lots of interesting ideas and plot points and the fashion is cute in it as well. Picrel is an example of s7 fashion.

No. 342132

My biggest problem with these new designs is Musa looking like a kpoop idol.

No. 342133

>they aren't actually bad
but that's just an opinion. the new and old fans of literally anything inevitably disagree most of the time

No. 342151

Cool video I just finished watching. I recommend this channel for any winx club fan. She has some W.I.T.C.H. videos as well but they're minimal.
That's fair and true, but my gripe with the hate is that they hate it for really miniscule hyperspecific reasons and refuse to give it a chance and pretend it's objectively bad, when in reality it's a slightly above average cartoon at the end of the day. S4-s8 +WoW that is. The fans keep demanding and wihsing certain things happened when these things already did in the seasons they refuse to watch lmao. I was like them until I decided to stop listening to the herd's opinion and give it a shot with 0 bias and judge it myself, and I found myself enjoying it, sometimes more than the og seasons even. The pacing and overall structure of episodes is better in s5-s8. And each seasons has 1-2 episodes for each girl to shine, except s6 I think, and I don't 100% remember if s8 did that tbh. But s5 gave each girl an episode where she saves the day in harmonix form, and episode in sirenix form. There was also the quest thing in s5 which was an interesting new way to gain a transformation with a time limit. And s7 where they were gifted a transformation by nature for saving it. And many other creative ideas. S5 had an arc about Stella's parents making up, not remarrying, but agreeing to at least work together as royals and not argue in front of their daughter. And I personally love that Daphne was returned in s5 and got married in s6 and had a happy life, she deserves it. Sorry for being a sperg lmao I love everything winx club.

No. 342164

>I recommend kevinlighten11 for proper opinions on the later seasons and world of winx. He's a mega autistic actual fag but he's respectful to the series and I agree with 95% of his opinions
So I just looked him up, and I'm sorry but I cannot watch his videos. He looks really creepy. The only Winx related youtuber I follow is Lisa Fevral. Here videos are reallyin depth, she also gives compliments about the newer seasons but has a lot of valid critisism also.

Those animal designs are really bad, i like this >>341680 concept art tho.
I don't see the appeal of this design, they all look really similar and the wings look weird.

>this is why enchantix was so striking and special to fans who watched it at the time, you could tell enchantix was important because it was so different to any other fashion we saw in the show. it looks like now they keep adding unnecessary details and make everything too glittery, it crowds the mind and is overwhelming.
This so much, I feel like from season 5 on the girls all just wear the same outfits

>Coming in 2025
Oh wow that is such a long time, I hope they improve the outfits that they are wearing. I only like Musa and Techna new outfits.

I don; t think think the outfit that Bloom is wearing is cute, but also that's subjective. I think people's biggest complaint about the new clothing is that the girls often wear the same outfits but only in different colors or very small differences. They can have cool ideas, but it's the execution of these ideas thats important. There is nothing wrong with like the later seasons, it's just a matter of different opinions.

No. 342176

I'd fuck Helia, what about you guys

No. 342183

File: 1702557772224.jpg (656.61 KB, 3840x2160, 20231214_153954.jpg)

He does but once you watch his videos he's actually normal and not creepy about the show in anyway. He's genuinely in it for the plot and powers lol, as I said, he's just autistic, like genuinely autistic, but that's me armchair analyzing though. I personally dislike Lisa's videos, she's very smug about her opinions and has a superiority complex over not liking the new seasons which unfortunately spread in the fandom like wild fire, I see hers and unicorn of war's (who's miles worse than her) opinions being parroted all the time by fans who never bothered to watch the new seasons and it drives me insane.
I personally find the animals cute, except maybe Aisha's animal because he's supposed to be prehistoric but it's not obvious what species he is? The others have actual species and are animals that fit each girl's power and personality. I think they look gorgeous fully transformed and adorable in their normal form, picrel. That concept art is from a location in s7, specifically alfea's miniworld which is the heart of the school.
Lastly, I believe these outfits are super cute, they're vintage alfea school uniforms and I love the way it looks. I don't mind the girls matching, they're a team after all. And I guess it's easier to animate? Idk. My theory about this is they were trying to copy kpop groups from the era who used to dress up matchy matchy, especially girls' generation because they reference them in s6 and the fashion sometimes is similar to theirs. Might compile some collages with similar fashion later on. They also reference some group called rainbow in a dance for the butterflix transformation sequence and I think it's cute despite not knowing the group or song.

No. 342184

Sky or Thoren. Maybe Brandon.

No. 342186

File: 1702558147638.png (762.55 KB, 639x1902, dd3h4m0-1b227cf9-1ea5-4147-a6d…)

Samefagging because I forgot to reply to your dreamix comment, I disagree about the similar looks, minus the facial features, I think the outfits of dreamix have different variants of the things added on top of the one piece suit, even the cuts and sleeves are different, the hair styles are different, and the wings ar different shapes and colors, but they have a similar theme overall and the wings are glassy/have a watercolor layered look and I think that's beautiful. I personally find WoW and fairy couture official art fashion very appealing, it's so fashionable and mature with extreme 2010s influence but it's nostalgic.

No. 342188

who tf is thoren

No. 342191

File: 1702558547887.jpg (170.31 KB, 518x1200, CBMx1wdWwAAXMvu.jpg)

Season 5 onwards also were very influenced by 2010s culture, tell me this isn't disney channel setcom fashion lol. Believix had that late 2000s fashion with the frills and sparkles and the uncomfortable looking itchy fabric and leggings under a dress or a skirt kek

No. 342192

>not liking the new seasons which unfortunately spread in the fandom like wild fire
>opinions being parroted all the time by fans who never bothered to watch the new seasons
plenty of older fans don't like the new seasons naturally after giving them a chance. i personally did not even know there were winx club yters. it's not that different than a music group changing their style and old fans not liking it. you don't have to agree and it doesn't mean the old fans have better taste. it's not a big deal
>it drives me insane
it's literally a cartoon, relax. i was surprised winx fans like the newer seasons but no reason to be mad about it

No. 342193

File: 1702558597124.jpg (669.49 KB, 1046x1450, CUlpwHTWIAE02rx.jpeg.jpg)

I personally find this transformation in this art style beautiful.

No. 342195

That was a figure of speech lol, the most reaction it gets from me is an eyeroll. And no, usually I ask people if they did watch the new seasons and they say no but they heard x and y about them from so and so. And no, liking the new seasons isn't a popular opinion, it's just me and like 3 people who do, everyone else hates them and it's the majority of winx youtubers' videos and winx subreddit posts, bashing the new seasons (and hating Bloom). They also act like the older seasons have 0 flaws or anything goofy or questionable ever in them for some reason.

No. 342196

File: 1702558858927.png (500.72 KB, 720x720, WorldOfWinxOST.png)

Back to the fashion, I love how they look here, they look like stars which is the point in WoW. Would love to find picrel in higher quality though.

No. 342197

File: 1702558961970.png (1.44 MB, 1026x577, Winx_Club_Youtube_and_Google_P…)

This screams 2013-2014 and I love it

No. 342204

File: 1702559298537.png (517.71 KB, 736x502, Untitled.png)

i have a question. so we know that avalon wasn't the real avalon… he was stuck in the underrealm for most of the second season. BUT while bloom, stella, and layla are fighting the trix avalon or "avalon" saves them. then he starts teaching at alfea a few episodes later. so is the winged paladin that saves them the real avalon or the fake avalon? because the imposter was sent by lord darkar. like is there any way to know if the avalon that saved the winx girls in the underrealm initially the real one before getting imprisoned or was the real one already imprisoned by then and was he the imposter?

No. 342206

i get it to an extent, but i will say hating bloom being a popular opinion is weird. she's not my favorite but she's not hateable by any means. the way she treated diaspro was kind of crazy in s1 e17 but she didnt know and it was a great plot device. and all the characters make a mistake at some point.

No. 342207

Oh you're in for a wild ride lmao. Get this, they think she's a mary sue, and that her getting everything she wants and her family and world back is unfair, and that she takes all the screentime since s5 onwards, even though as I mentioned each girl has an episode about her in each transformation since the newer seasons have 2 transformation per each. The biggest argument that's brought up to prove this is that she gets to wish Daphne is back to life while Musa doesn't in s5. Musa had an arc in s3 and s5 again about moving on from her mom's death because it's the right thing, while Bloom never got to meet or know her sister until s1 events, if she can unfreeze all of her kingdom, people and parents in the movie then she can wish her sister's spirit gets a body imo. But fans seem to disagree.

No. 342208

Iirc, it was the imposter saving them, because he's the winged creature from the legend, Avalon's magic doesn't give him wings and an ability to fly, or else he would've flown all the way to alfea when he got free, instead of walking to there when he's injured. Unless he was tol tired to fly or something.

No. 342209

ok this makes it all make sense now. thank you nona ♥

No. 342210

File: 1702560215332.png (347.23 KB, 606x450, darcyriven.png)

she was the best witch and a total stacy. i kind of ship her with riven. i like that even though all the trix had a weakness for moids (darkar, valtor) darcy had that weakness the worst, it made her interesting

No. 342211

Shiiiiit nonnie do you have a link? I'm guessing these are in German so I want to see if they're publishing an English (or Dutch) version as well

I loved W.I.T.C.H as a teenager, had all the magazines. Two of each even, one for keeping and one for cutting out all the art I liked and plastering it all over my school books, locker, room etc. Then as I got older my dumbass threw it all out and now I have regrets

No. 342212

File: 1702560934172.png (142.64 KB, 370x224, static-assets-upload1711611778…)

Based taste, she's also the prettiest. But I'd say Icy had the biggest weakness since she had something with Tritanus, and he actually liked her back. And iirc she only liked him in his monster form lmao, she's a monsterfucker at this point.

No. 342213

I won't lie I think I might like the 4kids' opening song for the first 3 seasons more than the original. The original song is a banger yes but the lyrics are generic and could be applied to so many things.
4kids has the cringy "don't touch the hair" line but the rest of the song feels much more in line with the story of the first three seasons and what they actually entailed.

4kids also had better humor in certain parts and I like how they gave a meaning to "winx" beyond being a word Bloom found cool. That said it's way too tryhard most of the times so the original Rai dub(s) is still the best.

No. 342214

No. 342215

i've been watching the rai dub and i like that it's (from what i've been told) more similar to the original italian script and 4kids cut some scenes without a good reason to. but i grew up on the 4kids dub and some of the lines help characterize more and some genuinely still make me laugh out loud as an adult. i really love the rai theme more than the 4kids theme though

No. 342216

samefag but my fav. when i saw them on yt as a kid i was so jealous because i was tired of the 4kids theme, heard it a million times by then

No. 342217

Give the song a shot in Italian and the german exclusive version, "Heller Als Licht", they're very good.

No. 342218

really cool, the instrumentals are cool. and love the voice affects.

No. 342223

File: 1702563256788.jpg (604.82 KB, 1395x1405, 789.jpg)

Ayrt, yes! I love country exclusive versions of winx stuff! There's a believix or other transformation song from a european dub I think with both male and female vocals for example, can't remember which though. And a dutch musical and ost album from that musical! Picrel, I'm gonna watch it later on and post about it properly.

No. 342224

This got recommended to me lol, the crossover of my life

No. 342225

File: 1702565862180.jpg (224.93 KB, 1000x1000, DGbE_xmXsAEY0Y5.jpg)

But there's more, both by fans and officialy.

No. 342226

File: 1702565968851.jpg (718.94 KB, 3840x2160, 20231214_180032.jpg)

I'm a fan of both so this makes me happy kek

No. 342251

Thanks nonnie!
Going to do some research into how faithful this translation. Like an above poster already said, the English, and specifically US versions tend to be censored. That's why I prefer the euro versions. Maybe I should brush up on my Italian and buy the originals

No. 342258

File: 1702572946033.jpg (328.47 KB, 720x933, IMG_20231214_164954.jpg)

Do any Italian nonnies own this? They came out with a bunch of plates/bowls/cups of the winx, I think they even had an oil bottle! Picrel I found on vinted are very cute, I like that theyre not very loud but you can tell which one is which, there are some others that have the girls on the plates but tbh I dont really like them.
I wish I could find some brand new/inside of the package, I dont have much experience buying plates secondhand kek

No. 342263

What's worth censoring in a kids' comic? Asking unironically

No. 342279

File: 1702581861747.jpg (510.83 KB, 1280x981, tumblr_ov9gvuhbvX1rmxjnjo1_128…)

some of the nudity was censored, see picrel. it might also be because said nudity was like the first few pages of the comics so it's the very first thing anyone would see when opening the book.

No. 342280

File: 1702581895542.jpg (597.29 KB, 1280x997, tumblr_ov9gvuhbvX1rmxjnjo2_128…)

here's another one.

No. 342286

here's witch comics translated online, from finnish to english so it's an uncensored edition

No. 342417

I know it can be seen as coomery but the nudeness somehow adds something for me, maybe it's vulnerability, maybe it's just feeling like female bodies aren't something dirty to be covered up idk but I prefer it

No. 342418

File: 1702634505935.jpg (66.28 KB, 600x450, 7e003760-1486148413.jpg)

I get that you like the fashion, but it's completely different from the fashion in seasons 1-3 so it's not a compelling argument to people who dislike later seasons.
For me personally, it's all way too bright, pink and cluttered. It feels way more childlike too, as if they started to target younger and younger audiences as the show went on. They're all wearing the exact same styles too
>>341916 In picrel you can see that each girl has a distinct style that matches her personality and is color coded.
>Bloom's is the girl next door
>Musa's is the cool girl (although her season 1 design conveys is better)
>Flora's is romantic
>Stella's is the fashionista
>Tecna's is techwear and minimalist
>Aisha's is sporty
Each design immediately tells you something about the character which is not the case with later designs. I also dislike how they made Musa more girly as the seasons went on, she the slightly more tomboyish of the group and was a little edgy. Meanwhile the new designs have so much going on it gives me a headache, there's so much unnecessary detail.
But then again, it's a subjective opinion whether you like it or not, I dislike 2010s fashion so this is not appealing to me. However, I still stand by the fact that the old designs are better designed because they're distinct and memorable and communicate a lot.
And no, I don't watch any Winx youtubers or participate in the 'fandom' lol. I also have an upopular opinion that Enchantix looks worse than the OG transformations which are the best imo because, once again, they're simple yet distinct and uniform at the same time so you can see they're part of the same unit. I like the transformation sequence though same with Believix, though I don't like the designs all that much. Tbh the Believix transformation is better animated + Aisha actually gets a full sequence instead of the scraps she got with Enchantix.
>>341561 One last thing, something I really liked the early seasons did was the more outlandish fashions with a more alien/futuristic feel because they highlighted the otherworldness of Magix.

No. 342420

File: 1702635647305.jpg (108.67 KB, 1080x608, 25425ec7b2d3c758d33e193cfe1240…)

thank you! very well worded.

No. 342421

File: 1702635787926.png (365.02 KB, 831x521, 9f7f6089e166ce44bb0662df998751…)

samefag but the composition of the earlier outfits is much better, your eyes dart around but comparing them to the newer fashion its like sensory overload and you don't know where to look, there is a billion details everywhere and it's strange to do that with fashion+hair+accessories on cartoon characters that are animated. compounded with the flash animation it just looks awkward.

No. 342423

File: 1702637199181.png (3.52 MB, 1920x1080, dcawfw4-e7fad9fc-d394-4ed2-a6b…)

I personally prefer girly Musa lol, she was kinda annoying, mean and rude when she was edgier/tomboyish. She looks better in the girly style. I don't see how Bloomix designs or WoW dresses are too childish though, the former depicts them as warriors and the latter depicts them as celebrities and is a very adult style, but I understand not liking 2010s fashion. I think the individuality is still there, just in more subtle ways. Picrel is a good example of an adult outfit design with disco suits and some see through risqué fabic cuts, amd each cut in each girl represents something about her. Flora's looks like grass, Stella's has a golden outline and looks like sunshine while her suit is silver blue to represent both moon and sun powers, Asian has flowy round patterns as she always do to represent morphix and fluids, Tecna has diamond patterns as she always do to represents tech and math/geometry, but I admit I don't know wtf is going on with Musa and Bloom lol.

No. 342433

ayrt, I feel the same. I think witch and sailor moon were the first series for me to show female nudity in a non-porny way.

No. 342444

My problem is that they all share the same silhouette. Like sure they still have different colors (even though they started using a lot more pink for most of the girls), and sometimes theh have tiny different accessories. But the silhouettes are all so much the same, imagine if in season 1 techna had the same silhouette as bloom. It would not make sense because she is a fairy of technology and also from a totally different planet. I also like the designs of enchantix so much becauze the outfits and wings are so different from eachother. They dont all wear the same one piece ect.

>For me personally, it's all way too bright, pink and cluttered. It feels way more childlike too, as if they started to target younger and younger audiences as the show went on. They're all wearing the exact same styles too
This so much, I also dislike how they Musa more girly. Alot of the girls already are super feminine, why do we need more?

No. 342447

ugh reminds me of my older brother getting ahold of my witch comics as a kid and trying to "tattle" on me to my mom for them being nude during transformations. my mom said verbatim "okay, so what??" because she obviously understood the context. only girls and women understand magical girl transformations, boys and men will only see it as inherently sexual. same with magical girl outfits being seen as "slutty" when they're meant to be fun, feminine, and magical.

i always felt like bloom, stella, and flora were uber feminine and musa, tecna, and layla weren't as much and i liked the balance. sure they're all fashionable but i like that stella is the extra girly-girl fashion-and-beauty-obsessed girl. they overall look like they have less distinct personalities in future seasons. you can tell musa is inspired by music like hip-hop, tecna is geeky, and layla is athletic.

No. 342454

File: 1702645111054.jpg (549 KB, 2880x2880, 20231215_155834.jpg)

>they share the same silhouette
Fair tbh, but I personally don't mind because I like spotting the differences in each. And they don't always have the same identical silhouette 100%, with Aisha and Tecna wearing pantd and shorts respectively in some outfits or transformations, while Musa has a top and a skirt that seem like a dress at first, Flora, Bloom and Stella are the 100% dress girls.
I kinda hate how Musa's look like a jester rather than anything music related tbh. Tecna, Stella and Flora have the best designs that correlate with their powers. While Musa as I said looks off, Bloom looks like a fairy of water or something with all the blue, teal and green and the pearls, nothing about it says fire at all, while Aisha has an outright ugly design and possibly the worst shade of green ever. Enchantix silhouettes were based on different flowers as wel, cornflower for Bloom, orchid for Stella, chinese lantern flower for Musa and so on, and I don't understand why base the final form of a fairy on a flower? I guess they were trying to lean more into the traditional fairy designs or something. But now they all look like fairies of nature or natural elements. Except Tecna, only one with a design that reflects her powers.
They still do that but they gave the hiphop style to Aisha, while Musa is more of a rock or pop star or alt fashion in general to fit what was trendy in music of that era. Picrel is Musa and Aisha's outfits from s5 and Tecna's from s7. She looks like a nerdy girl to me, all she needs is glasses.

No. 342455

I love 2010s fashion irl but even I hate it on Winx.

No. 342460

File: 1702646789841.jpg (118.06 KB, 558x480, 708786.jpg)

>same with magical girl outfits being seen as "slutty" when they're meant to be fun, feminine, and magical.
yeah it's a preteen female power fantasy basically, like with the witch girls looking older when they transform and everything. that's what i liked about the comic as a kid, like what's the point of transforming if you wont turn into an older, cooler, more stylish and powerful version of yourself.

No. 342466

ngl when i get ready in the morning i sometimes feel like a magical girl. moids wouldn't understand

No. 342553

File: 1702673969578.jpg (138.47 KB, 704x565, a06c70cd_1280.jpg)

I shipped Icy X Bloom kek
Oh and these two.

No. 342570

Darcy/Riven is the best ship. I shipped Dark Bloom/Darkar as well as a kid but I love lady and knight ships.

No. 342576

Stella and Bloom's dresses are so cute. I feel like you can actually replicate them irl.

No. 342578

I would love that. Winx is so good.

No. 342579

The one with the dark black hair always had my heart.

No. 342622

File: 1702692368705.jpg (70.76 KB, 604x602, Winx_-_Concept_Art.jpg)

If you like Winx Club there's a lot of interesting concept art to go through! Picrel are the og fairy designs. Flora and Musa went through the most changes, I like them both although Musa looks a bit… out of place. Also Tecna was supposed to be part cyborg

No. 342623

File: 1702692391588.png (797.52 KB, 1505x1079, winx.png)

No. 342624

File: 1702692486016.jpg (35.78 KB, 285x640, IMG_2426.JPG.jpg)

No. 342650

My morals are clashing with my love for the art style of Winx. I really like the proportions and outfits, but it definitely shouldn’t have been targeted towards young girls with how sexualized and extreme the outfits and figures were (super skinny, tiny tiny waist, etc.) but that goes for a lot of older children/teen shows too. I think Winx would have been more interesting targeted towards a young adult female audience too with nothing changed about the style but incorporating more mature plot lines and themes.
I love this stuff, thanks for posting! Interesting how these initial concepts seemed to be more modest in dress. They’re cute but honestly, the outfits they went with were more visually interesting! I love Tecna’s big chunky boots though lol

No. 342682

I don't think they were sexualized. They had pretty, whimsical outfits in a ultra girly-girl show aimed at girls, not boys. The newer outfits don't cut it for a reason, they look too normal for beings that are supposed to be powerful magical creatures. Thinking it's sexualized is just applying adult logic when kids don't perceive it that way. I certainly didn't watch winx as a kid and thought "wow they're really fucking naked and trying to appeal to all the boys watching this".

It's a girls' show. Sometimes things just aren't about or for men.

No. 342691

Someone made a video about this. Most fangirls of the franchise never gave a shit about how thin they are and thought the outfits were super cute. Only the already mentally ill and predisposed to eating disorder people found the art style upsetting.

No. 342696

File: 1702729753279.jpg (311.06 KB, 1024x768, Winx-Club-the-winx-club-318370…)

Nta but just because it was targeting girls doesn't mean the outfits weren't sexualized as they were clearly mimicking early 2000s trends which were intented to be sexy. The outfits are really cute, that's true, but it's naive to think that just because it's supposed to appeal to girls, it can't be influenced by the hypersexualized culture. Of course children don't notice those things, they just see pretty dresses and skirts but there's still a point to be made about how even what is supposed to be a power fantasy for young girls is still sexualized and conforming to rigid beauty standards.
That doesn't mean I want to cancel the show or whatever, I still have a soft spot for it. You just start to see things differently as an adult or rather a peaked woman.
Stuff like picrel is fine though, I don't think all of the fashion was sexualized, mainly the fairy outfits.
I agree with this anon though, I don't think the nudity during transformation sequences is sexualized.

No. 342700

File: 1702731872110.png (Spoiler Image,237.98 KB, 684x530, s_f.png)

idk when I was 8 the outfits rubbed me the wrong way. I didn't even live in a conservative area and the adults in my life never commented on girls wearing revealing clothes. I also was a skinny kid so it wasn't because I was insecure.
I don't get the "it's girly fashion" argument either. I have been a girly girl all my life and there is so much more to girly fashion that crop tops and miniskirts.
agreed. I highly doubt that the artists where pervs who wanted them to look sexy. The outfits are simply just a product of its time. But its also says alot that we never see male characters in boy cartoons wearing revealing clothes. Its a larger issue with society that girls clothes is less practical than boys clothes, like picrel (spoilered for being off topic). I don't think attacking Winx is productive, and I don't think Winx is "harmful" when it comes to body image but it doesn't exist in a vacuum either

No. 342705

Thank God these two were never tainted by by moids to an atrocious degree like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic did.

No. 342749

I see what you mean, but the thing with winx is even the guys wore crop tops. And in later seasons they get more modest the older they get. And that got some fans upset because they preferred the crop tops and exposed legs kek. And some claim the outfits being less revealing in later seasons and enchantix and sirenix being redesigned is due to conservative parents complaining about the revealing outfits. Guess it's impossible to please people no matter what direction they take in the fashion.

No. 342764

Speaking of the nudity during transformations, I think it's them being reborn as their magical selves, hence being naked.

No. 342773

i think girls watching the show didn't see the clothing in a sexualized way, it's just super cool forbidden older sister clothing. of course the problem is that adult men do and that's not great if girls want crop tops and all to imitate their favourite characters not knowing what they're walking into. i really can see both sides but yeah the revealing clothes weren't a good choice for the audience, like >>342696 i chalk it up to 2000s trends.
the skinniness did bother me as a child though, not because i felt fat and ugly but they were too angular and lanky for my liking, like they even had pointy calves wtf. their bodies felt hard and insect-like.
those are really fun thank you for posting, i really like pixie conductor musa !

No. 342841

I can get behind the thought that the source inspiration for the clothes was sexualized fashion, but not that the winx girls themselves were sexualized. If you think those early Winx outfits (and unscensored witch transformations for that matter) are sexualized you're basically saying Winx was for the male gaze, which it wasn't. Who are they sexualized for then, little 9 year old girls? Stop letting males and the male gaze take things from you, especially things that are literally catered to you and not them.

No. 342931

cute, I like the colour pallete for bloom

No. 342932

feels like a pedo's dream team

No. 342935

I think Sky and Helia had the best designs. Timmy would be better off pushing his hair back

No. 342937

in retrospect, Musa's arm sleeves were weird.

I think Bloom, Techna and Layla had the best outfits here

No. 342941

never read the comics, but I can see your point. Too bad we live in a stupid sexist society

No. 342943

they all share the same silhouette
Yeah that's what most cartoons do for easier animation and doll companies do that for easier molding. It's not meant to be the ideal for all little girls. I always felt like that argument was a weird adult one

No. 342944

Flora's cute with glasses

No. 342945

The adults having that crazy waist to hip ratio is actually funny in retrospect

No. 342976

>I always felt like that argument was a weird adult one
What are you talking about. Magic winx, enxhantix and believix all had diverse designs silhouette wise anyways. Yes i know it's harder for animators if they all wear different stuff because then they can't just copy paste shit. But sorry if they managed to do it the first 4 seasons, you would think they could keep putting the effort into it.
>doll companies do that for easier molding
Kinda OT. But the reason why Monster High was so popular (i believe the reboot is also popular now?) Is because the unique face molds, body and outfits. Like yes a lot of companies choose the cheaper and easier option. But that doesn't mean it's a good thing?

No. 342992

Daphne appreciation. I love seeing fan art and fan animations and designs. The fandom is very creative. The sirenix one is official though for those who don't know.

No. 342993

I think other anon meant different silhouettes in terms of clothes, hair and accessories, not body shape
Yeah I kind of wish they kept the glasses because I may be wrong but I feel like it's kind of rare to see a non-nerdy character wearing glasses?

No. 342997

>no cute girlfriend who will go gardening with you and read books together
I'm so sorry we missed out on glasses Flora. She should have an episode where she wears them once or twice at least.

No. 343320

Listening to different versions of Elisa Rosselli's Enchantix song. And some languages did an excellent job!

No. 343321

No. 343322

I love the way she ends the song here! I have to learn that!

No. 343323

These harmonies are so beautiful in this version

No. 343324

This is ain't it though….. this is what I sound like singing along to a song with earbuds in.

No. 343993

File: 1703165520554.png (1.01 MB, 1440x1151, 1703089463093.png)

I found this in the crossovers thread

No. 343994

File: 1703165560969.png (1.03 MB, 883x905, 1699840828073.png)

I posted this one in that thread a long time ago, found it on deviantart iirc

No. 343997

Ewww this is what burgers do to iconic franchises

No. 344017

>flora is a hufflepuff.
My girl!

No. 344028

Wait why? Like you don't like the outfits or the harry potter thing?
Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I never watched harry potter and don't know anything about the schools

No. 344034

I like all the houses. Hufflepuffs are usually sorted with people who really like plants and herbology. Also, I'm a hufflepuff and Flora is my favorite winx girl

No. 344046

Oh I see! Flora does herbal potions and stuff all the time so that makes sense

No. 344344

Winx fans are so creative, I love seeing stuff they make.

No. 344403

More winx fans' creativity.

No. 344747

File: 1703532163808.png (190.57 KB, 640x916, will-vandom-reboot-v0-pevmv2p5…)

I am so upset with Will's reboot design. Her clothes and red hair in the original were such a cool preteen tomboy/punk aesthetic. She looked like someone who I could be friends with and listen to Paramore together after school lol. Now she looks like she's from a cancelled Life Is Strange sequel. Lame ass art bitch.
As an aside, are any of you familiar with /co/'s W.I.T.C.H. poster? Definitely a mood but the threads are funny and consist of an anon preaching how the 2000s W.I.T.C.H. cartoon was the best TV show ever and was cut down before its time. I liked that show too especially season 2 but damn.

No. 344756

File: 1703534414486.jpeg (286.01 KB, 1018x1152, IMG_2604.jpeg)

I'm the most upset about Cornelia, they uglified her so much, way more than anyone else from the main cast aside from Elyon. She has dumb wiggly brows now too. I guess they didn't think she was "girl power" enough as a pretty blonde girl and had to give her physical flaws? I seriously don't know.

No. 344759

File: 1703534694267.jpeg (64.62 KB, 489x339, IMG_2603.jpeg)

She's also not an ice skater anymore it seems, they made her do soccer instead. She was very much about elegance and femininity in the comic from what I remember, I feel like they didn't understand her character much.

No. 344762

File: 1703534744014.jpeg (164.74 KB, 700x1033, IMG_2605.jpeg)

Versus the original

No. 344763

File: 1703535052025.jpg (122.92 KB, 736x1053, c0e61fc8564f757fc67db12d0b640a…)

They're all downgrades except maybe Hay Lin. Taranee is getting played like a fujobait "prince of the school" shojo manga character and Irma had her tits chopped off.

No. 344764

File: 1703535268080.jpeg (728.71 KB, 870x1246, IMG_2608.jpeg)

She's also much worse but she's at least a little bit cute. Elyon and Cornelia are straight up hideous.

No. 344765

Tf is this hair

No. 344766

kek it's like they took generic hermione fanart and made her blonde

No. 344767

The new artstyle is so, so painfully boring, average and lacks any character or genuity. These could be characters from any random modern cartoon or tumblr artist. I think that bothers me more than the lame redesigns.

No. 344769

I haven't bothered to look up the new artist but I'm sure it's some 22 year old fresh grad Disney could pay peanuts.

No. 344770

File: 1703536750662.jpg (439.4 KB, 719x1031, Elyon_Info.jpg)

What the fuck she was so cute before. Ruined.

No. 344772

File: 1703538006235.jpeg (116.34 KB, 500x450, IMG_2609.jpeg)

They massacred my girls

No. 344773

File: 1703538382456.jpeg (244.42 KB, 750x1000, 055e8bcf075ac6ccdd43bc03773a5b…)

(picrel not mine) Anyone else had/remembers these "100 tricks" self-help-type books? There were a lot of these dealing with various subjects like how to deal with school, friends, parents, secrets, boys, confidence etc and had both advice as told by the girls and funny mini-stories related to the topic

No. 344774

I still have most of these

No. 344776

Not that I remember but I assume this was content from the magazine split into its own book?

No. 344777

No, it was its own thing.

No. 344823

I miss the sharpness of the early 2000s. I know they're doing this so it's "easier" to animate

No. 344824

to be honest, she looks more tomboy-ish here

No. 344850

File: 1703570141417.jpg (250.43 KB, 1024x1024, FxTQM_4WIAEasRQ.jpg)

nooooooooooooo taranee always had such cute and quirky funky clothes what have you done to her i loved her hairstyle as a kid and always wished i had same kind of hair

No. 344853

File: 1703571277805.jpg (1.85 MB, 2441x1497, 68976976976.jpg)

y2k is trendy now, give them their early 2000s clothes back goddamit there always was obviously so much thought put into their outfits they were quirky and girlish, the kind of almost silly tween style that still existed back then why would you massacre my childhood fashion icons like this >>344763 >>344747

No. 344854

Looks like a shitty oc. I hate all the redesigns because they're so generic but this gotta be the worse, she doesn't even resemble the original.

No. 344862

Haylin looks a bit more yellow than I remember, Asian nonas do you find that offensive? Or is that still alright?

No. 344883

File: 1703599573676.jpg (104.09 KB, 680x1000, 51cIiZpm4SL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

i had these too! and the "one-shot" type chapter books. there was one for each girl.

No. 344884

File: 1703599718434.jpg (75.58 KB, 654x1000, 51HAE9GZWEL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

picrel, i remember walking around the grocery store with my mom and reading this

No. 344885

File: 1703600300351.jpg (118.07 KB, 500x708, witch-manga-1.jpg)

each girl had her own style too, it was really well done characterization. hay lin was always my fave (influenced me a lot because even as an adult i'm an unapologetic loud dresser). will had a tomboy style, irma had a fun/flirty style, taranee's showed her interests ranging from bookworm to dancer, cornelia was the elegant one, and hay lin was quirky. and they often incorporated colors associated with the element power each girl had too, it was neat.

so disappointed they chose to reboot it, it will likely be trash. disney hasn't even finished their official translations of the original series so i'm just gonna read them as they're published and pretend this new one doesn't even exist. even the manga style was a better depiction of the girls.

No. 344886

what i loved the most about them is that they were all so colorful and real. when you watch precure or other animation for girls, the characters always wear only their signature color and it's so boring to look at. they could have dressed up irma in blue only because blue=water, but no, she's wearing red, purple, yellow… same for the other girls. i genuinely love this series so much.

she doesn't even look like the cool sporty tomboy anymore, she strikes me more as a traumatized woobie abandoned at a train station who's wearing shit from donations because the orphanage can't afford "better" clothes.

No. 344888

They botched my girl. Why do they want ugly characters so bad to appeal to the new gen? Thus should be a crime

No. 344906

soccer? SOCCER?? I can feel the artists hatred for femininity through her art

No. 344927

kek it looks like some becky was seething over giga stacy cornelia and had to butcher her to be more relatabluh.

No. 344934

This is impossible cute is it in stores or do I have to pay insane prices?

These are so hideous, if you're gonna rip off the Glen Keane look go all out not half ass it.I'd much rather have Anna Elsa looking than this half assery

No. 345059

File: 1703645905200.jpg (76.41 KB, 564x579, 5084d079dd830c3447a28429a1271c…)

I feel bad for girls today with how awful and full of propaganda pretty much all entertainment aimed at them is. At least they have easy access to webtoons and manga.

No. 345125

ice skating requires way more strength and agility and skill than soccer too. what an idiot.

No. 345248

File: 1703730521274.jpg (723.44 KB, 2460x3300, 20231228_052957.jpg)

Winx club and W.I.T.C.H. crossover

No. 345251

File: 1703730716561.jpg (501.73 KB, 830x2790, _231228_053315_214.jpg)

No. 345252

File: 1703731008669.jpg (87.79 KB, 670x500, winx_in_style_w_i_t_c_h_by_kao…)

No. 345253

File: 1703731635643.png (447.13 KB, 828x419, winx_club_witch_crossover_png_…)

No. 345255

File: 1703731992968.png (669.85 KB, 991x807, witch_in_winx_style_by_riredec…)

No. 345256

File: 1703732257637.png (12.1 MB, 3508x2480, dd4pywt-37e981d0-30dc-4dba-a55…)

No. 345257

File: 1703732496816.jpg (444.27 KB, 3840x2160, 20231228_055944.jpg)

Found a trix version!

No. 345258

File: 1703732694014.jpg (123.34 KB, 827x718, oh__now_we_are_at_peace__by_ma…)

No. 345259

File: 1703732802547.jpg (Spoiler Image,403.4 KB, 826x2474, _231228_060713_608.jpg)

And last but not least, W.I.T.C.H. and C.H.Y.K.N. in magic winx. Spoiler because it's a bit skimpy.

No. 345265

I think the reason why the new witch is so ugly is because it's sterilized. All the girls look like corpses, none of them are allowed to show personality through style because the artists don't care, and this reboot is a cash grab at the end of the day. Magical girls are something that must be made from a place of passion to be good, that's why later seasons of precure and winx are kinda lame nowadays. If they wanted to bring witch to the modern day, they should have just created a new set of girls for the new generation. Since they didn't we know they want to rely on the nostalgia factor more than anything else.

I also think it's funny how they clearly want to pander to the socially conscious zoomer/gen alpha crowd, so to make poor Taranee's skin a greyish ashy tone is certainly a choice. I also hate how she has very short hair, like they chose to let her have natural hair but also refused to put any effort into styling it. It's also such a cheap cop out to make her so masculine. Im willing to bet they chose her because shes black and they thought they could kill two birds with one stone. Her original style was so cute and full of personality she'd look great with natural hair.

No. 345281

Judging from what I've seen of the reboot and supporting materials I'm tempted to say Taranee is a creator's pet.
>Smart "good in all subjects"
>More forceful personality than her original incarnation
>Loner who needs to learn to accept help (because she's good at everything but not perfect)
It looks like the author of the reboot worked on the latter half of the original comic which I felt spent a lot of time on Taranee's dancing over the other girls' hobbies so maybe there's something there. She was one of the girls who lost their original love interest to free them up for more scrote of the week stories.

No. 345312

File: 1703755670130.jpeg (543.92 KB, 894x1280, IMG_2615.jpeg)

Apparently she only wears white, black and grey. Honestly reboots are always shit I don't know why they keep making them. Especially reboots where you change the characters, readers hate it.

No. 345313

File: 1703756185960.jpeg (807.64 KB, 870x1246, IMG_2616.jpeg)

And Hay Lin looks cute but she looks a bit insufferable to me for some reason. She's too kawaiified

No. 345315

File: 1703756656796.jpeg (81.69 KB, 730x548, IMG_2618.jpeg)

I loved this series, I think it had like a bit edgy fantasy adventure story. The series name in my language was "Shards of Time" and every book had a title name inspired by a bird (Stone Falcon, Shadow of an Owl, Golden Phoenix…)

No. 345326

Bet they just didnt want to bother to draw her as fashionable and well accesorized as she was in the og WITCH

No. 345329

they gave her the asian dye job lmfao fuck off

No. 345344

wow, an aggressive masculine black woman, just like how black women are always portrayed as masculine/mannish and aggressive… so progressive and woke of them.

she looks like she belongs in big hero 6. like >>345329 said, the quirky asian dyed hair doesn't help their case either.

No. 345349

File: 1703769336675.jpg (259.83 KB, 945x727, dgbnamm-8ab2be30-3ba9-408c-843…)

No fucking way they gave Cornelia the Gwen Stacy undercut

No. 345350

I don't know much about reboots, but is the witch reboot meant for the original audience? Like, isn't this just a way for Disney(?) to sell content that's already proven succesful in the past, to a new generation of kids instead of having to come up with something completely new that might not work?

No. 345351

>just like how black women are always portrayed as masculine/mannish and aggressive… so progressive and woke of them.
I thought black women complain about being portrayed as loud and sexualized instead

No. 345352

being loud is seen as aggressive and the black women are mannish thing is from TIMs who claim that if we see black women as women then we must accept troons as women too.

No. 345357

Of course, but that doesn't mean it has to be made shallow. A lot of the tropes being shat on in this thread already existed in the early 2000s, but the original creators had the prescience to make the girls more multi-faceted.
A reboot should be a chance to modernize a story and remove some elements that don't work, not wear a dead series' skin as a costume for brand factor.

No. 345361

wtf i thought this >>344763 was taranee bcause taranee had a cute personality in the original. of course they turn the shy black girl into more masculine character

No. 345367

what bugs me is even if these were new girls i'd still be asking why the younger generation couldn't relate to the original witch anyway. it was already representing other races and it had a good balance of uber feminine to tomboyish girls, it wasn't overdone like so many things are today. and the personal struggles of each girl would be just as relatable imo.

>She was one of the girls who lost their original love interest
which makes me so sad! i loved nigel and taranee.

i know this probably isn't perfectly translated but.
>after the battle with oracles by kandrakar taranee gets the power of fire
what??? how does that work, in the original hay lin's grandma gives them the heart and then they get their powers.
>completely takes all color out of her style
whats with todays cynicism reflecting in the art and storytelling of the modern day. it's like everything is boring and grey now. what happened to color?? is it not cool or woke anymore either?

No. 345368

they all look ugly, TIRED, and haggard. will and elyon's redesigns are especially egregious

No. 345370

>which makes me so sad! i loved nigel and taranee.
kek your comment unlocked a memory of me being sooo mad that irma ended up with martin or whatever his name was. the nerdy dude that constantly stalked her. she deserved a chad.

No. 345371

ayrt, i hated that too. and was sad caleb and cornelia couldnt be a thing.

No. 345374

Wait, Irma didn't end up with the blond guy from the band which Matt plays in?

No. 345381

didn't caleb later date elyon? i found that so weird as a young teen.

iirc the band dude and her never become official because irma starts to get interested in martin when martin starts dating some other girl. there's also this glimpse into the future in one issue and it shows adult irma dating adult martin who had a tiny bit of a glow up.

No. 345384

Second anon, that's unfortunate. But about the Elyon thing, didn't Caleb turn into a flower?

No. 345388

he initially does then ends up serving the oracle in kandrakar iirc

No. 345390

He got changed back and became Elyon's bodyguard/knight before hooking up with her. He was a much better character in the show IMO.

No. 345455

I hate this picture so much. They all look so stiff, bland, and soulless. This looks like crappy sjw fanart.
>No fucking way they gave Cornelia the Gwen Stacy undercut
Considering what they did to the other girls, I'm not surprised at all. Absolutely hate how they butchered the girls.

No. 345615

File: 1703885492420.png (1.84 MB, 922x1370, ddepvu7-c4b134c3-08c1-452f-b73…)

I think that the reason why they switched up artistically this much as the years went by is because the directors decided to go with a more kid's show direction and less for an early teen cartoon. If you look into the first 3 seasons the art looks somewhat for 9-13 year old girls while the latest seasons look straight up cocomelon shit. Idk, the faces are more round, the art looks more baby-like. First seasons were also more about mature themes but as time went by the characters became a shell of what they were teased to be in the beggining, it's a shame but I don't think it's entirely wrong for your headcanon to have the series stop after a certain season.

No. 345619

hate to defend this but she looks exactly like the tomboy teenagers of today and i feel like that's better rather than trying to appeal to people who aren't t[w]eens anymore. but this is the only one i'll defend.

No. 345620

I can see where you're coming from even though I don't like it. I think there's real risk of having Will be an e-girl if they tried to modernize her more punkish inclinations.

No. 345626

Didn't Iginio himself say this? It was because teens and older kids stopped watching tv and are all on the internet, while extremely young kids are watching tv, so the change was necessary to make these kids watch it and for the parents to approve of it for their 6 yo kids to watch. But art style aside, season 8 had decent plot about dying stars that geg their light stolen by some evil darkness creatures who work for Valtor, and the winx go to the stars and discover a queendom there that they work for to restore starlight since there are creatures living on stars, and planets relying on these starlights. They also meet some guy who does the same and creates artificial star cores to replace the stolen/broken ones. By the end they defeat Valtor and get to wish to become the ultimate most invincible guardians of the magical universe. And the canon ends there because no one can ever defeat them after that. There are some goofy ahh moments like the dance competition against the trix, petty relationship drama, some of the side characters being too cute it's kinda annoying, and the guy working for Valtor being the worst thing about that season. Valtor was also kinda nerfed. There's also the controversial back story of Icy, which I personally like and have some headcanons building upon it, but lots of fans hate it.

No. 345637

her hair gives me lain vibes, wish she kept that look for her transformation

No. 345650

thank you! it looks like shit. also i'm not one to care about diversity but LMAO at them making layla/aisha and flora pale. and they all look the same, it's no longer interesting to look at like the earlier seasons

No. 345671

unironically stereotypical, amazing how the 2000s is often called a bigoted time but they were more open minded with characters

No. 345672

both stereotypes apply, because that's how they work

No. 345956

File: 1704076504494.jpg (633.84 KB, 1440x2290, Screenshot_20240101_053452_Sam…)

I hate how winx fans are obsessed with the characters skin colors. I wish all the girls were white or were alien with 0 resemblance to humans in culture, looks, fashion etc. to avoid all the race sperging in the fandom and the diversity whining. And this is coming from a brown woman.

No. 346126

she looks good but does not look like taranee at all.

No. 358713

File: 1709000174472.jpg (144.75 KB, 827x1120, winx_bad_girls_2_by_nia_ait_dd…)

The winx as cloud tower witches 1/2

No. 358714

File: 1709000210695.jpg (139.94 KB, 827x1120, bad_girls_by_nia_ait_dd05sco-4…)

No. 358715

File: 1709000273028.jpg (64.88 KB, 828x339, dark_winx_by_darkfairyofmadnes…)

Dark winx in the vein of dark Bloom

No. 358720

Will and Elyon look horrible but I actually don’t mind the rest of them. It’s not as good as the original but idk, I don’t hate it as much as other nonnies.
Interestingly, they made Taranee really black in the new version. She looked sort of racially ambiguous in the original. With the way they drew her, she could have been either black or Indian.

No. 358721

I don't know if she still is in the reboot comics, but in the originals Taranee's blasian, so the ambiguity in her design was probably intentional.

No. 358730

Isn't Taranee adopted?

No. 358930

She is but her bio parents looked black and Asian too

No. 365021

File: 1711232543595.jpg (83.38 KB, 1080x589, arts-by-aliceyuric-2019-2024-v…)

I wish this ship went somewhere. Like the real Avalon and Palladium would have some interactions so we can get better shipping material.

No. 365022

They really made Taranee look more black (which… wasn’t she Indian?) while drawing her like a man at the same time. (As well as serious and stonefaced, while she’s sweet in the original…) this feels so fucking skeevy. Also lmao fucking elyon targaryen

No. 365024

She's black or blasian, and her outfits to me seemed to be inspired from African traditional clothing.

No. 365046

File: 1711242268319.jpg (122.61 KB, 720x920, 1622179560504.jpg)

No. 365340

No. 365397

wait when was this fuckin aired on cartoon network

No. 366509

File: 1711792442986.jpg (656.52 KB, 2880x2880, 20240330_124410.jpg)

I love how the winx club writers make older women date/marry younger men for their happy ending. and I just realized Tinkerbell and Matt are kinda Daphne and Thoren rehashed design wise.

No. 366511

based, any other examples.

No. 366517

File: 1711797204655.png (804.65 KB, 1024x767, a450de91d9f121071f243b1c5f403c…)

I don't remember any others than the ones I posted. Maybe queen Morgana and her husband, but he's an adult man and she's an imortal queen of earth fairies. Another couple I like (no age gap that we know of though) is Oritel and Marion, Bloom's biological parents. They're just so sweet and cute together.

No. 367172

Lucia Miccinilli, the singer for the first 3 season of winx club in Italian, and season 1 in English, released a single that's a medley of the opening and ending songs from s1-s3. She's on the grinde releasing winx club related singles every once in a while. Love her.

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