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No. 344575

Name is pretty self explanatory. Just a hub for all discussions stand-up related. Post about your favorite comic & link her performances. Gossip about the industry. Talk about yourself. Do you write jokes? Do you wish to start someday? What do you wish to see more in comedy? Who are your idols? How retarded was it to add #1 to the thread name knowing damn well it might not even get a reply?

No. 344578

oh i love jessica kirson. sometimes she's a little too nice to men though. imagine this clip if she didn't ease off?

No. 344579

and a cute clip where she's not actually doing standup

No. 344581

I can't believe people are using my thread, this is awesome. And yes I agree she's too nice to men, but I let it slide for her ridiculously accurate old jew impersonation.

No. 344582

i absolutely love standup anon! if no one else replies i'll be here lol
i really like "this is not happening" if you just skip the dumb skits they always do in the beginning, lots of great stories being told

No. 344583

Stand-up comedy is undeniably the most pathetic excuse for humor imaginable, and I associate with with pathetic, worthless moid who have achieved nothing in their sorry lives and deserve nothing but hard labor camps.

No. 344586

I can't stand stand-up comedy it makes me get such secondhand embarrassment and it is such a burger thing. also does improv classes actually happen? that Michael Scott did on the office? what is it called again?

No. 344588

Sadly the video in censored in my country, I'll check her out myself if you post her name! What do you think about Taylor Tomlinson? She's pretty good considering how young she is and I'm planning on watching her Netflix special. She'll definitely get even bigger in the next couple years as she refines her craft.

No. 344590

omg I love stand up… ty for the thread

No. 344591

Shayne Smith has been an up-and-coming one for a few years. I found his earlier stand ups good but his frequent interjections of 'yknow?' can get annoying if you cant look past them

No. 344594

Stand-up comedy is pretty popular in my country (spain), I don't think it's a burguer thing.

No. 344595

The final twist made me audibly gasp.

No. 344599

>>344590 This feels like I'm witnessing the private conversation between a therapist and a man with no problems. I think you would like Gianmarco Soresi, he used to be kinda attractive and was in a condom ad. Nowadays he looks like a racially insensitive caricature. He gets loud laughs out of me sometimes.

No. 344602

This was funnier than expected

No. 344607


No. 344611

I love Jessica Kirson so much. She reminds me of an old coworker at my first ever job who had a way of making fun of you in the most harsh, yet loving way possible, she was like a second mom to me. Every time I watch a clip of her I think about that coworker and feel a little better!

No. 344625

stop watching men

No. 344629

this was so good! I'm going to check out her other sets

No. 344634

I love Sindhu Vee

No. 344636

She's so articulate it adds to everything she says I'm going to remember her name definitely!

No. 344643

thanks for the rec, i liked him!

No. 344649

legendary clip

No. 344652

doesn't change the fact it's still awful and 99% of female stand-up comedians are pick-me's

No. 344654

citation needed

No. 344661

Jordan Jensen is amazing and fits the lolcow user crowd

i mean if theres a 1% female comedian you watched and liked, i'd like to watch her

No. 344663

No. 344709

I really liked the bit where her lesbian mom threw a chair and screamed "I love my titties" in the dr's office lmao
Jordan comes up in the leftcows thread occasionally because she guests on a cow's podcast sometimes. She's not really a proper cow though, her online presence is all comedian stuff and her own comedy podcast with Ian Fidance. I always thought she was a funny comedian, I used to listen to the leftcow podcasts for milk and she honestly jolted me out of it by coming on and actually being funny, I couldn't listen to it without her after that

No. 344713

Good thread, I love stand up comedy!

I'm ESL and I love my native stand up and a lot of british stand up, but can't stand a lot of american stand up. Even in stand up americans are hyperfixated on race, religion and their various political issues. So you get "edgy" comedians who are like "what if religion bad hurrdurr", "black people be like this, white people like that" and people there think it's hilarious or get offended en masse… but over here that's like 100 years too late for anyone to care or find it edgy. Not saying it's bad it just comes across as super outdated to me.

No. 344716

File: 1703522689097.jpg (131.6 KB, 826x1053, wokester comedian.jpg)

I'm getting fed up with woke comedians who aren't even telling jokes anymore, they just go "trans rights, am I right?!" or "you ladies should rule the world!!" and get people to cheer and clap for their social justice warrioring instead. I'd legit rather hear another edgy sexist joke (if it's funny) than another fake performative moid tell me I'm a valid girlboss to get me on his side.

No. 344752

what podcasts does she guest on? I dont follow leftcows but I'd love to check out the episodes she guests on

No. 344871

File: 1703588865213.jpg (329.86 KB, 1080x1364, IMG_20231226_140715.jpg)

Anon there's plenty of solid female comedians out there, you don't have to deal with either type of retard.
On an unrelated note, John Mulaney looks like a reanimated corpse now. I can't believe Netflix have him a show out of pity. His career feels astroturfed.

No. 345202

I’m so glad Matt Rife got cancelled. Too many scrotes tell shitty jokes while blaming it on muh dark humor

No. 345342

File: 1703765012951.png (623.82 KB, 592x2752, 90rnca3.png)

from the twitter hate thread.

No. 345353

the leftcow one is The Adam Friedland Show, probably like 5 or six episodes she's been a guest and at least once she was a guest on stavvy's world which is another leftcow. Bein' Ian With Jordan is the one she does with a deranged scrote kek. She was also a guest on Anniewood once if you don't want to hear a scrote talking. Not an exhaustive list, she guests on a lot of podcasts.

No. 345364

YouTube is always trying to push that woman and Ashley Gavin on me, they both annoy the shit out of me but Ashley Gavin is basically a personal lolcow of mine, she’s so annoying and loud constantly interrupting to blurt out some 2016 sub-buzzfeed tier humor on her podcast

No. 345377

The way that this guy's roast "jokes" are just domestic violence, rape, and daddy issues, you can tell his friends in high school congratulated him for having cool edgy dark humour and he never got over it. Not only are misogynists inherently unfunny but they all sounds like they're stealing from the same set of like 20 mediocre jokes.

No. 347710

She’s adorable

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