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File: 1704666933186.jpg (597.25 KB, 2349x1569, what flavour of sparkle dog do…)

No. 347160

Thread to discuss OC culture. Do you hate OCs? Do you love OCs?.
Post the ugliest, cringiest, prettiest, most unique OCs and discuss its culture.

>what's an OC?

OC is an original character created by someone for either roleplay or artistic purposes, can either be original or based on an already existinc IP.
>is naruto/harry potter/sonic/Jesus an oc?
No. Ocs created by individuals for personal purposes.

related links:

No. 347165

>is Jesus OC?
Technically Jesus is a really old OC kek

No. 347172

File: 1704673586129.jpg (2.68 MB, 4000x1740, welcome-home.jpg)

Hmm that reminds me of something…

No. 347173

>set in the 60s
>all of the characters are openly fags
>one is even nonbinary

No. 347178

File: 1704675606393.jpg (1.16 MB, 1920x1080, dga391y-353ee43c-c3fc-4039-a4c…)

That NewGrounds autist who reminds me of Randy Stair who got his own show.Totally original!

No. 347179

File: 1704676155394.jpeg (67.85 KB, 720x706, IMG_6813.jpeg)

I love OCs. They may be cringe a lot of the time but I can’t help but think about the sweet autists who lovingly made them and shared them with the world

No. 347180

File: 1704676545464.jpg (57.68 KB, 388x600, medium.jpg)

Literally any anthro snake oc with boobs,legs and arms.

No. 347181

File: 1704677057298.jpeg (Spoiler Image,613.37 KB, 4096x2528, Fpnh4brX0AQwkbK.jpeg)

Definitely one of the worst furry OCS I've seen not surprising since a crusty smelly trannoid came up with this nasty thing.spoilered because it's nauseating to look at.

No. 347184

File: 1704677547554.jpeg (191.82 KB, 1518x2048, D4EF7QkU4AAp_WN.jpeg)

>turbo autist
>turbo virgin
>ugly coomshit Gardevoir OC
>hundreds of commissioned porn

No. 347187

dear lord, men are insane

No. 347190

File: 1704678399927.jpg (32.2 KB, 500x237, look-how-they-massacred-my-boy…)


No. 347191

File: 1704678749526.jpeg (282.87 KB, 3156x2192, D0Gf66eU0AUg190.jpeg)

Absolutely retarded
Donut steel tier Poke shit OC how unique as in uniquely bad.

No. 347196

File: 1704680691569.jpg (195.79 KB, 780x770, COLDSTEEL.jpg)

Can't forget the classic

No. 347197

i want to know how much this fag earns. How the fuck does he have all that money to indulge in his oc autism.

No. 347214

File: 1704692361413.png (Spoiler Image,1.34 MB, 1248x1537, toyhouse1.png)

did some toyhouse dump diving. The whole gang is here
>gendie sparkle dog, made by tif
>original super exclusive closed species donut steel
>coomer design by moid
>totally not a recolor of popular character

No. 347219

File: 1704696032272.jpeg (3.44 MB, 4096x4096, 1704696072907.jpeg)

I'm not a furry but I really love apesonas/primate OCS.quite refreshing to see instead of the same boring wolf/fox/dog furry.I find it ironically funny that furries love animals yet can't draw other different types of animals instead of the standard canine lol

No. 347223

this reminds me i saw some guy on twitter with monkey coomer ocs that looked like racist caricatures i wish i could find him to post them, he gave me bad vibes

No. 347226

Omg that gorilla is so adorable and innocent. Just a happy heart gorilla, no donut steel or edge at all. Not even any gendie pride flag shit.

No. 347230

Forgot how funny the likes and dislikes were, only remembered the nothing personal kid part. Kevin Robinson from school made me actually laugh out loud. This dude must be almost 40 now, makes me wonder what he thinks about this after all these years

No. 347240

File: 1704705219492.png (236.85 KB, 350x731, kenashcorp.png)

I think the design is cute but it's made by a moid for his faggy music and yuri coomshit

No. 347241

still surprised he managed to go so far without trooning out

No. 347242

File: 1704705943083.png (2.35 MB, 2209x3026, 8B13FDC3-1A8A-46C8-AC5E-D687F9…)

i LOVE monkey ocs! so gross when people make furry coomershit with them, but i guess it's no more disgusting than the usual cat and dog furries, it just upsets me more because i'm not as desensitised to it. i need more cute monkey ocs. pic related is an oc from an artist i like!
she's cute i agree.

No. 347247

Who's the artist anon?

No. 347251

The chibi one would be cute if it weren't for the 10km boobs.
This design has a fursuit and had some controversy a few months back kek

No. 347256

do tell. I cannot imagine a tranny bimbo retard not being coddled in the furfag fandom, so he must have done some shit.

No. 347270

Unafortunely he was coddled. I don't have screenshots at hand since I only saw it on a passing, but pretty much one half were mocking the suit or rightfully saying it was too sexual for an open/public event while the other half defended him and claimed the ones agaisnt it were sexist, anti body-posivity and that dogs with abs and Kardashian horses are the same thing.
I'm not sure if the guy has done something other than being an animal coomer. I have to say seeing vids of the guy dancing while wearing 5kg of foam was impresive, but I wish he kept it at home.

No. 347281

File: 1704725839445.jpeg (104.54 KB, 1080x1103, IMG_7176.jpeg)

I had to go find her Twitter and I’m in love with her, so sweet, just a gorilla obsessed woman. The monkes in this thread are all so cute. I actually hate irl monkeys but as OCs they look cute/fun/unique. A furfag friend said they don’t like monkeysonas because it’s too close to human and like “cheating” but idk how real that is.

No. 347297

Top right is really cute. But every time I see a good cartoony design from a normal person I think about the current state of cartoons and cry

I'm always surprised there's still sane nice autists on the Internet. Sometimes I wonder if I should go back to Deviantart just for the tiny bastion of people like this that still goes there.

No. 347321

I fucking hate the moid behind this character so much. The fursuit version has a horse cock attached and he uses it for porn I’m pretty sure, and yet he walks it around in public where children can see him. It’s so fucking nasty, seeing furries defend him made me feel like I was going insane.

I absolutely despise designs like this. Everything about it is so ugly, I’m not wholly opposed to giving non mammal anthros boobs but furries always make it look gross and coomerish. It barely even looks like a snake, I just hate how anthro animal art is dominated by these kinds of soulless hideous coombait designs.

No. 347322

>I actually hate irl monkeys
I don't get how that happens unless you got attacked by one at some point. Some can be vicious but I find monkeys cute. I hate furry shit in general so I'm a bit off-topic

No. 347329

File: 1704741370111.jpg (30.72 KB, 564x564, snail art.jpg)

i used to buy adoptables and commission art for them a few years ago and surprisingly they still make me really happy (i hate my own old ocs). sometimes i get curious about the toyhouse and twitter communities because i’ve seen some really pretty designs but all the rules/tos stuff puts me off, so i’m 99% sure i’m not gonna buy any more ever. have you ever adopted characters anons?

monke oc is by an artist called lllyyyukkk but the drawing is by nyanpasu, don't have the link.

No. 347332

Fucking vile. I hate how coomers try to make bimbos as something cute and charming when it's just pure degeneracy. I bet the moid/tranny behind the fursuit has trouble going about with those hideous massive plush tumors while huffing his own smelly stench and walking around with an erection in public. God I hate furries, mostly western ones.

No. 347340

File: 1704744573676.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1242x1427, IMG_2557.jpeg)

I think some ocs are very cute, but the best ones seem to be anime girls made by non Americans, like picrel. I think it’s very obvious when an oc is only made for coom, but when actual care goes into the design and the oc isn’t just eye candy, I can dig it.

Ocs I don’t like are
>obvious coom bait
>furries, especially ones that are overly complex
>cluttered design
>Closed species, actual retardation

No. 347359

File: 1704748346958.jpeg (Spoiler Image,56.23 KB, 736x496, MLP - Milky Way_Milkmare.jpeg)

Speaking of horses with tits there's this coomshit MLP OC with dangling cow-sized uddders slapped on. God I fucking hate bronies too.

No. 347362

this is much cuter than I thought

No. 347369

I remember seeing plushies of this horrible abomination back in the day even some fan animations too?I don't know why I still remember all of this and I wish I hadn't.

No. 347373

File: 1704750795961.jpeg (40.45 KB, 736x495, MLP - Button's Mom_Cream Heart…)

Also another coomshit MLP OC as one of the younger character's mother but a pedo incestuous gamer MILF. Both of these OCs have their own porn flash games. All moid coomers, furries and bronies need to be strapped to electric chairs at a high voltage capacity. Disgusting degenerate shits.

No. 347388

Because the little ones are little shits that scream and steal stuff and play with their feces and bigger ones (chimps) are ugly and dangerous and play with their feces. Gorillas are cute and awesome though.

No. 347394


No. 347404

holy shit i remember seeing this shit everywhere i never understood why it got so popular. The gimmick is repulsive.

No. 347430

Is it weird to be bothered that most of the content on Toyhouse are adopts? I'm an avid OC autist myself and unironically enjoy looking at the stories that other people come up with, no matter the quality. I want to see characters crafted with love and care for personal use, not sparkledogs with no backstory that have nothing but a price tag slapped on them.

No. 347511

I'm the same way and it bothers me as well. Backstory-less cluttered adopt OCs give me the same feeling that the whole corporate art style thing does. They just feel so soulless and uncreative, regardless of how interesting the designs (rarely) are.

No. 347529

File: 1704836462019.jpeg (245.69 KB, 1920x1583, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

>Cuphead OC
>Looks like a Hazbin reject
A lot of these cuphead ocs miss the point of the world building in the game.

No. 347531

File: 1704836725444.png (220.41 KB, 608x448, 80eddd_b86493bad7144223b04005c…)

Shitty coomerbait aside,wtf is she supposed to be?some kind of slime furry?

No. 347547

File: 1704844194787.png (140.45 KB, 894x894, Fluffle_Puff.png)

Aside from the coomer MLP OCs, Fluffle Puff was pretty cute and silly especially being shipped with Queen Chrysalis

No. 347551

All the shapes are so fucking boring. A leg stays the same thickness throughout. The arm, the torso, the same. It's just bendy stick figures with varying thickness. The colors are nice but they're all so stiff somehow.

No. 347553

>the colors
I thought it might be the hue's not working together, but I think it's jus the fact that all the colors are saturated at almost the same level. There's practically no vibrancy variation. Also the color palette is limited which contributes to the boring.

No. 347572

her author is so fucking autistic. She had some minor drama of being cringe, and apparently letting minors in nsfw spaces, but i am not sure of the latter. She's extremely obssesed with her oc even if literally no one but her likes it and has no real fanbase. Its kinda endearing how she's trying to brute force her into becoming popular by canalizing all her autism into it.

No. 347582

ngl i think it's cute…

No. 347584

File: 1704859065946.png (85.54 KB, 933x731, Bob Chicross (1).png)

I agree. I support her autism. Some of the designs are iffy, but I like the brother. Also I think they're crystals but I'm not 100% on that

No. 347587

spaicy and bob. and she made a fursuit of her character. what a weirdo i like her

No. 347588

File: 1704860066365.png (136.27 KB, 955x239, spaicy_creation_and_evolution_…)

Samefag, they're weird animal hybrids but also mineral and vegetal(?) creatures. Spaicy the character here >>347531 started off as a normal dog and then the creator obviously got influenced more by sonic as time went by. She was always naked though.

No. 347626

its fascinating how she has been obssesed with her donut steel for over 20 years

No. 347752

Gives me Chris-Chan vibes especially the fugly fursuit of that thing.

No. 348004

File: 1705022346584.png (676.81 KB, 559x791, 10237398423.PNG)

Reading a few pages of her comic and her skill comes through. She's not afraid of backgrounds and the art has polish and effort. The designs are boring to me aside from the faces, which are expressive and kind of nostalgic. Her sense of color is good.

No. 348128

File: 1705081848121.png (Spoiler Image,1.34 MB, 1005x1000, maws_sketchpage.png)

Picrel has to be one of the ugliest, most retarded donut steel I have ever seen. And apparently this oc is a "he"
Not even in the Cuphead style kek.

No. 348130

File: 1705082203065.png (701.24 KB, 3585x3602, 1466212.png)

This made me remember of an oc that somebody created that got insanely popular in the brownie fandom and people keep drawing her lewd and shit. And think she's even a mascot for some shitty brownie website know. This is what made me stop liking the mlp fandom altogether, I thought people just wanted to draw cute and colorful ponies but I was wrong.

No. 348133

File: 1705082732656.jpg (639.51 KB, 2880x2880, 20240112_210620.jpg)

Uses to love horseland as a kid, and decided to re-watch it recently. It was a decent show. And I discovered people made their own horseland OCs. I love how creative these are with the colors and signature symbols. It's so adorable.

No. 348160

Does anyone remember bad OC critique blogs on tumblr? I remember spending so many hours reading reviews of people's shitty homestuck trolls and naruto rp characters as a young teenager. A lot of the reviews were mean spirited, but I miss when people just bickered over OCs on the internet instead of what we have now.

No. 348164

I'm somehow bothered by the fact that only the male characters have eyebrows

No. 348398

I want the same to be brought back but by some professional artist critiquing design in a constructive way. Whenever I see design crits, I learn a lot. Istebrak does them but her art is honestly ugly and boring. Some of her crits are good but they never touch on the foundational flaws in a piece.

No. 348500

That Istebrak’s “fixing your art” reels suddenly started appearing on my insta and I thought they were a little snarky at times. I went to see her stuff and was unimpressed. Just boring portraits with all the same lighting and mid characters. I’m happy to see your opinion.

No. 348509

Yess lol that's where I first started seeing them. She was mostly critiquing artists who were obviously beginner or almost intermediate so it's easy to tell what was wrong. But when I saw her edit a LoL splash, I was unimpressed and disappointed that she missed some of the most obvious flaws in the piece. She's conceptartpilled so any intermediate or advanced artist won't be gaining much creative insight from her stuff. Good for beginners though!

No. 348534

I remember those. They made me paranoid and super private about my own ocs kek. Lowkey kind of hated those blogs because some of the things they criticized seemed overblown, but at least it wasn't like those people who make OCs solely just to alog someone else's OC and act superior in snarkfics.

No. 348640

File: 1705264552578.jpg (238.3 KB, 1920x1080, Eh7LppRU4AAD3WI.jpg)

rrr001222/RAMDARAM's ocs are pretty cute, cool and neat

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