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File: 1705282617523.jpeg (886.52 KB, 1284x1506, IMG_6408.jpeg)

No. 348698

Discuss Michael Jackson with clowns, His fans, MJcows, MJ white knights or whatever other weird MJ shit

No. 348700

File: 1705283747880.jpg (35.55 KB, 590x304, Capture9948.jpg)

Karen faye isn't shy about shutting down 'b-but I was the love of his life' mjcows

No. 348702

Karen calls out delusional fans and “girlfriends” all the time but sadly she is kind of delusional herself though because she’s convinced he was in love with her, it’s obvious he wasn’t. I kind of feel bad for her, he seemed hard to work with

No. 348705

I hate how some people especially in the black community defend him so much just because he was the king of pop. It's so obvious he was a creep

No. 348706

File: 1705285864870.jpg (92.33 KB, 640x640, f5b8461d1c97d78f3a28142770718d…)

There's a weird amount of pics of them together where she's hugging him from behind or he's sittng on her lap lol. That or she's gazing at him at he's just not looking back.

I can see the one way interest, alot of fangirls call her a bitch but then every woman he knew who wasn't his mom is called a bitch by them so idk

No. 348708

He used a lot of people and just gets a pass because he was gifted. I feel bad for Debbie Rowe, literally an incubator to him

No. 348710

File: 1705286718200.jpeg (677.92 KB, 1284x923, IMG_6417.jpeg)

MJ probably saw her as a mother figure like he did with Diana. Meanwhile she felt something romantic for him. You can really see this dynamic in their Bashir interview lmao. She’s touchy with him while he looks awkward

No. 348719

Black people are really, really defensive of MJ. I kinda feel bad for them because they're obviously really proud of him and it's important to them that one of the most successful artists of all time is a black guy, but then again he's a blatant pedo and batshit crazy.

I'm so sick of the argument that he wanted creepy relationships and sleepovers with young boys to relive the childhood he never got. He could've given them their own fucking bed if that was the case.

No. 348724

File: 1705295293620.jpeg (164.13 KB, 1284x595, IMG_6429.jpeg)

No. 348749

File: 1705315558280.png (910.21 KB, 1135x616, Screenshot 2024-01-1515.png)

They go nuts for him skinny but then any of the 'gold pants' posts are from when he had thighs for a min during one tour and its suddenly wall to wall "crush me with with those thighs daddy" dom fantasy

No. 348750

disgusting piece of shit and disgusting fandom defending a pederast, had it been just them thirsting after a weirdo like snapewives i'd let it go but this garbage has ruined so many kids. there's nothing even remotely sexy about him, he's the definition of corny

No. 348757

File: 1705318290350.png (1.01 MB, 672x1134, EGhHAen.png)

He also used to collect Nazi memorabilia:
>Norman Scherer tells the NY Post that MJ had a penchant for collecting Nazi documentaries. Scherer, who owns a videotape distribution company, says Jackson had a "really good collection" – which included, "Nazis – Of Pure Blood," "Oasis of the Zombies" and "Hitler's Children.

No. 348758

An evil POS defending another evil POS, I'm not surprised about this.

No. 348759

I can't believe people defend him when it comes to the pedo shit. Like a grown man with a giant private theme park where a bunch of young boys are invited to sleep with him, literally in the same bed, and one of the rooms has a giant painting of him naked with a lot of little boys beside him is totally not a pedophile, he's just a child at heart! It's true you can do anything if you're famous, people will make up wild excuses for you.

No. 348761

Is this really praise though? I mean to pull off what Hitler did and control that many people he definitely wasn't dumb.

No. 348762

I'd say having a collection of Hitler memorabilia is the weird part though.

No. 348763

File: 1705319366100.jpg (53.06 KB, 480x294, 800wi.jpg)

The women writing books claiming to have had secret love affairs are bad but the uh oh so glamorous gay ones are worse

>"I've lost my soul mate, it's very hard to describe the loss I feel but there is something that is empty in my heart. I guess our first 'date', if you can call it that, was in my car. We went for a drive and were talking and having fun, but Michael had his minders who were 'nosey', as Michael put it. We had to make sure we were not caught, and although the date was short as I had to take him home before anyone noticed, we had a great time. I thought nobody else knew [about us] but have since discovered that others did surmise the truth…He did not like looking at old photos of himself and didn't want his children to see them either. He desperately wanted to recreate the old glory days for fans, the kids and for himself."

>Pfeiffer claims he spent Christmas with the Jackson family and called their affair "a short romantic love story that ended in tragedy."

No. 348764

I always thought his post-Thriller outfits were super tacky

No. 348765

>A skeleton and whale having sex

No. 348766

Sounds to me like the usual "let's paint extremnely famous people in a bad light so we're less envious of them".
I think Michael Jackson being a nazi supporter is exactly as real as J. K. Rowling wanting trans people to die.

No. 348767

I agree it's weird but some people are very into history without agreeing with it. I just don't see how this reads as praise or that he saw Hitler in a positive light.

No. 348770

File: 1705320379904.jpg (36.48 KB, 512x295, unnamed.jpg)

> 'Liberace introduced me and Michael in the late 1970's,' 54-year-old Scott told The Sun. 'It was right around the time Thriller was coming out and Michael and I became lovers.'
> 'Our relationship went on for six or seven years, Michael was very generous, too. He treated me well. I was standing only a few feet away from Michael when he motioned with his hand to come over to him and join him on the bed,' he revealed
> 'I climbed onto the bed - our lovemaking session lasted about an hour.'

He also told howard stern that mj had a small but nice dick, that mj was strictly a top! All said through a drugged slur

No. 348771

File: 1705320578438.jpg (67.29 KB, 950x1034, 20240113_211416.jpg)

this is what goro akechi sees every day

No. 348773

It's so fucked up. He would form a relationship with one boy and date him until the boy reached a age that was too old for him and then Micheal would discard him and start dating another young boy all over again. His victims not only got groomed and molested but also made to feel worthless once they reached a certain age because Micheal actually made them feel like he loved them (In a sick twisted way of course) yet stopped communication with them once they outgrew his preference.

No. 348774

To anons who are new to the accusations I suggest you watch this documentary.

Part 1 of 2.

No. 348775

Part 2 of 2

No. 348776

I did a day ago and my god. I really liked him as a kid and it made me realize things I didn’t realize before. It all makes sense now

No. 348777

What's going on recently with all these radfem anons lately having the shittiest takes and caping for men. You don't have to cape for a pedo moid. What's next your going to say he had that book of naked boys because he liked art and photography? (There are people who actually used that as a excuse)

I don't know how people deny it when one of his victims knew exactly where the moles were located on micheals punishment including the shape (vomit).
Micheal defenders always get silent when it comes to this one because they don't know ow how to defend it.

No. 348778

Typo autocorrecr I meant penis, not punishment.

No. 348780

Yeah I just don't believe this. I think this guy is fishing for attention. The thing which annoys me about the 'community' (for lack of a better term) centred around discussing MJ's accusations is that they believe every man who said he had a relationship with him, even as an adult. I totally believe MJ is guilty and even abused more boys than is known but I don't also buy the theory that he was super gay and never showed interest in women. People dismiss every single anecdote where it's said he was attracted to a woman because obviously a pedophile can't also be attracted and have sex with adults right? It's that sort of black and white thinking which they complain MJ fans do, but they're also susceptible to it. Like he obviously had a massive crush on Diana Ross and (apparently) had sex with Lisa Marie Presley. It's like when they think any story of him being kind and polite is just a massive front or lie and every single good deed he did in his life is fake. Why's it so hard to believe he molested children but also genuinely wanted to give millions of dollars to charities? People aren't just good and evil. Again, they have that childish thought process like rapid Jackson fans. It's like they wanna be pseudo psychologists after doing ten minutes of research

No. 348782

Meanwhile if Hitler met him, he would have thrown MJ in one of his ovens himself.

No. 348783

Stfu retard, do you assume everyone is a radfem for no reason? I didn't meant to post here anyway I mistakenly assumed it was the celebricows thread.

No. 348784

he also owned books made by gay male pedos

No. 348785

Not a defender but there's stuff in this that they lied about that makes it so sus. Wade got abused by mj when he was left alone with him while the rest of his family went on a trip to the grand canyon.. except wade went on that trip to the grand canyon with his family on those dates. James was abused in the nl train station except the train station didn't exist back then. Hadn't even been built til years later. He would've been grown.

Not a defender because there's so many claims from people going back decades but these 2 keep fucking up and rewriting their stories every time its proven that the location was impossible or the year it happened was impossible unless it happened when they were adults.

Any woman coming out with sa claims and having that many impossible to overlook holes in their story would be slaughtered for it. These tho are the face of male victims speaking up. Wade scammed people using a fake charity for csa victims. His wife said she'd no idea what it must be like to go through csa and then joined his charity mission and claimed she was csa-ed after all. Deleted that like they rewrite every lie that gets caught. There's a whole rabbit hole of shit on these guys that annoys me because do I think mj was innocent across the board.. fuck no. But this shit being front and centre is insulting to victims. Dan reed making them shoot and reshoot graphic retellings of their abuse but instructing them to ham it up more, get more graphic

No. 348786

my take is that he was extremely delusional and thought he was some sort of god and genuinely believed he had a real consensual relationship with the kids, which actually makes it even more disturbing. this demon died thinking he was a good man and it's his delusion that convinced many people in his inner circle that he was innocent, like lisa marie presley who had daddy issues and wanted to "fix him"

No. 348789

james is an abuse victim and i doubt he has perfect recollection of his memories and you forget that he was still in touch with mj during his teens, after the train station was built. even if wade comes across as shady to you, james is extremely believable and doesn't have any holes in his story

No. 348791

It's because your retarded ass compared him to Jk Rowling

>didn't meant to post here anyway I mistakenly assumed it was the celebricows thread.

Lmao newfag retard.

No. 348793

also you're expecting victims to remember every single detail that happened like 30 yrs ago? it's hard even for mj worshippers to attack james other than the train station detail, that's why they harrass wade instead on a daily basis. in fact, wade would benefit more from defending and sucking up to mj like he did during his entire career, but he had the balls to tell his story

No. 348794

This is exactly it. People want to paint predators as all the same but Micheal was one of those weird predators who probably didn't think what he did was wrong and wanted to be a child himself.

Micheal especially during his last years would often speak like a child in a weird child-like tone with other people. He also wanted to look white which makes sense considering during what era he was in, he also had a abusive childhood.

I think for Micheal it was multiple things and more complex than just being a predator. I think Micheal himself wanted to be a white boy and also was attracted to white boys.

No. 348795

he 100% was delusional but was also a master manipulator. i think he was aware and that is the disgusting part. he was just really good at manipulating fans and parents

No. 348796

Oh yeah, he was definitely delusional and egotistical, no doubt about that. I also think Lisa Marie had a strong inkling about the abuse, but didn't really have any proof to confirm it. But I also don't think every person who was close to him is lying about everything. For example, his bodyguards wrote a book about ten years ago and revealed that MJ had a few girlfriends in the last years of his life, took them out on dates, kissed in the car etc. And I don't believe they were just making this up to make him look good or wholesome, because they also didn't hold back on the details of Michael treating them like shit and not paying them because he was so far in debt. For me, it's more of wanting a picture as close to realistic and complete as possible on what sort of person he really was. The dude was fucked up but very complex

No. 348797

File: 1705323826437.jpeg (56.73 KB, 559x869, IMG_6468.jpeg)

No. 348798

I didn't mention jk, you know you replied to two people right?

No. 348799

he clearly had a weird relationship with women, he was attracted to them but still saw them as vicious and evil at the same time. he probably thought they were getting in the way of his favorite past time

No. 348800

Wade is definitely way shadier with the list of contradictions on his side being a mile long compared to james. But its still hard to bypass james saying the sexual aspect of their relationship totally stopped at 14 and then going into detail about how he was abused while under that age in a building that wouldn't exist for several more years.

Did he abuse him in the train station as an adult then or did he lose all sexual interest in him at 14 like he said. Dropping you at 14 was something they really focused on in the doc as his cut off age. There's being a year off or imperfect memories in victims and then there's the amount of shit you'd have to overlook in LN. Dan Reed made them reshoot scenes because they already caught some of the 'wait that couldn't happen' shots and changed the stories mid production. Those are the slips that still made it in after already cutting others out. I by no means think michael is innocent overall but he can be a pedo and people can also be opportunistic because the pedo left behind money and this ongoing battle with the estate isn't them seeking millions, its worth over a billion to them if they win this.

No. 348802

sounds like you're just regurgitating what other mj fans said against the documentary. focusing too much on the train station as if that's the most relevant thing james said. if dan reed is scummy and wanted to take advantage of their stories and tried to make it sound as perfect as possible that means to you none of the abuse ever happened? they said 14 seemed to be the cutoff age but mj still had them on and off for a few years later and they were seen at neverland multiple times in their teens

No. 348807

which is so interesting because his father is the one who fucked him up so badly. typical man

No. 348808

It's not just what was stated in the doc. The lawsuit itself is full of the same rewriting of events. All the doc did was provide a wider public with clips of wades story before he changed it again. Not that many people who watched it will look that much deeper into it. A decade of trying to get a story straight. If this was anyone else, non famous and your sa story changed and mutated and dropped scenes and changed locations and changed ages and included being abused in countries you've never visited.. would that fly for anyone else?

If some of it's true and its just being added to to make it more worthy of the amount of compensation they're aiming for that's entirely possible but hard to understand for anyone whose been through similar. I do think James would have a better chance without being tied to wade. Like I said the station is the thing with him but it doesn't compare to the leaps you'd have to take with wade for saying too much too publicly and then leaving a long paper trail behind that doesn't add up. James would be better off not linked to him.

No. 348809

Well, going to strip clubs to perform in the dead of night starting at the age of like 6 probably didn't help either. Also his father pimped him out to female prostitutes when he was in his teens

No. 348810

yeah but again all of that is his father's fault. yet all the rage is directed toward women.

No. 348811

This documentary was proved to be bunch of bullshit years ago, everyone involved couldn't prove shit and I was against Michael too at some point. Can't believe you are actually serious and not posting this ironically

No. 348812

>He also wanted to look white which makes sense considering during what era he was in
He had vitiligo

No. 348813

File: 1705329759949.png (321.7 KB, 1080x1133, icvit93vucd71.png)

Lisa marie was writing a book when she died, her daughter apparently finished it and it'll be out sometime this year. Will be interesting to see if fans go nuts if their marriage gets a mention. Any drop of new info will cause a stir. She said very little over the years but its been dissected and picked apart because of course every woman in his orbit was demonized by women who'd kill to be that.

The bodyguard book was decent, alot of the time you feel the overly kind bias oozing off the pages of anything written by people who knew him. It felt more genuine. For someone with so much money he was terrible at managing it. Was blind to the struggles of the starving guards for a while lol. Had rocky working relationships with people like the woman who nannied the kids. Screwed over that guy in bahrain and was terrible at keeping any commitments later in life, even work commitments that fucked people over when they fell through. Didn't paint him up as this ideal image but then did confirm the existence of 'flower' and whatever the other lover was called.

Shana claimed to be either flower or the other one, then people were like wasn't she blonde and swedish? (or similar) and I think that post disappeared soon after.

No. 348815

literally who?

No. 348816

That is true (and also lupus) but it's also true he used skin whitening creams and lied about not knowing what they were.

Oh yeah I forgot about the nanny, it's quite possible he had an affair with her too. There was that weird comment his daughter Paris made of finding them in bed together. And Shana is just straight up delusional, I've never believed any of her lies and I can't fathom the fans that still hang on to every word she says like it's gospel lol.

His inner circle really narrowed in his last years didn't it? I have not read the full book from the bodyguards, just some excerpts. I still remember that story of him going absolutely ballistic thinking there was a camera watching him in an outdoor pool and he cut up his hands trying to yank it down and smash it. Screaming about how he wanted privacy for his kids. Almost made me feel bad for him until I remembered he abused countless children over multiple decades.

What I find interesting is that all these girlfriend stories mainly exist after the trial in 2005 - it was almost like he was compensating because he couldn't be around little boys as much anymore since it got him into so much trouble and he didn't want it repeated.

No. 348819

He was refusing to see his own family apart from his mother in his later years. There were stories of them fighting the guards to get in, ramming a car into his gates, or his dad immediately hitting him up for money after months of not speaking, his dad taking it upon himself to act like he was his manager and could book him for appearances without asking him. Some versions say that they were trying to get him into rehab and others say they just didn't want the money train to cut them off. Probably some truth to both. Get sober and get making money.

Lots of moments where similar to the pool situation you're like.. I feel bad but also looking at the bigger picture do I?

I have a gross quote from Belinda London aka quora lady but I've to scroll through years of posts to try and find it if she's even left it up. They always delete the whackiest parts of their sex stories

No. 348829

Why did this thread turned out so boring? When the discussion started in ot it seemed so promising with all the crazy winxXmichael accounts and the crazy japanese life-sized dolls etc etc. Why does it seem now like a boomer facebook MJ thread? Wtf?

No. 348833

I'm writing up a recap of one the secret lovers years of delulu posts, condensing it down. Is that ok to post? lol

No. 348838

Yes please nona! Elevate this thread

No. 348845

File: 1705337280676.jpg (34.53 KB, 450x440, mask.jpg)

Belinda London A Williams aka quora mj escort

Had a non-love affair arrangement with mj from 2007 to 2009. Was an ex escort who essentially still had an escort set up with mj but without the cash? Claimed she got two nice pieces of jewelry at some point. Mj had issues with trust and had these arrangements with women instead of relationships

He was into role play but she won't say what type (lisa marie said the same thing, role play but wouldn't say what roles) Later goes on to kinda reveal some of the roles anyway. Clown. Jester. Making women act like royalty or like they're out of his league. Putting expensive jewelry on women and doing some type of regal roleplay where he's lesser than them. Dressing like a king himself. Making her dress/act like DIANA ROSS. Mj had a sexual relationship with diana ross when he was younger. He was in love. She wasn't. Broke his heart. Beginning of his deep trust issues with women.

Michael doesn't eat pussy. Someone in the past started their period mid sex and menstruated in his mouth.. Very adamant about hating to eat pussy. Very fussy about women being shaved, no day old stubble or you'll be directed to go shave.

Had 'unconventional' sex. She was vague about that but later said he didn't really go for piv much. Hated condoms/was paranoid about getting women pregnant. Finished in her once and freaked tf out after. Idk if she was hinting at anal at some points but she also talked about 'outercourse'

No. 348846

This is so retarded and poisons the well of actual accusations. My best friends dad has a ton of WWII Hitler books and docs and he is definitely not a Nazi supporter. History is really super interesting.

No. 348847

probably maddona-whore complex? seeing women as either wholesome mother figures or evil whores

No. 348946

the mj fanfictions are so hilarious kek

No. 348957

File: 1705365766825.jpeg (433.56 KB, 1284x885, IMG_6480.jpeg)

looked up her name on quora and it’s just other delusional quora fangirls calling her out. this is pure gold.

No. 348988

belinda l. is not my lover

No. 349002

Wow that sounds really similar to my bisexual ex. Gross.

No. 349021

File: 1705393730861.jpeg (1.77 MB, 1284x1742, IMG_6327.jpeg)

No. 349025

>People dismiss every single anecdote where it's said he was attracted to a woman because obviously a pedophile can't also be attracted and have sex with adults right?
Just for the record almost no man who abuses children sexually is actually a true pedophile in the sense that they're sexually attracted to children, most of them aren't. They just see an easy victim to sexually abuse so they abuse them. This is basically the first thing you learn when you study pedophilia/child sexual abuse. There are a few who are "true" pedos and it's possible MJ was one of them though, but it's more likely he was at least also attracted to adults since the vast majority of pedos are.

No. 349046

File: 1705406062372.png (364.09 KB, 619x617, 2024-01-16 11.png)

Ametuer, got nothing on lulus creations

No. 349050

File: 1705408033021.png (224.25 KB, 475x460, maid joker.png)

Homo detective from persona 5, I think anon's making a joke about Joker (the guy he get shipped with) having the same pants.

No. 349052

I think it's also because his only real relationship in the media was with lisa marie presley who came right after the allegations and debbie rowe who didn't even bear his actual children. Other than that we don't have anything proven other than his obsession with diana ross and a few delusional fangirls claiming they dated with zero evidence. For such a worldwide famous figure you'd expect more public gfs. Even if he didn't have the allegations, his complete lack of romantic life is suspicious

No. 349053

I liked your joke nonnie

No. 349063

Well this is goddamn terrifying. What are they even supposed to be? Like spermatozoa or ET heads??

No. 349064

someone needs to mod pokemon and turn all the dittos into this

No. 349084

why so many Japanese MJ autists? Is it just regular Japanese autism?

No. 349086

I work in Japan and a 5 yr old boy I know dressed as MJ for Halloween, it was bizarre.

No. 349103

is Michael Jackson still in sapphire crimson claw or whatever she goes by now's ghost harem?

No. 349106

Regular Japanese autism plus americanophilia

No. 349274

File: 1705512693879.jpeg (93.66 KB, 680x510, FWHssObUIAA9sr2.jpeg)

When his reputation had gone to shit in the US with all the allegations and then the whole nose watch/freak show articles being at their peak he knew he could still visit Japan and it'd be like none of that shit existed. Like going back to the glory days with the reception he got

No. 349295

Female Japanese fans are extremely forgiving, disgraced korean idols and actors always focus on them after they get cancelled in korea

No. 349296

Did any of you anons also used to read MJ fanfics? Please say yes

No. 349305

I remember he fled to Bahrain and visited Japan a few times after the 05 trial. Japan treated him like nothing ever happened and he was still the same guy from Thriller

No. 349306

File: 1705523953034.jpg (791.78 KB, 1312x1200, Trial-Pics-michael-jackson-125…)

> Based around the time of the trial
> You're a totally ordinary girl who somehow stumbles into his life by chance
> He's beside himself, the whole world is turning against him
> But you believe him, you comfort him, he confides in you, you become his rock as the world rejects him
> He soon falls for you
> He cries on your shoulder daily after leaving court, drained from it all
> You fuck him better inbetween many intense crying sessions
With lots of pics from the trial inserted. omg mature era michael so hawt, he's so weak and defeated yet stylish in those courtroom suits

No. 349307

File: 1705524323203.jpg (77.29 KB, 705x900, 81juRHrHQpL._AC_UY900_.jpg)

There's this girl in my uni class, she's 28 but looks like she's only 15, who is extremely autistic and wears this watch. Her profile pics in the only social media I have her is also a MJ picture from the BAD era.

No. 349309

Idk why but he's up there with sonic when it comes to appealing to people with autism. Go on any of the fansites and the sections for more general chit chat have people talking about their autism. They even love to speculate that he had it.

No. 349311

I remember a fanfic with a bully to lovers and it was thriller era MJ

No. 349312

>speculate that he had it
He has some traits but it could be anything else, like CPTSD or a personality disorder. I can see why people think he could’ve been an aspie, but it’s just several other things in one guy.

No. 349313

You should ask her about Michael Jackson to make her day kek

No. 349314

I was expecting that to be about prince

No. 349315

She's extremely annoying and a mouthbreather, maybe some other time kek

No. 349318

>she's 28 but looks like she's only 15
How kek

No. 349321

I saw a video about the train station argument, i wish i could find it it had evidence for the claim that basically the station was already built at the time when he was abused they just didn't have a permission from the goverment (ESL sorry i don't know the terminology) for it to be there and they did that later if you know what i mean. So officialy on paper it was there later than in reality.

No. 349325

People have had years to cash in on revealing what he was like in private and they consistantly say he wasn't that awkward soft spoken persona. Behind the scenes descriptions are more in line with what you said. imo alot of the tism trait spotting is people analyzing a persona.

No. 349326

No it was on fanfiction.net IIRC and was MJ how he looked in the early 80s (so peak)

No. 349327

File: 1705529086363.jpeg (99.85 KB, 515x804, IMG_4262.jpeg)

No. 349329

File: 1705529613685.jpeg (680.46 KB, 1284x1722, IMG_6574.jpeg)

No. 349336

How did he get his skin so white? I know some people are saying he had a skin disease, but it seemed like his whole face and body where the same color. In some countries bleaching skin is popular but even then it doesnt get that white. Sorry for the stupid question, but i really want to know

No. 349338

File: 1705533855948.jpeg (39.78 KB, 256x400, IMG_4264.jpeg)

No. 349339

File: 1705533903722.jpeg (59.62 KB, 720x1406, IMG_4265.jpeg)

No. 349342

File: 1705535224830.jpg (123.01 KB, 1440x2160, vitiligo-beauty-photography-el…)

literally vitiligo, it can progress to cover your whole body. he just combined it with whitening to make it look less patchy

No. 349343

File: 1705535281707.png (159.38 KB, 418x457, Screenshot 20.png)

I used to follow the subreddit for leaving neverland. Initially the director of the doc tweeted out that James had gotten his dates wrong and that the abuse there happened when he was 16. Should he be casually tweeting that during an ongoing case with sworn statements but ok

Next he said the original ages were right and the permit date was off instead. Idk whats up with that director but he's been on twitter heatedly getting into it with people for years and putting his foot in his mouth so badly that its like is he trying to fuck up. I can't believe this guys real. The quotes taken out of context as proof followed by surprised pikachu face when they respond is.. his routine. Mans twitter is a liability.

No. 349344

they will ship him with anyone lmao

No. 349345

File: 1705535672134.jpeg (784.48 KB, 1284x1736, IMG_6578.jpeg)

ariana grande x michael jackson wattpad fics are also a common thing

No. 349349

File: 1705536455163.jpeg (96.57 KB, 405x399, IMG_4266.jpeg)

No. 349351

File: 1705537550837.png (100.63 KB, 1199x314, Screenshot 2024-01-17 162641.p…)

Unironically terrifying.
Since Michael died when I was like 9 I never gave much thought into him outside of 'that pedophile who was on south park a couple of times' so seeing stuff like this is wild to me.

No. 349352

That pfp is so unsettling

No. 349353

File: 1705537906763.png (499.79 KB, 591x675, Screenshot 2024-01-17 163339.p…)

Her posting her kids dressed as Michael Jackson is also really strange…

No. 349355

File: 1705538060424.jpg (209.62 KB, 1080x1920, c9329568b9406c9f320f9cda6d0116…)

> I never gave much thought into him
And now that you have.. you want an army of michael jackson dolls, right?

No. 349356

Absolutely not. I don't even like his music.

No. 349357

File: 1705538538878.jpg (43.59 KB, 668x376, b76b042b98c2b3ec766273a39ec096…)

No. 349358

i’m scared

No. 349362

File: 1705539049349.jpg (17.54 KB, 269x480, 360_84976c7dce06450c0dfc3f3d92…)

Don't worry, better quality life-sized mj (love)doll will protect you against his evil twin

No. 349365

when I’m all alone in my jail cell I tend to get in my feelings…(constant shitposting all over the board)

No. 349368

File: 1705539660393.png (322.31 KB, 365x497, Screenshot 2024-01-17 170252.p…)

i truly don't understand the people who fetishize horrifying botched and weirdly feminized michael. like, even if you chose to ignore his predator status, why aren't you attracted to the version of him that looked like a normal human being?

No. 349369

some people like the weird factor. i think with japanese fans it’s that he has that super plastic and pale appearance that a lot of idols have

No. 349375

File: 1705541497281.gif (897.3 KB, 400x241, 2B0E3A8C-F6D4-464F-87BA-C5C74C…)

I think I understand this. I find his botched physique strangely attractive, but I also crave for Fallout ghoul booty. It's like wanting to have sex with a monster, actually. I remember saying that to myself before he died even though I was never a fan of him and I must have been 10 the first time I thought about it.

No. 349387

File: 1705543407099.jpg (10.58 KB, 350x252, mj.jpg)

MJ uses the word 'kike' in one of his songs

No. 349398

>Korean poster joins in

No. 349405

File: 1705547212655.png (407.15 KB, 615x409, article21783396.png)

anon im a ghoulfucker and zombie enjoyer but MJ is not it

No. 349414

I think seeing this a few years ago was what made my mj phase go away

No. 349441

To be fair he didn’t throw that word in the song just to be a bigot, it makes sense in the context of the song and its topic (they don’t care about us, oppression against many groups of people etc). But his sister Latoya did say his parents were both extremely anti-Semitic

Side note I wanna know where the hell this horrifying picture came from

No. 349447

File: 1705559824903.jpeg (Spoiler Image,2.08 MB, 1284x2009, IMG_6614.jpeg)

She was posted in the dumbass shit thread but this really need to be added here

Celtica Jackson
>draws MJ fucking himself
>draws MJ as a ton of weird animals
>has some sort of weird Michael Jackson fetish

No. 349449

samefag, I meant needed not need

No. 349454

this is genuinely mentally ill.

No. 349455

Is this what happens when an autistic fujo fixates on a solo artist instead of a group? Terrifying stuff

No. 349460

Is that a bloody decapitated pigs head with mj’s hair? The internet was truly a mistake

No. 349463

that's just a Saw fanart

No. 349469

Wow he looks so cute here. I didn’t realize he was this cute.

No. 349498

What the FUCK
Kek mods atleast it is contained to one board. This thread was the result of talking about MJ dressing as a clown when having sex with escorts in the dumbass shit thread

No. 349553

What is the weirdest thing/rumour you have read about him? (Minus the pedo stuff) like how they said he had the elephant mans bones or something

No. 349563

Funny enough, Michael Jasckson was one of the direct inspirations for Sonic, who was meant to be as "American" as possible

>The detailed design of Sonic was aimed to be something that could be easily drawn by children and be familiar, as well as exhibit a "cool" attitude, representative of the United States at the time.[15] Sonic's blue pigmentation was chosen to match Sega's cobalt blue logo, and his shoes evolved from a design inspired by both Santa Claus[16] and Michael Jackson's boots with the addition of the color red, which was inspired by the contrast of those colors on Jackson's 1987 album Bad

No. 349745

File: 1705669875831.png (802.53 KB, 436x683, 01bd1c8fffe5fedb8e.paperback.4…)

>MICHAEL Jackson "thrived" on watching his unruly chimps attack kids and staff and even "got his kicks" from training the primates to molest women at his Neverland ranch, his former maid has claimed
Anything the maid Mcmanus said post the boring 'vaseline' interviews is pretty out there. That he was grooming kids to throw rocks at animals for sick sadistic sexual kicks. When he wasn't jerking off bubbles he was getting off on corrupting kids to become lion abusers. Then also turning the monkeys into sexual predators towards women. That he'd routinely piss in corners of the house while the staff were like welp just another day at neverland. He was fecally incontinent and would hand her shat in clothes to clean or he shit himself in front of people. Gave himself mutiple enemas a day and the staff were always buying up absolute hoards of enema kits to keep him stocked. But worst of all, he owned vaseline. And we all know vaseline is entirely made for bum sex. Nobody uses it for skin. She started out with the vaseline thing and when people were like yeah that's really not groundbreaking stuff you're giving us here she went full on beastiality and scat talk instead. Went from 1 to 100

Then there's a cursed book where a guy connected to NAMBLA took heavy inspiration from her claims and he mashed them together with the jordie accusations to publish what is essentially just some disturbing scat play/enema.. child.. animal.. erotica? A certified nambla meeting attending pedo who published what people thought looked like an mj expose. Its the ramblings of one pedo getting off on a fantasy of what might've gone down between mj and jordie.. with lions and enemas and chimps oh my. And a bit at the end that explains why man-boy-love is ok

No. 349746

not really a rumor anymore but the fake mj tracks on that posthumous album “michael”

No. 349747

Samefag, I know you said not the pedo stuff but the weirdest rumours all tend to circle back there or be intertwined

No. 349752

Not even posthumous but people still argue about whether that's him singing 2000 watts.

No. 350005

File: 1705741351412.jpg (131.08 KB, 1280x720, mikecrooner.jpg)

Did anyone follow some of the 'hes not really dead' conspiracies? Like where they think he attended his own funeral disguised as a woman. Or the post death interview with dave-dave (the burn victim) actually being him in diguise again. That or the vid they think is him casually stepping out of a van at the morgue and heading through a door.

The jack crooner stuff might be my fave, esp now that hes playing along with it.

No. 350007

File: 1705742353332.jpeg (120.35 KB, 376x1184, 76A55710-3914-4068-9751-3AC916…)

I remember watching an interview where a friend of Michael Jackson, forgot who it was but the person who was interviewed was famous as well, mentioned that he would go out in various disguises just so he could feel normal in public. Picrel is some he wore back then

No. 350041

File: 1705765199351.jpg (55.6 KB, 736x549, mikeNthekids.jpg)

Some fans think that second pic is like the early prototype for the jack crooner disguise he now lives in. Whenever jack goes live the 'beLIEvers' ask him to pinch his face to prove its real. Then they analyze the footage afterwards.

He was michaels doctor at one point and later started singing so the story is that its michael wanting to still sing under a new identity. He hangs out with the jackson kids which adds fuel to the madness. Lately he just went yeah fuck it I'm michael, sorry for saying I died lol

No. 350101

File: 1705785282375.png (440.58 KB, 492x600, chinflames.png)

archangelmichael777 comparing pics of her chin stubble to michael jacksons stubble to show yet more 'biological proof' she is in fact michael jacksons Twin Flame.

Did you know the song little susie is about her and the line "susies got your number" in blood on the dance floor is too? She wrote a book about their wedding

No. 350102

File: 1705785590641.png (334.84 KB, 471x596, Screenshot23.png)

>There exists no book like this one on the planet! Susan Elsa finally opens up about her most personal story with Michael Jackson. From a near-death experience in Los Angeles to Michael's death and return to her as a Ghost; this book contains the clearest and craziest twin soul story of all time. Having lived as Osiris and Isis in a past life in Egypt, it comes as no surprise that both today look again like siblings and Susan goes through a visible metamorphosis clearly showing Michael's ghostly presence around her. Isis and Osiris are really back and doing it again for you all to witness and learn. The book contains comforting messages from Michael to all who love him as well as priceless information about life and beyond. Learn the truth about Michael and his twin soul Susan, their higher self and earthly missions from ancient Egypt to modern time. See the secret and disturbing truth behind Hollywood, the press and the Vatican. This book has been assisted by Elvis, Bruce Lee, Elizabeth Taylor and more.

No. 350108

Who's the girl? She cute.

No. 350109

MJ's daughter Paris. btw do you really think the kids are his

No. 350114

No. 350116

Mark Lester said he gave sperm twice but he wasn't the only longtime friend asked for sperm.

No. 350266

>And we all know vaseline is entirely made for bum sex. Nobody uses it for skin.
ok i believe mj did all this shit but lmao this lady has never spoken to a black person

No. 350312

File: 1705831373904.jpg (83.16 KB, 802x536, Michael-Jackson-Adrian-McManus…)

She later tried to sell mjs hair that she'd taken from the shower drain. And other bits she'd taken from the trash. But no vaseline? Should've stolen that

No. 350564

File: 1705902730898.jpeg (587.8 KB, 1284x1011, IMG_6816.jpeg)

No. 350566

File: 1705903089618.png (69.75 KB, 704x402, Screenshot 2024-01-21 215946.p…)

all mj conspiracy theorists talk like this

No. 351037

File: 1706144232421.jpg (83.07 KB, 661x1017, 1000002354.jpg)

Weird Michael Jackson stans who made this thread, how does his smize in this pic make you feel?

No. 351038

File: 1706144355271.jpg (91.42 KB, 941x677, 1000002355.jpg)

Realist shit he ever did

No. 351039

No. 351040

File: 1706144529956.jpeg (76.29 KB, 530x720, IMG_4296.jpeg)

No. 351041

i wouldn't be surprised, it's confirmed that he really wanted to play willy wonka in the tim burton remake and made an entire OST for the movie, but said the studio couldn't use any of it unless he got the role. when they refused he destroyed the whole album lol

No. 351057

I used to have this photo as my phone wallpaper in middle school

No. 351115

Did you hear that MJ wanted to meet the child actors in the first Harry Potter movie but JKR quickly called up the director and told him to keep MJ away from them? Lmao based

No. 351119

He did this a lot. He would also sign contracts for albums/osts then would never complete them. I think he sued a guy for expecting a project from him when Michael himself signed a contract saying he would complete the project. One of Michael’s main arguments was that he couldn’t go through with the project because he found out the guy used to direct gay porn kek

No. 351192

File: 1706193373301.jpg (63.54 KB, 512x768, michael_jackson_as_spider_man_…)

He met with Stan Lee and wanted to play Spiderman/buy marvel at one point. Can you imagine a series of spiderman movies where its michael jackson. Would've been shit but imagine the memes.

No. 351194

I was just about to post this. if he lived for a few years if would have been interesting to see his reaction to the MCU.

No. 351701

JKR based once again.

No. 351705

I haven't heard that, but he did approach JKR about making a HP musical and she said no. Of course he was attracted to a story about an underage boy, ugh.

No. 351706

this is my favorite brand of pure autism

No. 352314

File: 1706662105823.jpg (65.24 KB, 420x600, 852532.jpg)

Autistic as fuck blogposting but when I was a small kid my older cousin made me believe there were two different Michael Jacksons, one was a normal black teenager and the other was a creepy alien that hatched from a space egg and killed the black Michael and took his name. It actually made me scared of MJ for many years.

No. 352420

When I was very little I thought they were two different people. I assumed post-surgery MJ was some actor

No. 352425

Did she get the idea from Robot chicken?

No. 352433

File: 1706722564047.jpg (66.74 KB, 600x450, 1232872.jpg)

Not burger and I don't remember Robot Chicken on TV when I was that age so not very likely. Botched MJ always creeped me out so that explanation somehow made sense to me as a little kid. Then again, you don't even want to know how old I was when I stopped believing in Santa. anyway more Michael Jackson Sims 2 autism

No. 352435

File: 1706722897761.jpg (73.06 KB, 750x657, 1227273.jpg)

No. 352437

File: 1706723078663.jpg (28.2 KB, 576x297, 138132.jpg)

No. 354160

File: 1707264732435.jpg (61.63 KB, 618x598, 618_realitytv_antm_jackson_lat…)

Watching old episodes of ANTM today. I didn't remember there being a whole episode where they all dressed up as michael jackson and of course out of all the jacksons, Latoya was the guest judge talking about them embodying his spirit.

No. 354525

File: 1707409171735.jpeg (385.65 KB, 1284x670, IMG_8030.jpeg)

Speaking of Latoya, does anyone remember when she dressed up in a hijab to speak to a psychic that would “contact Michael’s spirit”. She has so many odd moments

No. 354528

File: 1707409539510.jpeg (994.42 KB, 1284x1252, IMG_8031.jpeg)

Samefagging here. This single cover she has is so fucking funny

No. 358351

schizo michael fan who believes she’s channeling his spirit

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