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File: 1705664080034.jpg (112.79 KB, 850x1133, 5037185.jpg)

No. 349737

>Magical girl is a subgenre of primarily Japanese fantasy media centered on young girls who possess magical abilities, which they typically use through an ideal alter ego into which they can transform.

discuss shows, characters, outfits, transformation sequences, mascots, items, and everything else related to magical girls!

picrel by tete__a (twitter)

No. 349869

Anybody here a weekly Precure watcher? Would be fun to have a place to discuss episodes!

No. 350349

I'm a doremifag but i haven't watched much mahou shojo as an adult, aside from CSS. I guess this thread is a sign i need to actually finish Princess Tutu. I've only watched a couple episodes, but i was taken aback by the atmosphere and art direction, it's absurdly good. Ballet is such a pretty theme for mahou shojo, i don't know why we don't have more of those.

No. 350356

File: 1705851547416.jpg (179.38 KB, 798x615, shamanic.jpg)

(remade because mistake) samefag, i had to post Shamanic Princess. Godlike art, animation, OST, story etc. It's absolute eye candy, fully leans into the ultra detailed, shiny and ornamental kind of shojo aesthetic. I will say it involves fanservice (since it's 'dark') but if you can look past that it's worth it

No. 350419

It’s very pretty if you’re into the style. I couldn’t make sense of the plot at all but I enjoyed the vibes.

No. 350613

File: 1705922970863.png (435.62 KB, 387x675, Yuri-mermaid-melody-25459019-4…)

I don't care how bad Mermaid Melody is, Yuri was the MVP and the fact that she's one of the villains is even better

No. 350723

File: 1705975715356.jpg (80.6 KB, 640x486, 2222.jpg)

Bad anime? MMPPP was popular in europe (incluiding Spain)

Fun fact: In the Italian Dub the vocal themes was totally changed.

No. 350725

are we all supposed to pretend the threadpic isn't AI or

No. 350727

Doesn't look like it is to me. Hair, ears, hands… The usual tells all look fine. What makes you say that?

No. 350728

Literally nothing about it says AI. Everything is fluid and makes sense(artistically speaking).

No. 350801

File: 1706026647042.png (2.66 MB, 1440x1020, Wonderful_Pretty_Cure_21_Spons…)

thoughts on the new precure? precure always had wacky premises but i don't know what to think of pets turning into magical girls. also, the names cure friendy and cure nyammy sound very stupid imo.

No. 350802

File: 1706027618672.png (588.76 KB, 602x436, IMG_0934.png)

>smug face
>is actually a cat
Calling it now that Cure Nyammy is troon bait

No. 350808

File: 1706028522927.png (965.44 KB, 1600x1140, dgom743-6d50349c-1d30-4e9a-a6f…)

i think (hope) (pray, even) she'd have to be more pink/blue/white for that. her dominating colors seem to be white with blue and pale yellow? though if she's officially a white cure, she's going to be the most popular character because white cures always end up outselling every other cure re: merch sales.

No. 350810

File: 1706028745126.png (1.29 MB, 1600x1140, dgom7ig-7d12a2c8-656c-4a55-af9…)

samefag, meanwhile cure lilian looks so pale and washed out. just a mint green blob of toothpaste.

No. 350886

They couldn't get Cure Prism and they won't get her either, they'll have to pry her from my cold dead hands.

No. 350913

File: 1706089437075.jpeg (400.24 KB, 1199x845, 3E2628D8-52DC-4E81-B35F-7056A4…)

Really looking forward to the new season! I like the Cure designs, especially Nyammy and Lillian, even though the names and owner/pet theme of Wonderful seem a little weird. My only fear for this season is that boy from the promo shot. Praying that we aren’t getting another male Cure.

No. 350929

yeah i really don't want another male precure. i hope that boy has a sister or something because i wanna see the bunny precure so bad.

also i really don't like mayu's casual look. if the side ponytail was lower, she'd look like the dead anime mom trope.

No. 350961

The plot is actually quite simple. It has an awesome insert song too.

No. 350969

> because white cures always end up outselling every other cure
why is that?

No. 350975

I don't mind having one, as it's followed Toei's recent trend of including female Kamen Riders. Tsubasa was a decent character, and you win some in some places, and give some in others.

No. 350976

i wish i knew. i tried to find an answer for that but all i found was that white is a color of purity in japan? basically cure white and cure egret (first and third season of precure respectively) used to be the only white cures for a long time until cure rhythm (suite precure) appeared and she was insanely popular. later we had cure echo (who is a movie only character), cure summer (whose outfit looks more rainbow) and cure prism (whose white outfit has a lot of pink/blue details) so i guess there are more white precures now but the japanese fans don't seem to see them as "true white" precures. it might also just be that a lot of fans simply love cure white because she's the first precure (along with cure black) and cure rhythm because she's the first white precure after 5 years of no white precure.

No. 350981

File: 1706119095993.jpg (841.4 KB, 1920x1080, star-guardian-orianna-senna-se…)

How do you guys feel about non-Japanese magical girl franchises? Winx and W.I.T.C.H are classics but I see some people who think anything non-Japanese isn't real magical girl.

No. 350993

Don't want to be a bother but just wondering, are edgy magical girl series alright to discuss or is this more for straightforward series?

No. 351006

i adore witch but i never got into winx. i think i was too old when i watched it so i just thought that the fairies look isanely weird. i think the art is just too stylized for me. i especially can't get past the massive heads, kek.

i made the op and personally i don't mind as long as it fits the definition above!

No. 351043

I'm NGL I hate Madoka personally because I can tell it was the sort of series made without any love for the genre. Even Urobuchi admitted after watching Heartcatch that he felt like a dirty person and would have changed a lot about Madoka had he been more knowledgable going in.

No. 351053

File: 1706153947611.png (97.28 KB, 250x274, ClantailBreakdownFull.png)

Ngl I was actually thinking about MGRP since I've been meaning to give it a full read through, though the characters/arcs are a real hit and miss at times and at its core it's more of a violent battle royal/murder mystery sort of story.

No. 351082

AYRT, I actually know nothing ahout this despite having heard of it. But the design in your picrel is super cute– what do you like about the series?
Sorry if I came off harsh, I just genuinely want to see Urobuchi burn. He's a sick misogynist who gets off on female suffering while being worshipped as a genius for his writing. And he's tainted both magical girls and Kamen Rider with his disrespectful "subversion" of tropes he clearly doesn't grasp.

No. 351086

File: 1706166685178.jpg (783.08 KB, 800x1227, 1678313623-0.jpg)

Speaking about western magical girs, Did someone has readed "Sleepless Domain" by Mary Cagle?

The comic is free for read in her site.

Spoiler: The wabcomic have a TIM character
(Not the blue or pink girls).

No. 351090

File: 1706167170328.jpg (43.82 KB, 393x398, artworks-UD8kKtnS8IPE9piU-uoTf…)

That's why i never liked dark/edgy magical girls shows.

No. 351103

File: 1706169207372.jpg (1.09 MB, 2729x1350, image (2).jpg)

I've been wanting to get into more light novels recently and I remember the anime being okay, though a pretty edgy battle royale. Looking it up, the general consensus is that it adapted the weakest arc, too.
I've heard it might get a second season, so since I'm a bit of a sucker for murder mysteries and the characters look cute, I decided to give the rest of the novels a go. I was wondering about other's opinions on it tbh.

No. 351104

File: 1706169387939.jpeg (346.81 KB, 747x1120, IMG_0609.jpeg)

Speaking of "edgy" magical girl series, did anybody else watch this niche anime, Uta Kata? I stumbled across it as a kid and watched it thinking it'd be like CCS or TMM (I was a fledgling weeb at the time), and it was very much not either of those things. I remember it dealing with puberty, EDs, and depression. And her predecessor was a magical boy who was in love as an adult with his counterpart (the green haired girl here is also supposed to be the doppelganger of the brown haired girl in a similar way). Not bad, but just… fascinating and nobody seems to mention it when talking about darker magival girl series despite it predating Madoka by quite a while. There was even a graphic impalement scene at the end of it.

No. 351123

I was going to recommend Uta Kata too but idk if nonnies would have liked it.

No. 351157

File: 1706185702677.jpeg (140.55 KB, 546x747, IMG_0948.jpeg)

Does anyone like Pretear? I love it a lot.

No. 351215

AYRT, how do you feel about it now? It made a big impression on me as a kid but IDK how it's aged at all. I keep meaning to rewatch.

No. 351218

I like Madoka but it feels more like a supernatural thriller that happens to have magical girls in it rather than a magical girl show to me. The mobile game is total garbage too, it's clearly made for gross otakus.
Kill la Kill is edgy but to me still feels a lot more like a proper magical girl series with how powerful and important friendship and bonds with others are.
My lesser known magical girl pick is Jubei-Chan. It's a half magical girl half samurai show dramedy.

No. 351219

Omg yes!! I got to see Pretear in like 2005 and I fell in love with both the art and story.

No. 351233

Madoka is alright in a vaccum, just as a lot of Urobuchi's work is, but when you've been subjected to a ton of it, you see a clear pattern of misogyny that's hard to look past. His career began with and continues to coast on female psychological torture porn at best, and at worst actively drools over the mental trauma of rape in particular.

No. 351234

>>350810 this might just be one of my least favorite cure designs these colors just HURT to look at for too long

No. 351235

Looking back I don’t like how the female characters are sexualized and it has more of a male view.

No. 351244

Do you recommend watching Kill la Kill? I've heard that it has a lot of male-targeted fanservice. Is it still worth watching despite that in your opinion?

No. 351248

File: 1706216913240.png (1022.66 KB, 747x633, F7d4V9-W0AAXwhP.png)

Shugo Chara, is getting a sequal in summer of 2024. I'm really excited for it, it was my first anime i watched (unless you count pokemon kek).

I really loved the witch comics as a child, didnt like the show because the animation was so ugly but did watch winx a lot. They are still magical girl shows imo.

No. 351251

File: 1706217341878.gif (1.75 MB, 500x281, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

It depends on your level of tolerance for fanservice. Anything Trigger makes is going to have loads of fanservice so I was ready for it and it became so ridiculous from both the women and men that I stopped caring.
I think past the nudity it's worth watching, Ragyo is such an unrepentant psychopath in a way female villains aren't usually allowed to be especially from Japanese media so it was worth it just for her alone to me. I was abused by my mother so it was cathartic when she got her ass beat but that's probably a me thing

No. 351253

File: 1706217541936.png (387.97 KB, 640x665, amuto-shugo-chara-v0-3d6QyyoUm…)

also samefag, but what do you guys think about the amuto ship? I really liked it when i was a child i shipped them alot. However lately online i have seen a lot of people say it was gross because of the age gap. I believe at the start of the series Amu is like 11 and Ikuto is like 15 or 16? The gap is ofcourse not that bad if they are both adults. It's been such a long time since i have seen the anime so i cant remember if it was actually that creepy. All i remember is that i prefered Ikuto over Tadase since he was hotter and Tadase only seemed to like Amulet Heart.

No. 351255

He’s 17 and Amu is 12 when the series ended. Don’t get me wrong I love shugo chara and collected the manga when it was released in English but man, I thought it was really creepy because I was ikuto’s age and the thought of dating a 10-12 year old is gross. It’s a cute series but I definitely preferred Rozen Maiden. Peach-Pit also made DearS and Zombie Loan too.

No. 351258

The mom sexually assaulting Satsuki was done in a really moidy way like they were trying to make it sexy. It definitely had shock value and made people talk I guess, but it was animated in a lascivious way that didn't fit the emotion of the scene. Real series enjoyment killer towards the end in my opinion.

No. 351259

Yeah i was like 10 when i watched it, so thats why i didnt realise how weird it was. I havent read or watching anything else from peach-pit, but i want to start reading rozen maiden

No. 351262

This was THE magical girl anime of my childhood, but in retrodpect rhe Ikuto Amu stuff was weird with all the "his key is too big for her locket's hole" and all.

No. 351263

File: 1706221288476.jpg (42.85 KB, 736x491, 1000008264.jpg)

>"his key is too big for her locket's hole"
Haha, what.

No. 351264

File: 1706221403981.jpg (1.38 MB, 2308x3343, Illustration_Collection_III_(2…)

This shit is muuuuuuch worse then Amu X Ikuto my dear nonna.

No. 351266

Please Nonnies, don’t come at me but I really love Cutie Honey, it’s my guilty pleasure and I’m in love with both the female protagonists. I wish it was an all female cast but it is what it is.

No. 351269

I love Cutie Honey. She is the blueprint.

No. 351271

Yeah I agree that part was the worst part, that one and the similar scene with Ryuko. I skip over those on rewatches even if they're plot relevant.

No. 351272

I love Cutie Honey so much. It's a classic. Especially that opening. I'm a sucker for Go Nagai stuff in general as a Devilman fan

No. 351289

I always shipped Amu with Tadase as a kid because I thought he was really cute. I hated Ikuto's personality kek. Looking back I think the age gap is weird not to mention the incest stuff with his sister in the beginning, though tbh back then I didn't really notice because the main characters don't feel or act like elementary schoolers at all. I thought their age gap was only a couple of years.
Did anyone else read the spinoff, Shugo Chara Chan? It's just a basic comedy 4koma but I liked it a lot. I also loved reading the guest chapters that were crossovers with other manga from the same magazine

No. 351290

Lol yeah, so, the age gap was whatever, I could look past it as some naive thing in an outdated series from my youth. But the whole thing with his Dumpty Key not fitting in her Humpty Lock until Amu was ready to completely open her heart to him, at which point she received a new, powerful, bridal-themed form, is still too euphemistic for me given the ages of the characters involved.

No. 351291

File: 1706235532487.jpg (Spoiler Image,40.14 KB, 640x360, Honey_Molestation.jpg)

My main familiarity with this is through the cursed live action written by Toshiki Inoue of "intensely and dramtically gay but also misogynistic Kamen Rider" fame. It's an uh, interesting watch if you want to check it out. Good for watching with a friend and laughing at if you have the stomach for it.
Speaking of magical girl live actions written by acclaimed toku writers though, the Sailor Moon live action series was written by Yasuko Kobayashi, who is notably a highly successful female writer in toku. It's a pretty decent watch.

No. 351296

File: 1706238322643.png (639.2 KB, 682x1007, IMG_0967.png)

It’s ok and I understand you were very young. I just wanted to provide how I felt when I was reading at ikuto’s age. Rozen Maiden is very good I love it a lot.

No. 351300

Because more than one thing can't be bad?
Anyways, Clamp has always been a little too open minded, which is why they also have troon characters.

No. 351304

The age gap is definitely really creepy in retrospect, but like a lot of shoujo, especially from that era, you're meant to identify with the younger girl who is pining for a dark, handsome, mysterious older guy. Glad the trope isn't as popular as it used to be since I don't think media should communicate to young girls that age gaps like that are aspirational, but it isn't malicious per se, just a product of its time. As a child, I didn't even really register the age gap, but as an adult it's obviously different. Even couples like Mamoru and Usagi (in the anime) raise an eyebrow once you're an adult.
This on the other hand, I knew was fucked up even when I was young kek. Luckily they don't play a huge role in the series, but Clamp trying to "love is love" pedophilia is so unreal still. Glad they toned it down in the anime at least?

No. 351307

It's not even the only instance in CCS. Touya and Kaho also had a relationship when he was in middle school and she was in her early twenties. I can return to Shugo Chara fondly still, and you pretty much summed up how I feel about it. But the way the pedo stuff in CCS was talked about and presented in the series felt wrong at the time I first read it as a kid, and looks like a clear agenda from my POV as an adult.

No. 351312

File: 1706246194909.gif (Spoiler Image,943.13 KB, 498x286, tumblr_m7y4rzNE1y1qm9vpho1_r1_…)

I was floored as a teenager when the twist that Serenity was an antagonist happened in PGSM. It really was a good series. At that time Kunzite fascinated me now I feel for Nephrite, he's so autistic and angry.

No. 351314

I'd really recommend checking out some of Yasuko Kobayashi's other work if you enjoyed PGSM's live action– she's super successful for a reason, and I love that there's a woman who had such a huge impact on modern toku. Kamen Rider tends not to be great to women by its base tenets, but her work in sentai with shows like Go Busters and Shinkenger are both highly recommendable with great female characters.

No. 351320

File: 1706252342485.jpg (132.13 KB, 1005x765, nakuru-akizuki-card-captor-sak…)

Troon Characters?

You're talking about Ruby Moon/Nakuru?

No. 351329

File: 1706253457413.jpeg (206.28 KB, 512x512, IMG_0614.jpeg)

Yuki Ajiadou, the blonde one, is a transgender woman

No. 351334

File: 1706253940771.jpg (286.91 KB, 1000x1430, 1000006150.jpg)

I know this comment is first but since no one replied I am a Precure watcher and I would be happy to discuss episodes with you!

No. 351338

File: 1706254309964.jpg (102.55 KB, 700x1000, 1000006151.jpg)

Dai Mahou Touge has always been my favorite evil/anti-magical girl and I'm so disappointed that no one seems to appreciate this series anymore in current day

No. 351353

I didn’t know that, what series is that character from? I thought they only liked crossdressing and had trap characters like Nakuru or Kakyoin from that angel AU.

No. 351358

Smeeehhh…even at the time I thought Dokuro was funnier.

No. 351360

Clamp school paranormal investigators. Was originally a trap but got retconned to a transwoman for progressivity

No. 351364

Hell yeah, I'm actually super behind on Hirogaru and don't know when I'll catch up, but looking forward to talking with you when Wanpre drops!

No. 351368

That makes me sad but I shoud've seen it coming. I always thought their traps were too close to troons even back in the 90s. So did they make Nakuru officially a tranny as well in clear card? They got rid of the pedo teachers iirc. I dropped it years ago.

No. 351395

Has anyone seen kung fu wa/sock? It's a chinese cartoon about a girl finding a talking sock that's actually an ancient kung fu master, whose only way to fight in his state is by lending his powers to the girl. I find it very sweet, it's innocent fun. It might not be that deep but it has an interesting story and characters.

No. 351429

Strange premise, but seems cute. Makes me nostalgic for Cartoon Network as a kid more than watching magical girls, to be honest!

No. 351520

File: 1706312663029.jpg (561 KB, 1070x1500, Lolirock_poster.jpg)

Lolirock is good or bad western magical girl show?

No. 351539

I don't understand why they had to name it "LoliRock" surely there must have been other titles instead of that

No. 351581

>coast on female psychological torture porn
His shows hardly have any female character of worth. It seems you have only watched Madoka. And stop parroting ANN - it's gone to wokeshit ages ago.

It can be entertaining, but people who look for some deeper meaning or consumerism commentary conveniently ignore the ending. Newsflash: the show is not a critique of anything - Trigger just likes absurd and nudity. The mother-daughter incest was kind of gross though.(infighting)

No. 351582

I love it! Even bought the manga in Japanese. I can't be bothered to scan it though.

No. 351583

Nothing in Dokuro gets funnier than this.

No. 351586

I don't even know what ANN is, I'm a tokufag and former fatefag who's been forced repeatedly to familiarize herself with his work in media I like. Trust me, there's a pattern.

No. 351587

i fucking love the OP

No. 351590

? And what is the worth Urobuchi has that warrants the shit he puts his female characters through? The fakedeep shit where guys just quote philosophy at each other? I'd really like to know what you find so good about this guy.

No. 351591

File: 1706345206892.jpeg (160.2 KB, 420x600, IMG_2687.jpeg)

Underrated, Time Stranger Kyoko

No. 351593

File: 1706345569928.jpeg (171.25 KB, 720x904, IMG_2686.jpeg)

Samefag. I loved the Magic knight Rayearth manga as a kid. Truly a fantasy setting with magical girls

No. 351594

It’s pretty funny, but the running gag of the angels getting crazy ass diarrhea from having their halo removed in Dokuro always made me laugh.

No. 351595

File: 1706345822691.jpeg (115.16 KB, 513x640, IMG_2690.jpeg)

Small image dump incoming

No. 351597

File: 1706346085447.jpeg (1.06 MB, 2500x2736, IMG_2695.jpeg)

No. 351598

File: 1706346147808.jpeg (781.7 KB, 2000x2710, vFQ3vaZ.jpeg)

Ignoring the loli shit (which I suppose is a huge part of the demographic/fandom, so it's kind of to be expected…) I still think this is the best put together guide for mahou shoujo shows.

No. 351599

File: 1706346301571.png (2.38 MB, 3500x3500, tragic magical girl crew.png)

Also same vibe.

No. 351600

File: 1706346309887.jpeg (153.07 KB, 736x543, IMG_2691.jpeg)

No. 351601

damn i feel like a scrote because i have only seen the ones on the right and 80s mahou shojos. I really adore 80s mahou shojo and all of the crossovers between the different franchises.

No. 351602

File: 1706346458030.jpeg (174.83 KB, 450x640, IMG_2693.jpeg)

End of dump
This is pretty good but I don’t get this one >>351599 ?

No. 351603

>but I don’t get this one
Well known for being the 'tragical girls' as I nickname it sometimes.
Basically mahou shoujo is a theme that has a lot of branches. Stuff for little girls, adult comedies aimed at otakus and 'tragical girls' a subgenre that was started by Utena but popularized by Madoka in the 2010s generally characterized by bittersweet or straight up depressing endings and the three shows on the fusion meme are well known for being heavy deconstruction series (whether of the genre itself, fairytales or the concept of prince/princess)
Most of the stuff you see from it nowadays is just trying to cash in on Madoka though, mahou shoujo site being a good example (the evil onii chan was the funniest though not gonna lie).

No. 351605

Eh, I don't think all the stuff on B is only for scrotes (obviously stuff like Prisma Illya and Moetan is) a lot of it is just shows meant for an older audience. If it makes you feel better the majority of the people I see discuss Precure and Doremi are moids.

No. 351606

Thank you anon but I already know the sub-genres in the mahou shoujo genre. Watched madoka when it released so I get the recent moe and deconstructive tragedy development of the genre. I just don’t understand this picture of badly draw madokas >>351599 What’s the middle supposed to show?

No. 351607

It's fusing their designs together, the middle is all of the fusion designs fused together.

No. 351608

Whatever he puts his always very scarce female cast through is nothing compared to what he does to his male cast. If anything he treats the female characters with kid's gloves. It's hypocritical of you to highlight the imagined plight of the female characters (hardly any worse than what, for example, CLAMP did to their female characters in X or Anno and co. to the girls in NGE) where the males get far worse deals. Fate/Zero has like 4 women of any importance? Of a cast of ~25? Get some perspective. How exactly is Saber mistreated, more than other servants? Her mental anguish over her country is mostly self-inflicted. Irisviel's role is just an expansion to what Nasu wrote first. Ditto for Sakura.

You know why we don't get any female characters that aren't tropes, Mary Sues or waifubait? Because of the bitching of people like you - to write a complex female character you cannot infantilise her (her conflicts or what she fights for are so trivial that they can never bring her any harm) or turn her into a Mary Sue who always wins in the end. Damned if you don't, damned if you do. Next time you start wailing that there are no good female characters in anime/manga/cartoons, have a good look at yourself and your 'contributions'.(infighting)

No. 351609

File: 1706348698952.jpg (160.27 KB, 850x507, art of saya as cure white is p…)

To be fair the sex slave girl in Saya suffers pretty hard, but despite liking some of Gen the butcher's other works I was never a fan of Saya (or even sweet pool really, which he also worked on).(offtopic)

No. 351610

The entire chart goes to trash. I tried watching this lolishit when it was one of the few shows on Crunchyroll when it went legit. I lasted until halfway of the second episode. Pukeworthy lolicoomer bait. No wonder Crunchyroll removed the show - nobody wants to be associated with something like this.

No. 351611

I don't read lolishit VNs, but whatever floats your boat. And wasn't she a monster taking a human form?

No. 351612

File: 1706349055001.png (135.82 KB, 498x290, GUROCURE WA.png)

Saya is, but she turns one of the protagonist's friends into a sex slave monster like her (to everyone else Saya and her looks like a Lovecraftian monster but to the protagonist they're the only things that look normal).

No. 351614

Dude in fate I'm talking about the woman who was a child victim of gang rape that Kiritsugu cheated on his wife with as a form of self punishment. Or the woman in Kamen Rider Gaim whose entire arc summated to "I'm searching for the ideal man to become a subservient slave to". Or Saya from Saya no Uta, as another nonnie mentioned.
If he actually had general chops as a writer, I might be able to look past some of this shit, but he never really amounts to more than a self-hating depressed writer producing the same "damn shit sucks" drivel over and over again under a thin veneer of philosophical posturing he barely understands. He inserts his ego into projects like Madoka or Gaim while expressing a clear lack of appreciation for the established genres he's intruding on. I can't stand Psycho Pass because you have to endure an entire season of stupid shit for it to "get good", despite the fact that the whole premise is fragile under the examination of any real-world nuance.
You know why I bring up his women in this thread above any of the other issues I have with him? Because it's topical to the thread topic, and because we were talking about Madoka, and because it's a genre about women and for women. But it doesn't mean he has any worth as a write outside of it, all he writes is shit that cynical sheltered losers use for pseudo-intellectual masturbation.
Your last point is additionally bizarre considering who we're talking about and at that point I think you're just projecting arguments you've had elsewhere onto me. How is that even related to Urobuchi? How did anything I say indicate the kind of female characters you seem to believe I want? Evil feminists like me are keeping him down from writing interesting and nuanced female characters? If that wasn't your point, then shut it, because I'm not interested in standing in for some other argument you lost once about female characters and have been seething over ever since.
CLAMP and Anno are also such weird examples to bring into this. CLAMP hardly runs parallel to his work, and it's doubtful anybody with as many grievances as mine towards Urobuchi's writing would happen to be a worshipper of Anno's work. Although, you know what? Anno does bring better women to the table than Urobuchi does, even if he's a pervert about it.
TLDR though since you don't seem to be good at reading complicated things:
The issue isn't the suffering of characters. You actually seem to recognize aspects of his writing without grasping the issues with it– everybody suffers, but the male suffering exists to some ideological or developmental point where the female suffering is tacked onto paperthin characters for the sake of the suffering itself. THAT'S why the female suffering gets called torture porn while the shit that happens to his male characters doesn't get the same criticism. Women aren't people to him, they're at best masturbation material or plot devices.

No. 351615

Idk in the early 2000s many vn companies would push devs to throw in as much rape and torture as possible for shock value if the vn was already going to be 18+, I don't think it's right to pin it all on him. Just look at the other nitroplus 18+ VNs, Chiral still doesn't have a single vn without rape and torture scenes. The medium as a whole is notoriously full of edgelord shit.

No. 351616

File: 1706350308251.jpg (298.58 KB, 1000x724, 00148ca07ee886d47ea77805094a08…)

>I don't think it's right to pin it all on him
Yeah you have a point, I think it definitely does add to the general 'Gen the Butcher' meme though.
>The medium as a whole is notoriously full of edgelord shit
which is why I love it so much

No. 351617

I mean, if you talk about the company's other works, it actually is pinnable on him as he's been involved since near the start + he's the company director. But you're right in that a lot of Nitroplus/chiral's stuff is of its time and medium.

No. 351618

I like that Pretty Rhythm is on here. I think there should be a thread for idol anime/games but Pretty Rhythm does blur the lines a lot. It's palpably a kids show, but I recommend it a lot to women who complain that girl's media lacks insane shit/characters. Rainbow Live is really something.

No. 351620

>he doesn't write female characters with personalities. in fact he barely includes women. so he can't be a misogynist.
What even? Also, Nasu actually writes multidimensional women even if the porn element is ridiculous. Women suffering isn't the problem, it's that Urobuchi includes it in a retarded way.

No. 351622

File: 1706351648082.jpg (12.98 KB, 612x408, istockphoto-480566739-612x612.…)

It's not just a nitro+ problem but it sounds like you got that. You'd be hard pressed to find an eroge from that era that didn't have rape or something fucked up and freaky in it, it was likely something the fans outright expected. Nitro+ were neither the first nor the worst offenders.

No. 351729

File: 1706402980768.jpg (266.98 KB, 1280x968, petite_princess_yucie__little_…)

Petite Princess Yucie was a good & cute anime from 00s.

No. 351748

File: 1706414110738.jpeg (207.78 KB, 640x843, IMG_0980.jpeg)

What about magic users club?

No. 351751

I forget why I disliked this. too many magic boys? too pervy? it looked cute but it was fundamentally flawed in some other way.

No. 352366

File: 1706687614397.png (1.05 MB, 640x960, Cha_9-1.png)

My childhood, even locally dubbed including the OP.

No. 352370

File: 1706689572610.jpg (131.31 KB, 557x794, MV5BOTkwZjA0YmYtY2I5Zi00NGIxLW…)

I need to rewatch this. It was one of my first anime and I remember showing it to friends and everyone commenting "why do they have such huge eyes" lol

No. 352371

>why do they have such huge eyes
So they can see better.

No. 352475

File: 1706733670040.jpg (93.69 KB, 340x600, Schezo.Wegey.600.1688507.jpg)

I love the blatant Schezo Wegey ripoff (no hate, Schezo's a cutie). Would you say Phantom Thief Jeanne is worth watching?

No. 352492

File: 1706739876833.png (1.24 MB, 636x900, IMG_0617.png)

The new All Stars movie was so good. I loved Cure Preme…

No. 354074

Too pervy and too boring. You'd expect an anime about magic to be at least exciting. Alas.

No. 354278

File: 1707303710344.jpg (473.16 KB, 1500x1045, yande.re 6145 sample hanazono_…)

I watched Kamichama Karin a few weeks back and was so disappointed that she didn't get with the morally grey GNC mahou shoujo.

No. 354286

PGSM was so good, so shocking having Minako die from surgery rather than a big fight or anything was so real??

For any PGSM anons, the actress who player Usagi has a youtube and she just did a small reunion with the other members if you're interested, no subtitles but it's nice enough.

No. 354392

The who? I don't remember that character.

No. 354396

File: 1707346359439.jpg (147.53 KB, 800x1131, kamichama-karin-160361-36165-w…)


No. 354478

Omg I totally forgot about Kirika. Thanks for the blast from the past

No. 354510

File: 1707397041194.jpg (273.91 KB, 1280x1280, 66504242_744932229293276_89010…)

Are there other Nonas here who collect magical girl stuff, like transformation items etc.? I don't have much, but a few weeks ago I got a Bandai style doll of Cure Milky and I love her, she's so cute and somehow makes me feel nostalgic. I love the kind of iridescent fabric that's used on a few of their style dolls; it reminds me of old Barbies from my childhood. I wonder how their Sailor Moon dolls compare.

No. 354511

File: 1707398550050.jpg (154.05 KB, 736x1104, 1000009991.jpg)

I really, really want an ojamajo doremi rhythm tap, it's the one that looks like a flower, I saw on Instagram one that has sounds and the whole transformation music.
I will buy it someday and a cute magical girl-like outfit to LARP at home.

No. 354549

Bet you had satisfaction reporting me. I'm not going to reply to your wall of text just to get banned again. Enjoy screeching autistically into the bot-filled void, as if you were on reddit.(trying to revive a 2 week old infight)

No. 354571

File: 1707422183931.gif (1.33 MB, 400x225, d3z7kpfzil5c1.gif)

NAYRT but can you not restart the retarded off-topic Urobuchi sperging between the two of you itt just because an internet argument lived rent-free in your mind for two weeks?

No. 354573

Omg yes, I love the Doremi transformation items, they always remind me of colourful jelly beans! Hope you'll find an affordable deal for it so that you'll be able to fulfill your magical girl dream kek. I loved Doremi as a kid - wish I had the attention span to rewatch.

No. 354576

File: 1707424270313.jpg (82.02 KB, 663x463, 1000010047.jpg)

It's seriously worth the watch! Even as background noise it's pretty nice, I binge watched it not too long ago because I watched the "Looking for magical doremi" movie (which made me cry btw) and I got a bunch of cozy feelings because I remembered how I would watch doremi every afternoon as a kid, my parents would sit with me on the bed and talk or do whatever while I was repeating the spells and such.
Magical girls are seriously the best concept that has ever been created.

No. 354659

File: 1707458039409.gif (4.29 MB, 540x350, tumblr_04aa23634108d33811fb0c0…)

Aaaw, Nona, you are making me cry. That sounds so nostalgic and sweet. I also remember my childhood friends and me watching it after school and loving it. You are right - magical girls and witches are the best and such fun a power fantasy for us, and I love seeing female-centric stories, friendships and team work. You made me look it up and now I found a page that has all the dubbed episodes in my language, which would make it extra nostalgic… I might really start watching it again at this rate, maybe while folding laundry and stuff. Thank you for the inspiration.

No. 354669

File: 1707470346867.jpeg (466.47 KB, 1024x768, IMG_0632.jpeg)

Asking specifically about series you interacted with as a child, which magical girl shows defined your youths, nonnas? Let's define childhood as pre-HS
For me:
>Introduced to animanga through Cardcaptor manga given as a gift from a clueless relative
>Doremi and Shugo Chara are particulalry nostalgic, as I always saw merch and books of them in stores in my native language as a child, but by then my grasp of the language was already fading, so I wished so much I could understand the stories
>Vividly remember bingewatching Shugo Chara, Kamisama Karin, and Tokyo Mew Mew on youtube once I hit late elementary/middle school
I'm especially curious as to how you ran into these shows.

No. 354690

I can't tell for sure because last time I watched it, I was 8 lol. But from what I remember main heroine was likeable to me as a child and there was a big twist/ betrayal plot at one point in the anime. Now I want to rewatch it due to nostalgia.

No. 354691

samenonna but just wanted to add that german opening for jeanne slaps

No. 354699

As a kid, I watched DoReMi, jewel pets, W.I.T.C.H., pop pixie, and idk if it counts but I My Mine cooking Idol.
DoReMi was the show I'd watch after returning from school, the rest were ones that aired in the evening and I'd watch after doing my homework or after waking up from my afternoon nap. I remember copying the W.I.T.C.H. girls and using my baby sister at the time's toys as magical items and the heart of kandrakar kek. Now I'm an adult, I actually bought a necklace of the heart of kandrakar to wear. Can't see they defined my youth as much as yours did though, because the way I truly got into anime was totally different. it was death note and AOT that got me into it kek

No. 354706

File: 1707490176248.jpg (78.44 KB, 500x644, 1000010153.jpg)

Was a toddler I would watch doremi because it was the kind of shows that would appear on national TV back then, anime was ridiculously cheap so my country's channels would always buy anime series.
As a toddler I always wanted to dress up like a witch for carnival and whatever other costume parties would happen, my parents would buy me like, the usual witch outfits and I would enjoy them anyways kek, even though I wanted to be more like doremi but it was fun, I loved the pointy hats the most.
I also wanted to do stuff like be a rhythm gymnast so I could run around holding ribbons, ribbons to me were like this protective force field that let me transform kek.
As I grew up I would keep on watching anything with a cute protagonist, like Mirimo depon-?- (mirimo zibang) sakura card captors, sailor moon, digital charat nyo, Tokyo mew mee and so on.
I unironically loved dancing because to me that was like a transformation sequence, and I always wanted to wear skirts and carry whatever gave me that feeling of "this is definitely my destined magical item" and to this day I actually only buy stuff that give me that feeling kek, specially when it comes to jewelry or other kinds of accessories, they don't even need to be "magical girl like" they just give me /that/ magical feeling, like I could transform with the right spell. this is probably the most autistic thing ever I can't believe I'm even typing this.
I used to download the transformation music from the shows I liked and I would practice how doremi would transform, I also use it to make me cheer up so I can dress up for the day. Another thing is that whenever I put on perfume, I imagine is doremi's cologne tap, and that I'm actually getting a magical girl glow up.
Most of the stories I write are obviously based on magical girl stories and I'm actually writing a story in which my best friend is a magical girl. I'm also still trying to create a cute mascot but it's kind of difficult to make something as cute as the pets from precure or doremi's fairies.
I've read a bunch of magical girl manga and watched a few of them too, and to this day I honestly wish that magic was real because that would be so cool, as a kid, the idea of being a magical girl was what helped me a lot to go through the bullying I went through and it was kind of why I still believed in friendship and being energetic, that you could talk out whatever issues you had with others and that maybe we could all be friends at some point.

No. 354742

File: 1707505432905.png (2.52 MB, 2335x1381, Debwb4z-88d9f915-d56d-4aa4-a26…)

>sailor moon
i was born in '92 so when sailor moon started airing in my country, i was 3 or 4 years old and obsessed. all my friends were obsessed too and constantly be playing sailor moon at kindergarten/school aka larping as our favorite characters, kek.


i think this aired when i was 7? only one of my friends liked it but we weren't as obsessed as with sailor moon.

>kamikaze kaito jeanne

i was 9 when this aired and while i liked it, i started to be really hateful towards female characters so i hated the love story between maron and chiaki, and i also disliked miyako a lot. i also really love the german opening another nonna posted. >>354691

card captor sakura aired as well, but i never really watched it because it had a weird time slot at like 7 in the morning on sundays. there was also mermaid melody but i never watched it. i remember seeing a ton of merchandise for it when i was on a class trip in italy when i was 15, but back then i didn't know that you could watch anime online so i only ever read the manga. when i was 13, the first season of precure started airing but i only watched a handful of episodes every now and then.

No. 354768

File: 1707518983386.jpg (61.64 KB, 446x398, 1cb49413b99ae1e05f70104c5a5455…)

Did you remember this?

No. 355442

File: 1707770708207.gif (2.36 MB, 540x300, 69806262-C273-4998-8AAA-FEFC76…)

Has anyone else watched the first two episodes of Wonderful Precure? What did you think about it?
I found it adorable. Love how obsessed Komugi is about Iroha - her nightmare about being left by her almost made me cry lol. I’m looking forward to watching this new series weekly. It’s probably going to be a good comfort watch. I just hope that a) there will be more actual fighting and b) that boy won’t turn into a Cure/get a romance with one of the girls (New fear).

No. 355461

I'll catch up tonight!
I honestly didn't mind Tsubasa, I'm okay with a boy Precure once in a while as long as they're as inobtrusive as he is (no romance, no troonshit). Kamen rider has been improving its inclusion of female riders in recent years, and the currently running season had its first female secondary rider (for those unfamiliar with Kamen Rider archetypal roles, that's huge), and wrote her as a dual protagonist, no less. I really couldn't care less what kind of representation boys get, but if the exchange means young girls will get to see themselves in KR, then I'm happy to make the exchange once in a while.
How did you feel about Hirogaru, by the way? I really liked the characters initially, but the season ended up not holding my attention and I dropped it halfway.

No. 355470

File: 1707780000497.jpg (223.36 KB, 1458x808, oo.jpg)

I absolutely adored it! I loved Komugi and Iroha, their designs are absolutely adorable, their interactions are so sweet, and the backstory of the two made me sad since I have a soft spot for animal stories. I really am hoping as well that there won’t be some shitty romance with the guy or that he becomes a cure, enjoying it so far though.

No. 355616

File: 1707820914345.jpg (3.56 MB, 2920x1642, Dancing☆Star.Precure.the.Stage…)

Wasn't "Dancing☆Star Precure" the first installment entirely composed of only male cures members?

(despite not being part of the main tv series)

No. 355669

File: 1707839050806.jpg (116.24 KB, 286x785, 20240213_124400.jpg)

I don't get what was going on in the author's head to make the blandest boy win

No. 355673

I don’t speak ill of the dead but you’re right. Dude is bland as white bread she shoulda got with Ryou.

No. 355688

Did anyone even like Aoyama? I remember him being the most hated character on the show.

No. 355690

Yeah, however to be honest with you I never watched it. I’m into precure for cute animes about magical girls, not moids.

No. 355703

First guy was my first husbando crush kek he was cute

No. 355727

Yeah, but it's not relevant to what the nonnas complaining about Tsubasa from Hirogaru are talking about because it was made for a different audience than the typical Precure audience. It was made to appeal to older female viewers, maybe those who hold some nostalgia for Precure from their childhood– sort of like what King of Prism was for the Pretty Rhythm franchise. Tsubasa in Hirogaru, and to a lesser degree, Black Pepper from Delipre, were part of a general push Toei seems to be making in recent years to make their big IPs less segregated by gender.

No. 355728

File: 1707846456330.jpeg (106.16 KB, 568x780, 69F465FD-CF6F-4459-B093-156A0D…)

We do not talk about the weird Precure faggots here kek. To me, they are the opposite of what magical girl series stand for. I don’t care for more diverse male representation, magical girls are for girls and women only. Every time a scrotoid main character appears in a magical girl story, they make me seethe. When they fade into the background and the writers don’t push a het romance, I can usually ignore it, but the hate is what it is. Of course I love hearing about women appearing more in Kamen Rider and stuff. Women shall have it all, but moids don’t deserve anything.

That’s so cute! I would love to know more about the stories you write. Would you tell us about them?

No. 355766

My main consolation is that the KR's female fanbase definitely gets more out of women in rider than Precure's moid fanbase gets out of males in precure. Even with kids I feel like there are more girls who watch tokusatsu than boys who watch precure so it could be argued that inclusion of males in precure is completely unnecessary.

No. 355773

According to my friend, it's because he's the least likely to give Ichigo chlamydia.

No. 355787

It's so weird seeing people who watch the new anime fawn over Aoyama when Quiche was the fan favorite back in the day. Now Quiche is ~problematic

No. 355840

The remake wasn't long enough to show Kish's backstory and his redemption, so it's hard for the newer audience to sympathize with him.

No. 356914

File: 1708248987566.jpg (1.82 MB, 1412x3494, 1438378034825.jpg)

Currently rewatching sailor moon and honestly, the only main senshi I quite like is Minako

>Usagi's fine in the earlier parts, but her Mamoru obsession gets irritating as fuck since I don't like him and don't care for them as a couple at all. Also her voice can get kind of annoying which is weird since the seiyuu sounds fine in other stuff she's in like eva and DR2?

>The only thing Ami ever does is complain that they need to study more, I guess she's meant to be relatable to Japanese kids or something but it just makes her come off as a huge nag. Usagi is gonna be an immortal god in a few years does it really matter if she studies or not? Same goes for the rest honestly.
>Rei's a bitch and I genuinely don't know why the show likes to pretend she and Usagi are friends
>Makoto is fine, I could do without her 'muh height' thing and I wish they leaned into her sukeban stuff from her first scene, but she's okay enough.
I'd probably say Ami is my least favorite overall.
Minako though genuinely surprised me at how much I like her. Not only is she basically a more likable and funny version of Usagi but I think she did the best take on the truly wanting to give up being a superhero at points and I like how she has some depth to her character and is the character who isn't constantly perfect and does some shitty things without being a huge bitch like Rei (the episode where she was cheating on Tigers eye and Hawks eye in particular stands out as a cute episode with her).
If we're being honest she and Usagi are the only ones who actually seem like close friends while the rest are just kind of nagging harpies. Basically she's a character I would genuinely like to have as a friend irl.

No. 356953

it still bothers me that they changed rei's personality so much. i really hated her as a kid because i naturally gravitated towards usagi (because i wanted to BE usagi/sailor moon) but when i started rewatching the show a few years ago i really began to like rei. i don't enjoy her being obsessed with moids but i like how she's constantly telling usagi off because usagi is sooo annoying at times because she's always crying and wailing about dumb shit. i understand that ami comes across as the nagging mom type with her constant need to study, but it's important to remember that they are still 14 year old teenage girls, not warriors stuck in teenage bodies with their old memories and maturity fully intact. so even if they do know they used to be warriors, their memories of growing up as ami and the others are fully intact and aspirations of growing into adults, going to university, having a career, etc. are more tangible than defeating evil and living on the moon. i fully understand why her behavior bothers you though, i feel the same way about katara from atla. even though i know why she is the way she is, i just find her super nagging and annoying.

regarding minako, iirc from the manga/supplementary material, venus was closest to sailor moon and would serve as her stand in to protect her, like in the episode where venus pretends to be sailor moon. so it makes sense that the two of them are super close and great friends. funnily enough, i didn't like her much as a kid because i found her character design so boring and bland and like she was trying to be too much like sailor moon, kek. peak 6 year old girl logic, i guess.

No. 356962

File: 1708272694644.gif (2.22 MB, 498x280, 805E001E-E7D4-40B0-AF27-685D99…)

Has anyone watched episode 3 of Wonderful Precure? What did you think? I liked it; it was a peaceful and harmlessly cute watch. Still annoyed with that boy though and found his advice/his role so far kind of useless. That little fairy bunny was adorable though, it reminded me of the fairies from earlier seasons. Still no actual fighting, but it kind of makes sense, I think. Children are dumb - what if they copy the things they see on TV and stark play-fighting against random animals they see, or even their own pets? I wonder if that’s the reason behind why the „fights“ in this season consist of chasing and petting/calming down the enemies.

I agree with most of your observations. This is kind of why I’m too afraid to rewatch the old series because I don’t want to ruin it for myself by noticing so much annoying stuff that I didn’t realise as a kid kek. I think it’s tragic how they changed the personalities of the main senshi from their original manga counterparts. This is also one of the reasons why I enjoyed Crystal so far - even though the characters oftentimes look weirdly thin and ugly.

No. 356965

My biggest problem with sailor moon was the weird age gaps in all the romances. All the male love interests are 18+ and well into their mid 20s, even the two fags had an age gap with the blond fag being 16 and the green haired fag being in his 20s. While the girls are 14. Usagi's daughter and her shenanigans with her dad were also huge turn offs for me.

No. 356971

the old sailor moon anime reeks of seething moids and i will never understand why it has gotten a girl power reputation. the manga is primarily a coming of age/romance story but the men who made the anime toned the romance down probably because the felt threaten by Mamoru or the fluffy romance between him and Usagi. They also aged Mamoru up and made him more hostile towards Usagi.
They removed the romance-aspect of the story but they didnt focus on the female friendship either. Except for Usagi and Minako, none of the girls like each other and they only hang out because of their senshi duties. Rei and Usagi's interactions are genuinely unpleasant to watch because Rei always has something to complain about. They dont have a hero/lancer dynamic i think that was what the writers' intention but they failed because they cant write female characters they just dislike each other and not once does their friendship seem genuine. Rei's personality was completely changed because the writers wanted a classic-beauty tsundere waifu. Even Luna seems meaner towards Usagi than she is in the manga, literally all anyone does in the anime is bicker. Its like the male writers went "uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh how do we write teenage girls? teenage girls are all boy crazy, right? and like eating sweets, right? and they bicker all the time, right?" and thats why the anime has several scenes where the girls crush over some random guy and fight over who gets to woo him. As >>356965 says the anime is also obsessed with age gaps. Mamoru is aged up and several background romances are with teenaged girls and adult men. The storyline with Naru and Nephrite is stupid because its written like an anti-pedophilia PSA (Naru starts keeping secretd from her parents, she sneaks out, she ignores Usagi when she warns her about Nephrite's true intention) but in the last minute they conclude that their weird relationship is actually romantic.
the old Sailor moon anime is proof that male directors should not adapt shoujo manga written by women unless they are going to stick to the original story. Men despise media targeted towards tween girls and are obsessed with improving it AKA making it more appealing to men. Something similar happened with the recent Lovely Complex dub controversy

No. 356979

File: 1708280424500.gif (642.08 KB, 250x180, also the anime is more fujo.gi…)

>the manga is primarily a coming of age/romance story but the men who made the anime toned the romance down probably because the felt threaten by Mamoru or the fluffy romance between him and Usagi
Honestly that's one of the reasons why I prefer the anime to the manga despite my complaints about not liking most of the main cast. The manga is basically ONLY Usagi and Mamoru miracle romance shit with occasionally some third party love interesting popping up and Usagi's friends are mostly just there to have an introduction chapter and then not do much else for the rest of the manga. Antagonist characters in particular got a huge boost going from basically serving as fodder in the manga to being important characters of their arcs and having a lot of really fun scenes (I'm currently on S and professor Tomoe is a lot of fun).
>Rei's personality was completely changed because the writers wanted a classic-beauty tsundere waifu.
I get the complaint for this but in the manga she doesn't really have that much personality, I would have just preferred if they had her be the one in the group who wasn't boy crazy.
>the old Sailor moon anime is proof that male directors should not adapt shoujo manga written by women unless they are going to stick to the original story
Eeeehhhh…they did that with crystal and look how that turned out. The manga just isn't a very good source material outside of a lot of lovely designs and had they stuck to the manga the series wouldn't have become a cultural icon. I don't even think the original anime is super appealing towards men outside of Ikuhara anyway.

No. 356988

>I don't even think the original anime is super appealing towards men outside of Ikuhara anyway.
Ami was one of the most popular waifus of the 90s and a lot of otaku media for males of the time referenced Sailor Moon. In fact, Ami's First Love was an OVA made for all the male fans who had her as their waifu.

Since the 80s, male otaku always flocked to magical girl shows due to the cute female characters and started seeing them as their waifus (not unlike bronies with MLP) and the writers and animators knew that. The Sailor Moon anime actively catered to the male fans and it wasn't just Ikuhara's doing: they basically turned a romance shoujo manga into a slice of life comedy with a group of cute girls doing cute things and looking sexy while fighting. It's not annoying and overtly moidy about it (after all little girls were the primary demographic) but there undoubtly was a desire to reach the male otaku demographic, because the otaku merch market was in its infancy at the time and they knew a bishoujo sentai series would make a splash. Unsurprisingly, they made a lot of plastic models of the senshi with very detailed panties.

To make a more recent example, Toei execs actively thought of the 15~30 years old males target demographic when planning some, if not most, Precure seasons. I definitely remember reading about it for Futari Wa and Fresh. Only relatively recently they finally started giving a shit about their older female fans, for both SM and Precure. But sadly, cute anime for little girls will always have moids flocking to it like flies and they'll be among their biggest whales.
The only ones they like less at the series with overt shoujo manga tones and artstyles, like Mermaid Melody.

No. 356991

I do always want to clarify with Precure since people seem to associate it with moids so often: men have always been the secondary demographic, young girls always come first. Not for any righteous cause, but because children are always the most profitable fanbase for any franchise they flock to. And the staff has always been heavily female compared to most anime productions. And parents do watch what their children watch, so they make sure things stay palatable for them to ensure they don't get complaints.
I know the nonna I'm replying to didn't say it, so this isn't directly in response to you, but I'm tired of people dismissing Precure as moidbait when it's literally not. And the elements that do cater more to them are largely innocuous, like action and drama.

No. 356998

File: 1708285850790.jpeg (498.96 KB, 1280x1804, IMG_1139.jpeg)

People tend to forget that moids loved magical girls of the 80s so like Creamy Mami, minky momo etc. they made an entire spinoff of Creamy Mami where Yu is a robot girl.

No. 357002

This is honestly pretty cool. The crossover OVAS were also made for moids, and were pretty fanservicy.

No. 357008

File: 1708289990278.jpg (80 KB, 426x549, wp.jpg)

Retarded take. The manga is extremely boring. Ami, Rei, and Makoto barely had personalities and overall the Senshi might as well not have even been there besides one or two chapters where they matter and while Mamoru sucks less he still fails to be compelling or interesting. Plus there's all that weird incest shit with Chibiusa going on that just won't end. The anime gave everyone character arcs and developed its antagonists besides "minor annoyance that will be killed in a single chapter".
If you want a magical girl manga with a romance focus that isn't a snoozefest go for Wedding Peach instead. I don't recommend the anime overall because almost every change they made was unnecessary and there's moidy episodes but the manga's a good time.

No. 357012

>none of the girls like each other
I don't think I've ever seen this take before, are you working off the ancient dic dub? Because the big thing most manga lovers dislike about the original anime is that it's mostly about the girls and their friendship instead of the romance. The take that they hate each other is not something I've ever seen out of anyone except people back in the day who only watched the 90s dub where they did change most of the playful chatter into being mean but even then by the second season they're actual besties. The anime is all about girl friendship right to the absolute end and the change in the ending from the manga is related to it too. If anything the big issue the manga has is that there is no real friendship between the girls, Codename Sailor V had better friendship representation imo.
>Rei and Usagi's interactions are genuinely unpleasant to watch
Totally disagree, their relationship was one of the most interesting and strongest bonds. Even season 1 had an episode dedicated to showing that if anything, Usagi trusted Rei more than anyone else and that their bickering didn't represent true feelings for each other for anyone who didn't get it in the audience. Usagi literally gives her the wand over anyone else to hold onto. If your experience is with dubbed sailor moon then it's probably the localizations making the dialogue angrier than it ever was that has coloured your perceptions just because these are some rather odd takes about the material.
I agree about the aging up of mamo as well as the naru relationship being a large age gap though (though at least I always thought the guys were like 17 like mamo so at least not adult), but the aging up is something you can ignore because mamo being an adult doesn't change anything about the dynamic (it's a pointless change) and naru's relationship with nephrite is like 5 out of the 200 episodes we got before she ends up with a classmate for the rest of the show (and mostly forgotten unfortunately). The anime isn't exactly "obsessed" if 99% of all relationships are of equal age ranges and the only two i can think of that aren't are the ones listed. I can't think of anything that would be the "many background relationships between teen girls and adult men" that you're referring to. I'd seriously need examples and know what seasons they're from because I'm drawing blanks

No. 357022

File: 1708295084101.gif (859.72 KB, 500x375, tumblr_6cbf2ee6af29e505e0691a7…)

Holy shit you're right. The daughter-father shit weirds me out sooo much, even in the manga. Nowadays, I have more sympathy for Chibiusa than I had as a kid, but I hate that part of her character arc. But speaking of Chibiusa, I adored the way the old anime introduced Hotaru and the friendship of the two girls. The scenes surrounding Saturn were so much more atmospheric and dark to me, the way the old animators made it, compared to Crystal. I watched some comparisons of those scenes on YouTube. Does anyone else here love Sailor Saturn? She was always my edgy fave as a kid. I even have a figure of her holding her silence glaive.

No. 357026

File: 1708295432293.png (194.22 KB, 500x375, IMG_8599.png)

She was my favorite. I loved her designs so much even though they were pretty simple it somehow had a lot of impact and got her personality across

No. 357044

File: 1708302571701.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.18 MB, 2904x1240, iluwdflkdfjio51.jpg)

Does anyone remember when Mermaid Melody was sexualised in the official merch for the anime?

Meanwhile the manga have an classic shojo style.

No. 357057

File: 1708308691529.png (Spoiler Image,2.2 MB, 1516x1564, help.png)

Yeah but when i was a kid the manga weirded me out because it had some questionable scenes, i still bought the volumes but i was afraid to read them kek.
I know we already see shirtless guys surfing and mermaids in bikini but i remember a panel where Kaito and Lucia were sleeping together without any clothes on, nothing explicit but it was kinda unexpected despite all the odd fanservice it had, picrel is just a quick example.

No. 357060

File: 1708309731109.png (Spoiler Image,429.59 KB, 542x806, help2.png)

Samefag but aside the very frequent nudity this panel also haunted me, there is no way they did a nip slip right?

No. 357081

I remember buying these as a teenager and being so weirded out by how sexual it was, kek. like it's tame compared to other stuff but it was way more sexual than I expected a shojo manga to be.

No. 357091

File: 1708343408072.png (144.7 KB, 811x438, 1638390992533.png)

And yet for some reason it's one of the magical girls moids care the least for. I always chalked it up to the artstyle (it screams Nakayoshi) but also I feel like it's because there's so many attractive guys the mermaids get paired with. It's kind of overtly sexual for a shoujo but not in a way I've ever seen male otaku care for.
Then again I also never cared for it so I could be wrong.

No. 357097

Its things like this that remind me that even if something was made by and for women, its moids who sit in the important positions like editor/editor in chief and can still dirty something not meant for them with their shitty tastes. This doesnt happen as often now but I do think it plays a part in how shoujo works tend to emphasise the cuteness/looks of a female lead in comparison to shounen

No. 357111

I think this might be because big part of moids who are into mahou shoujo or are more invested in it are ''lolicons'' and Mermaid Melody has more developed teen looking heroines, if there was a new mahou shoujo anime where the characters are all adults i doubt that it would attract the same creeps.
Moids like that usually like to ruin the innocence of a show by lewding it, i guess this still sticks to actual degenerate mahou shoujo shows because most of the characters still look undeveloped, Sailor Moon is an exception when it comes to this because the girls don't look like 8 year olds but i think that's because it's old, classic, and extremely popular anyway so it's bound to be lewded and obsessed over.

No. 357118

I disagree. Well, I agree about the age gap stuff, but the primary point of comparison between the manga and anime has always been how the manga barely characterizes the senshi and focuses almost entirely on Mamoru and Usagi's relationship. The anime is frequently accused of focusing too much on the girls' friendship, if anything. Their archetypes are fairly simple since the anime is targeted towards a younger demographic, so I can kind of see why you'd be wanting more complexity, I guess? I understand why Rei and Usagi's relationship might not have landed for you, but they make it obvious at many parts that Rei and Usagi are very close (when Rei loses her pure heart crystal, when Usagi entrusts her with her moon stick, when Usagi holds her body after Galaxia wipes out the inner senshi, etc.) and it's why many fans consider Rei to be Usagi's best friend. And ultimately, if you didn't think the anime was convincing in terms of the girls being friends, I don't see how the manga could convince you either. Unless you think that wasn't an important element of what made the series so successful.

No. 357287

File: 1708418764566.jpg (Spoiler Image,169.33 KB, 800x900, ElfbGFcVcAAN0NX.jpg)

And don't forget when this weird "thing" happened in the first episode of Heartcatch…

Why Toei?

No. 357295

Ew wtf, precure is for literal 5 year olds

No. 359167

File: 1709175796858.jpeg (198.58 KB, 441x1558, IMG_1231.jpeg)

Males on /a/ voted on their favourite magical girl anime. Hate this list and they shouldn’t have opinions

No. 359170

LOL what would your list ranking look like Nona?

No. 359179

This is the most shit top 5 I can conceive of and yet it's also exactly what I'd expect of moids

No. 359181

I've seen worse, the only really coomer series at 5 is there anything really that terrible on it?

No. 359183

Do you really not consider symphogear to be coomery?

No. 359184

That too my bad

No. 359332

We should make a ranking list.

No. 359357

All you need is Madoka and Tutu (and maybe the second half of Sailor moon S if you're feeling spicy).

No. 359365

>flip floppers on the list
>at all
I remember how that shit was extremely irrelevant because Yuri on Ice was too strong, moids on 4chins would cope by saying that "i-its totally not t-trash people are watching it!!!" And I literally forgot that show existed until now. Yuri on Ice killed Flip floppers giving it that name.

No. 359402

File: 1709250824158.png (1.18 MB, 800x1323, 1595864115714.png)

>Chicks from KLK
Why are they here?

No. 359404

File: 1709251455643.jpg (270.21 KB, 1000x1416, cutie honey.jpg)

they're technically magical girls. Cutie Honey is a similar example.

No. 359421

Fate/kaleid liner appearing in both these lists is so cancerous

No. 359424

I'm not really surprised honestly. A lot of mahou shoujo fans ignore this (for some reason) but a large majority of the genre particularly in the 90s and 2000s was ecchi shows.
Plus fatefags automatically have poor taste so I'm not surprised they got it ranked that high.

No. 359432

AYRT it's not shocking in the least but it doesn't stop it from being cancerous. Men are a blight.

No. 362202

File: 1710303070622.jpeg (13.62 KB, 179x281, images.jpeg)

To keep this thread alive I must ask, has anyone ever happened to read Kamichama Karin and Kamichama Karin Chu? What were your thoughts on it?
I will admit this was my very first ever magical girl manga that I read in middle school and I have to say that I couldn't even finish it because the plot just got so convoluted and memeable kek

No. 362211

File: 1710307749090.jpg (20.68 KB, 279x349, Cf038ca7acb580_full.jpg)

I remember loving it when I was young, watched the anime AND read the manga. I got into it since IIRC the author also made the DiGi Charat characters?
That being said, I could not for the life of you tell you anything I remember about it as opposed to other series I was into at the time like Galaxy Angel or TMM. I do remember it had convoluted time travel shenanigans and stuff? And also I yume'd Michiru hard kek

No. 362216

File: 1710309074068.jpg (103.84 KB, 500x768, 9784063641882_w.jpg)

I really liked A Tiny/Little Snow Fairy Sugar (Koge-Donbo designed the characters) so I watched Kamichama Karin and read both the original manga and the sequel when I was 12~14. I have to agree I barely remember any details aside from the fact that it was confusing and some of the plot twists/revelations.
I really like Karin's design and all the illustrations Koge-Donbo drew of her, I just love her artstyle.

No. 362219

I watched the anime a few months ago
Karin should have got with Kirika.

No. 362227

File: 1710314980716.png (328.73 KB, 900x686, tumblr_105029b50833e29658f00fb…)

Speaking of mahou shoujo series from our childhoods we can't remember much about, I still love Vanilla's design from Sugar Sugar Rune even if the series itself hasn't persevered in my memory. Sort of wild every time I remember that the author is married to Hideaki Anno. Mostly because I can't believe that guy is in a lasting marriage.

No. 362263

File: 1710323629831.jpg (2.54 MB, 2000x1250, sakura.jpg)

This is pretty retarded and I doubt I'll be able to word it right, but the inappropriate relationships nevever bothered me in CCS. I'm sure it's because I watched it as a kid but the relationships feel like what little girls fantasize about and since I didn't know better at the time it was all so harmless.
I know in real life it would be disgusting and inappropriate for a teacher to date a young student, but due to my nostalgia goggles it doesn't seem like an issue that translates to the real world. At that age a "relationship" was holding hands, at most an innocent kiss, and then babies just magically appeared. It really felt like that, like playing house but within the cartoon. I really don't know how to explain it well but it feels like when a female writes a story like that it's not coming from the same sexual grooming pedo place it would be if was a male, but from experience of playing around as a kid. But again, nostalgia goggles are drilled into my head.

No. 362275

That’s how I felt about those sorts of romances while I was reading them too but I re-read everything again when I was like 15 and I could see it the other way suddenly so most of them are permanently soured kek. But I do remember having crushes that were crazy in hindsight and just me being innocent and playing at romance. In my opinion if an author wants to write in a girlhood crush plot the older guy should either never reciprocate even when she’s older, never know she had a crush, or should flat out reject her. That’s more like real life (should be) anyway.

No. 362380

File: 1710366197050.jpg (57.43 KB, 400x466, Kazune-kamichama-karin-kamicha…)

Awww I respect your opinion anon, but Kazune will forever have my heart and I still think he was perfect with Karin.
I can't help it. I don't think he's cute NOW of course (he's a shouta boy after all kek) but I definitely found him cute when I was in middle school. Even though he had a bad temper I couldn't help but find it adorable. And his intense fear of bugs was relatable. And that scene that really made me fall for the Kazune x Karin ship was when Kazune clumsily drank a bit of sake and got drunk, then he admitted his feelings to Karin and kissed her. I still remember how seeing that scene when I was younger made my little heart squeal.

No. 362417

Asa kid I was actually influenced by sakura tbh, I used to think I was /so/ mature and not like other girls because I'm autistic, so I would always and blatantly fantasize about a wonderful teacher or 21 (somehow it was the age I found attractive as a 9 years old) adult that would fall in love with me, I mean, in sakura it was normal, so why not? Luckily in my school every adult was very smart and normal, so nothing bad happened.
I also hated syaoran with a burning passion because to me, back then, he was annoying like all the boys at school.
The thing is that exactly because it isn't sexualized and it's seem as just hand holding and kisses on the cheek, it's what makes it quite dangerous, because a little girl with issues will want that sparkly romance with a oh so "mature" guy who is 100% a gentleman and totally not a huge ass creep.
I'm pretty sure I'm like a 1% of the public that felt this way while watching sakura, and now I would dare to say thay maybe it was more of a story for ladies with kids to watch and remember these fantasies they had while at school, like the idea of wearing cool outfits, the idea of meeting magical beings, the possibility of getting that cute young teacher to fall in love with you. It's a weird way to interpret this, but it somehow makes sense to me.

No. 362418

Agreed. It's why stuff like Ikuto x Amu for example could never be as creepy as when moids write lolicon. I think fantasizing about older men in an innocent way when you're a young girl is arguably a normal occurrence. Sakura crushing on Yukito for example is also cute and innocent and seems like something any young girl might do when her brother brings home a cute and nice friend. Moids could never. Any moid anime with a young girl in it is instantly about her panties and boobs and flat chest and how she's sexual but still a child.

No. 362993

File: 1710578509892.png (301.24 KB, 500x389, tumblr_ng2ye4mgLC1r25rhdo1_500…)

This was found in Tumblr…

No. 363532

Several years ago I was on a magical girl kick and was watching a lot of shows, and one that surprised me was Daybreak Illusion. I never see it mentioned anywhere despite it also being a part of the edgy suffering girls theme at the time, did anyone else watch it? I don't remember much of it now, but I do remember finding it pretty interesting and I liked the tarot card themes.

No. 368826

I remember it, but didn’t watch it, like a lot of people because, IIRC, it totally flopped when it aired. I think a lot wrote it off as a madoka clone and I wrote it off as scroteshit, but please correct me if I was wrong.

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