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File: 1708468363691.png (1.22 MB, 1000x664, 3b1e36d906575ea8d3a087a8cc4781…)

No. 357395

For all of the AoT/SnK enjoyers in the retarded husbando hornyposting thread.

Use this thread to talk about stuff like:

>your favorite character(s)

>your favorite ship(s)
>what did you think of the ending?
>favorite scene(s) in the series
>how would you rewrite the series to make it better?
>recommendations for fanfics or fanartists

No. 357445

File: 1708477888675.jpeg (Spoiler Image,73.1 KB, 1280x651, IMG_4493.jpeg)

Oooh I was/still am a mega fan of this series. I was there in threads every month for years.

>your favorite character(s)

Eren (because he is hot), Reiner (because he is hot and an interesting foil character), Zeke (interesting and highly memeable), Grisha (idk)
>your favorite ship(s)
I don’t ship but def EreHisu over EreMika, Mikasa is an extremely boring character and EreHisu with Hisu’s baby being Eren’s out of love would have allowed some cool story things
>what did you think of the ending?
Upon chapter release it was almost nonsensical and the the worst ending I’d ever read. In anime form it’s better but it’s still bad and rushed.
>favorite scene(s) in the series
Eren walking around Liberio “I was disappointed”, Eren+Zeke+Grisha in paths, of course Reiner+Bert Titan reveal especially in anime form
>how would you rewrite the series to make it better?
Either all out tragekino evangelion apocalypse ending with whole world and friends rumbled or happier more realistic ending with partial rumbling and diplomacy. The lukewarm safe shit where Eren only did it because he is an idiot (ie, Isayama wrote himself into a corner with the founding titan’s ability + world politics) is so bad. I know it’s immature because it’s very unrealistic but I wanted a batshit daring apocalypse ending where Eren was the good guy, which is only possible if a partial rumbling of Marley military and diplomacy wouldn’t have worked (it would have).
Honestly at one point I wanted a very bleak Eren ending where somehow he/the attack titan was the worm, the devil of all earth, in non-linear time, but I don’t know how I’d write it. I hate how the worm ended up being a character. I would write it out of the climax and keep it just a mysterious force of nature introduced in the Ymir origin story and never mentioned again.
Speaking of which I’d get rid of the Ymir bullshit. It was so much better when she was just a vengeful slave spirit finally freed by Eren. I can’t believe normies were able to accept her ending.
And I would write a proper ending between Eren and Reiner since they are foils. Shirtless fistfight and Reiner finally gets to die, but happy, as a hero he wanted to be. Instead we got letter sniffer…
OH and my goodness get rid of Eren directing Dina to kill his mom. Yeah she would have died anyways but. This whole ending already shows that Eren chose his friends living long happy lives over his mom’s life, Isayama really didn’t have to rub salt in the wound there.

No. 357454

I went and looked at the original husbando thread. It reminds me I forgot to mention Floch as a favorite character. Didn’t get Armonged even in death like many other characters.
Absolutely based nonnas in here. Ending haters, Armin haters, Floch enjoyers, Mike enjoyers, Eren is the father enjoyers…fuck illiterate people and Twitter and Reddit

No. 357470

File: 1708486526230.jpg (9.31 KB, 200x268, 432447.jpg)

Based Floch enjoyer. He was so beautiful and amazing.

No. 357474

File: 1708489807723.jpg (176.56 KB, 480x800, 38944264_p7_master1200.jpg)

>your favorite character(s)
Berthold, Reiner, Levi, Zeke, Historia, Hange, and Yelena are my favorites. But there are a lot of good characters so it's tough to choose.

>your favorite ship(s)

I love any and all possible combinations of Reiner, Berhold, and Annie. I headcanon that after the series ends, Annie gets together with Reiner and they bond over their mutual love of Berthold (because they both slept with him while he was alive). I'd like to believe that in Part 4, Annie was only interested in Armin (if she was even interested in him romantically at all) because he was all that was left of Berthold.

I also like Reiner with Historia, Levi with Historia (thanks to this one particular fanfic), and Historia with Ymir. I relate a lot to Historia because I am her same height and I am also a bisexual queen.

I also like most combinations of Levi, Hange, and Onyankopon (I headcannon that Levi and Onyankopon got together after the finale.)

>what did you think of the ending?

I really hope it eventually comes out that Isayama had something totally different planned for the ending, but he was pressured into changing it by his editors or something. I hope that eventually we get an End of Evangelion type of thing where a totally new ending gets animated (or released as a manga, whatever). I figure that since the Levi prequel and Lost Girls were stories by other artists that got greenlit into animated episodes, anything's possible. Especially if an animation studio or publisher thinks it can make money from AoT's IP in a few years, and if Isayama wants a royalty check while having to do minimal work.

>favorite scene(s) in the series

The chapter where we get all of the flashbacks of Reiner's life, culminating in the page where he's about to shoot himself, absolutely broke me. And then the Eren-Reiner basement confrontation while Willy is giving his speech.

>recommendations for fanfics or fanartists

tumblr.com/anitora24 - this Japanese artist mostly draws Pokemon and Splatoon nowadays but she did a bunch of very cute BertholdxAnnie fanart that I like
pixiv.net/en/users/10575936 - my favorite ReinerxBerthold fanartist

No. 357476

File: 1708493137882.png (2.44 MB, 1422x1420, Screenshot 2024-02-20 at 10.25…)

Nonnies do you know where I can get this figure? I took this image off a seller on mercari kek, it already sold for $150. But I can't find it anywhere else, except another seller on mercari trying to sell it for over $300… which is just out of the budget for me. I can spend around the $150 though, so I'm angry I didn't see it for sale until it already got bought.

No. 357477

Idk why I liked him pre-timeskip but I did, which was when I was just a casual reader and dare I say speedreader, so I felt so vindicated when he became the awesome convicted character he did. Fuck tha haters, anime ending with the futuristic city was a cope to deny him doing nothing wrong

No. 357482

I'd say the ending shows that he was right regardless. The world needed to rebuild their countries and regain power before nuking paradis to take revenge for what Eren did. If Eren went 100% that wouldn't have happened. It was too late to stop him and the alliance were straight up retarded for not thinking about this possibility.

No. 357489

File: 1708499182803.jpeg (202.67 KB, 1024x768, IMG_9063.jpeg)

Well the alliance knew the island would be ok and they knew they wouldn’t be killed on sight despite being Eldian and a genocidal maniac’s friend because they knew super special Isayama pet Armong would be able to talk no jutsu the whole world out of it, duh

No. 357492

wish armin got killed when bertolt first busted down the wall in Shiganshina

No. 357527

File: 1708515316691.jpg (29.32 KB, 640x235, IMG-20240110-WA0013.jpg)

Ayrt and I wanted to add that pre-timeskip Floch was also based and logical and real af. He did the suicide charge despite being afraid of death because at the time it seemed like the most logical thing to do to save the island and he went with it because he puts humanity over himself, so much so that he deactivates his cowardice. In other words he has a pure heart and is a good person. He also wanted to save Erwin which is based af, and he stood up to Eren, a literal titan, and fucking Mikasa and Levi, both Ackermanns who could make ground meat out of him. But he didn't give a shit because facts don't care about feelings. He's so based. His haters put him on transphobic memes but it makes me laugh because he's so based his basedness go beyond AOT. Sorry for the sperging I just love him so much lol.

No. 357529

>the ending
Not to give anyone hope, but apparently Isayama copied lots of ideas, themes, plot points, narrative and even the ending from the muvluv game series and admitted to it in interviews. The game's ending is similar to AOT's (or rather AOT's is similar to it) then they released a different better ending after 2 years of the game ending. Maybe something like that would happen with AOT as well. He's also publishing the extra chapters about Levi under the same company that did some stuff for the muvluv alternative better ending, so maybe there's hope. But until then, I recommend checking out AOT no requiem, a fan project that took what we all expected from the ending and made it into a manga with infinitely better art lmao, and I believe they're gonna animate it as well. I haven't read it yet but it looks promising. Idc what anyone says, I enjoyed edgy/manbun/chad/hobo/paths/table scene Eren the most.

No. 357546

I really dont understand how people can support Eren's rumbling. He literally admitted he wanted to make the whole world flat so that they could start over again. Literally destroying all nature, wildlife and humans except his friends ofcourse. I really like him as a character though, I like how he never grew up and that at the end of the story he doesn't even really seem to care about the Eldians, but more so on protecting his friends and creating this blank space he always dreamed of as a child where they all could live happily ever after.

>your favorite ship(s)

The one ship I still am so salty about is YumiHisu. It made no fucking sense that Ymir gave back the Jaw Titan, even with the added bullshit that she felt she need to help Reiner and Bertholdt. Isayama litterally wrote her out of the story because she knew to much. I don't really have any other ships, I do have some ships I dislike and that is Eren x Mikasa or Eren x Historia. I just don't think Eren and Historia would be able to love eachother, I like to think that she just chose a random cute farmer to get with. Someone who i just not involved with anyhting behind the walls. Mikasa is just a whole problem for me because I hate female character who are super obsessed with the male love interest.

>how would you rewrite the series to make it better?

I suck at writing so I wouldnt know kek. But I do think some more things could have been written better, especially the last season in the post time skip. So not to sperg to much but Jean is one of my fave characters, and I really liked Armin as a character too. But you can definitelly tell post time skip that Isayama does not know how to write smart characters. I like Armin because while he is intelligent but emotionally weak. However he can make rough descisions when he needs to, like when he killed that lady to save Jean. I don't why they made Armin commander, Jean should have been commander because it seemed like they were leading up to that. Armin is not Erwin, and that is a good thing imo. There are a bunch more things that happened in the end that is just stupid, like Hange suiciding for like no reason and then pretending like she actually achieved something by just killing a few of the rumbling titans.

>I recommend checking out AOT no requiem
Wow the art is indeed very pretty! It's really cool big fan projects like this exist.

>If Eren went 100% that wouldn't have happened
Eren would have destroyed everything though, and I think the point of the story is to show that war never ends. After the rumbling, the people left would just fight again with eachother and start another war.

No. 357549

File: 1708522345274.jpeg (48.33 KB, 608x504, IMG_9072.jpeg)

He definitely cared about all Eldians and freedom for them and not just his friends before marvel brainrot got to Isayama.
YouTube essays miss a lot of stuff.

No. 357551

Yeah thats why i specified "at the end", Idk i kinda thought it was more that in the end he realised he cared more about his friends and prioritized them over everything else. Or maybe it was indeed Isayama brainrot.
But i guess it more so that he cares about the people on the island then Eldians as a whole, since there are also Eldians living outside of Paradis and he is willing to kill them also.

No. 357552

I think it’s why while I loved Eren while reading I feel weird saying he’s my favorite character, because I think through no fault of our own as readers, he is impossible to understand.
Really he’s not even a character post Hisu hand kissing. Just a guy getting pulled along by a determined plot he doesn’t even get to reap determined benefits from. I hate that.

No. 357569

Last anon
>and I think the point of the story is to show that war never ends
I understand that, but it's so overdone by now and no one needs an anime/manga to tell them "war and racism bad actually". It would've been more interesting and unique if the ending was Eren going 100% and achieving true freedom for his people and himself. I also think the racism and war thing was handled poorly and Isayama shouldn't have tried to delve into that. I still to this day don't understand the marely vs. eldia conflict and if Eldia were evil 2000 ago or was history faked by marley to make it seem so or what, but imo, after the king Karl Fritz's vow denouncing war and taking some of the titan powers and most of the eldians with him into an isolated isolated island, erasing their memories and lookinh them up, no one has the right to attack them and kill them. They don't even know about the history and past of their ancestors or about the titans' lore, like just leave them alone already they're a bunch of harmless peasants. But noooo they had to get the attack and finder titans I guess, and they created Eren in the process. The scale of the discrimination was also too massive compared to irl. Marelyians and the rest of the world have a point in fearing people who can become man eating mosnters at any moment, but those people don't even know they can, and only become so because of Zeke and marley's actions. And it's all the nations of the world with all their anti-titan weaponry against one tiny island with limited technology. Their only real weapon was the rumbling, since peace talks didn't work. The island was peaceful the whole time under king Karl's vow, but marely was looking for trouble and they got what they deserve imo. They're insanely and comically evil and the true devils. The last straw for me was that their real motivation was getting oil from under paradis!!! All the talk about the island devils is just propaganda to get the world on their side and justify genociding innocent ignorant poor people to steal the resources of their island that they don't even know existed or are valuable. And the world was stupid enough to say "ok". Even nations enslaved by Marley hated eldians because marely said so. And the only one that worked with them had a different strategy of how to exploit them, by taking advantage of their desperation and offering them help in exchange of resources. I'm talking about Hizuru. If I was in that situation in AOT world I'd do what Eren did and even worse. The entire world deserved the huge middle finger that the rumbling was imo.

No. 357571

>or maybe Isayama brainrot
Nta but he said he watched game of thrones and liked the divisive ending before ending AOT, so he probably took inspiration from it. Along with the muvluv stuff.

No. 357987

File: 1708695197986.png (322.93 KB, 764x527, 141238.png)

>Watched game of thrones and liked the divisive ending before ending AOT
Oh so thats why eren just suddenly starts slaughtering millions of inncocents.

You are right about him being a shit author and because of that most people outside of paradise seem to be racist nazis. But let's be honest even with the shitty writing there is noway that literally all people on earth outside of Paradis hate Eldians.
>Their only real weapon was the rumbling, since peace talks didn't work
I feel like there are few missed steps between peace talk and genocide. Like Eren has the founding titan which is just super op anyway, like with that you can control any titans. And then they also have Armin with the colossal titan. Like they could first keep continuing attacking Marley millitary bases, try to negotaiating with other countries or even Marley if they have enough leverage. Like they could have tried a lot of things before Eren being like yeah lets just destroy the whole world. Also the rumbling would still make people feel trapped, yes there are no titans anymore but they are still stuck on paradise because the rumblinh also destroys all wildlife nature ect. I know this is also mostly Isayama fault also because he wrote it very black and white. Its either peace treaty that doesnt work or killing literally all of human population. It's not very nuanced kek. However I must say its stupid to start the rumbling and then not complete it, because all the people who weren't involved with this and somehow survived sure now do have a valid reason to hate them.

No. 358057

I see your point and it's very reasonable. Isayama tried, poorly though, to show the peace treaty thing happening, but in the quickest "blink and you'll miss it" way. It's when the scouts go to marely just to explore the outside world, and there was some "eldian protection" press conference, they were trying to talk to these people and offer peace between paradisian eldians and international ones, but those people were like "we're gonna wash our hands off them and prove we're better and they deserve to die." Willy Tybur also showed a similar sentiment iirc (I admit I never understood wtf was he yapping on about in that stage production lmfao) and he declared war on paradis or something and the world nations leaders from literally every country except Hizuru were there because they agreed with him and wanted titans and eldians by extension gone. So yeah, the entire world hated them. Also I'm pretty sure the tribal people would hate eldians too if they discovered they can turn into human eating giants lol. The racism in aot is based on actual justified fear of people who possess too much power who once used it for evil, but it's unfair because their descendants never used that power for evil by choice, the ones who did were forced and enslaved by Marley which is the world power in aot basically. And hating the descendants for the sins of their ancestors is unfair imo because they were oblivious to it all thanks to the memory manipulation, and hated titans more than anyone else because they were eaten by them directly. By their own people without even knowing who they truly were. The paradisians are framed as 100% innocent, ignorant, good-hearted people who do no wrong and are capable of forgiving outsider, making them objectively better people than the outside world and easy to side with. While the outside world never had moments like that. Do you think the refugees who gave Eren and gang milk tea and drinks in their tents would do the same thing if they knew they were paradisians who can turn into titans? When titan bio weaponry was used to wreck their own homeland making them refugees in the first place? I understand that it all seems irrational from our pov comparing it to the real world, but the setting of aot is too fictional and exaggerated for reasonableness, and as you said, very black and white. And to me it's easy to see who's in the right and who's in the wrong, and ended up siding with paradis 100% against the alliance and marely. Though I admit I can never hate Reiner or Jean lol. I just understand where Eren, paradisians and the Jägerists are coming from. I know what it's like to be locked in a cage against your will and never knowing/understanding why, or the reasons being unreasonable and unfair, and longing for freedom of those who imprisoned you so much that you're ready to kill them to get to finally live. It's why I loved aot and got very attached to it and why the ending pisses me off so much. But that's me being biased because I'm applying my own experience to it. I just wanted to live vicariously through Eren and wanted him to win for me so I can feel like I won, even if temporarily. But nah he didn't and he just disappointed me, because Isayama is a coward and can never write something that satisfying.

No. 358471

What do metalhead nonas who watched AOT s4 think of "the rumbling" song? I find it cringe faggy poser ass shit and I don't even take gatekeeping metal or calling others posers seriously. But this song made me coil into cringe. It's just so edgy and tryhard, it's really obnoxious. The lyrics are meh as well. The guy can barely sing and has an annoying faggy nasal voice, and his mid and high screams are kinda amateurish/beginnerish. His lows are ok though, nothing mind-blowing but tolerable. Linked Horizon was the superior choice for all AOT openings. Red Swan was shit, too.

No. 358478

Haha I like SiM and have seen them live multiple times now, but The Rumbling is a mid song, is barely metal, and is very unlike the rest of their discog. The second verse is way better than the first imo. The singer speaks very good English but his lyrics are horrible, I don’t understand it, if you think the Rumbling is bad I promise everything else of theirs is worse. The album they put the rumbling on is egregious on the lyrical front. But their live shows are fun and full of crazy fans of different generations.

No. 358480

Jiyuu no Tsubasa is the best OP

No. 358494

I think the Rumbling's mood fits the part of AOT it opens for but the lyrics are obviously written by a non native speaker. It happens all the time with English lyrics in Japanese songs so it didn't bother me too much. The German lyrics are also obviously not written by a native so they seem to just not get a native to check or fix the lyrics in general which makes them lack some basic poetic feeling most songs have without trying simply because the person automatically knows how to say things… better. I don't know why they don't either ask English speaking bands to make songs for them or make the Japanese bands sing in Japanese.

No. 358522

Just saw a bunch of le fascist floch!!! hate and slander on Reddit and thought of you nona. I love when they compare him to Hitler. As if his enemies weren’t actively trying to kill his people. Lol

No. 358524

I personally think they chose the wrong subgenre of metal for AOT, if they insisted on doing it, they should've got a death metal band or deathcore band like crystal lake or deviloof. I see your point about the lyrics though. What's weird is the English songs under Hiroyuki Sawano are written by this guy named mpi and he's supposed to know English but he still isn't good enough and his lyrics can sound off. I can't speak for the German lyrics though but I picked up German partially because of AOT German songs kek, so I have a soft spot for them.
Kek yeah, most AOT subreddit hate him, except titanfolk, the only good and reasonable AOT subreddit. Gotta love how when paradis defend themselves it's genocide and wrong but when Marley attacks them unprovoked it's ok and the warriors are just victims or whatever. Do these people see their own countries in Marley and that's why they excuse its actions or something?

No. 358527

File: 1708957690058.jpeg (30.48 KB, 575x533, IMG_9221.jpeg)

I wonder if we have interacted before in /snk/ or twitter

No. 358564

File: 1708969912279.jpeg (68.5 KB, 380x807, images.jpeg)

The dialogues in the final chapters are so fucking bad. I feel like the author purposefully wrote them that way to mock people who wanted those type of scenes out of spite for not being able to write the ending he actually wanted, but normies were too stupid to realize it

No. 358566

I've been banned from twitter since 2019 because of constant online fights, I waa at my lowest. And idk what's /snk/ but if it's a 4chan thread I've never been on it.

No. 358569

The straw that broke the camels back for me was the "look Zook, leaf is the meaning of life!!!!" speech that Armin used to convince Zeke not to be nihilistic/suicidal. And it worked…..as if Zeke didn't think that way since he was a toddler until he was 25. Yeah, a single conversation like that can totally change someone's mind.

No. 358676

File: 1708991033957.png (3.4 MB, 1748x2480, 87625608_p7.png)

My favorite ship. It's a crackship to some but I genuinely think it could work. Like, Eren was lonely and had no friends or anyone who understood him during the marely arc, and Floch was the only person there for him who believed in him and followed him all through. It's cute but tragic considering the ending since Eren basically betrayed him. I wish we saw more of their relationship developing during the 4 years of the timeskip but oh well, like everything else in the final season/marely and rumbling arcs, it was rushed.

No. 358716

File: 1709000845442.jpg (664.16 KB, 2460x3300, 20240227_052923.jpg)

Hell yeah, Yeagerist Erwin.

No. 358735

Check out the band Lucrecia’s cover of it. Much better.

No. 358750

Armin's talk no jutsu. Retarded, absolutely retarded. Actual jaw dropping at how stupid and nonsensical it was.
Nta but omg nonnie I don't understand them. I really don't.
>The entire world wants Paradis citizens to die meanwhile they have no idea anything outside their walls exist
"That's okay because Paradis have titans, they could use that to kill everyone!"
>Marley has titans they are currently actively using in wars across the globe for political gain
"They're victims!"
>Yeagerists and Eren realize it's either kill or be killed
I realize reading comprehension is on the decline but holy fuck I feel like the non r/titanfolk fans are not capable of critical thinking

No. 358814

Paradisians were the underdog that we as viewers were made to root for this whole time, and when we got to see the other side, they didn't have it as bad. They lived in ghettos and couldn't leave, sure, but other than that, they had normal lives with schools and jobs and food, water and shelter. Enlisting in the military was optional, but they forced their kids to do it for selfish reasons to gain the honory Marleyian status, then regretted doing so when their kids were about to die. The outside eldians were vile people who never thought that Marley was in the wrong and they should repel against it or something, they remained bootlickers to the very end. If Zeke wanted to, he could've gave them spinal fluid flavored wine, turn them into titans, and wreck havoc on Marley. Eren could've done that in founder from, too. Wasted potential tbh. They were very retarded and not worth sympathizing with. Only exception are the eldian restorationists, regardless of what Grisha did, at least they strived for change and freedom. Vidrel sums up the difference between their lives and shows who are the true victims that we should feel bad for.

No. 358816

Do you play the mobile game?

No. 358817

Samefagging to add the difference in the animation and art style is staggering. Wit loved AOT and made it look beautiful but also dark and gritty when it needed to, while moppa looks like shit and goofy.

No. 358818

File: 1709050669876.jpg (744.21 KB, 1439x804, Screenshot_20240227_192015_Gal…)

It isn't available in my region unfortunately, but I found the official art online and wanted to share it. I'm curious about Yeagerist Erwin plotline. Also, devil Floch in a hoodie ♥ he's so adorable.

No. 359121

File: 1709158594219.jpg (461.41 KB, 2880x2880, 20240229_011645.jpg)

Beardless Zeke, looks more like Grisha and related to Eren this way. And ofcourse, hotter.

No. 359168

Sorry nonna but I have to disagree with you - Zook is hotter with the beard. I bet it would be soft if you stroked it…

No. 359569

File: 1709322121601.jpg (66.93 KB, 736x736, f8cfbdd1142a64b0281be76d0bc928…)

I always think about how living/working in the survey corp must've been hell for Miche considering his sense of smell. The time period and Paradis' lack of advanced technology already means that they have lower hygiene standards, but it's also the military so they're probably sweaty all the time and a lot of the soldiers are funky teenagers. He and Levi probably had to order people to bathe.

No. 359602

File: 1709345655208.jpg (Spoiler Image,28.9 KB, 624x468, is-this-man-lainahs-ancestor-b…)

Found this official drawing and idk how to feel about that as a Reinerfag. I'm disappointed at his dick size tbh

No. 359613

I’ve seen at least 1 fanart redraw of Reiner in this pose but sexified.

No. 359614

You can't just say this without the link

No. 359616

File: 1709355487661.jpg (84.41 KB, 1080x1456, m5jpvrycskk61.jpg)


No. 359629

He was so sexy. As it aired I just thought haha funny nose man. Only as an adult did I realize how cool he was. He def had the worst death too.

No. 359693

File: 1709400863937.jpg (Spoiler Image,218.6 KB, 1305x2048, 4164434 - Attack_on_Titan CLMB…)

I spent 20 minutes combing through the Reiner tag on rule34 to find this just for you nonna, you're welcome.

No. 359710

File: 1709403530927.jpg (38.13 KB, 357x254, 1643017634961.jpg)

SnK had some top-tier memes.(racebaiting)

No. 359717

>He def had the worst death too
I think so too. His death was so disappointing and didn't feel befitting of someone who's supposed to be the second strongest, but I guess it was to show how terrifying the beast titan was and how unprepared the scouts were. What really bothers me is how it.was like once he died, he never existed. When the other main vets died, it was felt and had an impact on the characters/story. It's like no one cared that he died. I think Miche should've stuck around longer because he had a lot of potential, and also because he's very tall and interesting and probably could've been a husbando for a lot of people.

No. 359720

Samefag but even Moblit and Levi Squad's deaths were more important than Miche's. It's just pretty unfair considering he was a high ranking member.

His death was also the worst in the sense that it was just really sad, scary and disturbing.

No. 359734

Omg thank you very much, it's so beautiful. ♥

No. 359744

File: 1709416377061.png (1.18 MB, 1916x2728, 7y1s35ye5ee51.png)

Indeed, I'm still laughing at picrel

No. 359745

File: 1709416429784.png (147.26 KB, 640x484, chad-floch-the-hero-we-dont-de…)

I love this one so much but idk how can I get an opportunity to use it kek

No. 359802

Yeah I just said “worst” to mean most brutal/disturbing. It’s much worse to get broken and chewed on like that by a bunch of small ones then anlmost instant death by a big one. But now that you say, yeah he was forgotten after he died…that’s sad. No one was there to witness the horrible way he went out, and no one remembers him…he was supposed to be humanity’s second best but I don’t remember even Erwin mentioning him at all afterwards.

No. 359804

Columbo best AoT fanartist despite the drama and I think being a TiF

No. 359828

File: 1709451190649.jpg (28.45 KB, 600x600, 1620129585721.jpg)

No. 359840

File: 1709455453116.png (795.85 KB, 1000x1822, adwi37s86ve61.png)

Kek, nonna, that's a great one.

No. 359841

File: 1709456303044.png (71.69 KB, 256x256, 1616847419973.png)

No. 359858

File: 1709468121080.jpg (153.38 KB, 613x740, 9709709.jpg)

for me it's the grinning zeke and other zeke edits

No. 359859

File: 1709468159495.jpg (19.68 KB, 350x350, 81f875d27b780f31af8f86d68e2d49…)

No. 359860

This one should've been canon tbh. I love how psychotic he is.

No. 359881

File: 1709476150297.jpg (336.26 KB, 1920x1080, 1613963567599.jpg)

No. 359900

File: 1709480265286.jpg (77.41 KB, 720x720, 1661113205744836.jpg)

No. 359901

File: 1709480366331.jpg (230.7 KB, 1424x1538, 1603575402882.jpg)

No. 359902

File: 1709480461294.png (2.65 MB, 4000x2120, 1609556864161.png)

No. 359910

File: 1709481861743.jpeg (126.86 KB, 613x597, IMG_9062.jpeg)

I loved faceapp memes

No. 359913

File: 1709485002912.jpg (29.17 KB, 407x361, 1590815865015.jpg)

No. 359919

File: 1709490061194.png (7.92 KB, 107x128, Jokerfloch.png)

My favorite AOT joker edit

No. 359920

File: 1709490118731.jpeg (76.64 KB, 1290x645, this-community-requires-post-t…)

No. 359926

File: 1709491264278.png (254.01 KB, 960x521, 1618758781397.png)

No. 359927

File: 1709491338369.jpg (1.18 MB, 1920x1080, 1562285134870.jpg)

No. 359928

File: 1709491402635.png (689.71 KB, 960x960, 1615887945262.png)

No. 359929

File: 1709491469743.png (1.83 MB, 800x600, 1607532405345.png)

No. 359956

I used to be in a facebook group called Attack on Titan Meme Jihad, by and for Muslim AoT fans, and I find it so interesting, in a sociological way, how fans of the show from different parts of the world have related different scenes and characters to the local political turmoils they've experienced in their own lives. Like a Jewish AoT fan in Israel would have a very different interpretation of the show than a Palestinian fan, vs. a Japanese fan, vs. an American fan who just sits on their couch all day, not living in an active warzone.

No. 360027

What does this mean

No. 360039

what difference did you see?

No. 360047

File: 1709538244963.jpg (123.89 KB, 1024x384, 1561495277073.jpg)

People were mad when MAPPA took over from Wit.

No. 360053

File: 1709545807532.png (738.05 KB, 1270x713, Q53Mtn2.png)

No. 360061

File: 1709550319403.jpg (53.09 KB, 480x679, the-only-reason-why-levi-is-st…)

Apparently Isayama emjoys yaoi doujins. So all the gay ships are probably fujobait from the start.

Oh I see. Kinda deserved because their art style is ugly and inconsistent. But the animation was nice.

No. 360067

I'm not surprised, in the anime adaption, Eren and Armin looked like they were about to kiss in their last talk. Someone had to give instructions to make it look so gay kek.

No. 360068

I miss him. He was a great character

No. 360069

Why is his face so much lighter than his body?

No. 360107

File: 1709568535247.png (169.55 KB, 500x500, cat.png)

Shut up.

No. 360108

File: 1709568894878.gif (1.97 MB, 320x232, wrhpu4y2k0lc1.gif)

And thus, picrel was born.

No. 360109

nta but It's kinda true though.

No. 360115

A reader’s perception of which real world countries and ethnic groups are similar to the plight of the Eldians vs. Marleyans vs. Paradisans changes based on where they themselves are living, and whether their own country is currently participating in a war. I’m just interested in the way that real life people use fiction as a tool to interpret and have conversations about events in their own lives, and AoT provides a vehicle to talk about themes like race wars, genocide, cycles of violence, etc. by using fictional races and characters.

No. 360550

File: 1709749605811.jpg (29.5 KB, 245x282, c47164889db60e4db166d876173e56…)

You know those Develv type of people who like making (sometimes pornographic) fanart and fanfictions of real historical figures (Hitler and Alexander Hamilton, for example)? I firmly believe that if Erwin was real he would be getting that same treatment.

No. 360755

File: 1709865712888.jpeg (Spoiler Image,29.05 KB, 514x597, can-someone-explain-me-this-wi…)

I've been blessed with seeing this today

No. 360810

This is what Eren really saw when he kissed Historia's hand.

No. 361199

File: 1710026708398.jpeg (169.67 KB, 1080x1086, does-this-justify-eremika-v0-y…)

This just in: japs are autistic therefore EreMika good

No. 361281

The post is just giving cultural context. What's wrong with explaining the the wording in the language it was written in?

No. 361290

It's just people reaching to prove that their ship is real and it totally explains and justifies the garbage ending.

No. 361428

File: 1710101949792.jpeg (136.29 KB, 1080x1432, thoughts-didnt-even-know-bert-…)

>NB to refer to hange
I'm trying so hard not to a-log

No. 361441

Lmao I saw this list this morning and rolled my eyes at that NB tag

No. 361490

>no eren/reiner or eren/flock
This list is so rigged also kek at the nb tag

No. 361516

>no eren/reiner
i think it's odd that this ship is not more popular. ao3 has so few fics for such a huge fandom.

No. 361519

File: 1710107435280.jpg (53.74 KB, 675x1200, 5300b8600e34ceebf3fd4df1f6678f…)

Fr, we literally have the jacket scene ffs. They're practically canon.

No. 361680

Really surprised, Levi x Eren is so high, cause I had Erwin x Levi almost everywhere when I was in the fandom.

No. 361683

File: 1710157234534.jpeg (222.11 KB, 904x886, IMG_2979.jpeg)

Bravo Isayama

No. 361688

No. 361690

>Eren/Armin lower then Jean/Armin and Eren/Jean
Huh that's strange, especially with the homo vibes in the ending. I think its also rigged, there are some weird things on this list. Didn't even know people shipped Bertholdt with Ymir or Jean

No. 361692

The fact that this looks like Naoki Urasawa's style makes it even better

No. 361753

Nta but isn't it a scene from Billy Bat?

No. 361765

So the only people I was aware of who saw 'their people' represented in AoT were white nationlists who saw themselves as the Eldians, rightful rulers of the world who were oppressed by the inferior races.(By their logic), I'm curious whether a Palestinian would see themselves as more Eldians or Marley.

No. 361781

Nta. Doesn't really matter who sees themselves in who, because the actual narrative of the show is that paradisians are the real victims and the rest of the world deeply hate them, and peace is important. Until it was retconed in chapter 139. Yes, the eldians enslaved the world 2000 years ago, but king Karl Frizt decided to apologize and retreat his people and stop the whole thing, yet it didn't work because Marleyians felt entitled to the powers of titans and the resources underneath paradis, and decided to paint paradisians as pure evil -even though they didn't do anything for 100 years and aren't even aware of the outside world or their own history, making them harmless- to justify genociding them to steal their resources. I think trying to relate this uniquely fucked up fictional scenario to anything irl is mega retarded and worthy of ridicule. Whether it's white nationalists or Palestinians. I'm aware it's all based on nazis and Jewish people from the world war era, but the lore is too different than what actually happened irl afaik. But I admit I see myself in the eldians and Eren, not for race reasons, but for the oppression and being hated by your own people and everyone in the world and constantly victimized and in the danger of being killed at any moment.

No. 361808

File: 1710190063186.jpg (946.78 KB, 1988x1964, Astrid Arlert.jpg)

I wonder what she thought of the ending.

No. 361862

I love autistic women so much.

No. 361903

I wish I had this kind of confidence to be that unhinged over my husbandos.

No. 361971

File: 1710234500523.png (602.58 KB, 1080x479, ZkmyFf8.png)

No. 362001

File: 1710240674151.png (1.86 MB, 2000x1567, pUYu6mz.png)

No. 362055

File: 1710255144597.jpg (335.38 KB, 1914x1700, 1622822140199.jpg)

No. 362432

I'm so tired of people thinking Hange is "non-binary". Fuck those retards and the king of retards Isayama who says shit in interviews that he never delivers on in the show. If Hange is "non-binary" because he said so, then he should've gave us hot Reiner and Eren gay sex and made Eren say to Mikasa that he sees her as a monther and would never want a future with her. But he's a lying little faggot who never delivers on his words.

No. 362434

this is the worst character she could have ever chosen as her husbando kek

No. 362440

Fr. The ugliest and most annoying male character in all of aot. I hate Levi but at least I can understand what people see in him, but Armin??? That's a new low.

No. 362480

File: 1710395522113.jpg (116.85 KB, 848x1200, tumblr_ptxan789F51w914szo1_128…)

Official s3 Floch art by one of wit animators. He must've been thinking "this is what Erwin and all those soldiers died for…..so Armin can see his UMI DA"

No. 362821

File: 1710506717745.jpg (1.14 MB, 1440x1440, IMG_3723.jpg)

I knew this girl. She hated the ending and stopped husbandoing him because "it feels like Isayama forgot how to write him after the timeskip and it makes her feel creepy to keep obsessing over a 15 year old (she was a pre-teen when she started and is now an adult)".

No. 362823

good for her, that's the most reasonable end for waifuism.

No. 364089

File: 1710896799383.jpg (3.1 MB, 4938x3070, 1669692725103083.jpg)

I can't believe it's almost been 3 years since the ending already.

No. 364097

>Floch died for this?!
My exact reaction. He was too good for AoT. Fuck Hackayama.

No. 364137

We’ll never have something as big as AOT in a few years. Jjk might be the closest in terms of fandom quality but I didn’t interact with the aot fandom for the longest time

No. 364148

When the cropped panel of Historia and her baby was leaked everyone seemed to ignore it, like they thought it was fake because it looked so bad, I know I did. So I was blasted off my ass when the chapter dropped and I saw it was real lol

No. 364179

File: 1710927284866.png (596.51 KB, 739x714, umi da.png)

The ending would make infinitely more sense if it stayed more or less the same but Eren confessed his love to Armin rather than to fucking Mikasa. I can't wrap my head around this, how does anyone think EreMika is romantic at all when Eren legitimately just ignored her while Mikasa was all over him?
EreMin in comparison was built up over the course of the entire story and it would make more sense why he was afraid of professing it out loud. His entire motivation was fueled by Armin's dream, for fuck's sake.
But I know that the real reason Isayama didn't build up EreMika and left EreHisu up in limbo because he was a fucking coward and couldn't make up his mind until the end and then just went with the most popular ship among normies.
Also, Annie randomly gets assigned to love Armin, because author's pet just needs to have his trophy wife to show how cool and amazing he is. Disgusting.

No. 364191

JKK's nowhere near the popularity of AoT.

No. 364324

Nta and I hate Armin, but you're right. An EreMin ending would've made more sense. Even the ANR theory makes it about Armin having importance to the ending, and I wanted Armin to be the one to stop Eren because it just makes sense narrative wise.

No. 365084

File: 1711255824569.jpg (41.39 KB, 736x736, 09aede8727d47c61c5d75dadeed3e8…)

Came here to bless you all with s3 post time skip haircut Floch

No. 367379

File: 1712119020515.jpg (98.6 KB, 460x696, F9rwJydaYAAo1G4 (1).jpg)

It's honestly pretty sick and sad that Levi ended up in an unfamiliar country surrounded by people who might as well be strangers. He and the other surviving soldiers also have to live knowing that his homeland that he fought so hard and sacrificed so much for is overrun with Yeagerists. I understand the whole thing of him being the last veteran standing, but I would've been happy if he and Hange got to settle in Marley. I bet Gabi and Falco are somehow gonna die too and Levi is going to have to find yet another blonde/brunette duo to replace them with.

No. 367577

Nah, people are already sick of JJK. It came out during a good time at the start of the pandemic, but the quality is awful. People waited YEARS for mappa to release the anime. It will never be as popular or as good at AOT. I remember my earlier anime cons when people started making the gear for AOIT cosplay from smart water bottles in 2014. It was great.

No. 367958

File: 1712292035631.png (981.88 KB, 706x720, Annie_vs._Eren.png)

What would've happened if Eren actually got to eat Annie?

No. 367960

speedrunning the crystalization plot and showcasing how eating shifters gives power to titans who eat them. Unrelated but I was hopping he'd eat all shifters after the warhammer titan fight so he'd get all the powers.

No. 368336

File: 1712395673189.jpg (49.68 KB, 859x586, the-argument-that-paradis-will…)

New kino dropped

No. 368339

The only thing that can come close to matching its popularity is BNHA and wit ends I can't see any new series that will ever end up reaching the hyper level of popularity.

No. 368345

i'm genuinely wondering myself why no anime seems to get bnha or aot levels of popular anymore. it seems like people make one anime very famous and then the week after it ended everyone just forgets about it or moves on to the next popular thing. its just weird.

No. 368348

Way too long wait times and too few episodes. Like them or not filler episodes allowed a series to be extended for a few months. Now filler is all but dead and we have to wait for years for at most 12-5 episodes.

No. 368413

Easy access to everything imo. People don't need to keep thinking about the anime they just called goat when they can get stimulated by the million other media (anime, games, individual works). Going from curated consumption (tumblr) to quick short tweets about anything slightly related to what you just tweeted about also gives people many choices of what to get distracted by. Also agreeing with >>368348

No. 368415

>left EreHisu up in limbo because he was a fucking coward and couldn't make up his mind until the end and then just went with the most popular ship among normies.
Kek it has been years, I am begging you to stop coping. There hasn't been any Erehisu since the cave scene and historia appeared how many times after the timeskip? Two? Three?

No. 368552

And there wasn't a single EreMika moment until the final two chapters either. That's what I'm talking about, Yams is a coward that won't commit to anything. He made EreMin look way more credible than any of other possible pairs for Eren, and then swerved for EreMika last minute because it was the path of least resistance.
>and historia appeared how many times after the timeskip? Two? Three?
Historia was essentially buried as a character when Yams had that disgusting moid replace Ymir with zero justification.

No. 368601

The scene were Eren discusses Mikasa's weird obsession with him and Zeke tells him "she probably loves you", and Eren thinks about Historia and her pregnancy don't mean a thing to you? Eren heard "she loves you" and thought of his and Historia's conversation about her getting pregnant. It's why people thought Eren was the father the whole time.
>disgusting moid

No. 368608

Porco. Ymir being revealed to have willingly given herself up to be eaten by a random non-character was absolute horseshit, considering what her farewell was like before timeskip.

No. 368613

Oh yeah, I hate Pork so much he's so bland and annoying. Speaking of which, many characters introduced after s4 seem so generic and bland compared to all the characters from s1-s3. They're literal molds with nothing more to them, and coombait, fujobait, husbandobait etc. like Pieck being the first, Porco being the second (because he hates and bullies Reiner which made fujos ship them), Colt and Onyankupon supposedly being the third but it didn't work kek.

No. 368648

>And there wasn't a single EreMika moment until the final two chapters either.
I think you're coping a bit anon.
Also, I don't think Isayama is a coward. I think romance just isn't his thing and imo that's fine for the type of series he writes. That's why he just hints towards most ships and the illustrators feed into ships in the official artworks.

No. 368661

>And there wasn't a single EreMika moment until the final two chapters either.
yes there was. anime and manga are just fucking weird about sibling incest stuff and childhood friends being lovers forever, it's a common trope.

No. 368687

>romance isn't Isayama's thing
Explain Ymir and Historia then?

No. 368799

Eren was OK with friends like Sasha and Hange dying but not with Historia becoming a titan for the 50 year plan

No. 369213

File: 1712652351721.png (215.51 KB, 720x813, zeke-jaeger-22-years-old-v0-o7…)

Cool fan art of beardless Zeke. my younger sister said he looks like Nanami from JJK and now I can't unsee it

No. 369216

It doesn't look like him at all

No. 369230

>Eren was OK with Sasha dying
Did he look ok to you?

Didn't isayama squeeze several flashbacks between that convo? Historia is pretty much the example of a person who got to more or less escape her "destiny" and settle down, while Eren can't, even if he wanted to. Zeke asked him what he'll do about the girl that is obviously crushing on him and I think he replied with the equivalent of "I'm gonna die soon anyway" kek, so he's not gonna get to live the kind of life historia proposed. That was at least my interpretation with all the context. It would have been weird as fuck if she asked him to get her pregnant right after she said she couldn't live with what Eren plans to do.
Though I do agree that EreMika was extremely lame and poorly executed but still the painting has been on the wall since chapter 1.

No. 369367

File: 1712691395172.png (180.71 KB, 360x360, Zeke_Jaeger_%28Anime%29_charac…)

It's supposed to be when he was 22, but based on this specific design.

No. 369420

He went with the plan that killed them so yeah he was ultimately ok with it

No. 369575

He went with the plan in the first place because he cared about his friends. I think even Jean called it out early after the timeskip. So pretty sure he didn't know sasha and hange wouldn't survive it.

No. 369586

Nta but can you say the same about him destroying the walls while being aware his friends are hanging onto them by their ODM gear? My baby Floch got his head injured because of that.

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