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File: 1712347825524.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1704x934, EC8A5C23-FCD0-4708-BF25-71BDBF…)

No. 368108

I fixed Tom Hardy

No. 368109

No. 368110

I’ll be keeping a close eye on this thread

No. 368111

File: 1712348322178.jpeg (717.69 KB, 1170x1132, IMG_0107.jpeg)

Can someone do Aaron Taylor Johnson

No. 368112

File: 1712348325374.jpeg (246.47 KB, 1125x1350, IMG_8643.jpeg)

Kek this you?

No. 368113

The lips are still bad lol

No. 368114

Put his lips on tom hardy

No. 368115

File: 1712348989387.png (1.05 MB, 3000x2250, images-original.png)

beautiful thread anon. also what is it about tom hardy that he looks fine with bald head and facial hair but like shit in every other photo

No. 368116

love this thread

No. 368117

File: 1712349235398.jpeg (78.56 KB, 275x266, IMG_2504.jpeg)


No. 368118

Looks like Jasper from Twilight kek

No. 368119

This is looking fine to you??? He looks like a deranged Slavic circus performer. I'd cross the street if I saw him walking towards me on the sidewalk. He looks like Mr Bobinsky

No. 368120

File: 1712349740372.jpeg (714.83 KB, 1634x576, 692F6D8D-1FE9-4440-A1E6-3EFDBB…)

Ah, they’re onto me!
Please accept River Phoenix as a bribe and forget about that incident.

No. 368121

Damn I used to do this with so many people.
I would sit in 4chan scrote discords and whenever a moid would post a selfie I would edit hyper Chad to make him feel insecure.
I wish I had the celeb ones I did still

No. 368122

Kek that’s hideous

No. 368123

ATJ should have played him instead of that actor with the wig

No. 368124

aryt, this made me laugh, thank you

No. 368125

File: 1712350112813.webp (Spoiler Image,12.53 KB, 273x235, IMG_2505.webp)

Picrel is Mr Bobinsky for the uninformed

No. 368126

you did the lord's work

No. 368127

File: 1712350267416.jpg (372.77 KB, 890x934, MTXX_MR20240406_075024369.jpg)

My tom hardy

No. 368128

File: 1712350595394.jpg (59.25 KB, 1170x1132, MTXX_MR20240406_075446180.jpg)

I find it harder to do on men I think are attractive but I've tried

No. 368129

File: 1712350808761.jpeg (619.81 KB, 890x934, IMG_2509.jpeg)

My Tom, I gave him skin colour because black and white photos are weird to me. It's not the 90s anymore colour photography is here to stay

No. 368130

unironically would

No. 368131

the best one yet

No. 368132

I hate his lips make it smaller and it would be perfect

No. 368133

can anon chadify this one?

No. 368134

I think this is the best thing I've saw all week

No. 368135

Oh my god I love you stock photo plastic surgery anon, may this thread persist forever

No. 368136

I can’t believe that my Tom got mogged on my own thread.

No. 368137

Thanks I have a lot of practise because when I wasn't taking medicine whenever I'd take photographs of myself with others I'd very discreetly edit their faces in small almost unnoticeable ways to give them feelings of body dysmorphia and hurt their self esteem when they saw the photo back. Things like making the nostrils a bit bigger or the eyes a bit smaller or editing the size of teeth etc. Looking back I realize it was really wrong of me but it was fun at the time and brought me a lot of joy.

No. 368138

Subtle but nice

No. 368139

Leon should have looked like this in the remake

No. 368140

File: 1712351679255.jpeg (765.14 KB, 890x934, IMG_2516.jpeg)

Ideal Tom Harvey

No. 368141

File: 1712351742614.jpeg (3.04 MB, 2367x1188, 7E33C5C5-9864-4672-9EEF-8DD12B…)

Looks like someone took too many yasss pills!

No. 368142

File: 1712351840657.jpeg (73.54 KB, 563x727, IMG_0086.jpeg)

He needs to be chadified

No. 368143

his skin is still too shitty

No. 368144

File: 1712352206626.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1155x1188, IMG_2527.jpeg)

I don't know who this is but I fixed him and gave him a tan like >>368143 recommended

No. 368145

What the fuck is this

No. 368146

I burst out laughing

No. 368147

God, this thread is so good. Thank you for making me chuckle, nona.

No. 368148

File: 1712352488943.jpeg (802.63 KB, 1101x1410, 2E1C0A0D-29C2-47BD-BBC9-25F3A6…)

Here’s my rendition of a natural glow-up for >>368142

Omg Jordan Barrett!

No. 368149

File: 1712352497077.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1242x1291, IMG_2530.jpeg)

Like this?

No. 368150

No. 368151

File: 1712352876464.jpeg (60.29 KB, 700x438, celebrity-edited-pics-influenc…)

i love you anons but you go too soft on them, scrotes have no mercy for us

No. 368152

nona please this is terrifying

No. 368153

Lmao and men claim to hate makeup

Well two of the men I’ve past dated did at least own up to liking eyeliner

No. 368154

He looks less creepy with chad bone structure

No. 368155

It’s not that I don’t have mercy but I’m too retarded to understand how computers work so I use have to use the liquify tool and add semi transparent layers of colour to do my edits. I’m literally incapable of going harder

No. 368156

we need more like >>368117

No. 368157

I think this is too masculine, he looks mean. I’m not attracted to this. But this is the Chadification thread I guess.

No. 368158

File: 1712353401859.jpeg (352.76 KB, 563x727, IMG_2540.jpeg)

Had to get rid of his glasses but there's not much I can do to get rid of his fetal alcohol syndrome look unfortunately, he should be the face of teetotalor campaigns aimed towards pregnant women.

No. 368159

File: 1712353417665.png (415.35 KB, 1011x833, image_2024-04-06_084331480.png)

Look, I was't even going to participate in the thread and just be an onlooker but I really had to do this. I don't even have or know how to use Photoshop so I was working with limitations. Make fun of me all you want nonas

No. 368160

Pixar leaked character design lookin mf

No. 368161

Same lol

No. 368162

3/10 weak ass jaw and balding

No. 368163

This is more of an /m/ thread, so we're moving it there

No. 368166

Based farmhands. /m/ needs more traffic kek

No. 368167

I worry the thread will die now

No. 368168

I swear this thread already exists in /ot/? I distinctly remember someone making edits of Shayna to make her prettier.

No. 368169

Well this thread is specifically for boys

No. 368173

Kek I'm sure I saw this man in a movie once
Hot now he lost the faggy botox lips

No. 368174

File: 1712355097119.jpg (45.9 KB, 431x600, 5bb15d286e2ca0f2b7cdecc1d07be7…)

he looks like young ian somerhalder. also please someone yassify him, i'm tired of this monkey looking mf being shilled as the hottest thing that has ever graced earth

No. 368180

File: 1712355893651.jpeg (270.95 KB, 431x600, IMG_2548.jpeg)

Had to fix his faggy hair
It's already dead now sadly

No. 368181

KEK fucking love this thread. Based as hell.
Damn, I love the hair and everything else, apart from those fish lips. If you cover the lips, that's a total hottie.
Total boss, nona.
Hot, but again, the lips are just too much.
This looks like Logan Poul

No. 368182

I'm losing my entire shit, I love this thread

No. 368183

Its so weird seeing my husbando being chadified…. What have they done to you Bombinksi-san!?

No. 368185

kek go back too looksmax

No. 368186

post him in the husbando thread nonny, your basedness is unreal.

No. 368187

File: 1712357265255.jpeg (1.81 MB, 1962x1374, 960EE8C1-9F2E-4922-BBF2-BDEF3E…)

The more you edit the more flaws you find. The original picture is ugly to me now

No. 368189

Don't worry nona, just pretend this is what he looked like after he came back from Chernobyl.

No. 368197

File: 1712359876212.jpg (94.3 KB, 768x1024, 1661994090043.jpg)

Him please

No. 368198

His sad eyes are hot

No. 368200

File: 1712360461184.jpeg (342.04 KB, 460x747, IMG_2556.jpeg)

No. 368201


No. 368202

The hardest part was editing out the helmet that retarded people wear. If you're gonna wear a tard helmet at least take it off for the photos ykwim?

No. 368203

sorry for spoonfeeding request but i missed this, i found the confession thread this photo was posted in but there's barely any context, can someone fill me in?

No. 368204

KEK nona stop it!

No. 368207

File: 1712361023441.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1660x1099, 39CFB27D-633A-4F49-918E-05E041…)

Maybe Turkey would bother joining the European Union if it’s “leaders” looked more like this (edit done entirely by drawing)

No. 368208

Nonna thought her boyfriend (picrel) looked like Paul Danou

No. 368209

this is horrifying I love it so much

No. 368210

You'd think all the politicians in TURKEY of all places would go for hair transplants… Why go bald if you live in Turkey? They made a whole economy based on hair transplants?

No. 368211

this is supposed to be macron… le sigh. I guess I’m an art school dropout for a reason

No. 368212

File: 1712361379076.jpg (186.09 KB, 1200x1532, President_Recep_Tayyip_Erdoğan…)

geopolitics with lolcor. it's time for him now!

No. 368213

The boyfriend she deserves

No. 368214

File: 1712361454814.jpg (25.23 KB, 554x554, suq5lld6x0fb1.jpg)

although he was chadlite when he was young

No. 368216

Sorry nona I associate Macron with like a downsy-look and an evil aura, when you said
>Maybe Turkey would bother joining the EU if its "leaders"
I thought "it" referred to the leaders of the Turkey.

No. 368217

File: 1712361736447.jpg (39.24 KB, 550x393, str_1398423864_crop_550x393.jp…)

I thought this was stromae for a second

No. 368218

File: 1712361933647.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1200x1532, IMG_2565.jpeg)

Erdogan-sama is not ready to concede the election

No. 368219

kekkk anon this is lovely. thank you!

No. 368221

File: 1712362250863.jpeg (1.53 MB, 2298x1469, 5A8E9C2C-54C2-4EBB-8B6C-330AEE…)

Turkey good ending

No. 368224

yall don't understand how much I love this thread goddamn it

No. 368226

File: 1712363830240.jpg (83.72 KB, 1500x1000, quentin-tarantino-2000-5b8c940…)

Alright nonnies, make him look human again

No. 368227

can someone do turkey tom?

No. 368228

i want to join you nonnies on our chadification journey but there's no way i'm paying for face app

No. 368230

File: 1712365757399.png (1.67 MB, 1152x2048, image_2024-04-06_120813252.png)

He can't be saved, barely in his 20's and already has gone through twink death

No. 368233

File: 1712366478550.jpg (60.77 KB, 1000x1338, MV5BODc0NTU3NDA4M15BMl5BanBnXk…)

Low hanging fruit but please

No. 368268


No. 368272

File: 1712377157424.gif (125.67 KB, 243x250, male whores.gif)

new bait used to be believable just dropped! thanks nonnie

No. 368278

File: 1712379953310.jpg (116.76 KB, 1920x1080, 1db59-16923973094520-1920.jpg)

Someone do it for the ugly man psyop guys like picrel lol

No. 368286

Why are you turning them all into shovel-jawed Timmy Chevrolet x Gigachad hybrids?

No. 368305

the original post
and the deleted photo anons reposted

No. 368314

File: 1712391029696.jpeg (1.47 MB, 2288x996, 86D377A1-A812-4D6A-BF22-E34277…)

I’m convinced they see him like this in their minds

No. 368317

File: 1712391224121.jpg (70.74 KB, 980x979, 4jwGcJh.jpg)

can you do John Boyega? trying to summon boyega chan

No. 368335

File: 1712395140111.jpeg (1 MB, 1325x1331, C2D6088D-6F8C-4A2E-A75F-4189F6…)

How’s this?

No. 368337

Your edit is hideous. Wtf is that 1mm philtrum?
You have the right idea. This is the only improvement in the thread so far. The others are making these moids look worse, which is impressive in itself, or lazily pasting brand new faces on them instead of editing specific un-chad-like features.

No. 368341

File: 1712397553919.jpeg (639.02 KB, 1021x895, 27D50D53-1918-4AC9-94F7-21523B…)

I made it even shorter. Cry about it

No. 368349

File: 1712399845546.jpg (497.11 KB, 1586x1080, New Project.jpg)

Does he still look like a psyop?

No. 368351

>>368349 >>368314
the studio should have hired you guys

No. 368355

File: 1712401379175.jpeg (604.76 KB, 1043x1364, C0E470D7-0A1A-4057-A1C5-BA49DE…)

I had to surgically remove %75 of his skull to fix his hairline

No. 368357

File: 1712402335037.png (1.41 MB, 1920x1080, 1712073945555.png)

He looks like he has a lot of concealer on his undereyes but what you did with the rest of his face does chadify him. This pic one anon posted on the psyop thread of the mod that removes his wrinkles does it too.

No. 368363

He looks like he has a soft spot in his skull that will kill him if it gets poked too hard but I like his brows.

No. 368365

Kek I only removed the wrinkles/eyebags and fixed the eyebrows. I don't think he's bad looking, it's just the ugly ass wrinkles that make him look like a grandpa.

No. 368372

You don't appreciate me I work so hard but you don't love me you criticise everything I do is nothing enough for you

No. 368381

table head

No. 368382

Now he looks like Nolan.

No. 368396

File: 1712419860749.gif (2.08 MB, 496x480, 8BB0ABCB-6C96-4B68-9DE9-111816…)

I was having fun doing this but suddenly the pic got so fucking grainy I had to give up

No. 368402

File: 1712420814490.jpg (719.79 KB, 2696x4044, ToddHoward2010sm.jpg)

Make him the chad he always wanted to be

No. 368414

File: 1712423056305.png (480.19 KB, 427x647, toddy.png)

I tried

No. 368416

KEK you made him look like Dobby

No. 368420

File: 1712424599859.jpg (284.92 KB, 1920x1080, 736827-amazing-dobby-wallpaper…)

KEK you're not wrong

No. 368438

File: 1712430844729.jpeg (20.11 KB, 512x384, 997T322SRTRRTY.jpeg)

nonna you turned him into stewart

No. 368451

File: 1712434485001.png (901.4 KB, 807x1080, 9gq96d02ye.png)

Are the wrinkles and the grey hair the issue?

No. 368455

It's been a long time since I scream laughed at a thread. Thank you nonnies, please keep it up

No. 368456

Amazing KEK
AYRT This one looks the best, thanks! And not sure, I'm not one of the nonnas who actually thinks he's ugly.

No. 368465

I hate this faggot looking fuck but you nonnas made him look decent here. In the game he looks like such a dirty old man, but here he looks like a clean cure vampire. Well done.

No. 368471

All males in the game look horrible because they have tons of wrinkles. They purposely made them ugly and for fucking what.

No. 368475

>All males in the game look horrible
based, should be standard

No. 368482

Nah fuck that, if I pay like 80 bucks for a game I want to look at insanely hot males, not old wrinkly men with shitty discolored skin. Ugly men shouldn't exist.

No. 368487

File: 1712441173465.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1152x2048, IMG_2581.jpeg)

Sorry I got really drunk and then my grandpa died but I'm back to editing now!
I don't know who this is but I tried my best to make him look better, but it was hard because he looks really sped like in the original

No. 368488

File: 1712441456925.jpeg (993.32 KB, 1500x1000, IMG_2590.jpeg)

No. 368489

Why? You're meant to bond and romance these moids. Why the fuck would I want to see my character have a romantic relationship with ugly men?

No. 368490

It’s insane how we can tell it’s mister foot sniffer even after all that editing. Holy shoeface

No. 368494

File: 1712442793157.jpeg (755.96 KB, 807x1080, IMG_2599.jpeg)

You're's still looks funky so I improved it more with stylish edits and a lash lift as well I don't know who this is but I guess it's some sort of Dracula creature (Vampyr) so I made his hair blond as well and gave him a tan (Vampyrs cannot go in sun so pale)

No. 368495

File: 1712443178931.jpeg (703.5 KB, 1000x1338, IMG_2607.jpeg)

I liked him in the Death of Stalin so this edit was personal for me

No. 368503

his hair looks like party city wig. sad! nothing will help that

No. 368505

this is the bad ending actually. stop making tayyip youthful. i need him to shrivel up and die asap.

No. 368506

Autism in women is so understudied. Anon could be writing code to get humanity to mars, but instead she's using her super power to turn men into gay blowup dolls

No. 368511

I know this is a joke but my lore is that I’m an ““elite art school”” dropout and I’m planning on learning math so I can have a stem career. Education is free in my country so I’m just leeching off unemployment and masturbating for now

No. 368513

Okay sorry my grandpa just died and I'm doing photo edits to cope because this is my passion and it's what he would have wanted. Then you come say I "could be coding to go to Mars" but I'm not even into coding I don't have that type of "oh I love numbers I love numbers yipee" autism so? And why would I even want to go to Mars? There's not even anything up there. It's just a big stupid desert planet this isn't Dune we don't need to go to Mars. But we do need chadification edits, so again it's like my grandpa is literally DEAD and you're complaining about my edits? And then you call ME autistic? I can't ever win with you people.

No. 368519

File: 1712446572744.jpg (99.55 KB, 1000x1361, lovecraft.jpg)

I request a chadification of H.P. Lovecraft.

No. 368520

>And why would I even want to go to Mars?
why do you think we havent gone to mars yet? scrotes now thats where the secret race of sexy chad alien men are hiding and dont want us to find out. Wake up.

No. 368522

File: 1712447110227.jpeg (995.5 KB, 1000x1361, IMG_2615.jpeg)

Okay now I know for sure that you're just a troll but thanks again for your condolences. Wait. You didn't even send your condolences about my grandpa. So do you have fun just being mean and nasty and vitriolic and rude and mean over the internet? Or??? Gee thanks for being mean to me. Also there's no aliens on Mars retard there's not even any in our solar system everyone knows they're on Proxima B orbiting Proxima Centauri. Duh.

No. 368528

why should i feel sad about your grandpa dying? he was a man.

No. 368533

i don't have any edits to post but i wanna rec some face editing apps in case nonas don't have faceapp
>Adobe photoshop fix (you need an account tho)
>perfect me
>beauty plus
the options for the other three are mostly free but some require paying. there's many cracked versions though that lets you skip payment

No. 368534

Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us nonna

No. 368535

samefag, YouCam Makeup specifically (that one has more face editing options compared to YouCam Perfect)

No. 368539

Now I will read his books.

No. 368548

File: 1712453497253.jpg (701.83 KB, 4787x1080, IMG_5827.JPG)

I tried my hand at it

No. 368556

File: 1712456083744.jpeg (571.97 KB, 980x979, IMG_2622.jpeg)

No. 368559

File: 1712456541802.jpeg (8.57 MB, 2688x4032, IMG_2637.jpeg)

No. 368562

File: 1712456881700.jpeg (47.89 KB, 280x217, 1692911689253.jpeg)

why did you turn him white kek

No. 368565

I did not! Just pretend he got a really nice short human hair weave from the Kris Jenner collection sewn in.

No. 368567

i lol'd, thanks nonnie

No. 368574

File: 1712460301330.jpeg (664.71 KB, 3840x2160, IMG_6168.jpeg)

They’re all turning into a cult kek
I would play if the far right was standard in game

No. 368582

KEK they really are. If only it were real.

No. 368583

We have the power to make it a reality. Every time a scrote tries to talk to you just point out all of his physical flaws and then tell him what surgeries he needs to get. If he has social media edit his photos to make him a chad and then send the edited photos to him and tell him "you have to be attractive like this" eventually if enough of us do it for a long enough time we can destroy their self-images and force them to turn themselves into chads with tinted side-sweeps. The ones who don't adapt will be culled.

No. 368588

File: 1712467724434.jpeg (937.48 KB, 1179x1418, IMG_3098.jpeg)

looked up a colorized photo of him if anyone wants to edit this one

No. 368590

Nonnies I can't fucking breathe kek why is this so fucking funny to me

No. 368592

File: 1712468738476.jpeg (166.22 KB, 1179x633, IMG_3099.jpeg)

samefag as >>368588, I've never edited photos before and used youcam makeup. I couldn't adjust his lips as much as I wanted nor could I change his jaw shape enough to my liking, but did my best.

No. 368593

KEK I never would have imagined this was Boyega

No. 368594

File: 1712469298787.jpeg (152.41 KB, 960x540, IMG_5840.jpeg)

Doing this made me realize how fucking ugly Jacob Elordi is. Before this I was under the impression he was just normal ugly, but dude is Pedro Pascal ugly. Anyway I don’t think I did an amazing job or anything because the only way to fix his face is to completely remove it., but I think he’s less rat-like at least.

No. 368595

Crying. Thank you

No. 368597

File: 1712470024522.jpg (1.03 MB, 2318x3000, hari-nef-transgender-model.jpg)

He kind of looks like Hari Nef in the after

No. 368599

Nta, sorry for your loss, may your grandpa rest in peace. But, and I'm sorry for being cringe, coding has nothing to do with math and number, it's mostly words actually, unless you're doing a math focused thing like machine learning.

No. 368602

File: 1712471100593.jpeg (281.63 KB, 482x540, IMG_2653.jpeg)

It's okay. I'm more annoyed because I have to get a spray tan for the funeral, but the spray tan place isn't open until Tuesday. So it's like ugh, what am I even going to do? I guess I have to wait. Anyway I did the Jason Elordi edit here:

No. 368603

I thought that was an edit, was about to ask you hows that chadification kek

No. 368604

File: 1712471439979.jpg (45.72 KB, 780x438, intro-1671481080.jpg)

Can someone do Andre the Giant?

No. 368605

File: 1712471452604.jpeg (4.76 MB, 2318x3000, IMG_2660.jpeg)

Its a troon so I made him back into a chad

No. 368606

kekk nona this is good

No. 368607

File: 1712471713307.jpeg (259.34 KB, 780x438, IMG_2670.jpeg)

Fixed him!

No. 368609

thank you nonnie

No. 368610

You're welcome I mostly did it for me because he looks so hot now, I wish more scrotes could look like this especially knowing he is like 6'1 or whatever

No. 368612

File: 1712473019623.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1179x1418, IMG_2682.jpeg)

It's really hard to make him more chad-like. I think a lot of the 17th century scrotes just have that smallpox ugliness to them that can't be edited out but I still tried my best. H. B. Lovecraft you could have been a chad if you mewed and focused more on facial yoga and not writing stupid stories for emos

No. 368614

He's looking very ethereal now, nona! I love your work

No. 368615

Thank you very much nona. It's my passion in life. Like I mentioned here >>368137 I've been editing photos of people to make them more self-conscious and to inspire feelings of low self-esteem, worthlessness, and mild suicide ideation for many years now. It's a calling for me. It's what grandpa would have wanted for me to do; to chadify every scrote posted itt. If anyone else has requests please post them itt for me to make handsome and sexy with my skills.

No. 368617

I'm gonna throw up I love you kek

No. 368627

No. 368641

No. 368643

File: 1712488064722.png (328.39 KB, 778x493, image_2024-04-07_210731100.png)

Turn him into a Cullen please

No. 368651


No. 368653

you justin trudeau-ified him

No. 368674

File: 1712502994305.jpeg (58.58 KB, 778x493, IMG_2789.jpeg)

Your bootleg Jasper

No. 368680

Kekk maybe less lashes and tan and we would have Jasper. Was twilight the true chad vampire media?

No. 368700

File: 1712513154958.webp (21.76 KB, 640x858, IMG_2710.webp)

Please fix him.

No. 368701

File: 1712513637487.jpg (18.6 KB, 306x408, thjycaj6ls7a1.jpg)

he may be beyond help.

No. 368702

He looks like a murderer

No. 368708

File: 1712516491831.jpg (276.08 KB, 1080x1441, 1000003103.jpg)

I'm not as good as the other nonna ITT but she really aspired me and I think I showed it

No. 368709

File: 1712517198856.jpg (335.97 KB, 1280x1280, barbie-great-shape-ken-doll-wi…)

He's just Ken.

No. 368717

File: 1712518269632.jpeg (308.72 KB, 640x858, IMG_2693.jpeg)

This one was really scary for me because just like >>368702 he looks like a murderer even the chadified picture I made gave me that vibe like I kept looking over my shoulder as I edited I was so afraid
So happy I aspired you nona please keep editing and start editing the scrotes in your life and sending them the pics so they can develop anorexia and body dysmorphia please

No. 368725

File: 1712519435146.jpeg (170.4 KB, 306x408, IMG_2707.jpeg)

I tried editing the background on this one to make it seem less grainy but now it looks like the incel man is trying to punch the viewer so I'm not sure if it worked well but anyways now he's a chad!

No. 368728

File: 1712520034773.png (138.63 KB, 493x863, QNPIaMf.png)

I really wanna see what happens?

No. 368729

File: 1712520109346.jpg (24.11 KB, 400x400, 4fkgc02tcs241.jpg)

No. 368730

File: 1712520115833.png (166.36 KB, 360x480, download.png)

No. 368731

>child-birthing hips
built for omegaverse

No. 368732

File: 1712520394671.jpeg (213.59 KB, 493x863, IMG_2711.jpeg)

This one was hard because it's kind of low quality image and he's really big fat chunky so I had to edit his body more than his face but I did it !

No. 368733

File: 1712520618626.jpeg (99.14 KB, 360x480, IMG_2717.jpeg)

I hated him in Degrassi he was so faggy but apparently now he makes music or something? Its always the washed up Degrassi characters that do stupid shit like that anyways he's chadified now

No. 368734

Why are his knees so tiny. Looks like he skipped leg day. These are all hilarious btw

No. 368735

File: 1712520985856.webp (30.19 KB, 375x281, IMG_2720.webp)

>Why are his legs so tiny?

No. 368736

File: 1712521289584.jpeg (103.21 KB, 768x1024, IMG_8731.jpeg)

Does he need chadification or is he already the gold standard

No. 368738

File: 1712521453657.jpeg (82.96 KB, 275x275, IMG_2731.jpeg)

No. 368740

wow he has hair now

No. 368741

File: 1712522818095.jpg (282.59 KB, 1500x2000, Charles_II_of_Spain.jpg)

Can you show us what chadified non-inbred Habsburgs would look like?

No. 368742

File: 1712523627510.jpeg (2.1 MB, 1500x2000, IMG_2739.jpeg)

I like to think this is the marriage proposal portrait that he sent to Marie Louise of Orleans.

No. 368751

KEK thank you

No. 368758

File: 1712529800478.jpg (105.51 KB, 736x1104, Fw_9DAbWIAEBZZN (1).jpg)

chadify this troon please

No. 368761

File: 1712530724606.jpeg (567.07 KB, 736x1104, IMG_2751.jpeg)

The troons are the worst to chadify because it
makes you realize their wasted potential. Why become a troon if you could look 6/10 or 7/10 with masculizing plastic surgery and a trendy hip haircut? They're gross I hate them. Also this one in particular is really pasty the first few times I saw it I thought it had albinism and trooned out to get even more attention on top of being albino.

No. 368763

File: 1712532112781.webp (46.42 KB, 755x931, chad.webp)

What about him

No. 368764

File: 1712533257513.jpeg (847.83 KB, 755x864, IMG_2766.jpeg)

This one was really difficult because the original picture is obvious fetish art for gay scrotes. You can tell from the ugly face (scrotes are faceblind) and the veins so I had to fix the veins as well as the ugly face. I noticed the original also was very fat in the waist so I slimmed him down. Then I gave him a pretty and cute and modern haircut. Then I was thinking "hmm where would I see this chad in nature? oh! the beach!" because he is shirtless so if he wasn't at the beach then he'd just be a pervert or something. Anyways then I gave him skin colour because this is 2024 not 1824 we have colour photography now. Anyways this is him chadified! My improvements are very subtle but he looks way better now.

No. 368771

I love you so much

No. 368780

I can't breath nona holy shit

No. 368783

File: 1712537483905.jpeg (360.87 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_8227.jpeg)

Kept him skinny but gave him some sun.

No. 368784


No. 368789

File: 1712538844416.jpeg (36.57 KB, 320x427, IMG_3776.jpeg)

Final Boss:

No. 368793

She will just turn him into a blonde with a bicycle seat face

No. 368794

Now he looks like he lives off of monsters and dabbles in meth.

No. 368795

kek i love you as well nona, what a masterpiece

No. 368798

File: 1712540295170.jpeg (156.1 KB, 320x427, IMG_2784.jpeg)

This one was difficult because I could tell he has TIM phrenology. Usually these types of people kill themselves after they reach 25, but I guess this one got lucky. Anyway I chadified him! I removed the cringe shooter logo from his shirt. I've never played Call of Duty because it's violent obviously but I know it's seen as incel-esque in the popular culture.
I decided to take your feedback into account and I made him a brunette. I don't know what a bicycle seat face is as I don't know how to ride a bike due to my autism. So anyway I made his neck really thick because I noticed he looked like a giraffe with some sort of muscular dystrophy disease so I wanted to make him look strong and hardy, easily able to reach the tallest branches for the most nutritious leaves.

No. 368802

>I never played call of duty because it’s violent obviously

No. 368808

File: 1712541728668.jpg (752.47 KB, 1080x1363, 1000003119.jpg)

I can't top off chad chan but what would you rate him.

No. 368819

faggy out of 10

No. 368821

Basically it's like this "shooter style" game (AKA violent video game where the aim is to shoot things with guns) where the players have guns (like in real life guns) and they have to shoot people. It's honestly really scary and I don't ever play those types of video games because it desensitizes people to violence. I don't watch anything gore-y either no TV shows no streaming shows nothing with gore-y elements as it will desensitize your brain and make you mentally unwell. So in real life if someone got shot in front of me I'd freak out, cry, scream, etc., but if someone who played Call of Duty saw it basically they'd go "oh epic head shot that's 1000 points bet I can score higher!" or some retarded shit like that. It's really scary.
I like your edit nona the hand on the arm is a good addition because it makes it seem like he's being held in some sort of prison and the hand is about to drag him away to ugly faggot cell number 10. Keep fighting the good fight and keep chadifying scrotes so we can annihilate their self-esteem and make them kill themselves hopefully!

No. 368852

>implying they don’t all do

No. 368866

File: 1712547694882.jpg (95.17 KB, 320x427, help.jpg)

this mf made me upset because he looks like the bf of someone i know so i felt forced to try what i could, sorry he has not mastered looksmaxxing yet kek

No. 368876

File: 1712548845979.jpeg (124.32 KB, 768x1024, 1712521289584.jpeg)

His features are too weak to be the gold standard

No. 368878

He looks like a person at least. Idk what I would do if I had a son that looks like this >>368789
He is so ugly I'd probably start believing his father is an alien or something, and even worse, he is a call of duty gamer. How can he do that to his mama.

No. 368884

File: 1712549307348.jpg (97.03 KB, 960x639, 5f9ufSJy5MVhbSrbABKjT_FZXp5HFI…)

most enlightened anons, do you think the bogdanovs can be chadified?

No. 368902

File: 1712551182253.png (73.58 KB, 570x800, IMG_8743.png)

What about him

No. 368915

File: 1712552600024.jpg (185.09 KB, 570x800, chadchad.jpg)

just as god intended

No. 368918

File: 1712552771225.png (244.06 KB, 570x800, chad chad.png)

Perfect as is.

No. 368921

They have been chadified! They are the only scrotes that understood their mission from a young age. It makes me tear up how handsome and sexy they became thanks to the wonderful advancements in cosmetic surgeries, I love plastic surgery! And they never lost their hair either!

No. 368948

That pic and comment are perfection.
This is what history should have looked like. The royals should have focused on choosing partners for their chadification features, not inbreeding.

No. 368961

File: 1712558225484.jpg (218.3 KB, 1080x1326, 335671082_1579176669273000_343…)

>because the original picture is obvious fetish art for gay scrotes.
Surprisingly the creator is a woman and she edits her own boyfriend (now husband) into gigachad. So the entire project seems to be fetish art for herself.

No. 368967

This is making me sick please spoiler this I don't want to see homosexual porn on my Lolcor please delete this post I'm gonna be sick fuck I'm throwing up Hes so fucking ugly

No. 369000

Silly you, they’re already perfect.

No. 369015


I love you. I've always thought he looked like an ugly chimp. OP, can we get another go at this one please?

No. 369099

File: 1712608084172.png (91.91 KB, 360x203, Y5_-_Character_Profile_-_Kazum…)

Do a Yakuza man please (no hair changes if I can request that)

No. 369103

File: 1712609224303.jpeg (101.29 KB, 360x203, IMG_2817.jpeg)

Okay I chadified him. Sorry it's not my best work I'm at the airport right now omw to collect grandpas ashes and I'm uncomfortable from all the stupid fake tan that is drying so it's hard to concentrate 100% on making them sexy and hot and attractive but I still think my edit is 2 or 3 times better than the original.
I don't know why you would want to keep his original (ugly) hairstyle instead of having cute Bieber bangs but I granted your request. Although I did add tint to the hair to make him look more lively and hip as well as more modern.

No. 369106

Lol thank you! My condolences, I hope you can rest soon.
I wanted the hair to stay relatively intact because it makes the character more recognizable when I show your work to other people.

No. 369108

This is your magnum opus.
His slick back hair makes him look too agressive, I miss his bieber bangs softening his chadlike structure.

No. 369109

Thank you for your condolences. It's okay, he was a scrote at the end of day like the other anon said, what's pissing me off most is the spray tanning. Like I'm actually confused why was the spray tanning place closed on Sunday? I don't see those spray tanners at mass? So..?? Anyway the self tanner I bought gave me good coverage so it's not all bad but I still got a streak on my leg but oh well.
>Show your work to other people
Please do and please try your best to convince them to start chadifying ugly scrotes themselves. We can make a difference in this world if we band together and work hard to inspire feelings of low self-esteem, self-hatred, and body dysmorphia development in scrotes! We have the power to turn that male plastic surgery rate all the way up to 100%! I believe in us.

No. 369158

File: 1712625865901.jpg (27.11 KB, 450x300, 147860858-veterans-day-memoria…)

>We can make a difference in this world if we band together and work hard to inspire feelings of low self-esteem, self-hatred, and body dysmorphia development in scrotes!
You're so inspiring. My role model.

No. 369169

File: 1712627793457.gif (1.47 MB, 382x308, 1551174928953.gif)

No. 369170

File: 1712627821190.gif (587.12 KB, 400x300, makesweet-pfhf1i.gif)

all nonas pledge allegiance to your flag

No. 369171

File: 1712627835318.png (187.04 KB, 554x554, image_2024-04-09_115629065.png)

I think the Amerifags would enjoy Chad Lincoln

No. 369173

File: 1712627909461.jpg (91.55 KB, 1300x956, dab.jpg)

I dab for our flag

No. 369182

File: 1712634930976.jpeg (327.3 KB, 1812x1842, IMG_2840.jpeg)

Sorry I'm on the plane (picrel) so I can't chadify right now because I'm not supposed to be using my data but my lc addiction is real so I'm checking anyway I don't know if this will post or not though but I will get back to chadifying once we land!
KEK I love it nonna perfect edit I saved this because it made me laugh really hard

No. 369194

kek nona have a safe flight so that our chadifying quest may go on

No. 369196

File: 1712642006185.jpg (65.51 KB, 400x606, 1625650986469.jpg)

Good luck! If I take the wings of the morning, And dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea; Even there shall thy hand lead me, And thy right hand shall hold me - Psalm 139:9 - 10 KJV

No. 369257

File: 1712669099194.png (321.2 KB, 612x420, image.png)

if he trooned out for his failmale features he should have just gotten masculinization surgery instead
plot twist, i don't share her taste in scrote but good for her

also nonas, can someone please edit this scrote? he's pierre trudeau and there's footage of women running after him on the streets and kissing him. please make him more worthy of that.
Also my condolences on the family death even if he is a scrote! I hope the trip and travelling isn't too bad and the funeral goes well. Also the ash collection is hopefully not too much trouble! And that the last minute fake tan lasts you!

No. 369268

File: 1712670747916.jpeg (345.38 KB, 1710x900, IMG_1469.jpeg)

I pledge allegiance to our chadnation, I love you so much nonna

No. 369284

File: 1712674940721.jpg (48.19 KB, 800x600, 1687410515873.jpg)

P-please chadify him…

No. 369287

Noooo he's the kitten already perfect.

No. 369288

is this fucking jersh

No. 369370

File: 1712692979218.jpg (899.04 KB, 1365x2048, MV5BMjMxNjQ2NDgxN15BMl5BanBnXk…)

can someone do Gregg Turkington?

No. 369371

File: 1712693987593.png (188.02 KB, 408x335, 3891479325978913759189571985.p…)

safe flight nona! I eagerly await your landing so you can enlighten us with your power once again

No. 369376

File: 1712694716527.png (2.46 MB, 1710x900, SASAGEYO.png)

i love you too noni!

No. 369422

Chad nona, I hope all is well. Manifesting goodwill for you.

No. 369431

Ily nonnie

No. 369447

>chest stubble
i'm going to vomit. can we make body hair removal a staple of chadification? i think men should be more ashamed of it.

No. 369479

Chad chan where are you… We miss you

No. 369547

File: 1712748930307.jpg (10.83 KB, 252x200, 1652532550506.jpg)

A full 24+ hours without chad chan… my dreams have become restless and I feel a sense of dread, you were with us for not very long but I feel chills course through my spine with your absence… I need more virtual plastic surgery I need to see ugly men turned beautiful- just as Lazarus became beautiful when he was resurrected by Jesus.
Art school drop out anon, I hope all is well with you as well, you created great masterpieces.

No. 369595

File: 1712775277878.jpeg (242.94 KB, 612x420, IMG_2888.jpeg)

KEK I'm sorry I'm basically in a third world shithole right now. So the autopsy couldn't happen where I flew, so they moved the body another 600km away. So now I have to stay here longer and wait for the body to be sent back and burnt. So where I am there's no service and my data doesn't work so I have to walk 30 minutes to a hill nearby where I can get 3G so I can check my emails and check LC and upload my chadification edits. Your soul can rest easy I'm here I'm just disconnected from the world. I'm just happy I have electricity and indoor plumbing right now.
I'm back for as long as I'm standing on this hill!
I put my sleeping mask on and I took 3 Ambien so I just slept the entire way thank Fuck but people are retarded and that really means RETARDED because I'm retarded and even I think that these plane folk were mentally developmentally challenged like god damn. Everywhere I looked I saw disgusting scrotes that I wanted to photograph to chadify but alas I didn't want to waste my phone battery.
I love this verse it's very beautiful thank you for sending it. It has additional meaning as the Cellphone Signal Hill that I'm standing on faces the Atlantic so I really see God going across the sea!
KEKKKKK I love the images I don't watch Naruto cartoon but I'm happy you edited the image because it looks really good and it made me laugh!
Picrel! I made Trudeau finally hot so now Trudeau mania can happen again! And ty for the condolences, he was a schizo hermit so he was dead in the house for like 3 months before anybody realized, so ew! But anyway the self tanner is really nice I was surprised the colour looks really good.

No. 369596

File: 1712775485538.jpeg (282.15 KB, 554x554, IMG_2876.jpeg)

Abraham Lincoln won the civil war but I don't think there would have even been a war if he looked like this IRL because all the Confederates would have fell to their knees and wept at his sexy look and handsome face. They would have said "Honest Handsome ChAbe, we concede to your demands!" If only Lincoln lived in plastic surgery era.
KEK I love this image it's so nice I also saved this one because it made me laugh. My flight was good just filled with retarded slow people but that's sort of how the whole world is so I'm used to it by now! Only on LC can I engage with likeminded smart people. I don't consider scrotes to be "people" per se

No. 369600

File: 1712776211766.jpeg (3.08 MB, 1365x2048, IMG_2901.jpeg)

I have no idea who this is but I tried my best. The hardest part was in the original picture he has like some sort of hunchback or ostioperosis or something so I tried to fix it. Now he is handsome and chad-like!
Thank you for the well wishes! Please all keep sending chad requests! Even though I don't have stable data connection or cellphone service I continue my quest to chadify all the ugly scrotes to inspire negative feelings and bad thoughts deep inside them! I encourage everyone to begin practising their chadification skills so that together we can raise the scrote suicide rate to above 90%!! I believe in us nonas!

No. 369602

File: 1712776638799.jpeg (376.62 KB, 962x1145, 463F2525-12CC-40C8-A9A4-A24F0C…)

Incredible work, as usual. I put Chad Abe in front of the Emancipation Proclamation to celebrate the end of slavery. God bless America, and god bless you, nonna

No. 369608

File: 1712779588025.jpg (209.27 KB, 1200x1600, Franz_Kafka,_1923.jpg)

could masculinization surgery save him?

No. 369609

File: 1712779863403.jpg (1.17 MB, 1217x1206, the_metamorphosis.jpg)

No. 369610

File: 1712780343657.webp (22.77 KB, 1024x576, fix_him.jpg)

Twink death did a number on him. Could someone please save him.

No. 369617

File: 1712784130539.png (177.6 KB, 300x450, image.png)

I love him! An edit truly worthy of Trudeau mania!
You are doing great work nona! I appreciate you turning this moment in your life into such a positive and bringing so much joy to us all here
Sorry to take up another request, but can you do Stephen Harper? Former Prime Minister who might as well be a robot. I thought it would be hilarious to see if he could be chadified cause he's such an anti chad basic canadian looking guy. No one has ever gone crazy for him but maybe now? Sorry if this is a bad pic, but it represents his demonic presence well
Also random milk cause I like telling people, but while he was in office his son threw parties all the time when he was out of the country. He was also a massive bisexual slut who seemed to prefer men. Always thought it was funny given his dad tried to fuck with gay marriage and acted super conservative but considering how his son turned out, I feel home life was very different (even if the dad seemed upset by the son but it was probably cause he always skipped school)

No. 369701

File: 1712821004363.jpg (65.71 KB, 1199x903, potato charisma.jpg)

Only chadification can save our country! Our prime minister has zero charisma. Please help us!

No. 369852

File: 1712891867182.png (132.27 KB, 272x340, image_2024-04-12_131630850.png)

Can nonas chadify Gough Whitlam? He needs an outside to reflect his inside

No. 369880

File: 1712915378364.jpeg (98.78 KB, 272x340, IMG_2941.jpeg)

I walked back to Cellphone Signal Hill again today to resume posting chadification edits and to get my fix for my LC addiction. I smoked two king sized cigarettes and drank a full can of sugar free Redbull (I'm thin) on the walk there and the energy they gave me helped me to edit with gusto and moxie. I will post the other edits but I'm not sure if my 3G will be able to handle it kek
Is there a thread on /m/ for posting scenic views? Cellphone Signal Hill is quite pretty it overlooks the Atlantic and I can see snow-capped mountains from across the bay I'd like to show you nonas

No. 369881

File: 1712916044669.jpeg (113.62 KB, 300x450, IMG_2954.jpeg)

Steven Harper was definitely really hard to make chadly because of his incel-esque aura and his mishandling of the economy during the late 00s financial crisis, but I think I did a good job! He definitely looks better now, I wouldn't say a 5/10 but at least a 4/10 which is way better than his before (1/10 or 2/10 on a good day)!
>He has a gay son
Well sometimes God likes to punish bad people with really sardonic irony. Our Lord is complex and so God finds humour in complex irony more so than the earthly slapstick of the layperson. I think it's good that his son is a homosexual because I bet it ruins Harper's Thanksgiving and Christmas when he spends all dinner wondering if his son is a "top" or a "bottom" (look it up if you don't know cuz I don't wanna type it out it's GROSS! it has to do with the poo holes….)

No. 369885

File: 1712917405560.jpeg (697.34 KB, 1199x903, IMG_2962.jpeg)

This one was very difficult for me to do because the original pic was just so unbelievably ugly. In real life this scrote should just kill himself and remove his faulty genes from the pool. That's why suicidal ideation is so important to give to scrotes, because some of them CANT be saved even with plastic surgery, and those ones don't really "deserve" to be alive, sort of like how in nature if a bunny rabbit is born with 4 heads and bald and with no teeth and is ugly as fuck by bunny standards, all the other bunny rabbits instinctively know to let that deformed bunny rabbit die out lest he pollute all of rabbit-kind with his ugliness. Anyways here's him chadified!
KEK I love it nona

No. 370077

i suggest that you photoshop the scenic views into the backgrounds of your chad edits in order to enhance their beauty.

No. 384535

he's already hot, and got really buff recently. please love me turkey tom. It can be our secret.

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