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File: 1564180009747.png (439.12 KB, 401x401, in.PNG)

No. 41678

Share what kind of aesthetics/fashion styles you are bored of, miss, adore, would like to see more of! Or the vibe you yourself would like to give off!

Also posting of feeds and examples is highly appreciated.

No. 41680

File: 1564180273538.jpg (73.45 KB, 564x560, 105e17faf3a1e1679555a56b7849e0…)

Im tired of trashy, lots of skin, greasy style that seems to die bit by bit, but is still very popular. It makes me feel filthy just by looking at it.

Also happy that arthoe/ plant mom is dying, mom jeans are fugly.

No. 41684

File: 1564183692138.png (2.32 MB, 685x1780, 0Vtww4C.png)

I like the 2000s tomboy aesthetic. these are from delias catalogs so naturally they're pretty dated and juvenile but I still like them. you kind of have to be petite to pull it off though, otherwise you'd look frumpy.

No. 41693

>moRe FrEsH ThAn A nEwLy FaLlEn SnOwBoarDeR

No. 41696

Not even gonna lie, I like watch-me-whip girl's clothes.

No. 41699


i really , really liked this fashion trend as well, still do. Its comfy, its very age appropriate and practical. I liked that it was trendy to dress like that when i was in school.


before i even read that i was laughing about the girl doing the "virgin walk

No. 41702

>before i even read that i was laughing about the girl doing the "virgin walk"
fuck I just spat laughing at that, so accurate

No. 41710

File: 1564206915296.jpg (57.34 KB, 620x670, tyrone.jpg)

>virgin walk
Bless your mind anon, ty for the laugh.

No. 41717

this is also my fav aesthetic to wear!!, like baseball tees, cargo pants and beanies.

i can't wait for the insta-thotty+novababe trend stops, it's so ugly to even look at

No. 41719

File: 1564220738571.jpg (72.26 KB, 630x412, mighty-morphin-power-rangers-t…)

I'm not even joking, I'd love to see this 90s style of sporty be trendy again. Especially stuff like Kimberly's outfit in those thick high waisted jeans paired with a crop top. I just love the bold simplicity and just looking very natural. I remember this style kind of showed up for a few weeks in the early 2010s, but the current styles started coming through, like bold intensified and simple became abstract.

No. 41722


I want that style to come back too, is like in the 90s and early 00s fashion started adapting to women being more active and needing to be sportsy and practical for urban life and now is all reversed and is all baby gurl clothing for lolita dolls that don't leave their rooms and dress for selfies only.

No. 41724

Holy shit she is doing the Virgin walk! We just need a Delia's catalog stacy

No. 41731

File: 1564227831223.jpg (327.31 KB, 1964x2552, 5a610d84192f74cc572138785c4b18…)

I like this type of aesthetic where girls are not sexualized to hell and back, seem strong and confident and don't wear makeup.

I remember hating 2000s clothes because in my town we wore very cheap clothes and everything looked so bad. Now, when I watch 00s or 10s movies from USA I find myself liking that aesthetic, but we didn't have those brands in my country at the time.

No. 41733

Sorry anon, but she still looks frumpy as fuck. Being skinny doesn't elevate lazy clothes to ~fashion~.

No. 41774

File: 1564251137425.png (187.02 KB, 246x360, image.png)


No. 41800

I never said it was fashionable. frumpy was probably the wrong word to use though lol, the frumpiness is kind of the appeal.

No. 41810

Frumpy is a perfect word because they look like what one would wear to clean up the house, do a grocery shopping in the middle of the night (hoping you won't meet anyone) or to a PE lesson (the second one). The only outfit that is somehow acceptable IMHO is the one at the bottom with a cross shirt.

I do find it shocking in a good way how teen girls were allowed to wear clothes that were not sexy at all.

No. 41843

Both Ripley and Sarah Conner were my heroes growing up as a woman in a male oriented super hero world. I love them for being strong and realistic. Especially since in the first terminator, Sarah was scared as fuck , as anyone would be.

No. 41874

The Year 7 German textbook aesthetic.

No. 42345

File: 1564694601866.jpg (159.29 KB, 810x810, apink-nonono-dress-kpop-fashio…)

My guilty pleasure would be kpop fashion. I simply love the sneakers, socks, tennis skirt and cropped shirt combo.
Pic related was my dream outfit when I was a teen.
But sadly I'm an old and tall white woman, so wearing stuff like this is pretty much impossible lol

I kind of like this, minus the shoes; I've never seen somebody wear this irl though, it's certainly not popular where I live.

Looks kind of cute, comfy. But if your face isn't as cute as these models, then you're bound to look like shit in this.

Isn't this pretty much what many instagram girls wear?

No. 42347

File: 1564695432497.jpg (68.46 KB, 342x499, yossie-and-ai.jpg)

that reminds me of the outfits morning musume wore in kanashimi twilight. ai chan's blue blazer/dress specially has been my favourite guilty outfit forever lmao

No. 42350

File: 1564695960981.jpeg (124.34 KB, 1200x675, 46D6101B-C0E9-4EE7-8D55-DCDE3E…)

I absolutely love that era of fashion from 2003ish to 2008 with the hip hugging Abercrombie mini skirts, juicy couture track suits, low rise jeans, and girly kinda bimboish style outfits. Ever since I watched mean girls I’ve always loved Lindsey Lohan’s outfit in pic related. Paris Hilton’s outfits from that era are also super cute to me in a trashy cute kind of way. It bums me out that this kind of style isn’t cool anymore.

No. 42354

Yes! I was just lamenting about this the other day. I really miss those styles, dressing up like that was really fun back then

No. 42358

i love this so much! i don't wear anything remotely like 2000s fashion, but it's so gorgeous to me and i love watching cheesy teenage flicks (mean girls, she's all that, etc.) from the early 2000s just to see the fashion.

everything that was in style in the 2000s was so fun and quirky and i genuinely miss it. even if you weren't a paris hilton type, the "sporty" 2000s-era fashion was super fun too, even the "dark-y" altfash (think avril lavigne in her "best damn thing" era) is something i miss. i very personally find current fashion trends so boring and bland, i miss the fun, i miss the color!

No. 42360

Bringing me back! I remember this and loved those super 2000s outfits

No. 42369

> even the "dark-y" altfash (think avril lavigne in her "best damn thing" era) is something i miss.

This style is making a comeback now thanks to Billie Eilish

No. 42377

The arthoe movement is just evolving to "vsco girls" aka arthoes that admit they don't care about art at all

You can take mum jeans away from my cold, dead hands though

No. 42386

File: 1564715077865.jpg (167.19 KB, 540x655, tumblr_nx7l6mfpfa1rp9p7do1_540…)

I love 60s fashion. Clothes, makeup, hair, shoes, accessories were all great imo. If I was more into fashion myself I would love to have a 60s-inspired style.

No. 43813

File: 1565358708662.jpg (88.63 KB, 589x786, 1412679006152.jpg)


No. 43840

ngl, i still dress like this and don't stress over it, it's comfy and relaxed

No. 43906

File: 1565430408526.jpg (86.76 KB, 640x640, 9aa048aa1569ff76c14a7867ad782c…)


No. 43907

File: 1565430567367.jpg (91.66 KB, 640x853, c91afdbfb7a6600d5ee54fe440204a…)

I like masculine styles, but my body is stupidly feminine and curvy, I struggle a lot to find combinations who can hide my pear body

No. 43917

Two completely different sides of the spectrum but I'd LOVE to have a closet full of both aaliyah's 90s tomboy baggy-ass-jeans-and-short-croptop style and molly ringwall's pastel 80s style (re: pretty in pink)

No. 43918

File: 1565436300302.jpg (206.46 KB, 810x1080, april_3342-00-528.jpg)

fuck dropped the pic

No. 43976

File: 1565471009909.jpg (47.39 KB, 456x700, 9aacdf876f23f4b02cf4c119355586…)

I used to be obsessed with fashion, and loved coming up with quirky things back when I was in school that would get a me a lot of compliments. Now that the worst of 80s/90s is being recycled, and the "goth girl" has become trendy, I just don't enjoy it anymore. Everything's already been done. I miss being a part of subcultures most people weren't familiar with. I miss the 2005, thrown together pop star look. I miss when things weren't polished, pic related.

Something I hate, is that punks were poor, so they'd make their own patches to cover up their work torn, thrift store clothes. Now you can buy machine printed patches, and pre-distressed clothing that looks like it came out of a dumpster fire, but at designer prices!

My go to is minimalist now, like Audrey Hepburn. I mostly wait plain t-shirts and jeans, with an occasional army coat or biking jacket. Weirdly enough, I stand out and get stared at because everyone around me is in that scrappy silk instagram style. You know, the ugly open back wash cloth that barely covers your boobs, and is held together with a string? God, I thought the 90's teal track jackets were hideous, but this is on another level.

No. 43990

I love 90s fashion so much, as well as cozy shit in general. It's so much better to be comfortable and fashionable. Aaliyah was the best. Also, Molly rocked the 80s with her comfy , girly attire.

No. 62071

File: 1573340180939.jpg (22.02 KB, 271x517, its-called-fashion.jpg)

No. 62080

that's fucking creepy. By who is this?

No. 62106

Holyfuck, i love this.

No. 62117

File: 1573357015374.jpg (68.62 KB, 540x800, keanu 40.jpg)

I love Keanu's 90s sorta grungy style (minus the pushed back hair here, no thanks)

I used to wear more feminine clothing all the time but the past year or so I've been way more drawn to menswear, mainly casual vintage sorta stuff

No. 62118

File: 1573357093847.jpeg (159.93 KB, 960x1405, 5cdf19372100007d0580931f.jpeg)

another example…gotta be careful to look otherwise polished/intentional though or else you just look dumpy af lmao

No. 62161

File: 1573402998074.jpg (78.08 KB, 720x1044, 3730ad3ed8edef8b3aade891e474da…)

>Normcore is a unisex fashion trend characterized by unpretentious, normal-looking clothing.

I feel like I'm posting to r/roastme… my daily "style" is either a sweater or sweatshirt with jeans and sneakers. It's so frumpy but it suits me because I don't wear makeup and have a plain aura.

If I ever get a job in the city, I'll get business-casual style clothes at Uniqlo and have them professionally tailored. The yuppie style (pic related) looks nice on me

No. 62304

i love pants in that style and turtlenecks, so you've just given me a bunch more inspo - especially love that pic in the lower left

sporty and intersections of fashion + function are godtier

No. 62320

File: 1573537728997.jpg (80.16 KB, 650x975, e9ca841302b7c7bdaeb54a715c01d4…)

I honestly love casual Japanese/Korean fashion. But I'm so tall and lanky that I either look like a 2cent hooker because skirts are too short, or like a frumpy bag lady.

I either dress like pic related or exactly like >>62161, which ages me so much and I end up looking like a tired housewife.

I just want to be cute, not a giant.

No. 63373

Viktor and Rolf

No. 71417

File: 1578433723185.jpg (59.88 KB, 700x933, 1576775427840.jpg)

No. 71418

File: 1578433776655.jpg (1.41 MB, 2000x3036, 9a3aea68bed6ae4c935a75c063f606…)

No. 71420

File: 1578434601132.jpg (27.77 KB, 564x705, b52bdcddf21fcca4dc07e8501c8637…)

No. 71557

File: 1578535205001.png (1.11 MB, 1000x1000, at.png)

Even thought I find the whole dark academia thing quite cringey and unbearably pretentious, I can't but love the fashion aspect of it.

Light makeup, heavy wool, polished shoes, toned down colors and simple yet effective clothing. I tend to wear this style everyday, but being in comp-sci environment, can't help, but feel bit out of place dressed like that, since most people here dress in don't care, cyberpunk or just basic styles. I crave it to become bit more mainstream.

Also interesting observation, by dressing this I get less attention from younger/my age guys and more from the older ones (actually older women included), in no shape or form I would even consider going out with a man 20 years older, but still I'm kind of interested what this kind of self presentation changes and makes a woman more approachable in their eyes.

No. 71560

File: 1578536145561.jpg (429.94 KB, 1079x1141, Screenshot_20200109_021545.jpg)

This kinda style is what I like to a tee.
It's so fucking warm and comfortable

No. 71561

File: 1578536332227.jpg (650.13 KB, 1080x1846, Screenshot_20200109_021801.jpg)

Vintage Laura Ashley, especially these arts and crafts inspired ones.
Keeping the price in to show the eye watering prices they go for

No. 71582

I love that style. I dress similarly but it's tough for me to find decent shops where I can get such wardrobe.
> and more from the older ones (actually older women included)
For the love of anything sacred, please tell me where you shop.

No. 71661

File: 1578627958861.jpg (112.04 KB, 1080x1080, fran-fine-iconic-outfits-3.jpg)

big hair, for sure. like elaine benz, dolly parton, fran fine, peggy bundy type of hair. i'm so tired of the boring, stringy billie eilish straight hair that a lot of white girls have at the moment.

and like late 1970s/early 1980s casual wear, i've been watching old SNL and everyone dressed well for comedians

No. 71663

File: 1578628629899.jpg (54.87 KB, 500x604, 112f4cda9d2367e090e119e350563c…)

i'm more into the look on men though, just general open collared shirts and sweaters, with trousers or jeans. pisses me off that fat dudes now will slap on a hoodie and call it streetwear, while dudes like belushi, farley and kinison were cracked the fuck out but were put together LOOKS

No. 71670

File: 1578639147228.jpg (44.79 KB, 333x500, 6f46067a4a2ae69df9f06a998e818a…)

Vintage Laura Ashley dresses remind me of Gunne Sax, which I love but am too cheap to buy

No. 71737

I was so lucky once, I had been looking at these dresses on ebay and was hoping that some day I'd had enough money for them and the shipping to my country. Couple of days after that I went to a flea market here, and found one of the dresses I had been looking at for just 30 euros, it's little too big for me but it was so lucky I had to get it

No. 73781

File: 1580234337747.jpg (76.8 KB, 500x692, whiteknight.jpg)

No. 73786

Cool, I have one just like this but blue.

No. 73808

File: 1580246190556.jpeg (37.08 KB, 610x556, 2AA68E87-C125-4560-990A-BB42C2…)

honestly, kawaii/cute fashion is my guilty pleasure. it’s so outdated and a lot of people call it cringe but i really love it. if i could dress in it every day i would

No. 73809

same anon, it's just so comfy.

No. 73826

How is it outdated? It has never been in or mainstream, it's just a subculture style.

No. 73827

Do you guys know any sites for good and cute clothes like that?

No. 73925

Just because it's a subculture doesn't mean it remains the same forever. Subculture fashion are subjected to trends and/or development within the subculture aswell.

I'm pretty sure that's from bonbon21 on taobao

No. 86581

File: 1588339096418.jpg (67.97 KB, 427x600, H3257-L4453913.jpg)


No. 86603

File: 1588346758258.jpg (20.34 KB, 171x372, n3.jpg)

I'm going to reply to these ancient posts by saying I fucking love this aesthetic. I want nothing more to just get buff and dress butch.
That's why I absolutely ADORE 40's fashion - it was mostly utilitarian but also had feminine elements, kinda lacked color but made up for that with great silhouettes, and looked bomb while having an air of classiness. Fuck it, I'm spamming some of my inspo folder with some similar styles.
Also wish people were more into militaristic neofolk, it's criminally underrated imo.

>I like masculine styles, but my body is stupidly feminine and curvy
Same, I hate it so much.

No. 86604

File: 1588346806625.png (573.35 KB, 500x675, n7.png)

No. 86605

File: 1588346844396.png (1.62 MB, 990x988, n4.png)

No. 86606

File: 1588346899798.jpg (48.54 KB, 383x499, n1.jpg)

gal on the far right is goals

No. 86607

File: 1588346922043.jpg (128.96 KB, 960x960, n2.jpg)

No. 86608

File: 1588346949204.jpg (23.71 KB, 355x476, n6.jpg)

No. 86609

File: 1588347022120.png (271.66 KB, 356x378, n5.png)

No. 86772

File: 1588446350745.jpg (92.43 KB, 800x833, nMIUP0J.jpg)

No. 100046

File: 1595341518666.jpg (81.58 KB, 500x803, c22112c27b2c9c28d9e89af9e27bd8…)

I love fashion from the 60s too. It's not too flashy, it's got great patterns, comfy and feminine and girly, but not too overly cutesy. I love the cropped pants and skirts. It helps that it fits my body type lol

Gotta love those 80s leather jackets

No. 100204

File: 1595391911286.jpg (8.51 KB, 151x185, 944cee6de2cdfed30726061eeb873e…)

Sukeban style is so cool

No. 100224

File: 1595401220584.jpg (87.73 KB, 640x728, sukeban.jpg)

ngl a girl like that is my fantasy… theyre so cool i dont know if i wish i could be them or have sex with date them

No. 100232

File: 1595405038511.jpg (18.45 KB, 236x316, 401a74724f09c2eab376f4cc216427…)

i wish i could dress like this without feeling imposter syndrome

No. 100305

File: 1595440893497.jpg (93.13 KB, 604x610, 6783fb-l-610x610-shirt-champio…)

i absolutely love longsleeved crop-tops. but now that i'm 30 i feel like they are too "young" for me… my stomach is still flat but i tried one on at a store and i felt some kind of shame, like i was far too old to be wearing this sort of thing anymore.

No. 100307

Wear what makes you feel good anon, don’t lets others opinions about that stuff here rot your brain. Especially if you’re hot, go for it girl

No. 100312

I'm 34 and I bought two of these. Only downside is that my lower back gets cold and it bothers me more than it used to back in the day. Fuck cold.

No. 100371

Your life doesn't stop at 30 anon, nowadays people aged 30 are the equivalent of what 25 was 20 years ago. Wear them shirts now.

No. 100494

I seriously doubt anyone can even pinpoint your age as 30.

No. 100688

Anon, don't live your life based what others/society thinks you should do. Like it? Then wear it!

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