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File: 1564335528208.jpg (85.71 KB, 1024x512, 242e723e384537577a24b113873aaf…)

No. 41877

We need a RLM thread, the subreddit is a shit show and I'd like to talk more lore, personal lives, and new video discussions.

"The Main Trio"

Mike "not a racist" Stoklasa - Cynical hack fraud ring leader. Born 1978. Obsessed with Star Trek but only really TNG. Started RLM over a decade ago to make shitty "come on don't take it serious it's SUPPOSED to look bad duh" movies with his FAS riddled friend Rich and also do wedding/promotional shoots. Broke into the big time when his Mr. Plinkett reviews/diatribe against the Star Wars prequels went viral on early youtube. Laid the ground work for every whiny movie reviewer youtuber to come. Grew up in Oak Forrest Illinois and went to the same high school as Rich Evans where they met. Graduated in 1996. Went to film school in Chicago that he found stupid and pretentious. Acts like a poor shlub but lives in a brand new 300k house in Oak Creek Wisconsin. Dat Patreon money at work folks!

Rich "dick the birthday boy" Evans - Designated funny fat friend. Born 1977. Parents were burnouts and he grew up raised by grandma. Met Mike in high school, who knew a rube when he saw one and recruited Rich to be beaten up on and fall down in his crappy movies. Followed Mike to Milwaukee because he has no other friends or life outside of Mike. Engaged to an unfortunate looking woman named Karin Franklin since 2013, may never actually marry.

Jerry "Jay" Bauman - Born 1980. Met Mike and Rich on the forums of rewindvideo.com where they found they both had the same "haha look at everyone taking themselves seriously, not us though!" cynical attitude towards movie making. Was in Milwaukee for school and all 3 men decided to settle there for absolutely no reason. Was beta orbiting a woman named Lauren who didn't like him back (the source of the I'm Dying Lauren memes). Also had the hots for a girl named Lisa that appears in old videos, but apparently Mike fucked her and they stopped being friends over it for a while. No known girlfriend or boyfriend.

"The Rest"

Jack "aidsmoby" Packard - Low status director in Milwaukee who shot band videos and Funny or Die content. Was once in a band called Kings Horses. Met the guys somehow and started collaborating in the early 2000s. Can be seen in Best of the Worst videos and the defunct PreviouslyRecorded video gaming streams. Married with 2 kids. The only one of the group who isn't a weirdo about his personal life.

Jessica "Jessi" Nakles - Born 1982. Mike's girlfriend since 2011 who disappeared from videos completely in 2015. Was in a shit Milwaukee synth punk band called The New Loud that made like 5 songs and then imploded. Jack directed several of the band videos with Mike and Jay as crew. Met Mike through Jack. Was the only regular female crew member until her disappearance. Fanboys hated on her for not being funny and only being a crew member because Mike was sticking his dick in her. She started gaining a lot of weight and then vanished. Prevailing opinion is because she was scared off by creepy fans and the once public creeper subreddit r/jessinakles. The "real" reason is she got pregnant with Mike's child and they're both private to an autistic degree. Child is rumored to be named Ethan Andrew Stoklasa, born sometime in 2015 or 2016.

Josh "the wizard" Davis. Supposedly Jay's friend but is probably Jack's. Made shitty music with the band IfIHadAHiFi. Completely interchangeable with Jack, neither are particularly funny or interesting.

"Reoccurring Guests"

The Canadians - Colin Cunningham and Jim Maxwell. VFX and Digital artists who have actual talent and careers in the movie industry with no business being on a hack fraud youtube channel. Did the effects on Mike's shit movie Space Cop, how or why they bothered the world will never know.

Macaulay Culkin - Former child actor and drug addict who crawled up out of the gutter to start the website "bunny ears" which is just a worse version of Clickhole or The Onion. Shmoozing (read paying for collabs) with popular "nerdy" youtube channels like RLM and Cinnemassacre for clout and views for said website. Is starting to appear in way too many videos and the fans are turning on him.

No. 41880

i need more of colin and jim together. When they do solo stuff with the rlm guys the videos are good, but when they both get together for a best of the worst it is a guaranteed god send of a video. My favorite is either the wheel of the worst with the japanese christian cult or the osteoporosis exercise video. I die every fucking time. Black spine is okay, wheel of the worst will forever be my favorite bit of theirs

No. 41883

The black spine "junka" was ok but they made the tower way too fortified. Should have had way less structure with more spaced out videos, I feel like that bit went on forever. But I loved seeing Mike and Jay's reactions and triumph over safely getting a video out. It's rare they seem like they're having fun like that.

No. 41884


No. 41885

Colin and Jim are really a great addition but like the OP points out, they have real jobs so they don't have to slum it with the boys for patreon bucks. It's a shame because their humor meshes so well.

No. 41903

Anyone else skips "The best of the worst" videos?
I find them so freaking boring.
The best ones are definitely the Re-Viewd and Review ones. Also anything that makes fun of the MCU.

No. 41917

They should of kept their old cameras. The new ones just really show all their wrinkles and shitty skin way too clearly. They could all use some vitamin D. And poor Jay is no longer handsome. He got fat (again) and old. But he's still my fav.

No. 41921

lmao, literally no one watches them for their skin quality anon.
Though it's true about Jay, rip he once was cute.

No. 41922

lately the best of the worse videos have gotten boring, i agree. they must vet all the tapes now. i remember some of the old ones had the most random shit like a dunkin donuts training video or something like that. it was dumb but so unexpected it was funny. which is why you would think the black spine episodes would be fun but theyre mediocre at best

No. 41924

When was peak Jay in your opinion then?

No. 41946

Maybe I'm blind lol but Jay still looks pretty good to me. If he's gotten fat I probably haven't noticed

I still love best of the worst but I agree, I think I'm more into their reviews of both new and old movies. I also really like when Mike and Jay have discussions about criticisms and such on the movie industry, like in their latest video

No. 41958

They don't front when it comes to being losers, though? Like they pretty strongly acknowledge that they're a bunch of weird losers and take the piss out of each other for it all the time.

Idk. Seems like all big/moderately-sized Youtube channels are some shade of hack these days. I just want something to put on in the background when I draw or play video games.

I like Rich. I hope he doesn't turn out to be some sort of fucked-up prick like most male media personalities.

I actually feel the opposite way? Best of the Worst are my favorite videos that they do. I'm sick of hearing hot takes on the MCU and Star Wars regardless of who it's coming from. The BOTW videos are always about weird, obscure shit. I find that the "so bad it's good" shit that they find on BOTW is way more fun to hear about.

No. 41983

I used to. I came originally for HitB stuff and thought BotW was shit and boring. Then I watched a few and got hooked. The movies they pick are so absurdly awful it's great.

No. 42009

I thought /tv/ made up the thing about them having a son named Ethan. If they really had a kid and it's at least 3 wouldn't someone have a creep shot of them at an Applebees or something in the greater Milwaukee area doing stuff as a family? No one has ever mentioned seeing Mike and Jessi together for years, let alone Mike, Jessi, and a child. I don't know if I believe it.

No. 42037

Oh no, the most cancerous attempts of forced drama from /tv/ made it to lolcow.

No. 42093

The baby?

No. 42147

I think anon means hatred of RLM in general.

Literally the only people I've met who hate RLM are 4channers and/or DC spergs.

No. 42153

This may be an unpopular opinion but does anyone else think their scripted stuff is kind of unfunny most of the time?
It feels weird, because I love to watch them talk shit about weird movies on BOTW and oftentimes their banter can make me laugh out loud, but whenever they do a little comedy routine at the beginning of an episode, I’m mostly waiting for it to end so the actual show can start.
Space cop was surprisingly bad too.

No. 42156

I've seen that opinion before usually regarding the Plinkett reviews, skipping the weird sub plot parts. I agree I don't really care about their sub plots and anti humor stuff and could do without it. They used to do it a lot more with HitB but I haven't noticed as much scripted sketch stuff on those lately. Or perhaps I've just been tuning it out. I don't think anyone loves them or watches them for that.

No. 42157

I hate when reviewers do "skits" in their reviews regardless of who it is.

Shit like that is why I never liked Nostalgia Critic.

No. 42161

and ResetEra

No. 42164

>Nostalgia Critic
And his have only gotten worse since he hired the black dude (who is very insecure in his blackness and overcompensates) and the chick. Now they have a skit in every episode. Doug should have learned his lesson from Demo Reel. He can't act, his paid actors can't act, his directing sucks, him and his brother can't write for shit, and he has absolutely no reason to rent a studio space. All he had to do was continue mugging for the camera and shouting over 80s/90s nostalgia. How do you fuck that up?

No. 42176

I could not get through a single review when it had skits in it. It took away entirely from the thing he was talking about. I believe all his M. Night Shyamalan reviews were the worst because of that.

No. 42185

Quick aside, how on Earth is a 300k house notable? 300k is a pretty normal price for a house.

OP is really reaching.

No. 42215

In Milwaukee I'd assume that's high class. 300 grand is a lot for a house there. Midwest house prices are absurdly cheap. cries in Californian

No. 42269

New HitB up today, thoughts?

No. 42272

>Tarantino is the last real filmmaker
>who are nolan, fincher, scorsese, etc.

No. 42295


Found the DC fag kek

No. 42299

He has other movies too, anon. But yeah, I wouldn't put him next to Scorsese and Fincher

No. 42303

don't get me wrong anons, I'm not a Nolan fangirl and I don't give a shit about DC, but what they were saying about Tarantino (namely that he creates films with wide releases that generate a lot of buzz and are "about something" rather than just being sequels or remakes) applies to plenty of directors, so it's ridiculous to call Tarantino "the last real filmmaker". Those were just the first examples I thought of, and Nolan came to mind first because of Nolanfags.

No. 42609

I could have done without the Tarantino dick stroking too. I think they just like and relate to him because of his abrasive attitude.

No. 42611

I wish they would talk about more independent/lesser known movies more often. But I know that their whiny man-baby fans would instantly unsubscribe and stop supporting their Patreon, if they stopped making videos on capeshit and Disney shit. I also wished they would talk about some animated films sometimes. But most animated movies are kiddie shit, and they probably view all animation to be that. I am looking somewhat forward to the upcoming BOTW with Patton Oswald, just because it has potential to be terrible kek. I wonder if he will be an even cringer guest than Landis.

No. 42613

I have a feeling an actual funny guy like Oswald will run circles around these hacks. I agree about animation, I can't recall anything animated they've talked about. I get why they don't though. Mike doesn't even play video games. They're grumpy old dudes who don't want to give a hot take on the next Pixar film, even though they have plenty of fans who'd probably go for it.

No. 42647

>I wish they would talk about more independent/lesser known movies more often.

Do you just tune Jay out whenever he talks? That kind of stuff is all Jay ever wants to talk about.

I agree about the superhero stuff, though. I'm tired of hearing about it. I'm glad they decided not to do a review of the new Spiderman movie.

Yes, because that's what we need: more middle-aged autists sperging about cartoons and sucking Pixar cock. No thanks.

No. 42674

>sucking Pixar cock

Do you really believe they would though? At best you'd get a half hearted "eh it didn't suck" if they liked it.

No. 42716

Does anyone else think Jim from Canada looks so dead inside because he regrets having children?

No. 42719

…Jack has kids too though?

No. 43145

Been watching older stuff lately and I think I have a new appreciation for Jack and less for Jessi. Jessi seems like she tries to hard to be edgy for a woman in her 30s. She said on one of the prerec streams anyone who doesn't like breaking bad is a homo. I mean who says that? As bad as the guys are sometimes I don't recall any of them using homo or gay as an insult.

Jack, as boring as he can be sometimes, is the only one of the group that will interact with the fans if summoned on the subreddit. I was reading through his past comments and so many times he had to say he had no say in anything they watched or would have to run something by Mike and Jay or wasn't allowed to speak on their behalf. They sound like control freaks. Kind of shitty you can ask your friend to be a regular on your shows and help out behind camera but he has no say in anything. Made me feel bad for him.

No. 43334

Jack sucks. I used to just find him kind of annoying, but then I tried watching the PreRec streams, and those made me hate him. He's a stupid hick, and it's smart for Mike and Jay to give him no say on anything for the show. The streams also made me dislike Rich a lot. He's pretty stupid too, and should just stick with being the silly/stupid sidekick. Jay was the only saving grace for those streams and I'm glad the channel died.

No. 43351

I'll agree that Rich is a total dumbass and I have no idea why Mike would ever collect him as a friend.

I'm giving Jack some extra points for not openly hating the fans like everyone else. He at least tries to talk to them.

No. 43354

I want to fuck Jay so bad

No. 43356

The real question is, are you gay or straight?

Jay is objectively the most attractive if we're talking appearance only. But something about Mike makes me pick him over Jay every time. I love a cynical fat Trek nerd I guess. That and Jay looks exactly like my gay best friend.

No. 43359

>something about Mike makes me pick him over Jay every time
Jesus anon, get some help.
Jokes aside, I would fug 2015 Jay. He's looking ragged lately.

No. 43361

New Plinketto

No. 43362

Patton is incredibly unfunny and annoying wtf

No. 43366

File: 1565136215967.jpg (42.94 KB, 748x741, Qu1sntsa5_1280.jpg)

botw is boring when mike isn't the one talking the most

No. 43376

File: 1565138336984.png (298.7 KB, 477x559, 585565.png)

same he's such a cute dork

pretty boring tbh except for the part when Mike tries to make an apartment pun and forgets the word "apartment".

No. 43377

File: 1565138720646.gif (1.83 MB, 400x366, tumblr_oc91h5py0f1vzahlio4_400…)

No. 43382

Fucking same. Mike almost seems xanaxed out around celebs and holds back too much. This episode was boring as fuck and a chore to watch. Nothing funny happened and Patton isn't as funny as I assumed he'd be.

No. 43509

I have to agree. I sat through hours of the Friday the 13th streams cos I thought Rich would be fun to watch but they were actually just kind of boring. I don't think he's meant for long form live stuff like that.

No. 43542

The problem is they make it look effortless and easy, like it's all one take. But they've shown in behind the scenes stuff that they do multiple takes and edit a lot of stuff out. Mike and Jay are talented editors if nothing else.

No. 43544

>pretty boring tbh except for the part when Mike tries to make an apartment pun and forgets the word "apartment".

It's sad that was the only thing I enjoyed about the episode. Mike was either completely sloshed or on sedatives. He barely said anything the whole episode and he's usually the one leading discussions. Wonder why he'd choose to go into it so impaired.

No. 43551


I usually really enjoy the plinketto episodes but jesus fucking christ I had to slog through this one. I'm worried they're starting to lean into the celebrity guests for botw.

Although I did get a good laugh out of "from the Ellen show, Rich Evans!" because I was fully expecting them to immediately milk Patton Oswalt like they do Macaulay Culkin

No. 43553

Rich Evans is a national treasure and deserves more adoration then Patton considering he was funnier then him in this ep. If the washed up actor whoring themselves out to advertise their shitty podcast with popular youtuber phenomenon holds…Gilbert Gottfried will be on BotW in the next year.

No. 43581

File: 1565205618843.jpg (30.55 KB, 720x480, DruggedoutCliff.jpg)

rlm needs less disney shit and less celebrity guests

No. 43634

Grabowskis is like peak 2007 internet video humor in a nutshell. They really thought making bizarre shorts would be what made them famous. That kind of humor was everywhere. Mike tried so hard with that but it was cringey as fuck. At least we got to see some of metamorphosis Jack from his fat balding phase.

No. 43927

Just rewatched the Halloween episode from last year. The one where they got so drunk they had to stop filming and try again later. I wonder if they were just acting though. Gotta wonder why Mike thinks Jay has murdered cats.

No. 44004

kek I forgot about that episode. I felt bad for poor Rich, babysitting drunk people is not fun.

No. 44022

I like to imagine he just watched everything unfold silently. Every attempt at steering the discussion back on track being met with belligerent attacks on his person.

No. 44023

I believe they were all drunk. I don't think any of them are good enough at acting to be faking that. And I think Mike was talking about weird shit, bullying Jay, because he knew it would be that much harder for Jay to edit the video. It was really funny, but I did feel kind of bad for Rich. Being the only sober person around a group of drunks is not fun.

No. 44195

They had to have been, Jays voice is super different and louder. Never heard him sound like that before.

No. 44349

the biggest giveaway for me was when he started yelling "what's going on? why is rich freaking out???" despite the fact that rich was literally just sitting there lmao.

No. 44769

Anyone got any patron links or commentary megas?

No. 45116

Do people still think that was him in Thomas and the Magic Railroad? It's clearly not and I wish the meme around it would stop.

No. 45269

I just watched the Max Landis BotW and I suddenly have less hate for the Culk episodes. Max was an awful guest. Too fucking loud and wasn't funny.

No. 45643

new botw
no celebrity guests thank god

No. 45645

The spotlight format is a little strange but overall this was a fun episode. Short and to the point.

No. 45738

Just rewatched the juicy Shaq meat episode and I don't remember it being so funny the first time I watched but this time it was great. And it really highlights just how much Mike and Richs friendship is based on Mike mercilessly fucking with him. I lost it when Mike put on his director hat and tried to coach Rich into licking his lips and saying the line.

No. 45913

Watching RLM shit lately and asked the gf whether she liked Mike or Jay better, fully expecting to hear Jay. Nah son, she picked MIKE. Asked for an explanation and she was able to hit me with detailed points! Thought itd be funny to share a recap:

Self made, probably super focused on acheving goals

Natural leader, always mogging on and fucking with people. Based dominant big dick energy

Takes himself serious but not too serious (gets drunk, etc)

Seems sad or taken back when kids or animals suffer so probably actual caring softie

Literal tall, dark, and handsome (she likes fat dudes, holla)

Knows how to direct, probably slays in bed

Guess I get it now but still bewildered.(filling up a thread by autistic samefag convo)

No. 45933

are you a man?

No. 65683

Tbh it's pretty much my favorite aspect about RLM.. a like it a lot more than their movie reviews. I have yet to see Soace Cop, but I loved Gorilla Interrupted.

No. 77544

can we do a cracked.com thread next

No. 89456

File: 1589783521766.jpg (1.19 MB, 1080x1700, 1539206265516.jpg)

Any idea of what they usually do for income? I imagine that some of them have/had(?) interactions with other people through their work, hence Rich not being around for their last HitB, and the show currently being placed on an indefinite hiatus… But in honesty don't know…

No. 89497

I wouldn't be sure if Rich had some kind of set-building or carpentry job. He's really good at it.

No. 95017

I believe Jack is an editor and Josh is an audio technician/producer. Rich works for RLM full time from what I understand. Their patreon, youtube, and merchandise earnings are something like $70,000-$100,000 a month so I think Jay and Mike and their employee Rich might just live off of that.

No. 129630

I know this thread is dead and the entire concept of jessi nakles is beating a dead horse at this point. But god damn it I want to know what really happened with Jessi. I will never stop being curious.

No. 169470

Scrotes leave.
Also, since you bumped the thread anyway, she left because coomer "fans" like you were being gross to her.

No. 182625

Jack works with the Escapist Magazine, creating content with Yahtzee on several programs. Seems he got an in and that was the main reason (started at the exact same time) for Previously Recorded being canceled.

No. 325217

jessie and mike are not "private to an autistic degree", they are private to a rational and expected degree because of fucking lunatics like you, dummy. you are just obsessed with the lives of minor internet personalities you'll never interact with to an autistic degree. you watched them too much and now have this hilariously one sided relationship with them where you’ve had all these dramatic ups and downs with your opinions on them like they’re your siblings and they have no fucking clue you exist. Not being part of hollywood does not eliminate your credibility as a critic, just like you being a person who will probably never make a youtube channel does not eliminate your credibility as a critic of rlm’s content. However, you really have no credibility taking shots at the looks of anyone’s girlfriend or calling anyone a beta while also being a person who likes going on an anonymous internet forum and saying “hey duz anyone else wanna gossip about the personal lives of very uninteresting people we don’t know and also don’t want us delving into it like a bunch of ambien popping wine drinking white moms?” cuz that is the prerogative of a man with a life devoid of vagina(wk-ing necro)

No. 325218

If it's true that Jessi left due to male fans being creepy, that's depressing and she was justified. Obviously if she wanted to leave, that's her prerogative, but it was kind of nice to have a female perspective on the show, especially since so many of the tropes they run into in bad b-movies are underpinned by misogyny. My family and I still really enjoy RLM, and I hope that the team keeps it professional so I never feel inclined to drop it.
Inb4 you get redtexted for necro.

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