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Have you ever thought about how much most guys love this movie? This guy I’m boning pointed something out to me I hadn’t thought about.
1.Fight Club the book has Marla Singer in it far more than the movie this means that it is even more clear that she is a symbol of anti consumerism. She can survive just fine without the narrator. This makes his anti consumerism mission even more fragile because he isn’t saving anyone he is destroying himself and everyone including the people he cares about.
Makes you think of the creepy incel guys like the murderer of Bianca Devin.
2.In the book he tries to save her by making her go away. It is a self awareness of the Id to Ego complex Tyler Durden represents. By recognizing the lack of empathy and love he in many ways drives Marla away to the point of pushing her away and paying her to go away. You always hear that if you love them let them go. Well girls get used to losing before guys do in so many ways its not even funny. This helps girls become more creative and adaptable.
3.Tyler isn’t real. No matter how hard guys try to be some imagined definition of being a man Tyler is as good as anything you see in men websites telling them to act a way to be more manly but always selling them a product. Guys are not very good at being consumers so they buy into consumerism and are coopted by a capitalist framework.

The guy I am seeing says that yes he might be easy on the eyes and may have clawed himself out of the working class but he never did it because he was trying to destroy society. He says the things that suck about society are a system we have always been in. The way to be a real man is not to be reckless. To take most things with a grain of salt but to be gracious with people because most are facing similar problems. Especially working class men and women. He said that the system tries to divide and commodify everyone because then people who are wealthy dont have to worry about any real trouble from poorer people. But if Women and men recognize this struggle they can enlighten themselves beyond the narrative of the world they have always known. This is why misogyny is also a commodity and selfish dimwitted losers like that murdered do what they do. They plan out their validation. Once they know they will be hero's to other men they act like cold blooded killers. They are manufactured and radicalized by capitalism. Its quiet profound. Crazy thing is he is a banker. Hot mess type who doesn’t say much but when he does he says things like this. He’s usually grumpy but always nice to me.

thanks for reading :] what do you think?(newfaggotry)

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There's already a movies thread, anon.

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