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File: 1539266790280.png (569.97 KB, 750x878, cosy.png)

No. 4372

Can we have a thread for any media (anime/manga, games, books, movies, music - anything) that is comforting and wholesome. No surprise OW THE EDGE please.
Just things that make you feel better when down and restore your hope in the world.
Both nostalgia and new favorites welcome!

No. 4373

File: 1539267281835.png (415.66 KB, 1334x762, Webarebears.png)

we bare bears is my new favorite show. its very laid back and surprisingly funny (at least to me). ice bear is my favorite

No. 4374

File: 1539267390684.jpg (56.42 KB, 300x443, 300px-Yotsuba&!_volume_01_cove…)

Yotsuba is my favorite comforting manga ever,cuz i love how real and beautiful everything can be.Some slice of life manga doesnt really catch or describe these things naturally,they tend to be more stiff but im just a picky reader kek

No. 4375

File: 1539267545043.png (1.6 MB, 1280x720, [RUELL&HorribleSubs] Shirokuma…)

Reminds me of Shirokuma Cafe

No. 4376

File: 1539278857533.gif (169.41 KB, 245x285, PligdoY.gif)

Bob's Burgers is the ultimate comfort show to me. There's nothing better to soothe the nerves than the Belcher family. If you haven't started it, you really should. I remember watching the first episode long ago thinking eh it's ok and then abandoning it. I'm so happy I picked it back up. They keep getting better and better.

No. 4377

File: 1539285561695.jpg (67.41 KB, 600x849, 5eebf86bf3f36a1a201ead9adb5142…)

Maiko-san Chi no Makanai-san is about a girl who travels with her friend to Kyoto in hopes of becoming a maiko, but fails and instead becomes the caterer for a small manor for maiko. If you like cooking and comfy slice of life manga then you'll probably enjoy this. And of course there's lots of interesting facts about maiko and geisha sprinkled in there as well.

No. 4378

File: 1539286288509.jpg (307.77 KB, 1777x956, only-yesterday.jpg)

Only Yesterday is a huge comfort film. i watch it whenever i feel scared that i'm wasting my life. please watch it, it's lovely.

No. 4379

File: 1539286620609.png (198.41 KB, 750x500, mbmbamseeso3.png)

i find my brother my brother and me to be really refreshing in terms of humour, personally. i love all of griffin and justin's content on polygon too (the second life and fallout 4 monster factory episodes are probably my favourite). it's understandable, but also a shame that they've moved on from that, though. i'm also getting into their d+d podcast, which they do with their dad, that's also good fun.

they give me hope that there are some good and kind men in the world, in a time where it all seems so bleak, tbh

No. 4380

File: 1539288108230.png (191.04 KB, 1150x1725, 1F35308F-D932-48B1-9FE4-D84B5A…)

Natsume Ono manga, especially the slice of life ones like Gente and Tesoro. I love her characters and how she changes her art a bit for each series.

I listened to one of their podcasts and love the way the guys laugh, one of my friends from school would laugh the same way and it’s so contagious

No. 4381

Malcolm in the Middle has always been a favorite of mine. It's nice seeing a dysfunctional family that still loves and cares for each other but are just bad at showing it–reminds me of my own childhood.

I loved Not Simple!

No. 4382

No. 4383

I really love Emmymadeinjapan, she's seems super sweet and genuine.

No. 4384

No. 4385

File: 1539293321226.png (287.86 KB, 600x300, the-moomins.png)

Mine is Moomin , is juts a nice show i like the 90 japanes anime is the one i saw as a kid and juts fall in love wint, all the chracter are nice, they have no worrys and even toche some lgtb staff since the autor was a bisexual women just lovely

No. 4386

Same here! It's innocent and wholesome enough for kids but entertaining even for adults and the setting is comfy. I love the atmosphere of moomins.

No. 4387

Great british bake off (specially bbc's version) is my ultimate comfort show. Wholesome and really fun to watch

No. 4388

File: 1539396316737.png (642.02 KB, 447x750, tumblr_msvz6qfXt21spiaamo1_500…)

Ranma! Whenever I feel like shit I watch any random episode (which you can enjoy without any context) and I feel safe and cozy again. It's simple and funny, also I absolutely LOVE the animation, it's so cute.

Another personal bonus is the latin Spanish dub that makes the show for me even more cute and funnier, but that's also my nostalgia playing up

No. 4389

I love Ranma so much!! Honestly, it was the peak of classic and good anime. I dunno how the same person did Inu Yasha , which was such trash compared to Ranma.

No. 4390

Idk if this is as wholesome as it is just plain happy and fun, but I recommend mitchie m's music

No. 4391

i've wanted to watch moomin's for the longest time! is there a website to stream it from or do you have a physical copy? I can never seem to find a place to watch it

No. 4392

Wut, it's like 2 seconds of googling.

No. 4393

File: 1539443403649.png (271.77 KB, 661x426, witch-hat-atelier-35.png)

adding witch hat atelier to the comfy manga list. there's some light drama/mystery but its mostly about apprentice witches learning magic

No. 4394

File: 1539444023460.gif (498.17 KB, 500x209, giphy.gif)

LOTR books and movies are my comfy go-to media especially in the winter. There's so many lighthearted moments, things are simple, and I like that the characters are willing to band together and look out for one another even if they're just first meeting.

No. 4395

File: 1539461143911.gif (1.18 MB, 500x281, tumblr_o3b329xNHg1rqig44o1_r1_…)

Mushishi, both the manga and the anime
I'm hoping a Kodansha will publish physical copies of the manga since the Del Rey volumes are impossible to find for a reasonable price

No. 4396

LOTR (esp the fellowship) Is so comfy! I was just rewatching them this weekend.

No. 4397

File: 1539466980169.jpg (49.33 KB, 474x474, just another diamond day.jpg)

Vashti Bunyan is a folk artist from the 70s, she makes very soft beautiful music about nature, nostalgia, and growing old with an almost fairytale aesthetic.

Her stuff is really uplifting and wholesome.


No. 4398

Thank you for this. I'm going to sleep well tonight while listening to her.

No. 4399

File: 1539472762676.jpg (68.9 KB, 354x508, JlM9pj4.jpg)

I don't know if this counts but I love paradise kiss and nana, both stories about women finding themselves.

No. 4400

File: 1539473773548.gif (908.5 KB, 245x194, LSU5.gif)

Whenever I need to watch a series that is just pure dumb fun I turn on Cougar Town. It's always my go to comfort media when things are otherwise difficult in life.

No. 4401

I love ParaKiss so freakin much. It hurts me that NANA will never be finished due to the creator's declining health.

I'm also a salty anon that didn't like Yukari and George not ending up together in the end…

No. 4402

File: 1539478031963.jpg (1.13 MB, 1382x2048, thehaunting.jpg)

The Haunting of the Hill House is surprisingly wholesome, people are calling it a fucked up This is us.
It's a great family focused horror series, great atmosphere.

No. 4403

Both are great but I wouldn't consider them wholesome at all. They are pretty adult series and full of drama.

No. 4404

File: 1539480096752.jpg (152.9 KB, 1920x1080, 1047947-silvergate-media-launc…)

this show is fucking adorable and the ultimate cozy fall show. right next to over the garden wall but that show is lowkey creepy as much as it is wholesome

No. 4405

I find Paradise kiss to be comfy, but Nana…. nah

No. 4406

My favourite comfy things to watch are:
- Scrubs TV series
- Psych TV series
- Poirot TV series

No. 4407

I'm surprised nobody talked about Animal Crossing. There's also Pokemon, it's cute and the main games are very easy nowadays so playing them is pretty relaxing, unless you want to 100% complete the game and beat the battle frontier.

Nana is super comfy at the beginning once the heroines meet until this fucker cheats on Hachiko with Sachiko. Then it gets worse. I miss it so much.

No. 4408

And there's also Kirby, the few games I've played are so cute.

No. 4409

the girl's mode/style savvy/style boutique games are super comfy always have cute stories and adorable clothes!

No. 4410

File: 1540075693059.jpg (218.03 KB, 1200x800, style_savvy.0.jpg)

Probably because it's one of the more obvious comfy media. It doesn't need to be stated lol.

Fuck yes. Style savvy is adorable and fun. I remember a thread about it here 2-3 years ago.

No. 4411

File: 1540081880397.jpg (195.57 KB, 640x960, 29e0b7023651a200bd3c91bea3c49c…)

Most comfy anime series

No. 4412

File: 1540084237271.jpg (191.93 KB, 960x535, IMG_20181020_210525.jpg)

Star Trek the original series is my go to show for when I feel down. The campy aesthetic is always comfy, paired with exploration adventures that always end up okay just makes me really happy

No. 4413

speaking of camp, mst3k is also a good campy comfy thing to watch. when i was going through some hard times i used to watch an episode before bed and it really cheered me up

No. 4414

File: 1540109209245.jpg (105.2 KB, 350x500, index.jpg)

Sketchbook is so good. I always try to watch more action-packed stuff but slice of life anime are my faves, they make me feel so relaxed and happy

No. 4415

File: 1540128238145.png (2.61 MB, 1920x1351, 743966.png)

On the topic of slice of life anime, I loved Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru. At first I thought it was the worst weeb shit ever but it's a comforting anime. Basically you follow the daily life of many different swordguys at a citadel and it's heartwarming how nice and supportive they are to each other.

No. 4416

No. 4417


really into watching some of these lately theres something comfy about them
its weird how they dont make serious specials for kids anymore on stuff that they will be exposed to

No. 4418

Oh hey, same! Mst3k is always good for a comfy laugh. The skits are always so silly too and it’s fun to see what they could do with low budget effects and lighting. I highly recommend Mst3k to anyone who likes making fun of bad movies.

No. 4419

Does this count? I like her videos' pastel colours and hamsters are cute.

No. 4420

I could watch these kinds of videos all day long.

No. 4421


Thank you so much for this rec anon, I started reading it last night and I'm so in love with this series. It makes me want to get a lot better at cooking!

No. 4422

I love the Vanilla hamham channel!! She makes such ridiculously adorable stuff.

No. 4423

I love the Vanilla hamham channel!! She makes such ridiculously adorable stuff.

No. 4424

Bird videos always cheer me up so much ! I just melt at how cute birbs are .

I also really like to listen to Animal Crossing music whenever I'm working or to relax ! (Pr Layton music is great to work too but not as wholesome)

No. 4425

Yes!! I love Hilda, can't wait for season 2!

No. 4426

File: 1540865478008.jpg (299.63 KB, 960x1440, p14802062_b_v8_ab.jpg)

I've started watching pic related on Netflix, it's Hallmark kitsch but very calming and wholesome and Canadian. There's a cute Mountie.
Reminds me a bit of Little House or Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman

No. 4427

File: 1540876620112.jpg (68.79 KB, 600x337, ct.jpg)

YESS comfort games!
I'm seriously so content to watch playlists of people playing games while I play something on my handheld.

I would recommend checking out story of seasons, a cute-ass little farming game. (I suppose a bit similar to harvest moon?)

I'm heavily anticipating coffee talk on steam. I played the demo and it's so relaxing and cute (I mean coffee, rain and lo-fi - a winning combo). I can't wait to see more about the world. I hope they pull it off well.

No. 4428

File: 1540879389504.jpg (252.49 KB, 1003x1215, MV5BMjQxNzIzNzI1MF5BMl5BanBnXk…)

It has some dark/grim moments but the beautiful scenery/directing and happy nature of Anne really lifts my spirits.

No. 4429

story of seasons is harvest moon. they changed the title to the japanese one.

No. 4430

Gilbert is sufficiently dreamy too

No. 4431

File: 1540884599225.png (968.82 KB, 1100x734, anne.png)

Most Anne of Green Gables adaptations are really cozy. My personal favorite is the Sullivan version (the first movie). Megan Fallows was an exquisite Anne.

No. 4432

oh okay that makes sense.
I haven't played harvest moon before so I thought it was just a similar game.

No. 4433

Him being 17 makes it hard for me to see him as dreamy but he is pretty cute and I do hope he continues acting! He's a great actor and I can see him getting reallyyy handsome as he gets older.

No. 4434


This looks a lot like Va11-h11a (or however it's spelled, really lmao), is it from the same studio?
I already love it.

No. 4435

don't think so as Va-11-hall-a was created by a small indie studio and this is literally natsume's harvest moon.
Thought the same tho lmfao, those games look vaguely similar

No. 4436

Coffee talk ISN'T by Nastume.
Va11 halla isn't made by the people of coffee talk, but I see how you'd think so!

No. 4437

Thanks, must have misread and I feel retarded now. The game does look very cool though.

No. 4438

No worries! You should consider, I just finished the demo after another anon recommended playing it, and it's nice and calm.

No. 4439

today's google doodle (the little ghost game) is very cute and fun and the soundtrack is bangin


No. 4440

yeah as other anon's have said, it is a diff studio that's making it. But! I'm pretty sure they've said they were inspired by Va11halla

I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm so impatient since it comes out next year so i'm just gonna shill it in the meantime.

No. 4441

File: 1541281004094.gif (556.09 KB, 500x450, tumblr_n81tja9oYs1s97aado1_500…)

Maybe noone mentioned them cause it's obvious but just in case… The old gameboy color/gameboy advance Hamtaro games are the best. They are adorable, cozy and fun.
I've spent half of elementary school afternoons retreating into the colorful world of cute hamsters to forget that I am feeling like shit because of being bullied as fuck
They are really well made. I wish Hamtaro games got revival but I guess it's a dead franchise. Such a shame.

No. 4442

ham-ham heartbreak was like my favorite gba game. i miss that franchise.

No. 4443

Bruh that last episode/family dynamic fucked me up.

No. 4444

File: 1541312419678.jpg (79.62 KB, 638x419, article-2251889-0F4B76E6000005…)

I don't ever know how to talk about this without sounding like a massive dweeb (especially since no one in the US ever seems to have heard of this show even though there's 8 seasons of it on Netflix)….but no show has made me believe in friendship and community and love and family like Call the Midwife has. I've more or less been an atheist/agnostic my whole life but this show always got me wonderin if I should be a nun.

Fuck, this just gave me childhood flashbacks. I loved that game so much as a kid.

No. 4445


Same. There's always the odd sad episode but it's soo wholesome overall. I love Chummy.

No. 4446

I love this song

No. 4447

Even the sad ones turn into a story of like, community and love and overcoming. How do I get a girl gang like this?

No. 4448

me and my mom fight pretty much whenever I try to see her but if we sit down and watch this show we can coexist for over an hour. strong magic, 10/10

No. 4449

When I saw the kittens in episode 2,i already knew they were going to be killed (and looking it up on doesthedogdie verified it). Apparently a dog and multiple birds die in that show, too.

It's a shame because I really liked the first episode but if other farmers are sensitive about animal deaths you might want to skp this one!

No. 4450

File: 1541376704105.jpg (149.82 KB, 960x720, anne.jpg)


I'm watching the anime one by Takahata rn and it's super comfy. The watercolor scenery is gorgeous. Highly recommend!

No. 4451

File: 1541432915026.jpg (168.62 KB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Hakumei to Miko…)

Hakumei to Mikochi is super comfy

No. 4452

I love watching this Japanese Youtuber that plays Minecraft with no guide or knowing anything before hand, the series is called "PiroPito First Playthrough of Minecraft". I know that "Minecraft Let's Play" sounds pretty far from wholesome and comfy content but this one really is. His voice is very calm, and he's just overall very adorably curious about everything. I binged through this series in a couple of days and now watch it every time my anxiety is taking over and it seriously works better than Xanax for me. The videos have English captions (which are also v cute) so no worries if you don't speak Japanese.

Though I need to warn that the rest of the videos on his channel he are really creepy (it seems his hobby is making creepypasta-like videos) but there's nothing like that in the Minecraft videos, so just stick to those if you don't like disturbing stuff.

No. 4453

I finally sat my ass down to watch this on my day off and i legit marathoned it in about two days. I really enjoyed it. It felt like horror going back to horror roots. I also appreciate that it wasn't filled with gore for no reason of sexual assaults (esp on women) the way a lot of modern horror can be. I really appreciate a lot of what the show did.

Very sad though, so have tissue ready.

No. 4454

They don't do it in a bad way, though?? I agree if you're sensitive to animal death, but it's actually done in a way relevant to the story and feels more real than just killing someone to kill it.

of course kittens are going to die without their mother, especially being newborn.

No. 4455

I just got a gba. Now I need to get these games. So cute!

No. 4456

The show does not sound like it belongs in this thread tbh

No. 4457

Just wanted to say thank you!
I'm studying japanese (lower intermediate level) and his Minecraft videos are perfect because I understand most of what he says and even learn a few new things. Plus he has subtitles in english and japanese and they're not the auto generated kind.

His videos are calming indeed. I lol'd when he started drowning in that first walkthrough and just went nani in the most calm manner. There's something so cute and childish about his way of playing.

No. 4458

Does anyone have any other suggestions for cosy GBA games? I really enjoyed the Sims games (Bustin' Out, Urbz, Sims 2) when I was younger. They each have their own story, unlike the PC Sims games. Something about those specific games makes me feel so nostalgic.

No. 4459

File: 1541543051230.png (135.44 KB, 1200x800, Screen_Shot_2018_10_31_at_9.57…)

deltarune is very cute! it has the same vibe and humour as undertale (same creator, not necessarily pt 2 of undertale but they're interconnected i think) and i spent like 2 hours playing it today instead of revising haha

No. 4460

I think it’s a spin off of Undertale, a lot of the characters appear. It’s a really cute game so far, definitely cozy.

No. 4461

Obvious choice but Urbz is amazing too! It's the same type of a game as Sims Bustin Out and I think that it's the best from those that I played (Sims Bustin Out, Sims 2, Urbz)

No. 4462

File: 1541567458942.jpeg (31.32 KB, 616x347, 1420564655537.jpeg)

kids baking championship always makes me smile. the kids are all so passionate and talented, and they always help each other out. a sweet little show

No. 4463

dogz gba

No. 4464

does he still rip off Earthbound writing style and type of humor? Found Undertale really annoying for that reason (trying too hard to be like Mother series) so not sure if I will like this one.

No. 4465

File: 1541587148968.png (245.09 KB, 2558x1335, gba dogz.png)

This used to be my favourite game when I was young, totally still adorable as I remembered it to be
It would always make me sad whenever I finished it tho

No. 4466

Cute. What do you do in it?

No. 4467

File: 1541600280333.jpeg (54.96 KB, 599x382, 1_s73gQ6rA8wv828z2PPjhbg.jpeg)

Really glad you enjoyed it! And yeah it's great for learning Japanese, one of the reasons I even started watching was because it's so easy to understand.

Idk if you already watch it but another wholesome series that also aids with studying is Terrace House, a show on Netflix where 6 random Japanese persons live under the same roof and live their daily lives. It's really soft-paced for a reality tv series, and very comfy and wholesome most of the time (there are bits of drama here and there, as you would have with normal human relationships, but it's pretty realistic and not blown out). What makes it great for learning the language is that it's unscripted, so you hear how people actually speak, so naturally it's better than watching j-dramas or anime. Oh, and I recommend it to anyone regardless of whether they speak Japanese or not. Great for binging.

No. 4468

File: 1541601802824.png (18.81 KB, 252x252, 9DC6F824-36B2-40E7-9622-D68CF2…)

Night vale is very comforting for me and i always like the weather at times in night vale

No. 4469

you revived some very comfy childhood memories, I loved this game.

Not above anon, but you basically choose a puppy from the petstore and raise/train him. Super cute and simple game.

No. 4470

Not OP but this game was my childhood, you basically just raise a dog of your choosing for 30 days (I think) until you start again, but you can still visit your previous dog.

I love it because the amount of effort you have to put in to each dog to unlock things is super fun and relaxing, you could go the entire 30 days and not train your dog up to the point it can go on walks so every dog feels unique. Plus there are little timed in-game moments that are adorable, like the phone ringing at random, and if you catch it before it stops, you have a small convo with your aunt, just small things really make a difference.

Plus you can clean your house, play videogames, play with her toys (like a remote control car), and just live your life + pup. Really great, many a fun time, I used to cry whenever the 30 days were up lel.

No. 4471

>Not OP but this game was my childhood, you basically just raise a dog of your choosing for 30 days (I think) until you start again
Oh, it sound so much like pic related, except with dogs and not ponies…

>but you can still visit your previous dog

…except for this point, the bad thing about the Friendship Gardens MLP game was that once your pony went over the rainbow, you would never see her again. Which sucked.

No. 4472

File: 1541619842209.jpg (101.3 KB, 800x600, 620052-my-little-pony-friendsh…)

Sorry, dropped my pic and I am on mobile so cannot edit easily.

No. 4473

Unfortunately you can't do as much as you used to with your dog when visiting it, plus if you didn't learn how to do things you can't ever progress with it, like if, after the 30 days, I never taught the dog to catch, it'll never be able to learn :(

I used to play this too! Then again I've played every essential 'girly' game, old graphics are so fun.

No. 4474

Holy fuck! I didn't expect to see other fans of these games. I actually researched the company that made them (MTO) because I find their games so cute and comforting.
Catz is good too, but the style is very different. I preferred being able to walk around in Dogz. Dogz on DS and Dogz 2 on GBA both are in the same style as the first GBA Dogz game, for anyone interested or looking for these games.

Harvest Moon! More Friends of Mineral Town is the girl version, Friends of Mineral Town is the boy one. There are also gay mods now. I also second all of the suggestions other anons made. I'll post again if I think of other cutesy games. Can they be games for GB/GBC since you can play those on GBA?
As a stressed out adult, the cute games I played as a child are coming back and I don't want to bother with feeling embarrassed for liking cute kids' games anymore.

No. 4475

So my nightly ritual before bed (especially before I have to wake up for work or class next morning) has been popping my klonopin then playing this app called cartoon network match while watching either adventure time or steven universe or whatever other cartoon. Before that it was an app called "#for_rest". I guess I really like the old style pixel game apps. CN match is all pixelly and nostalgic to me because of the music and noises. For rest is nice and soothing too.

No. 4476

Yesss I played this too. But I thought I'd be able to follow my pony when they went over the rainbow and I was so sad when I couldn't lol.

I think I got this game in a package of CDs with a Barbie Rapunzel game and a Crayola Dress Up game. Did anyone else have that?

No. 4477

File: 1541685920704.jpg (Spoiler Image,419.86 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20181108-145631.jpg)

I haven't seen the scene, I just read about it on doesthedogdie.com so I can't say anything about that but the description make me glad I didn't see it.

Of course not everyone is sensitive about this, I just wanted to add my 2 cents in case other anons might be sensitive about animal deaths, especially when they expect wholesome spook.

I'm glad you could enjoy it regardless and I hope many more anons do!

Picture related, those are only comments about the kittens, apparently a dog dies, too.

No. 4478

File: 1541694518494.jpg (658.55 KB, 1920x1080, 480179-okami-hd-for-pc.jpg)

This is perfect, thank you again!
> Great for binging.
Yeah, I guess my exams can wait lol

Also, I would recommend the game Okami as wholesome. It's probably on my top 5 games list. I played it first on my ps2 and it was released on PC I think last year. I just like the characters, the music, the art, and the gameplay. You kill enemies with your brush and you get new brush moves by interacting with Japanese gods. It's super satisfying restoring a place and breathing life into it. And the game itself is really long so after finishing all the quests you get attached to the characters and immersed into the story. I was crying a few times which I usually don't.

No. 4479


God, Call the Midwife is incredible. I would die for Sister Monica Joan.

No. 4480

I haven't finished it but ugh more deaths? I might figure out where they are and skip them because things like that add nothing to the story.

I think it's good you mentioned it for sensitive anons, tbh. It didn't bother me too much because we didn't get attached to them, they die very quickly after they're found. To summarise for curious anons or anyone who wants to prep themselves before they see it:

They find the kittens in a shed and the dad lets her keep them. She tries feeding them cow's milk which would obviously not keep them alive. She finds the first kitten dead and as they're burying it, it starts moving again. The girl is convinced that the kitten is still alive and doesn't want to bury it. Turns out it was a bug crawling in the dead kitten's body. The rest have some kind of disease and have gone blind. It's implied that the rest of the kittens were killed by the father. The parents have an argument about it. The mother thinks it was traumatising and the father thinks it was a good lesson for her to learn and that's why he let her keep them instead of leaving them in the shed for the mother to return to.

No. 4481

Thanks to all the anons for the game recs! By the way there are loads of websites that allow you to play old PC games online and the first time I came across one I spent hours playing games that I haven't seen since I was a kid, especially educational ones we had in school. Highly recommend because it's a nostalgia goldmine.


No. 4482

Yes! Okami is very wholesome. One of the greatest games I've ever played. It's been released on almost every system, and goes on sale often. So there's no reason not to check it out!

No. 4483

Thank you anon. I've been playing Sim Isle and Theme Hospital for the past couple hours lol

No. 4484

File: 1542809360255.jpg (829.46 KB, 1000x1200, 63580020_p7.jpg)

I thought the Yo-kai watch games were comfy.
The monster designs depend on person to person but I don't mind too much. I felt like a little kid again exploring areas and using my imagination to pretend there's magic in mundane, everyday things.

I'm disappointed that they did a 180 and made it edgy in the recent games but I won't forget the fun I had

No. 4485

I loved those too, yw1 was the first monster catching game I've played where I actually felt like catching all the monsters. it was a lot of fun albiet very frustrating at times.

No. 4486

I've been listening to my Red Velvet playlist and this song seems super wholesome to me. I feel comfy listening to it in the car when I drive home from a stressful work day.

I avoided this series when it first came out because I didn't want it to turn into a shitty Amittyville 5.0. I was surprised by the fact that all of the adult children have realistic but fucked circumstances they try to heal from but it keeps reeling them back.

When Nell died, I appreciate the fact that they didn't make the funeral process gritty and "accepted". Shirley has seen death and never accepted it healthily since the kittens died. When she was handling Nell she felt emotion that was different than her recycled job tasks. Even Theo was broken upon seeing Nell and she's the most badass of the group. Their family bond was strong despite them talking shit about each other all the fucking time. Wholesome I guess? I'm at the episode where Luke apparently "OD's" in the house so let's see where it takes us. I wonder about the Red Room and what's in it. I'm glad it's not spoodfed to me yet.

No. 4487

If you like videos of small, cozy Backstreets around Japan, then I highly recommend this channel. Super relaxing to watch.

No. 4488

anon thank you so much for sharing this. i watched one video and im already feeling better

No. 4489

this is lovely to watch, so peaceful! i'm streaming it to my tv and it looks and sounds wonderful, thank you x 100, anon.

No. 4490

i needed this in my life. so comfy and an easy way to escape lol

No. 4491

I'm just going to repeat what others said, but thank you so much. It's truly wholesome and comfy.
I'm so glad that this thread exists.

No. 4492

Discovered this chick recently. I guess it reminds me of when my mom would cook and we eat together and talk about the food.

No. 4493

Thank you, Anon! I've just started reading and I absolutely love this!

No. 4494

File: 1543254663667.jpeg (58.71 KB, 696x434, A644AD04-62EF-4F8B-A26D-EE9302…)

Pure and sweet anime.

No. 4495

File: 1543526883196.jpg (838.05 KB, 1280x720, Atelier_Meruru_Plus-1.jpg)

Three of Atelier games come out on Stream in 4 days.
I only saw some gameplay since never had PS3, but games seem so adorable. Art is cute too.

No. 4496

File: 1543527808112.jpg (87.96 KB, 650x450, Lee-Hyori-Reality-Show.jpg)

Hyori's Bed and Breakfast
honestly binge watched both seasons whilst being depressed in bed this winter so far and it's been great. got me onto drinking buckets of pu'er tea and actually cooking properly again

No. 4497

That anime broke me. It's depressing at times, but there is something so incredibly wholesome about Natsume as a character. it's truly a great series about the trials and tribulations of friendship.

No. 4498

AKMU's sister and brother duo feels very wholesome to me.
I love how they are not over-sexualized, look like have a healthy relationship and how they overcame a lot of difficulties growing up poor and changing countries.
This song in special is about how they were scared as children of the 'Dinosaurs', slang for loan sharks, that used to visit their home and, in the song at least, decide to roar louder than the dino to gain courage.
They also did some super cute Disney covers.

No. 4499

File: 1543840068605.jpg (237.96 KB, 1920x1080, Pride-and-Prejudice-1995-jane-…)

I'm watching the 1995 bbc version of Pride and Prejudice at the moment and it's wholesome as fuck. I was always put off Austen adaptations by the nutty fanbase, but I actually really like it.

No. 4500

Are these really wholesome? Looks targeted towards a certain group of incels.

No. 4501

Ok but like…..what is it called? Just showing us a pic isn't helpful

No. 4502

NTAYRT but it is helpful if you can reverse image search. It's Natsume Yuujinchou. I also recommend it even though I sometimes cry while watching it since Natsume (the main character) didn't have the best childhood, yet he's still so pure. Otherwise it's very beautiful, art and story wise, and the soundtrack is always amazing, kinda like impressionist music mixed with some traditional Japanese music elements. Also bonus points for the countryside comfiness.

Honestly just watch any anime with the Iyashikei tag and you're set for a pleasant time. (https://anilist.co/search/anime?includedTags=Iyashikei)

No. 4503

File: 1545590957205.png (667.69 KB, 670x473, doremi.png)

Ojamajo Doremi. It was one of my favorite shows as a kid. It has a really good message, and is really nice to just relax and watch after a long day.

No. 4504

File: 1545591626330.jpg (482.16 KB, 1200x1600, 16922128_1200x1600.jpg)

winx club too, but for god's sakes don't watch past season 3. loved this show on 4kids for years, but after s3 it went to shit.

No. 4505

I want a series dedicated to Reiko running around, bullying yokai.

No. 4506

I did played 2/3 of Atelier Rorona, and it's rather targeted towards girls, with female leads and side-characters guys being your typical bishie.
Main gameplay is gathering items for alchemy from maps that you explore + jRPG fights.
The only fanservice'y thing I can complain about is changing you character's clothes to swimsuits.

No. 4507

Yess! I would watch the hell out of that. Reiko needs more screen time and flashbacks.

No. 4508

Anon, this OP alone has made want to play the whole series, thank you! Unfortunately I don't own a PS3 or a Vita so I'll have to stick with the older games.

No. 4509


I like this series about cooking in the Victorian era. The low tech historical reenactment is calming to me.

No. 4510

This reminded me of Downton Abbey, although it's set after the Victorian era. The show can be a bit dramatic and emotional, but the ambience in general is very comfy and there are a lot of wholesome moments. Also, the costume designs are great!

No. 4511

I have a soft spot for this franchise even though it's pretty bad. It's like a worse version of W.i.t.c.h but it was enjoyable and exciting to watch when I was a kid.

You heard that next year we will get a live action Netflix series? I believe it might be geared towards original fan of the series (but not only, obviously). I pray that it's good or at least fun cause I like the idea overall.

No. 4512

i'm that anon, i was a fan of w.i.t.c.h. too. the comics were awesome, but the tv series was terrible af. i don't think winx is a worse version of it tbh, it's still kinda different, though they do both come from italy.

with winx, only the first three seasons are watchable. i remember watching when s4 came out and was like… what the fuck happened to the animation? recently re-watched and saw a tiny bit from the new seasons… like, what happened to this show? it's still going on and it looks awful. the movies and anything past s3 are so shitty. it should have ended after 3 tbh. and when nick picked it up they ruined it so bad. rainbow did a better job dubbing, hell even 4kids did.

No. 4513

File: 1546783225477.jpg (59.39 KB, 480x480, madfsdfs.jpg)

I recommend the new Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on netflix. It's relaxing to watch and Marie is adorable.

No. 4514

File: 1546851362965.jpg (55.81 KB, 680x684, 8b8.jpg)

city pop is god's music. i know many people think it's only popular because weebs but i like it because of the instrumentals. it's disco, but because japan was late to the party so it's disco with 80s synths and that is such a vibe. some songs i recc:
>kaoru akimoto - dress down
>momoko kikuchi - adventure
>junko ohashi - dancin'
>tatsuro yamashita - love talkin

No. 4515

>>4514 dude listen to flyday chinatown by yasuha… its a bop

No. 4516

>A bop
You must be 18 or older to post here. Also learn how to integrate.

No. 4517

No. 4518

Listen to sum fucking hits from Anzen Chitai, Rebecca, and BARBEE BOYS

No. 4519

seconding anon, anzen chitai is amazing

No. 4520

No. 4521

Literal fucking music from the Gods

No. 4522

Just sounds like 80s pop music on the radio. Except the uk, americans, and italians did it better. The beats were more catchy and coherent.

No. 4523

Do you have any nice examples from Italy? I never liked American 80s pop music, it sounded too produced for me. I absolutely love 80s pop from Mexico. There's a lot of 80s Japanese pop that sounds so drone-y, it's a turn off for me.

No. 4524

tamaki doing a cover of 'isso serenade' for a tv drama
so relaxing

No. 4525

File: 1550361054697.jpeg (163.88 KB, 1280x720, ACF8C500-AE07-416B-A4FE-DD7B6A…)

I still play this every single day

No. 4526

File: 1550740574494.png (1.44 MB, 1500x800, y73ULD8.png)

I bought the 'second' game on a whim because it was like 5 dollars at game stop (already an older game/out of date) and I fell in love with it. It's such a cozy game, and I love fashion so it was a perfect stress reliever.

No. 4527

File: 1551122929122.jpg (19.29 KB, 300x400, 71yY9juQWAL._RI_SX300_.jpg)


Little Forest is the comfiest movie I've seen in a long time. I highly recommend it. It's about a girl that leaves the city, and basically becomes a farmer. Lots of comfy scenes of her cooking food and gardening.

Apparently there is a Japanese version, and a Korean version. I've only seen the Korean one, and I think it's actually on youtube, although it may get taken down. But its also available for anyone with Amazon Prime.

No. 4528

File: 1551123477478.jpg (108.12 KB, 400x400, Faeries.jpg)

How are you getting the games to work for you? I cant seem to get any of them to work(inb4 update flash, it is )

No. 4529

File: 1551123652216.png (518.05 KB, 1200x800, stardew_valley_guide_01.0.png)

stardew valley will always be my go to wholesome game. you farm, raise animals, fish, and relax. i have over 500+ hours because whenever i'm feeling down and load it up and play

No. 4530

same! it’s so sad how it feels like it could shut down any day though haha.

No. 4531

At last all those abandoned Neopets will stop being in permanent starvation.

No. 5651

are you letting adblock run while you play the games? allow neopets to be excluded or disable it. i found that that was my issue. neopets won't run shit unless you allow their ads i think

No. 10692

File: 1551515504028.gif (38.22 KB, 150x150, ixi_plushie_run.gif)

Don't be ashamed, anon. I still feed my pets every few months. Pretty much everyone who uses the site is in their twenties lol

Ixis and Cybunnies were my favorite pets. Also, I used to ship Illusen and Jhudora.

No. 11848

I bought a DS emulator for my phone and have been burning through the ace attorney games for a while. They're fun but I'd like a game that I can play mindlessly. Anyone got recommendations for wholesome DS games?

No. 11914

File: 1551717107330.jpg (64.63 KB, 480x358, simanimals_1233615396.jpg)

OK I feel like I'm the only person who ever played this game because I never hear people talk about it but I absolutely love the Sim Animals game. It's pretty easy and simple since it's meant for kids but it's very cute and wholesome. You just take care of woodland animals and you can manipulate the habitat and grow different plants and trees. There's different animals and habitats to unlock as you progress through the game.

There's also a second game that's set in Africa which is also cute and improves on a lot of the gameplay.

No. 12787

Ac wild world, enchanted folk, scribblenauts

No. 14857

this chinese lady forages wild ingredients from the forest to cook and it is super relaxing/interesting

No. 15633

i watch a shit ton of her videos with my mom. It seems so ideal to live like that with peace and quite, surrounded by beautiful nature, eating and using things you've created. Also the way her videos are filmed is gorgeous.

No. 15636

I am a stressed out city person and wow…this is how humans should be living, huh!

No. 16672

This is really amazing. Does anyone else know any channels like this? Or channels that at least match this mood and character.

No. 17016

File: 1552413121367.jpg (332.49 KB, 862x1236, 1.jpg)

kyou, curry is a really cute one off manga about a father & daughter that sell curry in a food truck

No. 19406


No. 19484

File: 1552842887605.jpg (176.61 KB, 300x450, qC.gQB6SsrE.jpg)

Okan is about a mother leaving her gambling husband to have a better life with her son while teaching him how to be a good person.
I love the mother in this, she's so strong through all the hardships and her relationship with her son is too wholesome despite the art being kind of crude sometimes.

No. 19590

Are any of you fans of Bjork? she's so cute in this video

No. 20525

File: 1553163150800.png (379.63 KB, 700x350, Capa2.png)

Yesterday watched kdrama Hello my twenties! and it was so fun. You can find it on netflix.

This is about group of girls, various ages living in one apartament. Loved how instead of focusing too much on romance, writers explored girls relationship with one another.

2nd season is trash thought.

No. 20607

i love to vid where she just goes shhhhh! shhhhh!

No. 21647

>2nd season is trash though
It was a big disappointment and I have lots of problems with it and them doing characters dirty, but I was still glad they made it. I was amazed when they did, I really never expected to get another series
This kdrama affected me so much, it's probably the only one that I would ever call myself a fan of

No. 21650

I checked it out because of your rec, it's awesome so far! I avoid dramas because of the heavy romantic focus so friendships are such a relief. Thank you anon.

No. 21653

File: 1553303775596.jpeg (70.04 KB, 350x496, 41C380D6-0097-4100-9FEE-601E34…)

Tentative recommendation for Gokushufudou, a slice-of-life manga about an ex-yakuza who becomes a house husband to a businesswoman. The jokes are typically set up that Tatsu, the MC is doing something that appears menacing due to his appearance, but it’s actually wholesome/innocuous/silly. I love it. Also if you’re like me and husbando someone from the Yakuza series this manga is really cathartic read

No. 21665

>house husband
>Angel Densetsu-esque misunderstanding premise

Picked the fuck up.

No. 21676

Great taste. As a Yakuza fan, I really liked this and read all the chapters so far. It's cute and the misunderstandings with other yakuza are funny
>tfw no yakuza house husband

No. 21688

My favourite wholesome music is Goose House, a Japanese band with some really fun, happy songs and they do a lot of covers too. But I think their originals are the best, some other favs of mine that are on youtube:
>Hikaru Nara
>Domino Effect
>Bokura dake no Toushindai

No. 22023

File: 1553576592910.jpg (188.5 KB, 1000x1000, MviGxaJ (1).jpg)

this picture reminded me of this thread

No. 22411

This was great! Thanks.

No. 22497

File: 1553916024913.jpg (96.75 KB, 900x600, wild-animals-offspring-04.jpg)

No. 22508

File: 1553924016867.jpg (62.26 KB, 564x720, loaf.jpg)

No. 22837

Does anyone have recs for quality content (books, videos, blogs etc) about making your life more beautiful and happy, achieving your goals and making good habits?

I don't expect magic results, but I want to feel like I am reading something that makes me rethink my life choices and gives me motivation to change. At the same time, I don't want to read bullshit like The Secret. I mean real actions that lead to real results, even if they also include things like writing down your lifetime dreams etc.

No. 22838

There is an app called Fabulous that is good for forming habits.

No. 22858

Thanks! Downloading it now and will give it a shot.

I would really like to read some books on the topic of beautiful lifestyle, something like Mari Kondo's ones but about living in general rather than cleaning. lol

No. 22871

You're welcome! I'd also be interested in such books.

No. 22925

File: 1554073068859.jpg (39.35 KB, 1080x607, YrOGffb.jpg)

Whenever I feel depressed, I break out my GameCube and play the original Chibi Robo. It's so wholesome, it almost feels like it knows I'm playing because I'm so unhappy in my life at that moment.

No. 23275

I actually just started watching that as well! With my bf which is shocking because he never watches kdramas because he thinks they're cheesy (which they are tbh and thats why I like them) and even he likes it. We're only on like episode 4 but we really like it so far!

No. 23315

this is so sweet, I hope you're doing better

No. 23396

Does anyone know more youtube channels about homeless dogs who get rescued? Cats are okay too

No. 24310

It's not wholesome as in squeaky clean and cute but I recommend Flight of the Conchords, it's mostly awkward humour with songs in between. But the main characters being innocent and harmless to the point of absurdity is the basis of a lot of jokes and it always puts me in a good mood.

No. 25097

Tasty has a whole series called made by hand that is super relaxing. basically there is one theme for each episode (ice cream, bread, cheese) and they interview 2-3 chefs that make everything from scratch and they tend to be very passionate and love what they do.

on that note, does anyone know of any chill food series similar? i despise traditional american cooking shows (like rachel ray and the like) but love shows that had solid cinematography and are retrospective

No. 25240

This is very interesting. Thanks, anon!

No. 25421

"Howl of a dog" is another channel like that. (Sorry for bringing up an old post)

No. 27461

File: 1555854515300.jpg (44.13 KB, 826x464, 5c53d2916c8f7.jpg)


Netflix anon here again! I found another amazing wholesome show on Netflix. It's called Rilakkuma and Kaoru, from what I understand it is stop motion animation, very heartwarming and not overly childish, plus there are various things that young woman can relate to.

No. 27462

Late but Lofty Pursuits makes candy videos kinda like that even though the cinematography isn't so good, and the bon appetite series It's Alive too https://youtu.be/EAO1A6EdVVA

No. 27510

this show is bad and you should feel bad.

No. 27590

I was thinking about watching it, why do you think it's a bad show anon?

No. 27804

File: 1555972178096.jpg (39.21 KB, 500x276, 1-Poetic.jpg)

What is your damage anon
it's really not as bad as you're making it out to be.

No. 28967

File: 1556420403773.jpg (53.4 KB, 640x551, 7496445d40d456aca28b4cd2077919…)

Never had one until I started watching this cartoon

Must protect my boy's smile And he's not trans ffs

No. 28995

this was so relaxing! that big chunk of candy looks like it would be so much fun to play with.

No. 29039

It's a nice show.
I see season 2 is out now too! I really hope he doesn't turn out to be in the name of being "progressive"

No. 29080

File: 1556468699365.png (60.29 KB, 366x370, 6543223456.png)


I swear to God I posted this to the sonfu thread, even went out of my way to search for "sonfu"

But alas it's a comfy wholesome show indeed so I guess it's fitting anyway

No. 29508


Tbh anon, when I first read your post, I didn't even thought about that the post is in the wrong place. Idk why this is so funny, but this situation made me laugh

No. 32455

featuring a lamb and some puppies

No. 32889

These miso soup commercials are so wholesome. There's one with a single mom too that was super cute.

No. 32904

This is not exactly fluffy or anything but so much heart, moved me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAfJpyBgcgA

The bel-air trailer. Anyone saw it?

No. 32981


wtf this makes me hate modern trailers lmfao

No. 36888

File: 1561156323945.png (95.66 KB, 760x606, Screenshot_20190522-152149.png)

Do you know any youtubers that have a wholesome persona on their videos? I'm tired of seeing people talking about their shitty opinions on social media and having to unfollow them because they start to reeeee and cry like adult-babies.

I don't really care about the content, everything but ASMR or people eating. I've already seen PiroPito and I really like his videos, even the creepy ones or the ones talking about his ant-farm.

No. 36908


I've never seen anyone talk about it, but the creator of Courage the Cowardly Dog has a pretty relaxing channel. He just vlogs his animation process and his life, rambling about things in an interesting accent.

No. 36936

File: 1561174186624.jpg (213.3 KB, 800x616, based.jpg)

Oh god, I was obsessed with the purple one… Had a cool keychain of her that I used as a mini action figure lmao

My favorite from y childhood was W.I.T.C.H. the Italian comic! Cornelia was my favorite character as a kid but now I like Irma and Elyon a lot more.

No. 36938

>now I like Irma and Elyon a lot more

They are the best characters!
I disliked Cornelia for being a snarky bitch, but a lot of girls liked her the most because she's blone and stereotypically girly (into fashion, figure skating and romance).

No. 36956

Fashion-wise I've always liked Hay Lin's kooky outfits the most. Her hair was really off-putting for me, though. She looks like a weird alien toddler. Taranee's witch hair is dumb too also hated that. Her normal hair and outfits were cool, though. Will is probably my least favorite character from the comic. I think I have something against ketchup colored hair.

Hay Lin's bf Eric was the best guy by far. She really lucked out with that dude, especially considering Irma's dating prospect…

No. 37304

File: 1561320430476.jpg (294.11 KB, 1241x1920, 92atv1dok6g11.jpg)

New suggestion! The coziest of the cozy, the cute and wholesome , Summer camp island.

Check it out and get swooped by wonder-full summertime magic!

No. 37317

File: 1561326305246.jpg (40.31 KB, 455x680, 2f03d1fb17104af629b66e089a234f…)

Oh I just used to love W.I.T.CH.! I kind of wanna reread the books / watch the programme now for the nostalgia… I think Irma was my favourite as a kid, but I remember also loving Will. I loved all the girls though, I kind of went through phases of having different faves.

No. 37355

God damn I still love witch! They had such a huge impact on my childhood and early teenage years. I had the biggest crush on Will.
I collected all the comics, books, dolls and whatever merch I could get my hands on and I kept them to this day. I plan to read them again in a couple of years

No. 37402

I had all the comics as well! I had a couple of the dolls, I think Will and Cornelia. The dolls were really poorly made and off model lol

No. 37655

Kinda late response but I wanted to reply with a few YouTubers I watch. I'm always on the hunt for content creators who are entertaining and fun without being obnoxious or douchey so I'd love recommendations too. Anyway here are a few YouTubers I like:

>Jenna Marbles

The queen of wholesome content. Everybody already knows about her but I can't not mention her lol.

>Naomi Jon

A German YouTuber who makes makeup/beauty/lifestyle videos. She's really cute and bubbly and has a super goofy sense of humor which might not be your thing but I like her videos, they're just lighthearted and silly without any stupid drama or anything.


Okay this one is really weird and idk if it counts as wholesome but hear me out… this channel is a dude who makes bizarre but fucking hilarious dance/singing covers. They're so bad that they're good. He uploads new songs constantly and has been at it for years. You have to experience it for yourself, please go watch one of his videos because it's truly captivating.


Adorable Italian grandpa who uploads recipes of delicious Italian food. I don't even like watching cooking shit but I would die for this man without hesitation.

>Simone Giertz

She's the one who makes all those ridiculous shitty robots, her videos are all super fun and entertaining if you like robotics/science/tech and that kind of stuff. I'd recommend checking out her newest video about making the Tesla truck, it's great. All her videos have great production quality, too.

>Squirmy and Grubs

A channel run by Hannah and Shane, an 'interabled' couple talking about their daily life and disabilities and such. They're both sweet and wholesome and Shane has a great sense of humor. (They just got engaged too!)

To close this off I'm just gonna put a buffcorrell video here because his videos are seriously an experience. No matter how shitty I'm feeling they always make me laugh.

No. 37663

that theme song was catchy as hell too! Thanks for the nostalgia, anon

No. 37726

File: 1561501786579.jpeg (154.47 KB, 960x544, 7E2FAC37-B5A8-4F69-A7B7-5A6DAF…)

Va-11 Hall-A is my go to cozy game. there’s no score, no timer, you just get to know the bar patron’s stories and favourite drinks while listening to cute music

No. 37733

I enjoyed it as well! The scene with the boss is adorable

No. 37734

File: 1561507140609.jpg (93.99 KB, 900x899, bby.jpg)


No. 37754

I love this game! I’ve played it once all the way through, currently in my second play through trying to get everyone as drunk as possible lol. I can’t wait for the nirvana one to come out (forgot how they spelled it exactly)

No. 37826

I kekked because in the latest episode he says “shit!” when trying to make a beak canoe. Also the chick in the comments who always posts “daddy” makes me laugh

No. 37827

bark not beak damn auto correct

No. 37835


Good ol' Nicole, I remember when people were worried when she wasn't commenting for a while and turns out she was hospitalized for a stomach bug

No. 37848

Townsends is bae, legit husband material

No. 37949

I fucking love the Postman Pat theme

No. 38011

Anyone have good DS recommendations? I have a flash cart and want to get some cozy games to take with me on a long trip. Children's games are absolutely fine and if you know games for kids that are still fun as an adult, those are ideal. I have a soft spot for simulations, especially raising simulators, dressup games, dollhouses, home design, etc. I got Magician's Quest and want to get Chibi Robo, Rune Factory, and some other stuff. Games that need translations are fine as long as they can be patched and played.

No. 38013

super princess peach is the shit

No. 38014

scribblenauts rules tbh

No. 38036

Professor Layton games, Nintendogs, Tomodotchi Collection, Style Savvy, Tamagotchi Connection, Bomberman Land Touch, Monkey Ball Touch and Roll, and Taiko No Tatsujin DS. I don't think Taiko has a patch, but it's a rhythm game.

No. 38268

this. I would KILL for a super princess peach sequel on the switch.

No. 38274

File: 1561776865288.jpg (20.88 KB, 259x194, images-1.jpg)


I'd recommend the Legendary Starfy if you like kirby-esque platformers. I don't feel like this game is super well known, but it's adorable. Also Rythym Heaven/Warioware if you need to kill time with some quick mini games

No. 38799

Oba-chan funk!

No. 38869

I've started playing Animal Crossing Pocket Camp again for some wholesomeness on the go. I played it for a minute when it first came out, but as is customary for games of all types nowadays, it was totally unfinished at launch. Now that they've fleshed it out a bit more, it's a pretty good Animal Crossing itch scratcher. Doesn't have EVERYTHING a full AC game has, but it's got enough to make me smile. Plus it's very easily playable without needing to spend any IRL money.

No. 38872

Flippin cute anon

No. 39673

I find theses Brutalmoose arcade videos to be so cozy. Too bad there aren't many good games at my arcades

No. 39681

Brutalmoose in general! So cozy and wholesome! I've been watching him for years now and I adore every video no matter what he does in it.

No. 39682

I feel like hes the only creator whose content I always always watch, I love his videos so much

No. 39701


I love how chill and non-negative he is! He mentioned in a video a while back that he used to find a crappy games/movies and shit on them for cheap content when that was popular, but now he's strayed away from that and is doing his own thing which makes him happier and makes better videos. It's honestly a breath of fresh air to see more positive and relaxed reviews as opposed to the clusterfuck that is most other review channels.

No. 39708

At least you have arcades, in my town 'arcade' is code word for underground gambling.
Yeah in one of his videos he stated he stopped looking at bad games in the 'holly shit this is terrible' way, but more in the 'this is interesting' way.

No. 39982

Oh my gosh yes, bless Ian! I actually found him through his Brutal Foods videos he does, but the fact that he does video game videos is perfect to me tbh. He's so sweet and he is legitimately the only Youtuber that I watch his live stream videos of because he doesn't put on a persona for his channel. I really am honestly surprised that he's under 1 mil subscriptions because of the quality in his videos and it really shows how much effort is put in. Although, I guess now that I think about it, he's not quite the loud and brazen type that tends to attract attention, especially in the gaming community.

No. 41653

I absolutely adore this channel. I also tried the recipes, they're quite good.

Other channels like that are Cook Cafemaru, Peaceful Cuisine, or Hidamari Cooking

No. 41655

No. 41659


Oh I was about to suggest Peaceful Cuisine , but it seems you are aware of it!!! I enjoy it so much

Also you can check out emmymadeinjapan, she does retro recipes and various other foods. She also so eloquently spoken that you can almost taste dishes from just her descriptions.

No. 41661

By the way anyone else watches Daz? He seems like such a nice guy to hang out with. Love how shocked he sometimes is and how he always react to various content with a perspective of a parent. He also adores his wife and daughter.He started to do vines and youtube as a coping for his anxiety, also he is currently successfully losing his weight. All around he seems like a wholesome and nice person.

No. 41675

I love Emmy! Her voice is so soothing. She sounds like she's great with children.

I've been binge watching TabiEats videos during my downtime at work. I like how honest they are with things they try, it's great.

No. 41707

I had to stop watching "It's Alive!" because I realized I was too in luv with Brad Leone and that he's almost exactly my ex in every way, but I highly recommend for anyone who doesn't have an ex that looks/acts exactly like Brad Leone! (it was my fav show before that realization, just a good/fun/silly time)

No. 41708

I love bon appetit in general. I watched vid related of molly and carla looking or the perfect pizza cheese on a whim and wound up going to the store and making an entire pizza that night lol. RIP about your ex though anon, I've had a similar experience with a different youtube personality and it really ruins the experience.

No. 41709

I love BA. Rank your favorite chefs there!

This is petty af but I high key dislike Priya bc she only cooks shit her mom makes and seems to have no culinary education. Even her mechanical skills are lower than the rest of the staff, kinda feels like she got hired merely to diversify or something.

No. 41713

File: 1564212288433.jpg (302 KB, 1280x864, jqzcB9tb1.jpg)

Comprehensive ranking of BA chefs:
#1-5. Toby Goofy (the smallest boy)

No. 41714

Y'know, I really learned a lot about myself from trying to run the numbers on why Brad was SO attractive to me. I learned my exact type is "constant chaotic energy", so, not for nothing.

Anyways, I had to stop before getting to the newer episodes, but I can't imagine the show would be as good without Vinny? Like, even if the new guy can do Vinny's editing, Brad speaking directly to Vinny was half the fun.

No. 45574

File: 1566523828310.png (126.73 KB, 220x326, 220px-MissingLinkteaserposter.…)

i just watched this movie, missing link from laika studios. It was so cute and heart felt. Plus the animation quality + vivid colors were very comforting.

No. 45592

the editing actually kinda annoys me. i'm fine with the cuts but the added images and "jokes" are shitty. I'd rather Brad drive the show and talk to the crew without some post-production meme effects added. They all fall flat for me

No. 45598

A blog presenting succesful recoveries of patients of a plushie hospital. Discovered it yesterday and I cannot stop scrolling!

No. 45647

Vinny was never the editor.
Vinny was the camera man.
The editors are the same.

On that note, I think the editing is getting a little out of hand these last few months, it charming on It's Alive, but I prefer more professional editing on the other BA series.

No. 47042

Thanks to TabiEats, I just discovered ai's munchies. She does videos with them, but I love her solo videos as well. Her expressions are hilarious. You can tell she knows delicious food and is so excited to share her findings with everyone else.

No. 47136

This is the best cat channel on yt. I would sell an organ to pet Iz

No. 49631

Yuru Camp is probably one of my favorite series. I haven't watched the anime yet, but the manga is so chill and the art is cute

No. 49783

No. 52777

I love Opossum lady.

No. 52791

I’m drunk and crying at this it’s too cute fuuuuuck

No. 58778

File: 1571740612561.gif (2.87 MB, 254x254, tumblr_pyaupiY2Wt1sjvtu1o3_400…)

>On that note, I think the editing is getting a little out of hand these last few months, it charming on It's Alive, but I prefer more professional editing on the other BA series.
Yeah, I feel like it's gotten better though maybe? I don't mind the sort of "callback" jokes (i.e. putting clips of Claire losing her mind over previous chocolate tempering attempts when she finds out she has to do it again etc) but I think they've been good about keeping the jokey clip art stuff on Brad's turf.

Anyways I just wanted to come and talk about how Chris Morocco is definitely becoming one of my favs with the Recreation series. The seriousness with which he approaches what is a very silly/absurd task is so good and I hope they keep making him do it. I love watching him legitimately lose his mind over Red Leicester cheese.

No. 58828

fuck I just watched deathwingdorks video that featured her and I was disproportionately miffed he wasn't like in love with her but then again men do have shit tastes. she's great!

No. 58969

There’s this YouTube channel called Grandma’s Recipes. It’s mainly Japanese grandmothers but it’s so relaxing.


No. 59002

I'm the anon you replied to! And you're right - the new editing has actually grown on me since I posted last and

Chris Morocco's series is really good. My favorite on the channel. Got me riled up over pork belly and shredded beef!

No. 59066

I wish Emmy was my mom. Or aunt. Or sweet older sister. She's so wholesome.

No. 59092

Hey yall' so i made this playlist a while ago for an anon here but figure out ill share it with you guys too. Its playlist consist of cooking/slice of life- like vids similar to liziqui, hope you guys like it!

No. 59160

this is my new favorite cozy cooking channel. all her vids are in spanish tho but they do have english subs.

No. 59172

thank you anon. i love this

No. 59331

File: 1572065073140.png (1.29 MB, 950x990, RedLeicesterMoment.png)

That moment in dakbokkeumtang when he says “I just don’t wanna have a Red Leicester moment where I walk right by the key ingredient that I should have seen, you know?” while standing right in front of apples is just……chef's kiss

No. 59345

Home Movies is ultimate comf

No. 64483

File: 1574843661319.png (394.23 KB, 720x1150, Screenshot_2019-11-26-23-29-43…)

I was watching this video about how to make chocolate whipped frosting and the video and the comments are just so wholesome

No. 66636

Sorry for necro but I just wen't to check out OrsaraCooking because my italian grandpa just passed away 2 months ago and I've been missing him. Turns out they have the same name and I'm crying rn. Thank you anon!

Great Depression Cooking is one of my fave comfy series. The grandma shares her stories while cooking meals from when she lived through the great depression as a young person. Wholesome grandma content and the recipes are good!

No. 68138

The Great big story channel has tons of super wholesome stories from around the world
whenever Im having a bad day these vidoes always cheer me up

No. 68142

I fucking love OrsaraCooking. My spouse and I have a list of recipes we want to make for ourselves. He's such a genuinely funny old man.

No. 74640

I love watching these videos. No talking, just a quiet tour.

No. 74642

This is from a year ago but how I love you, anon! Mitchie M's music is very wholesome and happy. Your post number also had '39' in it, lol.

No. 74751

This dude has a minecraft server where he does various events or little funny pranks. Honestly, I love the way he interacts with kids playing in server and gives their houses flipovers (for one girl they made a damn giant hogwarts with quidditch field and everything).

Video is one of funny and adorable events he did.

No. 74752


Also I find Internet historians channel very wholesome and funny. The reading and animation of My Immortal was amazing.

No. 74754

his shia labeouf aka "he will not divide us" series were peak comedy tbh

No. 75080

i love this

No. 75091

I used to follow that guy when he did streams on niconico, he’d take requests or do seasonal stuff near holidays

No. 75099

it's a little disconcerting that he owns all those clothes

No. 75371

File: 1581585685986.jpg (185.08 KB, 1080x1922, chefgumi.jpg)

wasn't sure whether to post this here or on one of the video game threads but since it's an app and is more calming/ wholesome than it is anything else, here probably fits well

anyway if you're anything like me and desperately need something cute and comfy but still fun to play and humorous to escape to/ distract from reality without becoming too obsessed with it: DOWNLOAD ANIMAL RESTAURANT!!! it is an idle game phone app that I have very quickly fallen in love with in the last couple weeks after randomly getting IG ads for it where you're basically running a restaurant, all the workers are cats and the customers are pretty much every animal, they have distinct little personalities/ preferences, you can eventually get a garden and a fishing pond and a mail owl and it gets cuter with every new step. If you ever played Neko Atsume back when that was the hot new thing it reminds me a loooot of that game (same kind of art style too) and has rly helped my depression/ ruminating thoughts and gives me something to easily do while I multitask. apparently it isn't that popular because I can't find anyone else talking about it on social media and that makes me sad because it deserves a bigger audience!

No. 75436

downloaded! eggy is so cute oh my god

No. 75659

File: 1581821149293.jpeg (25.04 KB, 500x375, 51mkebQ9yIL_d9178bb1-6309-406d…)

Maple Town is such a cute and cosy anime <3 slice of life from the late 80s centered around this little rabbit lady

No. 75660

File: 1581821349862.png (470.79 KB, 704x432, 9df92f436a7c9c4e02bb86caffec8d…)

Wata no Kuni Hoshi has the same vibes as well, though it's a movie and not series. It's about a small chibi neko girl who falls in love with a human boy

No. 75720

File: 1581945425028.jpg (352.38 KB, 1242x2208, uqnwm44tgbr21.jpg)

I love animal crossing pocket camp. I was never a huge fan of the other AC games but pocket camp is just so cute and easy to play… love it

No. 75784

has here anyone heard of pocket world 3d? ads would occasionally pop up here and there about it on my instagram feed and it seemed cute so i decided to download it. it is somewhat reminiscent of those times when i would
sit with my dad in the living room and attempt to assemble a new playmobil set.

No. 75803

>pocket camp

fuck off shill. pocket camp is one of the most predatory games nintendo has ever put it's name on. it's literally the worst in the series and has one of the worst gacha drop rates in history.
>inb4 i don't spend real monies
that's not the problem. the game is designed to squeeze money out of you. most animal crossing fans hate the game because of how hollow it makes the wholesomeness of the other games feel.

No. 75868

I wanted to like this because of the cute art, but my god the ad pushing is ridiculous. Want double tips? Watch an ad. Want customers? Watch an ad. There's even a TV-shaped character whose whole purpose is to get you to watch an ad.

The customization options are also very minimal. In Neko Atsume you can move objects, here you're gridlocked. There's only like 3 options for furniture and none of the customers are individual, they're simply classes of animals (like rabbits).

No. 75870

this person posts videos of their walks, based out of the uk. no talking, just walking. very nice

No. 75960

fucking thank you. Everything >>75720 said is so wrong it's disgusting. I don't understand how can you shit on original AC games and praise the soulless app which is meant to turn you to an addict and get as much money as possible out of you? Not to mention how little effort was put into the game compared to the real AC games. How can you prefer an app where all vilaggers of a type share the same dialogue?
I also hate that the game pushes you to log in every three hours cause otherwise you will miss resources and friendship points from animals.
Console AC is peak laidback and comfy, Pocket Camp is a huge piece of shit.

No. 75973

I was gonna download this app after seeing the ad, but i hate ad shill shit so much.

No. 75974

No. 77274

I play pocket camp and genuinely enjoy it some days, but most of the time now I feel like I play it more out of obligation than anything. There's barely any breaks between those month long repetitive events and you need to log in basically daily to complete the goals in order to get the (usually) nice furniture at the end of it. There's no wiggle room to NOT finish each of the mini events, unless you want to wait a year or so for stuff to be reissued. It's ALWAYS the same garden->fishing->gyroidite shit too. Maybe the fishing and gyroidite order will get switched up, but it's always the same in the end. I really love a lot of the new furniture and clothes and I hope they bring it into ACNH, but it does feel soulless. It's a combination of shitty gacha games and grinding for good items.

No. 77275

I love videos like these but I'm cursed to get motion sickness from them. Why must god torment me like this?

No. 77416

>I feel like I play it more out of obligation than anything
It's exactly what they want you to do, sis. Which is why I opted out ASAP. I would recommend the same to you if the game is no longer fun.
And don't get me started on the furniture collections in the cookies where they bombard you with 'only X hours left!!! hurry up and buy as much as possible'.
I can't believe anyone can prefer this toxic waste of a game to the original series which promotes taking things at your pace and doesn't force you to constantly throw money at it (beyond the one-time purchase of a game).

No. 77423

>>77275 that happens to me too. 1/2 of youtube just makes me seasick

No. 77436

I like this kind of thing too. sometimes I watch ones in cities too. I really like this particular one where a guy walks through new york in the rain and thunder, somehow it still feels cosy, to me anyway.

No. 77998

This is just a song but it's peak wholesome. The lyrics are so comfy.

No. 79516

File: 1584549249173.jpg (154.56 KB, 1500x1500, pa.86229.1.jpg)

I randomly thought about this post and it made me cry for no reason. I hope OP is doing good (or as good as it is possible now). I feel like shit so I think I will play Chibi Robo.

I am also playing pic related, I wish that the western release had the same cute cover. The Dog Island is criminally underrated. I love going on an adventure in a world where everyone is a doggo.

No. 94174

This show on Netflix relaxes me and the OP is so soothing. Here’s the trailer for it.

No. 94193

I was obsessed with watching trailers for this as a child. The story had me so emotional too

No. 96195

I LOVE HILDA. Never fails to make me comfy asf! Something about it!
Idk if you’re still around anon but thank you, I legit cried watching this, I too wanna escape to beautiful countryside and be a farmer.

No. 96196

This miniature channel is the best

No. 96197

I have watched this guy take care of his little fish tank for two years, I’m kind of in love with him actually

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