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No. 48846

any farmers here watch christube
do you watch for a better prespective on your faith and or the faith of others or do you watch it for a good laugh?
For those who watch it genuinely what christubers would you personally recommend and why
For those who watch it ironically what christubers do you find especially cringey?

No. 48898

>For those who watch it ironically what christubers do you find especially cringey?

i dont really watch christian/religious stuff but for me it's definitely girl defined

just the way the one speaks and the other nods is ridiculous.and they have that "im better and more pure than you" look which bothers the hell out of me
admittedly,i have only watched them through commentary videos because i cant sit and watch their actual ones since they are unbeareable so i cant say i have the most objective opinion

tl;dr i dont like girl defined

No. 48911

I find Christian youtuber couples weirdly fascinating.

To me the influencer lifestyle and the "christian" lifestyle have a lot of contradictions (like Christians often promote austerity and are against idolatry, whereas influencers are always pushing products and are mini cults of personality). Also they say things sometimes that sounds super strange to me as a non-religious person, but that I chalk up to the different ways people are raised I guess. A lot of them have an aesthetic of like… rustic/white/handwriting… It's a common aesthetic but you'd be hard-pressed to find ANY christian youtube that doesn't have it.

No. 48913

I read r/FundieSnark occasionally.

I find Paul and Morgan too triggering though. He’s a controlling asshole and she’s an immature airhead who looks out of it most of the time. They are sooo condescending and just bad people.

Girl defined are hilarious. I love the sister rivalry between Bethany and Kristen. Although that has taken a dark turn since Bethany is now pregnant when Kristen has been trying for seven years without success. I’m convinced Bethany’s husband his gay and 100% believe the conversion therapy story. Watching any video of them together is painfully cringe.

No. 48962

Morgan's the type who seems like a total bitch but she knows she can't be because of her faith so she hides her bitchniess with thin Vale of condescension

No. 48963

Same Anon but it's werid how alot of like atheist or seculre tubers who take down Christian YouTube videos tend to focus on the sexual part of purity culture when I think the imposed cenorship on what u can watch or listen to is just as bad

No. 48965

I think the worst, but also one of the funniest, christtubers is A Call for An Uprising. He's one of the most extreme, hateful Christians on YouTube, and is completely out of his mind with conspiracy theories. I don't think he ever found a conspiracy theory he didn't like. He's been pumping out videos every single day for a long time now, always looking for illuminati gestures and Satanic meaning behind things like Disney movies, Spongebob Squarepants, and pop singers. He's also really homophobic and anti-semitic, and he once basically issued a terrorist threat to The Satanic Temple. His closest contemporary is probably The Vigilant Christian, but I guess that makes him uncomfortable because he's made a bunch of videos trying to expose the Vigilant Christian (Mario) as a fraud. While he does seem pretty deeply mentally ill, A Call for An Uprising is also trying to make bank by selling lots of merchandise and getting subscribers on his Patreon. He has two YouTube channels he uploads to regularly, but I can't really discern any actual thematic difference between the two. Embedded is his most recent video, which isn't a very exciting one, but perfectly displays how moronic his videos are, as he uses a random YouTube cooking show to try and say the world is ending.

I'm something of a secular Buddhist, but one Christian channel I actually think is great is QuakerSpeak, where really thoughtful Quakers talk in depth about their religion's philosophies. So if you need a detox from all the batshit insane bad Christtubers and want something good, maybe check them out.

No. 48973

File: 1568142208258.jpeg (122.17 KB, 622x1110, ADDA4BE0-023E-4870-82A6-380DA3…)

Mazelee is a AMBW Christian couple channel. Alena has seven kids by three men (whom she never married + she cheated on the second with her current) and still tries to go on about living a godly life. They tried moving from Maryland to California a few years ago “because Koreatown UwU” and Alena freaked out over a house with Buddhist statue in the front because she didn’t want to live in a house that previously had non-Christian owners.

No. 49006

MAZELEE is a hot mess

I heard the Husband doesn't work. Idk what the wife does and the children are "homeschooled" while still in diapers. It's not going to end well.

No. 49393

was anyone following the girl defined/p and m vs god is grey drama?

No. 49409

Chris Lasala. This guy is a piece of work. I get a good laugh at much of Christube but he just makes you want to take a shit on his front porch and light it on fire. Total homophobic, misgyonistic, woman hating, "my holy phallus is your god" rhetoric. There is so much shit to unpack with this self righteous asshole. The video attached is audio that was captured while he verbally abused his wife when she was trying to express her feelings to him. In front of their children. Apparently he also hasn't realized that the 1950's has passed and you shouldnt threaten your wife physically.

If you really want to get to know the mind of Chris(ty) Lasala watch his "Jezebel" video where he accuses women who have any issue with you whatsoever of having the "jezebel spirit". There is a whole laundry list of ridiculous shit in his video description (pic attached) Oh he has his own church as well where people come to get initiated into Chris's cult mindset. Either that or they finally stop drinking the Christ Aid and start realizing what a POS he really is.

He also says "don't let them call you a narcissist" in his Jezebel vid lmao, even though he displays tons of narc behavior. Basically you just need to shut your mouth and open your legs and the good book - but don't you dare start thinking you have any authority in the relationship! You might get a pair of Tennessee Sunglasses.

No. 49410

File: 1568337925551.jpg (1.08 MB, 1914x1895, jezeberu.jpg)

Pic didn't attach

No. 49412

Jezebel video

No. 49511

I'm a little surprised Pastor Steven Anderson and the New Independent Fundamentalist Baptists (New IFB) haven't come up yet. They're a network of extremely homophobic churches that function as a cult under their leader Steven Anderson, who basically goes around abusing his followers for silly things like disagreeing with his opposition to the holy trinity. He's extremely anti-semitic, which has made him very popular among internet white supremacists despite being (to his credit) otherwise apparently anti-racist.

Embedded is an anti-cult YouTuber's video on Anderson and his group.

No. 49519

A potential future lolcow is Jon Kragen and his imaginary congregation (of which he's the only member), The Kragen Clan.

Jon Kragen is a young autistic "Christian nationalist" who idolizes Steven Anderson, mentioned above, and is very active in every major Neo-Nazi circle on the internet. He wrote that he's opposed to "Muslims, Jews, and anyone else who bullies autistic people," as if those groups were known for doing that. Kragen plagiarizes the signs of the Westboro Baptist Church, but he tries to cover for it by condemning them for minor scriptural disagreements. When he speaks, he talks like Forrest Gump. He's not a Holocaust denier, but rather argues that the Jews deserved it.

I've embedded a funny video of his about evil music.

Social media:

He used to have a Twitter and a number of other YouTube channels, but they've been suspended, probably because he tweeted about lynching atheists, feminists, and gay people, and he reposted videos of his favorite Neo-Nazis.

No. 49536

I found the study in that video, btw, and he either lied about its findings or lacks the reading comprehension necessary to understand what it says. His video is saying music causes depression, when the study literally demonstrates the exact opposite. It says the music did NOT increase the level of anger at all. Rather, it increased positive emotions and motivation, and helped regulate sadness (results that are probably obvious to fans of that music).


No. 49593

ohhh yeah. that was a wild ride.
i think that’s what made me actually REALLY dislike girl defined. like they were just… assholes to brenda? she asked for a civil discussion/collab with them and they decide to shade her behind her back. that’s just a dick move.

No. 49616

Wow, I just looked that up. I just thought they were crazy evangelicals, but I didn't realize they were such terrible people. What scum.

No. 49632

It occurs to me, OF COURSE Bethany is threatened by LGBT acceptance. Her boyfriend went through gay conversion therapy. She's got to be worried that her husband's still gay… as well she should, since conversion therapy doesn't work.

No. 49634

This is fucking hilarious.

No. 49635

“I need to treat Emma like I want someone to treat my future wife”

No. 49664

lol she's a little intense

No. 49670

From what I've heard I think Emma or whatever her name is is autistic

No. 49677

I follow her on Instagram and she thanks Jesus for the stupidest things. She had complimentary biscuits on an aeroplane and thanked Jesus for it instead of the airline. She had chocolate milk at summer camp and acted like it was a personal gift from Jesus. She’s batshit.

No. 49691

At least Kristen and Bethany gained some degree of kindness and respect. Morgan just came off as a total bitch

No. 57126

Watching this gives me so many flashbacks of my upbringing. Makes my skin crawl.

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