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File: 1570465090823.jpg (77.3 KB, 3000x1657, ahs-1984.jpg)

No. 54719

Preferably from a fan and non-fan perspective

There have been threads on AHS done before but they're all at least 2 years old

What do you think of AHS? What are your favorite and least favorite seasons? Do you think it will stand the test of time? What are some things you love and hate about it?

Personally here are my opinions:

>Season 1, 2, and 3 were all interesting and had captivating actors and interesting storylines. Coven did this the best with the dynamic interactions between historical figures and other characters but that might be because historical New Orleans is one of those places you can rarely fuck up on.
>I like how they don't shy away from using older women actors and some unconventionally attractie people. It makes all the charm better.
>Jessica Lange, Evan Peters, Angela Basset, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, and Kathy Bates are all GREAT actors.

>I dislike the over-the-top sensationalist format and the gratuitous sex shoved in that doesn't do much to advance the plot or provide anything interesting for the characters.
>The characters tend to be written too fucking stupid and unintuitive but this is a problem in most horror based television and movies.
>They have the problem of making things feeling too much like "now" instead of transporting you to the time and world they're supposed to take you too. Too much plausibility is broken and makes it feel frankly very tacky and poorly written.
>The second half of every season is always some confusing convulsed mess that's embarrassing to watch
>Considering all the material and actresses/actors they have it could have been better than what it actually is

I haven't watched the newest season yet (only the trailer) but it doesn't feel like the 80s at all. I genuinely have a hard time understanding why hollywood writers have a hard time with this

No. 54723

My favorite season would have to be Season 3,5 and 6. I don't understand why people shit all over Roanoke it was so good. The ending made me tear up. Apocalypse was a hot mess. It started out strong but turned into campy fan service. The new season is really good but I'm just scared the writing will hit a sharp decline.

Asylum is pretty good too but Everytime I think of it I am reminded of the stupid alien subplot and get upset.

No. 54725

Murder House is always famed as the best one but it's the worst, second to Roanoke (complete trash mess). All the cheating and sex and affairs made it all so uncomfortable. Also kinda creeped out that a married Adam Levine had a blast in the intro sex scene with a rando actor, but that's not relevant.

I love the ones where we see a lot of Jessica Lange though, like Coven and Freakshow, I love her. I also love that Coven and Cult have a lot of fun with their narratives and characters, especially when they shit all over Kai for trying to be a cool cult leader lmfao.

oh and Hotel's only saving grace was the serial killer dinner and Kathy Bates. Lady Gaga had aesthetically pleasing scenes but vampires are getting boring.

I'm sick of Sarah Paulson.

I hope this thread doesn't die, AHS has a lot of content in it that could clog up the tv show thread and just piss off everyone else in it. don't merge it pls you know this will happen.

No. 54732

Murder House was the best technically I think, but I COULDN'T STAND Tate and Violet. Violet was so bratty to the point that she was completely unsympathetic and I couldn't get into their dumb fanfiction romance.

Asylum was my definite favourite, but the French girl (who's accent was wildly inconsistent) spoilt it for me a little.

No. 54737

Ryan Murphy seems to have a hard on for making every semi-attractive thin girl a bitch. Too bad they just always come off as vapid and 2000s parodies.

No. 54742

I absolutely hated apocalypse that shit they did at the end just lost me. I’m into this season though I thinks it’s started off a little messy

No. 54752

I'm thinking the 70's would have been interesting. Idk, when hollywood did the 70s they pretty much only focused on Disco or the life of the average white suburbian family. The gritty, nasty side of the 70s would be pretty fun stuff to make a story out of especially for a HORROR format yet no one looks back on it.

Also they always do the 80s in such a boring campy way. They never quite get what made the 80s so exciting compared to the boring '10s or trashy 00s.

No. 54753

Asylum is my favourite for the atmosphere, the characters and their ingeniousity, and the villains.

I couldn't stand Murder House for the cringy romance of two really unlikable characters, the family dynamic. Hotel is just boring, you don't care for any of the characters (except Liz, but that's not a main character even), couldn't stand Lady Gaga.

This new season… I don't know, at the end of the third episode I was just like "what ? This again ?" It wasn't even funny or anything, I'm beginning to wonder if this is a parody or if they're really trying to do something.

(And Cult…I was really enjoying it, then it turned into a "remember those characters you liked ?" And the end…what a disappointment)

No. 54760

It was the laziest writing ever.

>Hurr durr let's just run the fucking anti christ over with a SUV

Couldn't atleast had Mallory beat the shit out him or something?

No. 54807

I would have been down for them letting the anti christ winning. Like I get letting the hero win almost always when out but like just going back in time to kill him for it all be for nothing was dumb.

No. 54817

Honestly I really enjoyed Cult. The acting, the storyline, the characters - loved it. It got me really emotionally engaged and I watched it all in less than 24 hours, even though I usually don’t binge-watch TV shows.

I wish Evan Peters had gotten more recognition for his portrayal of Kai though. Probably best acting I’ve seen on the show since Sarah Paulson’s Asylum role.

No. 54852

I enjoyed Asylum, I think that's my favourite AHS season. Jessica Lange really killed it in that one. Murder House was alright, but a little too teenagery for my tastes. Hotel was a mess though, way too many characters with too many motivations. You're right, OP, the second half of all the seasons tend to get convoluted and confusing. I'm not sure i'll be watching the new season - I'm really sick of the 80s being done over and over again in media, it's a tried fad that should've died already.

No. 54853

I liked asylum and zombie evan peters in coven. Quit watching halfway through freakshow and everything after looked boring to me besides maybe roanoke so I never it back up.

No. 54857

>I dislike the over-the-top sensationalist format and the gratuitous sex shoved in that doesn't do much to advance the plot or provide anything interesting for the characters.

Agree OP, this is what ultimately made me stop watching the show. I watched season 1-4 faithfully (meaning I tuned in every Wednesday to watch each episode) but when watching episode 1 of Hotel, I got to the scene where the guy got assaulted by a spiked dildo and turned it off immediately. The show had been moving away from "horror" and more into "vulgar/extreme shock value" for a while and that was the last straw, it was just nonsense.

Skipped Hotel, watched one episode of Roanoke but wasn't interested, I ended up watching Cult and thought it was pretty good, didn't watch Apocalypse and don't have a lot of interest in 1984.

I really enjoyed Murder House the best because imo it's the only season that remains coherent all the way to the end. Some seasons felt like they were trying to do too much at once. For example, what the fuck was the point of having aliens in Asylum? There were already good plots happening with a serial killer, demonic possession, and the people at the asylum–why add in a half-assed plot about aliens that makes no sense and adds nothing?

Coven annoyed me because it had the random plot about the witch hunters. Seemed silly to have a plot about men trying to murder the witches when during the whole season the witches kept murdering each other in order to be the Supreme! The moment where they team up to kill the witch hunters would have been more powerful if they hadn't spent the entire season basically doing the witch hunters' job for them.

Freakshow had potential but by the later half of the season it just sorta morphed into "murdering all the freaks" and that's it. The plot lines just weren't as compelling as they could have been and it just dragged to the end.

No. 54873

File: 1570525976061.jpg (51.3 KB, 540x720, 82200b3fd69287148d8fda1397909a…)

I don’t get why no one ever likes Hotel. It was my favorite season with really strong and interesting scenes. I loved the aesthetics, the soundtrack and especially Lady Gaga’s character. She was so elegant, stylish and ethereal (or the opposite?) in it. It was fun to find out more about her past and about the hotel in general, and the references to/the appearance of well-known mass murderers were really cool. I also liked that there were several characters I could empathize with. Most of the other seasons lack this and only transfer negative emotions. I prefer if there is a bit humor and positivity, too. In Hotel, it was nice to see some of the characters finding salvation as I liked them. This and its unique style made this season stand out to me. Same with Coven, as there were some badass but also likable characters with iconic looks.

In most of the other seasons, the characters don’t seem human at all to me. They behave very weirdly and most of them are dumb. They are uninteresting and I can’t identify with them at all. I know that you’re not supposed to identify with every single character, but all of them being so bland and often randomly evil is strange. Not sure if it is supposed to be like that or bad writing. Imho, Cult was the worst as all the characters were annoying and one-dimensional. And they somehow all were evil, too. It was so random. I stopped watching mid-season and haven’t come back yet. I think I eventually will watch Apocalypse as it seems to have some previous characters in it. I am not very fond of the 80s topic of this season, it has been used too much in the past. Literally, every second horror franchise goes 80s since Stranger Things, it is boring at this point.

No. 54899

Hotel was beautiful, I definitely agree I think lady gaga was definitely the focal point of that season and her look elevated the season to me. I also really hated the guy being assaulted but that still thing I almost stopped watching the whole show because of that scene and it didn’t need to be there imo

No. 54900

Drill thing*

No. 54910

My favs are the ones heavy on jessica lange, she's incredible, with freakshow being all time fav and coven being a close 2nd. Must confess I haven't seen the first two because I'm a big baby, think I got until the episode where Sarah Paulson enters the therapists office and there's all the skin furniture as he creeped me out too much lol. Roanoke and Cult fucking sucked, Hotel was meh but I really liked some of the characters, Apocalypse I was excited about as an extension of coven, but it under delivered for me esp wrt the ending.

Basically very hit or miss for me. Feels like it has been on a steady decline but I hope the new one breaks the pattern. Haven't started watching it yet but I do have a binging date arranged with a friend this week and I'm excited! Haven't watched no trailers and have avoided all spoilers as I like going in blind lol

No. 54912

The stupid alien subplot ruined what could have been the best AHS season (to me) next to Murder House and Freak show. I loved Asylum and hated the Alien bullshit so much

No. 54916

The drill scene in Cult? that shit was so disturbing. Unless you mean the nail gun and i'm being stupid. Either way, the nail gun in Cult made me so uncomfortable that i had to stop watching for a few days.

No. 54917

I like most AHS seasons. I haven't seen Apocalypse or the new one yet, but in general they're good until they go off the wall. Also, maybe i'm a weirdo but i dont like a lot of the extreme sexual content. Like so many scenes could have been hinted at or cut entirely, but this was around the time GoT existed, so they had to be edgy af somehow.

No. 54929

Someone needs to make a better written and more creative AHS

This Ryan Murphy has good ideas but goes off with the same Hollywood cancer like everyone else

No. 55019

I actually didn’t watch cult of you guys thinks it’s any good I’ll have a watch
But I meant in hotel I’m not sure what episode it is but a drug addict gets assaulted by a dude wearing a drill dildo
(what the actual fuck were they thinking)
I don’t get upset often when watching tv but I literally had to skip that part

No. 55067

I never saw that scene, but now i'm really disturbed by just the description. I hate how everything on tv how to be edgelord to the extreme. It's gross and basically loses the story quality because 'muh violence'

No. 55103

Yeah I remember when I saw it I was horrified. Imo there was no reason for the scene to be there it was entirely for shock value. I feel like the show is fine by itself they don’t need to add that stuff for shock sakes

No. 55120

Anons who (in your opinion) are the best/worst actors to star on AHS?

For me it's : Best - Sarah Paulson, Jessica Lange, Lady Gaga , Angela Basset, Adina Porter and Even Peters.

Worst : Lena Dunham.

No. 55138

I keep forgetting Lena dunham was in AHS until you brought it up. She's such a disgusting piece of shit, that i'm shocked they hired her despite her numerous controversies.

No. 55155

Asylum is probably my favorite season and I enjoyed the show until Coven. I stopped watching towards the middle of Coven once the writing got messy. AHS is so painful for me because each new season has potential just based on the concepts alone but the execution is always so bad.

A few months back, I tried to watch some of the newer seasons to catch up and I was disappointed:

>Freakshow was shit

>Hotel was almost passable
>Roanoke was a waste of time

Should I even bother trying to watch Cult or Apocalypse?

No. 55264

As a non fan, I tried to get into Freak Show when it came out, but just got bored by episode 3 and completely uninterested in any of the characters or shit that was going on, so I dropped it. Would it be worth checking out a different season? My first experience with AHS left a bad taste in my mouth, so now I'm just thinking this entire show isn't for me, but I don't want to broadly dismiss it.

No. 55353


Apocalypse was hot garbage don't even bother. It's barely Apocalypse and more just useless filler about shit we already know and unnecessary flashbacks. Plus lots and lots of fanservice.

Cult is really good imo. You should watch that. I don't want to spoil anything though.

No. 55421

Freak show was thel worst season imo
Watch fram the beginning or maybe season 3 coven.

No. 55423

The first two seasons were pretty interesting. Murder House did have that tween romance shit that I despise, but the overall setting was nice and it did have some creepy scenes. Asylum is my personal favourite. It really went batshit insane, but in a way that I feel made sense. They really threw everything imaginable into that season - nazis, Anne Frank, aliens, demons etc. Coven kinda started to lose me. I consider it a guilty pleasure because really, the season wasn't very good. The plot was all over the place and it didn't have that fun campyness Asylum had. The only thing holding it together was the older cast imo. With Freak Show, I liked the setting and era of it very much, but man, they really fucked it up. Killing off the clown and replacing him with that manchild was so lame, the gore was just there to shock and nothing else (it reminded me of Eli Roth's horror movies; very flashy but really boring) and none of the characters appealed to me, which was the worst crime. I dropped it half-way through. It's a pity because I liked the different story every season gimmic and it truly did have interesting setups, but the plot/characters just kept shitting the bag.

>Do you think it will stand the test of time?

Honestly, no. It might become a sort of cult show that someone will occasionally suggest, but I think even then it'll only be for some of the seasons.

No. 55538

Yeah, they always have good ideas, but then they get lost in a lot of bullshit and bad execution. Cult was good, but got some pretty messed up scenes, so be prepared.

No. 55540

The clown was the best part of freakshow tbh

No. 55783

I think that Evan Peters doesn't get enough praise. He is a really good actor and makes great eye candy imo.

Overall I'd rank the seasons I've seen as Asylum>Cult>Coven>Hotel>Murder House>Apocalypse>>>Freakshow, but I did enjoy at least parts of all of them.

That's just the way AHS is. They always have really strong concepts that are executed poorly. Tbh I think it's kind of charming.

No. 55785

It's typical hollywood at this point like why can't shit be executed smoothly for once instead of being jammed with over the top sensationalism and random shit? I don't find it charming when the distractions and unpolishedness is a common thing, i'd get if it works in its favor but it doesn't.

No. 57016

I loved Murder House, Freak Show, and Hotel. Murder House is probably the strongest, but Hotel was really strong too, and I thought Freak Show was beautifully done.

I've hated the rest of it, though. The second season (Asylum?) just felt like throwing a bunch of gimmicks at the wall to see what sticks, but it never went in depth with anything, so it just felt shallow. I liked the idea of Cult, with the Fight Club references and commentary on proto-fascism, as well as the Warhol references, but overall it felt like a weak mess. I watched the first few episodes of Apocalypse, and I love post-apocalyptic and Satanic themes, but it just got so painfully forced and ridiculous that I gave up on it. I never got that far with the witch season (Coven?), so I might go revisit that. I also couldn't deal with the Southern Gothic (Roanoke?) one because even though I love that genre, the reality show format was excruciating.

No. 57123

File: 1571038899022.png (739.34 KB, 838x602, not a funny meme.PNG)

Idk how to feel about this season, like I like the cheap 80s horror movie aesthethic and they really found a good visual match for ramirez kek and the plot twists were nice save for the cliffhanger in the last episode, that shit was just cheesy, and I didn't foresee them but overall it just feels so shallow and like it could easily be condensed down from the current 4 episodes. Hope it gets weirder/connects to the previous mythology in the next 4 episodes somehow bc rn it is bit lackluster. Also I hate the intro sequence.

No. 57216

Season 1, could have been great, but in the end it felt like they just wasted a interesting setting and concept even if its nothing new. 6.6/10
Season 2, had a good story, but the asylum itself and the time period just didn't do anything for me. 6.5/10
Season 3, I dropped two, or three episodes in. Once they dug that women up. The show constantly tried so hard to show how "woke" it is that my eyes were at risk of rolling out of my head.
Season 4, same deal as Season 1. 6.5/10
I was never a Lady Gaga fan so I didn't watch S5, or anything after.

For me, AHS can be summarised in four words. Good premise, shit execution.

No. 65151

i just finished watching apocalypse and it’s become increasingly obvious to me that american horror story values style over substance. like i think all the sets and the characters and costumes are amazing and visually appealing but the storyline is just too ridiculous. honestly i think that this season would have worked a little bit better as like a comedy horror show instead with shorter episodes (maybe something like scream queens but it’s been years since i watched that show so i can’t remember if it was trash or not). i don’t think the plot was well executed at all and the storyline didn’t feel as ‘tight’ as earlier seasons like murder house and asylum. i’ve watched some of ryan murphy’s other shows and i don’t think he’s very good as a show runner even though i think he has some interesting ideas

o/t (my irrelevant opinion) but i think apocalypse would have been so much better without the witch/coven storyline. it would have been cool to see like all the other sanctuaries being taken over and the food supplies running out and all the people trapped going insane and resorting to cannibalism or something. it would have been a lot more bleak and scary then the bullshit time travel spawn of satan storyline we actually got. also the church of satan scenes were absolutely ridiculous and came off as a parody. i could not find them believable at all and idk if that was a stylistic choice but it kind of sucked for me and really took me out of the story.

No. 68970

Honestly I'm so cynical that at this point I just watch it to see what a trainwreck it is. I liked 1984 more than I expected (Emma Roberts, Zach Villa, and John Carroll Lynch really stole the show) but overall it was just kind of messy and I hate when they do the mid-season time skip.
Overall – favorite seasons are Asylum, Coven, and Cult. Everyone hypes up Murder House but I never really got into it – maybe just cause I can't stand Dylan McDermott. Also Lady Gaga's character was a mess in Hotel and I'm glad they didn't have her as a major role again.

No. 69017

I loved the first three seasons,freak show was meh, with Hotel I liked the side characters and the backstory but I absolutely despised the whole Gaga glam vampiress plot, it was cheesy af and had no substance.
Cult and Roanoke were alright and I stopped watching Apocalypse after ep 2 because it feels like a fanfic. Also I just found out theres a new season thanks to this thread.

Overall, Jessica Lance should've stayed

No. 69022

I'm in a rush so I'll read this thread properly later but I just wanted to chime in and say- I've only watched the first season, it was a fucking mess. The overacting was godawful and I'm not sure why its praised so much.

No. 69431

AHS is a weird show. It always, always looks amazing, costume and set design are on point, as well as music choice. Each series/season starts consistently strong, and takes a pretty interesting and unique idea to lead with which they then completely disregard. By the second episode of each, you know shit's going to be a mess. No one who works there can write worth a damn and the showrunners don't give any fucks. It's the ultimate in style over substance.

Like I enjoy looking at animated gifs, but after Murder House and Asylum you could tell it was never going to be much in the way of story.

No. 70124

Yessss I love this thread already.
Season 1: one of the best seasons in my opinion, everything about it is very captivating and seamless. The only problem is that the Harmons are dislikable as fuck kek
Season 2:I think this is the best season, its genuinely horrific because this shit happened to gay women and the supernatural element Is random but fitting for the era.

Season3: coven characters are cool but the story is a mess. I can't even recall what even happened and this impacted Apocalypse
season 4: I felt the story was a mess and nothing about this season was memorable to me
I didn't watch hotel but I don't even know if it was worth watching

Season 6: I thought it was hilarious but it was kinda like a joke season. It was totally predictable.
Season 7: I actually liked the first half of cult a lot. American horror story had to get creative without a supernatural element

Season 8: I enjoyed some parts of apocalypse but that shit was a mess. A MESS.

No. 122794

I'm rewatching the first season for writing inspiration and I find it even more shit than I did years ago. It DOES helps me to think how ghosts function in fiction and how it can affect my story, so it's not a waste of time. Despite seeing all the flaws, I enjoy Jessica Lange's acting and how easy to watch AHS even with all the annoying characters.
Are the future seasons worth watching? Which ones should I see?
I feel like AHS is a good TV series to watch while doodling or playing vidya on a handheld.

No. 123180

File: 1611297128506.jpg (75.94 KB, 960x500, American-Horror-Story-Every-Ch…)

I still rewatch old seasons sometimes because I kind of love how cheesy Season 1 has become. I'd consider rewatching Cult because I'm curious to see how it holds up after a hellish four years of U.S. politics, but I cannot STAND any of Leslie Grossman's characters. They had her playing bitchy characters that didn't work at ALL for a woman in her 40s, like what the fuck were they thinking casting her as a shallow, rich "influencer" character in Apocalypse? And then they made her actually sort of plot-important but never gave her any character development because we needed more fanservice time. I thought she actually did really well in 1984, but you'd think for a show that is approaching 10 seasons and 10 years on television, it wouldn't take them two whole seasons to figure out how to cast her.

No. 123219

idk if Leslie Grossman has another setting other than the rigid campy bitch character.

No. 168607

File: 1636066841904.jpg (90.46 KB, 600x900, thisartisshit.jpg)

Thoughts on Season 10?

bitchy Leslie Grossman character stays bitchy lol
i was disappointed as an alien fan; male pregnancy disturbs me far greater than gore apparently

No. 168609

The first half of season 10 was interesting. It was bland at times but episode 5 was great. The whole aliens half of s10 was shit. Kaia Gerber who? Nepotism babies aren’t interesting anymore. I couldn’t finish it.

No. 168652

i kinda of liked the first part, but the ending honestly sucked
the black and white parts of the 2nd half were nice, the modern parts were boring, predictable and pointless
overall, a weak season

No. 168726

I have one episode left and I honestly don't even want to watch it. I liked the first part with the rich blood suckers but the alien shit lost me, really boring. Imo this season is still better than Apocalypse and Roanoke, but it's still part of the weaker ones

No. 168741

Why hello, two year old thread.
I used to think season 2 was my fav, and it still kind of is, but in retrospect I’m thinking season 3 might take that spot. I love the idea of a bitchy witch coven, and you bet I have that one “la la la la la la” song that plays throughout that season forever ingrained in my soul.
I started hating the show after the garbage that was the last episode of season 4. Also the fact that Jessica Lange was done after that season definitely took away a massive part of the show’s charm.

No. 168796

I wish they'd gone all in on the camp for the second half. I think it would have been really cool to do each half season with a different tone as well as the different themes, but this was just boring.

Yeah, the cast is really what holds the show together. The writing is really hit or miss. People's opinions tend to vary wildly on which seasons after 1 and 2 are the best. Personally, I liked Cult, Roanoke, and 1984. Scream Queens is also fun even though it's not technically AHS.

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