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File: 1572111762612.png (85.79 KB, 500x456, rpbfrr.png)

No. 59396

This community is always full of drama. All tea, all shade.
>Favorite/Least Favorite Queens
>Favorite/Least Favorite Seasons
>Who was robbed? Who's overrated?
>Spinoffs (UNHhhh, Alyssa's Secret, etc)
>Best Lipsyncs
>RuPaul/Judges Drama
>Edits Edits Edits
>The Fanbase, Celebs
>Drag Race UK/Currently Airing Seasons
>General Community Drama
>The shade of it all.

This is a thread to discuss RPDR drama, not your opinion on LGBTQ+ or the concept of Drag.

No. 59397

File: 1572111892680.png (109.88 KB, 605x637, Screen Shot 42.png)

Dumping some current drama

Katya + Other queens trashing Nina and Monet for making Meghan McCain an "Official Ru Girl

No. 59398

File: 1572111948559.jpg (100.65 KB, 640x1138, 4g0231a2kst31.jpg)

Todrick Hall in the process of being cancelled.

No. 59399

File: 1572112015759.png (87.55 KB, 352x411, kimchi.png)

Kim Chi's makeup line is released….including a cream eyeshadow line "Diamond Sharts

No. 59401

this is very 'on brand' for kimchi though and i'm so open to supporting her in what she does. she's definitely one of the more talented queens when it comes to makeup and design–dancing and singing, not so much.

No. 59402

File: 1572112278937.jpeg (104.28 KB, 818x759, EHbUQ_YXUAEeDXe.jpeg)

Kim Chi gets called out for cancelling 5 times (back to back shows, so 10 shows). Her response was to blame it on her agency.

No. 59403

File: 1572112826047.png (421.06 KB, 631x631, kimchi.png)

>she's definitely one of the more talented queens when it comes to makeup and design–dancing and singing, not so much
I agree, she's definitely leaps and bounds above some queens, but that also makes me feel like she's not really a drag queen and is really just….a cosplayer? I'm a fan but I don't know if I would ever go see her if she came through my town. Like what does she even do for performances?

I'm also not really into her art for the palette (also called Rainbow Sharts). I get it's her "brand" but what's the appeal of having intentionally ugly art on your makeup product?

No. 59404

File: 1572113523885.jpg (51.77 KB, 750x536, il1y6wa2kfs21.jpg)

never forget this cinematic masterpiece

No. 59405

I went to her performance last month and it was actually pretty fun, she did mostly asian comedy songs like that one chinese chicken song (idk what it’s called) and her dancing got a lot better over the years. She mostly concentrates on moving her upper body though lmfao

No. 59406

File: 1572114302148.gif (1.95 MB, 268x234, db.gif)

God, that was such a wild ride. What was the point of that lie anyways? Such a shame, I actually liked him when he was on the show.

No. 59407

File: 1572115565846.jpg (215.11 KB, 811x1039, 1Wt5uRG.jpg)

robbie is truly a gift that keeps on giving
she's unfortunately on break tho

No. 59411

File: 1572119045221.jpeg (85.68 KB, 750x521, F7C08BCB-1081-42E4-8699-2CB074…)

Jesus Robbie Turnter. I knew about the car crash thing bur has he always been that much of a mess?

Personally I’m a huge fan of Jasmine Masters’ complete inability to use social media. Every time she posts about a show on instagram she’ll post the flyer with everyone’s picture but doesn’t tag a single person in it so you can never tell who she’s performing with and the caption is just like “long beach 11 & 2” with no other information given.

No. 59412

File: 1572119191821.jpeg (126.67 KB, 750x708, 10066BE1-A925-4252-AB52-F0BB13…)

(sorry samefag) It just makes me chuckle every time. She’s like your grandma trying to post on social media.

No. 59488

such a freakin mess. I remember that tweet.

No. 59584

File: 1572200080590.gif (1.52 MB, 500x259, giphy.gif)

>Who's overrated?
I don't know if this is a controversial opinion or not but…I'm just kinda over Bianca Del Rio. I just feel like personality-wise and looks-wise she's completely one dimensional. Like, without the storyline her season gave her of "asshole with a heart of gold behind the scenes uwu" her persona is just "asshole" with no other dimension (because we no longer see the "behind the scenes")

Like, I guess for example Willam's public persona is "asshole" but we also still see the "heart of gold behind the scenes uwu" part. I guess that could be the difference of "Bianca vs Roy" but Willam is just Willam. Idk.

I also get the vibe that the only time she ever interacts with the rest of the RPDR community is when she's mocking them on social media. It seems like she's too big and famous to ever involve herself in person with the community, but just stands on the outside and shits on people from her high horse.

Honestly surprised it took this long for him to be cancelled. He's always seemed like a self-serving slime ball. Anyone else remember his stupid Oz musical Kickstarter that he stole $5000 from? Or all those kids he stole money from promising them a chance to be involved in his projects?

No. 59586

I get it’s her brand but the name is literally the only reason why I’m not open to trying this. It comes off as so immature and bathroom humor is so overdone, I’m sure there was something else she could’ve called this but I can already hear her giggling to herself because she feels ~ so clever ~

No. 59590

File: 1572205535377.png (848.68 KB, 796x597, aetm.png)

This. Honestly it feels very childish, both the bathroom humor and the ugly cartoon on there. Why would I ever want to put something related to shit on my face or eyes?

>I’m sure there was something else she could’ve called this

Honestly the color names >>59403 are super boring. So "sharts" must have been literally the only creative thing she could come up with. I can't think of an eyeshadow palette to date that just has names like "uhhhhh well it's blue so let's call it like….blue I guess?". Look at Trixie and Alyssa's previous palettes in comparison, every single color name is related to their "brand". Sure, maybe Kim Chi doesn't have catchphrases but she could've named them after South Korean references, or Korean food (which would have fit well both with "Kim Chi" and with the only personality trait she had on RPDR which was that she was always hungry). She could have named a color after her Mother, after anime, fashion, "clumsy" maybe, literally anything other than "grape". If she was really smart she would have named the "Watermelon" shade "Trixie" or something. She gets way too much of a pass just because her drag style is ~live action anime~

No. 59607

drag race peaked at season 6 and stopped being fun after season 10

No. 59616

Season 3 to 5 were incredibly fun, I liked season 7 because of the cast, but from season 8 on it just got bad. AS2 was amazing, though.

No. 59623

>Favorite/Least Favorite Queens
my fave was katya for a loooong while. but (this is going to sound so retarded) recently on an unhhh ep they talked about astrology and like spirituality, and katya completely trashed all of it. she has a full arm sleeve filled witch witchy/tarot tattoos. trixie did too, of course, but i really liked katya and how in tune she was with her spirituality / feminine side, but that ep firmly reminded me they're just thick-headed men after all. meh. now it just annoys me seeing katya being praised for being a "biological" women. my other absolute fave is bob, so quick-witted. i like her best when she isn't sperging on twitter.
my least fave would be eureka, can't stand her at all. and all other queens who can't do anything but still demand to be liked.

>Favorite/Least Favorite Seasons

the last watchable season was 8, i didn't even bother watching after the fiasco that was as3. i really like trixie, i think she has a good head on her shoulders, she knows how to market herself, but shangela was robbed 100%

>Who was robbed? Who's overrated?

katya and shangela was straight up robbed. at least they still gave us a good show when katya got robbed, as3 was a shitshow

>Spinoffs (UNHhhh, Alyssa's Secret, etc)

unfortunately i think unhhh was better before the tv show, and before katya's breakdown. i'm obviously glad she's doing better, but i think she should have stayed out of it instead of coming back, i feel like her heart isn't in it anymore.

i wish we had more drama. the gays really get messy when stuff happens.

No. 59624

I've seen the rupaul werk it world tour or whatever and when i say that kimchi is underwhelming and even borderline awful on the big stage, i ain't kidding. Aquaria, Shangela were just amazing with their sheer fucking energy, they're not my faves yet I was losing my shit seeing them perform.

>>59398 what is this even about, spoonfeed me pls

>>59404 this was fucking sad and i am still wondering why the fuck does she keep lying?

No. 59641

File: 1572230541935.png (437.09 KB, 891x579, payrolls.png)

Todrick's being called out by numerous artists and previous employees for not paying them for their work, taking months to pay them or having to be asked numerous times to pay them. I think they've all been dancers/artists/and a personal assistant, but Manila calling him out on it seems like a pretty big blow. iirc a PA that worked for him was also talking about how much money he spends on "boys" (escorts and strippers? I can't remember) going as far to fly them in….but still can't be bothered to pay the artists that do work for him. There's also stories coming out about him showing racist tendencies, like telling black dancers to move to the back row because a scene was looking too "chocolate" according to him. He's also had some sexual assault-related claims against him now. He has a history of being kind of a scumbag with money though.

I agree with basically everything you said, I think 3-5 were my favorites. 6 was fun, but I feel like that was when they really started pushing the storylines and fake drama with editing. I think 7 had one of the best casts, but they had a very clear agenda on who they wanted around and what kind of winner they wanted. That being said, I think Violet was leaps and bounds above all the other "skinny young hot white fashonista boys" from that season, so I'm not mad she won. Seasons 8 and 9 fell completely flat for me. I felt like there wasn't a single queen I was invested in in either of those seasons. (Haven't watched 10/11/AS3/AS4 yet because they're not available anywhere outside of buying on iTunes). AS2 was a breath of fresh air but by the end it made me dislike Alaska.

No. 59644

File: 1572232895678.png (52.56 KB, 589x198, bdr.png)

>now it just annoys me seeing katya being praised for being a "biological" women
Wait, what's this now?

I enjoy Katya and Trixie and much as anyone else, but I think I get what you mean. I feel like I can't really tell what's real or not with Katya anymore. I listened recently to that Whimsically Volatile episode from last year where people said she discussed her relapse/rehab. I was expecting it to be at least a little bit of a grounded conversation about you know, the horrors of relapse etc…but it felt like it was just 2 hours of stream of consciousness rambling about getting kicked out of her apartment and being on meth. Even sober it didn't sound like any of it was grounded in reality, and if that's her post-rehab and sober….I can't even imagine what hell it must have been for Trixie being around her while she was on meth. iirc didn't she more or less attack Trixie?

>i wish we had more drama

I mean, there's pretty much non-stop drama. The problem is they're all pretending to keep up appearances because every queen has such die-hard fans no one's allowed to openly bad-mouth another (but even then they can't keep their mouths shut). Bianca literally just tweeted this earlier today.

No. 59651

i just finished watching this interview and i feel like a dumbass writing these things about katya now. she admits she came back too early, that she was still out of it for a long while after she got sober (>>59644 she says those earlier podcast eps were also way too crazy still) and actually talks about a lot of stuff about her journey. damn i like her still. i do think she doesn't want to do drag as much anymore though, or appeal to the same crowd (white teenage teens or depressed/troubled young adult women)

also >>59644
>iirc didn't she more or less attack Trixie?
no, i don't remember ever hearing/reading that and i followed this story for quite a while. i think it was that katya had a psychotic break during filming one of their tv episodes, and she completely couldn't recognize trixie, and her surroundings. they also say this moment is included in trixie's new documentary, moving parts. other than that, during one of her psychotic breaks she accused trixie of being a bad friend, a fake and a liar iirc.

No. 59652

>white teenage teens
kms. sorry for doubleposting i am an idiot. they are white and they are teens

No. 59667

pleasewelcometothestage….white teenage teeeens

No. 59679

File: 1572242913574.png (48.21 KB, 553x238, pod.png)

This is the what I was thinking of, from that same podcast episode. I must have conflated it with the Trixie stuff because they were all part of the same breakdown/discussion. And then there's Trixie talking about it:
>“There was a whole four-to-six-month period where we didn’t hear from each other and I didn’t know what was going on. Sobriety is not a straight line.
>“I don’t have any problems like that so I learned a lot about what you can do and how much you really can’t do for someone.”
>Trixie, real name Brian Firkus, added that she didn’t take anything to heart, despite Katya admitting she “spoke trash” about her due to her paranoia.
>“If a homeless guy on the street called you a f*g, do you listen? You know what I mean?” she said.

So, I think that's where I got that idea from. Honestly, if they were working and traveling together in close quarters under stress while Katya was at peak crystal meth psychotic break and hallucinating that Trixie was lying to her, it's not hard to believe that Trixie could be either of these people. I think I'd believe meth-Katya took a swing at her before Trixie considering a restraining order tho. All just speculation of course.

No. 59694

i'm so over drag race, i was over it years ago, but seeing mindless seasons being churned out with queens that are so similar, have the same makeup and all wear the same glittery dresses? i'm done with it. it's not fun, the edits are so obvious and rupaul is a piece of shit.

the only drag race contestant i keep up with is willam because at least he's honest, but mean.

No. 59719

Same, anon. Honestly. Willam even back in the early seasons got a bad edit. I'm glad he's doing whatever the fuck he wants and living his best life. I stopped caring after season 8 (with sasha and them??) it was such a mess of a season. It's all the same. And i'm sick of these catty men who get praised for doing shit women would be torn down for.

No. 59720

File: 1572269448499.jpg (153.09 KB, 1024x1024, adoreredhair.jpg)

Does anyone know what the fuck Adore is doing now a days? I used to follow her since her season, as well as her music, but she's kinda fell off for me recently. I always loved her 90s kid, grunge looks the best. she stood out as a drag queen imo

No. 59732

File: 1572275800068.jpg (115.25 KB, 1242x1731, a4ojr6z8zxa21.jpg)

Adore is now out there, living her best "hehe random girl xD i am not like the other queens!" life

No. 59733

Honestly, i dont hate her for this. rofl

People want queens to be PC friendly to the extreme and Adore doesnt seem to care.

No. 59737

File: 1572278733277.jpg (78.54 KB, 750x729, 20727d6722a28d6803dcee228a6119…)

>Willam even back in the early seasons got a bad edit.
Mmm I'm not sure if I agree with this. I think Willam has been pretty open about all the shenanigans (in the best way) he was up to the whole time. I've listened to a lot of Race Chaser and Willam talks a lot about his experience, but I've never gotten the impression that he felt he was misrepresented – outside of the whole getting kicked off shit. And even then it seems unclear and they gave him a respectable excuse of "muh husband we're in luv", and I don't think that was entirely an excuse either because on RC he basically says "yeah I didn't tell my husband at the time where I was going I just told him I'd be gone for several weeks to months bye and he came looking for me and found me at the hotel". He also said like "I made up some sob story about being abused or something Pfft." and shit, so I'm pretty sure if anything was untrue it was by design from him. I think the only thing he said they really played up was the amount his talked his ~acting~ and he was basically like "Well yeah I didn't realize I sounded like such an asshole"

Soooooooo edgy. Adore really lost her "I'm a libra I'll stab a bitch I don't give a fuck what anyone says" credibility for me when she had a complete toddler meltdown from receiving one (1) critique (which felt fair imo) from a middle aged white lady in AS2. Violet straight up said "I hate Michelle and her critiques are wrong" from like day 1 and still went on to win the season.

I think Adore was correct in saying she didn't belong there though, because I think she lucked out on getting as far as she did in 6 based entirely on her personality (and their need for the young underdog/experienced villain/secret hero trifecta) and I don't think you can do that more than once. You don't get to be the "scrappy underdog" twice, especially in the setting where you're supposed to be coming back more experienced and everyone's bringing their A-game and has something to prove. You can't just get by on catch phrases when you're in a room where everyone else has MORE catch phrases than you AND knows what they're doing. That's not to say she's a bad queen or I don't like her, I just don't think she's drag race material. (Also I don't know how she didn't get more shit for this look tbh. The braids with the fake edges….wack)

No. 59738

this entire look was a mess
the wig looks so bad on her i cannot even describe it

No. 59740

File: 1572281066913.jpg (332.59 KB, 1600x900, 5My6Vf.jpg)

Her All stars look was a mess, but i really loved a lot of her looks from Season 6 and onward. Also, i thought Adore and Michelle spoke it out and Adore apologised?

No. 59746

Does anyone watch dragula? Think its okay if you like campy cheesy gore, and if you liked xfactor.

No. 59748

File: 1572286189817.png (62.53 KB, 651x229, bdr.png)

No wonder she and Bianca are bffs, they're both edgelords.

I tried the first ep of the first season (because I enjoy Meatball) and I really didn't like it. I thought it would be fun campy cheesy gore like you said but it felt like it was crazy club kids and everyone was taking everything way too seriously and intensely. And then they put the bottom ones in coffins and bury them alive and drop bugs on them? That's doesn't seem campy or cheesy, it seems legitimately fucked up. Does it get any less….intense as it goes on?

No. 59773

Queens are annoying when they're overly emotional though. If that one Queen was lying about getting raped to get out of the bottom two, that's real fucked up

No. 59798

File: 1572300306612.png (817.78 KB, 587x625, bus stop.PNG)

Or that time Roxxxy Andrews started crying to avoid being eliminated

No. 59802

>Favorite/Least Favorite Queens
i personally really like sasha and shea and i'm happy for shasha winning but also very torn over that because shea also deserved to win 100%
bianca used to be a really big favorite of mine too but now it's just eh because she keeps on making the same recycled jokes over and over again
the same with trixie as well, i also was a big fan of her but i've kinda grown out of it and just see her as someone who's trying too hard to have this shock humor but her jokes don't land really well. also her using dyke so freely and the way she lets her fans attack everything and everyone and then refuses to do anything against it bothers me a lot.

there's only one queen i truly dislike and it's the one and only: eureka
she genuinely makes my blood boil because i've genuinely never met anyone as obnoxious as her. the way she always blames others and has the biggest victim complex ever is enough to make me see red LOL
i also can't stand yvie oddly. her looks are just really messy and low effort to me and it feels like she uses her "weirdness" as an excuse for it

>Favorite/Least Favorite Seasons

imo season 4, 5, 6, 9 and all stars 2 were really fun to watch
meanwhile season s8 (don't even get me started on the boring roller coaster that s7 was), season 10 and 11 were one of the worst.

>Who was robbed? Who's overrated?

shangela deserved to win all stars 2
that's it

>Best Lipsyncs

the only one i can think of is sasha vs shea in the finale definitely

i enjoy the lipsyncs more when the queens don't pointlessly split, death drop and jump all over the place to avoid getting eliminated

No. 59817

I could barely get through All Stars (2??) because of Roxxxy. She was only kept afloat because Alaska knew she'd be in the bottom two and was no threat. It was a smart strategy tbh, but she got on my nerves.

No. 59818

>the same with trixie as well, i also was a big fan of her but i've kinda grown out of it and just see her as someone who's trying too hard to have this shock humor but her jokes don't land really well. also her using dyke so freely and the way she lets her fans attack everything and everyone and then refuses to do anything against it bothers me a lot.

Trixie always rubbed me the wrong way. First off , Trixie [spoiled] robbed Shangela of her win. I will never get over that. [/spoiled]

Second, she definitely uses a lot of anti feminist and anti lesbian words in a 'joking' way. I guess she gets a pass for being a gay man, but it bothers me a lot. She's said some highly sus things, like in an episode of whatever her show is with Katya, she talked about adoption.

She said something about 'why would anyone adopt' and the staff /cameraman told him he was adopted and felt very grateful to his parents. he's said very gross things regarding women still in general. Also, Katya and trixie fans are always garbage teenagers

No. 59820

File: 1572311741360.gif (489.07 KB, 400x300, c17519fdbeb4bcce4f693e410eee30…)

>Who was robbed? Who's overrated?
>shangela deserved to win all stars 2
>that's it


No. 59845

I can’t be the only person who doesn’t think Shangela was robbed? Shangela has been able to come THREE times to win the crown and she couldn’t figure it out? I felt like she got sooo much favoritism because Ru likes her so much. She’s so egotistical for someone who’s career was made by someone else pushing for it. She deserved to lose because she got such a big head. When compared to Trixie, I don’t think Shangela really stacks up in terms of how well known they are. The only person that got robbed was Dela and she robbed herself. If Ru was smart he would’ve crowned her anyways cause she was leagues above anyone else.

No. 59873

File: 1572325336723.gif (1.41 MB, 268x300, 43af5f3e1bf54b5c24fe6bfc3afe9c…)

>Shangela has been able to come THREE times to win the crown and she couldn’t figure it out?
Sorry, this is all I can think of kek. (Interesting because I guess technically Manila has had 3 shots now too, though does AS1 really count?). I don't think it matters really, Shangela doesn't actually need the win. She was in an Oscar nominated movie, went to the Oscars in drag with Gaga, she lives with Jenifer Lewis, she's got a podcast, she's got more fingers in more pies than most of the Ru girls combined. She's fine.

>Katya and trixie fans are always garbage teenagers
Yeah, true. I don't dislike Trixie (and I've seen the majority of Unhhh) but I still don't really get the Trixie hype. She must have about 17 different makeup tutorial videos through different media publications. I remember watching an older one and even then she started it off being like "Well I know soo many of you are wanting to go as me for Halloween" (unironically). Katya and Trixie both seem so beloved but they also seem like the ones who hate their fans the most (which considering they're garbage teenagers…..probably fair). I also don't like her makeup. And I know if you say that a hoard of teenage girls will jump down your throats and scream
>you don't get it!!!!! she's like a barbie!!
but like….yeah I get it she's trying to look plastic or whatever, but I don't see that either? Like what what about that makeup look looks like a doll or a Barbie? And now she's just completely boxed herself into that one awful look for the rest of her career

No. 60161

File: 1572485938112.png (853.4 KB, 828x1328, j8uiccl35rv31.png)

Trixie dressed up as Gypsy Rose Blanchard for Halloween. I'm sure her teen fans aren't happy but like….this isn't even funny? Why do this?

No. 60168

honestly this might be unpopular but i thought the performance was cool. it kind of felt like edgy performance art? a little try hard. I kind of saw it as trying to frame Gypsy as a triumphant hero rather than just making a straight up mockery of her?

also I really love Gypsy and her story breaks my heart a lot and I'm probably projecting

No. 60171

>but i thought the performance was cool
Were you at the show or was it posted somewhere?

No. 60173

oh it's on youtube! sorry I'm not well versed on better platforms in case it get's taken down.

No. 61388


I rewatched this ep last night and that was such a fucking calculated move! But it was especially funny to me because she had just gotten criticism for her hair not being big enough when she was stacking wigs lol

No. 61489

File: 1573041912648.jpg (163.1 KB, 960x960, pd12f1jdirs31.jpg)

Can we talk about Drag Race UK here too? Because it was such shenanigans having baby queens like Scaredy Kat and Gothy Kendoll on when there are so many talented UK queens who've been doing drag for decades not just 5 minutes. Neither of them had any idea what they were doing and those lipsyncs were painful to watch.

Also, this is just me being petty but any praise for scaredy's drag majorly pisses me off. Everything she wore was straight off the rack j-fashion, sticking some twigs in an H&M boot is not a 'look' and in every photo of her wearing lolita it's always crumpled to shit. Idc if it's brand or not but at least take care of it

No. 61490

I'm not into drag other than rpdr but I knew there had to be better queens who had been doing it longer that deserved a place over gothy and scaredy. gothy seemed sweet, scaredy I didn't take to (and doing drag less than a year, I think?) but I was glad to see them make swift exits. scaredy's lipsync was awful, he was just kind of flailing about.

>sticking some twigs in an H&M boot is not a 'look'


No. 61492

File: 1573043489044.jpg (86.56 KB, 666x999, DivinaDeCampo.jpg)

who is your one to win on drag race uk? for me it has to be divina de campo

I could also see bagga winning, or the vivienne

No. 61496

I agree, Divina could win for sure. Honestly been hoping that trump will somehow see the vivienne's snatch game and have another twitter meltdown.

I like baga, I think she does a really good job of representing the campness of uk drag by being a bit panto whereas divina's obvs more glam (tho idk what was going on with baga apparently being problematic for being a tory??)

No. 61747

File: 1573162850783.jpg (70.75 KB, 600x400, vivacious.jpg)

>it was such shenanigans having baby queens like Scaredy Kat and Gothy Kendoll on when there are so many talented UK queens who've been doing drag for decades not just 5 minutes
Haven't watched UK yet but this is zero surprise to me. Ru hates queens over the age of 30, let's be real. They want young hot twinks with social media presence and catch phrases to appeal to their hoards of teenage girl viewers. "Older" queens can't jump off of a 5 story building and land in a split, which is now the minimum requirement for winning lipsyncs. The Last time a queen over 30 won was season 6 (Not counting All-Stars because that’s when the “older” queens come back for a second chance)

Winners ≤30 (At time of win):
>BeBe Zahara Benet: 28
>Tyra: 21
>Sharon Needles: 30
>Jinkx Monsoon: 26
>Violet Chachki: 23
>Bob the Drag Queen: 30
>Sasha Velour: 30
>Aquaria: 22
>Yvie Oddl: 26

Winners >30
>Raja: 37
>Bianca del Rio: 39

Maybe this is an unpopular opinion, but I think Ru should be more respectful to the older queens instead of mocking them or kicking them off because they can't keep up with the hot fashion twinks, especially when Ru can't do much more than stand up and walk in drag these days. Ru clearly thinks he's way above them, but doesn't do his own hair or makeup or costumes or perform anymore. I thought it was pretty fucken rich of RPDR to mock Vivacious and make her a kookie comic relief character for being a club kid, when Ru himself came up as a club kid. Ru moved to NYC and became part of the Club scene in the late 80's, and Vivacious was a club kid in NYC in the 90's. It's pretty likely they came up as peers. (Sorry, I know that turned into a bit of a ramble but it's been something that's really bothered me for a while)

No. 61752

ru and michelle have been pretty disrespectful of uk drag and the fact it's pretty much always been fucking funny, not fishy. they aren't getting past how its not 'pretty' enough

No. 61759

File: 1573169163092.jpg (48.75 KB, 640x493, yikes.jpg)

go off sis
>they want young hot twinks with social media presence and catch phrases to appeal to their hoards of teenage girl viewers
This. RPDR has been such a money grab for years now, just look at the fucking mess that is DragCon with straight mothers literally bringing babies and children and tween girls interrupting UNHhhh panels to yell "fuck my pussy with a rake mom" and read their fanfiction even after being asked not to.
Plus with every new season there's more queens trying to force catchphrases, especially if they get sent home quickly and try to pull a 'vanjie moment'

exactly, and they're judging the uk queens unfairly for it. You'd think with Michelle's apparent fucking fetish for british stuff she'd have some awareness of the culture.

Ru could be replaced with a wax model at this point. Probably make things easier for the people who actually put the work in to his make-up/wig-styling and would talk less shit.

I'm honestly surprised I haven't seen complaints about how "all the uk queens are such bitches" just because there's a more derogatory sense of humour. Getting real tired of americans asking questions about every single reference tho. google is your friend.

No. 61786

>I'm honestly surprised I haven't seen complaints about how "all the uk queens are such bitches" just because there's a more derogatory sense of humour

Actually my prevailing impression thus far is that the UK queens are much nicer to each other than any US lot (of which I am sure the lack of a cash prize is helping)

No. 61817

>and read their fanfiction even after being asked not to
woof, can you spoonfeed me on this? Have girls doing this during Q&A sessions or something? How does that even work? Horrifying

No. 61840

You are in for a treat. Their Q&As during panels are always a trash fire because of how their fanbase is made up. Unfortunately I can't find video of the fanfic reading because I guess WoW edits these things out, which is probably for the best. Going to assume you're already familiar with the fact that people write fanfiction about queens, usually making them BiOloGical WaHMEn hUnTYY and writing gross slash pairings. If you want to know more check ao3 or tumblr because if I have to look at that with my eyes it will kill me. Alternatively check out the rpdrcringe subreddit since they have some screenshots.

It's basically exactly what it sounds like. At a panel a couple of years ago someone read 'erotic' fic to them, despite both Trixie and Katya asking her not to and someone literally trying to take the mic away from her. I think the reaction from the audience was mixed, which this poor degenerate took as encouragement.

Someone has also DMed Kim chi fanfic in the past, courtney has a video of her reading some, and I'm sure there are other examples. It's honestly just disgusting.

Other highlights from UNHhhh panels include a guy telling Trixie "Show me your dick" and then doubling down to ask how big it is. potato quality video can be found here https://www.reddit.com/r/rpdrcringe/comments/d65wnp/this_question_from_the_unhhhh_panel_in_240p/

19:20 in the other vid I linked for an example of what passes as 'normal' at these panels. if you're too lazy it's just a grown ass woman going
>I love you both but this question's for Katya [To Trixie] Sorry mom!! Teehee~

Sorry for long post, I just can't believe these people exist. Imagine someone coming up to you and being like "Hey, I wrote terrible porn about you, a very real person, and your coworker!!1!" and expecting you to be psyched about it

No. 61851

I think it's a cultural thing where even though they're nice to each other (agreed that the lack of cash prize contributes to this) they are also verbally sharper and less afraid to take the piss. Some American viewers might not be used to seeing people interact on reality TV without fake nice personalities.

No. 61860

Yeah I saw the first season and I think once the bottom two had to get tattoos of "dragula"? Like permanent tattoos? That's going too far for a TV show tbh. That alone kind of put me off, but I did fall in love with some of the queens, vander von odd, and what was the name…disasterina? Absolute mess but so lovely. The numbers by vander on youtube are amazing.

No. 61887

File: 1573240245216.png (Spoiler Image,216.36 KB, 589x401, willam.png)

I've always avoided any of their live vids for this reason, but are those the editors they have with them on stage? That's really cool, glad they're getting proper recognition since they're really the reason for Katya & Trixie's success.

>Imagine someone coming up to you and being like "Hey, I wrote terrible porn about you, a very real person, and your coworker!!1!" and expecting you to be psyched about it

That is horrifying, (and not that this is in any way me trying to justify their horrifying intrusive fan base) but I can see where the teenage girls get a little confused along the way when Katya's y'know….talking about how much she wants to have sex with the editors (her coworkers) and fans and is constantly asking Trixie to kiss her on UNHhhh. On Katya's podcast Willam was on one episode and they went on a long tangent about how Katya and Willam both sucked this guy off backstage in drag when they were doing a show together. I don't remember all the details, but the story they told was basically Katya was sucking this dude off backstage, Willam heard it happening and just walked in and joined so….literally a "terrible porn with your coworkers" scenario. Did that actually happen? Unclear. Willam and Katya are a similarly confusing in that realm. I don't consider myself a prude in any sense but I listen to Race Chaser from time to time and some of the shit William says makes me legitimately queasy.

I think Trixie is a little more…..not family friendly, but talks less about sexual escapades and wanting to fuck everything and everyone, so I can see why she would get so annoyed with people lumping her in with Katya in that way and thinking that's appropriate. Either way, it's disgusting and it reminds me of the yaoi-paddle days of yore, teenage white girls really never change huh? Anyways, I couldn't even get past that first "Sorry mom!! Teehee~" question because it's her asking what Katya would ask her dead dad? What? And then Katya just makes a joke about a skintag or something and the woman asks if she would lick it? What the fuck, thats a grown ass woman, jesus.

Speaking of Willam – thoughts on his new music video? It's pinned on top of his twitter but v nswf:
That kind of stuff makes me really nervous when they're so beloved by kids/teens, Willam just posted a video on insta not that long ago where he was approached by some kids fawning over him. Not that the queens should feel like they need to censor themselves, but the fans' parents should pay more attention to who and what their kids are watching if it's this kind of content. I'm sure there are plenty of kids begging their parents to pay for them to support this shit on Patreon without realizing this is what these are the "perks" their kids are getting access to with that. I mean, on Race Chaser every week they read questions in the DMs and always ask for a dick pic with them. When they have other queens on as guests with them even they sound a little taken aback and uncomfortable sometimes when being forced to look at multiple fan submitted dicks.

No. 61933

I would love for trump to see the vivienne's snatch game. it was so spot on

baga is hilarious. as is the vivienne (love the kim woodburn impersonations) and yeah I do agree on your descriptions of baga and divina. they're both talented but divina is just so likable in my eyes. my one to win

baga - a tory? sounds….. fake. by the look of things they've denied it and also called boris a twat. I wonder where that rumour came from

No. 61941

>constantly asking Trixie to kiss her
I think they've dialled back with that kind of thing since getting such gross reactions from fans. Could be wrong, haven't been keeping up with UNHhhh lately, but I don't remember them doing that kind of bit in a while. They did it a lot early on but it always made me kind of uncomfortable because I could never tell if Trixie was actually uncomfortable with it or just playing it up for the joke.

sage for opinion but I think part of the issue is drag has exploded into mainstream popularity within the last five+ years, largely as a result of RPDR, and people aren't quite sure about where to draw the line on which bits are appropriate and which aren't. It's like leather daddies at a pride parade. On the one hand you've got queens like Nina West doing Drag Queen Story Hour for children, and on the other you've got…stuff like willam.

Barf @ that video tbh. I'm into men but that's just…I can't tell if it's supposed to be funny or not? Looks like really shitty porn. The way the pit crew are filmed grosses me out too tbh. All the lingering zooms on (I'm assuming fake) bulges. Yes they're probably models who knew what they signed up for but if they were women in bikinis some people would at least call it out for being creepy instead of just saying they're hot.

No. 61955

>This. RPDR has been such a money grab for years now, just look at the fucking mess that is DragCon with straight mothers literally bringing babies and children and tween girls interrupting UNHhhh panels to yell "fuck my pussy with a rake mom" and read their fanfiction even after being asked not to.
Plus with every new season there's more queens trying to force catchphrases, especially if they get sent home quickly and try to pull a 'vanjie moment'

This shit boils my broccoli. I'm over 30, so maybe it's that, but children and babies and teens definitely have no place at dragcon. Ru keeps trying to push drag as family friendly, but it's a huge oxymoron. it's so cringy now. Drag queens have to be 'aware' of their teen fanbase and cant be bold and sexual. I think only Bianca doesnt care about this point.

No. 61956

>You are in for a treat. Their Q&As during panels are always a trash fire because of how their fanbase is made up. Unfortunately I can't find video of the fanfic reading because I guess WoW edits these things out, which is probably for the best. Going to assume you're already familiar with the fact that people write fanfiction about queens, usually making them BiOloGical WaHMEn hUnTYY and writing gross slash pairings. If you want to know more check ao3 or tumblr because if I have to look at that with my eyes it will kill me. Alternatively check out the rpdrcringe subreddit since they have some screenshots.

Straight women are a plague on the drag culture. This shit has gotten out of hand. it's so gross to 'ship' queens. wtf

No. 61958

Vander von odd does some amazing looks. I think dragula has far less likeable queens, but at the same time, i honestly like that they are more real than Ru's queens. they feel like rockstars compared to popstars tbh

No. 62068

Drag Race was at it's best when it was just dumb reality trash faggotry, and not some socially conscious trailblazer of a show that people take seriously. At this point I only check out the runways and lipsyncs, everything else be damned.

No. 62153

>Favorite/Least Favorite Queens
Favorite: Alaska 5000. Her personality is relatable to me.(She give the passionate queen but bitchy when pressured by expectations ) Love her style of comedy and look.
Second favorite is Sasha Velour. Her drag is just pure art.
Third favorite is Katya. Like her random humor but her fanbase is awful(13 yo fangirl fans)
Least favorite: Eureka because her personality is not nice in season 9 and don't forget the black drama in twitter
>Favorite/Least Favorite Seasons
Favorite : 1. Season 6 , the first season that I watch, great introduction to drag race for me.
2. Season 5 Best storyline for the show.
Runner Up: All Star 2 & Season 9( Didn't finish it because the challenge is boring, Great Cast of queens)
Worst seasons:
All star 4: Just a shit show. I disagree with the double crowning in this seasons. Queens who deserved to get Double Crowning are Alaska and Katya from All stars 2
All stars 1,is meh season.
Season 7( Great cast of Queens but Shit show)
>Fav Rpdr fanartist
Instagram username:
I think rpdr has decent fanartist but there are some fanartist who drew rugirls in digustingly ships way (Trixe and Katya is the most common one)

No. 62174

File: 1573419355170.jpg (56 KB, 640x855, y7if329rnvx31.jpg)

So Ru believes in the healing powers of essential oils and pyramid schemes…

No. 62181

And is a faux jew kek

No. 62193

File: 1573430465969.jpg (124.61 KB, 1080x1341, a8ebd3115c0394cb36817d908969dc…)

Sasha Velour is your 2nd favorite but you couldn't even finish that season? I think that speaks to how boring and fake they all were imo. I don't get the Sasha hype at all. She's just like a generic gay art kid but with dad's money and support. I just went back and watched all of Sasha's looks on youtube and I honest to god did not remember a single one of them. There are plenty of memorable queens/looks from that season but I couldn't tell you a single thing about her personality other than her dad was really supportive and cute (but that's not even her, it's her dad).

Her only memorable thing was the 'So Emotional' reveal. But I don't even want to give her full "sooo original sooo creative" credit for that because there's no proof that she's the one who actually came up with that and not whoever her creative team is that was making her wigs/outfits. I mean if you're going home and then going back there knowing you will literally lose if you don't have the most amped up reveal, you're going to pay for the best idea. Finale lip syncs are a joke. It has nothing to do with talent or creativity, it just has to do with whoever can go home and get the most expensive costume piece made for them, and Sasha is proof of that. At that point it's like trying to judge an acting competition by whoever paid for the best costume/makeup/production design.

No. 67988

necroing the thread to say that trixie's documentary, moving parts, is finally out for the public–anyone have a link to a site for it?

No. 68563

It's on Pirate Bay.

No. 78211

File: 1583534644268.jpg (673.71 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200306-143247_Chr…)

Season 12 Sherry Pie has been disqualified for fessing up to catfishing and multiple people have come forward about it. He basically larped as a talent agent to get nudes from guys. Because he appears in the second batch of queens this season, his premiere episode hasn't even aired yet as of right now.

No. 78212

>He pitched all of them this fake HBO show about muscle expansion
Not only is he a creep, but he's a creep with a ridiculous fetish

No. 78215

That's disgusting and "catfishing" seems like a pretty gentle description of using deception to solicit sexual images.

Then again, why did he even have to catfish? Men are willing to send pictures of their dicks to basically anyone.

No. 78220

i thought they would've disqualified him for sexually assaulting his own drag daughter instead but i am still glad that he got disqualified nonetheless

No. 78232

What the fuck? Source?

No. 78248

Thats another one on the same season I think? Brita?

No. 78285

File: 1583590766858.jpg (98.54 KB, 1000x599, brita-filter-statement.jpg)

It wasn't just nudes but incredibly specific fetish shit. Steroids, muscle expansion, smelling armpits etc. It seems like in at least a few cases they were men he knew personally so the catfishing was probably to try and protect his own identity.

Brita was accused of sexually assaulting his drag daughter while they were asleep in 2018. Denied it at the time and he's posted on social media denying it again now that it's been brought up because of season 12.

No. 79771

I haven't been able to watch S12 at all, but how are they handling this with the rest of the season? It's all pre-filmed already so can't just like….cut her out of all the other episodes can they?

Yeah but idk if you've read some of their recounting of it but it seems like more than that. It really seems like some really fucked up fetish of Sherry's where she was trying to get them to agree to take steroids and kept emphasizing them getting "BIGGER". Plus it wasn't just catfishing out of the blue, Sherry would give her friends and people she knew the "referral" to that agent and then elicit the pics/videos from them as the agent. So she was specifically doing it to people she knew.

Anyways, I'm glad this thread was revitalized because did anyone else watch Trixie and Kim Chi's collab from earlier this month? I was genuinely shocked at how massive Kim has gotten. Her whole personality of "teehee i luv food!!!" isn't really endearing anymore once it's gone that far, especially with the meltdown she has in this vid finding out Trixie got Chipoltle PR and she didn't. Genuinely the most emotion I've ever seen Kim display.

No. 79774

>I was genuinely shocked at how massive Kim has gotten.

I noticed this recently, but I thought maybe I had just forgotten what size she was before since she doesn't show her body much. It's sad cause on her season she said she "used to be 300-lbs", but it looks like she's getting back up there now.

No. 79789

File: 1584757693586.png (308 KB, 602x562, vlga0ua7pym41.png)

casting a sexual predator in conjunction with RuPaul being found out as an oil baron bodes poorly for the series. i genuinely think this season will be the end of RPDR (unless there's an All Stars season in the works already), and it's very welcome. i think drag has been milked for all its worth in the mainstream, and dragging (hah) the program out much longer will only make it more stale and repetitive.

if you think about it, nearly every type of drag queen and minority have been cast and thoroughly represented, and the selection of queens who've gone on to win the crown is very diverse as well. the show isn't going to add anything to the gay tapestry in terms of representation anymore. campy queen? scary queen? fashion queen? disabled queen? asian queen? trans queen? poor queen? artsy queen? i could go on. it's all been done. new contestants just seem like rehashed old ones. the same can be said for the challenges and critiques. the drag bubble is bursting.

No. 79790

File: 1584761763937.jpeg (53.57 KB, 784x489, 1200x600.jpeg)

Oof that's rough. I mean honestly at this point if you take the wig and the dress off, Ru's just a republican at this point. I agree with everything you've said here except that I don't think this or anything else will end it anytime soon. It's become more of a cashcow than ever and no one's gonna let that go anytime soon, especially not Ru.

I think part of the issue is the existence of RPDR itself honestly. In the earlier seasons there were queens who had worked and had full careers and history and personality before DR. All the queens coming up and competing nowadays have come up with their careers and personalities shaped directly with RPDR in mind. If you're a working drag queen and you're not working towards RPDR as your end goal then there's basically no point in even being a drag queen. They come in with catchphrases and merch and hundreds of thousands of followers already because at the end of the day the only thing that really matters now is who can afford the most expensive wigs and costume pieces. It has nothing to do with who actually did better at in the show overall because whoever can do the most reveals and jump splits and wig tosses is going to win no matter what, there's no real stakes there.

It's all too polished now. The reason some of those earlier seasons were so charming was because of how rough everything and everyone was. Shangela and Latrice came in basically only ever having done drag a handful of times and were actually able to compensate with their charisma. Everything was drunk and messy and hard front and hot glued together. I think they need to bring back more of the sewing/DIY challenges to weed out the girls who are just instagram fish sugarbaby twinks. It's kind of the great equalizer.

You know you've really run the gamut when "cosplay queen" is even a category that's boring and stale. Rock M. just looks like Trixie wearing Kim's outfits.

No. 80001

Nothing will ever beat the raw charm of seasons 1-4. Raven, Shangela, Raja, Chanel, Ongina, Phi phi ohara, Sharon,. etc etc…

They were messy ass dudes and i loved it. Now it's like you said, queens who are basically instathots, prepping merch and building views before going on RPDR. Who even made Rupaul queen of drag? and drag queen culture is already sexist bullshit, but every straight white girl wants to support it.

No. 81471

File: 1585811701226.jpg (109.04 KB, 640x640, dragrace-1579812005.jpg)

Agreeing with most of the comments here. Is this new season even worth watching? It kinda gives me season 6 flashbacks they way they divided the queens. It seems fresh in a way I haven't felt since season 9.

No. 81474

its not worth it. the sniping is turning to bullying, the queen who's performing the best has been disqualified, and another white twink is on course for the crown

No. 81910

I need to vent about this show, like I can predict every single storyline that will happen this season before it even happens because it's not about drag, it's about manufactured drama. Yeah I know there will be people that say it's always been about drama, but it feels like nothing is even about drag anymore.

Case in point this season: this stupid ass Aiden v Brita. Aiden should have gone in episode 4, I have never seen such shitty balls looks in my life. But they only kept her for her Brita rivalry and you KNEW they would end up lipsyncing together. Like I could write this script blind.

Also they were pushing Sherry HARD to the crown, giving her wins and highs that make no sense whatsoever. She shouldn't have won episode 3, Heidi should have, like I could not piece together a single reason why she won that week. Sherry shouldn't have been high in Snatch Game, she literally did a horrible insult to Katherine Hepburn but RuPaul fake laugh screamed at all her one note jokes. Also they have edited her 95% out of the show and they still can't find any screentime for like 3-4 of the contestants still? That's how much Sherry content they actually tried to shove at us. 100% she would have won if she wasn't a disgusting sexual predator.

Now we are left with the obvious winner of Gigi. I don't mind Gigi at all and wouldn't be mad if she won, but it's so obvious now that Sherry has (rightfully) been punted out the comp that Gigi will 100% win. They aren't even hiding it.

Tbf to Rock, she is self aware enought o lean into she looks like Trixie/Kim/etc a lot and jokes about it. I honestly don't mind her. I wish they would stop picking on queens with non standard looks to "change it up" though while every run of the mill queen never gets asked the same thing.

Also even in the crunchiness of the older seasons, those queen still had star power that outshines every queen these days. I'd say up to season 8 is where drag wasn't just about a look. Bob steamrolled that on personality alone and that's what I want to see, not how many rhinestones have been glued onto your designer outfit.

No. 98421

File: 1594188353026.jpeg (43.3 KB, 636x357, EcHSOBNXgAAyZyC.jpeg)

Sorry for necro….but anyone following this Sharon Needles shit? Shit's wild, I'm still trying to read through all of it



No. 98428

HOLY SHIT. I don't even get what Sharon's goal was (isn't he gay?) but this is fucked up and I completely believe the kid. What the FUUUUCK

No. 98433

sharon is a nonce, why the fuck is a man in his 30s bringing a child on cruises and giving her drugs? it's not about the genitals with nonces its about power

No. 98446

I never liked her personally. She seems like a very broken, mentally ill toxic person. People who still support her make me realize how stupid people can be.

No. 98457

This shit is so disturbing. I hope this will make people drag Queens even harder because the drag queen scene is 21+ and children SHOULD NOT BE THERE TO BEGIN WITH. I remember when Ru Paul was trying to be make Drag 'child friendly.' that shit is disgusting. I feel so bad for this girl.

No. 98458

RPDR ever since the first EMMY is trying too hard to be family-friendly, with dragcon being open for all ages visitors, while drag art always belonged to adult-only spaces in the past, this had to end up with situations like this.

No. 98459

File: 1594230870156.jpg (59.71 KB, 821x481, sharon's a predator.jpg)

This shit is so nasty. it's hard to read.

No. 98466

Didn't RuPaul delete all of his instagram posts? Is this why?

Fucking disgusting.

No. 98491

Yeah I don't see how drag can ever be family-friendly. Seems it's straight white women and gay men that wanna push that idea but it has no place in a child's life imo. I don't think gay culture itself is inappropriate for children but Drag most certainly is. It's overly sexual, vulgar, and leaving kids unsupervised around grown men just bc they are gay is insane.

No. 98538

it probably had more to do with people spamming his account with "lol fracking" stuff, you just know he wouldn't care about a past contestant

No. 98825

Where the fuck were her parents. JFC who lets their kid go on a cruise with a 31-year-old man.

No. 99459

Nta but definitely, it's all passive agressive sexuality, vanity and spite. Anecdotal but my friend's mum watched every season with her children growing up. They both identify as ~gender neutral~ now that they're teens. No clue if there's any relation, but it kind of makes you think.

No. 107748

The same people who watch drag race with their kids >>99459 apparently. Shit parents

No. 134785

I’m PISSED Joe Black wasn’t on season 1 of Drag Race UK. He would have fit in with that cast so much better I feel.

No. 134787

100% agreed. It's clear he embodies "old drag" a lot more and his personality would have meshed better with people like The Vivienne or Divina de Campo. Even when he returned after quarantine, the reason he got sent home immediately again was because he couldn't build chemistry with the other queens. Also, Ru clearly didn't like him very much anyway.

No. 134789

Drag Race UK S2 was miles better than any of U.S. S13. I had such high hopes for the latter because I really like Symone and Mik, but rn I don't even care about the top 4. The drama felt extra manufactured this season as well.

No. 134802

File: 1617436412290.jpeg (49.86 KB, 480x360, 36DA8527-2EA2-4BC8-9DCF-3DA108…)

Ok me and my gf have this on going theory that that h&m fiasco was also in part due to ru’s deal with old navy. But that’s just a gay theory for another day.

No. 134960

Bro thank god olivia left the competition. Her fake-ass was getting on my nerves.

No. 135124

Who do you want to win s13?

No. 135224


I'm rooting for Symone, I feel like she's a good all-rounder and has that je ne sais quois charisma.

Rose could also win it. She's consistent and has the most 'professional entertainer' vibe. I really can't think of a time where she's missed the mark, but the season has been so long and drawn out I've already forgotten half of it.

No. 135261

Rose. Symone cries too much, so she's my runner up .plussheworethatfurrysuitkek

No. 135263

Am I delulu for thinking Gottmik is going to win this season? I don't really like her but I just have a hunch that she's going to win. She has gotten such a favorable edit from the producers.

No. 135277

The way the editors cut around Gottmik’s performance

No. 135359

I’m rooting for Rosé with Symone as my runner up. They both have qualities I love in winners and I know Rose would do something cool with it.

Who’s your least favorite to win?
Kandy, Mik. I find them grating. Kandy is unintelligible, cliche and thin skinned. Mik has the edit on her side and has the stink of transmale making fun of femininity to fit it with the guys. It’s always the same bimbo with him and his comedy.

Who would be in top 4 if you could throw a life raft?
Joey Jay. I love a butch queen lesbian look. Also his beat was good.

And who are you happy about leaving?
Fucking Tina. I couldn’t stand her her voice or her styling. She always made her self look like a mcbrick.

No. 135533


No. 136411

File: 1618043363873.gif (1.03 MB, 524x342, 31071001-4708-44F1-96EC-A25852…)

This week’s episode of Rupuals Fake Luagh Race was a complete waste just $upual fluffing Kandy and Mik. Plus that lip sync cutting around Miks skills was depressing. They knew they couldn’t do a group or the three actual performers would’ve stepped on the pwesous wiener of season 13.

No. 140232

necroing this thread to say that I'm glad symone won, hopefully rose will go onto all-stars and do really well

No. 140289

Symone was the most deserving of that win for sure. I thought Mik and Rose were both good but what the hell did Kandy make it to top 4 for? Garbo.

No. 140306

Kandy makes great tv and good for stunts yet bad enough to look messy and lose towards the end. Plus she’d tick all the boxes for fat, fem and spicy rep.

I’m glad it’s over, Symone worked it out and gave us consistency.
Also shout outs to Roses ‘sprained’ all stars ankle and that low fitting crotch.

No. 140332

i think gottmik was the producers' favorite this season with kandy as a second. it was painfully obvious how they couldn't afford to put gottmik in the bottom two because she can't lip sync and would obviously have to go home. kandy was kept around since each season needs an "antagonist" and someone for people to root against, but there was no way she should have been saved that many times. props to symone for her consistency throughout the season and really great performances in the final

No. 140393

Rose managed to look like a pile of pink frilly shit nearly the entire season. I hate her sense of style.

No. 140416

Tamisha Iman says she’s going to read some of the more famous RPDR queens on Tuesday, I’m looking forward to it

No. 140435

I’m so tired of Bimini.

No. 140446

I'm ready for the drama.

Ok so I haven't watched season 13 yet, but can any one tell me if its worth watching DRUK,Australia,or even Canada? I personally miss the sewing challenges of the earlier seasons of DR and was wondering if they utilize those crafty challenges more.

No. 140457

Isn't Gottmilk an actual woman? Her looks are great and she has talent but something about her larping as a gay guy and doing drag is kinda weird.

No. 140592

she was born female but transitioned to male

a friend of mine really liked druk 2 but i don't know how much actual design/sewing challenges they had

No. 142363

File: 1621308338883.jpg (82.62 KB, 1200x900, 2_UK-gets-painful-as-Baga-Chip…)

Started season 1 of rpUK, and honestly loving it. Idk if it's the editing or the queens but I barely find myself skipping through the episodes to just see the final looks.

Living for Baga and Sum Ting Wong

No. 142427

Where are you watching anon? Asking as an Eurofag. I wish we could get season 13 here soon, I’m currently rewatching old seasons

No. 143642

For anything really I've had the best luck with this site


No. 145358

thoughts on the lineup for all stars 6?

No. 145360

I'm glad they didn't pack it with a bunch of queens from the later seasons, but choosing three season 11 queens was a choice. A few of my favorites are back… as well as some I'm not too excited to see. A'keria for AS6 winner! I wish it would be Scarlet, but I just now it's not plausible.

No. 145363

Snooze, I hate them all and will not be watching the fupa season.

No. 145367

same, and i can't believe they've chosen to include people who have already been on the show and brought back so much like eureka and ginger minj

No. 145373

File: 1622057586400.jpeg (141.17 KB, 750x729, D56CB6B3-5A0D-4237-BA13-8447C6…)

Australia’s 1st season is insufferable so far. The recent UK season was the “best” RPDR in a while. Haven’t checked out All Stars 6 yet.

No. 145380

The options are piracy or subbing to a really shit streaming service since it's on Paramount Plus. They didn't even make it worth the effort either way.

No. 145387

File: 1622063969361.jpg (116.97 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I'm here for Ginger Minj.
I wanted to root for Jiggly as my second choice, but he came out as a troon.

No. 145404

What makes you say its bad?(haven't started it yet)

I enjoyed uk a lot 1&2
idk if the guys just don't seem as super bitchy like in the us(to me)

No. 145418

File: 1622081068947.jpg (58.91 KB, 751x473, Untitled.jpg)

>A’Keria C. Davenport (Season 11)

>Eureka! (Season 9, 10)


>Ginger Minj (Season 7, All Stars 2)


>Jan (Season 12)


>Jiggly Caliente (Season 4)


>Pandora Boxx. (Season 2, All Stars 1)


>Ra’Jah O’Hara (Season 11)


>Scarlet Envy (Season 11)


>Serena ChaCha (Season 5)


>Silky Nutmeg Ganache (Season 11)

she was kinda funny

>Kylie Sonique Love (Season 2)


>Trinity K. Bonet (Season 6)


>Yara Sofia (Season 3, All Stars 1)


seriously wtf is this lineup. what all-stars?

No. 145423

Silky and Eureka were kind of the Spoony of their seasons, where everything had to be all about them in any given situation.

No. 145576

Just admit you didn't start watching until S7. They can't just keep bringing back everyone from S9. We needed more queens from seasons 1-6.

No. 145671

gatekeeping drag race lmao

No. 179621

bump for S14

the first premiere girls ate up the second

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