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File: 1523958430220.png (1.91 MB, 1024x768, fcbabfb68e24eeda318c86250ec8e9…)

No. 6604

Straight version of the other thread.
Classically cute is preferable.

No. 6605

File: 1523959079000.jpg (102.27 KB, 740x594, twm5nELxz1vk8814o1_1280.jpg)

No. 6606

File: 1523977095514.jpg (275.89 KB, 853x1280, 66fcf2d7d405398f8f163c4ea61aaf…)

No. 6607

File: 1523982249121.gif (2.97 MB, 540x230, _timm.gif)

No. 6608

Lol, i was just about to post him 100% agreed

No. 6609

File: 1523986867862.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x1080, ds21911333_172165280001437_506…)

top taste, anon

No. 6610

File: 1523997355008.gif (930 KB, 500x316, original.gif)

Cutest. Love him forever.

Yess Dylan and cole are top-tier cuties

No. 6611


No. 6612

File: 1523998436203.jpg (25.63 KB, 500x500, e5c2eda0b1f02332a918fb986c10ac…)

No. 6613

File: 1523998659668.gif (643.17 KB, 480x275, tumblr_inline_o8qa4psjpc1trobz…)

I would be on Tom Riddle's dicc if I was at hogwarts with him

No. 6614

File: 1523998701226.gif (1.1 MB, 500x304, dylan-obrien.gif)

No. 6615

File: 1524003492352.gif (1.78 MB, 350x220, tumblr_nwall1qQYd1udm45uo1_400…)

I have a thing for the other guy from this movie, but Cal Gabriel from zero day is a real qt.

No. 6616

File: 1524012519927.gif (849.55 KB, 500x230, CC81FA88-A799-45B9-8EB9-58120C…)

No. 6617

File: 1524015768400.jpg (30.96 KB, 500x666, 1523158264605.jpg)

i see anons posting this guy a lot and i fell in love with him

No. 6618

God, Leo's remained handsome but even he can't compete with Titanic-era Leo.
Holy moly… name?

No. 6619

File: 1524016524544.jpg (311.29 KB, 1196x1200, CrJAF8_UsAA3obG.jpg)

apparently his name is billy vandendooren

i will also always have a spot for young morrissey, so handsome. he's is and always be a wanker though

No. 6620

File: 1524039322945.jpg (21.43 KB, 564x365, 588259b79b10e8893f1f92d96e769e…)

In few years Zumman will be the new Timothee Chalamet, mark my words.

imo only Dylan
Cole looks fine on photoshoots, but on candids he's a greasy rat

No. 6621

>fine on photoshoots, but on candids he's a greasy rat
Applies to most people including celebrities.

No. 6622

dat apple

No. 6623

File: 1524067892324.jpg (42.2 KB, 615x400, Yuzuru-Hanyu.jpg)

Yuzuru Hanyu

No. 6624

Who's that?

No. 6625

Vladimir Averyanov

No. 6626

File: 1524085658893.jpg (40.28 KB, 920x675, 920x920.jpg)

I want to cream on him sploosh

No. 6627

Omg he is qt I wanna hug him

No. 6628

File: 1524129365721.jpg (71.61 KB, 719x703, f4f35d5b6b5a11bf8b8bbe1eefe81e…)

No. 6629

File: 1524129387693.jpg (1.9 MB, 2988x2245, imageproxy.jpg)

It seems unfair that someone can be so cute, talented AND successful. I don't even know if I like his looks or his skating better.

No. 6630

Even though he's older than me i'd feel like a pedo since he looks so uncomfortably young…

No. 6631

File: 1524130347791.jpg (55.92 KB, 779x1024, IMG_3705.JPG)

Ok yeah I'd let him destroy my vagina

No. 6632

Not into his face since he looks 12, but that body is really nice, I love guys with tiny waists.

No. 6633

File: 1524138899183.jpg (126.04 KB, 500x750, 1446002826593.jpg)

No. 6634

Nice. What's his name?

No. 6635

File: 1524146167299.gif (3.91 MB, 300x225, 11285_original.gif)

My original husbando
He was so cute when he was young…

No. 6636

I did a bit of digging and I've found him. https://dreades.deviantart.com/
Definitely cute

No. 6637


With long hair in a low ponytail he would be sooo my type. Wish more man would recognise the beauty of long locks.

No. 6638

File: 1524155946020.jpg (128.56 KB, 742x913, IMG_1959.jpg)

( ° ʖ °) <booty

No. 6639

File: 1524156049100.png (795.44 KB, 938x554, Vernon.png)

No. 6640

Oh god, he's gorgeous!

No. 6641

File: 1524159447823.jpg (26.09 KB, 808x455, 264ca86156f9fef56d1d1b7095f113…)

Ikr. I'm usually not into English guys, but he is hooot.

No. 6642

I may or may not have several fanfics about him bookmarked on ao3.

No. 6643

Yes bitch

No. 6644

That's shitty and makes zero sense. What do you want him to look like, a nasty 35 year old greaseball?

No. 6645

File: 1524161430512.jpg (47.1 KB, 333x500, Bill-Skarsg-rd-bill-skarsgard-…)

There's something cute about the guy who plays Pennywise in the IT reboot.

No. 6646

File: 1524161751911.jpg (22.81 KB, 400x300, 2890325a10f617689cadd298d01263…)

Jude Law as Bosie, he's so dreamy.

No. 6647

File: 1524161807501.gif (995.59 KB, 500x445, tumblr_oz2bk3zEg11usr4jgo1_500…)

No. 6648

File: 1524162851860.gif (1.92 MB, 245x400, TQUP.gif)

He was very cute as the zombie frat boy in season 3.

No. 6649

File: 1524163247106.gif (2.21 MB, 320x409, tumblr_oyk5odkhEy1w9q9mmo2_400…)

a dreamy boi

No. 6650

File: 1524165481762.jpg (266.43 KB, 1200x1687, 1200px-Francisco_Lachowski_201…)

Isn't this the guy that incels always talk about? Either way. He is cute.

No. 6651

Too fat.

No. 6652

File: 1524165755094.jpg (40.06 KB, 400x400, kxfNSR1rckuolo1_400.jpg)

No. 6653

File: 1524165974649.jpg (60.47 KB, 399x600, 9atB9F1qzrrqmo1_400.jpg)

No. 6654

I just thought "Wow, he's so cute", googled him and what?!
He's only 26, but already married since 5 years with 2 children, that's kinda trashy…

No. 6655

Ok cool.

But this thread isn't about muscleheads so fuck off.

No. 6656

File: 1524166619168.gif (1.27 MB, 245x180, 461ff0acfff032816b935e2d093f80…)

No. 6657

How is it trashy to be married and have children?


No. 6658

File: 1524171250321.png (524.57 KB, 720x519, img_59287b25b0aa2.png)


Hahah what?


Also in Talented Mr. Ripley alongside Matt Damon.

No. 6659

File: 1524171588110.jpg (242.58 KB, 1400x1754, matt-damon.jpg)

Young Damon's smile makes me happy.

No. 6660

File: 1524171635773.jpg (442.34 KB, 876x1280, 01.jpg)

No. 6661

File: 1524172305341.gif (630.97 KB, 220x173, tumblr_oc65h7wiqX1skfbnto1_250…)


He does have that whole pouty blond-curled twink aesthetic. If I was gay, I'd definitely be into a guy like him.

No. 6662

File: 1524172930102.jpg (18.98 KB, 261x336, law_jude_2.jpg)


I'm into young Jude Law as a straight woman haha

No. 6663

File: 1524173991649.jpg (130.79 KB, 500x672, 67832b1728ba6ca1a5fb8442b7a498…)

Gorgeous man.

Hngg smoking has never looked so sexy.


No. 6664

File: 1524176040574.jpeg (33.9 KB, 500x413, FA1C28C2-E700-451D-B677-1C612D…)


Sorry, anon, but I don’t think you can call anyone else’s tastes horrible when you post a pic like that.

No. 6665

File: 1524176500819.png (143.32 KB, 250x372, tumblr_nh69qlfMlr1tsim3zo1_250…)

Dane is an acquired taste but I think he is really cute

No. 6666

File: 1524176514666.jpg (111.67 KB, 500x657, tumblr_nvabvmGQ2c1rdeh10o1_500…)

No. 6667

File: 1524176559015.gif (1.51 MB, 245x300, tumblr_myakysjUVu1qlhjo6o1_250…)

Lee Pace as Ned the Piemaker is also very cute

No. 6668

File: 1524176581374.gif (1.84 MB, 245x269, tumblr_myg16aqdM11rz1wnio3_250…)

No. 6669

File: 1524177201300.gif (1.93 MB, 268x300, tumblr_ns89pg5o9N1spdc28o4_400…)

He's a babe

No. 6670

File: 1524181595739.jpg (247.43 KB, 1280x1920, 8886.jpg)

my weak ass fell for the cute korean men meme

all-time fave

No. 6671

File: 1524187316796.jpeg (45.95 KB, 400x400, 67D21309-3D72-47FF-9AC0-35A576…)

No. 6672

File: 1524187541451.jpeg (62.59 KB, 500x750, EB6A68CD-18A6-43B8-82FB-F77CEA…)

No. 6673

File: 1524187585586.jpeg (71.98 KB, 492x492, 3AE656BB-854D-400C-AC7C-FFDB2B…)

No. 6674

Atsushi's incredibly good looking. Everyone on this site except you thinks he's hot.
>that basic ass pic you posted
Yikes. That explains your shit taste.

No. 6675

Who is he?

No. 6676

dylan sprouse

No. 6677

File: 1524193214821.jpg (346.92 KB, 388x599, a41550c9256048609c8f7802b26aef…)

I was in love with him in high school omg

No. 6678

File: 1524193308607.jpg (467.73 KB, 1080x1080, ds21910154_1531410840274068_82…)

good shit

No. 6679

File: 1524194988576.gif (950.58 KB, 300x200, 00583b3f8965155de8b1620864fc43…)

… I just posted him to the Men You're Ashamed You'd Fuck thread right before I saw this.

He is uncomfortably dreamy.

No. 6680

File: 1524195022952.jpg (40.82 KB, 512x512, 980x.jpg)


You're really gonna say young Leo is shit taste? That's a new one.

And not every one thinks the guy with an awkward jaw and too thin/angular eyebrows is attractive. Sorry, anon. Different strokes. Let's just stick to not calling other people's tastes horrible, eh?


His brother is too imo in a very different way.

No. 6681

File: 1524203535124.webm (2.23 MB, 640x360, k50yaOGG1vb27cer.webm)

Same Anon, he's such a qt and he has a great body when he doesn't diet too much. Taehyung's also very cute.

No. 6682

File: 1524206664587.jpg (31.59 KB, 400x400, danzig80s.jpg)

i know, i know

No. 6683

File: 1524207680190.gif (1.95 MB, 400x225, tumblr_p6sgjsjqdw1r1ao91o3_400…)

Lol he could still get it even today at over 50

No. 6684

Finally some faces I can agree on in this thread.
Please write the names of the guys down if you know them!

No. 6685

File: 1524207739298.jpg (36.61 KB, 357x500, guy maddy.jpg)

old school, Guy Madison

No. 6686

File: 1524209584357.jpg (72.18 KB, 652x960, tumblr_oqe07jkZm31u7jkqmo4_128…)

No. 6687

File: 1524210085430.jpg (154.95 KB, 700x1020, Fhu1sfb7xio1_1280.jpg)

No. 6688

File: 1524210233439.gif (466.66 KB, 500x356, gL1sq88zeo2_500.gif)

No. 6689

I would fucking ride the shit out of Danzig's face.

No. 6690

File: 1524215206055.jpg (62.35 KB, 750x613, tumblr_p50uusbPLW1v35zapo1_128…)

fuck, me too anon

No. 6691

File: 1524224154304.jpg (28.87 KB, 245x392, Young David Gilmour Photos (11…)

No. 6692

He is qt. But he gives me lesbian vibes for some reason haha. I'm bi so thats fine

No. 6693

>Dylan and Cole Sprouse
Awful taste wtf

No. 6694

File: 1524234105361.jpeg (65.71 KB, 1080x720, FD597EA3-E65B-4AE2-961B-138741…)



No. 6695

File: 1524234707793.png (1.46 MB, 864x1080, 58E6B60D-671D-434D-AB75-C9AC60…)

KJ Apa, the other guy from Riverdale, is a qt too.

No. 6696

File: 1524234724693.jpeg (Spoiler Image,151.91 KB, 650x975, 75851A3E-5750-4D84-B0D5-0E49B1…)

No. 6697

File: 1524234747205.jpeg (171.59 KB, 1125x1370, BA6BC184-E625-4491-BCFD-7E5A18…)

No. 6698

I used to think that Cole was cuter than Dylan when I watched the Suite Life when I was a child. Now I think it's the opposite, Dylan is kind of cute but boy Cole looks like your typical white trash junkie guy who hasn't showered for a week straight

No. 6699

File: 1524239613183.jpeg (188.72 KB, 1080x1350, 96053B94-B49E-4B98-8F33-EE80F1…)


I always thought Cole was cuter when I watched the show cause he was the smart character. Now he’s always photographed with a cig and greasy black hair… eeeeh. He’s still cute but my crush definitely didn’t grow as we did lol

No. 6700

Dylan's always been the cuter one for me. His sense of humor is on par with most of ours and he's into geeky stuff. Nice to see that side of a hot celeb regardless.

No. 6701

Who is he??

No. 6702

That's Ville Valo from HIM

No. 6703

File: 1524294823056.jpg (45.43 KB, 700x394, 108390UJKLF4ORUNF.jpg)

I love how he always had a very soft expression on his face, and obviously his angelic voice.

No. 6704

You should check them out anon. Not only is he absolute eye candy, his voice is really lovely as well.

No. 6705

File: 1524312724782.jpg (81.68 KB, 640x640, 4724f12dfc1aa91f9e6bcf6a7c1c0c…)

Persian q.t

No. 6706

He is perfect. Reverse image search says his name is Hamid Fadaei

No. 6707

File: 1524313660338.jpg (375.07 KB, 949x591, syd.jpg)


BLESS this

and speaking of pink floyd guys

No. 6708

File: 1524313760993.jpg (21.34 KB, 500x391, tumblr_n4nyt4eN5W1r313cko1_500…)

No. 6709

File: 1524341441100.jpg (47.93 KB, 960x740, beatles with awards.jpg)

all of them were cute, but I'd put them
Paul >>> John >> George > Ringo

I love Paul and John's voices almost equally though.

No. 6710

rip syd :(

No. 6711

File: 1524341754727.jpg (85.95 KB, 300x300, Rubber_Soul.jpg)

Sometimes when I see pictures of young George, I think he's the best looking but I think John/Paul have more stable attractiveness.

No. 6712

File: 1524357211434.png (1.16 MB, 776x960, pour.png)

Shameless peep posting

No. 6713

File: 1524373429866.gif (14 MB, 600x600, 88ak0immtwo01.gif)

sometimes he looks really pretty, but othertimes, he looked like total white trash, like, his facial features. still can't figure out if he's actually attractive tbh

No. 6714

File: 1524392491780.jpg (53.38 KB, 840x970, 2349_george_harrison-min.jpg)

Yeah, for me George is definitely the best looking, he's very handsome and charming, and there's also this youthful/playful quality to him that I'm attracted to. Paul was really good looking around 1966-1968 too, and John had a nice unique look about him. Honestly I guess they were all attractive in their own way, they all had such class lol

No. 6715

File: 1524393065103.jpg (26.67 KB, 320x396, 1bb00d9b8aaebc1c934bf318fe0414…)

There's this beautiful model from cape town called Nicholas Vangraan who I've been following for a while, he's so gorgeous

No. 6716

File: 1524415419628.gif (829.4 KB, 500x245, I6CGD3x.gif)

No. 6717

Generic gay protagonist spotted

No. 6718

What's this from? I reverse image searched it but some weird shit was coming up. Thanks.

No. 6719

I'm usually not into black guys but he is beautiful

No. 6720

I think it's the character Q from Skyfall (the James Bond movie)

No. 6721

File: 1524444920964.jpeg (150.31 KB, 1000x964, 4DD623A2-EFB9-4E23-9E9D-594825…)

sometimes rami malek reminds me of a frog but at other times I think he’s really striking

No. 6722

nah i love him. even him looking a little froggy, hes a really pretty guy.

No. 6723

File: 1524446377367.jpg (25.06 KB, 500x585, a3e1b64cd79e1f9743fd32f84e1127…)

Young Alex James

No. 6724

File: 1524461223718.jpg (63.74 KB, 396x600, large.jpg)

Hugh Grant never fails to make me swoon like a teenager lol

No. 6725

File: 1524464208938.jpg (45.28 KB, 430x640, 6756e9cc5c060638473681b19c22c5…)

Young Johnny Depp will always be my ultimate crush.

No. 6726

File: 1524464589677.jpg (60.25 KB, 611x438, 0b3af5a2aa64250b608440177a704e…)

No. 6727

Ben Whishaw

No. 6728

File: 1524554907774.jpg (68.5 KB, 500x628, 560abf14e857de7eb1cb0ccda55afe…)

just finished The Young Pope and I gotta say he's still got it, even with the receding hairline. his eyes are hot asf

No. 6729

File: 1524554965150.jpg (22.75 KB, 250x350, 10-smokers-of-hollywood-jude-l…)

No. 6730

File: 1524555158762.jpg (59.44 KB, 640x612, 795752c803434ddbe340e5bbbac530…)

Max got so chubby,he looks really weird. Those baby hands are an instant turn off, but he's cute

No. 6731

File: 1524555276720.jpg (19.99 KB, 413x363, kevin-nom.jpg)

Ezra Miller. Especially in We Need to Talk about Kevin

No. 6732

File: 1524555407672.jpeg (89.03 KB, 650x370, slidecobain.jpeg)

Kurt Cobain

No. 6733

File: 1524555639756.gif (4.56 MB, 455x262, AbleFarawayEarthworm-size_rest…)

Rybak is insanely adorable, I want to hugthe shit out of him

No. 6734

File: 1524555811076.jpg (100.29 KB, 742x970, b477b1d79fc2b6ed42eb8c616d7c91…)

Miyavi's looking sharp these days

No. 6735

File: 1524561239179.png (157.67 KB, 437x613, 0WMdi8f.png)

I can't get over how perfect Sen Mitsuji is.

No. 6736

He looks like Elon Musk.

No. 6737

File: 1524562355089.jpg (57.96 KB, 749x1097, w5bwe3927rn01.jpg)

This thread is making me very very happy

No. 6738

PULL detected. Please leave.

No. 6739

I think my new type is cute asian nerd guy, like damn

(not k-pop guys tho, ew)

No. 6740

He's only 16… (and fug)

No. 6741

File: 1524586664878.jpg (39.57 KB, 564x1001, 45993fa1397891c0445be5f1f76e42…)

Kai is super cute. He has a good mix of feminine and masculine features. I wish pretty guys wore makeup IRL.

Sorry for Ctrl C + Ctrl V, I posted in the wrong thread first

No. 6742

File: 1524591137649.gif (983.94 KB, 440x255, untitled-1-1.gif)

Speaking of, that excitement during the falcon heavy launch was the cutest.

No. 6743


Heard he‘s a major douche, though.

No. 6744

File: 1524598403731.jpg (57.34 KB, 575x373, aHR0cDovL3d3dy5uZXdzYXJhbWEuY2…)

sebastian stan as bucky is so my type

No. 6745

File: 1524608613675.jpg (36.64 KB, 564x847, a628d8c46d7589f18fbb18785c22c0…)

Had this pic saved for years

No. 6746

File: 1524608735527.jpg (87.21 KB, 620x832, Arthur-Gosse-Esquire-UK-Tomas-…)

No. 6747

File: 1524609476564.png (240.39 KB, 350x500, b3cfa48d-3a09-43f1-8e92-33bb05…)

I obviously didn't post him with ill intentions, he's simply gorgeous and his type seemed fitting with the thread.

No. 6748


No. 6749

No. 6750


he looks really good. however I'm not into red haired people. he'd look amazing with brown or blonde hair

No. 6751

What he do?

No. 6752

How's that edgy? You having trouble accepting people with different tastes than you, anon?

No. 6753

File: 1524624609090.jpg (57.09 KB, 640x640, 15538720_2130307320528482_5575…)

No. 6754

File: 1524625634971.jpg (25.16 KB, 400x409, sylvian.jpg)

young david sylvian

No. 6755

File: 1524626947859.jpg (38.4 KB, 500x689, 09efdfe30f9ce7ac8fda31e0332500…)

Hell yeah!

Good taste, anon.

No. 6756

File: 1524635225454.jpg (133.05 KB, 1280x1125, a59f80767d62e6204c3ec55178c0e7…)

No. 6757

who dis

No. 6758

File: 1524640600101.gif (949.57 KB, 500x279, f1425921b0342d895e0572bf742946…)

No. 6759

File: 1524646470609.jpg (5.94 KB, 242x208, jimin.jpg)

No. 6760

File: 1524662328259.jpg (15.73 KB, 640x466, b414d43c65aede2334430575e66233…)

Jay Kay

No. 6761

File: 1524662564009.jpg (56.82 KB, 800x800, photo.jpg)

Piotr Galiński
He does a lot of anime covers on Youtube
he's just to cute

No. 6762

File: 1524663306023.jpg (278.13 KB, 1057x1057, DasjuenVQAAhZ2k.jpg)


He's sooo gorgeous, and yeah spot on with your description, he's a perfect balance of masculine and feminine and I think that's why I'm so drawn to him. Not a flaw on his face/body as far as I'm concerned lol.
I've seen a few people say that but they never explain why, what's he like exactly?

No. 6763

File: 1524663871055.jpeg (53.53 KB, 468x700, 1496012528709.jpeg)

No. 6764

File: 1524664695403.jpg (39.49 KB, 500x647, robert-sheehan.jpg)

No. 6765

What a gorgeous face. Mixed people look so spectacular when they're beautiful.

No. 6766

Go selfpost somewhere else, ugly cebulaku.

No. 6767

File: 1524666774448.jpg (58.9 KB, 640x640, 16110572_713302882181373_72308…)

Max Henhappel!

No. 6768

File: 1524667249343.jpeg (399.34 KB, 1280x1918, 1596487103893.jpeg)

No. 6769

File: 1524667311777.jpg (189.84 KB, 700x934, 961609e1644bff3ec44f4e36b60589…)

No. 6770

File: 1524667691325.jpg (17.63 KB, 295x442, images (3).jpg)

No. 6771

At least remember to sage your useless shit if you're trying to mod the thread you edgelord.

No. 6772

File: 1524668960995.png (727.39 KB, 1000x654, michael-c-hall-radiohead-tribu…)

Michael C Hall

No. 6773

He has 22K subscribers on Youtube, do you really think he would be so desperate to post here?
I was looking for AoT covers on YT yesterday, found him and thought he was my type
just fuck off, just because this person isn't a celeb/e-celeb with millions of fans, this must be a self post, am I right? lmao great logic

No. 6774

File: 1524669333656.jpg (39.05 KB, 500x500, artworks-000199633564-k8hap2-t…)

Rusty Cage

No. 6775

File: 1524669528544.jpg (8.4 KB, 236x311, de9ccc6a5be87c46bf4e2b926749cc…)

No. 6776

File: 1524669641651.gif (947.19 KB, 640x360, 14d345ebdd9f1c77485354371089.g…)

No. 6777

haggard as fuck

No. 6778

For the second time please sage your irrelevant shit or get the fuck out if you're here to be negative.

No. 6779

this is not your hugbox, hit the road

No. 6780

File: 1524677638691.jpg (189.64 KB, 1108x1478, tumblr_oss176dtLf1rkm240o1_128…)

Definitely not classically cute, sorry, but I can't help myself, he's just the most attractive man to me

No. 6781

File: 1524679419817.jpg (34.98 KB, 720x862, 30604318_1666625876707305_4032…)

stop being so edgy lmao.

is he native american?

No. 6782

File: 1524680094156.jpg (28.45 KB, 499x374, Takeshi Kaneshiro15.jpg)

No. 6783

File: 1524680444428.jpg (24.81 KB, 512x499, a256ac4f067b4471f9018de212080b…)

Jung Hae In

His face is so clean and cute.

No. 6784

I can always tell when gay guys post on the womens cute boy threads.

No. 6785

Heh, which ones are you talking about?

No. 6786

File: 1524682304277.jpg (40.02 KB, 720x480, 1515414821008.jpg)

No. 6787

File: 1524682347020.jpg (32.86 KB, 564x805, 1504038421468.jpg)

No. 6788

File: 1524682409332.jpg (713.62 KB, 1248x1920, 1505537930423.jpg)

No. 6789

File: 1524682460265.jpg (37.99 KB, 524x714, 1515538803567.jpg)

No. 6790

Noah fence anon but how's 2007 going?

No. 6791

File: 1524682906787.png (701.43 KB, 800x585, 1515539098582.png)

Idk, emo boys are just cute. Don't h8

No. 6792

File: 1524683565602.png (94.34 KB, 500x331, EKnfnYG.png)

My taste in guys definitely leans more on the effeminate/twinky side. I find that it pisses off a lot of guys who don't look like that, possibly because they're often too fat/old/hairy/bald/facially unattractive to match up and they know it. It always has to be "I bet he's gay, faggot looks like a woman soyboy cuck reeeeee" and some long-winded shit about how deep in our biology, women must "all" like gross 30/40 year old men with balding heads, wrinkles, beards and "dadbods" and/or Zyzz types with thick necks and grotesque muscles.

I guess when muscles are the standard, they can at least let themselves go and just lift/take steroids to "make up" for it. Actual aesthetic beauty, on the other hand, takes good genetics and/or care for one's appearance.

No. 6793

File: 1524683721799.jpg (87.51 KB, 640x640, 1497566003931.jpg)

No. 6794

File: 1524683974359.png (252.49 KB, 500x391, HbVvF0U.png)

No. 6795

File: 1524684128549.jpeg (33.19 KB, 360x540, 1489223759923.jpeg)

No. 6796

i'm not even really into that type but i feel ya anon. a lot of men are really bad at dealing with women who are attracted to genetically gifted unattainable men. Can you imagine if we did the same thing? Like whenever men express attraction to unattainable elfen faced models with imposssible proportions we said "no! it can't be true! you don't really like her! deep down you must prefer women with cellulite and average faces! It's in you programming!!" I can't even imagine all the mockery we'd get.

No. 6797

who is this???

No. 6798

…women do that though, anon. it's called tumblr.

No. 6799

File: 1524684808799.jpeg (65.53 KB, 540x446, tumblr_o4nwss8d5T1vproplo1_540…)

Right? It's like they literally can't accept women not always being attracted to them.

Nah, even Tumblr women admit that men are attracted to sexy, model-esque women. They just shame the men for encouraging impossibly high standards.
Men straight up try to refute women's tastes as "fake" with an insane attempt at "logic" and "science" just to cope with being rejected. They honestly tell themselves they somehow know women better than we know ourselves, kek.

No. 6800

File: 1524684908465.jpg (128.04 KB, 719x1280, 1516182652338.jpg)

No. 6801

File: 1524685008968.png (180.77 KB, 500x333, 2CD2Qab.png)

No. 6802

I honestly don't really understand the drama about having different "types" anways. Like, most people I know in rl don't think the guys I'm attracted to do look good and vice versa. I know a lot of people who are into the kind of bearded, muscular manly men but these men just don't appeal to me. Never have. So to me it's ridiculous to think that people would accuse me of lying because how dare I have a type that is not all beard and muscles

No. 6803

Come now anon, those tumblr cunts aren't our allies, we can be honest here. The whole "only dogs like bones" meme comes from girls trying to say that men only like chubby bitches. Hell, even that shitty cunt Meghan Trainer has a song that's literally about it. Some insecure fatties bitching about thin privilege are just as shitty and presumptuous as neckbeards.

No. 6804

That "only dogs like bones" meme's not from Tumblr, it's from middle aged single moms on Facebook. Similar, but different. Tumblr chicks may whinge about thin privilege, but at the same time, they are very "All bodies are good bodies uwu don't body shame anyone" because 30% of Tumblrinas and Tumblr "famous" people are actually ana-chans. The collective vitriol is then launched at men specifically.
I've seen this, I know their culture.

No. 6805

File: 1524686436689.jpg (63.71 KB, 540x675, tumblr_omd0efiwKA1uzh304o1_540…)

No. 6806

File: 1524686642332.jpg (53.78 KB, 467x700, tumblr_o49jh60U0e1ua1znro1_500…)

No. 6807

File: 1524686710796.jpg (52.05 KB, 500x750, 1515534117085.jpg)

No. 6808

File: 1524686759521.jpg (109.73 KB, 500x740, 1515210687984.jpg)

No. 6809

File: 1524686872001.jpg (97.53 KB, 540x810, tumblr_ozr6udBHZX1uqt0kmo1_540…)

No. 6810

File: 1524700522526.jpg (43.2 KB, 1000x500, G-Dragon.jpg)


No. 6811

Ideal guy

No. 6812

Perfection, goddamn. I love long hair.

Anons have great taste, most of these boys are so qt.

No. 6813

fuqq lowkey, bones can get it

No. 6814

File: 1524710201426.jpg (11.34 KB, 350x347, Cooper_005.jpg)

Kyle Maclachlan as Cooper was a top tier cutie.

bless. although he's not classically cute imo but he has a cute voice and personality.

No. 6815

Fuck yes, he was so cute and quirky, especially in those first few episodes… too bad Twin Peaks went downhill from there.

No. 6816

File: 1524716119830.jpeg (16.12 KB, 236x353, images (23).jpeg)

No. 6817

File: 1524716755784.jpg (78.59 KB, 639x960, 4c3efb19adf3ea3c6dfa0418ca85d5…)

same anon, I'm attracted to guys with long hair almost exclusively lol.

No. 6818

File: 1524717261074.jpg (82.85 KB, 1200x664, DAL8FxXUAAAMYBu.jpg)

takeshi in falling angels esp mm

No. 6819

File: 1524719278152.jpg (16.04 KB, 520x293, 287a99d9f6678a362880f45d4694a7…)

sorry that babyface feminine asian boyz are not my type

No. 6820

No. 6821

i just wish he didn't have a receding hairline now. can't unsee

No. 6822

then go to "ugly fucks" thread
this is qt thread

No. 6823

anon you can have whatever type you like but this thread is for cute boys. There used to be a more general "men you'd fuck/your type" thread but it's a bit full, you could start a new one.

No. 6824

File: 1524734867656.jpg (109.16 KB, 1200x721, 4001640825.jpg)

Tfw young Malcolm McDowell will never be your luscious malchik to do a lot of the good ol' in-out in-out. Why even live oh farmer droogies?

Btw he's so qt in this scene:

No. 6825

I have a soft spot for guys with long blond hair hnng that pic.

Are these fr tho because lmaooo

No. 6826

File: 1524754621153.jpg (76.58 KB, 500x707, 882393845GG-DDQ3dd0977.jpg)

Anon are you me, blondes are also my fav lol

No. 6827

this guy named barnaby dixon. he's a stop motion puppeteer and so ~quirky~

No. 6828

I've always had a thing for him, unfortunately he's not so good-looking anymore as an old guy

No. 6829

File: 1524763868276.jpg (16.91 KB, 263x347, 1df685831e6b433c64d4eb50ae68e5…)

Steven Bauer used to be so qt. Too bad he's now old and ugly. He started dating an 18 year old when he was 57 or something. Disgusting.

No. 6830

File: 1524764462072.jpg (321.13 KB, 1500x1490, 30259_84884401.jpg)

came here to post him

No. 6831

Damn, he looks so nice and interested in that stuff.
That's endearing af.

No. 6832

Does anyone else love this hairstyle? Is there a name for it? I wish it'd make a comeback.

No. 6833

File: 1524776859077.gif (1.24 MB, 245x245, tumblr_inline_nm96710MO81sccn2…)

No. 6834

File: 1524780266012.jpg (75.09 KB, 1000x665, gd-and-taeyang.jpg)

Tbh fuck me up, anon. I know he's had so much PS but he's so charismatic on stage and apparently really charming in person.

No. 6835

What a cutie. Boys with freckles are hnnnng.

No. 6836

File: 1524781753861.jpg (67.69 KB, 500x719, 0auhLxta1qe4nyno1.jpg)

No. 6837

File: 1524784878260.jpg (155.45 KB, 2000x1040, JamesAcaster1.jpg)

Cute and hilarious, nice.

No. 6838

lmao I thought he was Maluma

No. 6839

File: 1524805105613.jpeg (20 KB, 350x420, images (26).jpeg)

No. 6840

File: 1524812208030.gif (5.68 MB, 442x332, 9BFF1D15-68C4-42D5-9805-98529F…)

I remember thinking Craig was so pretty and soft looking.

No. 6841

File: 1524818469811.gif (834.55 KB, 365x235, The-Police-Don-t-Stand-So-Clos…)

No. 6842

wtf is going on with his lips? Disgusting

No. 6843

Great taste bb

Yes i'm in love, there's something about 80s hairstyles that do it for me.

No. 6844

File: 1524836268326.jpg (43.66 KB, 583x549, CVHFw7uXIAAwIvl.jpg)

Calling him an "ugly fuck" is an overexaggeration. But hey, maybe I just have low standarts
oh,sorry. i think there used to be a handsome men or smth thread

No. 6845

File: 1524836377557.gif (494.94 KB, 300x225, bc05439e96f7e122dba2956108d293…)

I only watched Degrassi for Craig. poor thing

No. 6846

File: 1524842123345.jpg (57.24 KB, 604x430, 80033aeedb0ade85d9664feecc8e8e…)

Yeah, shame really. And there aren't that many pics of him young out there either. I loved him in A Clockwork Orange so much, Kubrick was entirely right when he wanted him as the main actor and no one else.
Men with fair and somewhat long hair and light eyes are the best. Bonus points if ginger.

No. 6847

File: 1524844095735.jpeg (12.73 KB, 383x383, images (27).jpeg)

Shut up, his lips are perfect

No. 6848

I think he looked about the same in "If," if you are looking for another movie with him. It was a few years before A Clockwork Orange IIRC.

No. 6849

Thanks friendo! I'm currently downloading it. I feel like such a perv but the movie's got pretty good ratings too.

No. 6850

File: 1524872220486.jpg (13.41 KB, 200x320, 443cd442611afae8f18572adc1e4ef…)

No love for Cillian Murphy?

No. 6851

File: 1524875940355.jpg (213.96 KB, 960x1440, rgrJbNw.jpg)

My bf looks so much like him it's uncanny. He's mad cute.

No. 6852

My jealousy knows no bounds

No. 6853

File: 1524876939106.jpg (110.83 KB, 540x779, tumblr_ojfiy0bKWh1tlq05ro1_540…)

No. 6854

is your bf single

No. 6855

File: 1524878640799.jpg (84.78 KB, 500x750, v4UQxrD.jpg)

Sadly enough not even up for a FMF threesome, I've asked.

No. 6856

File: 1524878803782.jpg (235.45 KB, 670x1005, Cillian-Murphy-YMC2.jpg)

rip, thanks anyway

No. 6857

Is that… Heath Ledger…?

No. 6858

i'd pin him down and lick those lips

No. 6859

he's got a cute nose, idk about that hair tho

No. 6860

File: 1524918182971.gif (647.95 KB, 497x296, A905D93B-D31D-4703-9E25-C00CAE…)

He was too pretty to be wasted on neverending girl drama

No. 6861

File: 1524918391288.jpeg (80.07 KB, 700x950, 6F18B824-65DB-4A47-AEC9-EBDBCF…)

No. 6862

File: 1524920326801.jpg (51.45 KB, 500x694, unnamed (6).jpg)

Yeah I'm not a big fan of japanese hairstyles

Fukushi Sota is also qt

No. 6863

The King of Shojo Drama!

No. 6864

File: 1524933374399.jpg (291.86 KB, 1200x1779, Harry_Styles_November_2014.jpg)

I think Harry Styles is cute.

No. 6865

File: 1524940709900.jpg (96.52 KB, 720x1280, hsa5684a78a0859e0afaf2a2f3a0e7…)

he's not really my type but I think he can be pretty cute too

No. 6866

File: 1524947033362.gif (968.58 KB, 500x250, tumblr_muker7PBrE1sl32sgo2_500…)

Haruma Miura

(Last Cinderella is probably my favourite drama, mature lead instead of annoying teen girl like in most k-dramas.)

No. 6867

File: 1524955950200.jpg (23.38 KB, 310x450, 414.jpg)

eeeh idk depends on the hairstyle i guess? i found him ugly in Koizora and when he had this hair but he seems handsome on other pics.

No. 6868

My niggas.

He looks 100 times better in pretty boy anime hair.

No. 6869

File: 1524964880713.jpg (118.66 KB, 500x750, 572fec5b7a8fe68f69a9902b67bb2e…)

Yes anon. He is my favorite

No. 6870

File: 1524975444530.jpg (101.84 KB, 1080x1350, faa22e44015eac13c083bab5e345e9…)

jack francis is pretty qt but omfg he ruined his face with all those tattoos

No. 6871

File: 1525013171360.jpg (131.31 KB, 740x1110, unnamed.jpg)

No. 6872

File: 1525015045832.jpg (120.61 KB, 600x900, tumblr_odzwb0buuW1va7erio3_128…)

Yes, he's so cute.

Also, i love the kind of natural or even a little childish vibe he has. Much warmer than most korean actors who always try to look as chic as possible.

No. 6873

what is his name?

No. 6874

File: 1525072128216.gif (1.41 MB, 280x320, KENTO-yamazaki-kento-E5-B1-B1-…)

Yamazaki Kento

No. 6875

File: 1525073094583.jpeg (7.4 KB, 470x313, images (15).jpeg)

Fuck yes

No. 6876

File: 1525074814843.gif (1.83 MB, 499x496, tumblr_nlzeri1Pdl1qmb7pio1_500…)

No. 6877

File: 1525242429335.jpeg (28.92 KB, 500x700, 1f73d1293be4835ad546c17228d00e…)

No. 6878

i have this weird thing for noses and these 2 guys have rlly cute ones

No. 6879

File: 1525248047100.gif (1.31 MB, 268x369, tumblr_ono2cofgne1rzk6m3o1_400…)

No. 6880

Wrong thread anon, this is the one for boys

No. 6881

You got her, anon. Gj.

No. 6882

File: 1525301557095.jpg (62.75 KB, 500x700, 02e31981bd6d7c461cc4c204e7ae61…)

No. 6883

File: 1525344174429.jpeg (104.83 KB, 625x801, 1525280520480.jpeg)

No. 6884

is that lip tint? gross.

he looks like a psychopath… i'm scared

No. 6885

File: 1525354923637.jpg (22.9 KB, 792x792, 17265191_10154142579130947_163…)

No. 6886

Christopher Walken?

No. 6887

His eyes are incredibles.

No. 6888

File: 1525373633125.jpeg (7.8 KB, 194x259, images (1).jpeg)

Nta, but yeah!

No. 6889

File: 1525384093823.jpg (278.93 KB, 1200x1200, george.jpg)

I was the first Beatles poster ITT, and you guys made me fall in love with George.

No. 6890

stunning eyes

ill let him kill me

No. 6891

File: 1525394928898.png (506.64 KB, 1000x1253, okadamasaki2.png)

No. 6892

File: 1525409367538.jpg (36.2 KB, 510x425, fake-awake-sleeping-tape1.jpg)

it looks like his eyes are painted onto his eyelids

No. 6893

File: 1525409621571.gif (743.25 KB, 200x200, JeremyIrons-1981-BridesheadRev…)

this guy

No. 6894

Oh gosh yes, hes a great actor.

No. 6895

Man, he aged well didn't he

No. 6896

mte anon. he looks kinda goofy in that pic.

No. 6897

Not really lol.

No. 6898

File: 1525638586107.jpeg (41.45 KB, 600x400, platinum-hair-androgynous-look…)

No. 6899

THANK YOU ANON! all my friends think im weird for finding him cute, sure hes a lil weird looking, but that just makes him cuter!

CAL IS CERTIFIED ADORABLE! andre too. perfection. on a side note, him and andre are still around and have twitters now. definitely not really cute anymore but hey glad there doing well in their lives.

i hiiiiighly approve of all of these. great taste anons!

No. 6900

He looks like a prettier Steve Buscemi but I can see the appeal.

No. 6901

File: 1525708275308.jpg (73.13 KB, 500x665, damon-damon-albarn-5650642-500…)

No. 6902

File: 1525708477044.jpg (65.65 KB, 1024x1200, 06-al-pacino.w512.h600.2x.jpg)

No. 6903

File: 1525708506387.jpg (22.9 KB, 495x266, zodiac-jake-gyllenhaal.jpg)

God tier taste

No. 6904

File: 1525708883758.gif (1.91 MB, 500x297, asdkhf.fe4.gif)

No. 6905

Watch Nightcrawler if you haven't already

No. 6906

i fucking love that poster, i always share it when it come to talking about cute boys. i also love him in "girls and boys" videospot

No. 6907

File: 1525735301135.jpg (122.59 KB, 540x725, tumblr_mcqoz17KAv1rur78qo1_540…)

No. 6908

File: 1525735472481.jpg (34 KB, 540x703, tumblr_oytczwxvPz1wnqbsdo1_540…)

No. 6909

File: 1525737364062.jpeg (482.57 KB, 797x1200, DE735CE4-06F1-45D9-A123-44D3B4…)

No. 6910

Oh, FUCK yes. My mom makes fun of me cause she says he looks like a demon in Love Actually, but we know the truth

No. 6911

File: 1525750541574.jpeg (10.65 KB, 250x369, images (27).jpeg)

No. 6912

File: 1525760485945.jpg (197.46 KB, 853x1280, b8342441r7i1pxo17780.jpg)

No. 6913

File: 1525769923269.jpeg (104.65 KB, 683x1024, 5A5E4F7B-F541-466B-A50D-BFA0AB…)

No. 6914

File: 1525783170240.jpg (57.73 KB, 724x902, henri-serre-38e2dc38-0b83-4fcb…)

No. 6915

File: 1525825961866.jpeg (79.39 KB, 387x580, C1530FCA-1823-4AC4-979F-AAEE24…)

i feel like gerard way is a hit or a miss there's some pictures like this where he looks really boyish and cute and then others that are like nah

No. 6916

File: 1525831523737.jpg (37.25 KB, 362x375, Gerard-gerard-way-378610_362_3…)

agreed about hit or miss. i thought he was the hottest thing when i was 14 but now he just doesn't do it for me and i can't unsee a weird jack black like quality to his face in most of his candids haha. pic related is like my 2000s fangirl mental image of him.

either way big respect to guys who manage to style themselves and carry themselves to seem a lot cuter than they would be otherwise. it's too rare a talent in dudes

No. 6917

File: 1525845555555.jpg (602.98 KB, 1993x3000, C13736107491105315_16.jpg)

I think he managed to stay very cute for a very long time, he got lucky to have such a youthful baby face despite a lifestyle that isn't so great for aging well.

No. 6918

File: 1525855933679.jpg (71.4 KB, 550x842, 7faa082c65038a376a1fba60c5724f…)

my brother looks A LOT like jake gyllenhaal(especially the eyes) and sometimes i feel so awkward, i just look at him and see my celebrity crush and don't know how to act jesus

No. 6919

>not knowing how to act in front of your brother
Uh oh anon. Hope he's not biological~

No. 6920

File: 1525874028761.jpg (18.51 KB, 340x509, 8deea47d37468da864e6a71c0f3842…)

Can I f* your brother?

No I can relate cause my brother looks kinda like a young River Phoenix with Steve Harrington's hair… he must have gotten all the good genes cause I look like a combination of Maisie Williams and that Eggman guy.

No. 6921

>> 81106
>> 82127
>> 81979
rofl he looks like a llama

No. 6922

File: 1525919062094.jpg (53.21 KB, 500x360, 573212_skins_pic.jpg)

No. 6923


Mystery, dat u

No. 6924

File: 1525968535689.jpg (95.41 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (2).jpg)

Agreed, also Mumkey who surprisingly looks more like a monkey with his human mask on.


No. 6925

Cringe. Go back to tumblr or pull ot wherever you came from, newfag.

No. 6926

File: 1525977587754.jpeg (20.94 KB, 332x443, images (15).jpeg)

I wanted to post mumkey here earlier but didn't out of shame

No. 6927

File: 1526089685064.jpg (50.87 KB, 750x936, 74c97a98-e50c-4015-a851-187d98…)

No. 6928

File: 1526097080399.jpg (1.74 MB, 2783x3662, CYR221225.jpg)

Saw this dude (to the left) on a documentary tonight and i just swooned lol.

No. 6929

File: 1526123331564.gif (1.55 MB, 245x245, 3CDF7D62-35DA-4EFB-BC31-EB837E…)

Aaron Johnson.

His old ass wife locked him down when he was 18, I envy her.

No. 6930

>he's 27
>his wife is 51
>he already has 2 kids
Jesus Christ how are people okay with this???
Just like our president and his grandmother-wife.

No. 6931

He's 23 years older than her.

No. 6932

File: 1526143702188.jpg (81.9 KB, 468x633, article-2091226-0F2CF1B4000005…)

No. 6933

He's really attractive huh. I saw an interview where he says he has an "old soul"

No, she's just paying for you and helping your film career, nobody would choose her just on ordinary basis. I think he has a shitty personality for making that choice. Also plays a very convincing asshole in Chatroom

idk if i'm a jerk for saying so, bearing in mind the choices he had it was a strange one. Maybe it's "love" but seems like toyboy tbqh

No. 6934

Anon he's not that pretty and looking at him and his wife I feel only confusion. He'll be cheating on her in a hot minute don't worry.

No. 6935

…What? Who are you referring to? Both Emmanuel Macron's wife and this guy's wife are decades older.

No. 6936

Oh, sorry, thought you were talking about Trump

No. 6937

File: 1526170698050.jpeg (51.58 KB, 500x375, 0EA7B015-C397-4889-88E8-2C8E72…)

They hooked up when she was directing the movie he starred in “Nowhere Boy” I think the fact he was 18 and she was also the director adds to wtf of it.

Maybe he’ll hit 30 and realise he wasted his 20s with someone way older then him who saddled him with 2 kids.

No. 6938

File: 1526180750561.jpeg (62.78 KB, 480x589, EC7D1FA0-31F7-4DE4-B827-84F98F…)

Why so salty anon?

They’ve been together eight years, they’re seemingly happy and singing each other’s praises. Who cares? So many 27 year old women with 50 year old husbands in Hollywood and nobody says boo. One example of a younger man with an older woman, and suddenly he has a terrible personality and is only with her for his career (when he actually stayed home to look after her kids during his Hollywood prime-years?). Nah.

This is the “cute boy” thread, not “shit on cute boy’s wives” thread.

No. 6939

>So many 27 year old women with 50 year old husbands in Hollywood
Yeah and that's also incredibly creepy… People shit on those couples a lot, wtf are you on about

No. 6940

File: 1526206583874.jpg (41.21 KB, 500x703, 39e524144131faefdc2f4b2e57ff75…)

I think Harry Styles's cute, especially with his long hair. His attractiveness is kinda tarnished by how much of a player he seems to be thought.

No. 6941

File: 1526210703236.jpg (19.41 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Johnny Depp really peaked on the Oprah Winfrey show.

No. 6942

In the spirit of eurovision, this guy makes me fucking salivate.

No. 6943


God I remember when this hideous horse married this guy and every girl I knew was pissed as hell…

No. 6944

File: 1526259707236.gif (1.13 MB, 245x245, 7F3D5ADC-1565-4701-9A4A-52401B…)

Ryan Ross, I preferred Brendon over him but Ryan fits this thread better.

No. 6945

File: 1526260017520.jpeg (26.05 KB, 312x471, 8BDDC914-3FD4-4A26-8252-689C44…)

No. 6946

young keanu. still good looking now but i mostly hate the facial hair/long hair combo on men, so i'm biased

No. 6947

File: 1526265858988.jpg (149.07 KB, 1280x1265, tumblr_npndkoVK451smudzyo1_128…)

oh fuck forgot the picture

No. 6948

Ryan was the heart for PAD they fell apart after he left

No. 6949

File: 1526270304496.jpeg (320.95 KB, 770x1024, FA3CCEEA-CBA8-4FB4-AB29-1FEB2F…)

My cute boy bob Morley

No. 6950

File: 1526299018313.jpeg (43.73 KB, 384x384, 7FF09CC1-F0F7-4986-B9A3-210DD2…)

Eh he provided good lyrics and having an entire band helped keep bden’s ego in check, but I wouldn’t say he was “the heart” when he didn’t get his own way he left.

Dallon also belongs here.

No. 6951

File: 1526322408702.jpg (21.74 KB, 363x480, keanu reeves bw.jpg)

yes anon

No. 6952

god i wanna sniff his feet

No. 6953

File: 1526357959620.jpg (140.27 KB, 1242x1228, 6baf4e7d727629a53c430233357534…)

that fucking jawline and lips goddamn

No. 6954

this guy's face is so misshaped. the top half of it is nice tho, he has pretty eyes

No. 6955

File: 1526377737715.jpg (1.88 MB, 4608x3072, DSC_0903.JPG)

my landscaper…

No. 6956

File: 1526978770534.jpg (48.14 KB, 800x532, mel.jpg)

i came to this topic just to post him.he is really cute and i dig his voice and aesthetic

No. 6957

damn anon he is cute, have you tried talking to him?

No. 6958


he's very good looking, the fact that he's dating dasha's crazy ass doesn't make sense to me. dasha is ugly as fuck imo. cyr could do better any day of the week. i mean, mina was better looking and he still cheated on her with dasha idgi. the man has trash taste.

No. 6959

File: 1527358352762.png (406.04 KB, 350x500, b934e0e8e50957fe08c36686d86cbc…)

No. 6960

File: 1527364282906.gif (1.91 MB, 300x385, tumblr_inline_okswn3eRB81u4c1s…)

A+ taste anon

No. 6961

best boy!

No. 6962

File: 1528623497024.jpg (58.12 KB, 641x960, sufjan stevens senior photo.jp…)

No. 6963

File: 1528633166064.jpg (563.86 KB, 1600x900, Detroit-Become-human-Connor.jp…)

No. 6964

File: 1528652608345.jpg (102.78 KB, 640x427, dan-2.jpg)

How could you not include his real life counterpart

No. 6965

File: 1528693465613.gif (735.88 KB, 320x320, image.gif)

No. 6966

best boy

best bot

No. 6967

Omg what's his name? Please I need to know

No. 6968

File: 1529167494158.gif (2.25 MB, 300x221, tumblr_paby6v4kga1r32vhjo1_400…)

Bryan Dechart!

No. 6969

File: 1529483309245.png (375.6 KB, 720x647, Screenshot_2018-06-20-10-15-10…)

I have a soft spot for Alex Lawther

(also I find Post Malone very cute in his own way but as he's not "conventionally" attractive I won't post a pic)

No. 6970

File: 1529484257342.png (525.41 KB, 780x527, 4p0ofmY.png)

he's kind of weird, but he's such a qt

No. 6971

File: 1529524537646.jpg (146.23 KB, 1024x1024, 5345345.jpg)

I'm so obsessed with him rn. He's so cute and his voice is so silky.

No. 6972

File: 1529527216280.jpg (680.79 KB, 1080x1080, 30078023_1732157406807022_7911…)

No. 6973

File: 1529598557828.jpg (41.58 KB, 620x372, 1588.jpg)

No. 6974

No. 6975

File: 1529630902170.jpg (53.43 KB, 735x1104, b85fe476d0fc8dca171bb6a8a5ae87…)

No. 6976

File: 1529661618794.jpeg (92.59 KB, 400x599, AAE99FF3-DCC6-4D78-9671-8B56D3…)

No. 6977

File: 1529665393592.jpg (14.59 KB, 320x320, 33650876_221464335326745_24108…)

To each her own.

No. 6978

Ignore him. He's been larping as a girl and shitting up threads for a while now.

No. 6979

Is he from that incel site or something? I know they lurk/shitpost here.

No. 6980

File: 1529738693981.png (1.29 MB, 1134x1574, vinny-and-his-guitar.png)

Out of all the vinesauce boys, Vinny's the cutest

No. 6981

File: 1529780742727.jpg (153.04 KB, 1125x1388, 22d15013d4dd4ad70281be2bc47c54…)

me too, anon.

No. 6982

File: 1529781356187.jpg (100.18 KB, 600x800, CInpoOuW8AInCtR.jpg)

Joel is my favorite, but Vinny is still 10/10 qt bf material.

No. 6983

File: 1529854121927.jpg (41.9 KB, 483x633, 1473757102_tumblr_nmxp03ggmy1r…)

No. 6984

File: 1529858617326.png (516.86 KB, 720x496, Screenshot_2018-06-24-18-38-54…)

Josh Kiszka, singer of Greta Van Fleet.
not usually my type at all but damn he's talented and cute with an undeniable charisma, which makes me melt

No. 6985

File: 1529861160804.gif (Spoiler Image,2.89 MB, 520x596, 88uqqNeBT1wlsigwo1_540.gif)

spoiler for annoying gif. Taehyung is such a cutie.

No. 6986

File: 1529866130133.gif (1.8 MB, 268x270, tumblr_owc9cbF0gQ1vmc3i5o2_400…)

Alex Hogh Andersen. Danish actor. He has this friendly, adorable, outgoing personality. He's on Vikings right now, playing a complete psychopath. Even when he had this ugly little moustache it didn't ruin the whole thing. A goddamn miracle.

No. 6987

File: 1529936025269.jpg (366.25 KB, 1813x1200, Alex-Hogh-Andersen17587.jpg)

True. I'm digging the new long hair on him

No. 6988

File: 1529956375035.jpg (38.58 KB, 640x360, comme-des-freres-1_1171072.jpg)

Pierre Niney kinda look like a bird but I love his face.

No. 6989

File: 1529992544979.jpg (202.77 KB, 620x413, sh-56614.jpg)

Well if we're doing Danish actors, this is mine (Mikkel Boe Følsgaard).
As an aside, Danish is the worst language/accent.

No. 6990

Holy hell. I was never fully into Ivar, but this picture… changes things.

No. 6991

Yeah, I don't recognize him from TV but my opinion changed dramatically between >>6986 and >>6987. Flowing hair and no grotty pedostache makes all the difference.

No. 6992

File: 1530214279102.jpg (34.38 KB, 474x474, 079ad5f8a141b9261a0f4bd6d8c585…)

Thank you for showing me this blessing anon

No. 6993

File: 1530429542141.jpg (28.08 KB, 421x640, F7dAqqE.jpg)

elijah wood has a really nice mix of masculine and feminine features. i like that look a lot. he's beautiful.

No. 6994

File: 1530442618508.jpeg (362.92 KB, 800x1200, 7979DE8B-AC9A-41F4-800F-4E3D93…)

Friendlyjordies is very good looking now but I think he was more cute in his modelling days

No. 6995

File: 1530455879967.jpg (3.97 MB, 2000x3000, IMG_3801-1.jpg)

No. 6996

File: 1530456889411.jpg (81.65 KB, 500x578, 39c3d250cfef371a974aeb6dc36ae8…)

No. 6997

File: 1530468533837.gif (724.9 KB, 500x300, rTV6oSO.gif)

Simone Nobili. Italian model. It bothers me how cute he is.

No. 6998

File: 1530477436132.jpg (41.43 KB, 354x450, CCE106B4-FBDE-4862-ACEE-693AF4…)

>>6830 >>80903 >>6814 >>80360 >>6691 >>79744 >>6901 >>82579
great taste ladies

I'd stand sooo close to him ;9

most beautiful cgi boy that ever lived

im 99% sure he's the reason I was an early bloomer

No. 6999

I got you, fam.

No. 7000

File: 1530735494217.jpg (37.32 KB, 403x600, 49N6nRc.jpg)

Jon Kortajarena is a work of art.

No. 7001

File: 1530736037647.jpeg (86.62 KB, 601x559, 8FAC92C4-B83C-4566-B435-F89FC8…)

Can I just

No. 7002

Dat caterpillar eyebrow + faggy eyes combo is weird.

No. 7003

File: 1530737435670.jpeg (18.92 KB, 236x268, 9CB610AA-6FE7-4769-9FD0-56A60B…)

Ugh, yes. He’s still so hot.

No. 7004

File: 1530808934765.jpg (227.2 KB, 1920x1080, geen koninginen4.jpg)

Do you like this shade of blonde?

No. 7005

File: 1530808972712.jpg (227.79 KB, 1920x1080, geen koninginen3.jpg)

No. 7006

File: 1530808999596.jpg (232.84 KB, 1794x984, geen koninginen1.jpg)

No. 7007

File: 1530832129068.jpg (34.75 KB, 389x429, 1520873370940.jpg)

i had a german exchange student at my uni last year who looked just like him. sadly we was taken though.

No. 7008

File: 1530835803990.jpeg (104.48 KB, 636x1135, 9873E7C5-BB02-4E12-86A0-5A4A81…)

I like the idea of it but the reality is always kind of uncanny valley. Personally I just like the natural sun kissed blonde boys over the platinum/gold haired.

No. 7009

File: 1530839257088.gif (603.86 KB, 250x349, 301E5EC6-3A4B-4FDE-B006-BDDFFE…)

pic not related (but still cute), i wish i could find a curly dark haired guy with light green eyes. I don’t know why but having an average looking guy with one stand out feature is really attractive to me.

No. 7010

who is that? he looks just like my ex when he was growing his hair out. uugh i miss that hair.

No. 7011

File: 1530840033229.jpeg (82.1 KB, 620x802, 0EE3F1C1-D64D-4035-A1CD-17EB75…)

serge rigvava apparently

No. 7012

File: 1530857509986.jpg (303.01 KB, 1026x959, D Gleeson.jpg)

Anyone else find Domhnall Gleeson cute? Maybe it's jut cause I have a thing for redheads, but I think he has really cute smile. He looks especially cute to me when he has a beard for some reason.

No. 7013

Don't know who the guy in the gif is, but neither of the guys posted is Serge Rigvava

No. 7014

File: 1530864660352.jpg (42.01 KB, 345x426, PjLxBVu.jpg)

I like it, personally. It's really cute to me.

Neuer is a such a qt

No. 7015

Omg that's my ideal type, thanks anons!

No. 7016

>Is a 10/10 cutie
>Is named Serge

My panty is a river.

No. 7017

Sorry anons but this is cute boys thread.

No. 7018

Different tastes, fam.

No. 7019

File: 1530895761358.gif (1.79 MB, 480x270, tumblr_inline_p4q9ceqgYY1ul51x…)

you have great taste anon

>tfw no qt3.14 scandinavian hockey player bf

No. 7020

File: 1530895795403.gif (1.85 MB, 317x317, tumblr_owabuo9Rg51rjw4luo1_400…)

No. 7021

File: 1530895872465.gif (1.1 MB, 268x345, tumblr_oxxv9lx5zO1wpbnf8o1_400…)

No. 7022

File: 1530935900614.jpeg (93.38 KB, 342x451, 122D502E-A98C-4A71-BA37-3AFAE2…)

No. 7023

File: 1530936279372.jpg (20.03 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

I want armie hammer and cgi armie hammer twin to double team me honestly

No. 7024

File: 1530941161732.jpg (70.67 KB, 638x821, Alain-Fabien-Delon-le-fils-a-s…)

He is like a cutie pie version of his dad.

No. 7025

File: 1530952200240.jpg (62.54 KB, 437x594, diYw5wf.jpg)

luke evans

No. 7026

File: 1530952373539.jpg (13.6 KB, 300x300, L0iINAh.jpg)

he was especially cute in the hobbit

No. 7027

No. 7028

No. 7029

File: 1531165340106.gif (1.79 MB, 245x300, QDf83xA.gif)

Chris Wood. He's just got such a classically handsome, cute face. For some reason that face looks trustworthy to me although I realize how dumb that is. But he just looks ideal to me.

No. 7030

File: 1531252356385.jpg (1.31 MB, 245x204, 8f6vISI.jpg)

Omg Bill Skarsgard in Hemlock Grove. A weird show, a weird creepy role. But goddamn.

No. 7031

File: 1531252572513.jpg (917.01 KB, 500x234, JvSfYvJ.jpg)

Ugh why is he like this. It's such a shitty show but my hormones are forcing me to watch.

No. 7032

File: 1531259385334.jpeg (755.23 KB, 2048x2048, F9E86314-7E06-422D-8D92-5C0E48…)

kim seyhoon from A.C.E, he’s such a shy boi and the biggest sweetheart. bonus pic of his thighs bc he’s also hella thicc

No. 7033

File: 1531304853167.gif (1.83 MB, 300x393, 8275c5c96d02cb3c01eb3cec0b1f57…)

That gif…

No. 7034

yes!!! i'm so happy to see other a.c.e. fans. he's my favorite.

No. 7035

File: 1531884236504.jpg (59.73 KB, 540x540, 14549029676538.jpg)

Your preference makes scrots buttmad because barring extreme plastic surgery, it's not something that can be achieved - you either look like this or you don't. Twink genetics are like height or dick size (immutable), whereas scrot memes like muhgainz can be obtained via picking things up and putting them down.

It's also why all traits that are shilled as the most important in men are usually some nebulous shit that has nothing to do with looks (muh charisma, muh ruggedness, muh alphaness). That's how men like Serge Gainsbourg become """sex symbols""".

No. 7036

File: 1532129222937.jpg (73 KB, 620x450, 8290781d3c2347bfbc9b84145e4958…)

How is this angel not posted here already? Look at this smile and try to tell me that isn't the most adorable shit you've ever seen.

No. 7037

File: 1532415295557.jpg (281.65 KB, 1264x873, MV5BMTczNjhmZDQtMzgyMi00NWY0LW…)

No. 7038

File: 1532415840272.jpg (301.2 KB, 1024x683, 872675552-1024x1024.jpg)

He's handsome but his eyes do look a bit creepy sometimes. He was kind of arrogant in the finals so I'm not a fan

I find Pavard the cutest one with his typical French boy looks, Griezmann is a close second.

No. 7039

File: 1532416494311.gif (1.53 MB, 300x374, Griezmann.gif)

>He was kind of arrogant in the finals so I'm not a fan

Lol. He usually isn't like that at all so it was very disappointing to see him do that cocky bullshit.

Posting Griezmann to complete the holy trinity of cute french players.

No. 7040

File: 1532431940552.jpg (53.88 KB, 633x758, dgd.jpg)

>tfw in the country where i live cute boy era is in the past

>tfw every guy now wears ugly undercuts and beards

i'm browsing my mom's photo album and all the guys looked so cute when she was young

fuck why wasn't i born earlier

No. 7041

Anon the cute guys exist in art and hipster places.

University cute dudes are also v common

No. 7042

File: 1532434553399.jpg (75.98 KB, 342x500, Do-s-and-dont-s-of-dating-Mark…)

>University cute dudes are also v common

Sadly not where I live..

I'll try art and hipster places though even artsy dudes here are into the lumberjack look.

No. 7043

File: 1532444057255.jpg (35.35 KB, 800x539, 192264.jpg)

my baby. he's so cute and handsome

No. 7044

File: 1532451506204.jpg (545.83 KB, 1024x791, 1700325571_75659cab08_b (1).jp…)

are you me?
where are you from, and during what era was your mother a youth that you think the boys were cute? cause i've always had a thing for 70's/early '80s looking guys (pic related) and i weep because that was like the ideal look and time period for me.
but like you, i was born too late, and got stuck in the fuccboi undercut/lumberjack hipster era instead.

No. 7045

thirded. imo this 80s and late 70s were the best examples of dudes dressing actually sexually appealing to women without looking too twinky or overy feminine. some people might think they did, but there was still such a strong visual element of masculinity and virility combined with tight pants, low necklines, long hair etc. the result was a look that kind of sexually objectified men but still looked like something they actually wanted to wear. a perfect balance of being proud to show off your masculinity and doing things to be attractive to women. that's all i want.

nowadays men's fashion is so confused and dualistic. it's either super conservative and sexless looking if it's masculine, super fucking feminine with no manly elements to balance it, or some botched misguided attempt at combining them that only lasts a week like man buns or m-male crop tops guys?

No. 7046

File: 1532460736063.jpg (116.53 KB, 648x696, 47E41330-0D67-44D0-868E-45860C…)

wow anon… everything you just said so perfectly encompasses how i feel about the current state of men's grooming and past aesthetics. like i'm emotional right now (can we be friends?? haha).
i really hope that in the near future when the 2010's trends finally phase out, we get a new look and it's more similar to what we've discussed. (or even the slightly distant future, i'd be so happy for my future daughters :P)
also sorry for slight OT

No. 7047

Do you happen to live in the Balkans as well? Guys either wear short undercuts (if you're lucky) or buzzcut. It's awful.

I notice 99% of the guys posted itt have head full of hair, it's so refreshing.

No. 7048

File: 1532462623008.jpg (36.55 KB, 440x409, f1f31768cfc94a0ab00e2db688c2e1…)

lmao anon i'm flattered. i'd love to be friends. i love sperging about this stuff. a lot of men's metal steez also has everything i like, but of course, a lot of that also started or peaked in the 70s and 80s. i love that era because it's like the 60's cooler older brother. still spiritual and carefree, but older, wiser, more aggressive, and hiding a Crowley book next to his rolling papers. haha ok now i'm really going on a weird tangent

No. 7049

File: 1532465126190.jpeg (1.48 MB, 2364x3546, 465E3425-6866-469D-9B33-AB8964…)

damn, that last part about reading Crowley was perfect. you’re extremely cool anon and I hope we get to speak again.

No. 7050

File: 1532469068945.png (628.11 KB, 540x750, tumblr_p3qwk3ODKe1uor5s8o2_540…)

No. 7051

File: 1532471932139.jpg (17.14 KB, 493x454, DQax_lIVQAAyoJS.jpg)

joe keery/steve from stranger things is so beautiful. the hair kills me

No. 7052

File: 1532473089849.jpg (161.42 KB, 1134x1280, danzig78.jpg)

haha thank you! i'll be around. or we could go offsite but idk the best way to do that.

No. 7053

File: 1532475376117.jpg (30.5 KB, 1000x567, 58.jpg)

At the risk of shattering my illusion that he is a flawless god, what cocky bullshit did he do? I don't recall anything.

No. 7054

His blunder vs Croatia

>Instead of clearing the ball up the pitch, the Tottenham keeper tried to dribble the ball around Croatia’s striker.

>But Mandzukic easily grabbed the ball and poked it into the back of the net.
It's nothing much really but a little disrespectful. At least he learned his lesson (hopefully)

No. 7055

File: 1532727712059.jpg (193.04 KB, 1920x1040, Life-of-Pi-258.jpg)

I really have a thing for qt arabs/indians
Too bad there's not that many out there

No. 7056

File: 1532777381423.jpg (84.74 KB, 1024x791, 1024full-richey-edwards.jpg)

forever and ever

No. 7057

File: 1532848380018.jpeg (16.33 KB, 343x429, images (4).jpeg)

No. 7058

File: 1532874737045.jpg (261.49 KB, 1408x791, EoiaoQ7.jpg)


No. 7059

File: 1532881428944.jpg (102.71 KB, 1200x800, Fu'ad A_t Aattou.jpg)

No. 7060

Ugh, Richie and Nicky. My fella looks a bit like Nicky and it drives me crazy. I take it you like the 'You Love Us' video?

No. 7061

File: 1532892196718.jpg (12.64 KB, 178x283, 123.jpg)


First Richey anon here. YLU is a godsend.
While I love Richey the most, Nicky was beautiful too.

I wish I had a bestfriend who would love me as much as Nicky loved Richey (and vice versa).

Very happy to see other MSP fans here.

No. 7062


No. 7063

They're gorgeous together, Richie-Anon. Never really was into feminine men, but they were truly beautiful and sexy when they were young. And I love the Manics. I've never met anyone besides my bf and I that like them. I've seen them a few times and each time I can't take my eyes off Nicky. That accent is… Unf.

No. 7064

Fu'ad Aït Aattou

No. 7065

Second Richey-anon here! It’s surprising initially to see other msp fans here but they were/are such gossipy bitches I suppose haha. Totally agree about Nicky, possibly the first celebrity I masturbated to.
Every time I watch the interview where Richey says ‘I just want somebody to luv mi’ I sob.

No. 7066

File: 1533052297375.jpg (73.94 KB, 1040x572, hanyu_yuzuru1280-1040x572.jpg)

He makes me want to try skating lol

I know that it sounds stupid, but I just feel like young looking and cute guys like him are much less intimidating and less likely to treat you shitty than stereotypical "manly" men with let's say a beard.

No. 7067

Every time I see pictures of Yuzu I feel a little pain in my heart knowing it's impossible we'd end up together. He's just so flawless.

Sometimes I feel like a pedo because I just really don't care for strong jaws, facial hair, or big muscles.

No. 7068

Same, anon, he's literally perfect, I'm actually jealous since he's so successful and seems to have got it all.
I also sometimes feel a little weird, because he looks so young and everything…

No. 7069

He's perfect, his skating is perfect, the world doesn't even deserve him.

You aren't gonna meet Yuzus at skating but you should pick it up anyway, it's fun af and you appreciate him even more.

No. 7070

File: 1533073624919.jpg (52.16 KB, 500x734, 2014b2eca058006610a6b2fbe36b21…)

just watched nightcrawler and can't believe how bad he looked when he used to be so cute
time is cruel

No. 7071

File: 1533094784286.jpg (60.71 KB, 391x308, 6-391x308.jpg)

same. i also prefer innocent, boyish looking guys.
my worst nightmare is a big dad-bod dude with a beard and undercut, bonus if tats and gauges.

No. 7072

File: 1533102118836.jpg (64.28 KB, 592x432, sunny.jpg)


Idk if anyone is gonna agree with me but I have a crush on all 3 guys from Always Sunny. Especially Charlie Day. I have a thing for guys who aren't conventionally attractive

No. 7073

File: 1533109444756.jpg (44.19 KB, 615x633, c86a029e-f77c-4bb6-beb5-def694…)

Fuckboy but cute, and goofy.

No. 7074

File: 1533126808660.jpg (82.03 KB, 400x602, Glenn-Howerton.jpg)


That makes two of us anon. My favorite is actually Glenn though, I love everything about his face but especially his nose and smile.

No. 7075

Wow I thought he looked his best around 2014-2016.

No. 7076

File: 1533131022298.png (1.39 MB, 1190x924, Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 9.29…)

These young recruits to the team I follow are pretty cute I think. Especially the one on right he's very boyish cute. I was in town on Sunday and he was at the same place as me, then we walked next to each other for a bit cos he parked near me. Didn't ask for a photo cos he hasn't earned my respect yet as a player.

No. 7077

File: 1533144177029.png (1.59 MB, 1094x916, Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 9.32…)

No. 7078

File: 1533144387163.png (1 MB, 650x1116, Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 7.42…)

more boyishly cute

No. 7079

File: 1533153052873.jpg (469.77 KB, 659x1024, 73439753-1024x1024.jpg)

it's probably a personal thing, i just like when guys look more on the twinky side (which isn't sustainable but oh well)

No. 7080

File: 1533159393121.jpg (205.88 KB, 1366x2048, baa90493243a56153086f65b526942…)

He's probably dumb as hell, yet I can't help but find him cute.

No. 7081

File: 1533161670609.jpg (45.96 KB, 564x752, 78d85823fc4ea444be67498ff1a397…)

No. 7082

File: 1533161713253.jpg (120.52 KB, 510x731, tumblr_mthpsiz6lZ1qaahgro1_540…)

No. 7083

Damn. He's the cutest

tfw no deadboy looking boyfriend

No. 7084

File: 1533188123716.jpg (75.68 KB, 540x809, 874d911e4ad0f1e97a85b7be8ea0d8…)

No. 7085

File: 1533188529178.jpeg (18.79 KB, 314x468, images (21).jpeg)

No. 7086

File: 1533199119051.jpg (92.68 KB, 720x693, IMG_20180802_033815_507.jpg)

No. 7087

Hiding mine behind a spoiler for everyone else who's posted here.

No. 7088

File: 1533330198621.gif (1.99 MB, 540x294, 53Ug.gif)

No. 7089

File: 1533375135928.jpg (161.66 KB, 890x1112, austin victoria.jpg)

No. 7090

Glenn is so hot to me. He looks a lot like my ex-boyfriend, though, which weirds me out a bit.

No. 7091

Lol isn't this the guy from the blackpill tinder experiment?

No. 7092

File: 1534415693282.png (424.01 KB, 558x540, Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 6.30…)

Mulletts are cute to me idk

No. 7093

File: 1534416764828.jpg (26.81 KB, 449x376, 140ca523b667682e735993787f549d…)

Had to reverse image search and goddamn I did not expect it to be Johnny Depp. Him being old and decrepit is so solidified in my mind these days but he was so hot.

No. 7094


Jesus, that midriff… I want to lick it.

No. 7095

You pussies should make a rate thread where you can rate and objectify insecure guys.

No. 7096

File: 1534442289045.jpeg (141.92 KB, 750x897, IMG_0133.jpeg)

Clint Eastwood.

No. 7097

File: 1534448809745.jpg (55.76 KB, 500x750, 55fe172aef60fd440a44d91316a74b…)

this is a wholesome, positive thread where we share men we find cute without getting all self-conscious about what other women's faux-objective sperg ratings of them would be. not everyone's sexuality requires homoerotic bonding or belittling and degrading others in a transparent attempt to stop the embarrassment of being attracted to someone. Sounds like you need approval from peers just to feel ok about yourself and your taste. It's probably because you're a gigantic pussy.

No. 7098

File: 1534451363681.jpg (93.74 KB, 500x377, large.jpg)

Had a weird dream about AFI gig and it made me remember how beautiful Davey was in his goth gf phase

No. 7099

File: 1534451467438.jpg (Spoiler Image,65.93 KB, 800x1054, Davey-Havok.jpg)

He's still looking great though not exactly my style.
I miss the long hair.
Honestly would also love the DU emo phase had his eye makeup wasn't so tacky kek

No. 7100

File: 1534454258896.jpg (53.27 KB, 500x667, original (1).jpg)

No. 7101

File: 1534454477534.png (445.94 KB, 400x537, 7573b2344be9812acccde3095044df…)

No. 7102

File: 1534454856207.jpg (56.9 KB, 442x687, 3560c479327f1b8471a07258d27c6f…)

No. 7103

i wish it was popular to still look and dress like this without men fetishizing femininity. he looks really cool. it's just a cool look.

No. 7104

Tbh I understand why army is all over this weird thigh humping meme, Jk has the nicest pair of legs.

>Tfw the average man were you live think getting haircut and wearing fragrances is for faggots.

I will never have a qt well dressed bf who smells good and dress well.

No. 7105

>Tfw the average man were you live think getting haircut and wearing fragrances is for faggots.

this so much, it's a blessing if a guy knows how to dress himself, it's the impossible dream to find one who looks after his skin and nails, etc.

No. 7106

File: 1534626497702.jpg (36.88 KB, 300x390, tuomas-holopainen-profile.jpg)

Tuomas Holopainen for me. He has aged like wine and has gorgeous eyes.

No. 7107

i just fell in love

No. 7108

There's way too many cute metal guys. Long hair really adds beauty to a man's face.

No. 7109

File: 1534658848125.jpg (89.25 KB, 772x524, dylan.jpg)

No. 7110

I'm only a little bit embarrassed of the fact I watched like 4 seasons of TW for him and the various other eye candy actors. He's the qtest though.

No. 7111

Too bad he is an asshole though. Finnish men are often ugly and very overrated.

No. 7112

File: 1534671775221.gif (1.82 MB, 500x229, 86c7d213f25384811afbc8e4b01df1…)

Thai actor 'Push' Puttichai

No. 7113


what has he done?

No. 7114

File: 1534680917012.gif (282.75 KB, 220x194, 1.gif)


No. 7115

File: 1534686411270.jpg (34.54 KB, 400x601, 2884160134_small_1.jpg)

I used to think Bill Kaulitz was the cutest. My god that was so long ago. Now he looks too rugged for me.

Agreed, anon! Prince is cute. A shame he left pretty young.
He looks like my boyfriend… if my boyfriend decided to start lifting a few weights and put on a bit of eyeliner.

Another cute boy for me would be 90s Keanu Reeves and Chris Perez.

No. 7116

I used to crush on him too but when I would fantasize about him, he was a girl.

No. 7117

File: 1534815008264.jpg (84.91 KB, 647x430, moodoid-2017-59e762bb5b819_647…)

Pablo Padovani from the french band Moodoid

No. 7118

File: 1534855141555.jpg (56.55 KB, 800x533, ZkYeJAFscNs.jpg)

I love Cillian Murphy so much.

No. 7119

Me too. The scene in 28 days later where he’s walking on the empty bridge. That’s the moment I fell in love.

No. 7120

File: 1534869651884.png (346.78 KB, 533x533, b6767fadec33bafa7977a58d28581d…)

I hate how he looks like a fuckboy now though it's been over 12 years I can see why he's not into the emo style anymore.

No. 7121

File: 1534886885380.jpg (242 KB, 1051x1600, 4334d4bde13c56e316da5211553462…)

Back then literally every single girl in my class (besides my friend and I) used to be into him. Sad that guys being pretty or actually bands in general no longer seem to be popular.

My father also thought he's a girl kek

No. 7122

File: 1534915446963.jpg (30.39 KB, 600x427, tom37.jpg)

TBH I thought Tom was cute as well, but too babyfaced compared to Bill.

I really miss pretty boy bands, I think that was a big reason I got into visual kei stuff stuff because they put a lot of effort into their appearance AND their music.

No. 7123

File: 1535037898325.jpg (45.32 KB, 500x750, 762808153.jpg)

No. 7124

File: 1535052487635.jpeg (70.94 KB, 798x1000, C9DD956C-31F1-4D26-8E54-49F947…)

Avan Jogia is half Indian, I think he’s pretty.

No. 7125

OK who's this

No. 7126


No. 7127

File: 1535074236146.jpg (611.08 KB, 5000x2617, facebook.jpg)

He was on Victorious so he can sing and he even auditioned for live action Aladdin but didn't get it. Pretty disappointed tbh

No. 7128

File: 1535079974292.jpg (112.79 KB, 649x960, DfaNLreXcAAw0Pm.jpg)

No. 7129

I think it’s Aaron Tveit. Loved him in Les Mis.

No. 7130

Yes it's Aaron Tveit. He mostly does broadway but he was also in a tv show called Graceland. He looks like a real life disney prince

No. 7131

File: 1535124730915.jpg (76.39 KB, 720x720, oktaste.jpg)


This is Gaspard Ulliel and I found him attractive around 2006. Not so much nowadays.

No. 7132

File: 1535314687457.jpg (18.99 KB, 271x300, Daniel-Day-Lewis-flora_mcgrath…)

Daniel Day lewis

No. 7133

File: 1535314809728.jpg (26.69 KB, 370x370, gaspard-ulliel-la-french-touch…)

He's still killin it. Thought that scar of his was a dimple at first,kinda dig it

No. 7134

Jake Gyllenhaal lost lots of weight for that role in Nightcrawler. He was supposed to look sick thin, he gained the weight back since then

No. 7135

File: 1535315069014.jpg (128.84 KB, 1500x1000, MV5BMzYzOTMxNTQ5Nl5BMl5BanBnXk…)

jordan patrick smith i love him

No. 7136

File: 1535373160715.png (108.52 KB, 383x478, edward-furlong_a22887.png)

No. 7137

File: 1535373431275.jpeg (59.77 KB, 530x581, B4F3FD4F-3178-4086-AF0D-E98F32…)

Joe Cole from Black Mirror

No. 7138

Man, he used to be so cute. He's pretty much JUST tier now.

No. 7139

File: 1536087379374.jpeg (179.03 KB, 1496x1200, film-jules-et-jim4.jpeg)

The two actor from Jules et Jim are definitely cute in my book, I couldn't find a good close up so just posting the famous beach pic from the movie.
I love Jim's very french hooked nose and Jules legit look like an angel with his blonde hair and light eyes.
A menage a trois with two cute guys crazy about me is definitely on my to do before I die list.

No. 7140

File: 1536088152154.jpg (40.63 KB, 800x431, a2395a3fb87f33bd5ee2fcdb2262d3…)

I also recently watched Rocco and his brothers and wow, Alain Delon was a serious cutie, a nice chiseled face, big blue eye and a long slender body, my dream man basically. I found him absolutely irresistible in his military uniform

No. 7141

Oh damn I've never heard of him but he's exactly my type. I'm totally gonna watch this movie now lol thank you anon

No. 7142

File: 1536119517398.gif (2.96 MB, 540x300, tumblr_os67ffFnvS1tvav1do2_r2_…)

Alain Delon is my everything tbh. I also love John-Paul Belmondo. French actors in the 60s were so qt

No. 7143

aw, my bf's french and has that same type of nose and he's the cutest

No. 7144

Brad from the Bon Appetit youtube is so damn cute I smile so big whenever I watch any of his videos. He's just so happy and passionate and his face is so cute in a very normal, all-American type way

No. 7145

File: 1536317922952.jpeg (105.04 KB, 500x750, A9B92D1F-EC19-4E98-B5BF-72C4C7…)

Maluma baby

No. 7146

I remember when a friend of mine liked Maluma when he was bald a few years ago, and was just known in our country Colombia.

I made fun of her for liking the bald guy, but damn now he is a whole snack, what the fuck happened?

No. 7147

File: 1536702569114.gif (988.67 KB, 500x540, original.gif)

I'm so bored I've been rewatching teen wolf and just remembered how gorgeous Isaac is

No. 7148

File: 1536709530428.jpg (57.27 KB, 735x720, Samandriel_Supernatural.jpg)

Samandriel from Supernatural
I wish he wasn't killed off : (

No. 7149

File: 1536821959452.jpg (82.56 KB, 1024x576, 529642_clint-eastwood-the-good…)

I'm very late to the party because I'd never seen a single movie of his despite everyone telling me how good they were. When the Good, the bad and the ugly just happened to be on tv at our place, I just couldn't get over how badass he looked.

No. 7150

tbh I think he's cute too anon

No. 7151

File: 1537279495992.png (264.61 KB, 398x521, Louis90s.png)

Louis Theroux was such a cutie. I wanna run my hand through his hair.

No. 7152

File: 1537283132318.jpeg (58.08 KB, 835x480, 9AA7180A-3902-4A2E-8159-F18F7B…)

No. 7153

File: 1537305173871.jpg (104 KB, 605x843, 1533046540124.jpg)

I'm the same anon who posted him in this thread, and no joke, the exact same thing happened to me a few years ago. Now I've seen so many of his movies…

No. 7154

File: 1537390596622.jpg (173.12 KB, 960x1184, DcMBtxsUQAE5WbY.jpg)

hide was such an ultimate cutie, but I've always been a sucker for men who carry off this kind of look well, it's that specific kind of androgyny. I love his look later on too guys with long hair >>>>>

No. 7155

File: 1537391161441.jpg (18.71 KB, 235x336, hide0236.jpg)

I always thought hide has nice features, especially his eyes and lips. Also, his hair was big plus for me. Loved him during the late X stuff, early solo stuff.

I love the Seth and Holth movie, even though it's like watching a bad acid trip.

No. 7156

I have a theory that Clint Eastwood just sweats testosterone. I dunno why, but he's just the epitome of masculine.

No. 7157

File: 1537425110918.jpg (26.2 KB, 384x488, clint-eastwood_a-G-5253484-131…)

You're absolutely right, anon.

No. 7158

File: 1537444352509.jpg (433.07 KB, 1920x1080, movie_153.jpg)

Talking of cute cowboys
I give you Terence Hill

No. 7159

File: 1537574879256.jpg (61.9 KB, 550x924, DE-8SuoUQAAl__u.jpg)


No. 7160

File: 1537870596348.jpg (12.49 KB, 235x261, sakamoto-1.jpg)

Ryuchi Sakamoto always had something charming for me

No. 7161

File: 1538037033589.jpg (154.02 KB, 598x794, jimmy1.jpg)

I know he's a bit of an asshole but I've always had a thing for young Jimmy Page. It doesn't help that he's a passionate badass on stage and he has fluffy hair (I'm a sucker for fluffy-haired guys lol)

No. 7162

he is god-tier in every way

No. 7163

dem eyebrows

No. 7164

i KNOW. my ex looked exactly like him. hair and all.

No. 7165

File: 1538138628844.jpg (772.2 KB, 1280x1751, jimmypageguitar17.jpg)

Lmao I swear one of my friends a few years back looked exactly like a female version of him. I showed pictures of him to my friends to prove it and they got weirded out too, it was pretty awkward cause I had a massive crush on him at the time

No. 7166

But he looks like a monkey-frog hybrid, unless you mean like ugly cute

No. 7167

File: 1538198882917.jpg (135.31 KB, 1280x1709, ecb15e2c90b83c0d84a766ab24dae4…)

I know he's already been mentioned but I just recently discovered Dallon Weekes. Wonderful performer, musician, father, 6'3'' and very willing to flirt with Brendan Urie onstage. Also digging his semi-new band. Love this guy.

No. 7168

File: 1538272862457.gif (2.83 MB, 268x320, nc.gif)

He is so hot to me. I'm about to watch those corny Netflix movies mostly because he is in them.

No. 7169

File: 1538303071206.jpeg (53.53 KB, 581x960, 50FECA59-C1ED-4519-9FB3-5F6108…)

Jason Dean (Heathers) yes i mean the character not just his looks

No. 7170

File: 1538313702856.jpg (78.48 KB, 400x400, vjhvjj,.jpg)

No. 7171

File: 1538318654560.jpeg (24.85 KB, 343x429, images.jpeg)


No. 7172

File: 1538341695043.jpeg (383.69 KB, 1893x2048, DoVPqlwX0AAsTOg.jpg-large.jpeg)

Marc Bolan

No. 7173

File: 1538341832791.jpg (78.16 KB, 947x1200, Xavier-Dolan-2.jpg)

Xavier Dolan (he's gay but still love him)

No. 7174

9/10 I agree

No. 7175

Does anyone else think he kind of looks like Justin Bieber?

No. 7176

I thought it was Bieber

No. 7177

File: 1538418058749.jpg (74.21 KB, 475x572, 1522793460170.jpg)

>mom calls me a pedo for liking cute boys
Where does it end

No. 7178

mums into greasy hairy baras

No. 7179

I think some people are just bad at differentiating ages. Your mom probably has less exposure to either legit underage boys or guys in your age range so their facial features all kind of mish-mash together. You know, the way people who have little exposure to foreign races are bad at telling people apart? I think it happens with age ranges too.

If you asked her to pick out guys who were in your age range she'd probably mess up and pick men who are older but look obviously 'adult' to her.

No. 7180

File: 1538458396750.jpeg (97.2 KB, 637x637, 18950115_1806375716357275_1527…)

You have great taste x

Here's my boy Elias Bender Ronnenfelt. I've met him a few times he's so sweet and painfully gorgeous irl

No. 7181

File: 1538593370507.jpg (90.87 KB, 500x334, 295727368_3630ac3990.jpg)

Jonas Bjerre

No. 7182

i think you're onto something. on the flipside, when i was young, i thought 20-30, 31-40, 41-50 etc were all kind of homogenous ranges, now i can pretty accurately pick out if someone is 22 or 26, 32 or 38, 45 or 50 etc.

No. 7183

File: 1538614919832.jpg (138.64 KB, 999x1000, img-keir-gilchrist_11225116260…)

keir gilchrist anyone? or just me?

No. 7184

File: 1538988998865.jpg (2.44 MB, 2700x1800, Le-21eme-Adam-Katz-Sinding-Bac…)

No. 7185

holy shit what's his name?

No. 7186

No. 7187

File: 1539563804108.jpg (27.47 KB, 450x628, fdf7ab23d16b0463b896f092bd58fe…)

No. 7188

File: 1539564772445.jpg (43.4 KB, 540x810, fba6ee28b85d9d5635166b6deaf697…)

To the anon who was searching for the model in the last gif, his name is Jonathan Burjak.

No. 7189

File: 1543892389235.jpg (112.93 KB, 800x1052, 619645-800w.jpg)

Why did this thread die?
Did we run out of cute boys?

No. 7190

File: 1543907058119.jpg (47.07 KB, 970x489, bleach ichigo.jpg)

thanks anon, I was actually looking for this yesterday.

I recently saw the live action movie of Bleach and I can't get over how cute Ichigo was.

No. 7191

Who's this taiwanese qt?

No. 7192

Bitch with what dick? That bulge looks like a coochie.

No. 7193

he’s an ice skater and probably wearing compression shorts

No. 7194

File: 1543936394091.jpg (75.71 KB, 780x520, 5480388bi.jpg)


i know he's not traditionally cute but i have such a thing for Eli Roth. i wanna be his little housewife and feed him baked goods and lasagna and cuddle him 24/7.

he's just adorable to me.

No. 7195

Anon, he's asian, he definitely is a dicklet.

No. 7196

I would compromise and destroy him instead, his butt is so cute

No. 7197

File: 1543960251517.jpeg (399.5 KB, 750x724, 6284B99B-74D0-4BC4-A7AD-AD7886…)

jude law, he’s angelic at any age but when he was younger with the curly hair and pouty lips i wanted to peg him, he’s too cute

No. 7198

File: 1543960814227.jpeg (191.4 KB, 1094x1466, 008749D9-2908-4039-9176-0679F0…)

doublepost sorry, literally all of A.C.E are super attractive but kim byeonkwan is so sweet and pretty in the same way i said jude law was in his younger days. maybe i’m just a sucker for soft boys

No. 7199

File: 1543973841107.jpg (810.65 KB, 1709x800, MV5BNDk5YTA2MzItNDg5NC00YjFhLW…)

I was around for the blueberry incident on ontd so I've always found him kind of sketchy as a person. He has his angles though. he was legitimately attractive in inglourious basterds

No. 7200

>what are compression clothes

You sound like a guy who thinks girls wearing sports bras are flat chested. He could knock me up any day.

No. 7201

average japanese dick size is around 5" which isn't far from the US average, so thats fine (not that it matters since most penis size data is self reported and men are liars)

who cares about the dick size of a celebrity none of us will ever fuck.

No. 7202

File: 1544009558390.jpg (168.47 KB, 1000x1500, Lr42a3j.jpg)

Just saw Bohemian Rhapsody and omg I'm in love with Brian May's actor Gwilym Lee (even with the May-wig he was incredibly cute)

No. 7203

He's in Jonestown (where I first saw him.) If you're interested.

No. 7204

Yes I also love the way he looks in IB too! He looks like an edgier version of Zachary quinto in that movie

No. 7205

Yes I also love the way he looks in IB too! He looks like an edgier version of Zachary quinto in that movie

No. 7206

My dad dressed as him for a party once and I will never shake the association

No. 7207

File: 1544118414200.jpg (316.93 KB, 812x790, Malik-Low-Res-032-copy.jpg)

No. 7208

File: 1544127988911.png (595.26 KB, 598x450, 00021.PNG)

No. 7209

File: 1544135926590.gif (1.67 MB, 268x227, tumblr_o3wnjz7MWL1rq6ieyo3_400…)

>knowing you will likely never have a cute long-haired goth bf

No. 7210

File: 1544137852791.jpg (4.11 MB, 3600x2396, 55ca4db7169027501c6f3169_NUP_1…)

Speaking of Bohemian Rhapsody, that movie reignited my love for Rami Malek. Not that he looked particularly sexy as Freddie Mercury what with the prosthetic teeth and all. But ever since Night at the Museum, I've always had a thing for him.

No. 7211

I watched all of the shows where he was a guest because of mr robot. He seems like a genuine down-to-earth guy. too bad most guys in IT aren't anything like him.

No. 7212

File: 1544138685156.jpg (89.15 KB, 540x540, tumblr_pi7cf6Tnou1xj1n6eo1_r1_…)

I can't deal with how attractive Cody Fern is. Especially as Michael Langdon in AHS

No. 7213

File: 1544138762720.jpg (225.48 KB, 640x1136, tumblr_pj2rcpFdGm1w4rqljo1_128…)

..but of course also without the antichrist aesthetics

No. 7214

>tfw no 90s long haired metal bf
>tfw no 70s long haired psych rock/folk bf
>tfw no long haired bf with glasses and a nice jawline
>tfw no long haired Acchan bf
My ovaries are crying

No. 7215

I think he's cute too, I dig those sleepy looking eyes.

No. 7216

thanks for that, I will check it out since I need his features in my life

No. 7217

File: 1544509772053.jpeg (977.26 KB, 2048x2048, FF2FF5E2-7DD7-4316-9006-19C56C…)

jeffery dean morgan could literally bash in my skull and spit on my corpse and i would thank him, he’s such a tasty slice of man cake

No. 7218

YES. I hated the whole Negan plot line but the only thing that made it bearable is how much of a snack he is.

No. 7219

File: 1547161256225.jpg (141.79 KB, 618x412, Black-Mirror-Bandersnatch-9.jp…)

mfw I will never have a cute programmer boyfriend

No. 7220

I hate Negan, but he's aged so damn well.

No. 7221

>those teeth

He's a cutie, for sure.

No. 7222

Oh hell yeah
I'm not interested in Supernatural or Grey's Anatomy at all, but I'm considering watching just the JDM bits so I can see more of him. 10/10 would join post-apocalyptic harem

No. 7223

Do blond guys ever prefer brunettes? The ones I know always seem to date blonde girls :/

No. 7224

File: 1547173704999.jpg (34.9 KB, 1280x720, danh.jpg)

I'm not ashamed

No. 7225

You must be 18 or older to post here.

No. 7226

I posted him in the ashamed thread so can't say the same lol but yup he's cute as hell

I've watched/played the episode several times now just because of him

No. 7227

I've liked him since Dunkirk reeee etc etc
For real though, I want him to get more roles and a good career

No. 7228

File: 1547283452152.jpg (97.94 KB, 391x590, Untitled.jpg)

Jack Roper

No. 7229

File: 1547303023681.jpg (40.43 KB, 500x625, 20aca85229551cd5edcd44a0ea3620…)

The actor who plays King Alfred in Vikings is so, so beautiful. The literal definition of a pretty boy.
I hate them for making him recently cut his hair short and get that awful stache

No. 7230

File: 1547303092703.jpg (207.74 KB, 1059x1368, 03b253ade57494ef29cb7160435eeb…)

No. 7231

ugh, he's so pretty!! I wish the actor who played Louie the XV or whatever in Versailles was prettier.

No. 7232

File: 1547328999161.jpg (43.94 KB, 815x699, f5189f6c4b78d9f98d0ed9d98cf4a7…)

The actor playing his brother Philippe d'Orleans was pretty ethereal looking.
>>7230 is cuter tho

No. 7233

This male look needs to become trendy again.

No. 7234

File: 1547667950583.gif (2.87 MB, 540x220, tumblr_pjxxyxMH6h1v7pzc2o4_540…)

I don't believe there's a prettier twink than Taeyong from NCT. I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to him because he's just so perfect.

No. 7235

File: 1547670489155.jpg (90.4 KB, 620x440, willem.jpg)

No. 7236

File: 1547695831766.jpg (87.01 KB, 1024x683, 1238y.jpg)

such a qt

No. 7237

File: 1548035675798.jpg (200.98 KB, 1080x1080, 287607ca-8092-4d63-be1f-6bbaf3…)

More handsome than cute but Damn after finishing the Groundhog day musical (I'm so sad I'll never get to see it live)…I want him so bad. Nice voice, Great hair, handsome face, nice arms…

No. 7238

File: 1548039927314.jpg (93.05 KB, 937x1171, dybala .jpg)

No. 7239

Not into kpop but that lucas guy from nct (?) is cuter. Guy you posted has a Morrissey mouth and somethings up with the nose too. Slurp on those arms though >>7236

No. 7240

yes god

No. 7241

File: 1548220138771.jpg (17.05 KB, 500x350, farinelli.jpg)

Dunno if any anons have seen this movie, but I watched Farinelli over the holidays and thought the main actor was so cute especially with that hairstyle. Don't remember what the actor's name was, but I remember searching him up on Wikipedia after and googling him and being disappointed that he didn't look that cute in real life, but only as a castrated Italian opera singer.

No. 7242

Looks almost like Tom Cruise when he played Lestat in Interview with a Vampire.

No. 7243

File: 1548670943883.jpg (150.7 KB, 1126x585, StefanosTsitsipas7.jpg)

No. 7244

File: 1548685640458.jpg (69.04 KB, 900x720, miles5.jpg)

Miles Heizer

No. 7245

File: 1549062895772.jpg (32.34 KB, 639x344, Steven_Meeks.jpg)

he's old as shit now but the actor who played Meeks in Dead Poets Society was so cute at the time. i had such a crush on him when i first saw the movie

No. 7246

File: 1549084285698.jpg (120.58 KB, 1280x720, MV5BMzkzMmEwZDAtZmE2OC00ZTE1LW…)

I was like 16 first time I saw this movie and had a huge crush on everyone in it hahaha, but Knox was my fav

No. 7247

File: 1549180521911.jpeg (18.84 KB, 300x400, 00762862d94f4db585bfb1f7df09b9…)

kevboyperry from tiktok is pretty cute when he's not making weird faces.

No. 7248

I know him and he looks even better in person

No. 7249


not surprised about this tbh.where do you know him from

No. 7250

my brother used play with him

No. 7251

File: 1549251910223.jpg (36.42 KB, 500x653, 959220-500w.jpg)

my ideal boyfriend would look exactly like (or be) gena malinin

No. 7252

File: 1549251940184.jpg (66.56 KB, 800x1067, 855662-800w.jpg)

No. 7253

File: 1549252041760.jpg (85.79 KB, 750x726, DgZpft6UEAAoS_B.jpg)

No. 7254

File: 1549253832504.jpg (173.27 KB, 750x933, dudeee.jpg)

No. 7255

File: 1549264879097.gif (488.98 KB, 500x224, ......gif)

No. 7256

that looks like a fakeboi anon

No. 7257

forgot her name but she has a thread on here and is 100% a girl, not even acknowledging her old fakebois phase lol

No. 7258

i don't know who this is, i scrolled past this hours ago and thought "what a pretty boy", i came back to see him again but looking at anons' responses, i'm guessing this is a fakeboi?? sad

No. 7259

File: 1549311588698.png (250.85 KB, 356x399, PBG.png)

pls no bully i was lonely in high school and liked coming home and watching his videos and developed a really gay ass crush on him

No. 7260

Yeah I don't know their name I just thought I saw a cute boy while on the internet. "oops

No. 7261

No… I'm….right there with you anon tbh. Supporting our stupid swoopy bowl headed crush!

No. 7262

File: 1549336776092.jpg (31.05 KB, 350x401, fcb295f89f22109142aa4baaf3d7b2…)

anon absolutely no shame. peebs seems like genuinely a really nice guy and is one of the few 'gamer' guys on youtube who isn't playing up some stupid persona. he's not conventionally attractive but i've always found him cute.

No. 7263

Yeah and he didn't fall for the right wing red pill meme. Seems like he has a good head on his shoulders.

No. 7264

File: 1549376592303.jpg (55.12 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg)

speaking of gamer guys, i also enjoy brutalmoose–he's got a good personality and, like the others, seems genuine.

No. 7265

He's gay right?
I agree though he's a cutie

No. 7266

Yep, definitely gay but nonetheless, cute and a good personality.

No. 7267

I just starting watching his content. He's fun and a qt

No. 7268

File: 1549903966462.jpg (328.82 KB, 677x1024, gettyimages-105403416-1024x102…)

I love his smile

No. 7269

File: 1550244399929.jpg (49.34 KB, 398x400, thumbRNSBOBDYLAN21.jpg)

Young Bob Dylan is really cute imo#

No. 7270

File: 1550449226861.jpg (169.82 KB, 634x727, 3841694-6015987-image-a-28_153…)

Jimmy Page has always been a cutie, his stunning music just adds to the appeal.

No. 7271

Looks like Jayden smith with that facial expression 2bqh

No. 7272

File: 1550451766275.jpg (38.43 KB, 640x480, Paul-Ryan-Unenthused-Getty-Ima…)

No. 7273

File: 1550452266527.jpg (947.01 KB, 2080x2048, PhotoGrid_1550451341029.jpg)

Ben Pavard was already posted, but I didn't see anything about Israel Broussard.

I really like his appearance, he gives me very good vibes. It may be because he always plays nice and caring characters, but they suit him so well…


No. 7274

Ha I had such a huge crush on him in high school when I went through my big dadrock phase.

Page is (well, was) much more attractive to me than Robert Plant, I never understood why other women swooned over him. Guitarists/bassists/drummers are pretty much always more qt than the frontman in a band, change my mind

No. 7275

Anon no don't ruin Bobby for me

No. 7276

Too bad he and pretty much every rockstar in the 70s were pedos who took advantage of underage girls

No. 7277

Yeah thats all i could think about when anon posted that. Gross

No. 7278

File: 1550528306845.jpg (46.17 KB, 900x608, maxkuehn.jpg)

i'm a fan of pretty gingers and drummers, what can i say

No. 7279

File: 1550544201974.jpg (76.24 KB, 618x676, mark renton.jpg)

A lot of them were creeps, we agree there. But plenty of infamous groupies aren't very consistent with their stories, so who knows what the hell happened. Keeping on topic, i've always thought Ewan McGregor was perfect in trainspotting.

No. 7280

I don't even like gingers but max is so cute. My fave is brandon though, he is so cute in a weird basic american guy way.

No. 7281


I concur-he was fine af in trainspotting

No. 7282

File: 1550667062013.gif (2.97 MB, 540x304, tumblr_pg08grwbQS1w7iej4o8_540…)

No. 7283

Yes anon, he's visually perfect as is but the pureness of the character adds to it so much.
Jameela Jamil is outrageously gorgeous too, I watch the show with my boyfriend and I have to stop myself from just making constant comments about how beautiful they both are.

No. 7284

File: 1551166939757.jpg (144.64 KB, 479x700, gagarin_05.jpg)

Yuri Gagarin, quite a manlet but used to be cute imo

No. 7285

Aw man he was so cute. Liked him a lot better with his mouth shut though.

No. 7286

I just got a new crush and he's not even alive.

No. 7287


>tfw your crush is DEAD

No. 7288

File: 1551178533142.jpg (76.18 KB, 399x599, 399px-Yuri-Gagarin-1961-Helsin…)

sorry, anon! he got bit chubby post his space trip but idk, i find him cute even then

No. 7289

He looked like a typical slav, you can find thousands with a similar face. See the guy who plays Viktor in Deadly Class

No. 7290

File: 1551207907850.jpg (172.82 KB, 500x750, MV5BNTFiMDUzNzMtNzNkMS00MWEzLW…)

Found him for the anons that don't want to google. The actor's surname is German.

No. 7291

File: 1551208192168.jpg (35.51 KB, 500x494, large.jpg)

No. 7292

File: 1551209128392.jpg (15.47 KB, 461x359, 45012946_5e8066f129bef014ca36f…)

No. 7293

File: 1551210790508.jpg (12.45 KB, 720x961, 01.jpg)

No. 7294

First pig in space!

No. 7295

who's that? he's freakin cute

No. 7296

File: 1551217782945.jpg (19.6 KB, 474x355, iuXK8G53Q8.jpg)

No. 7297

File: 1551217807813.jpg (60.35 KB, 700x562, Sophied.jpg)

No. 7298

File: 1551219182136.jpg (147.64 KB, 2048x1536, js.jpg)

James Spader in Stargate
Rewatched this for the nostalgia and now I know why I always had a type for nerdy boys it's back up on netflix btw

No. 7299

File: 1551219366907.jpg (32.08 KB, 600x398, chad_free.jpg)

No. 7300

His face looks like a digital painting.

No. 7301

It really does. I just saw this on the main page and I thought it was a sakimichan drawing or something. His head looks kind of tiny? there's no way it isn't shopped to shit lol.

No. 7302

He looks like a genderbent Audrey Hepburn

No. 7303

File: 1551222117435.jpg (32.09 KB, 400x400, JRdiS1aP_400x400.jpg)

Josh Taylor from half•alive. I recently found the music video for their song "still feel" and thought that he is such a qt! (plus the choreography in the video turned me on)

No. 7304

eww face pubes

No. 7305

File: 1551227908946.jpg (28.07 KB, 564x436, d627dc56c475d35667c8c1a27bb131…)

>tfw i'll never wake up to this
why live

No. 7306

File: 1551228971460.jpg (294.49 KB, 723x1024, image-original.jpg)

I thought Kaito was so cute in smoking

No. 7307

love a man who can pull off a tiny women's t shirt

No. 7578

File: 1551244374353.png (1.99 MB, 1200x1800, da87c63bc1d518a1c246ebda693651…)

>tfw you'll never get to date Min Yoongi

No. 7579

sorry about the image size! enlarge at your own risk.

No. 7582

But not all of them are the first human in space, anon.
I have a massive boner for cute boys in science.

No. 7589


No. 10591

File: 1551396983779.jpg (35.08 KB, 314x435, 97XOMhxzSx8dfNp_dESgK_483.jpg)

No. 10593

File: 1551397422671.png (282.24 KB, 476x480, ea1ca.png)

No. 10596

File: 1551398504013.gif (79.76 KB, 300x297, 300x297.gif)

No. 10667

File: 1551471906353.jpg (54.89 KB, 710x471, JoshKloss.jpg)


I remember this pic. Someone photoshopped him to look like Sousuke from Free! Pic attached is the actual image

No. 10668

File: 1551473128107.jpg (88.23 KB, 567x800, nice hands kun.jpg)

Straight out of /ot/

No. 10671

File: 1551479152625.jpg (84.31 KB, 800x626, wangenheim.jpg)

I feel you, this one has been dead for quite a few decades

No. 10681

File: 1551490825197.jpg (184.17 KB, 800x1066, Malik_Jalloh.jpg)

I snorted, anon.

No. 10719

File: 1551567483144.jpg (57.11 KB, 580x385, Junji Ito.jpg)

Does anyone like natural asian men? I can't stand how fake and doll-like k-pop/j-rock celebs look but there's so many asian men who look so nice and elegant like Junji Ito, Hideo Kajima or Hayao Miyazaki

No. 10720

File: 1551568414679.jpg (970.77 KB, 3960x3264, Inio_Asano_and_Jocelyne_Allen_…)

Yes for Hideo Kojima, he's a cutie! Shocked how he legit looks better now than when he was younger (before he developed a sense of style at least, kek).
I also find Inio Asano very attractive but it's hard to find pics of him… he also looked great with dark hair

No. 10721

File: 1551568442864.jpg (11.29 KB, 224x225, download (4).jpg)

No. 10722

File: 1551568557419.jpg (18.46 KB, 242x360, 001_size4.jpg)

No. 10723


I completely agree. I prefer them natural looking and with their normal skin tone in pictures. I hate the kpop look they’re too pale and plastic. Also jrock and jpop makes them look ridiculous.

No. 11729

I could honestly say this about most men, I like when they look "tired" and you can see their uneven complexion

No. 11855

File: 1551677702452.jpg (48.74 KB, 1000x663, john maus 33.jpg)

John Maus is a beautiful man

No. 11856

>Does anyone like natural asian men?
>Junji Ito, Hideo Kajima or Hayao Miyazaki
Fuck no?? Natural doesn't have to equal >50 you know. Regular asian guys you see on the street are infinitely better looking than those old men.

No. 11857

Seems like you just have a thing for average/ugly asian dudes. Majority of them aren't very good looking.

I don't know a thing about k-pop, but some of those j-rock celebrities got popular because of their looks even pre-surgery. Atsushi Sakurai and Hyde come to mind as two asian guys who were really handsome naturally but they don't at all resemble the average men you listed.

No. 11927

File: 1551719912960.jpg (231.71 KB, 600x452, baf5ab12e999810b0b5e02f8081730…)

Daaamn no, haha, these must be written by asian maleposters.

Best asians are male models from the 80s.
80s is great decade for cute men in general.

No. 11937

jeez you weebs are judgemental. I like older men cause I'm older and not interested in jailbait

No. 11959

It's a cute boys thread, while not absolute generally cuteness is associated with youth. It's hard to be older and cute. It's like complaining about a lack of young men in a thread dedicated to ruggedly handsome men (which would skew older). Make a silver fox thread if so inclined.

No. 11964

File: 1551736207129.jpg (14.4 KB, 273x392, d95b93ba7c72e3bc6faf54c55edd18…)

>Everyone I disagree with is a maleposter: the emotional child's guide to discussion on lolcow dot farm

No. 12673


Yes yes yes yes YES I love him

No. 12730

Aww, he's one of my favorite artists of all time

No. 12764

File: 1551758785749.jpg (61.08 KB, 960x720, 4dc7d749d9c21880b71ff58fe327d3…)

Replied like a true otoko.

No. 12981

He looks like a foot now.

No. 13052

File: 1551876036786.png (1.11 MB, 2280x1080, Screenshot.png)

No. 13181

File: 1551959804589.jpg (87.5 KB, 640x480, CWHAUgIVEAADGjH.jpg large.jpg)

This may be considered a borderline case since it's an indiefag vk dude, but out of makeup he just looks so low-key and normal and cute and I just.

No. 13249

File: 1551982594986.jpeg (223.4 KB, 800x1200, DADF0DC2-1F18-4D45-8691-96FE03…)

he’s my ideal guy

No. 13251

Same. Makes me feel guilty because he's so young (and probably not the brightest)

No. 13295

Plenty of older hot natural japanese dudes than the ones you listed. You just have bland taste. You were barely judged, just told how it is.

No. 14812

File: 1552150257612.jpeg (204.98 KB, 1082x1084, A38198D4-3922-4FFC-80F2-75D2BD…)

I just saw this on Pinterest but I love men with his features thin noses , angular jaws, and brown curly hair so I had to save it on my phone

No. 14814

This kid looks 16 though.

No. 14839

File: 1552174625639.jpg (140.66 KB, 320x480, 1425842621306.jpg)

Perfect male nose

No. 16943

File: 1552402477324.png (533.53 KB, 473x712, Capture-d’écran-2019-01-23-à-1…)

Saw him on tumblr a couple of times

No. 17408

File: 1552444567115.jpg (107.68 KB, 500x685, kmac.jpg)

Remember when guys could grow their hair below the top of their heads?

No. 17409

File: 1552444635501.png (151.35 KB, 452x300, 03ba4009ca1302d094d38a40a78321…)

No. 17413

File: 1552444732387.jpg (19.8 KB, 296x420, muh' dib.jpg)

No. 17471

File: 1552450560645.gif (1.42 MB, 268x156, tumblr_owov14zT6s1qffb7lo3_400…)

patrician taste anons

No. 17606

File: 1552450610965.gif (2.49 MB, 500x281, tumblr_ph7r9uOuL51rtzvrno4_r1_…)

No. 18307

File: 1552524739073.jpg (81.08 KB, 682x1000, 1530223637223.jpg)

No. 18309

File: 1552524782808.jpg (46.31 KB, 490x767, 1530223658546.jpg)

No. 18949

File: 1552604867104.gif (1.11 MB, 299x201, 1447385787293.gif)

No. 18951

File: 1552604937310.gif (450.43 KB, 500x254, 1446781118325.gif)

No. 19078

File: 1552643143307.gif (499.75 KB, 500x302, Manic-Street-Preachers-manic-s…)

No. 19102

File: 1552658734833.jpeg (6.62 KB, 275x183, images (2).jpeg)

No. 19201

File: 1552696090813.jpg (92.09 KB, 1065x639, glenn-gould-photograph-fred-pl…)

No. 19283


No. 19857

File: 1552944386337.jpg (11.54 KB, 228x259, 7801827181c6b9e26b59b1074fa8c3…)

thank youuuuuu!!!!! so so so handsome

No. 19858

a million times yes….

No. 19860


No. 19893

File: 1552961692397.png (226.32 KB, 1280x768, tumblr_novjdddRFy1qe0fxmo1_128…)

kaneshiro takeshi

No. 19936

File: 1552972481894.jpg (27.37 KB, 564x564, cd57f4e84495c560f1e63aeb023e8b…)

Toshiya is so cute and the member that aged the best imo.

No. 19975

File: 1552987055386.jpg (52.67 KB, 540x720, C0Mh_NRWgAAHKKT.jpg)


Toshiya has aged like wine (and looks really good out of makeup as well)

No. 19979

File: 1552988729328.jpg (25.61 KB, 500x378, 7aa00db531129d6ac1e538f4e7648f…)

No. 19994

File: 1552995365262.jpg (134.81 KB, 960x1281, Owen_Hamze.jpg)

No. 20035

File: 1553004890178.jpeg (43.13 KB, 610x406, 326BA8F8-B5F6-4057-B130-9F5867…)

No. 20037

File: 1553005852425.jpg (22.49 KB, 500x750, average_boy_67.jpg)

No. 20077

File: 1553018928917.jpg (502.91 KB, 1544x2293, kids-return-film-image.jpg)

both of those boys in kitano's Kids Return could get it. But I had a true crush on the one who joined the Yakuza.

No. 20079

File: 1553019126898.png (741.43 KB, 1280x532, tumblr_pm9hqfy9Xf1vxlpwio2_128…)

another crush of mine is Itsuki Fujii from shunji iwai's love letter.

No. 20083

File: 1553019418878.jpg (577.91 KB, 1280x2313, 1280.jpg)

also hugh grant in Maurice, before he repressed his homosexuality and grew a moustache.

No. 20091

File: 1553019747783.png (1.13 MB, 1366x1132, 8675.png)

oh and björn andrésen as tadzio, of course. truly the peak of male beauty, in my opinion.

No. 20095

File: 1553020040292.jpg (210.59 KB, 1076x1600, d5326892e476eea296f7ada4b64095…)

oh also, Dexter Fletcher in Caravaggio.

No. 20097

he looks like that game of thrones dragon girl

No. 20100

File: 1553020713877.jpg (80.92 KB, 540x669, tumblr_pgtdf7Go0R1qc12v5_540.j…)

also ryuichi sakamoto

No. 20138

File: 1553025116300.gif (999.16 KB, 500x698, jeremybrett.gif)

Jeremy brett was pretty cute when he was younger

No. 20197

File: 1553031036916.jpeg (251.38 KB, 500x590, 54903.jpeg)

No. 20201

File: 1553031201098.jpeg (341.1 KB, 485x600, 383333u3.jpeg)

No. 20206

File: 1553031547420.jpg (64.86 KB, 640x802, jm-bl.jpg)

/end posting boys when I should be doing an assignment

No. 20228

He's so lovely

No. 20375

I love Jake Gyllenhaal in this scene

No. 20387

What a hottie

No. 20403

File: 1553103100481.jpg (31.33 KB, 400x600, COz_hTVWEAAMWrF.jpg)

I love his features. Can't decide if I'm attracted to him or if I wish I looked like him.

No. 20407

i'm such a basic but this movie & this scene get me every time

No. 20413

File: 1553112499702.jpg (135.06 KB, 768x1154, chuck-schuldiner-of-death-8958…)

No. 20553

File: 1553184164735.jpg (42.41 KB, 750x704, 194dd3d6a1e4a11104c3f2512dd544…)

Patrician taste in men and music anon.

No. 20638

File: 1553250372396.gif (914.59 KB, 500x150, tumblr_m81p5ahxQr1qmp21zo4_500…)

why did you have to take him jesus

No. 20644

Oh he is pretty, how nostalgic. Are there any current metal/rock musicians who look like this?

No. 21959

No, liking unattractive people of a particular race is textbook fetishism. That or you're r/asianmasculinity

No. 22146

too bad bout the ugly hair and duckface

No. 22152

File: 1553710317701.jpg (115.65 KB, 750x1000, cbf49bec7a34085ab4fed6b44a00ed…)

No. 22227

File: 1553753618362.jpg (66.14 KB, 713x475, hatari-cake.jpg)

it was the cutest pic of him I could find of him since most of the current pics are of him in BDSM stuff which is kinda nsfw kek

here's one with his bandmates

No. 22797

File: 1553969237737.jpg (96.07 KB, 1107x738, Sandy_Alex_G_by_Sonny_Malhotra…)

I've been listening to him more recently

No. 22798

Is that Kamenashi Kazuya?

No. 22812

File: 1553992127656.jpg (44.91 KB, 600x338, saito.jpg)

Takumi Saito, but only him with this hairstyle. I love the mixture of his soft yet jagged babyface with an urban haircut. Reminds me of the cholo boys from back in the day.

No. 22859

File: 1554040350198.png (647.02 KB, 719x874, Capture _2019-03-07-11-09-16.p…)

No. 23140

OT but what is this from? I reverse image searched it and nothing came up. He looks like eye candy for sure.

No. 23236

File: 1554133807928.jpg (210.39 KB, 965x947, D1tezz9XcAE1DmG.jpg)

Kento looking gooood

No. 23244

This is from Kurohyo! It's a drama based off the Yakuza PSP games.

No. 23246

File: 1554140082117.jpg (21.38 KB, 375x575, 101333e3d78c953c581e3767b2d05e…)

No. 23247

No. 23250

File: 1554142726017.gif (1.52 MB, 282x282, ezgif-2-7c3ef8f5183c.gif)

i have an absolutely soft spot for x men boys

No. 23251

File: 1554142760263.jpg (50.97 KB, 736x488, db2d09d8210f04f0c999add3001a20…)

No. 23302

Thanks, anon!

No. 23327

File: 1554192592926.jpg (76.89 KB, 950x534, 2013/01/29/14/aaronswartz.89e9…)

No. 23351

eeew what is this shit? selfpost?

No. 23369

I can't tell if I'm being whooshed or not…

No. 23377

In the off chance that this isn't a joke… this is Aaron Schwartz, creator of Reddit. Died in 2013.

No. 23451

File: 1554237988081.jpg (19.56 KB, 590x421, swartz_Freedom_to_Connect_conf…)

What's 'ew' about it?

No. 23458

ntw but he looks kind of unkept, so ew

No. 23506

File: 1554267515766.png (203.98 KB, 400x491, 913A33FC-D657-45EE-9F4E-AA0102…)

No. 23538

File: 1554300707464.jpg (55.51 KB, 736x722, 0de7d7b30a54b08179aee0bcc5e9c6…)

No. 23709

File: 1554383361274.gif (1.88 MB, 500x200, q21adpf.gif)

I know he's a meme nowadays but he was a literal prince during the first mummy movie

No. 23805

File: 1554408398119.png (1019.8 KB, 1015x1683, 410d37963ec7408ba105143d6048bf…)

damn he was.o loved him in these movies o thought he was so cool

he also looked pretty damn fine in george of the jungle.it's a shame his life took such a turn.it is so obvious how it took a toll on him both mentally and physically(i freaking hate how he was turned into a meme)

No. 23822

File: 1554411714910.jpg (524.34 KB, 1330x748, z80ZGiX.jpg)

Was just about to post him in Jumanji, fucking gorgeous and also husband material.

But yes fuck his meme status. It's a thing for misogynistic men who think women ruin men's lives rather than accepting that it's just a man who didn't age like fine wine as per their delusions about gender and age. I mean, he went through some shit but so do a lot of people. Keanu is notorious for aging well and he had a hard life.

No. 23823

Fuck not Jumanji, George of the Jungle obviously.

No. 23932

This really gives a pre-op tranny vibes

No. 23933

File: 1554466581961.jpg (71.81 KB, 700x463, blue-eyes.jpg)

No. 23957

he just looks like a girl i guess

No. 23991

File: 1554501666929.jpg (245.11 KB, 720x578, 08ec9588eca095ed9998-04a.jpg)

No. 25070

File: 1554957253597.jpg (28.46 KB, 852x480, MKB1WIEP.jpg)

No. 25080

File: 1554968984022.jpg (63.48 KB, 800x800, sammy.jpg)

No. 25096

Delete this

No. 25100

d e l e t

No. 25103

File: 1554986510611.jpg (81.75 KB, 450x600, Img382235577.jpg)

No. 25104

File: 1554986574395.jpg (38.22 KB, 660x330, gl-18.jpg)

No. 25144

File: 1555003873365.jpg (159.99 KB, 1200x1749, IMG_20190411_182131.jpg)

Luke Wilder a bi gay pornstar but soooooo cute

No. 25145

File: 1555003977190.jpg (121.51 KB, 1000x1500, IMG_20190411_181857.jpg)

No. 25147

File: 1555004328567.jpg (251.68 KB, 1365x2048, IMG_20190411_183836.jpg)

No. 25319

File: 1555070898831.jpeg (57.31 KB, 720x720, 8290159.jpeg)

Jeremy Kapone

No. 25670

File: 1555200946340.jpg (156.54 KB, 719x1280, 5ac083d0d82a19dc07cedd4b56d224…)

No. 25671

Who's that and what culture is it?

No. 26839

File: 1555662984737.jpg (148.56 KB, 681x1024, maasai.jpg)

pretty sure that's a Wodaabe tribesman, they dress and groom themselves like that for special dances.

Pic semi-related, a very handsome Maasai warrior. Was thinking of making a thread dedicated to the crazy women obsessed with them.

No. 26844

File: 1555663945770.jpg (111.94 KB, 600x399, punjabi_tribesmen.jpg)

Oh they're both so handsome
I hope this doesn't come across as racist but usually African Tribesman just look kinda ridiculous and weird looking for my taste but these guys are pretty good looking
though I'm usually more attracted to Central Asian and Afghan tribesman

No. 26850

which board would be the most appropriate for the hot tribesman

No. 26851

I'm thinking either /m/ or /g/ for pictures, could ask about it in /meta/? The Maasai warrior thread I thought I would make in /ot/ because it isn't enough ongoing content for /snow/, just thought it would be a funny thread.

Might be neat to have a general thread for interesting pictures of people from different cultures. Looking for that image of the Maasai warrior sent me down a pinterest rabbit hole. A shame modern men's clothing is often so dull and lacking in ornamentation

No. 26875

I love traditional clothing. Make a thread in / ot/, anon.

No. 26879

No. 26897

File: 1555679946527.jpg (109.29 KB, 690x1227, ad0a684c0977633bb68e761b9980e5…)

>central asian men
idk about the tribesmen but this kazakh singer is a qt

No. 26938

Those are not cute at all.

No. 27996

File: 1556050403868.jpg (58.66 KB, 494x750, tumblr_inline_p6231dVX4f1vstvb…)

I don't know, I find him cute

No. 28065

ew what the fuck

No. 28215

who is that?

No. 28336

his name is Dimash Kudaibergen.He is known for singing Vitas' Opera 2 pretty similar to Vitas

No. 28339

>>28336 i call him opera god… or god of singing… wish i could see him do opera or smth… im not an expert of him but i enjoy listening to his voice… also i prefer his vers on vitas opera 2 than the original

No. 28375

File: 1556202207799.jpg (37.82 KB, 1200x675, 1200.jpg)

No. 28376

File: 1556202283934.jpg (248.81 KB, 1151x1920, tumblr_n5zc04Gqc61r4n5u6o1_128…)

No. 28377

File: 1556202341079.jpg (34.65 KB, 640x614, lYmIRHfJ42OvUPW_UDGVH_45.jpg)

No. 28378

File: 1556203007076.jpg (35.59 KB, 275x350, Yutaka_Ozaki.jpg)

No. 28379

File: 1556203349715.jpg (37.69 KB, 352x470, 2002408_2011100601031470013178…)

No. 28380

File: 1556203733447.jpg (208.09 KB, 480x640, 09d4d95788e394990fa5256149df7c…)

No. 28411

that's kind of pedo of you anon

No. 28543

File: 1556249557309.jpg (44.52 KB, 800x924, Jimmy_Wong_Vlogbrothers_2016.j…)

Freddie Wong's brother Jimmy Wong is adorable

No. 28591

He isn't, you just have terminal yellow fever :^)

No. 28607

>bad photo
>below average old man

Stinks of r/asianmasculinity.

No. 28617

Uh definitely not

No. 28629

Asians don't have to be plastered in makeup, plastic surgery and photoshop to be cute. Yall have fucked up standards.

No. 28632

There's hot asians without plastic surgery, ya dude is just ugly.

Nta that pointed it out but r/asianmasculinity indeed.

No. 28634

So it's not yellow fever if they post a professional picture of a kpop star? Kek

No. 28727

If the kpop star is actually attractive and not like Shindong or JYP, then no.

No. 28738

File: 1556319511827.gif (3.23 MB, 500x275, giphy.gif)

How to trigger anons
>post a pic of a normal looking asian

No. 28743

File: 1556321491693.jpeg (41.37 KB, 467x315, DBC1F348-3363-432C-8747-978BD5…)

No. 28746

Quality taste anon

No. 28750

File: 1556323583643.jpg (304.26 KB, 1280x848, Io-3uWCBe2s.jpg)


True. For example, I think Toshiya's aged pretty nicely sans plastic surgery.

No. 28753

normal looking ≠ ugly as fuck, weirdo. your dude is below average in every way

No. 28767

how many times are u gonna bitch about no one liking ur post tho. this is the cute boys thread, not the uggo yellow fever thread

No. 28906

File: 1556391763720.gif (1.98 MB, 350x197, 759.gif)

how dare you insult real life disney prince jensen ackles that way.

No. 28929

Whoa he’s beautiful

No. 29391

File: 1556575938027.jpg (226.09 KB, 1080x825, IMG_20190429_180908.jpg)

No. 29644

oh man glenn gould, amazing taste

No. 29664

File: 1556674932774.jpeg (238.12 KB, 772x1056, BCC3B77B-1F5B-4135-81A2-234199…)

he’s gorgeous

No. 29745

File: 1556730035049.jpg (59.56 KB, 660x440, 1523294890157.jpg)

No. 29763

Who are these cuties?

No. 29767

It's Timotei Charmander.

No. 29852

The Esau-type kid from Interstellar!

No. 29854

File: 1556777326600.jpg (477.09 KB, 2560x1600, linyi.jpg)

No. 29929

File: 1556820695739.jpg (122.12 KB, 500x667, Akhmen1.jpg)

I'm noticing a pattern here.
Am I the only one that absolutely can't stand facial hair on guys?

I can tell if a guy's conventionally attractive but if he's got even a bit of 5 o'clock he's flung off my radar. Kind of like if a woman were to have it.

No. 29930

>Am I the only one that absolutely can't stand facial hair on guys?

>545 pics posted, majority clean shaved

>Am I The Only One? Am I Original?

No. 29945

You must be 15

No. 29956

File: 1556836266060.jpg (56.02 KB, 564x851, b6de387ef3dc75a743b27c42ad7cbf…)

No. 30159

No shit facial hair isn't in a "classically cute" thread.

>Am I The One One?

"Anyone Else Here" trigger you less? There's likely no way I could have opened up the conversation in a way that would've kept you from bitching.

So which the fuck is it? Is everyone here 15 because they find beards revolting or do the vast majority only find clean shaven a preference, giving me reason to ask?

Gross. Disagree with me and prove my point.

No. 30171

What's your damage anon?

No. 30172

File: 1556946022707.jpg (90.75 KB, 704x384, 4.jpg)

Chill, anon.

Btw I agree with you on the beard topic. Makes the guy look unkempt when scarce, hides half of the most important visual stimuli when plentiful.

No. 30180

File: 1556953814432.jpg (50.1 KB, 500x625, 51367732_351533588907065_57558…)

>neutral-toned post
>snarky comments
>i return the snark
>"woah take it easy man"

Also they feel itchy and awful. I'm not picky enough with jaw/chin shape to feel beards are needed.

There are people that beards really suit. They look attractive but I'm not attracted.

No. 30184

I'm having a crush on David Garrett right now after watching this movie, don't be so personally offended beard-anon.

No. 30199

why are you triggering yourself

No. 30235

File: 1556989264169.jpg (38.54 KB, 300x300, taylor-swift-beard-2.jpg)

No. 30254

I'm not into her but Taylor Swift would be a good looking dude/

No. 30285

File: 1557014979222.jpg (69.69 KB, 636x421, Taylor-Swift-and-Austin-Swift-…)


Brother, for reference

No. 30727

File: 1557265616943.gif (1.43 MB, 244x290, 1453087065934.gif)

No. 30730

File: 1557267075289.jpg (127.33 KB, 568x655, 759.jpg)

No. 30739

File: 1557277893577.gif (1.82 MB, 268x200, 4413DA13-562A-4FAC-891B-3CD25F…)

great taste, anon. ANH luke is a top tier cutie

No. 30740

File: 1557278333835.gif (1.9 MB, 500x200, FAAE3E1F-B36B-4BB9-8ECE-0ADC14…)

No. 30741

File: 1557278471147.png (2.14 MB, 1186x1186, Jack_Pipe.png)

My boy Jack Stauber

No. 30749

gross af, are just posting this crap to troll that anon up there

No. 30750

Ouch. Are you sure you're not "that anon up there?" I know this may be hard to believe but not everyone has the preference you do
(shocking.) I like Jack because he has a relatively cute face and style. His animations and music adds to my fondness of him. His personality and the way he carries himself online adds something to him that makes me find him cute.

No. 30752

>he has a relatively cute face
you can't even see this frump's face

No. 30753

File: 1557287023058.jpg (121.5 KB, 1292x861, golly.jpg)

If that's you all you got out of that, then I guess you win.

No. 30773

get over yourself, anon. We can post whatever we want, no one cares about your pogonophobia

No. 30951

File: 1557468556217.png (584.06 KB, 596x593, dont at me.PNG)

i have to atone to my sins but these two are so pretty please kill me

No. 30952

File: 1557468621769.png (1.01 MB, 525x690, ugh.PNG)

yes thats trevor collins and alfredo diaz from achievement hunter dont look at me

No. 30953

File: 1557468668036.png (775.6 KB, 612x692, it be like that.PNG)

No. 30954

File: 1557469188526.jpg (41.5 KB, 512x512, aEv_Z48A.jpg)

got more to atone to. i cant explain. just take it.

No. 30955

File: 1557469575042.jpg (3.03 MB, 4320x2880, hozier-press-photo.jpg)

hozier is 6'5

No. 31111

File: 1557598744103.jpg (62.34 KB, 600x430, ce2.jpg)

Jesus what the hell happened here.

No. 31138

File: 1557615075508.gif (489.88 KB, 495x260, giphy.gif)

Maybe some anons were infected by the twilight hate bandwagon but you can't deny his cuteness

No. 31139

File: 1557615143214.gif (995.18 KB, 500x352, original.gif)

No. 31148

File: 1557625128563.jpg (83.6 KB, 752x1024, Robert-Pattinson-0917-GQ-FARP0…)

i used to hate twilight but i know that. u right.

No. 31149

File: 1557625216616.jpg (58.74 KB, 640x960, f1d33b68e3e6ab4c482219f0d29445…)

idk if ur the same anon who keeps coming in here and calling like everyone posted ugly or what. as that anon, heres this.

No. 31151

File: 1557627291118.jpeg (40.84 KB, 680x928, 2FFD0A8A-3356-4A9C-B607-78AE34…)

those quads don't lie: the ayrt has objectively shit taste

No. 31154

File: 1557628209422.png (728.71 KB, 1085x661, lakeith.png)

Came back to this movie to look for shit I missed. Lakeith looked adorb.

No. 31156

File: 1557628845371.gif (902.18 KB, 500x289, achievementhunter.gif)

I had the biggest crush on Michael

No. 31187

Is that the "I can fix that" guy? He was so cute. Their relationship was so cute.

No. 31188

File: 1557678761816.jpeg (54.77 KB, 825x464, 7D5029EE-3D4A-4B42-82FE-C97C18…)

Speaking of Lakeith, he and Daniel Kaluuya are set to star together in a Black Panthers biopic and I am so excited.

No. 31190

Micheal is still cute tho anon lets be real

No. 32549

File: 1558360999554.jpg (108.21 KB, 750x750, samune39.jpg)

No. 32550

File: 1558361376828.jpg (85.43 KB, 600x800, 175.jpg)

No. 32816

File: 1558576193689.jpeg (1.97 MB, 1920x1920, 1105BC42-C8D1-4679-8975-EB7D86…)


ik twitter normies have been memeing about this for days but pic related is a certified qt

No. 33086

File: 1558819198586.gif (2.56 MB, 338x338, tumblr_prz1zffgs21xiwb0do3_400…)

since eurovision came around we got more material so im posting him again because he is the cutestplz scream into my ear matthias

No. 33329

File: 1558979483815.png (435.82 KB, 760x1042, Screenshot_20190527-194259.png)

I'm screaming, I've just found a cute guy with a nice personality on Instagram and he's not gay.

>tfw no ballet dancer bf.

No. 33330

lol literally everytime i find a cute guy with a small youtube channel he turns out to be gay, i feel you.

No. 33418

File: 1559002975704.jpg (139.84 KB, 835x1243, 111016_turing_music_1.jpg)

No. 33441

File: 1559018837720.jpg (76.98 KB, 564x743, 548332092c0e1701799a4f0dd74f50…)

I stumbled across this cutie on Pinterest, and now I'm sad because I don't know his name and will never meet him.

No. 33442

ahem his name is trent, anon. but for real that guy is pretty cute. he reminds me of the douchey farm boys i had crushes on growing up lol

No. 33443

I'm jelly. I wish I had douchey farm boys to crush on. I grew up in Cali; only ones who had farms were nearing old age and moving away. The guys here are pretty bottom of the barrel.

No. 33489

boy would I like a pas des deux with him

No. 33492

File: 1559054627845.jpg (94.76 KB, 655x470, JunHaku-1024x576.jpg)

Anyone find Jun super adorable? He's so mild mannered and he cooks well too. I hope I can be as lucky as Rachel in my next life.

No. 33496

His looks are alright but his mannerisms and personality are what make him appealing. A face ain't everything lol as I'm sure we all know

No. 33503

He's not classically cute, but he seems sweet. Any guy holding/interacting with a cute animal gets 10x cuter by proximity as well. Off-topic, but I hope they have kids. They both seem like they'd be really good parents the way they interact with their cats.

No. 33575

He’s cute but would look much better with a new haircut

No. 33576

My partner was in his jailbreak discord

He acts like an entitled twat IRL sorry to burst your bubble guys

He also did something super stupid before (can remember exactly what) and acted entitled and angry

Will update later with caps

No. 33607

>charged ppl monthly subscriptions
>refused to give support on tweaks
>throwed a onion level fit when people asked for help for his busted shit
>acts high and mighty in the jailbreak subreddit despite only pulling low shit tier stuff

No. 33615

Jailbreak discord? What? I thought he just cooks shit.

No. 33640

lol me too. It's kinda shocking to see negative things about him ngl cause he gets praised everywhere for being such a kind person and a perfect husband.

No. 33657

What is a jailbreak discord?

No. 33668

The fuck are you even on about? You sound mad about something that was most likely incredibly minor, since you still refuse to post any real evidence. Take it elsewhere.

No. 33818

I'm getting old waiting for this milk, anon.

No. 34226

are you another person who talks shit about people with no receipts?seriously this is annoying.if you got anything,just spill it

No. 34322

File: 1559682156623.jpg (84.53 KB, 340x524, 20190604_215220.jpg)

Ryo Yoshizawa vaguely resembles my irl crush and it makes me wanna cry but hot damn.

No. 34326

Wow, where do you find guys like that irl?

No. 37012

File: 1561218377274.jpg (110.56 KB, 800x504, 1550226467411.jpg)

The ikemen store.

No. 37042

File: 1561229710216.jpg (325.62 KB, 700x1050, IMG_1178.JPG)

I remember I was so into him when I was a teen.

No. 37077


No. 37086

File: 1561241776523.jpg (103.35 KB, 568x1024, e7c60ead-c2cb-4ad0-9bf8-fb7f2a…)

How much for a Leon?

No. 37123

Drive the bus there, anon.

No. 37180

the model ruined his Leon looks with questionable fashion choices, makes me sad

No. 37282

File: 1561316331956.jpg (201.74 KB, 1080x1312, ee643882-48d4-4c92-8a65-3f284b…)

What do you mean? His personal or?
He never posts on insta anyway

No. 37284

File: 1561316876402.jpg (61.4 KB, 500x749, o13uj9r5EQ1qcvru5o2_500.jpg)

He used to be so cute

No. 37296

File: 1561318684680.jpg (776.32 KB, 829x1109, fb32d8c8-692b-42ae-89a9-0e27fd…)

he's… breathtaking

No. 37297

File: 1561318708089.jpg (154.57 KB, 824x1255, 459eee4b-fd5e-4949-8240-ddb440…)

No. 37299

File: 1561318867486.jpg (340.74 KB, 540x540, 306d8808-c678-4de9-86c4-2d4cd4…)

No. 37418

huh maybe I'm confused but I could have sworn he had a bunch of shitty soundcloud rapper fashions and hairdos but I can't find them on his insta anymore.

No. 37429

File: 1561365069247.jpg (30.04 KB, 462x462, Handsome-Actors-robert-redford…)

I wish I had lived in the 1960s :(

No. 37432

File: 1561365846930.jpg (35.45 KB, 540x672, FB_IMG_1561365675585.jpg)

Young Keanu

No. 37445

File: 1561381069513.jpg (20.29 KB, 305x390, https_//i.pinimg.com/originals…)


No. 37482

Young Keanu was delicious, I will forever remember the scene with a bunch of horny vampires snacking on him in Dracula. They had good taste.

No. 37487

File: 1561394072956.jpg (45.28 KB, 268x400, 757ac3fa-a61b-40dc-9772-8d1867…)


No. 37645


No. 40235

File: 1563124710471.jpg (121 KB, 600x600, boynextdoor.jpg)

cuteish average dude in need of a full shave tho

No. 40278

File: 1563136344827.jpeg (57.22 KB, 833x459, 1*JBjVhGcpfro7h-a8FpaZFw.jpeg)

is this Britt Walford from Slint? it's been a few years since I watched the breadcrumb trail doc but I seem to remember this still.

adding a pic of Britt anyway cause I always found him so cute

No. 40279

I love evan. I need to start watching ahs again

No. 40282

File: 1563137500266.jpg (85.08 KB, 736x1104, TomHolland.jpg)

Tom Holland is a qt

No. 40284

No he isn't. He's ugly and plain at best. Lol @ the dyed hair and tinted brows too wtf.

No. 40347

he's fucking ugly and annoying as hell imo

No. 40379

a mega qt and he's a gymnast, unf

No. 40380

He's not the ugliest I've seen, but something is really wrong with his face

No. 40384

File: 1563190300101.jpg (61.78 KB, 625x415, IMG_0193.JPG)

>something is really wrong with his face
I got you

No. 40404

File: 1563208405909.gif (988.97 KB, 500x220, 8DEE989B-42A6-4962-963F-25D920…)

Robert Sheehan, specifically as Nathan in Misfits.

No. 40437

Thanks for bringing this show to my attention, I didn't know that there was one about cute chavs with superpowers.

No. 40440

oh my god, yes. that's it

No. 40639

File: 1563368006000.jpg (404.34 KB, 2667x1500, tgbrbrmg8ayisucjo9i2.jpg)

no one hates twilight more than rpatz. i don't know if he'd still be considered "cute" but I still find him pretty attractive even if he still looks like he doesn't shower regularly. i generally have pretty questionable taste though.

No. 40737

Porter Robinson used to be so hot. Now he's kind of greasy, but back in 2014 he was this pretentious pretty boy.

No. 40880

File: 1563553684002.jpg (232.18 KB, 683x1024, S1A3591-683x1024.jpg)

No. 41830

File: 1564304299743.gif (868.17 KB, 245x168, tumblr_64f26947b9849a530ffdc64…)

No. 41831

File: 1564304328189.gif (1.16 MB, 200x219, b96473014bc8c14567ea839da28c5a…)

No. 41832

File: 1564305393557.jpg (183.72 KB, 800x1206, 09-met-celebs.jpg)

Straight Outta Capcom

No. 41865

Whats his name in english. cant read this nip shit.

I'd tap him

No. 41894

File: 1564345318667.jpg (63.6 KB, 1080x720, 56627389_147510159625767_89186…)

Masahiro Sunada
He's the youngest member of the newest Exile Tribe group.

No. 41940

Thanks, anon. He's also the hottest. I could go for some yellow dick

No. 41947

File: 1564378242154.jpg (458.72 KB, 1280x1591, tumblr_psk8eisZ5z1rtoqs8_1280.…)

np anon.
>He's also the hottest
Agreed even wearing whatever the hell this is.

No. 41950

please spam him, i fell in love

No. 41953

File: 1564380329630.jpg (95.85 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 41954

File: 1564380569131.jpg (68.93 KB, 935x935, 67305756_153860089122961_36469…)

No. 41955

File: 1564380692649.jpg (91.64 KB, 1080x718, 57853176_190499965267074_10443…)

No. 41957

File: 1564380945219.jpg (119.28 KB, 1080x1349, 62248702_2440069412682221_8713…)

Here you go anon.

No. 41959

File: 1564381733751.jpg (393.34 KB, 708x900, R-503_MarcBolan_1971_Gruen.jpg)

I love Glam Rock fashion, it's so fucking ridiculous and fun.

This is horrible but I'm sort of glad Marc Bolan died when he was young and handsome instead of getting old and gross like most other rock stars from his time.

No. 41987

Imagine sensually undressing all those goofy layers of clothing.

Daaamn he's delicious

No. 42155

File: 1564529935462.gif (552.91 KB, 245x140, 029489835.gif)

Oof, me too, anon. Not anymore though.

I was friends with a guy irl who looked a lot like him, and my friend turned out to be a huge tool. It put me off Michael simply because my lizard brain now associates these two unrelated people because they look similar.

No. 42165

File: 1564535814046.gif (1.14 MB, 250x250, c5f.gif)

I think sensible chuckle guy is pretty cute.

No. 42172

The gif comes from a comedy show called "Danger 5" if you want to watch more of him. It's pretty Archer-esque, if that interests you.

No. 42178

This is some 4th wall shit because i've been using that gif forever and loving it and never knew who he was. Different anon btw, but i'm gonna check this show out. thank you!

No. 42704

File: 1564868150651.jpg (155.2 KB, 1080x1350, 061a6c4f83ee21c108fab071de13f6…)

seen them perform live. they are cute asf

No. 43056

File: 1565055167908.jpg (67.66 KB, 375x500, 1457541510598.jpg)

No. 43082

File: 1565058672139.jpg (30.25 KB, 696x464, 1535957816-2b5cdf04f8726b36bff…)


No. 43089

File: 1565059614130.jpg (178.54 KB, 888x1078, D9bbfLlUwAEMnjM.jpg)

No. 43094

File: 1565061151686.jpg (49.9 KB, 420x680, EAfdHTsUEAAzedZ.jpg)

No. 43096

File: 1565061246272.jpg (179.98 KB, 1080x1350, D2vTwsYUYAAAa7Z.jpg)

No. 43097

File: 1565061397108.jpg (59.64 KB, 593x680, EALSK0_UIAAyXuC.jpg)

No. 43113

File: 1565071058561.jpg (160.55 KB, 420x594, tumblr_ococ3qeL1J1uhxbs1o2_500…)

I almost forgot how cute Damon Albarn was when he was younger

No. 43584

File: 1565205879129.jpg (26.88 KB, 363x455, 1494506929803.jpg)

No. 43587

Boys with ponytails and nice hair make me weak in the knees

No. 44110

File: 1565566365594.jpg (45.67 KB, 900x600, de0cdf5897272535b2d53e133ae34e…)

No. 44111

File: 1565566667054.png (1 MB, 1076x812, 15003480403.png)

No. 44706

File: 1565876357183.png (575.94 KB, 760x980, Screenshot_20190815-153301.png)

There's a guy in my neighborhood who looks just like him, only 2-3 years younger.

>tfw you feel like the ugliest monster in the world when you look at pictures of cute guys.

No. 45419

File: 1566416025679.png (739.25 KB, 1200x642, 56eb9251071ddc6c1fe874098d3120…)

Kofi siroboe has the cutest smile.

No. 45421

same anon i was looking through this thread and saw nothing but asians and whites….shame broaden your tastes ladies lol

No. 45433

black men can't be cute(racebaiting)

No. 45453

File: 1566428343615.jpg (33.92 KB, 640x640, 56589842_2869237549753134_3987…)

has ryusei yokohama been posted yet?

No. 45454

File: 1566428509465.jpg (303.14 KB, 1200x1500, 7b5d1271ba7c0aae46d762e09d6ae7…)

I usually find japanese guys kinda uggo but he's beautiful

No. 45455

File: 1566428631307.jpg (87.97 KB, 780x980, c16e86ef8c6f842d8a912499a07692…)

last one

No. 45486

Yeah he's been posted here before
>I usually find japanese guys kinda uggo
Are you someone who prefers korean guys? Not saying that has to be why you said that or anything, and everybody has their preferences, it's just that I find it's usually koreaboos that say that. Most people just don't really care in the first place.
Also sorry if this comes off as annoying, I'm not trying to be.

Really? There's some really cute black guys out there imo. I'd post some but I don't remember any rn

No. 45488

File: 1566450055414.jpg (19.77 KB, 274x401, donald-glover-picture.jpg)

What an extremely stupid thing to say

No. 45515

File: 1566481067929.jpg (101.3 KB, 600x846, BwNfDduCcAARnVH.jpg)

Tomoya Nagase

No. 45516

File: 1566481283881.jpg (52.94 KB, 600x900, Sen_11000x9999.jpg)

No. 45517

Post some more cute black guys please, I'm so tired of seeing a se