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File: 1578596664074.jpg (288.27 KB, 900x900, Shoujo_bingo1.jpg)

No. 71611

Talk about manga shojou you read and show how many cliches it hit (or it doesn't)

No. 71996

File: 1578904467644.png (833.08 KB, 907x1496, Untitled.png)

My fave shoujo manga is Strobe edge, and i'm happy to say it stands the test for the most part.

I wish there was a "male love rival is better than main love interest" because i've noticed that a lot in shoujo manga (that and the MC being cucked by the female rival)

No. 72093

It's not about a specific manga, but does anyone else really enjoy shoujo manga from the 70s-80s? The sparkly art style is kind of nostalgic even though I was never a Japanese girl living in that time period.

No. 73597

File: 1580122851260.png (1.37 MB, 900x1936, OPC_Bingo.png)

I finished reading Boku to Kimi no Taisetsu na Hanashi, Our Precious Conversions not along time ago.

As you can see it doesn't hit any bingo point!
It was really good manga, however too damn short and thus a complete waste of potential.
Though not mentioned in the bingo, I'd say it hit another horrible trope/cliche in which the manga ends exactly at the point when the relationship becoming official.

No. 73611

File: 1580130344618.png (603.71 KB, 398x600, sc56301.png)

I also read it but didn't finish it! It's very fun, their conversations are always interesting and the main characters are relatable (well, aside from being really beautiful). recommend/10
Sometimes in the summer I read awful shoujo manga for no reason. It's not even interesting, I don't know why I keep doing it. The worst I've read was Absolute Boyfriend, ok it wasn't too problematic but it was so cliched and godawfully boring. He might look cute in this pic but don't let that fool you! I just googled it, can't believe they made movies out of it?
I liked the admittedly cliche premise though (the boyfriend is a robot) but the execution was bad, he was a robot just pretty much to justify his perfection and devotion to the MC. Does anyone know any actually good manga with a similar premise?

No. 73650

Anything Yuu watase writes is trash. I dunno why, but both Fushigi Yuugi and Ayashi no ceres suffered from her terrible writing. She has a decent male cast, but throws it all out the window for the Main girl/Mary sue lead all the time. And it's always filled with toxic and abusive men trying to justify their love.

No. 73651

i started reading this today and it's really cute so far! thank you for posting about it, anon.

No. 73653

>Ayashi no ceres
oh gooooooodd I read that too but it was so forgettable I can't even remember a single thing about it. I read half of it and then I couldn't take it anymore and just skipped to the end, never seen a more cliche ending in my life. I see Fushigi Yuugi gets recommended to people often though

No. 73654

This was in my high school library, I don’t think our librarian actually ever looked through it tho. I read it then and thought it was so cute, but looking back that should NOT have been there.

No. 73675

Can't stand how this chart has MC as the male default and feMC is the actual protagonist. Who made this?

No. 73815

File: 1580248638893.jpg (54.54 KB, 351x500, 51OoVI3aMUL.jpg)

I'd love to see someone do one of these for peach girl. I only saw the anime and it was enough of a clusterfuck of intense shoujo drama I can't imagine how many years would be shaved off my lifespan if I read the manga

No. 73820

It's a cluster, but Momo isn't a mary sue, it's just needless cheating drama. The only bright spot is the villianess Sae.

No. 74961

File: 1581259892191.gif (2.99 MB, 540x306, Oniisama E.gif)

Agreed, despite the short length.
Azuma Kun is easily one of the best written shoujo male MCs. He is well rounded and interesting character;
* I really like the whole misogynist gentleman thing going on with him and the background story behind it.

As for Aizawa san, sadly she felt a bit merry sue-like and incomplete…I wish the author explored her character more like what are her hobbies etc, ass she did with Azuma kun.

*probably doesn't work here, but I still need to spoiler it somehow.

You're welcome!

>but does anyone else really enjoy shoujo manga from the 70s-80s?
I read and watched Oniisama E, Dear Brother. I liked the anime more, it's pretty much the same story only with better art. Do you have any recommendations?

>The sparkly art style is kind of nostalgic even though I was never a Japanese girl living in that time period

I also feel nostalgic about previous decades from the 20th century, 50's and forward despite not living in that time period. I think it has to do with the fact that as kids/teens we still got to consume somehow bits here and there from those cultures whether it's through music, movies, etc.
The 70's-80's Japanese culture isn't fundamentally different from the West which Japan was still very influenced by at that point. E.G. You called see resemblance between early Licca dolls to Western dolls at that time such as Sindy doll.

No. 74979

jesus christ this bingo gave me flash backs to a manga I read called "Tail of the Moon". I read it when I was about 14 at the time and even at that age I thought the main character was insufferable for a clumsy damsel in distress who needed saving all the time. She barely had any personality or development, the manga basically ends with her no different than at the start (generic cheerful, book dumb, CLUMSY). She never improves herself in anyway and all the progress hinged on getting the main guy to change his mind about her.
And there was another character who was the love rival who's the typical "can't turn him down" guy who gets close to raping the MC a few times, there was a LOT of rapey undertones to this manga and I hate-read it because it was the only manga they had in the library. Don't recommend it, it's just a lame story with below-average art.

No. 76335

File: 1582331765029.jpg (445.81 KB, 1396x900, 1578596664074girlmangabingo.jp…)

Say I love you

Boring girl who bothers no one yet is still bullied. Misunderstanding ensues and she kicks eventual love interest. He immediately falls for her. Despite her having no personality.

She is very very plain looking, doesn't where any makeup and constantly frowns, wears borderline holly brown-esque like clothing all the while MC works part time as a model and looks like a japanese host from one of those host bars.

they have no real shared interests besides pets. Oh she gets a long way better with the other male love interest. MC actually comments on this.

MC best friend treats FeMC like shit and MC doesn't do much to stop it besides "hey I Luv her, stop it." It takes best friends girlfriend to get him to stop. Only stops because she threatens to dump him, not because he is a good person. He is seriously an asshole, says mean shit to and about FeMC while she is standing near him.

Love rival is a total Stacy. Tried stealing FeMC boyfriend and her group of friends. She works as a Model with MC and is adored by the whole school. MC was completely oblivious to Stacy's attempts to get in his pants, it took his ex girlfriend to set him straight.

Everything is poorly drawn. Everyone is stiff and rarely do the characters do anything besides stand. The proportions on everyone makes them look like stretched out pieces of bubblegum. The paneling is a joke and leads me to believe anyone can get paid making a manga is japan.

I didn't check the mary sue box because FeMC isn't shown to be good at much. She just frowns and waits for other characters to invite her to shit and tell her what the plan is.

FeMC version of the 'hyperventilation at seeing MC with another girl' is to shut down, go to her room and sulk.

It got a anime adaptation. The art is an improvement but they still have stretched out proportions.

No. 76370

File: 1582365975902.jpg (249.82 KB, 1436x900, image (1).jpg)

Holy shit the bingo is so accurate it made me laugh out loud. I usually can't stand shoujo because of all the reasons listed in it but here's mine. It's like someone used Keiko Suenobu's mangas as a framework for it.

No. 76371

The ending of this was absolute bullshit wtf was that?

No. 76463

File: 1582410585893.jpg (462.6 KB, 1221x900, 1578596664074femalemangaMoeKar…)

Moe Kare

Shitty Manga from 2004

Main girl gets sexually assaulted/forced make out with MC1, legit calls him a "Asshole prince"

FeMC is semi popular and goes to a karaoke bar with her friends. She meets a guy who looks like Asshole Prince (MC1). Misunderstanding ensues and she finds out it's not asshole prince MC1. MC2 is completely different in terms of personality. Also, MC1 has blue eyes and MC2 has brown.

FeMC is so fucking stupid she believe when MC1 tells her "I'm MC2 other half, I come out when he doesn't know."

Later find out MC1 and MC2 are half brothers (it was pretty fucking obvious) MC1 is quarter white but still has blue eyes. They share a father. MC1 grandfather hates him because he looks like the guy who hurt his daughter, thats why he acted like an ass and slept around he was "Looking for luv"

MC2 and FeMC start dating. MC1 is jealous and "Luvs her" despite them having no real conversation besides "She's cute" MC2 only dates her because she is "Cute and innocent."

MC1 saves FeMC from almost being raped. later forces her down and shoves his tongue down her throat. He does this a few times.

MC2 and FeMC and MC1 go out for drinks with the karate club. MC2 and FeMC both get drunk. MC1 takes FeMC to his apartment attempts to rape her but stops because "I love her and can't embrace her yet!" don't forget, she is passed out.

FeMC gets sick and MC2 gives her the medicine she can't swallow by putting water in his mouth with the pills and feeding her the pills that way.

MC2 former flame, a Stacy comes back in the picture and tries to break up MC2 and FeMC. FeMC hyperventilates when she hears MC and stacy talking about her. Stacy saves MC2 from getting owned by a bus and gets owned herself. MC2 and FeMC go to have sex and let's herself get dump because he is such a nice person and she knows he will dump her to date and take care of stacy and yes he more or less admits he was planning on doing just that.

FeMC sulks, cuts her hair and spends more time with MC1. FeMC ends up falling for MC1 so they date. MC2 comes back around. FeMC lands her self in the school hospital, semi passed out and MC2 kisses her thinking she is asleep. FeMC and MC realize they still like each other.

anyways, the two brothers fight for her love. MC1 loses on purpose but FeMC chooses MC1 anyways. They end up having a kid.

FeMC is the biggest damn cry baby and just a complete airhead.She is considered cute by others so I didn't check that once box. I did Check Marysue because everyone besides the stacy and other stacy like girls, adore her.

It's poorly drawn with almost every page filled with pentagon patterns.The authors art has not improved since. Her latest Manga looks on par with what Moe Kare is, except the colours are a lot better.

No. 77019

Holy shit I remember this. I love it as a kid and reread it again as a young adult and realized how fucked up it was. Didn't this same mangaka make another one about a girl who plays soccer on a boy's team to get back at the guy who lied to her to take her virginity??

No. 77107

Hahahhaha yeah after a while I just couldn't bear reading it anymore so I just skipped to the end to see what would happen, it was total bullshit and I didn't miss a thing by skipping half of the manga.
I did that with ayashi no ceres too, and it was exactly the same bullshit ending, the girl chooses the "special magical perfect" guy in the end but he dies!!!

No. 77334

I first read it when I was 17 or so. So I was more wise to just how fucked up it was. I stuck through because I was shocked how the guys could like this girl who really offers nothing in terms of personality besides "she looks cute."

Yeah the Author really seems to love the whole "A male love interest (because there is often more than one) shoves the protagonist down and attempts to rape her but stops."

Yeah the soccer one! I think I was trying to read that one as the chapters were slowly coming out and I just gave up Another annoying mary sue protagonist.

No. 84796

File: 1587484145505.png (754.33 KB, 900x2144, Hiyokoi.png)

I was in for cute giantXmidget relationship, but all I got was endless misunderstandings, power of friendship bs etc. Solo MCXFeMC interactions are so fucking rare despite supposedly being the main theme/storyline and their relationship is advancing like a snail.

I can't forgot the most reatrded FeMC bullying reason; what seems at first like your tyipcal bitchy cunning love rival turned out to be…wait for it, the dumbest plot twist ever; she is asctually a lesbo for MC' childhood friend. Which begs the quesdtion why the fuck did she bully FeMC in the first place who actually helped her by cucking the female childhood friend. Second best part is she almost went an heroing because lesbos are always lonely.

Also worth noting, FeMC is retarded naive goody two-shoes, a cliche not shown in the bingo chart.

BTW, apparently it got an OVA based on the early chapters before it went to shit, so I might give it a try.

I remember reading this, but soon I just forgot about it and never bothered to search it again.
Oh, yes the typical premise of le loner unpopular girl who is actually hot and normal girl ending up with the hottest boy at school, meh.

>The paneling is a joke and leads me to believe anyone can get paid making a manga is japan

>It got a anime adaptation
Kek, nips are notoriously known for having shit taste Yugami-kun anime never ever it's not a shoujo though

>Shitty Manga from 2004
It's truly sad how I ended up having nostalgia even for the bad aspects of the 2000's which I used to hate/be indifferent for.

No. 85925

Moe kara was among my favorite shoujos because of the art. There is something about the way how the boys were drawn that i found was cute.
I just googled the ending since i forgot it since i watched a long time ago,,,and she ended up with the blue eyed guy? Wasnt he the one who was abusive to her?
I always thought she ended up with the brown eyed guy.

No. 85965

File: 1587678802292.jpg (47.87 KB, 569x451, f3d43439b32df1514719bf84dd42ea…)

Mars has it all. Bad boy x shy girl, drama upon drama, abusive adults, rape, mental illness luv, rivals, suicide, crime, whoring about, etc…
And yet it's still so great! I find the art mesmerizing at times. The issues it deals with are A Lot, All the Time, yet it doesn't feel like they are handled badly at all. The story is ultimately about the couple trying to overcome the damage they suffered from adults in their life and move on to be relatively normal and healthy.
I couldn't stop reading after I started. The most shocking thing is how underrated it is nowadays compared to other shoujo but I think the lack of anime adaptation is to blame for that. It took me years of reading the genre to discover it, but it's now my favorite shoujo manga and one of my favorite manga in general. Definitely a must read for the lovers of the genre, just beware that it's heavy at times.

No. 86265

ah, I tried reading that one. The main girl was such a goody goody I had to stop. Everyone loved her and I remember there was a Christmas chapter where everyone insists she dresses up in a cute Christmas outfit and they all fawn over her. Never met a FeMC more liked by her classmates than her lol

I liked say I love you till it just kept being the feMC still having the personality of a shut in despite having a large social circle (characters begging her to hang out)and not being interesting in anyway. It's also funny when an author can write a better connection between the main character and a side character than her actual intend love interest.

yeah he was abusive towards her. He would hold her down and try to force himself on her. Brought her to his house after she passed out and thought about raping her. Though the story doesn't paint it as such.He couldn't do it because she is so cute or some shit.

The brown eyed dude wasn't much better if he was ready to dump FeMC over a chick saving him from getting pwned by a truck.

still stand by the art being shitty. It's better than say I love you. I do get a sense of which guy is which even if they look alike just by how the she poses them. that said art at times is very stiff and very mid 2000s

No. 99183

File: 1594735354176.png (1.05 MB, 897x1896, Tokimeki Tonight.png)

Speaking of old shoujo manga, Tokimeki Tonight is really fun manga that was done before the current/80's-2000's cliches that plagued shoujo mangas. The fantasy elements embedded in the regular world and little to none focus on school life is so refreshing and best part is that the manga plot progress into unexpected directions. To sum up, think of universal monsters and others meet shoujo manga.

Oh, I read Mars in the 2000's. I agree, it's truly underrated classic. I wouldn't personally go as far as saying as it my favorite shoujo manga in particular or even manga in general
>The issues it deals with are A Lot, All the Time, yet it doesn't feel like they are handled badly at all
To nitpick I thought it was stupid and jerk-like how the guy talked that he cannot relate/understand her horrible experience with rape. I mean c'mon. and There was also the forced drama of her mother getting back with her rapist step-father because of financial issues which seems ridiculous no matter how hard the mangaka tried to make it look reasonable.

>feMC still having the personality of a shut in despite having a large social circle (characters begging her to hang out)and not being interesting in anyway
tbf you don't turn into an extrovert in a night, but I do agree that the author could've play out the shy-popular gap way better and in a much more interesting way.

>when an author can write a better connection between the main character and a side character than her actual intend love interest

Well that's what naturally happens when you barely focus on the main relationship

No. 99230

It was the fact that the whole ass series she not once breaks out of her shell, except if it was with the male love interest lol everyone else being nice to her for god damn so long it was "hm, yeah okay" lol I can understand why she is shy (kids can be dicks) but for the whole series that spans a year or two is a bit much she should have been more open by the end. Yeah I get the feeling the author was going for "Hot model guy falls for frumpy introvert" without writing in any real connection. I hated the stacy model arc, that was awful.

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