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File: 1581314637375.jpg (65.47 KB, 630x420, 5cd36fb62300003100b7a15a.jpg)

No. 75016

We have a thread on music that makes you cry and feel sad, what about the opposite? Post some feel-good tunes that always put you in a happy mood and lifts you up, makes you motivated, smile, dance, laugh etc.

No. 75055

No. 75100

This is the only song in the entire world that matters

No. 75104

No. 75105

I raise you!

No. 75106

Sorry if OP is looking for serious suggestion lmao I listen to this unironically

No. 75107

No. 75122

Omg I love that song!!

No. 75129


I was about to post the same song aaahhh! Yes, instand good mood song here!

No. 75132


and this one

No. 75135

No. 75141

planning to watch the series just because of this sick ost

No. 75145

garage is the one

No. 75146

No. 75147

No. 75148

No. 75149

Life ain’t easy - Mac Miller

No. 75150

Man on the moon - Kid Cudi

No. 75152

That’s all I need - Dirty Heads

No. 75153

No. 75154

Feelin Good - Dirty Heads

Sorry I’m high and vibin’ lol

No. 75156

No. 75238

And almost any Depeche Mode song.

No. 75244

The most feel good song ever, warms my heart every time. I wish their music was on Spotify!

Hell yeah anon. That's one of my favourite DM songs too, always makes me dance

No. 75267

holy shit, i havent heard that song in ages. garage really does fuck

No. 75288

This song makes me want to dance in the dark

No. 75335

absolute tune

No. 76005

I was 11 when this film came out and this whole album was my jam

No. 76017


No. 76161

This one always cheers me up

No. 76164

i probably posted this in another thread but fuck it, always makes me feel good after listening to this song

god bless depeche anons, this song reminds me of being a child and being driven home from school

No. 76276

No. 76361

No. 76362

No. 76588

No. 76597

I listen to this absolute banger everytime I feel tired and done(Always)

No. 76613

Love it! Contributing my own japanese pop rock bop.

No. 76641



No. 76662

anon ilysm this is my favorite song !
They're not even my favorite band but this song does things to me, like I feel things every time I listen to it no matter how many times and I can't explain it aah /weird ass rambling over

The song Pools by Glass Animals has been making me super happy for the past weeks

No. 77234

ambient and peaceful. when i was younger i used to put this on along w national geographic or whatever on netflix but mute the tv

No. 78237

kinda stupid, very 80s video but I love this one

No. 81353

Best Naruto OP periodttt

No. 96070

No. 96085

No. 97778

The Cars always put me in a really good mood

No. 98029

No. 98565

I love this song soo much. Massive nostalgia

No. 100906

No. 103688

sometimes jazzy hip hop from the 90s is all that matters

No. 103701

File: 1597220813417.gif (211.58 KB, 700x500, IMG_6020.GIF)

Idk but it's the mix of the visuals and song that do it for me


No. 148888


No. 148967

I heard this song at Ikea. I love the song in spite of the cheesy mv

No. 148969

this is one of my all time favorite songs kek it’s definitely laced with crack

No. 157093

No. 157260

No. 157289

No. 157292

been listening to this song on repeat for the last 3 days. its so addicting and it makes me feel like a bad bitch

No. 159672

This song just gives great vibes no matter where I am. It's just that good.

No. 160545

every summer I blast the album this song is from

No. 162304

No. 162337

No. 162417

That guy on youtube who remixes tiktok videos into short songs. It's the kind of a dumb thing that genuinely makes me smile and the music actually slaps most of the time.
I also have a big crush on his wife

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