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File: 1551298404811.jpg (10.9 KB, 236x219, riverdale.jpg)

No. 7593

Let's post prime hatewatch material and shit on some stuff together!

I highly recommend catching up to Riverdale and watching it weekly. It's amazingly bad and the banter around it is satisfying. Nothing beats a simulcast for me.

We could lump "ironic enjoyment" in here as well as I think it's closely related to hatewatching. Basically any enjoyment that is outside of the positive.

No. 7594

Picked up The Umbrella Academy while Riverdale is on hiatus and I am delighted to report back that it sucks almost as much as Riverdale does. The writers of these shows must be 12-year-olds.

No. 7846

I saw this thread and I was about to say Riverdale off the top of my head. It has incredibly horrible writing and I'm living for it.

No. 10571

it is appalling! everything but the visuals are horrid, but the they are so overdone it's bit tacky too. The writing is absolutely horrid, the current g&g arc overwriting everything physically annoys me, the way these supposed 16 year olds speak gives me hives, the fact they are supposed to be like 16 in itself is something else, I could go on an on but I already feel like such a sperg kek.
Can't wait until 2030 when this is the peak "i'm not like the other 14 year old girls, i want to be born 20 years ago when culture was REAL" series kek!

Antoher horrible member of teen series genre is mtv's Awkward., it ended a while ago but I was watching it as it came out and it never failed to severely annoy me, have never once encountered a more annoying MC.

Not really a hate watch, more of a cringe-watch, but Outlander is also so fucking bad, 1st season was mostly bearable but it's constantly going further and further down a lovely and lush scottish hill. The carribean arc op will forever be in my heart, rip in peace

No. 10578

i don't know if umbrella academy was a hatewatch for me, but it felt like a CW show with a better budget, for sure. all i could think of whenever vanya was on screen was how bad i felt for ellen page that this is where her career is at.

No. 10581

File: 1551384740760.jpg (14.54 KB, 477x268, yikes.jpg)

Ok so it started as a hatewatch but about halfway through I began to like it unironically. The writing is still really cringy but it has A Series of Unfortunate Events vibes and I am a sucker for the aesthetic.

I've never seen a show so keen on introducing new plot tension without resolving previous arcs, over and over. Riverdale is such a unique experience for me. Veronica's entire character as well as Cheryl (although she is kinda on the fun side in her awfulness) are just… wut. At least she has stopped saying "daddy" now. The new episode is out btw, I'll make a spergy post about the episode specifically in a bit once I've watched it.

As another good hatewatch there is Z Nation. Syfy shows are cheating maybe but I still wanna mention it!

No. 10583

The trailer for The Umbrella Academy popped up on my Netflix, it felt like a dollar store Deadly Class. Glad to know I was right.

No. 10584

File: 1551389028294.jpeg (6.39 KB, 225x225, images-2.jpeg)

I started hate watching the handmaidens tale. Obviously it's gotten a lot of mixed reviews, and I tried going in with an open mind.

First of all, why Elisabeth Moss? She has to be one of the most sniveling, ratfaced actresses out there. I felt no sympathy for the character squarely because I couldn't get past the actress' mannerisms.

It's so, so bad. I read the book awhile back and I thought it was bad too, but the cheesy acting and horrible script really makes it unbearable.

How does anyone like this?

No. 10586

Have you seen the second season? The first season was a bit boring to me but god damn, the second season made me cry both sad and happy tears. I enjoy the show quite a bit though.

No. 10600

damn, is the Umbrella Academy really that bad??? I love Gerard Way and pretty much everything I've seen and heard about it has been super positive, I was happy for his success and was looking forward to watching it soon

No. 10605

It's not terrible. I found it kind of corny but I enjoyed it enough to watch it to the end and was sort of invested in some of the characters. Again, I found it kind of CW tier. You might like it better than I did.

No. 10616

Contrarily I adore Elisabeth Moss especially after watching her in Mad Men. I would never have enjoyed her work otherwise had I not seen her playing Peggy Olson. I don't typically play into the television trope of 'Girl Empowerment' (because it's usually not tastefully or realistically done) but Elisabeth Moss did it for me.

My favorite hatewatch stuff is usually with pathetic overweight people touted as 'realistic representation' or predatory reality television where trashy normies don't know what they're getting into. The King of Queens, Mike & Molly, Diners Drive-ins and Dives, My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2, Floribama Shore and the old Jersey Shore seasons.

No. 10617

>Obviously it's gotten a lot of mixed reviews
lmao really? I thought it was almost unanimously positively received.

Other than that, completely with you. I thought the show was irredeemably bad from the first few eps but scoured the internet and found that pretty much no one shared my opinion.

sage because I dropped it after the first season so longer qualified for hatewatching.

No. 10628

File: 1551426286981.jpg (169.55 KB, 1366x768, mgid_arc_content_mtvasia.jpg)

Geordie fucking Shore. I don't know if it's necessarily hatred, more secondhand embarrassment and a self esteem boost from not looking or acting like these people, but goddamn they are just tragic in the most entertaining way.

On the other hand I do actually hate Jersey Shore, because the guys were just straight up mean and unpleasant to watch sometimes. In Geordie Shore the boys aren't assholes to the random girls they meet in clubs and don't constantly insult women's looks, they are actually almost nice.

No. 10629

File: 1551427111502.jpg (94.91 KB, 620x413, The-Valleys-cast-656491.jpg)

If you find geordie shore tragic, I recommend the valleys, same shit but in wales, straight up gave me depression, makes geordie shore and jersey shore look decent in comparison lmao

No. 10632

I like but also hate this show.
I like the premise but yeah Elizabeth Moss's facial expressions can be irritating at times. I don't care what she looks like, it's more the acting at times. Kind of like Chloe Moretz. It's not necessarily her face, just the expressions sometimes.

No. 10639

Geordie feels even more scripted than the US version but I do live for how often they shit themselves on camera.

No. 10643

in my opinion it's an enjoyable show but yeah kinda as a guilty pleasure. I loved the music and battles. This show is strong in action and… you barely get action. everything is so long-winded. And at the end you know why - because this show is just a big exposition for characters, there's really no substance.
You can 1. watch if for a hatewatch, 2. watch it if you're patient with bullshit and won't be too pissed off in the end, 3. wait for the second season.

No. 10646

UK anon and I am so embarrassed by UK reality TV in comparison to the 'glamour' of the US. Our reality stars are all ugly chavs with faces hard to differentiate from the others. They're all a mess! I can't even hate watch them because my peers all tried to emulate them growing up. All men act like camp wankers now but are also aggressive I wish I was gay!!!

No. 10670

I don't understand why they had the junkie time travel and become a war veteran with PTSD when he already is revealed to have PTSD from being able to see fucking ghosts and being locked in a dark room with them constantly like wtf did that add to his character? He's bisexual now I guess? lol

No. 10673

Charlotte constantly pissing herself is a highlight, honestly

No. 10700

true, I didn't think about it but seriously what a lame move, it's like they only did it as a quick cheap way to add some depth into him like he's not just a comic relief haha hihi a crazy junkie, but hey you should also feel sympathy for him. And everyone loves veterans huh, lol. Bleh.
Apparently people are also pissed off about the main antagonist speaking Yiddish because it caters to the idea that Jews plot to destroy the world. And Vanya being the Woman Gets Cuckoo With Powers trope. And Allison getting almost killed just for a white man to angst about.Stuff like that. I get that it's a bit social justice-y so you're free to disagree.
I really like Five tho, the actor is amazing in the role.

No. 10713

Nah I think they're valid points. In the west we mostly don't have serious social issues relating to race and sex, it's been reduced to microaggressions and how people are portrayed in the media. Which is amazing that that's how small the problems are but still offputting that they exist. I'm not a stupid reactionary that will get pissy just bc a topic happens to be far left.

The yiddish thing I think is a bit unfair bc I'm pretty sure she was speaking all sorts of languages throughout the series. I did think "lmao they really went there" when I first heard her speak the language but then I thought about it and figured they didn't mean it that way.

Allison and Vanya's relationship was probably the only real one in the show and it was constantly pushed aside so Captain America can sulk or mumble some dumb idealistic shit or make it about himself and his leadership. Pretty sure most people hated Luther so I'm expecting them to rework him next season.

Klaus' faggy junkie thing is so fucking annoying and reminiscent of those cringy kids that insist on doing Joker impressions in high school. He grew on me by the end of the season but mostly bc he slowly acted less and less annoying and became useful.

I'm also prob in the minority bc I hated the kid. Muh genius character just shits on everyone and is better than everyone at everything trope. I hate the way intelligent characters are almost always written to be autistic-coded and they think and know things in a borderline magical way bc the writers have no clue how intelligence works. Extremely annoying character that could have been good but was written poorly. A man in a child's body is a n interesting situation but let's just uh… make him say cursewords and drink alcohol. Snore.

Knife guy is just kinda there and probably has made things worse every time he has been in the conversation, like every fucking time. Not only is he not actually powerful he is also a bumbling overmasculine fuck.

No. 13123

File: 1551915454357.jpg (104.55 KB, 620x420, you-recap-series-premiere-revi…)

Me and my boyfriend hatewatched You over Christmas and man, what a fucking ride, everyone is a terrible actor and the characters are all supremely unlikable. This fucking series did not make sense in the best way. I was very surprised that it got neutral/good reviews, because man, what a shitshow.

No. 13158

Does anyone hatewatch degrassi: next class?? I’m obsessed it’s so awful

No. 13171

File: 1551953547444.png (346.93 KB, 640x337, phx7ulsnwg2qbwe.png)


Omg saw this thread and was about to write it. At first I kind of liked Yael, since me myself am very tomboyish with mostly guy friends, stem, games etc. But they had to ruin it by making a fucking fakeboy out of her and by the things are going now, make Hunter going along with this shit.

I kind of like Tristan and Miles, thought they are like everyone else dysfunctional af.

Btw is there anyone normal in that show? It seems like everyone is mental and suicidal. Is that how someone in 40's sees highschool nowdays?

No. 13247

File: 1551981354228.jpg (754.32 KB, 2500x1406, header-1492012716.jpg)

I have to say, I love hate-watching teen shows. I'm watching Riverdale, Shadowhunters, Sabrina, TWD and The Umbrella Academy right now.

I started watching Riverdale because I thought it was going to be a mystery thriller (gave me Twin Peaks vibes) that just happened to involve teenagers. Then they realised that the fans don't care about the plot, they just want gratuitous fanservice. My all time favourite scene is Betty stripping to her friends sadly singing Mad World in front of her mom and boyfriend's dad but the cheerleaders dancing and singing for a bunch of juvenile criminals barking like dogs is a close second. The characters are never consistent, the plot keeps getting more and more insane each week and its attempts at social justice are pathetic. I also feel like they keep removing the danger from all their subplots, making it less exciting (The Serpents are now just a gang of teenagers who don't get into trouble at all, the "Pretty Poisons" are just an afterschool club, G&G ended up just being a game to scare kids, The Farm is just ran by a single teenage girl and isn't intimidating at all…). I can't stand it but I keep watching it every week to see what other kind of weird shit they're going to get a bunch of monkeys with dartboards to create. Cheryl's one-liners are great but they ruined her character by getting her involved with the Serpents which seems so OOC and putting her in the least convincing relationship I've ever seen on TV.

Sorry for the rant but none of my friends watch it.

No. 13255

So they finally touched the farm mystery? I have dropped Riverdale two weeks ago. Disappointed, I thought at least they would've given it a better "mystery reveal". So it was only that one girl? Wew, I'm glad I dropped it

No. 13269

Well, they're just getting into it now. That isn't the big reveal, that's just where I think it's going. She runs the afterschool club and performs ceremonies and there's been no sight of her father, they even bring up that there are no photos of him online. I assume she's running the whole thing alone.

No. 13297

I love that the Serpents are basically a cartoon gang that won't even go over the speed limit.

No. 14783

Riverdale is too much for me to even hatewatch lol. It's such a crap show that I felt dirty watching it and knowing I'm supporting them also I wholeheartedly hate the whole cast, they're some of the biggest dum dums I have ever seen

No. 14944

Outlander was good first season because of the story and main villain but everything that happened after that seemed really random and forced to me. I can't believe this shit stretched on for years and she returned to the past even after she had her kid in the 50s. I stopped watching this season mostly because I don't care for American history but it was also goofy as fuck like usual just to keep the story going and the topic of black slaves was getting so cringey and uncomfortable.
I'm surprised you liked the caribbean arc because to me, it was worse than both season 1 and 2. There's just something about the execution in outlander that is offputting sometimes.

No. 16691

i like 13 reasons why

No. 22767

13 reasons why wasn't as cringe as riverdale though

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