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No. 87005

Can we get a thread for sharing any kind of feminist / female targeted / female focused media? Books, shows, podcasts, music, whatever. This thread isn't intended to be a discussion on feminism or existence as a women, just a dedicated place to share content on these topics you think is worth sharing.

No. 87013

Sorry femnsm is banned on lc
But yeah idk, it's so subjective what's considered "feminist media". Being female targeted doesn't necessarily mean feminist. Like poorly written shows about hoeing and committing felony is probably called feminist in some circles.

Fleabag is good shit though yeah?
I also love Anne with an E.
Ngl I really liked Birds of Prey. It may be pandering but it was a dumb fun action movie and sated my power fantasy.

No. 87018

File: 1588538326064.jpg (219.97 KB, 1400x2157, 71InIUCZf7L.jpg)

recently read pic related and it was a good read. Covers women not just from a huge chuck on history but also women with varied accomplishments, and it's really east to digest.

fucking love fleabag, highly recommend it too, haven't seen Anne with an E so I'll check it out!

No. 87114

I enjoyed this historical movie.

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