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File: 1528543035724.png (783.05 KB, 800x500, tumblr_o46qkpSei11uplhxro8_r3_…)

No. 8880

Old thread has been dead for more than a year now so I'm starting a new one.

Discuss everything Sims related here, mods, cc , what you like and dislike.

Also feel free to post your own sims.

I've been playing Sims 4 and what I miss the most is the memory system of Sims 2. For example, in TS2, sims used to have good and bad memories - for example first kiss, starting a business, relative dying etc. They would remember those memories - a sims that has been cheated would randomly start crying etc. I wish that kind of system was implemented in Sims 4.

No. 8881

I feel like the Sims 2 had everything I ever wanted in a Sims game and it's really disappointing a lot of those features disappeared over the course of 3 and 4. Imagine a remaster of it, maybe with the neighborhood/real time system of 3…that'd be amazing.

Even though 4 has more content how it's still honestly very disappointing. It's missing SO MUCH from 2 and 3 that it might as well be a shitty remaster of 1.

No. 8882

The sims 3 were peak sims to me, all the sims 4 has ever done is disappoint me. I'll probably buy them again one day.

No. 8883

i actually like ts4 the most out of the sims games probably. ts3 was nice too, ts2 was cool but our game was full of bugs which probably gave me bad memories of it. i just really like the visuals in ts4, compared to ts3 its so much less uncanny

No. 8884

the new trailer for sims 4 seasons reminds me of 2 in a way? it feels a bit more goofy and focused on relationships between sims and those are the parts i love about 2 that i think later games don't do so well. 4s grown on me a lot but mostly for building houses and sims with custom content rather than playing with them, i think it gets boring faster than 2 and 3

No. 8885

File: 1528544334285.jpg (778.45 KB, 1320x1904, wew.jpg)

My guilty pleasure is reading simsecret liverjournal .

Everyone who posts there is crazy autistic and catty as hell but fuck, I kind of enjoy reading it.

No. 8886

As much as I love the Sims franchise, I feel so stupid for spending money on the DLCs that come out for sims 4.

No. 8887

File: 1528545014859.jpg (674.04 KB, 1244x2320, wew2.jpg)

No. 8888

just pirate mang

No. 8889

Just finished my finals and started playing Sims 4 again yesterday because I always have the urge to when I'm studying!

My goal is to usually make a "perfect" town with "idealistic" families. Does anyone have any tips for making your own buildings? I usually look up floor plans for famous buildings for the basic shape and that helps a lot but I still suck at it and end up downloading most of my buildings.

Also the way I play gets really boring, anyone have ideas on how to spice it up? I tried owning a business but I had to cheat in order to buy it, which I don't like doing. Also it's annoying you can't have multiple active households so I can check up on all my individual families without losing progress.

How do you guys play?

No. 8890

No. 8891

Omg these are great, thank you anon.

No. 8892

I started playing the sims 4 again after finding a crack of all of it up to pets. Sadly it doesn't include game packs and stuff packs, if someone knows a crack that dos I'd be thankful!

I started making just me and my bf, now we have 5 teenage children. I feel like I'm playing a bit too perfect, with both parent's careers maxed and all the kids having straight A's. The only different thing is that I changed my bf's sim's aspiration to wanting lots of romance partners and that has been fun, having to make sure no one find out, having bastards, all that jazz. I'm planning on making one of the teens a vampire so that should be fun too, I've never tried it before.
I like building too but I'm not very good at it. I want my family to live in a beautiful castle but it's not exactly how I want it yet.

No. 8893

psst… fitgirl repacks…

No. 8894

No. 8895

Looks too good to be true. Viruses?

No. 8896

I was finally able to get ts2 ultimate collection for free on origin so that's what I've been playing recently. The game is fun but I really prefer the art style from ts4.

No. 8897

no shes legit. its a bit of a hassle to install it right (or it was for me) but just read the comments on her website or google around if you run into any issues.

No. 8898

They've been really good for getting the newest updates and packs on their site shortly after they're released

No. 8899

here you go anons
you'd need a torrent downloader
if you dont wanna go through the hassle of needing institution to download the sims 4
here's fit girl repacks:
you can find it here. there's a magnet that lets you directly import the torrent file into the torrent downloader :S

No. 8900

My main thing was the sims 2
I have all my stuff on my old laptop and keep telling myself I'm going back to it but kinda want to install it on new laptop

My neighborhoods were all over the place and colorful and now and then I'd get really into building/decorating lots just to have photoshoots with my simmies and then got into actually making loose narratives

I really miss that

No. 8901

The Sims 2 was my favorite thing growing up. It's sad that instead of building up on it, 3 and 4 just seem to have scrapped a bunch of features and made only tangentially related games.
At least The Sims 4 characters seem to look the best (haven't played it yet), but The Sims 2 was most fun. Meanwhile, The Sims 3 is just trash-tier both visually and gameplay-wise.

No. 8902

File: 1528581485629.jpg (85.41 KB, 600x485, Vqp4Vgp (1).jpg)


ahhh simsecret…

they take sims games very seriously lol

No. 8903

aaaah the sims.

Does anyone know where you can find decent realistic content for the sims 3? Like skins, eyes and the sorts.

No. 8904

i get everything here: https://www.thesimsresource.com

No. 8905

Can anyone think of any pros for the Sims 4? I'm tempted to torrent the expansions, and I already bought the base game but I just can't find any appeal to 4. I've always loved the open world feel of 3 so to see that it's not in 4 was a huge letdown.

No. 8906

File: 1528608115567.jpg (93.73 KB, 999x767, MTS_simmythesim-1604781-pic1.j…)

I loved sims 2. It was for me hands down, the best version. You had a lot in your base game and the DLC had good content for the price.
Also you had a ton on really cool fanmade stuff, even i made some myself (which was really easy) and the end i had so much stuff for this game that the loading took age.
Sims 4 is really not good, you need a shit-ton of money to buy even the basics stuff, what every sims game had without packs. I can't get over the fact that you have to buy a pack so you can have 2 hot tub/ jacuzzi. In the other games you always had it in the basic game.
Or to get some hair that doesn't look terrible.
For the animal pack you only get dogs and cats where in the other games you got much more.
It is only money making…

It is so buggy, maybe i am just nip-picking, but my sims often just stand there and do absolutly nothing even if i told them what to do. Or they just stop something even if there is nothing in the quere of the do list.
Sometimes some think like 'go to bed' is stuck in the to do quere, i can't click it away and they stop doing thinks in the middle of doing it because of the 'go to bed' think.

Why do i need origins for playing this game? I don't want that.

No. 8907

I always have shitty, awful Sims in bad circumstances and trying to rise to the top from absolute rock bottom.

My favorite challenge was the runaway teen challenge in Sims 3 but I took it a bit further. I would get my teen Sim pregnant (through mods) then kill off the baby dad. Then I would move her to an absolutely barren lot and set her savings to 0. With the klepto trait I would go to neighbours houses and steal stuff to either sell or use. Otherwise I would dumpster dive and get a crappy part time job. Neither of which you can do when your sim goes into 2nd trimester which makes things tougher. Couple that with getting pregnant continuously, having to pay baby sitters, etc…it's a REALLY fucked up but fun challenge. I actually had a hugely successful legacy this way where the house grew with the family.

Unfortunately it's not really feasible with 4.

No. 8908


Hmmm let see:
-Better graphics
-Better house building tools (though no create-a-style sadly)
-Will work smoothly even on potato-est of the computers due to laptop mode
-Sims are more intelligent when it comes to routing, multiple sims are able to participate in a conversation
-CAS is better than Sims 3 in my opinion but it lacks color wheel

I actively play Sims 4 , bought base game but have pirated every single expansion, stuff pack and update and it still kinda feels like a barren game.
I think I'm gonna start a legacy in Sims 2 so I can compare what exactly am I missing from 4.

No. 8909

Wow, thanks anons! Took me less than 2 hours to install and has a lot more than the games4theworld version.

No. 8910

anyone else have simblr?

No. 8911

sims 2 has always been better
CAS has been the best in sims 4
I like how you can change the color of furniture, clothing, etc in sims 3
I also like how in sims 3 you can have your sim go places and still play sims at home
sims 2 was more simple however, everytime I play it, it just gives me nostalgia

No. 8912

sage for long post
these are my opinions:

sims 1 (original)
>very restrictive, obviously, but i like the nostalgia aspect of it
>had some cool objects
>beautiful soundtrack

sims 2
>sims have a cartoony look
>no real variation with body shapes
>face editing is pretty advanced tho
>you also get the ''body shop'' program to make your own clothes and genetics
>great expansion packs, most of them are worth the money
>you get 3 neighborhoods in the base game with pre-made neighbors that have backstories and stuff
>you can make your own neighborhood from scratch which is pretty awesome
>graphics are rather poor and sometimes glitchy (the base game is quite old to be fair)
>lots of cheats which make the game really fun
>you can create your own community lots such as restaurants and pools!

sims 3
>improved graphics
>the sims themselves look less cartoony and a bit more realistic
>base game hair, skin and clothes are ugly as sin
>new create a style tool which allows you to give customize anything (objects, hair, clothes etc) with new colors and patterns
>downloadable content is great though
>really great expansion packs too
>you only get one neighborhood (iirc) with the base game, which sucks
>amazing open world concept; your sim can explore the whole town without loading screens, you can go anywhere you want
>the sims have more personality than before, you can give them zodiac signs, choose favorite color and meal and change their voice
>your adult sim can has 5 personality traits and a life-time goal (becoming really rich, certain careers, family etc)
>loading screens last f o r e v e r
>the game size is massive due to the open world concept and may crash often
>some expansion packs lag awfully (island paradise for example)
>''rabbit holes'' are lots in the towns your sims go to for work or school, like the police station or the restaurant, for example. you can actually see the building/destination but can't go inside.

sims 4
>going back to the sims 2 cartoon look of the characters
>create a sim mode is fantastic, you can drag on the face and body to change (like 3d modelling)
>you can customize body shapes however you want by dragging
>your sims are not restricted to gender, males can wear female clothing for example
>you can choose a (pretty vague) aspiration and three lackluster personality traits
>personality traits are extremely superficial and predictable (romantic, evil, outgoing…), not nearly as good as the sims 3; there are also very few options
>you can change voices and the way they walk
>zodiac signs were removed for some reason
>the create a style tool from the sims 3 was also removed, so you're stuck with the base game colors
>build mode is impressive, you have a lot of freedom
>amazing downloadable content
>new ''emotions'' interface, your sim can feel around 14 different emotions that affect their behavior (sad, happy, flirty, angry etc)
>new deaths although it is very hard to kill your sims
>you get three neighborhoods with the base game; all sims from any neighborhood can visit each other which is really cool
>no open world concept. you can not go anywhere you want anymore. lots of loading screens, too
>the towns look ridiculously cartoony and the designs are super lazy
>you get almost no lots at all…seriously, you get like 3-4 empty lots in every town and you can not add new ones like you could in ts2/3
>sims 3 had schools and workplaces in the town, sims 4 does not
>boring, cookie-cutter careers, military and politics were removed.
>new skills (video gaming, gourmet cooking, mischief etc)
>cheating isn't as easy
>your pregnant sims constantly have bladder failure for some reason
>multitasking was added, your sims can now do up to 3 things at once (eating while talking or watching TV)
>the base game alone can cost you up to 40 USD! Expansion packs are the same price. Do not buy it full price. I got it on sale for half of the price.
>ts4 is generally a rip off, you get very litte in the base game and even less in expansions for a ridiculous price

get ts3 or even ts2, ditch ts4. it's not worth it.

No. 8913

So I just played TS2 out for nostalgia and holy shit, Sims AI seems more realistic and advanced compared to the one in TS4.

I was fooling around with some random family, made husband cheat on wife with a maid.
Wife wasn't around but the thing is that their child was. Child saw dad woohoo with the maid and started crying WHICH made wife hear it and come running to see what's happening and ofc witnessed the cheating, relationship meter dropped down etc.
Later, both wife and child had a bad memory from cheating and would cry spontaneously remembering it etc. Also wife autonomously broke up with husband, who automatically moved away from house.

This feels so much more real than sims in TS4. They hardly react when their spouse or lover is cheating. Children don't recognize it either. I had one sim have children from multiple other sims and her husband didn't even care lol.

How can it be that a game made in 2004 has a much better AI than a sequel made literally 10 years later?

No. 8914

Anyone here who played the Sims Medieval?
It always gets such a bad rep but it's been the most fun to me, I love the quests and the whole set up

No. 8915

Because EA has become completely soulless and Will Wright (the genius behind the series) no longer works on the Sims.

No. 8916

I loved sims medieval! I got really immersed in it. It's not perfect and modding it kind of sucks but I liked it a lot.

No. 8917

File: 1528713513104.jpg (22.27 KB, 523x250, Capture.JPG)

I played it but I don't remember much. Though what I do remember how even though it was a Sims 3 spin-off, it had a superior CAS and your sims didn't look pudding-faced.

Major problem I had with sims 3 was how CAS was shit and every sims you made looked doughy and weird. I had to download a shitton of mods, sliders and skins to make them looks decent.
Even then, all the other townies looked like shit so I had to spend a lot of time making human looking sims in CAS and getting rid of premade pudding mess.

No. 8918

Sims 3 is way superior compared to 4. Fight me in this one.

No. 8919

I think the majority of sims players feel that way

No. 8920

File: 1528736605875.jpeg (69.01 KB, 600x554, 6BC3BC09-4C86-4448-85D6-B4D580…)

Sims 3 is a clunky, ugly mess with superficial customization. I’ll take body morphing over color wheel any day. Being able to move rooms around over hot tubs. Quick loading screens little and often over a giant game that takes forever to load and constantly lags.

It’s all silly considering 2 is and always will be the best. But 4 is second.

No. 8921

File: 1528736721720.png (1.95 MB, 1316x697, 754EDEF4-6EB3-4871-B788-C49562…)

Not to mention even the environment is far more visually appealing

No. 8922

File: 1528736739488.jpeg (167.94 KB, 960x768, 2316599D-A347-452A-86D9-1D9C0B…)

So ugly

No. 8923

I wish S4 base game had more content. Of course EA had to money grubbing whores and make it a shitty game and release stuff packs and EP's constantly in order to make it somewhat fun. I don't want to spend that much cash on a freaking game. Also, S3 had the best personality system. The stupid 3 trait limit makes for boring sims. It's a shame because I do like how S4 looks but it infuriates me how they screwed the customer.

No. 8924

But I feel like the sims 4 world are so tiny and boring…
Idk the sims 2 and 3 were the absolute best to me, but I find the 3 a little better because it was prettier, very complete, funny, and you could customize the furnitures almost however you wanted.

No. 8925

>The stupid 3 trait limit makes for boring sims
There are three different types of traits (normal, reward, bonus) not a three trait limit. Adults have four normal slots in CAS, and develop more as you play.

No. 8926

But customizing took so damn long and the interface was so clunky. Building in general was so clunky. I couldn’t go back after being able to shrink, stretch, and move entire rooms in 4

No. 8927

Yesterday, I was debating EAs greed with a friend, so I added the full cost of ts4. It’s $243 USD for all content offered in that flat-assed game - ea can go die now, there’s no way I’m putting another dollar into that shitshill and I’m shocked ea hasn’t forced micro transactions into ts4 yet. Lmao, although I’m sure that’s the plan for ts5. But let’s all agree to pirate that shit.

No. 8928

There are sales so often, only an idiot would spend that much. Most are 25-50% off regularly.

No. 8929

EA released TS2 and all of the expansions for free a few years ago as some kinda promotion for TS4 and I honestly have way more fun with 2. There's so much to do, TS4 has been out for years and the expansions are still lackluster and overpriced.

No. 8930

They're all 50% off right now and they're still ridiculously priced

No. 8931

Assuming you’re a true ts4 diehard (the only demographic who would buy all the packs) you’d more likely buy them on release, which is why i didn’t factor in the sales. But I agree with you, only a dumbass would spend money on that.

No. 8932

Sims 3 was a bloated unoptimized mess but still had way better features like the real time neighbourhood. The xpacs didn't feel like needless filler (the pets one for instance was so robust - having horses was amazing) and there was just so much to do and so many ways to play. Sims 4 looks better and plays more efficiently but it feels like the base game and every successive xpac are unfinished. Hell, the base game WAS unfinished to the point where they had to add pools and toddlers later.

To each their own I guess but 4 is where I stopped playing the series.

No. 8933

TS2 cheats are so entertaining and far more interesting than TS3 cheats.

No. 8934

I lowkey feel like if EA added sims 2 and all its packs to the store they would have a lot more sales, especially from people who played it back in the day

No. 8935

You can get it for free if you contact support. I got the whole shebang a year or so ago.

No. 8936

God how do sims 4 cheats even work? I wanted to cheat to improve a relationship between 2 sims but I could not understand the cheat lmao, I remember in the sims 3 all you had to do was drag the bar with testingcheatsenabled true.

No. 8937

Think you need to do "testingcheats on"


You can modify Sims' relationships by using the somewhat long modifyrelationship yoursimfirst yoursimlast targetsimfirst targetsimlast x relationshiptype.
Relationshiptype is either LTR_Friendship_main or LTR_Romance_Main.
X is the percentage of the bar, either full, half, or half into the red (negative numbers). While there are many different relationship names, these are simply combinations of varying amounts of friendship/romance (either positive or negative).

For example:

modifyrelationship Bella Goth Mortimer Goth 100 LTR_Friendship_main - Bella and Mortimer are now best friends

modifyrelationship Bella Goth Mortimer Goth 100 LTR_Romance_main - They're now soulmates if they have a high friendship level as well

above is from http://www.carls-sims-4-guide.com/cheats.php

The cheats for the relationships are crap in sims 4, it's easier to install MC command centre and reduce the relationship decay setting, or you can add traits to your sim that reduce their relationship decay or build relationships faster.

Everyone remembers a Beloved Sim! Their relationships never fade. enter "traits.equip_trait Legendary"

Relationships decay more slowly.
enter "traits.equip_trait Memorable"

Domestic Sims will see their familial relationships grow stronger faster. enter "traits.equip_trait FamilySim"

Gregarious Sims build friendly relationships faster.
enter "traits.equip_trait Gregarious

No. 8938

Dude I know right. I was so disappointed by this when I just started playing ts4. I love creating family drama in my games, but in ts4 the sims don't seem to care. There's something weird and insincere about how families work in that game, but it's been a while so I can't quite place why atm.

No. 8939

I think my favorite part of TS2 was the stories for pre-existing families, and how they are all interconnected. It actually made playing the pre-made families worth it. Like, it blew my mind when I discovered Nervous Subject was Olive Spectre's son and got her inheritance when she died. Really miss that aspect of the game.

No. 8940

Me too! I was way too invested in their story lines and it was probably the very first time I “shipped” anything. I would make the Capulets and Montagues be friends and then randomly fight. I loved playing as the poor mom with a handful of kids and making them all turn out top notch. It was a challenge but the eldest son was always my favorite to make excell.

No. 8941

Brandi what's her face right? I loved playing through her story in their shitty little trailer, it was sooo hard for me as a kid to make them happy and successful. And then in top of that she was pregnant again. Love it.

No. 8942

File: 1528756969928.jpeg (82.93 KB, 750x538, A8C2719C-8417-4938-BD1B-9A9B91…)

One of the things that bothers me the most is that sims doesn’t have memories in the sims 4, maybe a bit silly but in sims 2 I felt I could get more “immersed” with the stories I was creating. Like if my sim cheats on their partner in S4 they barely give a shit, they’re just sad for a day or two. Tho I prefer how advanced they are with customization to really flesh out personalities, but they remain superficial shells when you really break it down.

No. 8943

Doublepost but I remember even in sims 1 how they would slap each other in the face and shit when discovering cheating, or have a tantrum when woken up by their phones lol. Just those small things made an otherwise restrictive game more special

No. 8944

I totally forgot Sims used to have cutscenes.

They were so cute lol

No. 8945

lmfao i used fitgirl repacks for the sims 4 and got a threatening email from my isp, oops, how to avoid this in the future? i feel so stupid

sage for ot

No. 8946

File: 1528786517839.jpg (13.7 KB, 500x238, tumblr_mvh3j0F3fF1rch2luo1_500…)

I miss the original Sims–back when Making Magic was a pack and Unleashed too. It just had so much charm.

I've tried torrenting it but I can't find any that work on my mac…

No. 8947

I think having a VPN should help..

No. 8948


Same anon, I think while Will Wright was still working on the series (TS1, TS2) , even though the games were simplstic it felt like he and his team gave them a bit of magic.

I remember getting Making Magic and this trailer for Sims 2 was included. I was so hyped for it. When I got it, my old computer run it at like 15-20 FPS but I didn't care and played it regardless

No. 8949

uh no there are three traits and one aspiration

No. 8950

I think anon means that there's only a 3 trait limit in CAS, you can earn more traits through rewards or by adding them with cheats http://sims-online.com/sims-4-trait-cheats-codes-expansions/

Most of my sims end up with like 10+ traits once I've played them a bit.

No. 8951

File: 1528885783233.jpg (215.58 KB, 800x600, w-800h-600-2650296.jpg)

Everytime I go to simresource to find some nice clothing to download, 80% is slutty kardashian shit

No. 8952

A lot of content is instathot bullshit, a lot of my best cc I’ve found through tumblr, but it’s really a gamble because it’s time consuming and half the cc on tumblr doesn’t work. What kind of retard makes cc and then doesn’t link the mesh? At least tsr has a one or two reliable and unique artists.

No. 8953

File: 1528913714983.jpg (64.79 KB, 350x262, 664.jpg)

I've been playing Sims 4 on and off for 2 years and have been pretty disappointed with it overall. I think the game looks great, but the gameplay is so shallow that you basically have to rely on your imagination completely to get anything out of it.

Even with some of the latest expansions like City Living, Jungle Adventure, and Pets, which certainly added stuff to do, the Sims themselves are so bland that the game still feels boring. Everyone is hyped for Seasons, but it's just going to be the same thing. What good does it do to have all this new shit when the Sims all act the same, are never affected by anything long term, etc?

I've had to use mods just to make things interesting, but that can be a pain in the ass when they conflict, so sometimes it's not even worth the effort.

No. 8954

Agreed anon, sims 4 has brilliant exterior design, but lacks any personality that the previous games had

No. 8955

>What good does it do to have all this new shit when the Sims all act the same, are never affected by anything long term, etc?

THIS. My Sim in TS2 still remembers being cheated on by an ex and gets angry even though he is dating someone new.

Meanwhile TS4 they just get sad for like an hour and that's it, everything is fine and dandy after it.

No. 8956

So did the Bella mystery ever get resolved? I know there are shittons of theories on the net but did developers ever state what they had in mind for Bella?

No. 8957

File: 1528921752213.png (42.59 KB, 194x194, Pink pink and more pink.png)

I'm still sad I missed that (computer was broken and I couldn't afford a new one tile like 2 years later)
I don't feel as bad about torrenting them since EA is discontinuing support

No. 8958


I think they gave up on storytelling. The sims games arent chronological if you look at the goth family.
A youtuber chrillsims (i think) has some interesting videos on sims family stories.

No. 8959

I loved the Sims 2 and wish I could have got in on EA releasing all of it for free.

No. 8960

I think it's still possible to get it for free from Origin. I got it a few months ago.

No. 8961

Sims 2 is still the best game. Theres no beating it once you have 10 gb of custom content and a game that takes 40 minutes to load. I'm not even being sarcastic, the game is thoroughly modded to hell and back and making a pretty neighborhood with a bunch of default replacements and lighting, grass and water mods, creative elaborate neighborhood deco, etc is the most fun thing ever. So is building houses using multi-part decorations, a mountain of OMSPs, and building cheats that allow you do shit as crazy as making a flat beach lot (if you got bon voyage when it came out you probably know how finicky the game is with beach lots).

Fuck, there was even one person over at Tumblr making a new custom UI. It's a completely different game at this point, and the community is still alive.

No. 8962

I just tried. They said they couldn't add it since it's no longer supported. I'm a bit sad now, I lost my games during a move and since I had them when that promotion was going on I didn't think about just getting it anyways.

I could pirate it but I don't have good internet.

No. 8963

it's actually pretty amazing that this almost 20 year old game still has such a thriving community, and the stuff being created is actually good. I don't understand how EA can look at that and then just keep making games even worse than the last. Hell, even adding memories to 4 would make it 20 times more playable.

No. 8964


I am tempted to try opening another case but I don't want anything bad to happen.

No. 8965

I had to try three times before I got someone who gave it to me! Don’t give up!

No. 8966

From what I've read it just depends on the support person you get. Some people say they won't let you get it at all, while others say they will give it to you with or without proof that you owned the game.

I would just try it. I first tried to get it a few years ago but chickened out when they asked if I had proof. The second time I tried it they just gave it to me without any proof.

No. 8967


Second one was nicer and explained I had to have a physical copy. I told them exactly what I said here about losing them during a move.

I'll just try again in a few moments.

No. 8968

Me >>8967 again. No live chat support is showing on the website now. Guess opening multiple cases was not a good idea?

No. 8969

On the comment I read it said to wait a couple days after doing it and then try again. So I would just wait a day or so.

No. 8970

No. 8971

File: 1528974161389.png (864.17 KB, 1920x1013, 10-11-17_3-26-29 AM.png)

I'm kind of obsessed with making sims that fit my beauty standards, like my ideal appearances. Excuse the cringey style I was trying to do a Mathilda-inspired look

No. 8972

File: 1528974338734.jpg (997.85 KB, 1293x708, interior2.jpg)

Also, sims 2 was an absolute blast to design interiors in.

No. 8973

How can i install cc? I have fitgirl repack and not the original game

No. 8974

same way as normal, download .package files and put them in the /documents/EA games/sims 4/mods directory

No. 8975

honestly I fucking love the nostalgia of sims 1 but holy fuck its impossible to keep your sims alive without cheating. Keeping them alive and doing anything productive that is…
I rememeber as a kid my sisters and I all had to take hour turns on the sims and I'd stay and watch each of them play until it was my turn (i had 2 sisters who played). Since i was so young when it came out my houses were just squares with no roofs and holes in walls instead of doors.
I glitched the game so many times for them by deleting the garbage or mailbox or putting carpet on the sidewalk to make it look funky.

No. 8976

Simcity 4 > Mainline sims games
You know it to be true.

No. 8977

If you're into city sims, Cities Skylines is way better.

No. 8978

this. game is lit fam. plus the community has tons of mods to make it cute as fuck.

No. 8979

>Cities skylines better than simcity 4
SC4 was perfection.

No. 8980

play cities skylines and you'll see why it's better.

No. 8981

>impossible to keep them alive without cheating

U wot? I'm gonna assume you were exaggerating a bit but if I was able to keep my massive families alive when I was like 10 and had no idea what I was doing, I'm sure you can.

Skylines is far and away the better game.

No. 8982

This thread makes me want to play the sims again. But downloading illegally is such a hassle lmao

No. 8983

> go to fitgirl repacks
> download game
> install game
> play game

There's literally no difference between buying and pirating

No. 8984

Second this, I run fitgirl/games4world pirated sims 4 with all dlc’s on a fairly old computer and it’s no problem. Only troubles I have is all my fucking mods are slowing down the game lmao

No. 8985

File: 1529119776264.jpg (29.29 KB, 533x400, sims3updates_cas_20035_M.jpg)

I know this is probably silly question but is it possible to use the sims3 dlc from games4world on the base sims 3 from steam?

Would it work like adding mods but just adding that dlc file to the main file for the game.

No. 8986

I’m not sure if it’s the same, but I read in games4world’s faq that you need to run a fresh install. The original question referenced having it on origin, but I’ll bet it’s the same general concept for steam too.

No. 8987

Downloading TS4 now thanks to you guys lol. I've always been curious about it, but I never really felt compelled to actually buy it. I'm super appreciative.

No. 8988

File: 1529459210524.jpeg (46.85 KB, 520x312, 993D049B-CBB5-4ACB-B862-7958BE…)

So I was bored and downloaded this murder mod (called extreme violence or something) made a sim that’s a cop and has a torture basement (lmao) saw a random sim walk by who I invented in. I choose to stab her and he gets blood and everything over him. Next second he switches to cop uniform and goes to work with the blood on him still, had a hearty chuckle. Pretty well made mod considering it’s fan made.

No. 8989

for sims 3 or 4?

No. 8990

Sims 4!

No. 8991

Does anyone know, are there any repacks with Seasons yet?

No. 8992

The game's not even out yet for a couple more days.

No. 8993

I use origin. Is there a way for me to download a free version while still using the origin client?

No. 8994

Sims 4 seasons(pirated) is out on games4world now, don’t give EA any money y’all

No. 8995

Also wanted to ask this kind of. I dug myself a hole and kept buying stuff for TS4 because I thought it'd get better and it didn't. Also part of me blamed my depression for not being able to enjoy it because that's sometimes how it is with other games lol. Plus, the get to work pack wasn't too bad. But anyway, is it possible to add on the pirated version to the ones I already have?
Or do I have to start over completely?

No. 8996

As far as I know, no. The origin application won’t recognize the pirated content or something like that. Installing the sims tho through pirated sources (fitgirl, skidrow versions) is incredibly easy. If you go on games4worlds there’s detailed comprehensive instructions

No. 8997

Your original and pirated versions won't work together but you can pirate the entire thing and use your old save files and CC with it.

No. 8998

File: 1529941718238.png (474.43 KB, 600x600, 7BSgIhp.png)


No. 8999

the sims series have always had names for things that aren't quite like the real world. the word snowpal completely fits in with the sims and wouldn't have sounded out of place in the sims 2. the paranoid screeching about evil sjws stealing the sims is so embarrassing. imagine being that pressed over a game using a quirky name and coming up with a conspiracy about why it happened

No. 9000

Did you get this from simsecret? At least half of them are big fat trolls, this is probably just another troll secret.

No. 9001

File: 1534600166984.png (1.61 MB, 990x1392, Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 9.48…)

i'm not sure if this is necroing or whatever, but what is with cc-creators producing absolute nightmare fuel? look at this!

No. 9002

I still think that 2, fully modded and with all xpacs is the best of the lot. A decade of my life spent with that shit, lol. The community is so crabby though and has always been kind of snobbish and weird. I was always super supportive of my favorite creators but was otherwise a pretty quiet person on forums and whatnot because of it.

I suck at art in every way possible, but I wanted a specific custom sim made for 2 and was even willing to pay well for one, back when the game was maybe a year or two old. I always took pains to be super polite about it, but I was told I was being ‘rude’ and that I should ‘teach myself’ and it was just like fuck me, I’ve been trying to teach myself and they look like shit! Even doing the photo wrap on mesh technique, it always looked like a hot mess. It was so weird because if I had the ability I’d be cranking out custom sims for people left and right, especially if I were being compensated for my time. I remember getting absolutely dragged on MTS for asking and I just felt so bad.

tbh I’d still pay someone to do it, like seriously just name your price haha but I’ve basically given up. I wonder if it was because at the time, the creators were all older people and maybe didn’t get it? It seems comparable to me to someone commissioning an artist on tumblr or whatever but I guess not. I know this sounds kind of bitchy now but I swear to god I was always super nice when asking about this, I never sent out blanket messages to every creator in the book or anything like that, it’s just something that still makes me crabby lol.

blogpost sage

No. 9003

Does CG really break the game and make it buggy?

Whenever I read a bug fixing guide the first line is always "make sure there is no CG in your game".

No. 9004

Do you mean CC? Normally it doesn't, but yes, it can actually break your entire game. Disabling or removing it is the first and easiest step you should take when your game is broken.

No. 9005

Can you be..somehow cautious of what kind of CC breaks your game? I used to play sims 3 with no mods or CC because it was my father's computer and he was paranoid about whatever I downloaded, but now that I've moved on to sims 4 on my own pc I really want to download pretty hairstyles, clothes etc.

No. 9006

game breaking cc is usually script mods. clothes and hair probably won't do shit to your game. if you want to be super curious then just test your game after each download but it'll be tedious. i wouldnt worry about it, just back up your saves regularly.

No. 9007

File: 1534940210094.png (74.18 KB, 338x600, AHAHAAHAHAHAHA.png)


Always update your script mods. Also, S4Studio is great if you have loads of cc, especially if some of it is older as you can update it.

No. 9008

I have to ask. Who is the creator of this cc because this is just Great (hilarious)!

No. 9009

File: 1545186285257.png (300.2 KB, 810x500, Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 9.23…)

ghetto simblr is the fucking worst.

No. 9010

CC creators always had a super fucking snobby air about them for sure, even now. No Becky, you aren’t special that you had enough time to waste to make Kardashian lip filler mouths. This is why I never fucked with the community and rarely used mods, people were so up their own asshole about a game everyone in the world has played at least once in their lives

No. 9011

File: 1545280628511.png (4.28 MB, 750x1334, D235F862-4B0D-44D4-AA6C-69FE85…)

Tbh, i find a lot of simblrs can be super rude and snobby to their “fans”, even the story simblrs. It gets old reading their bitchy responses to geniune/innocent questions.

Also tired of how ugly they make their sims in an attempt to be ~unique~ (Pic related) and shit on people who make “conventionally attractive sims”

Anyway, i know it’s dumb, but shit annoys me about the community.

No. 9012

looks like the halfway point of a "breed out the ugly" challenge, lol

No. 9013

Lol! Thanks for the chuckle, anon.

No. 9014

There’s so much weird hate on tumblr and other places of “alpha” cc which i don’t understand, sure there’s a lotta weird Kim kardashian shit but “maxis match” or “clay” or whatever they call it looks really ugly and boring imo

No. 9015

I like the Maxis/clay styles better tbh, the hyper realistic stuff is just so out of place in the Sims 4. That and I don't live out my fantasies of being a KK clone/instahoe through a video game, so.

No. 9016

I saw that a lot on the sims subreddit too. I don't use alpha cc on ts4 but unless you're looking on like the sims resources it's not that hard to find maxis match stuff.

No. 9017

I haven't played in a while, can someone explain the difference between alpha and maxis match?

No. 9018

>tfw still playing Sims 2 because the thought of playing 3 or 4 and having to start a new CC collection is overwhelming

I feel like I'm missing out on a lot of cool stuff but there is literally just too much stuff for me to cope with. I'll never get started on actually playing if I have so many things to download and so much choice in CAS and build/buy mode.

No. 9019

you're not missing much tbh. fully modded Sims 2 is leagues better than 3 or 4.

No. 9020

File: 1545513426275.jpg (114.41 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Maybe you can try downloading a cc folder? There are some on youTube (at least for TS4 there are, but I'm sure there are some for TS3). It's not the same feeling as actually going CC shopping yourself, but it's good to start out. I download them when I'm to lazy to download CC myself, never encountered any viruses or anything.
Maxis match is CC that looks like the items that are already in the game, it just blends in with everything else. Alpha CC isn't a specific texture like Maxis match, It's supposed to look more realistic.

No. 9021

I've played Sims 2 with all the expansion packs for years. I now want to start downloading CC + mods, where should I start?

No. 9022

imo this isn't a great example, the faces are virtually the same. only the hair looks like a maxis match.

No. 9023

File: 1545521686384.jpg (86.41 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

that's a really bad comparison picture anon. They look practically the same there

No. 9024

hmm I think I prefer the Maxis Match, the characters have really cartoony proportions that look weird with the more detailed textures

No. 9025

Same, anon. I never liked when my sims popped out from every other sim and object.

Is anyone getting the new fame/celebrity one? I'll wait until it goes at least 50% off. I'm not falling for their tricks again haha.

No. 9026

just pirate them off games4theworld. you won't catch me dead spending money on Sims games. I love them but too expensive and too much DLC.

I like get famous for shitposty reasons, but the fame system gets old after awhile, and you can turn it off. some of the quirks are REALLY annoying.

No. 9027

Anyone else here who has problems with Get Famous expansion?
Basically every time my sims go out the premade celebrities come to the same place and everything just stops. DJs stop playing music and townies stop dancing and you can't even talk to other sims because they are too busy looking at the celebrity just stand there. Really gets on my nerves too since they disrupt dates with that goddamn staring.

No. 9028

there's usually always some bugs with every new expansion pack. Report the issue to the sims team and they might solve it for the next update

No. 9029

My only issue is that my Sim will not roll over to level 2 fame despite the progress bar being apparently full. She sells paintings, posts videos, streams and other fame adding shit multiple times a day and she just won't level up. it's so annoying.

No. 9030

Has anyone played the console versions of The Sims? Such as GameCube version of The Sims and The Sims Bustin' Out? I always found those to be fun. I absolutely loved the story mode and I hope they'll do it again. If there's a mod I'm unaware of please link it!

No. 9031

bustin' out was my jam. i'm sad it wasn't popular enough to continue the series. idk going from house to house and experiencing different stuff was cool. i think my favorite house was the beverly hills-style one where you could see all the lights of the city below.

No. 9032

I loved Bustin' Out. I still have my PS2 disc, but I'm emulating the GC version on my PC. Remember Mimi? I loved her house so much.

I had the TS1, The Urbz and TS2 on PS2 as well. I miss Sims games with story mode.

No. 9033

File: 1548859129388.png (1.13 MB, 1226x928, Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 9.38…)

Don't mean to necro (because really, I don't think we need a new sims thread) but can someone explain to me why CC creators love making their toddlers look like midget adults?

No. 9034

I guess it's the tacky and trashy middle-age women addicted to sims.

No. 9035

Does anyone know where do I can download sexy long hair for my male sims?

No. 9036

You can just download female hairs and enable the feminine filter while you're in CAS, all the longer hairs will work on your male sims as long as your game is up to date.

No. 9037

I wish I could play the classic Sims but I have a macbook and the operating system doesn't support the original game anymore. I miss the quirkiness of it.

No. 9038

Wew I knew macs were shitty for vidya but that's tragic

No. 9039

You can't play Sims 1 on Windows 10 either lol

No. 9040

No. 9041

anon the difference between a mac and a pc is that when something doesn't work on a pc there's always a way around it… when something doesn't work on a mac then that's just a built in feature according to apple

No. 9042

never got this to work for me but might be computer illiteracy

i don't even own an apple computer, im just saying it doesn't/didn't work on 10

No. 9043

I only have TS4 base game and I modded the hell out of it, yet the sims that come with Willow Creek and Oasis Springs are so fucking boring.

Like how did TS4 manage to put Don Lothario in a house with Dina AND Nina Caliente and not give some sort of semi-intriguing story line? Not to mention the Goths and the Landgraabs who basically are devoid of personality which is a shit stain on their story lines just from TS2.

Are there any suggestions that you all have to make the town more fun? Even downloading traits and mods doesn't help the fact that the sims have no personalities of their own. Esp with Wicked Whims, which just leads to sims fucking random people who happen to be on a lot. WW has resulted in a bunch of children being born outside of a marriage, and in regards to sims having kids outside of their marriage, the spouse never is upset/mad about it when I go to check.

OH and another thing, I'm on gen 2 of a legacy now and there are barely any children/teens in my town now. I put the teen lot trait to try and find kids to hang out with, and all I see are goddamn elders walking by. I get that the population has a limit but there has to be a way to fix this. Has anyone else noticed this?

Alright I'm done for now. Sorry for the disjointed post. I mentioned that I only have the BG and I know that downloading the EPs for free with the links mentioned earlier would 'help' the boredom. But I'm playing on my boyfriend's nice gaming computer and I don't want to risk downloading anything bc he and I would be devastated if I fucked up his computer somehow.

No. 21851

I miss the nostalgia of TS2. Do any farmers have somewhere that I could torrent the collection for a macbook? I know that Sims 1 is a lost cause because it won't run on my operating system, but it'd still be nice to play one of the older games.

No. 21861

They have the sims 2 on the app store for mac.

No. 21864

I played sims 4 first. What do you even do in sims 2, I can’t leave my neighborhood?

Also idk if this is unpopular but you can make really pretty sims in sims 2. My simself is gorgeous, even prettier than my sim 4 version (I don’t use CC)

But sims medieval has the prettiest I think

No. 21866

Yeah but do they have it anywhere for -free-.

No. 21883

Do you know what a torrent is, caveman-chan?

No. 21888

There is a sim save floating around by a YTer called simsiesave. She overhauled every single neighborhood from the sims to the houses. No CC, just much more functional and nicely decorated houses and families with premade backstories that you can play with. I highly recommend it. I use that as a base for any new sims save I'm starting.

Also if you haven't, you should definitely get MC Command Center (mod). Gives you a lot of randomizing tools which can help craft stories. You can fully tweak the settings which include things like random townie marriages, children, what sex the marriages can be, what specs the kids can have, abduction frequency, etc etc etc. A lot. Since Sims 4 is really really bad about not having story progression, eventually all your town residents will have died out and if you have City Living you will have 200 homeless Asian sims that are mostly single parents… this mod fixes that by creating families and aging them properly, moving them into available housing, etc.

No. 21902

I do, but I was wondering if any fellow anons knew of a safe torrent like the ones listed earlier for TS4. I'm not a caveman-chan, just a poorfag who doesn't want to crash her computer with a bad torrent file.

No. 21905

Fitgirl repacks or reloaded, in my experience

No. 21917

No. 24318

Thanks for the advice. I have that annual "I need to play the Sims NOW" attack and since my laptop can’t handle anything else, I will have to play The Sims 4. I usually get bored of this one after a few days, but I think that save file can really help as it especially is the dull neighbourhood & pre-made Sims that annoy me.

That being said, I really am ready for TS5. I feel like TS4 was bad from the beginning and can’t be saved, even with popular expansions like Seasons being here now. It simply lacks the soul of the franchise and was poorly executed from the beginning. I just want them to move on now and release a better game. The idea still is so amazing, it’s just the game itself that sucks.

No. 24350

File: 1554650666797.png (721.07 KB, 1154x643, Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 11.2…)

If you have a macbook, you should be able to find the SIms 2 super collection on the app atore anon.

No. 24359

kinda unrelated but EA gave this super collection (PC) away for free to everyone 2 years ago on twitter. Wish they could've given away the mac version too..
Stills salty about it

No. 25484

I miss sims online

No. 25547

Was this ever a thing? I thought it got cancelled before anyone had a chance to play it?

No. 26333

It was back in 2002,2003 maybe

No. 32693

File: 1558493568912.png (667.72 KB, 1085x986, Capture.PNG)

sorry to bump this thread but the sims 4 is being offered for free now on origin, for anyone that wants it or couldn't get the fitgirl repacks to work


No. 32695

Man those fitgirl repacks gave me two DMCA notices in like a month lol I'm glad it's currently free.

No. 74975

sims 2 is so hard to find and buy nowadays. Even sims3 is hard to buy.
All you have sis sims 4 which is super expensive

No. 74997

File: 1581292093257.jpg (83.78 KB, 632x650, sims5.JPG)

Next Sim game might be like Sims Online. Thoughts?

You can get Sims 2 with all of the expansions if you contact Origin. I sent in verification (just a picture of my old CD case with a timestamp) and it worked, but I've read that you can get it if you just ask nicely.

No. 75000

Sims 4 is free with PS+ this month.

No. 75124

File: 1581408484553.gif (1023.44 KB, 500x377, 1559942803623.gif)

I got a USB with all the sims 2 expansions, straight from an EA developer my mom knew years ago. If anyone is interested I can upload but I don't wanna get glow in the dark'd.

No. 75128

Did anyone notice how computer illiterate the sims community is? I know it's mostly played by middle aged women but holy shit man, even the coomer /vg/ thread is full of people that don't know how to crack and basic things like that. Subreddit is FULL of phone camera pics like holy shit learn some basics. Also the people that think cc/mods will automatically corrupt and mess up your game and stay away from it like sin. I've never encountered a game community like this ever before, it's frustrating but also funny at times.

No. 81029

File: 1585513659292.jpeg (104 KB, 600x450, AC9F6144-44D8-4E10-A456-FF8A03…)

I wouldnt buy it, EA saying “online features” means in game transactions.
Fuck them if they screw The Sims 5 up.

No. 81030

sims 3 is quite easy to get.
But sims 2 is really hard.

No. 83498


Can vouch on the games4theworld torrent, I've downloaded and installed TS2 and expansions from the website and works like a charm. I've downloaded all my TS games from there actually kek

No. 101955

How are you supposed to play The Sims? I played for a bit then I uninstalled it because it got repetitive and boring.

No. 104718

File: 1597665654836.jpg (1009.39 KB, 1400x1048, Screenshot-7.jpg)

It depends on what you like, here are some suggestions:
>Make a sim and try to max all their skills and earn enough money to buy the most beautiful lot
>Try one of the challenges posted online (100 baby challenge, history challenge, rags to riches, whatever)
>Try to make your dream home (this is the best part of the sims for me)
>Invite friends and take turns making the ugliest sims you can
>Turn on sim autonomy and just watch them do whatever, and take screenshots. Works best if you have lots of sims on a lot because there's always something crazy going on (this has become my favorite way of playing)
>Come up with a story and try to play it out in the sims (warning, if you get really creative you'll just end up disappointed by the limitations of the game), for example a farmer sim who inherited their grandparents' property and can only make money off of the land (yeah I ripped that from harvest moon), or a witch who must never leave her home, or make a sim try to make as many friends as they can and then try to make them all hate you in various ways
>Try to make a beautiful neighborhood (if you are playing sims 3 download the Create a World program)
>Extra fun points if you try to make a themed neighborhood, like a medieval or elf or gothic neighborhood.

And when you take some funny screenshots post them here!!

No. 106006

Can we talk about this new Star Wars GP? I hate this so much and I'm so disappointed. They really don't listen to us and it's an obvious cash grab. The last DLC I was actually into, University, came out close to a year ago…

No. 106011

The sims franchise died with sims 3. sims 4 should not be counted at all, it's a soulless cashgrab

No. 106043

File: 1598588460608.jpg (177.26 KB, 1200x636, some shit i googled.jpg)

Gamescom had a billion SW things announced today. Seems Disney is pushing it really hard but to think the Star Wars Land tie-in (Batuu is where their SW park is "Set in") would be the fucking SIMS is killing me.

Too bad we didn't get a game pack that the community can do something with. What pack would you have liked anons?

I personally wanted a pack with a distinct world that isn't North American looking. Maybe Spain or Japan could be cool. I feel like gameplay is never actually that different across packs (you craft stuff for the vast majority of the content or you go to rabbitholes) so I'd mostly like a new and pretty world to play in.

Gameplay-wise I'd probably want something that adds nuance to sim interactions and adds those small tidbits we loved from Sims 2. Romance obviously gets really samey quickly, as do inter-generational interactions in families. Something that adds a lot more social gameplay would help craft stories imo. Same goes for drama. A pack centered around your sims' relationships and strives to stir shit up would be my ideal pack.

I don't want more arts/crafts, I don't want new careers because they're all boring and the same, I don't want tedious shit like having to generate electricity for my house.

No. 106044

Oh and I definitely don't want a destination world no matter how cool it is, I hate that I can't live in them.

No. 106047

seconded on relationship mechanics. i didnt realise it then but generations added a lot of flavour to my games

kinda sad that they never added an attraction system. and hilarious that of all things, wicked whims is the one that has that feature

No. 106053

There is this mod that adds chemistry, might give it a go because I refuse to download Wicked Whims lol


No. 106284

I've created a lesbian only sim (with magical WLW babies with a tiny chance of adoption mixed in there) save where I injected the town with a lot of pretty and single sims. I wait for MCCC to pair them up and breed them while I play my legacy and every couple weeks I go to edit world to kill the ugly/obese ones. If they're fixable with a couple minor adjustments I fix them up but otherwise the ugly get deleted. I try to keep track of the kids, sometimes families have too many and the houses make no sense so I cull those too sometimes. When I find some parents who consistently have good offsprings I give them the "immortal" trait so they can just infinitely be paired with random sims and give me good townies. A bit psycho I admit but it's better than the eyesores I used to get plus doesn't require me to actually make new sims nor download from the gallery. I highly recommend setting up a system that suits your tastes if you care about the overall look of your townies.

Anyway it's been a few sim-months and I've gotten some amazing generations with unpredictable-looking but attractive marriage candidates for my legacy as well as some cute families to swap to when I'm bored.

No. 106430

File: 1598905709496.png (3.51 MB, 1560x1122, Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 3.00…)

i've been making houses in the sims 4 since quarantine started and i kinda want to make a tumblr (or something??) to post screenshots on but i've been too lazy to do it… i don't know if theres enough interest to dedicate the energy

No. 106432

Did you make this anon? It's so nice! You could share your builds here or the dumbass shit thread.

No. 106437

Post the builds here! I like seeing how other people use items, literally none of what you've placed nor the architectural style are what I'd build with so it's nice to see variety.

No. 106461

Late but I'm kinda pissed but not surprised. Fuckin morons eat up every single pack and now they're on reddit whining about how dare EA think they'd by this when they literally go on and on about being competitions.
Can't be mad at EA for selling slop to the pigs.

No. 106471

For me it'll come down to the items that come with the pack, both build and debug. I do use mods but I have a high standard for what looks good. I want props to blend in with the professional level art the Sims team puts into the game so I still prefer EA-made build items over cc unless the type of furniture I need does not exist outside of cc (comfortable but stylish looking couches being something I downloaded online, for instance).

Gameplay-wise even a pack I thematically enjoy usually has lackluster features (what the FUCK was realm of magic ugh)so well-made meshes and textures are what I'm usually looking for in a pack at this point. Give me good setpieces and worlds and I'll craft a plot with some gameplay mods like Slice of Life and Meaningful Stories. I really do hope someday they'll release an expansion pack specifically for story crafters that includes a lot of the features I currently maintain like 5 mods to experience.

No. 106650

File: 1599068349270.png (4.29 MB, 2560x1600, Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 6.35…)

thanks y'all! i use a lot of custom content since i'm too broke to buy packs (and i have a mac so cracks have never worked for me) so maybe i'll post pics of basegame stuff if i get around to it

No. 106882

File: 1599242337898.jpeg (355.47 KB, 1242x1550, 257BD931-3A29-4BCA-9EF2-AF7166…)

I know they always do this shit and it’s expected at this point but can we talk about how not only did no one want this pack but they also completely half assed it too… that dumbass textured mask is like baby’s first Alpha CC and there aren’t even new aliens, it’s just a costume. That ‘Letter from The Sims Team’ was a complete joke too, basically saying ‘We know what you want but you’re not getting it anytime soon! Also skintones are getting pushed back… sorry not sorry! We’ll blame it on the pandemic even though skintones have been an issue since launch!’ I think I’m going to redownload TS3 and let TS4 figure itself out for a while because I’m just so enraged with these recent events. TS4 is a fucking joke

No. 106883

File: 1599242491532.png (Spoiler Image,4.07 MB, 2208x1242, 14886027-93B0-4571-B696-4E4014…)


Here’s the shitty mask for anyone who hasn’t already seen this monstrosity

No. 106884

File: 1599242718883.jpeg (Spoiler Image,267.8 KB, 1241x1451, 47489951-8495-4DDD-96D3-63D08A…)


I’m sorry for samefagging but here’s the ‘aliens’ which are literally just socks, a mask, and gloves… this is so embarrassing

No. 106903

this is OT and 6 months old, but what anime is this from?

No. 106906

nta but it's from Oniisama e iirc

No. 106942

Kind of an aside but that image is retarded, this MAX TEXTURE EVERYWHERE mindset is why CC fucks people's performance. I've seen shoes at 10k polys with uncompressed textures for no fucking reason. People really need to stop talking about shit they don't understand.

That mask is so fucking poorly made, I don't understand why they shipped it that way. No excuse.

This pack is stupid as shit but people really expected like 15 occult races or something? Obviously the aliens were gonna be socks for a game pack lol

No. 106952

I mean the least they could do was making it connected to the aliens we already have. Like give aliens the option to choose weird textures or different heads, kind of what they have with mermaid with the fins.

I didnt expect anything from this pack anyway, maybe sims 5 will be better but i doubt it

No. 106979

Why can't I have fun playing sims 4 like I did playing sims 2 and 3? It's not a "I've grown" thing because I've been replaying 2-3 and I still get a kick out of it.

What is there to do? I have a shitload of expansion packs and stuff too so..

No. 107329


Honestly anon, I'm feeling you. Even with all these expansions, it feels like every aspect of the game is wildly incomplete. For builders, the game lacks matching swatches, for people that actually play the game there are so few traits and everything feels samey and perfect. There are probably a million other things Sims 4 lacks compared to previous games, but I at least wish Build/Buy would get a matching swatches overhaul and gameplay would get a traits overhaul. This game is just has less to do than ever before despite the insane amount of DLC. It's sad honestly, and yet they still give us shit like Star Wars.

No. 107358

Has anyone experimented with running the game from a NVMe drive?
I already use a SATA SSD and it does make a difference to load times but I'm wondering if there's anything to be gained by getting a more modern drive.

No. 107369

I am running the sims 3(and 10gbs of mods) from m.2 Samsung Evo 970. Was a total game changer for me, but I had the cheapest SSD I could find before this one so…

No. 107492

As the other anon said, things are too "perfect". It's the little things, sims 2 had this whole thing where they made sure each premade family comes with their own drama and the starting day is a different pre-built scenario which is a really nice touch. My sims 2 families always involved at least a couple instances where people were slapping the shit out of each other and doing things to piss each other off. Sims 4 does not really have that.

I actually get a lot of use out of the negative traits in Sims 4. I use the negative character values from parenthood (especially the insensitive one), evil, jealous, clumsy, etc. They often end up creating friction or at least sims react to things in an amusing way. Highly recommend utilizing the more negative traits!

I dont agree with the buildmode swatch issue that's been raised though. I think plenty of items match and it's kinda fun to try and find things that share swatches. I like that there are tons of different colors that aren't the same because I don't like using the same colors and furniture for my builds. I also don't build monochrome so using two wood colors and some wild accents are pretty par for the course in my houses. I imagine if you're really fond of white and black it will probably get annoying though, as there are a lot of varying versions of b/w in the game that definitely do not match.

No. 107498

File: 1599702665010.png (6.86 MB, 2560x1600, Screen Shot 2020-09-09 at 6.21…)

i TOTALLY agree about the negative traits in sims 4 being more entertaining. the most interesting character i have ever played was this glamorous, snobby old lady with the dastardly trait and the criminal career. it was fun trying to throw successful dinner parties while also pickpocketing and getting into fights with the guests.

but usually, i skip the gameplay part of sims altogether. i was the kind of kid who would spend hours arranging a dollhouse but would quit as soon as it was time to play with the dolls, and i guess this is just an advanced version of that lol.

…which is why i would KILL for the swatches in sims 4. if y'all couldn't tell i use a lot of black and white, and as you pointed out it's really frustrating when the shades don't match up right. and if you want to match wood colors, you can't separate it from the other parts– ex; if a room is dark brown and red, and the dark brown bedframe has a lime green bedspread, you're just fucked.

No. 107521

The beds are the most irritating part of decorating for me, those damn sheets never match what I'm going for. I've started to plan the whole room around the bed, that saves me a lot of headache now.

I do wonder why they didn't make the blacks and whites match. The sort of builder that uses those colors probably wants it all to match perfectly, that's just how monochrome folks roll. It's a bad move from EA.

No. 109430

File: 1601391909515.png (470.93 KB, 1004x851, unknown (1).png)

In preparation for Halloween, I am shamelessly sexually attracted to my Witchy sim. I'm also building the house from scratch, based on a pic I saw on Pinterest.

No. 109431

File: 1601392003065.jpg (93.88 KB, 480x640, aeb6cdc3eafa4bd138c625dfc48679…)

Going to build this house. Wish me luck.

No. 109433

Good luck. You should be able to find interior pictures if you want total accuracy, since I believe the owners are a part of a local house tour every year.

No. 109442

Oh shit thank you! I was gonna wing it but that's way better. Thanks anon!

No. 109455

if you do it, post pics! id love to see

No. 110283

Brookehights looks so cool, it's pretty much everything I wish the sims could be. The gameplay trailer gives me real sims 3 vibes.

No. 110317

>The voice acting
>The trailer style in general
I hate it, so tryhard. It's just the sims omfg.

That being said the mod itself looks interesting. Hope it does well so Maxis will consider some features for the next game.

No. 110408

File: 1602160809472.png (161.24 KB, 420x421, 1.png)

Unironically reinstalling Sims 2 just so I can use this

No. 111506


I really hated it too. The mod itself seems fine but was a storyline necessary?

On an unrelated note, I guess the next EP is being announced next week. Can’t wait to be disappointed…

No. 111511

Oh shit, I'm kind of excited. I just want new content to spice up my legacy family lol

No. 111514


Fucking insufferable. I'm pretty sure the narration was just to introduce the pack. I quite like it and the production value is pretty nice.

No. 112289

File: 1603132107520.jpg (Spoiler Image,194.25 KB, 2048x1152, lilsimsieleak.jpg)

Next EP is Snowy Escape! I guess the map got leaked too, I'm just so excited that it's Asian inspired! Really hoping there's some new building aspects introduced, but honestly I'll probably buy this on launch for the Build/Buy items alone, regardless of anything else.

No. 112297

Apparently the darker skin tones in Sims 4 are bad, but I don't see the issue and can't find any good comparison images. Does anyone have screenshots of the issues or something?

No. 112306

holy shit i literally said i wanted a japanland upthread. hell yeah

No. 112309

I think the complaint is that theyre pretty ashy and dull looking. but idk why people dont just get mods, even the white skin tones look pretty gross

No. 112364

I used to like Pixelade for news… and now he's just obnoxious. Honestly that's how I feel about every Sims youtuber at this point though. LilSimSie, Deligracy, all of them are insufferable to me. Anyone got a good place to go for Sims 4 related news?

No. 112366

I wish we could swim everywhere. I love beaches but sulani is too rustic for me. I wanna a beach in a city

No. 112367

LGR's Sims 4 reviews are pretty reliable and honest and he doesn't have the youtuber overly enthusiastic voice.

No. 112391

I couldn't find this anywhere, but I can only make residential lots in Newcrest. I was able to make libraries and bars before, so not sure what happened. Am I missing mising some trick?

Also if anyone can find a link to Lunasims big ben windows I'd be so grateful. It looks to be completely scrubbed from even the sims cc crypts.

No. 112402

Yeah all base game skintones look ashy or neon. They also lack the interesting variations in skintone you'd see in real people so it all looks a little too plastic.

Anyway, the new expac looks great and will come with new personality mechanics. It's actually nearly all of the things I asked for previously so I'm floored.

No. 112404


I'm honestly in shock! I love it. So excited to build with split level flooring, kotatsu, tatami mats, shoji doors, onsen… everything! I have tried so many times and used so much CC to replicate all of this in The Sims but it wasn't the same. I already preordered this!

No. 112421

File: 1603211724642.png (36.55 KB, 600x687, download (3).png)

No. 112429

File: 1603215162963.png (97.46 KB, 1498x370, Screen Shot 2020-10-20 at 13.3…)

Same. I actually made Newcrest into a weird Japanese town with tons of CC and it never looked quite right due to the unchangeable props placed in the world (like the deco buildings around) so I'm looking forward to this a lot.

Also went and screenshotted the personality-related system they're adding for farmers' convenience. Honestly seems like EA actually listened to us this time. I'm very happy.

No. 112439

the brookheights beta is out. Story is skippable (thank god) and the city looks mindblowing! You can drive cars, it's open world (with some rabbit holes), airplanes and you can even edit the world! It feels like Bridgeport in the sims 3. EA really are pathetic, a modder made what they couldn't.

No. 112564

Thank god for those who mod the game and create CC. Even those YouTubers that redesign the ugly builds.

No. 112569

advice for making a historical save in ts4? I've never tried a thing like that, I'm thinking somewhere "round the 1920s… I got a bunch of cc, will try to find technology alternatives, researching things… I don't know yet if cellphones can be done away with. Anything someone doing this should take into consideration they might have not?

No. 112581

There are some mods that prevent sims from autonomously using their phones on MTS I think but it doesn't seem possible to fully remove them.

No. 112725

Man whenever lilsimsie "renovates" something it ends up looking worse. Annoying how she calls it "fixing" things when she's just permuting mcmansion or suburban home visuals.

No. 112807


It’s funny you say that because she just did a ‘McMansion’ build where she makes fun of how bad they look while at the same time being like “I really like how this house looks!” But yeah I find her builds to be so average. Aveline is my favorite builder. Her personality is very palatable and her builds are good too.

No. 112819

I don't like her tbh

No. 112830

Has anyone got any advice for organising custom content? I've got about 7GB and I've tested it all one set at a time to make sure that all the textures display correctly but when I load all of it into the game at once some of it goes missing. Is it a unique ID conflict and is there a way to fix it?

No. 112858

Same. It honestly creeps me out how much she romanticises ♥ teenage single mothers ♥

No. 112869

File: 1603537910075.jpeg (209.65 KB, 1242x960, 865A02EA-1D17-4D34-B2C0-0AF1A9…)

This is so fucking stupid. It’s literally apart of Japanese culture to bow at shrines? That outfit in the reveal trailer doesn’t even closely resemble the rising sun.

No. 112873

File: 1603538270662.jpeg (410.28 KB, 1242x1602, 3A41567B-A21C-4EEB-AC0F-1807FF…)

No. 112890

I get the rising sun thing but why the shrine bowing? How is that offensive to Koreans.

No. 112934


Koreans were forced by Japanese to bow, they were attempting to indoctrinate them into Shintoism. It’s still really fucking stupid but yeah that’s apparently the reason why it got removed

No. 112939

i can no longer leech off of someone elses origin account, are there any softonic links or some shit? i miss my sims so much.

No. 112947

Dumb. Religious evangelism is all over the globe and no other faith is held to this high standard. How is someone simply practicing their faith meant to be oppressive? Nobody is forced to do it in a video game.

No. 112948

No. 113126

File: 1603799724320.jpeg (152.43 KB, 827x1273, 45B52A51-9C8C-4987-921D-22BCAD…)

No. 115124

I deleted a few packs and accidentally deleted one that I wanted to keep. Is it possible to download a pack separately? Without Origin or torrents.

No. 115128

>no origin
>no torrent

No. 115131

I mean DDL sites

No. 115165

dunno about that but i use anadius repacks of sims 4 so that i can pick and choose packs. would recommend

No. 115196

File: 1605385506052.jpg (414.71 KB, 1920x1016, newcrest.jpg)

I've themed each world with a different architectural style so it's all coherent but I haven't yet found an identity for Newcrest. It used to be my Japan but now that the new pack arrived I need to find a new vibe for Newcrest. What do you guys think? I refuse to use the lilsimsie style BLUE FAMILY HOME shit, I want it all to be distinct.

I've got:
>Willow Creek
Creole/bayou, tons of community lots like jazz bars and bakeries.
Georgian, mostly townhouses and some matching architecture for each campus.
Queen Anne
Mostly Tudors, the rural looking side is overgrown mansions and cottages and the more "downtown" parts are townhouses. The island is Scottish, think those stone houses with grass roofs.
>Oasis Springs
Spanish/Mediterranean, with the red terra cotta roof. There also is a huge steampunk "amusement park", a waterprark, and a pseudo vegas strip that's surrounded by midcentury homes.
>Forgotten Hollow
Gothic colored gigantic victorians. There is also a graveyard for my funerals with a hidden underground bar where Vlad's house once sat.
>Brindleton Bay
Top left area is San Francisco, top right is all farmland and a shabby looking fisherman's lodge. The island houses the museum of my legacy family, that way I get to store all their cool stuff without having to build annoying mansions. I just take my heirs there each gen to dump all the achievements.
The dock area is all repurposed factories turned into trendy community lots and there is an Ancient Roman looking bathhouse where that massive lounge used to be. It's a weird place but I love that bathhouse. It reminds me of a Cheesecake Factory but a spa lol
>Evergreen Harbor
Scandinavian eco homes. They all have grass roofs though. The big community centers are made to look like repurposed factories.
>Magnolia Promenade
more creole
>Del Sol
Just LA tbh, lots of community lots because I think it looks more novel to visit rather than to live in. There is more than one Starbucks here.
>San Myshuno
Again almost entirely community lots, I use the apartments if I'm gonna live there.
>Granite Falls
Overgrown chalets. There is a gigantic abandoned train thing in the 50x50 national part lot and a campgrounds obv.
I kept the native style here, just used more fleshed out lots that look more lived in. Also added a lavish museum to replace the weird shack looking bullshit they had in it originally.
I turned this entire place into community lots in its native style. Nobody lives here. Mostly wedding venues, beaches, restaurants.
Just upgraded the fairtytale homes with actually nice looking ones.
>Mt. Komorebi
I put mostly Machiya homes in this world, though there are some lots reserved for onsen and the 50x50's are a "japanese village" and an art/yoga center that's quite sprawling. Thinking of adding some Japanese style apartments instead of just single family housing.

No. 115211

Anyone else here still playing Sims 3? I love it and revisit it a couple of times a year. But then I feel kind of… sad when I realize I've been playing the same game for a decade? Lmao.

No. 115236

Thanks but it only has torrents.
I'll just uninstall and download it again.

No. 115661

Hey our worlds are pretty much the same. I like matching my builds to the style of those empty shell set-pieces in each world. I have more community lots than residentials too because most of Sims 4 environments are really dumb for residential lots. Newcrest is for modern architecture stuff, lots of apartment looking buildings with community lots on the first floor.

No. 115898

Are there any decent sims youtubers that cover why TS4 is so bad? So far I've only been able to sit through LGR and Pleasant Sims videos without dying of cringe.

No. 116440

Anyone getting game crashes, like it crashed before, (but now I can't even get past the first loading screen) in the Sims 4 after the update patch for Snowy Escape?

No. 116463

Apartments with retail below sound great. I'll look into this forsure.

No. 118677

While lolcow was down I got board and read the KF thread on the Sims modding community. Holy shit, I had no idea the fanbase was such a disgusting dumpster fire. It's not just the TS4 fanbase either, it goes all the way back to TS2.

No. 118680

I just reinstalled sims 2 and added some cc, but like half of the cc actually shows up, mostly stuff that shouldn't be conflicting with anything, such as the batbox and simblender. It's so annoying

Yea, especially the sims 2 premades fandom for some reason. God forbid you don't hate General Buzz or the Beakers for being "aboosive!!!

No. 118698

File: 1608162464200.png (11.35 KB, 386x208, ts2-clean-pack.png)

Check your file names. I've had the same problem with TS2. If the file name is too long the game fails to recognise it. If you use Clean Installer (you can find this on MTS) it will inform you of what files need shorter names. The other issue is sometimes you need to enter live mode before CC will show up in build and buy mode. Also remember to check "enable custom content" in the game options.

>God forbid you don't hate General Buzz or the Beakers for being "aboosive!!!"

The level of autism is bad but the amount of pedos and sick fucks is what got to me.
-the creator of InTeen outed the owner of MTS as a convicted sex offender
-the owner of TSR doxing teenage girls
-rape, bestiality and toddler fuck mods

No. 118743

Wtf i did not know fuckedup mods like that are actually made. Why are people like this, i did hear that someone in the sims 4 community was working on a beastiality mod but i thought they got a lot of backlash. Idk why im so suprised that this stuff was also in thes sims 2 mod community, maybe because its from childhood and its such an innocent game

No. 118867

What I don't understand is why Maxis/EA doesn't put coding in the game that would prevent mods like this from working. They probably didn't do it for TS1 and TS2 because they weren't expecting people to mod pedophilia into suburban life simulator but after seeing what sick shit was made for TS2, they should have done something to stop it in TS3.

No. 121669

File: 1610350714822.jpg (28.7 KB, 356x441, smh.jpg)

>tfw finally bit the bullet and started a fresh install of Sims 2
This is suffering but I had way too much CC, it was completely corrupt and disorganized (pic related, fucking heinous), and the game kept crashing. I hate losing all my stuff and houses and sims but I need to start over completely.

Anyone know some good sims 2 CC creators? Most of the CC I had was super old, the fashion was so out of date lmao I think I'm gonna use tumblr as my main source from now on.

No. 121678

what kind of cc do you prefer? more maxis match-y or realistic? something in between? what kind of fashion?

No. 121680

Felixandre and Harrie make some of the best buy/build cc imo

No. 121689

Before you nuke your old install, have you tried some of the fan made utilities that can fix CC and corruption issues? You can also recover sims by using simPE. There's lots of tutorials on how to do it.

No. 121694

Haven't played Sims in ages but your screenshot took me right back to the worst part of Sims 2, anon.

No. 121702

I hate Felixandre so much, dude's making money illegally I hate his guts

No. 121716

you can just pirate his shit you dumbass

No. 121783

New trailer dropped! Stuff pack looks fun and cute, loving the new furniture and the gameplay is a little cherry on top. Also BONEHILDA!!

No. 121953

File: 1610582857016.jpg (Spoiler Image,49.55 KB, 279x500, bootspanpic.jpg)

Even at this stage of my life, there's still rabbit holes I regret exploring.

No. 121968

oh no thats a lot

No. 121972

I'm laughing so hard, shave your pubes bro

No. 122020

he is all pubes tho

No. 122090

this looks so incredibly fun, I wish it came out with the spooky packs way back then! I also wish this game was finished. Imagining how much money it would cost to have every pack and a computer that could run it all makes my head hurt.

No. 123152

Can we talk about how the Sims 2 was programmed in such a way that the game was corrupted from the start and would eventually become unplayable even if you didn't use any mods?
I've lost my entire game twice bc of corruption but now I just play Sims 4 bc TS2 looks so dated.

No. 124374

I'm currently in the process of downloading the entirety of ts3 and I know this is optimistic but is there by chance a folder or smth of decent cc, necessary mods and sliders (I hate their stupid pudding faces faces) that I can download so that I won't have click through a million broken links and adfly-links?

No. 124376

i don't get ts3, the graphics are so uncanny valley

No. 124379

Yeah but the other games don't have an open world and horses (that always got stuck inside houses and walls btw is there a mod that fixes that?) and I miss being able to download custom worlds and making them.

No. 124382

i still only play ts2 but with a shit-ton of corruption preventing mods and default replacemets. properly modded sims 2 is still the best sims imo

No. 124387

Same. People sperg about THE COLOR SLIDERS when we all know they're gonna build a beige or black/white ass house with no actual need for careful color coordination. Spare me ma'am.

No. 124393

Go to the TS3 section of the forums and find the update threads. You can then browse through all the CC uploaded around the internet instead of trawling through simblr. Older CC updates are in the updates archive.

If you encounter box links that won't download, switch your browser's user agent to android and it will work.

No. 124397

Well at least with color sliders all your blacks/whites/beiges can match instead of you having to scroll through a fuckton of shit that looks nice on its own but doesn't fucking match anything else!

No. 124623

File: 1611960396190.jpg (399.96 KB, 800x600, 3046176.jpg)

there are some ugly sims out there

No. 125041

File: 1612131206644.jpg (557.54 KB, 1079x1070, omgwtfbbq.jpg)

It could be worse.

No. 125042

i don't like that i'm not even sure which sims game this is supposed to be

No. 125047

I like these features individually

No. 125060

Idek what is funnier, the crazy smile or the tiny baby

No. 125715

Has anyone bothered with the PC spin off games?
I got frustrated with TS2 after running into issues when creating my own completely custom hood, yet still felt like playing the game, so I downloaded Castaway Stories and all I can say is what the fuck?

No. 126431

Castaway Stories was a fun gimmick for a couple of hours, but I could never play it long term. once you play the main story it's just boring asf.

No. 126433

does anyone remember the old sims community? (think late 2000s/early 2010s). i was around for it and tbh i miss it a lot. some "drama"/incidents i recall from back then:
- TheQuxxn, a very popular sims 3 youtuber, dying suddenly and now her sister runs her channel.
- CrystalFirexx (a HUGE creator at the time even though her series was Vampire Diaries/Skins/Degrassi-level shitty) having her channel hacked and deleted and how there was a whole community campaign to reupload her series to her second channel (which was accomplished actually, Natalie ran "My Life" for several seasons after she got hacked), people even made icons in support of her lmfao.

i really miss the old machinima community, i was friends with some creators. 90% were shitty teenage pregnancy emo series with the same rehashed plot over and over to the point where creators memed it and it was a meta joke, but there were a couple of gems. i remember snapshotofasoul had AMAZING machinima series with full casts of voice actors, i was jealous af of her sets.

No. 126894

yes anon i was thinking of the old sims machinima community I never met any of them but the videos are still imprinted on my brain

No. 127842

File: 1613325390407.jpg (176.64 KB, 920x690, w-920h-690-3228616.jpg)

This one scared the shit out of me

No. 127846

File: 1613326171223.jpg (287.85 KB, 1280x1798, tumblr_pkjljzh53D1y3xoj5o3_r1_…)

Speaking of creepy sims have you seen the mesh head accessories? Pure nightmares
Why do people insist on making their sims realistic if when you enter the game they start doing retarded faces right away anyway

No. 127918

They like to do the first person pov feature along with using the wicked whims mod.

No. 129667

File: 1614364446540.jpeg (171.57 KB, 828x893, 8D0BEE01-AA7F-447B-8CC1-7F027F…)

Apparently the Sims 3 Store is returning, as well as bunkbeds.

No. 129669

After all of this time, they finally listened to the freaking community and collaborated with custom content makers. Thank god, because they actually know what they're doing plus the items they put in the game are actually usable especially with the furnishing and makeup.

No. 129771

a vacuum. you get to pay extra for a fucking vacuum.

im gonna firebomb ea's headquarters at this point holy fuck

No. 129775


literally, just another way to make sims players pay more for useless throwaway packs that add nothing to an already congested game. just make the sims 5 already ffs

No. 131653

Steph finally releases a new video but it's a thinly veiled attempt to get noticed by that dickhead Corpse Husband. It's really clear she's crushing.

No. 131660

I have no clue who this is but that editing style is so obnoxious

No. 131661

File: 1615421715541.jpeg (1.13 MB, 3464x3464, 0D7BB76C-A2AC-433E-9AD3-E992E8…)

I don’t know which one is the clone: Plumbella or her. FakeGamerGirl who makes sims videos tends to do the same “funny extremely loud gamer girl” niche and I honestly think it’s nonthreatening female tism.

No. 131663

I hate plumbella, she looks too old/mature to style herself like that.

No. 131672

I know we're on lolcow but this is extremely petty.

No. 131676

Some people just want to have a good time, anon.

No. 131713

>female tism
Plumbella actually has autism so it checks out

They’re both insufferable along with lilsimmie and the scrote they form a quartet with. I can’t even remember his channel name because his content is so boring.

I had to unsubscribe from plumbella not explicitly because of her incessant troon pandering leaking into her channel content, but how she went full tra “jk rowling bad!!1” despite being a massive potterfag. And she was completely silent on every other sjw issue at the time too (spring/summer last year.) It’s so fucking grifty. The worst of her actual videos has to be when she plays Urbz. I understand that she had no prior experience with the game, but holy shit she was worse than a child. While playing she kept messing up to the point where I think she got tired of trying. It’s one of the best console and overall Sims installments, yet she managed to make it uninteresting.

Looking at it now I see she’s removed the continuation to this video where she had to get taught by chat how to move her fucking character past the bouncer in diamond heights.

Urbz is more than one of the best console installments, and I think it holds up when paired with a lot of ts4 packs. Despite not being as big of a world or have as much opportunities as a base game with EPs, the Urbz world is very expansive for its small size. And we actually get to play while they’re at work kek

No. 131758

File: 1615480469589.jpg (156.36 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg)

my least favorite simtuber along with deligracy and the Australian scrote. Lilsimie perpetually looks like she just sat on her hermoriod and the other 2 look like they escaped a cloning facility sponsored by EA, and manage to make they make the least memorable content

No. 131765

Yeah, the australian scrote is whom I was referring to. I think he and deligracy are married. Both of their content is so boring and overdone that I forgot deligracy exists.

I actually prefer Deligracy’s play style compared to the rest of these people. The content is boring but she’s more laid back or reserved than the others. Nitpick but her mouth gets really annoying to look at. The lisp doesn’t bother me as much as the skull/face structure. It’s like Jarvis Johnson. Vidrel this simtuber plagued my feed for a few weeks and I got bored of the recycled content so I unsubbed. I’d noticed is that every video she has an unflattering ReadyToGlare tier cheap wig and nobody in the comments says anything about it. I think plumbella is the best looking “big time” simtuber. And I don’t mean this to be shallow, it’s merely an observation that most of the bigger sims channels that show their faces are average at best.

Prescripted, faceless sims youtubers overall make better content imo. With the exception of the likes of Pixelade who is the troom troom of sims. He makes so much redundant content for no fucking reason. Every tweet and forum post gets its own video.

Chrillsims3, onlyabidoang, The Sims Lore, Carl’s Sims Guide, and LGR are my favorite sim content creators that are not Let’s Play or CC/Mod oriented. The Sims Lore especially.

No. 131783

I hate this bitch sm. Her builds suck ass, her voice sounds like a teenager, she doesn't even say anything funny or interesting. I'd forgive all the previous if only she had something interesting to say. She never does.

No. 131898

> I’d noticed is that every video she has an unflattering ReadyToGlare tier cheap wig and nobody in the comments says anything about it

She actually just made a video about it. She shows she is balding because of pcos and admits that she filtered the word wig because so many people made comments about it. I do feel bad for her, i think she just had 0 experience with wigs and was so stressed so she never bought a decent one. She is saying that she is going to donate them all and stop wearing them so i guess we don't have to be bothered about them anymore kek.

I mostly watch her videos that are sims 2 related like mods, i dont care that much about sims 4 so i never watch any videos related to that.

No. 131899

was anyone else involved in the sims community on tumblr when femmesim/honeybodies was quite popular? I quite liked her style at the time and went on her blog recently and it seems like she got "cancelled" for something?

No. 131908

File: 1615595661589.jpeg (139.7 KB, 1080x656, 846DA1E0-AB79-4CC7-ABD6-D421BC…)

Are you talking about The Sims Supply aka James Turner? Could have sworn him and Deligracy were in an actual relationship and they’re both sims youtubers. I kind of respect Deligracy only because she had the balls to collab with a great cc creator named grimcookies and the items in the collection are very good. Most sims youtubers praise or attempt to embrace the modding community but most of their gameplay says otherwise, they are mainly EA simps to the T with very few exceptions (ex. Carl Sims guide). Lilsimsie is like the Drew Golden of Sims youtube. She builds the same houses or usually gimmicky videos based on builds she made for her Twitch audience, she never curses or goes out of line because she wants to maintain herself as a general family-friendly channel. Her “I’m not as talented” shit gets on my nerves because stop building the same house where a white LC user would live in 50 years suburban blue and build something out of the box.

Lilsimsie, Steph0, and Plumbella are the quartet you’re confusing yourself with.

No. 131921

Damn PCOS is a menace. She has my sympathies completely. I’m glad she felt like she could finally come out with it because I fucking hated the silence about the wigs kek

I was never big on her TS2 content but I’ll check it out.

Yes it was The Sims Supply and I agree with everything you’ve said! I thought they were a quartet because I saw a collaboration between the 3 with James and they were all pretty chummy. It was a very mediocre video I couldn’t finish. 3 boring players and 1 overdone over the top personality gets boring. I love Carl’s videos even though nearly all of his ts4 reviews can be summarized as “this is shit, EA should have done better” kek

No. 132083

File: 1615736107827.png (1.05 MB, 1920x1080, e1746fd938ae538fc1250e970f8d00…)

Any anons seen the adventure time episode "little people"? It called simmers out for how batshit our hobby is and I love

No. 132084

Also samefag. But I'd love to know if anyone else has made an excel spreadsheet of their sims life/fashion/family plans before or am I just genuinely touched in the head? I'd take a census and make sure I was happy with the ratio of hair colours/ages

No. 132089

>playing the sims, the digital dollhouse and the most normie game ever is batshit insane

No. 132094

apparently she got cancelled for writing smut about bnha characters that were underage

No. 132113

Yeah I don't get this notion at all. Yet another predominantly female hobby being disproportionately painted as batshit. Most video games have some level of gore and murder in them yet Sims' cartoon violence that most of the community doesn't even engage much with is somehow terribly twisted.

No. 132123

what's batshit about it? i find playing the sims to be a harmless, fun hobby practically anyone in any age group can partake in. i also love how normalized and accepted it is for women and girls to partake in, even if it's side-eyed as "casual" by some.

No. 132161


Imo it's not just gore or fucked up material that can make a game weird so normie games can also be bizarre as a phenomenon or whatever.The sims has such an obsessive fanbase. I like it too but it is a little crazy how common it is for adult women to spend thousands of hours and hundreds of dollars on a buggy wish fulfilment life simulation micromanaging all their little doll lives.

No. 132166

Maybe there are some fringe parts of the community that take the sims obsession too far but it doesn't change that enjoying sims is peak casual/normie hobby. And there is nothing wrong with that! It's just that if playing Sims is weird, IDK how to call things that actually are niche and bizzare to most people. You will not change my mind.

No. 132172

Ok but people spend that amount of time and $ on other games and they're not picked on? Stop hating yourself over nothing.

No. 132180

i randomly got recommended this vintage steph video and wow, her old style suited her so much more.

No. 132208

File: 1615837335158.jpeg (77.92 KB, 960x720, 16D7AAB8-FF8C-40BC-A0BA-C4C4F4…)

This challenge and the “breed out the ugly” challenge never made any sense to me because people would create an ugly sim and just… custom content them out of their ugliness? Like there was no real transformation, you just make an over exaggerated sim and then undo everything to make it pretty and with nicer clothes again.

I wish it was more creative, like they had to make the ugly deathfat sim, use a mod that categorizes sims as “disgusting and unattractively ugly” and try to bring the sim to the beauty standards of their town. Otherwise this challenge is never really a challenge at all. Or at least I wish it was more about trying to work with the features the sim was generated with, and working around them instead of bulldozing them completely. Like an actual challenge.

No. 132284

Sage for nitpick but her eyebrows are so fucking terrible along side with her shitty click bait videos

No. 132517

Oh wow she's 37, I wouldn't have guessed. I like her autism tbh she makes okay vids. Shame about her pcos.

No. 132613

Plumbella and LSS are pretty annoying, but Deligracy is absolutely insufferable to me. This video from a couple years back caused me to lose any respect I had of her. The Sims 4 is the epitome of EA's greed and she enables it while also spectacularly missing the point of every statement the video she's responding to said.

No. 132653

Isn't the point of that challenge seeing how many generations it takes you to actually breed out the ugly and not just giving the Sim a makeover?

No. 133131

what are people's thoughts on Carl? He seems fully sick of the Sims 4 now since it's gone down hill very quickly

I must say I was expecting more from the video though, he seems to have some info brewing in the background regarding the amount of money EA is making from all these useless stuff packs and now kits, but he basically just …reviewed the game packs/expansions again

No. 133427

File: 1616552760379.jpeg (341.81 KB, 750x564, B7DF786B-29D4-490F-AD4B-E70212…)

Thread is absolutely dead but EA finally added bunk beds to the game in the recent updaye, only for it to just be reused beds from dlc packs. Didn’t even make new beds with different designs/patterns, holy fuck, and of course the dumbass community becomes easily placated from such laziness and shortcuts. Embarrassing

No. 133435

This will enable modders though at least, they'll make good cc using the code they added for the bunk beds. I'm guessing they're banking on that, in fact. Next pack will probably feature a nice new bunk bed would be my guess.

No. 133477

Anyone know where I can pirate sims 2, asking for a friend

No. 133479

A) one of the bed frames is apparently from parenthood
B) the beds don't always work if you put stuff below it but apparently they're going to patch this later
Honestly, I feel like this will be another one of those 'well the modders fixed it so we won't bother' things, or it will come several years later
C) I've seen some people say that the trait improvements for neat/perfectionist (not sure which) sims are taken from the dust kit which also let you to 'polish to perfection', but even without that it seems like a lousy update

On the subject of Sims 5 - seeing as it's likely to be online/multiplayer, I honestly can't see it taking the stuff that made Sims 3/2 good and the stuff that made Sims 4 good to mash it together. It seems likely that we will stay with the building mode (as that seems to be the only thing that made Sims 4 good), but the gameplay will be as bland, unless they somehow utilise playing with other players which means that the 'offline' (assuming we get that) version would be shit.
Plus interested to see how they'd work around the large portion of people who play the game just for building

No. 133511

just search dj repacks lol

No. 133514

any one know why r/thesims is private? literally happened out of nowhere.

No. 133516

they linked this post https://www.reddit.com/user/Blank-Cheque/comments/mbmthf/why_is_this_subreddit_private_see_here_for_answers/ a bunch of subreddits are privating because of that admin reddit hired that people aren't allowed to talk about

No. 133536

You forgot to mention the admin they hired is a tranny who is pro pedophilia. Literally.

No. 133946

Either I'm stupid or the Games4theworld sims 2 torrent doesn't work anymore

No. 137271

File: 1618387187433.png (2.27 MB, 1740x1042, Image2.png)

I'm back to being obsessed with Sims 2, today I made a Lolcow-tan sim and put her in Strangetown for that Bella Goth milk.

No. 137272

You legend

No. 137274

She's cute!

No. 137511

I have a problem with decorating and styling, namely I'm anti-talented when it comes to color and patterns. I don't know what goes well with what, any combination I try looks horrifying so all my builds and all my Sims end up being monochrome. It's so dull and tires the eyes.
Any tips? How do I make my designs more interesting and varied and have it all go well together? I'm playing Sims 3 fyi.

No. 137513

Maybe try copying from real life photos

No. 137668

File: 1618563468061.jpg (216.36 KB, 1224x792, 1552537301421.jpg)

Late reply but I'm seeding it and it works on my end. If you can't download the torrent from the G4TW site I can provide the magnet link if you know what to do with it.

Look into basic colour theory. Also make sure wood tone matches.

No. 138787

I wish someone would make the perfect sims game with all of the best things from each of the games packed into one. It's annoying when I'm playing a game but miss something. Sims 2 is better than Sims 4, but Sims 4 looks better, has better toddlers, has Get To Work which I enjoyed, and for a person like me who hates building and decorating, downloading lots from the gallery was a blessing. Sims 3 wins with the open world but loses with how bad it runs on most computers. I feel like I'll never fully enjoy a sims game.

No. 138927

Sims 4 toddlers are adorable but so fucking stressful that they completely derail the game. If you want them to have a decent childhood on a shorter lifespan you have to basically build a baby containment center. Sims 2 toddlers cried in their beds all day but they were made of tougher stuff.
Sims 4 toddlers leave their beds to ask for a story and get stuck.
Also sims 2 toddlers slept in pet beds and snuggled the animals.

No. 138928

But other than that 100% agree

No. 139211

She's cute, could you maybe link the hair style? lol

No. 142802

anyone notice how vixella is copying sssniperwolf's videos now? she even started talking like her…like i know sssniperwolf didn't invent reacting to tiktoks but the similarities are undeniable

No. 142805

I've played sims 2 and 3, but I keep going back to 4. Despite everything thats missing or lacking, I love it. The only time i've felt I wasted my money was that Outdoor pack, that I don't use and My first Scam stuff.
There's careers from DLC's I haven't even touched because I haven't made the right Sim for it.
Like i never played the Get to Work jobs because I haven't had the right storyline and I brought that years ago.
Same with the acting job. Plus my mod folder is bigger then my game now LOL. I think Sims 2 has more details, Sims 3 has more stuff and is fun, but Sims 4 has a lot of good in it.

No. 146171

File: 1622413008368.jpg (13.92 KB, 280x280, d0b7df3e6bb56bcfb9430a20435e7f…)

Bonny nonnies can I please get some recommendations for unique looking sims for download?

Alpha, MM, fantasy, I just want sims for my game that are actually varied or have some character. Love kamiiri's sims based on real people because at least they aren't all eternal insta-baddie teens and Ken dolls. Recommendations for presets and sliders other than the luumia and obscurus or the endless big lips would also be so appreciated

No. 149249

File: 1624244376105.png (87.94 KB, 1248x933, scrotes kys.PNG)

Hey girlies anyone interested in higher chances of rape randomly happening to your sims? Such a great idea, I mean it'd definitely give Sims 4 University more realism right?

No. 149255

Was the Sims community always this degen and I just didn't notice it or did this happen with Sims 4 specifically? At this point even non-players seem to know of WW for example

No. 149258

Teen sex mods were always a thing but imo it seems the ability to mod degen stuff has gotten worse with TS4. I notice that it's usually the same characters creating the illegal mods (Colonel Nutty being the main one). Seeing as that mod I posted in picrel is a modification to his original mod, I feel like it might help if he was banned outright from producing mods. He has been banned off of some websites but not all of them which is why he keeps making more bizarre/illegal sex mods. He had one involving children apparently.

No. 149342

My 6-year-old niece is coming to town and I’m gonna introduce her to the sims. I’m sooo excited, I was her age when I started playing.

No. 149395

File: 1624351179336.jpg (Spoiler Image,21.67 KB, 474x380, penis 01.jpg)

>Was the Sims community always this degen
Yes, as far back as TS1. The difference now is that sex mods have reached a stage of refinement where they aren't laughably crude. It also doesn't help that TS4 is lacking in gameplay compared to TS2 and TS3.

No. 149397

I feel like theres more degen mods for sims4 because the base game is incredibly lacking compared to its predecessors.

I’ve been hoping for a patch to fix autonomy system but it’s so fucking broke.

No. 162678

File: 1633174511635.jpeg (98.85 KB, 680x621, B55840D3-9D96-4C8C-802D-1A5C24…)

I’m looking to buy a new laptop that the sims 4 and all its expansions will run smoothly on, also I want to get into using mods as I never have before (always had shit 4gb laptops)
recommendations please ladies? I’m not in a position to be spending 500 - 1200 On a whim

No. 162680

Anyone thinking about buying this stuff pack - absolutely do it. It’s better than most of their fucking game packs which are almost twice the price. I love the gameplay, the furniture and the CAS clothes. The spectres are adorable. I would of liked it to be “scarier” but whatever.

No. 162701

File: 1633204650394.png (21.43 KB, 472x393, spec.png)

I bought a laptop with these specs for 1200€ last week and it runs sims 4 perfectly. I have the pirated version with all packs and I can run it with reshade now, and I also have 20gb of mods/cc.
This laptop is definitely a bit of an overkill for sims 4 though, but hey if you want something decent this is my recommendation.

No. 168023

Anyone here has any experience with making Sims 2 (must be 2) custom content from extracted meshes from other games? More specifically outfits and hair.

No. 168025

No but you can find loads of TS2 tumblr blogs

No. 174092

Does anyone know how I can turn off the weird new story progression thing in the Sims 4 where other sims call you and ask if they can get married of have a baby? It is so annoying and I like to have complete control over the population.

No. 174124

can we finally admit that this series is being ran to the ground and going to be milked by EA for years to come?

No. 176005

File: 1640665990090.png (3.61 KB, 280x75, gja.png)


No. 177724

File: 1641538015501.png (8.19 MB, 2794x2391, sims.png)

An anon on /ot/ wanted to see the fairytale sims world I made so I thought I'd share it here.

I used the world Moon Valley which is downloadable from the sims3 store and bulldozed most buildings except for the ones I couldn't be bothered making again (the equestrian centre and junkyard).

The little market you see is something I curate myself with some of the townies, they all grow fruits and vegetables from home and sell it at their stalls for other townies to buy. I made a big bath house which you can see in the bottom right, but I'm not overly happy with the columns.

I populated my little town with all sorts of supernaturals, vampires, fairies, werewolves, witches, you name it. It does lag sometimes but I use mods to keep it running smoothly.

No. 177727

Thank you for posting this for me, I love this anon! The buildings are beautiful, you did an amazing job with this world. The bath house is really pretty and the Market idea is so cute! Supernatural is also one of my favorite EPs, I always find some way to incorporate it into every save.

No. 177732

No problem at all! I'm in love with this little world and love to share it around. Supernatural is my favourite too. I wish I had more photos but it's currently winter and things don't look nearly as good.
I hope this inspires some of your sim creations nonnie! I love to see what other people do when they get creative on sims.

No. 177733

That bath house really resembles a Hungarian spa I went to once. I don't get why you're not pleased with it, looks great.

EA already killed the Sims franchise as far as I'm concerned. I didn't have the desire to buy Sims 4 at all. It's not a quick death like that of Sim City, but a slow painful one.

No. 177736

I actually modelled it after the hungarian spa I went to myself! Good to know it's come through in the visuals.
I'm also on the same boat with having no interest in sims 4 whatsoever. Something about the lack of open world really killed it for me, that's a big part of why I love 3 to begin with.

No. 177738

>I actually modelled it after the hungarian spa I went to myself!
Oh wow, you're talented! You totally managed to replicate it

No. 177750

File: 1641545625739.gif (17.48 KB, 220x175, mashiho-mashmellow.gif)

You guys!!! So sweet.

No. 177789

This is soooooooo awesome, I want to live in the top left house

No. 180135

File: 1642604999456.jpeg (226.26 KB, 828x690, 4E92A116-055F-4DE3-BD65-C80123…)

Necroing our sims thread because I saw this and it annoyed me enough to do it.

The game has an entirely fake language why do we need cUsToM pRoNoUnS?

No. 180136

They are doing this retarded shit to distract consoomer zoomers who are neck deep in gender ideology from the fact sims 4 is a shit game. And it'll fucking work. I'm so glad I have a cracked version of the game so I can opt out of all the shit updates.

No. 180137

I hope it'll be ignorable if I don't choose it, imagine if some npc automatically have neo pronouns.

No. 180139

How are they going to implement this in non-English languages?

No. 180141

it's okay, sims can misgender other sims in simlish and all we get to hear are whippa chona dog

No. 180143

I want the sims 4 to fucking end already. But I bet they'll keep it alive right up until the sims 5 comes out because that's what happened to the sims 3 when sims 4 came out. I hope the sims 5 launch is so astronomically bad that it takes ea years to recover.

No. 180148

look, i fucking love sims 4 (it's great for builders) but all this woke bullshit is annoying me. they're really pandering to asian countries lately, too.

No. 180157

In what way? Don't lots of asian languages don't even have pronouns? Or was this referring to something else?

No. 180159

they even put a bunch of trannies (ofc only mtf) on the cover of the new shitty kit that no one will buy kek

No. 180177

File: 1642618932354.jpg (28.03 KB, 250x350, Urbz_GameCube.jpg)

All I want is a spin off sims like urbz or even the console sims with a story (2, castaway)

No. 180193

Maxis is a joke game developer at this point, there's no other way to put it.

No. 180221

we've gotten chinese festival kits, free korean festival updates, and let's not even start on EVERY sim being named some shit like "Sato Akowaza

No. 180282

>they're really pandering to asian countries lately, too.
More like, cashing in on weebs and koreaboos kek

No. 181746

How do you play the sims, nonas? I'm interested in hearing about what's happening in your current save. I personally usually do a legacy challenge every new game, but my longest legacy started having too many ugly sims spawn, homeless sims were allowed to move in so every world was populated by fat reheaded asians with latin names and I felt like my legacy family had a poor dating pool. I then started up a new save, remade every premade sim so that they were more attractive (some people at ea/maxis have never seen a human before, there are so many unbelievably ugly premade sims), disallowed homeless sims moving in, and let them mccc center and wicked whims do their thing to get them to make more good looking sims to save and then put in my legacy game for my legacy family heirs to marry. Except I got really invested in the 2nd save and I've been exclusively playing it for months now. Now I have multiple families that I rotate around. I think I'm on my 6th generation in save #2

No. 181748

i only play ts2 and i do the same. i love playing legacies and watching a family populate an empty neighborhood. sometimes i start with multiple families just to make it more interesting. unfortunately i get super bored of my sims when they get too rich and their houses get too nice kek. it's really weird. i already have that hack that makes bills way higher and a hack that disables the automatic inheritance to the family/friends after a sim dies, but they just earn cash too fast sometimes.

No. 181769

I've been playing Sims 2 pretty much since release, so at this point in time I'm just trying to make the game more chaotic challenging for me, which includes
>no cheats, obviously
>modding the household limit out and keep every single sim until they die in some way or another (my record currently lies at 19 sims at once)
>more dangerous fires and diseases
>harder homework and jobs
>higher bills
>no perma plat status for granting life wishes
>fight anyone anytime regardless of current relationship
>potential death by childbirth (still looking for a mod that could kill your sim at dangerous jobs if you chose the wrong chance card)
>slower skilling
>blind needs, if I'm feeling up to it

I've had CJs Edukashun Iz Gud mod for a while, which made it impossible for sims to get to the higher levels of any career unless they went to college, but I hate playing college, so I took that out and replaced it with job stoppers. If anyone has mods that might the game worse, please link them, I'm always on the lookout for more, since even like that the game could be a little harder, still lol.

No. 181771

File: 1643226532972.jpeg (Spoiler Image,4.4 MB, 4032x3024, C7F417E8-564F-44F0-A8DB-A5776B…)

my ts4 trophy doesn't let me know after 15th generation, and I don't use mods in general so I'm just vaguely guessing that my legacy play may be at 20th right now (I need to keep track better..)
Picrel is one of the households I managed to take photo of, I made the purple girl married to Bess (Eco Lifestyle NPC)
Alien breeding is also very fun imo. The toddle twins are grown up and moved out by now

How many did you get keep your first save?

I solved my ugly breeding sims problem by using cheat cas.fulleditmode as they become teenagers. The manual CAS for my sims to stay attractive and not wearing ugly clothes have been a major chore for me, otherwise it's still pretty fun! I'm actually having trouble to have one of the household to stay alive long enough to unlock a hidden career item in Eco Lifestyle the meat vertical garden

Tell me about your legacy experience anon!

No. 181774

File: 1643227095315.png (Spoiler Image,1.44 MB, 1920x1051, 09-14-20_9-15-39 PM.png)

I never play with families of sims, I don't make them age or have children, I don't ever find that fun. I just make up my own sims to live in the city, make their houses and play with them for a bit until I get bored then I move onto the next sim. I got bored of everything very quickly until one day I decided to make jojo characters as sims and watch them doing their random shit, that was so fun. They can just do whatever and I'll be laughing hysterically
The left one is so pretty I love her
That's brutal!!

No. 181777

I make characters from other games and have them act my personal autistic version of a reality show.
>I never play with families of sims, I don't make them age or have children, I don't ever find that fun.
same, I let characters get pregnant sometimes but I use mods to terminate the pregnancies before it's too late. or just bring out the good old OMGWTFBBQ, if only it existed for 3 and 4 too

No. 181785

Oh yeah, I can find raising children can be tedious and there's not much to do when they're at school all the time. And the toddlers really keep my adult sims so busy to have fun on their own (this is so true in real life lol). I still find children sims are absolutely adorable, I especially love the animation when they interact with a pet. Maxis' animation is definitely top-tier despite of gameplay's degradation tbh.

Anon!! Your picrel!! Your Mayor Whisker is sick please take him to the vet omg!

No. 181787

Blegh animals keep getting sick every 5 minutes! It drives me mad

No. 181822

File: 1643241837336.jpg (28.63 KB, 631x377, 0epj43x2omn41.jpg)

i like to make extremely detailed lot sets and my oc families, they all usually have a theme or a story. I don't usually get past the first few generations unless I'm fucking around and doing a legacy.
>every world was populated by fat reheaded asians with latin names
kek. I can't play without either genociding the townies and replacing them manually or customizing them all. the random generation is so fucked. usually I just change their name and slap a skin overlay on there to make them less fuckugly

No. 181842

File: 1643249562018.jpg (60.67 KB, 810x455, art1-810x455.jpg)

New kit.
This is getting so bad, I can't even be bothered to pirate this shit anymore.

No. 181937

>>181842 The troon pandering levels are getting out of control. First we had a kit essentially dedicated to skirts and odd looking men's fashion, then the pronoun update, and now this? To make things worse they collaborated with a drag queen on this pack. Really trying to milk the "nonbinary" teenage girl dollars aren't they.

No. 182009

does anyone else have some hope that things will get better with ts5? ea will nickel and dime everything like they've been doing but wasn't one of the reasons ts5 sucked at launch because they had to remove all the online features? I want to think things could be better for since they won't be starting with a base game that's bad from the get go.

No. 182018

I don't have hope at all. The executives at EA are hellbent on shoving online social features and microtransactions into anything and everything without having any understanding of the video games they're doing it to. Executive meddling with forced online killed SimCity 2013 so they made Maxis turn the online sims game they were working on into a full single player title. Maxis were given a year to do this and that is why TS4 is a broken mess with bugs and missing features. Other Sims base games have had a four year development cycle. I fully expect EA to do the exact same shit with TS5, rushed inadequate development and forced features nobody asked for. I can't say I have much faith left in Maxis either.

No. 182077

I grind to max skills, it's a compulsion.
I have a mod for the attraction system that rates attraction based on a number of variables - traits, mood, and - skill level. Everysim is falling head over heals for my sims because of their maxxed skill lvls.
I find this to be very realistic. I too would be very impressed by someone who danced like Michael Jackson, cooked like Jaimie Olivier, wrote like Ernest Hemingway, played ball like Michael Jordan etc.

No. 182273

sounds neat, whats the name of the mod?

No. 182372

File: 1643506330497.png (4.19 MB, 1500x1094, flamingo home.png)

I have a lot of builds but I thought I'd share pictures of a san franciso townhouse build i worked on, it was one of my first builds years ago.

No. 182373

File: 1643506491861.png (3.26 MB, 1494x898, botanicals.png)

and here are the plant themed rooms in that house, quite tedious to place all the plants but it came out like I wanted!

No. 182397

wtf nonnie these are both amazing. do you have a simblr?

No. 182403

File: 1643523056722.png (4.58 MB, 1912x1057, 2020-01-30 Apothecary.png)

i've thought about it but i'm too lazy to run a blog lol, would rather spend my time making more junk. thank you nona!

No. 182407

you used a few pieces of my cc here! i wont say who i am though.

No. 182437

may i ask a sauce for the work desk? it's hard to find cc desks that aren't too small..

No. 182445

File: 1643552914038.jpeg (84.56 KB, 810x456, FI67EORX0AU3G1Y-810x456.jpeg)

Finally representation for the South American troon prostitutes, the hon in red is atrocious. Sex work game pack when? We also need a mental illness kit, separate from a neurodiversity kit of course! It's all so bleak nonnas, they could have made the underroofs recolorable or worked on the babies, just about anything would have been better than pronouns and men in skirts. My terf heart grows more tired every passing day

No. 182449

same, I kinda really like editing the townies as my played sims come across them. If they strike up a conversation, I'll at the very least slap some skin details on the randos lol.
I've played ts2 and ts4 for ages but I have never completed a legacy, the farthest I've gotten is gen 4. Just can't stay interested

No. 182558

This looks awful. I played the sims 2 again and the difference is insane. When everything is so woke as in the sims 4, actual fun interactions between sims are non existent. It’s FUN when things are slightly offensive. The sims 4 is so scared of offending the player that the gameplay falls completely flat

No. 182605

dude that's so cool! it must be fun to see people using your cc
it's peacemaker's vara office desk. i know what you mean, most of my cc desks are almost child sized.

No. 182747

i have a medium size following and a few of my things are really popular. it is a lot of fun to see them out in the wild. i'm not on a big level though like say peacemaker or aroundthesims.

No. 183005

i love ts2 but i hate how easy it is for a neighborhood to become corrupt. i don't delete sims, i don't try to fuck the grimreaper or whatever, i don't mess with shit i'm not supposed to mess with, i don't even use the testingcheat. but no matter what i do, my game always ends up becoming corrupted. sometimes i can play a legacy until like generation 6 oder 7 when the first problems pop up, other times it appears out of nowhere within the first week of playing a completely empty neighborhood with only one playable sim. it's like the game was only made with retards who think removing the pool ladder is prime entertainment in mind. i wanna play long legacies, have intricate relationships and blood ties, and populate a whole neighborhood from scratch, but i can't, when too many memories or relationships already make the game explode!!

No. 183140

File: 1643744763583.jpg (413.66 KB, 1024x768, Screenshot-52.jpg)

I can't get over how ugly the birds look in the sims 3 ! Did they let the unpaid intern make the 3d models ?

No. 183143

File: 1643745083478.jpeg (14.63 KB, 300x168, 346B4445-DAB6-478A-9C39-A69B16…)

Dreaming of a sims 3 64-bit remaster

No. 183170

i want sims 2 source code leak/release, this game is abandonware anyway. sims 2 is like a rough diamond, modders are doing a great job polishing it and they could go even further with the source available. i hate that electronic sharts refuse to do it while also not even giving players the chance to obtain the game legally anymore.

No. 183255

Look at this dude. Look at the top of his head! LOOK AT HIS LIPS!!!

No. 183383

Do any other oldfags remember the Sims 2 music videos? I haven’t played since TS2 but these videos and the Sims 2 exchange stories will always be a great memory

No. 183397

File: 1643781256745.jpg (36.8 KB, 600x450, tumblr_oh5s2sl87v1qju6n5o1_640…)

I remember how sad I was when I couldn't buy the physical copies in my country anymore.. I had almost all of them, just few minor expansions missing. Ah, good times, shit was already expensive that time too.
Didn't know you couldn't buy it anymore on origin.
Been years since I got in my origin account or played the sims 2 so this is a very dumb question: if I got the game years ago via origin, will I still be able to download it?

No. 183403

>if I got the game years ago via origin, will I still be able to download it?
Fortunately that still works

No. 183434

File: 1643795697718.png (590.06 KB, 540x762, tumblr_15db59bf7cd771d1bc3dd80…)

does anyone know wcif this ts2 hairstyle? i don't wanna ask the op of this sim because she has autistic piss jokes on her simblr and i don't wanna interact with weirdos like that kek.

No. 183439

Using this as inspiration for my real life bedroom. So cute nonnie

No. 183620

exchange stories were so wild. I was so obsessed as a teen that I'd read until bed. That era of janky sim novellas and miniseries can never be replicated.

No. 183634

think this is newsea's vince hairstyle, but its for ts3/ts4

No. 184017

not to necro this post but aren't you kind of missing the point about sims being….well…. a life simulator? I mean adding all the things you just mentioned would just be adding elements to the sims to make it all the more realistic, even though you're just taking the piss.

No. 184088

>>183143 I would kill for this. Playing sims 3 on windows with not a single error 12 in sight.


No. 184092

Sims games were never meant to be 100% realistic, they've always been a little cartoony and tongue in cheek. Hyperrealism is just not fun.

No. 184095

Found a SFS folder that has nearly all Newsea hair, including Vince!

No. 184102

Does anyone know of good romantic wicked whims mods/animations? there used to be this really nice hugging set but i can't find it anymore.

No. 184116

i play ts2 and ts1 exclusively, in ts1 it's mostly the same i just build stuff and grind manically to make a successful celeb or magic sim, or i play the premades. in ts2 i also have two playstyles. one is where i play the premades a ton without ever saving because i need all the families always being at their starting point so that i can replay different "routes" for all the characters without having to reinstall. i have a weird emotional attachment to the premades so i can't have them be gone from the game or change or i will get so much anxiety for no reason lol. i also love the unique "event" message things when you first enter their lots (like when you're encouraged to make cassandra marry don), that shit just does something to me idk why. my other playstyle is making my own neighborhood from scratch, doing all the public and private lots and filling it with families. i love the roleplaying/storytelling functions of ts2 so i always write bios for everyone and everything, make up complex stories for all the families and the town, make photo albums of important events of each familly's lore as well as photo albums for the whole town like the premade neighborhoods. rn i'm even working on editing a main photo the same style as the premade neighborhood stories have with like a cover art thing with the "main characters" of the town all edited together doing their thing (this is proving to be so fucking hard though since i can't edit photos or use photo editing programs effectively for shit). i'm also kind of ocd about writing everything in the sims 2 writing style, idk how to explain that though, i kind of mimic the style and syntax of the descriptions and bios and everything and write to make everything i do fit in with the unique tone/aesthetic of the game. don't use any mods or cc, i have used teen pregnancy mod in the past because for some reason i just love making angela pleasant become pregnant with her bf dustin broke and have her family disown her over this, leading to her and dustin having to move in together and live tragically like trailerpark people. i also love doing this with romeo and juliette in veronaville for obvious reasons. anyway, i'm also working on making my own university and city for my neighborhood. obviously this is all a huge timesink, i have only had a few somewhat complete neighborhoods in my life, and i've played since forever.

No. 184139

>one is where i play the premades a ton without ever saving because i need all the families always being at their starting point so that i can replay different "routes" for all the characters without having to reinstall
You can reset the premade neighbourhoods without reinstalling the game. There's clean templates of Maxis hoods that have had some of the corruption issues fixed. You can just download them and replace the existing version of the neighbourhoods whenever you want to start a fresh play through.

It's also possible to have more than one version of a premade neighbourhood installed. This tutorial explains how

No. 184221

wow, thank you i will check it out

No. 184228

Which game neighbourhood has the best premades and why is it Sims 2 Strangetown?

No. 184229

File: 1643975557417.png (36.13 KB, 256x256, 581C3146-CBF9-49A9-BEE8-D3BA03…)

No. 184280

You can use testingheats just fine, I actually have it activated all the time in my startup file and haven't had my game corrupted in close to a decade.
Read https://sims.fandom.com/wiki/Game_guide:Avoiding_corruption#Avoiding_game_corruption and especially get the mods at "Avoiding neighborhood corruption>Have too many Sims in your neighborhood." You can use Mootildas Hood Checker at MTS to check your neighborhood for corruption and Boiling Oils No Trash Memories at leefish to have the game not create useless memories (instead of having to get rid of them by the batbox periodically). Since you also talked about long legacies: the game doesn't recognize some sims as family past a certain point (like aunts and uncles of the spouse, or anything further away than grandparents), so I'd recommend faiuwles family hacks to have your game recognize great-grandparents (usually they don't live long enough anyways, but just in case you also play with custom life spans), second cousins, spousal family etc.
I know this all is just a band aid on a broken bone, but the game hasn't caused me any problems in years like that lol.

No. 184290

thank you, i actually have all of these downloaded! i think BO's memories mod already helps a lot, but i noticed that i get those squiggly lines in speech bubbles pretty early sometimes and afaik that's a sign of some kind of corruption??

also my game just crashed in CAS when i rolled the pacifier on a couple to preview how their offspring would look and i'm torn between "maybe it's just ts2 being ts2" and "i bet some cc is conflicting and now i have to sort it out." but i haven't changed any of my genetics in months - which i assume would cause a crash when rolling the pacifier - so i don't think it could be that? ugh.

No. 184395

File: 1644014710808.jpg (184.29 KB, 600x450, take me back.jpg)

I'm glad someone else remembers them! The legacy challenge stories were my favorite but I can remember the names of a few others I loved because autism I guess: A few exchange stories, mostly legacies, have been archived here clockwatching.net/~jack/s2/reader

>the gravity of being green about the alien girl (i think she was called yvette) adopted by human parents

>melancholy dreams by amandaskeefer about the family growing up in a trailer park with mommy issues teen pregnancy etc
>all about the girls by amandaskeefer which was another alien story about sisters in high school iirc
>menace over pleasantview about the dark side of the pleasantview premades or something
>also the uglacy legacy by candi where she tried to create the ugliest sim possible using npcs kek

No. 184480

i barely read anything on the sims exchange, but i loved reading legacy stories or prosperity challenges on lj or blogspot. i loved how "ugly" cc looked back then and i feel like people had way more fun playing because they didn't have to post pretty photoshopped pics to their simblrs. and they were genuinely so creative and many stories had such well-written commentary… good times.

No. 184487

File: 1644062049000.jpeg (45.6 KB, 400x302, E70F3C26-5DB6-40E4-9B7F-DA05C8…)

fuck yeah, i used to read the shit out of legacy stories but on the swedish thesims.se. the site has been gone a million years now but i would die to be able to reread familjen love, one of the most famous and funny legacies on there.

No. 184492

Yeah, I loved Jaydee's videos. I remember thirsting over the guy from her 'From Yesterday' one when I was like 12, lmao. I miss that website… Sims99? It had a bunch of machinimas on it that I used to download and watch. There's one that I vaguely remember but I think it's forever lost.

No. 185070

The people who make you pay for their CC folder and lock it beyond a patron are gross. I'm talking people who don't even own the CC, isn't that making money off of other people's work? Patron bas ready fucked over the community as it is. I don't mind people who make actual mods or even alpha cc, locking shit and giving it for free a week later. Though we have people who never unlock their shit. It's just like damn.

No. 185196

every single google search i make starts with “sims 3” and today i had to stop playing because my vampire’s gravestone disappeared and now i can’t resurrect him

No. 185299

PMBD, the booty, TS4 Rebels and Dollhouse Mafia. Never pay for CC.

No. 185307

honestly i dont think it will ever even be possible but wish i had better programming skills so i could translate the whole sims 2 game into estonian. growing up i never got to play games in my native language because it's too niche i guess, the country is so small that there is no ts2 community either. I have built my own estonian themed neighborhood for years and i would gladly sink many more years of my life into an autistic project like this to be fully immersed.

No. 185308

The trailer for the new pack features an Asian man getting cucked by a black lesbian.

No. 185944

A lot of black lesbians irl seem pretty based so I don't see what the problem is.

No. 186181

File: 1644706113465.png (396.23 KB, 762x871, bp.png)

Do any other oldfags remember the Boolprop and Garden of Shadows forums that were popular around 2005-2010? afaik GOS is still-semi active and used to have some great TS2 cc. I think Boolprop is dead or at least wildly different though, it used to be popular with legacy writers who posted on the official site

No. 186207


def remember GOS. always wonder what happened to the creators.

No. 186233

No. 186275

oh i used to be active on bp or at least tried to be but the atmosphere there was kinda weird. idk.

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