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No. 94277

Sorry but Suga's Jim Jones scandal is gold, it ended with Bighit admitting his mixtape wasn't wholly self-produced(conveniently left out) so he didn't know where the sermon came from. Plus his English sucks he prob thought it sounded like cool and authoritative gibberish. Lmao

No. 94278

nah I think they're claiming that so suga doesn't take the blame. the mixtape is really shitty and sounds like one person without any skills made it

No. 94279

>>94278 Lmao exactly, good thing Koreans more woke about idols being well-manufactured groups than intl fans.

Article: Suga, backlash over ambiguous statement? "I leave traps for cockroaches in my music"

1. [+2,854, -367] One of the biggest reason the public likes BTS is not because they're talented artists but because everyone saw them build themselves from the bottom up. I've noticed that recently, they've become a little too full of themselves… Yes, it's true that they've grown to become an influential group, but they didn't mature with a sense of responsibility to go with it; I always assumed that they had their own morals inside their own heads but whenever a scandal or problem breaks out, they always hide behind their agency, and it's made me realize that they're just another 20-something year old with money but no sense of personal judgment.

3. [+2,762, -300] He seems to have fallen into his own trap

4. [+323, -29] He has earned so much more than his actual talents so he is really living in a delusion where he believes that he is greater than he is

5. [+317, -30] He sounds like a total tryhard…

6. [+279, -21] Unless you're an idol like Henry who can write, compose, and arrange your own music, please don't go around acting like you're a prodigy or an artist ㅋㅋㅋ You're basically just putting up a spoon on a table set by other more talented musicians, that does not make you an artist ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+256, -25] Thank goodness we didn't try to get BTS exempt from the army

8. [+245, -16] Suga acts like he's suffered the entire world's hate and unfairness… but I bet if you gave anyone his picture, they wouldn't know he's a BTS member;;

9. [+178, -40] His songs suck. 'ON' is terrible too. You barely hear it on the radio.

10. [+169, -13] He really thinks he's an artist ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ these celebrities are so drunk on themselves in a world where money is power ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

11. [+162, -14] He seems to think of the public as a joke. So if people like you, they're your Armies, but if people hate you, they're cockroaches? You can't just divide up the world like that. People can hate you. The entire world should not be expected to like you.

12. [+140, -20] BTS' bubble seems to be popping… They don't realize that they're nothing but a well finished product of their agency. They're so drunk on their own money and popularity that they've become delusional in the realities of their own talent. All of this is what happens naturally by people like that.

No. 94280

What's everyone's opinions on More & More?

I think it's probably the worst Twice comeback so far. It looks and sound like a nugu group comeback. I love EDM but it's some weak, cliche EDM. Tropical-trap-house is outdated anyways, they could have gone with deep house or something better.

From what I've heard Twice themselves haven't been too excited about it.

No. 94281

New Twice Song is super meh

No. 94282

>9. [+178, -40] His songs suck. 'ON' is terrible too. You barely hear it on the radio.
i wonder if that's true because on is still charting well.
their singing is just too weak even for the average kpop group and it brings down the quality of their songs.

No. 94284

Did the mods say another thread could be created or is this one just gonna end up deleted?
I feel like the only non-stan that doesn't completely hate the song but it's just boring. idk why they didn't just ask BEP to make a fancy 3.0
the whole thing was wild. I can't believe armys really created this whole narative of Jim Jones being anti-korean just to defend him.

No. 94285

Suga went from lil meow meow to grown ass man when he fucked up

No. 94286

>>94285 grown ass men don't rely on their agency or shift the blame to their producers and pretend they didn't know anything. The funniest shit was Armies writing 5000 word essays analyzing the song, Jim Jones theories and what Suga meant. Then bighit says it wasn't self produced so he didn't know shit.

"Before the scandal: our oppa is a composer-lyricist genius!
After the scandal: our oppa didn't even compose nor write the lyrics, why are you guys overreacting?

No. 94287

File: 1591050753816.jpeg (380.44 KB, 828x669, 1B01160E-9064-4C8C-AE6F-6E5170…)

No. 94288

sounds like a kard song. i like the breakdown but I thought kpop had finally moved past this tropical house thing
this was bound to happen. it's a consequence of taking from a culture you don't actually understand. there were defenders claiming that kendrick did the same so it's ok for him too (i cant even find the song, I know for a fact that a sample of him is used in a brockhampton songs though). If kendrick did, he had clear meaning and intent. Suga does it because it "sounds cool" and "hip hop". The track itself is just another "screw the haterz" message so…

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