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No. 95319

Does anyone else like looking at someone else's living space?
Does anyone else like watching renovations, transformations, storage and interior design?
Post your favorite media here.

No. 95320

No. 95964

I love watching other people's living spaces/homes. I feel like its a way for me to sort of self insert, since I don't have the money to decorate and renovate my living space.

I really liked this woman's tiny home. I really like how comfy it looks and I would love to live in a similar place as this home.

No. 95967

That staircase is illegal lol

No. 95994

How so?

No. 96059

Regulations on stairs are pretty specific, look into it if you want a really stupid rabbithole to get into.

No. 96379

For starters the step height is too high. And There's no side railings so it's a lawsuit waiting to happen. Doesn't look structurally safe neither.

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