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File: 1489302233082.png (515.11 KB, 714x449, Mabinogi irl.png)

No. 9581

ITT: Post pictures of what people post online vs how they actually look

No. 9582

File: 1489302448118.png (127.43 KB, 406x201, irl.png)

No. 9583

File: 1489302500918.jpg (389.16 KB, 575x660, 1450652445104.jpg)

No. 9584

File: 1489334583549.jpg (68.76 KB, 579x428, 578238_215381688575610_1960810…)

never 4get

No. 9585

So confused, the IRL is spades cuter than that shitty edit.

No. 9586

It's meant to be the other way around. The left was her irl on tv appearance vs her ps selfie online kek anon just did it the wrong way around

No. 9587

File: 1489425506893.png (1.18 MB, 1773x599, 25766aswa.png)

No. 9588

ah, yes. this thread wouldn't be complete without our queen snooze.

No. 9589

Pity-her husband is cheating on her and she can't do anything about it

No. 9590


No. 9591

>spades cuter

No. 9592

File: 1489443286195.jpg (55.69 KB, 640x699, 1-25.jpg)

No. 9593

File: 1489443426334.png (647.66 KB, 610x612, cover_17.png)

No. 9594

honestly, she looked exact the same back then. it's just filters and angles, but she looks the exact same person in the 'reality' pics. but that was maybe 2-3 years ago and we all know she doesn't look like this anymore

No. 9595

what? is there info on this in the gg thread?

No. 9596

I'm waiting for anon to respond too but I think they're just making shit up

No. 9597

File: 1489454775721.jpg (74.22 KB, 604x461, 548105e2e691b21281bbfdf8_736.j…)

Yeah, she was like 15-16 in most of 'before' photos and people's face still aren't fully aged/mature then. Pic related is my favorite though, shows that good lighting/angles/posing is everything.

No. 9598

none of this picture is about lighting/angles/posing. it's about her having her hair in a fizzy ponytail, no makeup, and in the middle of talking.

No. 9599

It kind of is the angle though, her nose looks horrible from straight on.

No. 9600

her nose looks horrible on the left, the right isnt ideal but more natural

No. 9601

Joanna didn't look that hot in her selfies anyway.

No. 9602

File: 1489943534182.jpg (4.14 MB, 3240x4500, misa_chiang.jpg)


No. 9603

basically all chinese cosplayers
(or asian)

No. 9604

still hot tbh

No. 9605

File: 1490237216370.png (2.4 MB, 2180x1110, fodyfi.png)

No. 9606

Well, at least they are happy together.

No. 9607

I'm surprised she's fat but somehow that doesn't bother me

No. 9608

File: 1490275873782.jpg (397.26 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170323_142743_883.jpg)

No. 9609

File: 1490280078337.jpg (194.04 KB, 1037x691, Renard Queenston.jpg)

No. 9610

he's a literal rape gremlin…

No. 9611

w h y

No. 9612

Oh god I had forgotten about this gross furry rapist

No. 9613

Why does he look like a 55 year old man trying to fit in with 12 year old emos in 2005

No. 9614

>Ren Queenston, also known as Renard Queenston, VULPvibe Records, LapFox Trax, Voodoo Nurse, Halley Labs and NSRRenard (born 1988), is an agender electronic musician and game designer. They live in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
t. Wikifur

No. 9615

File: 1490392164668.png (375.26 KB, 500x433, ren.png)


But wait, there's more!
>28 years old
>they/them pronouns
>repeatedly sexually assaulted his ex-girlfriend, and admitted to it when she called him out for it, but claims to have sexsomnia so he "wasn't aware" he was doing it.

No. 9616

Why are everyone who has that girl/boy caps a rapist? Shmorky had it too

No. 9617

Fellow rapist furries and furries in denial.

I used to be a furry (yes I know, I'm ashamed too), and when I told other furries he was a rapist, they told me I was evil and slandering him. Even though the dude straight up admitted he is a rapist himself.

No. 9618

Swear to god filters are fucking magical. It never always fails to astound me how much it changes someones looks

No. 9619


>The Shmorky hat

Dear god I thought-I prayed- there was only one

No. 9620

File: 1490576688974.jpg (1.69 MB, 2880x3840, IMG_1550.JPG)

Only a mild comparison, but I've been coming across a LOT of cosplayers who look flawless because they butt blast the blur tool. There are worst examples I'd dig up right away but I'm lazy for tonight. Anyways, I kind of actually enjoy going into someone's tagged pics just to see the real them

No. 9621

guess what, when women get older, their skin doesn't keep looking like in a video game so I see not problem with a little PS-ing.
And yes, it will happen to you too.

No. 9622

still cute tho

No. 9623

aw man, that game is so fucking cute, very nostalgic. Where did you get that picture though? Seems a little creepy

No. 9624

Calm down, older triggered anon. She doesn't look that way because of age, she looks like that because she's skinnyfat. And even if she were toned, we all know she wouldn't look like pic on the right, nobody ever would.

No. 9625

It's ruairi's GM Nkeona, she posted it on her public twitter

No. 9626

File: 1490683914801.png (297.71 KB, 600x512, 084.png)

>we all know she wouldn't look like pic on the right, nobody ever would

>that's what I was saying

>why are you argueing with me

No. 9627

File: 1490693523790.png (47.86 KB, 500x319, 5ce.png)

>it's the 'toned' meme again

No. 9628

You literally said
>when women get older, their skin doesn't keep looking like in a video game
I'm just saying it has nothing to do with age

No. 9629

File: 1490721318696.jpg (896.97 KB, 2560x2560, IMG_1025.JPG)

Never forget this girl who always selfposts on cgl

No. 9630

File: 1490721331802.png (30.72 KB, 182x415, IMG_1026.PNG)

Real life

No. 9631

File: 1490722450499.jpg (181.25 KB, 1219x813, Image.jpg)

No. 9632

File: 1490722848165.jpeg (275.64 KB, 683x1024, 89C1769F-7E18-4DB8-8111-3E6FC2…)

Zekia looks tragic irl.

No. 9633

File: 1490724521439.jpg (57.14 KB, 1035x531, wowie.jpg)

Asian beauty filters especially, shit is wild

>ngl tho I love them, they make me look cute as fuck

No. 9634

Real life/online both look ugly but her unshooped is the cuter of the bunch.

No. 9635

File: 1490737620204.jpg (1 MB, 1920x2560, IMG_1035.JPG)

It gets worse.

No. 9636

I - Is this a filter? If so, where do I get this magical app or whatever?

No. 9637

File: 1490755307387.png (70.77 KB, 777x398, 15348.png)

No. 9638

What the fuck happened

No. 9639

>same file name
Looks like anon wants people to shit on her as much as possible.

I guess gulls think it's a vendetta. I think her shoop is awful and she doesn't look that cute though.

No. 9640

Stop selfposting jfc

No. 9641

Fairly certain that it's the same vendetta poster and not a self-post. If you're gonna self-post, why shit all over yourself?
Sage for no contribute.

No. 9642

No. 9643

is this punimelt?

No. 9644

nah, just some rando

No. 9645


No. 9646

Wow she and her white knight army got the thread removed.

No. 9647

File: 1490854186024.png (490.09 KB, 449x401, Girls.png)

>she thinks you can get rid of loose skin by "toning"

No. 9648

oooh this bitch, do not even get me started on her. She is so petty and mean, I don't feel bad for all the vendetta she gets at all. Must be some other person who she's been a bitch toward

No. 9649

Deets? I can def see her being one of those petty, backstabbing Asian girls who would do anything for attention and gets insanely jealous if another girl gets a complimented.

No. 9650

I am itching to spill some of the vile shit she has said, but then it would be obvious who I am and I would not be surprised if she lurks here. She has a really sweet persona online too, it's totally shocking how nasty she can actually be.

But yes, you are completely dead on about that.

No. 9651

Go ahead and spill. She'd have to out herself as a farmer during the process of outing you, which would ruin the sugary sweet persona she's been trying so hard to maintain.

No. 9652

File: 1490917691411.png (468.85 KB, 573x424, 182409.PNG)

this is almost endearing

No. 9653

File: 1490987462715.jpg (41.5 KB, 400x400, nF_tQNIa.jpg)


No. 9654

File: 1490987506435.png (157.05 KB, 265x365, sage.png)

and IRL. Still pretty, but that haircut doesn't do her any favours

No. 9655

can't really see anything wrong, she looks almost the same to me

No. 9656

That's why I said she's still pretty. Face looks a bit wider on the candid compared to her selfies and the expression is a bit dull, but looking like this at 15 is not bad at all

No. 9657

She looks way older than her age. Pretty or not that's not a good thing, it's just the make up and eyebrows though.

No. 9658

I don't understand why this was posted

No. 9659

oh damn, please spill anon. I dealt with her drama too, she was pretty rude. (vague fb drama posts, racial and appearance based insults, the works)

No. 9660

Are y'all gonna spill or not? Spill or GTFO.

No. 9661

File: 1491468346043.jpg (157.76 KB, 1024x769, IMG_1556.JPG)

7 years makes a difference"
I think that's more than just time that's making a difference, honey.

No. 9662

Woah the fuck!? No idea who this is, but did she have extensive plastic surgery or is this shop?

I know that time and hair/makeup can make a huge different, but this doesn't even look like the same person (nose, eye shape, lips, face shape)….The after is cute as fuck but damn lol

No. 9663

>when "7 years" makes you look worse
This weeb shit looks so dumb. She was cute and normal looking before. She looks retarded and borderline scary afterwards. Especially those bright blue lenses over dark brown eyes.

No. 9664

I've gotta disagree. She looked average before, now she looks above average. I think the lighter hair/skin/eyes really work for her.

No. 9665

you sure you're not being fooled by the lighting and photoshop in the after picture? (smaller nose and face shape)

because how in the fuck can you think that ugly ass party city wig and creepy googly eyes dripping off her irises look better than the before picture? she looks like a circus clown who gives children nightmares. she could really do without all that fake shit and milanoo clothing

No. 9666

They think it looks better because they're a weeb

No. 9667

File: 1491518586434.png (958.52 KB, 720x960, 1486434616002.png)

it's shoop. I think it would be fine if her eyes didn't look so over the top.

No. 9668

She finally looks like her before pic

No. 9669

Shockingly I see a bit of a mustache in both pictures but maybe it's my imagination

No. 9670

I don't think it's really fair to compare the first pic, she isn't even wearing makeup in it

No. 9671


i'm not trying to be edgy or anything but… she looks like some skinny dude cross dresser in the second pic.

No. 9672

she's the one who made the comparison herself, she posted it to insta

No. 9673

I think she looks cute either way, but now I can't unsee what you said lol

No. 9674

File: 1491687163787.jpg (43.72 KB, 500x400, Mmorpgs_d5d40c_695452.jpg)






right for both







second post




both but you are right about hair

both but leaning right(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 9675

what even is this? nobody cares

No. 9676

It's who anon would rather fuck.

No. 9677

Did she shoop her jaw off or is her chin really that weak? Because either way, yikes.

No. 9678

If it was shooped then she would've went all out

No. 9679

File: 1492058939242.jpg (65.66 KB, 604x453, Hia_1jlGNeA.jpg)

He repeatedly cheated on and raped his other ex as well. I have no idea how 14 year olds on tumblr continue to kiss his ass.

No. 9680

She looks scary in the second pic tbh

No. 9681

I just came into this thread and its so amusing to see renard brought up. I followed him wayyy wAy WAY back for his music, I wasnt even a furry or involved with the fur community. But I was around for all the drama that happened and yikes, he's a total creep. EVen way back then when he first started showing pics of his "new agender self" I didnt really fall for it, I thought he was a total fucking weirdo.

No. 9682

How come the worst dudes on the internet have so far been of some time of white origin, genuine question

No. 9683

sure, anon, it has nothing to do with personality

No. 9684

Because the internet is a white thing and the english speaking side of the internet is mostly white people, are you dumb?

No. 9685

wtf is the white "people" part what does that mean do black people think they look different. Also wtf is the ever hear a white 'person' say 'ANIME CHARACTERS ARE WHITE!!' what is this

No. 9686

Any other farmers still play mabinogi like in OP??

No. 9687

I do. I made my mom spend over 2 thousand dollars on it over the years and I can't escape it ever since 2009. Please help me

No. 9688

My boyfriend and I play it, though he plays it a lot more than I do and has been playing longer. His dumb ass has spent over a couple thousand on it with those little space irl cash cards you buy.

No. 9689

File: 1496486017011.png (512.25 KB, 675x378, Untitled.png)

No. 9690

I wish, I have to actively make myself not play it because every time I come back I end up spending money. I get kinda sad because everyone I knew is gone. Was a closed beta tester who played actively for about 5-6 years.
Mostly quit after Martyrs hacks got out and people started crashing the server.
Lost about 80m worth of stuff when that used to be a lot. I messaged NX and I literally didn't get a reply til a year later if the exact date, always will be salty because I spent way too much money on it.
Who here ruairi? It'd be funny if any of us knew each other since the community was always kinda small.

No. 9691

you dont know until you get sucked into it, man. nexon will steal all your cash they got the ploys.

alexina here since alexina was the least popular server. i tried making a character in ruairi and it was 100x more dead than alexina used to be.

No. 9692

you dont know until you get sucked into it, man. nexon will steal all your cash they got the ploys
Shit, so true. Maplestory got me super addicted and although I didn't spend a bunch I still wasted money i could've used for something better.

No. 9693

What ploys? I get that they are super cheeky and put restrictions on like maximum gold etc to force you to go vip but you can just choose not to do that.

I imagine they make most of their money from a small pool of rich kids that compete for influence over the production line/economy of mabi

I've been on alexina for years, didn't know it was an unpopular one :o

No. 9694

>what ploys
just about everything in mabi that's fun and worth it requires cash.

>rich kids

yep, all the anons and i hanging out here on lolcow are super rich dude

>max gold

are we even playing the same game or did they restrict you because you're that new?



No. 9695

Yeah after the hacking that came from ruairi happened a lot of people left. Kinda shitty since I knew the people who scripted them(never used them of course) . I can't say anything about other servers since I never tried, I just knew Alexinas had a amazing economy I was jealous of. You know how dyes predicted the economy… Idk about now though.
Ruairi has the most hilarious drama, a lot of the top tier people would marry each other than break up and post the nudes in the forums. I remember the large irl picture thread and ha… I did not want to see their privates.

No. 9696

File: 1496585933906.gif (191.42 KB, 1250x373, inventory.gif)

I played for years without ever putting cash in, you only need cash for pets or getting a foothold in the economy. (actually forget pets you can get them in events)

when I finally got to 3mil gold in my bank mabi was like 'upgrade to vip to get more bank storage', which is crazy because it means you need VIP service to even buy any of the items over 3mil (like 9 mil succubus boots)

I never said anywhere that anons on lolcows are super rich…
>you're that new
I literally said I've played for years in my last post, maybe read posts before you reply

Gems and dyes are practically worthless now from being given away in so many events. Dyes have gone from being 100k avg to nothing in a year

+ omg can we posts pics from IRL threads

No. 9697

aww i couldn't find any
do you have any of these irl pictures anon

No. 9698

remember when dyes were 50k then 100k then 300k-700k and now idk what they are. fucking alexina's market is crazy in fluctuation.

also, i'd rather not see anyones nudes from mabinogi considering how everyone looks on the facebook page lmao

No. 9699

God, I miss this game so much, I used to spend hours upon hours playing. I've still never found a game that is that enjoyable to me, the combat system was weird but way more engaging than other MMOS i've tried, and the fashion items were perfect.
I would kill for an updated version of the game with more modern graphics.

No. 9700

File: 1497827800262.jpg (42.57 KB, 359x350, beforeafter.jpg)

I wonder if she gets every photographer to photoshop her, or asks them to only post pics she's edited herself

No. 9701

Fellow ruairi here, fuck guwayno and his shitty guild

No. 9702

>Ruairi has the most hilarious drama

The most I know is that the left girl in OP's pic >>9581 is ruairi's GM

No. 9703

Who is that ?

No. 9704

No. 9705


Sage for off-topic, but did you ment to type gawayno instead of guwayno? If so, gawayno is some mabinogi autist player i used to know a couple years ago.

No. 9706

I don't get how they are so… okay with looking that different? like if I go home and look in the mirror after taking my makeup off, if I look pretty then, then I'm actually pretty. I don't get it

No. 9707

I had a weird instance where I met with some of Zekia's friends and her boyfriend and they claimed that she "only used filters" and did not shoop. The delusion was unreal, especially considering how much she shoops her own bf in ig pictures lol.
Her eye surgery is also extremely obvious.

No. 9708

yeah fuck that autistic guy

her eyes looked untouched irl though, why get surgery and still look small? it makes no sense

No. 9709

that's ridiculous considering how much she's admitted to using photoshop in the past. It's so much better to just be open about it, why bother saying you ~don't edit~ if you're going to look so different irl

No. 9710

File: 1498036962277.jpg (781.27 KB, 2560x1920, IMG_4606.JPG)

She's honestly not ugly unshopped, she's just not as smooth and animu.

No. 9711

Why do you always bring up this girl? It seems you have a vendetta on her so just make a thread for her and stop OTing in this thread.

No. 9712

File: 1498298795310.png (201.95 KB, 490x350, 093029190_312.png)

wow the similarity is uncanny

No. 9713

Fuck, I've never seen his face before.

No. 9714


The original Eva pic giraffe-neck pic always made me laugh whenever I saw it, but this one makes me laugh and sad because jesus christ what a decline, and when he didn't even start out good. If it was anyone else I'd suspect meth or something.

No. 9715

File: 1498366290717.jpg (1.81 MB, 2048x2730, 1496878411192 copy.jpg)

Courtesy of cgl. It looks like she got the tog to shoop her first and then went back later to make herself skinnier, enlarge her eye, smooth out her body shape, make her arm longer, etc.

No. 9716

wow.. like two different people.

No. 9717

first one is definitely more accurate to real life, but is that a de-shoop?

No. 9718

Huh. Small world. How did you know Gawayno? I knew him for a few years back when he was a Touhoufag before hating the fandom because they didn't care about him. Last i spoke to him, he was unemployed after graduating with a bachelor's in game design living with his parents because he suffers from autism. His mother won't let him live on his own or move out due to his autism.

You should see his personal portfolio, it's pretty bad kek.

No. 9719

It's not a deshoop, it's the shoop that the photographer posted on their page. She took the top shoop and used it as the base for bottom shoop.

No. 9720

Please post the portfolio

I know him because he hangs out in dunbarton all the time larping with his friends

No. 9721

Another Mabifag here. I really, really want to see this portfolio. Please bless us with it.

No. 9722

File: 1498735474723.jpg (3.91 KB, 160x160, download.jpg)


Ask and you shall receive, my friends. As an added bonus, picture is how he looks IRL. Pretty much what you expect from a guy like him. Thank Google for that.

Also, his portfolio links his deviantart and it is shit. His artwork is pretty terrible.


It's a pretty bad portfolio. In addition to the terrible web design and color choices, it hasn't been updated since he graduated. He linked it to me when he told me about his shitty Shark Beast game. The funny thing about the game is that it is TERRIBLE. It became a joke between me and friends after we played it and fell through the water and never spawned back on the 2nd level. Used to shit talk it nonstop. He at one point lied to me stating that he had the textured version of his Shark Beast game saved on his computer, when he really didn't. He's made other shitty games on Unity with some of his crappy characters. Whenever he made a new game, he would link me a preview of it on Vimeo telling me about it and how i thought about it. It was usually just prototype shit. He would message me on Steam on and off about how i thought about his shit or rambles about nonsense i didn't care about.

I even once recommended him to get a job from home since his resume states he knows so much. He knows Unity, HTML, C# and many others, you'd figure he'd find a job working using the skills he learned in college. He also has a Bachelor of Arts in Game Design. But i assume he sits his fatass on Mabinogi since he never took the advice. Like i said before, he told me he suffers from autism and his mother refuses to let him go to Cali on his own, that and move out of the house.

Please tell me about your experience with this guy on Mabinogi. He's had me blocked for a few years and i would love to know if he's still a manbaby living with his parents with a dusty degree, while rambling about shit nobody cares about. Does he still talk about his shitty characters that he draws? He wouldn't shut the fuck up about them to me and their shit bio stories. Good to know his art still sucks ass lol.

No. 9723

File: 1498752950441.jpg (699.18 KB, 1280x1280, F134.jpg)

I'm surprised that fans of these cosplayers are totally oblivious to this

No. 9724

File: 1498753248549.jpg (412.14 KB, 784x784, S232.jpg)

No. 9725

File: 1498755005748.png (427.47 KB, 720x557, Screenshot_2017-06-29-12-47-11…)

Does anyone know how Saya the fox really looks like? She left and came back with a whole new face but I think she still photoshops

No. 9726

File: 1498757539808.jpg (106.62 KB, 594x960, sayafox_cosplay_by_ryuuji_sama…)

Is this her before?
She looks really creepy now.

No. 9727


No. 9728

This isn't even as bad as it gets. You should've compared her real face to one of her momosweetcosplay era or one of her "just a teeny weeny Japanese uwu" era shoops.

She used to look like a potato-ey white girl.

No. 9729

honestly i think most people don't care if it's real or not, they just want to look at cute girls

No. 9730

are we allowed to post pictures of people we know irl?

No. 9731

Might come off as vendetta-y unless they're trying to be e-famous or like get angry when people accuse them of shoop. I have some friends who don't really look much like their pictures but that's because irl they don't get to pose, have perfect makeup, or get the best lighting because I see a complete picture. I don't expect them to publicly post pictures they don't like or look bad in.

No. 9732

If its not a vendetta, why not?

No. 9733


No problem. I have some other stories about Gawayno if you're interested. I have one small story. One of my friends recognized his name and remembered him a long time ago. From what he told me, he described Gawayno as a creepy individual trying to roleplay with people in chat.

No. 9734


No. 9735

File: 1499186360641.jpg (1.11 MB, 1920x2560, IMG_5312.JPG)

No. 9736

The one thing that really bugs me is that the sword isn't straight lol.
Anyways you can clearly see that light makes a huge difference too (as well as shiny material lol)
I don't think her picture is too much photoshoped though. You can still tell that this is the same person.

No. 9737

File: 1499201799986.png (78.96 KB, 503x500, IMG_1343.thumb.PNG.a7132911dc2…)

Surprised no one posted the Meredith Mickelson fiasco. Long story short, Instagram model gets to runway and looks like a whole different person

No. 9738

Lmao another dakota rose, is that fraud still doing catwalk shows?

No. 9739

File: 1499225334987.jpg (85.11 KB, 700x337, Meredith Mickelson.jpg)

her fake bee-stung lips make me want to vomit

No. 9740

File: 1499228630958.jpg (161.95 KB, 1302x845, uzGudk8.jpg)

I'm surprised no one mentioned Mon. And tbh, her smile is way prettier irl, I hate the way she shoops it.

No. 9741

I'm not against this type of shoop, tbh. It's obviously performative, if that makes sense. It looks more anime than real, which helps the cosplay.

No. 9742

Agreed. TBH, I don't mind anyone who shoops though

No. 9743

This isn't really fair. One is a photoshoot, where she is posed and not wearing a convention badge. The other is a convention shot outside in poor lighting where her wig is messed up/costume is wrinkled.

No. 9744

Damn I feel so much better about myself… Her instagram legit made me feel like shit.

She is also profoundly dumb.

No. 9745

Get some self-confidence lol. It should be general knowledge by now that a lot of social media users shoop their pics and use angles and lighting to look their best.

No. 9746

It triggers me that none of this is natural, just insta posing. Might as well be a boomerang gif.

No. 9747

File: 1499264487373.jpg (100.56 KB, 675x1200, DC3gwjCXsAEgT3j.jpg)

She's cute imho, but not nearly as gorgeous as in her insta pics. She shoops her eyes to be slanted and her jawline irl is fucked. I'm also concerned about those swollen cheeks.
Alas, insta models are always hiding something

No. 9748

She got a botched nose. In some of her pictures you can tell her nostrils are completely different shapes

No. 9749

File: 1499360090869.jpg (1.81 MB, 1920x2560, 17-07-06-12-53-07-558_deco.jpg)

To be honest I don't have anything against cosplayer who use ps to make themselve look more like the character. It's still funny to see how they actually look lol.

No. 9750

See I don't have a problem with this, I can tell it's the same person. Clearly the lighting is the issue here

No. 9751

Her instagram photos make her look like an mtf blowup doll. She's got a cute, feminine look about her when she's not shooped. But I hate the prolapsed anus lip trend. And she's a fucking idiot.

No. 9752

File: 1499376782955.png (139.67 KB, 664x1108, IMG_5344.PNG)

Such a realistic shoop.

No. 9753

Those are nice curtains

No. 9754

File: 1499380399495.jpg (348.41 KB, 611x959, Screenshot_20170706-183140.jpg)

Idk I think the ps one looks like her 9 year old sister or so.
I don't think it's that extreme either bc she has a natural babyface
Anyways attached is a older picture I found of her. The other one was posted by a friend so who knows if they shoped it as well
I still think this girl is pretty her ps is just a little bit too perfect for me if that makes sense.

No. 9755

regardless of age if you work out enough and eat right, you can keep a tight body too. guess no one told you that

No. 9756

The picture on the left and right are the same though, on the right she obviously looks like the left except she's leaning backwards and her stomach looks tighter? It's not about photoshop for this one, just posing.

No. 9757

It's still shopped because of the blur and the lighting. There are for sure minor fixes but who knows unless you edited the pictures. Point is she looks rly flabby irl and "toned" in the edited pic.

No. 9758

File: 1499643208298.jpg (210.08 KB, 920x413, shoop.jpg)

I wonder how long it'll be until she takes down this video

No. 9759

Is right supposed to be reality, and left the shoop, because she looks great in each

No. 9760

The difference here is clearly the difference in focal length in two different cameras. One is a photoshoot and one is a mobile recorded video. She looks fine.

No. 9761


Used to be her neighbor for a year before i moved to other apartament. The photo isn't shopped, she basically looks like this. Just a typical 23yo russian who adds a slight make-up and takes care of healthy-life shit.

No. 9762

What dress is that? Asking for a friend

No. 9763

are we allowed to post people we know?

No. 9764

probably some sponsored dress for a company that she "models" for. check her ig.

unless it's really dramatic like >>9737 or koots, don't do it. it'll come off as vendetta.

No. 9765

Warning against FAS right here.

No. 9766

File: 1500358159127.jpg (378.25 KB, 1060x1280, z.jpg)

at least she's honest about how she looks

No. 9767

Honestly she doesn't look bad. Her face is asymmetrical and she's obviously not as animu as she shoops herself to be, but she looks fine. Your vendetta is really annoying.

No. 9768

I've actually been following her for a long while because I like her cosplay - that comment wasn't meant to be sarcastic, it's refreshing to see someone who's willing to show their "before" face

No. 9769

Her skin looks dried out and there's something I can't pinpoint that makes her look more aged.

No. 9770

looks a lot better here than in the other pics

No. 9771

>bumping your 3 month old vendetta post
Anon stop.

No. 9772

Mani, as one of the girls who was actually in the room, that's not what we said at all. We told you she wants to shoop because she wants to, and we didn't see any problems with that. You were some random tinder girl who walked in, had everyone introduce themselves, and then when her boyfriend introduced himself and said that he was dating zekia, talked shit about her for 10 minutes and about how much you vendetta'd her on cgl.

No. 9773

File: 1500775849769.jpg (32.13 KB, 434x312, 1485915755463.jpg)

No. 9774

Did Zekia have surgery or something?

No. 9775

No, just makeup and shoop, see

No. 9776

File: 1502131746043.jpg (272.88 KB, 960x1280, IMG_6531.JPG)

I don't understand how people can look at pictures of cosplayers like pic related and think that that's what they look like irl.

No. 9777

File: 1504994842872.png (325.78 KB, 616x358, jhtr.png)

he got the fat part down pretty well i guess, shame is he was decently cute before he move to the U.S. and got all fat and bald in just 3 years rip

No. 9778

what did he look like before tho

No. 9779


a while ago on his lets play channel he was talking about how girls online draw themselves too cute or whatever but he draws himself more than any other girl i've ever known. plus he's bald now wtf ew

No. 9780

File: 1505001915341.jpg (11.47 KB, 220x223, Oney.jpg)

No. 9781

she looks like a japanese lovedoll.

No. 9782

That's the 'murica effect for you

No. 9783

Wow, he was cute. Rip

No. 9784

Holy shit I haven't seen his face in years. He looks fucking awful. I guess that's what an American diet does to you.

No. 9785

File: 1505313996091.png (114.07 KB, 749x841, IMG_7564.PNG)

She genuinely looks cute here. I don't understand her obsession with looking like an alien.

No. 9786

He's also, y'know, aging. He stated before that his hairline was receding, so I can see why he shaved. The weight gain I can't explain but I always thought he was a lil' meaty.

No. 9787

lol seeing Chris O'Neill on here with girls trying to look cute is really funny to me. Like Chris was trying to be anything but a sexy cute model.
Besides the animator's lifestyle doesn't really produce a fuckable bunch.

No. 9788

I much prefer her natural look too but good god what is that hairstyle and why would anyone want to copy it

No. 9789

>He stated before that his hairline was receding, so I can see why he shaved.
He had shaved his hair partially for this video before shaving it all off
Chris makes a great creepy uncle lol

No. 9790

such a beautiful dedication to those two lovely uncles

No. 9791

She's barely wearing any makeup in this, of course she's not going to look like her photos when she has full face.

No. 9792

>barely wearing any makeup
are you a guy or just a girl who has never worn makeup?
This is a full face of makeup.

No. 9793

i feel bad for laughing. it takes a certain kind of face to pull off bald, and unfortunately it's not working well for him. not like the poor guy had many options open.

No. 9794

>not like the poor guy had many options open.
That's an understatement. Your options boil down to taking pills that can have negative side effects and hope they work, rep a giant bald spot, or just shave it. At least it's your own damned fault if you're fat.

No. 9795

It's barely any compared to all the other photos. Foundation + eyeshadow does not a full face make.

No. 9796

what? Foundation, concealer, blush, eyeshadow, liner, mascara… how is that not a full face anon? The only difference is the lack of lashes.

No. 9797

I agree that she's using more makeup than just foundation and eyeshadow, but it's clearly used in a way that's supposed to look natural, versus the other makeup where it's put on to make her look doll-like. She doesn't have contour on, the liner isn't extended much past her eyes, eyeshadow is lighter, no lashes, etc. The makeup is pretty different imo. Add on that she isn't wearing a wig, which usually covers up the sides of her face, and there's going to be a big difference in how she looks.

No. 9798

Just because you know what foundation and eyeshadow are doesn't mean you know shit about makeup.

God, I want the robots to leave.

No. 9799

I love this video so damn much!

No. 9800

File: 1507192096635.jpg (1.88 MB, 2560x2560, 17-10-05-01-24-40-980_deco.jpg)

No. 9801

aliexpress stock photo vs how it looks irl

No. 9802

>dat foundation vs. actual skin color difference

No. 9803


No. 9804

she untagged herself from every single image from this event

No. 9805

tbh her face isn't bad at all (omg she has lines! the horror!) but that wrinkled cheap costume has no excuses

No. 9806

Sigh tfw nervous my photos will make it in here somehow
I hate how I look a lot and shoop my pics so it's essentially a different person online and I get to be comforted by the likes without having to feel paranoid about people seeing my unshooped face shape
I'm just ugly and struggling with it tbh lol

No. 9807

Her face isn't bad in the regular one, but the excess of shoop makes the difference seem so dramatic

No. 9808

Seems like she has approved tags on tbh, most people with a large following have that on since random people will tag you in their selfies.

No. 9809

The main difference is smile lines and that's because of lighting and her expression, plus brightening and skin smoothing in the photoshoot photo. Why is someone so obsessed with this girl? Her amount of photoshopping is average and she's boring.

No. 9810

That amount of photoshop is average?!
Her shooping is moomoo tier, the only difference is that she's not completely hideous or fat in real life…

No. 9811

Yea, it's average. She brightens her photos and smooths her skin, big deal. Do you even know how much normal cosplayers edit their photos? Don't let your vendetta blind you.

No. 9812

First of, i have no idea who she even is; secondly just because cosplayers shoop themselves to hell and back, doesn't mean it's right.

I don't konw there you come from, but this is not what a human being looks like! If you showed this to anybody on the street nobody could even tell it's her. That's not an insuts to her looks, i clearly stated that she's not ugly, but i do think that it's fraud to put things like these outside. Not that i care about possible neckbeards fapping to some shooped pic out there, but these 'cosplayers' sadly always also have some little girls worshipping them - and they don't get that looking like this naturally is unachievble…

No. 9813

What? No one said anything about whether it's right or wrong to photoshop, just that she edits an average amount when compared to other cosplayers and it's not LOL worthy by any standards.

No. 9814

She probably sharpens her jaw and slims her nose, but that's pretty average editing for most cosplayers anyhow. I don't care about this girl, but frankly it's a little strange that half this thread is about her when her editing isn't anything extreme, and then there's weird vendetta-y posts like >>9707 . There are cosplayers like 小柔SeeU who photoshop way more drastically. Tbh this thread is filled with post that are pretty obviously the ugliest photo versus the most flattering photo, like >>9724 , >>9740 , and >>9723 , but at least they aren't taking up half the thread.

No. 9815

Except there are videos of them all so it's obvious it's just an unflattering photo

No. 9816

I thought this thread was gonna be some "oo you look better in photos you took in good lighting and flattering angles" type shit, turns out these hoes are just straight up shooping

No. 9817

Not selfie snow videos, actual videos. Like the Beachwatch one Knightmaya is in; she clearly doesn't look as bad as she does in the photo posted of her above. It must make you feel better to think that everything is just snow, but it's pretty obvious when snow is being used and when it's not.

No. 9818

File: 1507652205483.png (2.03 MB, 1866x1186, Screen_Shot_2017-02-23_at_11.1…)

Seriously, compare this to >>9800

No. 9819

>i didn't get surgery, i just shoop my face so i don't look like a fucking lopsided potato

No. 9820

Not sure what this is supposed to prove? She doesn't look as good as her edited photos, sure, but she definitely doesn't look as bad as >>9724

No. 9821

And compare it to an actual video of her instead of an unflattering candid shot. She doesn't look that different, same as Knite. Comparing someone's best shots of themselves with the worst shots of them is and saying that means they must automatically look like their worst shots doesn't make sense.

No. 9822

why tf are there so many wks ITT? we're not saying these people are or aren't shooping more or less than others, just pointing it out. okay, cool cosplayers shoop, but these girls look very different from their shoop, that's all the thread is about. it's not about ugly people, it's about shoop vs real life. stop bitching.

No. 9823

The reason i posted this was because the people who pointed out that she massively shoops were immeadetly called vendetta-chan… Can't you see that this is nearly kooters level?!

No. 9824

>anyone who disagrees is a wk
I don't think they look 100% similar to their shoops, but they don't look 100% similar to their candids. ITT is a bunch of pictures comparing a perfectly lit and posed shot with a candid where they're making a weird expression. It's not a good or accurate way to show how these people actually look. Pointing out that they look better than that in videos is somehow taken as white knighting since it shows them in a more accurate light?

No. 9825

> ITT is a bunch of pictures comparing a perfectly lit and posed shot with a candid
That is the general idea of an online vs irl thread, yes.

No. 9826

You forgot this part
>where they're making a weird expression.
At least compare shots where they're making the same expression, not one where they look like they're in the middle of a word or about to blink. It's dumb to look at a picture where someone has their eyes half open and laughing and compare it to a picture where they're straight faced and go "oh wow look how much uglier and wrinkly they look guys lol

No. 9827

well maybe if these bitches actually posted a good pic of themselves without 7 layers of shoop, but they don't it's always goofy face or pristine waifu.

No. 9828

>why don't people post ugly pictures of themselves????

No. 9829

plenty of people take pictures of you know, their -actual- face. i know it must be shocking but not everyone online has to shoop themselves, but since you love coscunts so much you probably don't realize that.

No. 9830

>post a good pic without shoop
>ugly pictures
you okay?

No. 9831

there aren't any pictures of them doing candids that aren't dumb looking, because they want people to believe their shoop. that's why all of them only post goofy, no makeup candid shots. they don't want to be seen as anything other than kawaii quirky waifus.

No. 9832

This is laughably untrue; there are plenty of pictures that other people have taken of the cosplayers in this thread that look fine and aren't them making a weird face. It's just that the ones chosen to make a "comparison" are always the weird looking ones. The reason that candids usually have a strange expression is because they're that– candids.

No. 9833

no, people just want to bitch
>but you guise just use bad candids and perfect photos
well >>9800 isn't that but it's still more bitching
>obviously bad lighting will make her look bad weh
and even when people post photoshoot shit >>9785
>weh she's not wearing enuff makeups guise of course she looks different!!!

No. 9834

>>9800 is a bad candid though? And comparing makeup that's done to look natural and makeup that's done to look dolly is going to make a difference. These are all valid arguments to make. I guess if you don't immediately say "oh yea guise she looks so ugly XDD" it means you're a wk right?

No. 9835

It's not really a bad candid, she looks fine. That's the same exact makeup look though

No. 9836

File: 1507856500954.png (1015.69 KB, 1334x750, IMG_8520.PNG)

She actually looks pretty similar to the left photo in >>208100's video.

Does anyone else feel like Zekia's drama is manufactured? Like yeah she shoops but so do other people and people don't get into long, drawn out arguments over shooping/not shooping.

No. 9837

The argument wasn't solely about her though, it was about Knite too. I think she gets a lot of drama because she posts or used to post on /cgl/, and that's inevitably a salty drama and vendetta mine.

No. 9838

File: 1507857393064.png (2.12 MB, 1539x846, 145.png)

Samefag, I dropped my picture.
I definitely can see some shoop, but still pretty similar.

No. 9839

I don't just mean just this specific thread. Like every time she posts anywhere, her drama just feels so manufactured. She's just another social media famous, Taobao costume buying cosplayer who shoops a lot, but no one ever says shit about other cosplayers who do the same like Phil Mizuno (obvious uncanny valley shoop, mostly closet cosplays), Yasha the Fluff (literally the exact same schtick as Zekia and iirc they're friends as well), etc.

No. 9840

I know what you mean, but I'm more inclined to think it's because of /cgl/ drama and vendetta rather than her posting herself to manufacture drama. There's nothing to gain by talking badly about yourself on this site; it's not visited by nearly enough people for it to matter in terms of popularity, and posting in a thread on /ot/ instead of making a thread for herself on /snow/ makes it even less likely for her to gain any followers or attention from it.

No. 9841

i don't even get this one. She looks adorable on the left!
The right is like some weird dollification shit wtf>>9633

No. 9842

She looks like a man on the left.

No. 9843

Kek @ artists who draw themselves cuter than they actually are

No. 9844

To be fair, whenever you simplify something it does become cuter. It's hard to draw yourself ugly if you're using a simple style.

No. 9845

File: 1521703209200.jpg (443.41 KB, 1918x2239, IMG_4110.JPG)

Just someone from back in high school.(vendetta; necro)

No. 9846

File: 1521710340295.png (188.71 KB, 633x344, Im anonymoose legiun _95adee54…)

Anon, that's literally just a shift of pose. Wtf.
On the left shes leaning from back to front and keeping her weight on the right leg in the back. Thus her waist is further and due to depth perception appears smaller. On the right she has shifted all her weight on her left leg so her lower abdomen is shifted forward, thus giving an illusion of lack of waist. Her shoulder is slunk forward on the right photo and she has rotated her shoulder back on the left one.

Please stop vendetta-posting about the Stacy who stole your crush in high school. Pic related, you right now.

No. 9847

"Stacy", she's fat af

No. 9848

ok hun

No. 9849

File: 1521715168091.jpg (234.91 KB, 1728x1262, IMG_4116.JPG)

Please explain this one away.

No. 9850

And I know you think you're a professional but a change of pose does not eliminate your belly, especially not in tight clothing.

No. 9851

different anon but tbh that arm looks squashed under on the left like, the fat has been purposely positioned that way, makes me feel its the same on the right too. i'm sorry anon but it's angles.

No. 9852

Dat wonky inner left arm tho

No. 9853

I was gonna mention that but I couldn't be fucked. dw vendetta anon, she chunk and she can't dress for her body type. - so you can feel justified in your posting

No. 9854

File: 1521724714530.jpg (41.56 KB, 650x468, armpositioning.jpg)

If you insist, m'lady.

On the right her elbow is more turned to an angle, thus the muscle is flexed, flexed muscles appear larger. Her arm is also squished to her side as someone's pushing it in with a hug.

On the left her shoulder is rotated forward and she is not pressing her arm against her side, evident from that you can see her armpits partially. She's leaning away from her arm, unlike on the right where someone is leaning on her.

You really don't know how human bodies function at all, vendetta-chan.

Here's an easy picture to deduct how arm positioning changes the appearance!

No. 9855

I'm not the anon who posted the girl, I agree for her arms but for her belly there really isn't any excuses, you can't hide that kind of gut just by posing.

No. 9856

File: 1521725667865.jpg (68.89 KB, 500x392, pose1.jpg)


Yes you can, this is literally what she did… These are basic poses everyone uses in group photos.
Where the fuck have you all been for the past three years when bitches were perfecting the craft of appearing thinner?

No. 9857

Hi spoony(hi [cow])

No. 9858

You can hide a stomach by sucking it in for a photo, wearing spanx or maybe she just finished eating dinner in the right photo and that's why she looks "bigger

No. 9859

File: 1521791011565.jpg (162.06 KB, 1919x930, IMG_4106.JPG)

That's cute and all but maybe I should have posted this one first of the same photo posted by different people. You can overlay it if you want.

No. 9860

You seriously think that is muscle? And that she's flexing with a non clenched hand? It's like Pixyteri calling her flab lines work out lines all over

No. 9861

Why is she trying to look like a 8 year old?

No. 9862

go away

No. 9863

Bloating is also a thing and 10/10 women experience it. Possible she was drinking/eating that day or idk just fucking not sucking in?
Vendetta Chan pls learn to love yourself

No. 9864

Maybe you should go down the other posts to >>9859 but you do you.

No. 9865

File: 1521989117506.png (400.67 KB, 828x1086, cry___sup_by_kiwa007_d5egrtb.p…)

What does Cry look like?

No. 9866

go dig up the Cheyenne threads, it seems like he's a fatfuck. I mean, he must be fug if he dated chey.

No. 9867


I'm not sure that picture of a fat ugly dude was actually his. It might explain his voice being so deep, but a lot of bigger guys have high-pitched voices because of the fat padding their larynx/oestrogen supplies in the fat cells.

Buuuuuut he's lost a lot of popularity because he no longer puts out videos on the reg and almost exclusively streams on twitch now. Sad, I liked his and NCS videos back in 2013 because they were pretty chill instead of screaming/being So RanDuM XDD like Markiplier/septiceye are being today…
He could have made it big like Achievement Hunter/Let's Play if only he put a little more effort in.

No. 9868

File: 1522013529261.jpg (468.34 KB, 847x776, 1459372423175.jpg)

>if only he put a little more effort in
Don't get me wrong, I love Cry but holy shit, did I hate him when he kept whining about YT being an exhausting job or how it required so much effort to edit videos

Pic related posted in the omocat thread

No. 9869


He absolutely had the fanbase and I remember his videos getting good numbers. He was A to A- up on socialblade for a brief amount of time and used to get 20k+ subs per month, now he barely scratches 2k.

But what he did is leave the channel for prolonged amounts of time (and I doubt he was sick even half the time he claimed to be, more like depressed/lazy) and put out twitch reminders only for that streambux (which is funny because he's always making a big deal of denying donations but really just wants the subscribers) for months before picking up games no one wanted to see him play.

No. 9870

File: 1522902723817.png (2.3 MB, 2290x900, 122.png)

Saw this cosplayer posting "candid fan pictures" and then saw her being tagged in actual candid pictures.

No. 9871

She doesn't even look bad on the far right and the edit is so obvious. Poor thing must have dysmorphophobia.

No. 9872

File: 1522969547952.png (1.44 MB, 1010x1130, 13.png)

I don't necessarily agree; even the ones posted earlier in this thread (except Misa) look fairly similar to their photos, or at least recognizable. This girl looks completely different.
Pic related, the banner in the background is of her.

No. 9873

File: 1524281337546.jpg (171.38 KB, 1314x480, lindsaysouv.jpg)

No. 9874

File: 1524281387138.jpg (22.76 KB, 656x372, B97456322Z.120150512212800000G…)

No. 9875

Who is this and why is she arrested

No. 9876

Lindsay Souvannarath, she was arrested for plotting to shoot up the Halifax Shopping Centre with her bf.

She was sentenced to life in prison today and as soon as I saw her online/irl pictures I immediately thought of this thread kek

No. 9877

I guess at this point we just have to accept photoshop as a part of cosplay, it seems that almost every cosplayer does this now. I just wish they would tone it down a liiiitle, because it looks really creepy at times

No. 9878

Good. Now she can draw her nazi pixels on a prison wall.
How did that school shooter chic work for her? lol

No. 9879

Only the first one looks creepy though, tbh; the other two look fine.

No. 9880

File: 1537336918043.jpeg (988.88 KB, 2560x1920, 5DFF42B6-69E4-41FD-9E3E-448F1E…)

>Aliexpress stock photo vs. what arrives in the mail

No. 9881

I notice that a lot of these are asian girls. I've heard that many of thme feel pressured into surgery to look more white, but I never expected it to be so drastic, especially in nerd circles. I do feel bad for them, there's nothing wrong or ugly about small eyes honestly

No. 9882

It looks like she got eyelid surgery, asians aren't meant to have huge eyes like that, that's why they look weird and bug like when they get surgery.

No. 9883

File: 1537590211268.jpg (35.77 KB, 500x500, 32969660_1118279788310224_9098…)

van doll beast or whatever her name is on IG

No. 9884

File: 1537684781605.jpg (1.72 MB, 2048x2048, pixlr.jpg)

WOW ok your post shocked me anon kek

I went to her profile and she did a live , took some screenshots. It's obvious when you click around to change the timecodes that she uses angles a lot. And her toothy smile is terrifying. Apart from this she doesn't look too much different (at least, on the live that's available to replay rn)

No. 9885

File: 1537851783830.jpg (114.18 KB, 1108x422, kD4LEhPx_400x400.jpg)


No. 9886

people post idealized drawings of themselves all of the time. i don't think this is comparable to shooping the shit out of your own photos.

No. 9887

Honestly I don't think she looks all that different. Seems more like one is a posed photo and the other is a candid- probably after walking around an event/con.

No. 9888

her face and features are still generally the same, which is nice. I think that pic is just really unfortunate

No. 9889

At least she tried to give her drawn self a kind of potatoe nose, even if it's a cute one, she did give herself x4 more lips tho.

No. 9890

>van doll beast or whatever her name is on IG
just say the username why did you frame it like they're irrelevant with "whatever her name". Smells like vendetta and they're pretty relevant in your life lol.

In any case the shoop is excessive and makeup is overdone but she could look good if she toned it down.

No. 9891

File: 1537959099422.jpg (310.5 KB, 2048x1475, aAnQpR3N.jpg)

Because she is irrelevant to me, I reposted someone's collage from PULL. Reading a bit deep?

here's another one.

No. 9892

File: 1537961156973.jpg (141.23 KB, 500x500, aa.jpg)

I'm surprised that iGumdrop hasn't been posted here yet

No. 9893

She looks cute irl too though?

No. 9894

bitch where?

she also looks extemely different. she has someone else's nose in her shoop'd pics.

No. 9895

File: 1537966075334.png (659.45 KB, 786x789, h3.png.d3ca0ad44c80f5aa3938a5d…)

Hana dinh/hanbunny photoshops herself to hell and back also tries to trick people into thinking shes jap when shes viet

No. 9896

Are you fucking crazy? She just has laugh lines, that's all.

No. 9897


looks the same, just with different expression and bigger eyes

No. 9898

her nose isn't even the same shape.

No. 9899

I find her better looking irl. I will never understand the weeb obsession with V line faces and generic realdoll features

No. 9900

$500 says she's wearing a padded bra under there.

No. 9901

File: 1537973529908.png (674.17 KB, 720x896, Screenshot_2018-09-26-09-44-57…)

She pads heavily irl, online she uses pads, prosthetic breasts and photoshop. It looks really gross

No. 9902

ffs, all that shoop on her face and she doesn't bother to color correct the titty vest? smh.

No. 9903

She looks like a cheap pornstar that's costhots for ya

No. 9904

irrelevant enough for you to post lol? look im not saying dont post, just dont act like youre above these people lmao

No. 9905

File: 1538116620469.jpg (1.75 MB, 2560x2560, 18-09-27-23-35-59-806_deco.jpg)

Xiaoyukiko on IG. She somehow shops herself to look worse?

No. 9906

File: 1538735561246.png (2.21 MB, 1342x960, onlinevsreallife.png)

The two photos on the left are online and the three on the right are IRL. Maybe it doesn't help that the girl in these photos has a reputation online and in the con community for being bitchy and horrible to many other girls and she is ridiculously aggressive in every post she makes about how she'll unfriend you if you don't give her enough attention and how she's too good for everyone, all in all just another desperate girl who's always talking down other girls and looking for a fight. Also, her instagram is just carbon copies of the same pose and the same overfiltered selfie angles every time. It shocked me when I saw candids of her but she is quick to untag herself from them.

No. 9907

Wow left is really cute. I'm assuming right one is after? Why does she do this?

No. 9908


Left is her edited photos online and right are all photos of her IRL, I used to think she was cute too, until I saw how she treats others

No. 9909

File: 1538744854621.jpg (7.81 KB, 225x225, images[1].jpg)

no anon, both of those are shoops. she's tried to shoop herself "western" for ariel cos and right is her standard anime shoop. pic related is from an IG story.

looks closer to right, but she shoops her chin/nose alot.

No. 9910

File: 1539045066124.jpeg (800.32 KB, 1125x1112, AF4FDFC0-CFFD-4DDA-B4A2-66AA9A…)

Had to post this here, had myself a hearty kek
She’s a nobody from Florida but her inconsistent selfies make me lol every time

No. 9911

i love this crazy bitch. her story is the height of black comedy. just incident after incident of stupid fucking decisions. she must be reaaaally bored in prison after a lifetime spent seeking attention and validation online. nothing but grey walls and bland food and the same routine every day. lol

No. 9912

i thought she killed herself

No. 9913


nah was one of the other guys in on it

No. 9914

That looks exactly how you'd expect from two images at different angles at different qualities with no photoshop or hidden ugliness involved…

No. 9915

The ariel cos is a hall shot uploaded with a mass upload from a con, not posted to her own IG. That's how most of her unedited pics look

No. 9916

Nta but either way >>9908 was wrong.

No. 9917

is there a link detailing her milk??? i'd love to read about her

No. 9918

not OP but i can see the typical beauty app feature changes
eyes bigger and different color, jaw smaller, skin smoother
angles and lighting are everything tho that’s true

No. 9919

No. 9920

No. 9921

we have an old thread on her on /pt/ somewhere to i think yeah?

No. 9922


wouldn't let me direct link

No. 9923

File: 1539818017181.jpeg (1.15 MB, 2560x2560, 2D04C58B-F7AB-4CDA-9542-967129…)

Nah, she looks pretty different in person. It was a real shock when she came to Singapore.

No. 9924

File: 1539899741734.jpg (283.98 KB, 1200x600, big joel.jpg)

Some youtube Essayist(tm). I had a little laugh at his avatar.

No. 9925

File: 1542389310725.png (566.93 KB, 735x434, 1q6g3qo68cy11.png)

No. 9926

wow i knew she was bad but i didn't know she was this bad when she ~peaked~. i used to secretly be jealous of the image on the left. now i just want to know what kind of lighting setup she uses.

No. 9927

What the actual fuck.
I know instagram and social media pictures should be taken with a grain of salt, but fuck man. How the fuck do these people live with themselves knowing they're so full of shit and fake?
How can you look in the mirror at yourself everyday when you post such blatantly shopped and altered pictures of yourself? How can you be so full of self hate and vanity?
This is some Twilight Zone shit.

No. 9928

File: 1543291066819.jpg (156.95 KB, 768x1152, hbz-kylie-jenner-beauty-transf…)

She doesn't look nearly as bad as this in most candids

No. 9929

surgery, anon

No. 9930

Agreed, just looks like she’s been up drinking (puffy face) and hadn’t had a round of lip fillers in a while. The angle isn’t flattering either.

No. 9931

File: 1543338297387.jpg (69.4 KB, 564x846, 282258.jpg)

Idk if that pic's a good example anon I'm pretty sure red carpet photos are retouched generally. But I agree with your point.

I'm trying to find a good candid on google but honestly I bet they are all taken by shill paparazzi so they're prob edited too. Or at the very least there are hundreds of photos taken and only the best are publicized

No. 9932

File: 1543339214152.jpg (3.68 MB, 2560x1920, inCollage_20180724_194003582.j…)

This thread reminds me- I have a folder with unflattering pics of ppl I follow/admire. It's called 'Don't Compare Yourself to Others'

Not made with any malicious intent, it reminds me that they look like regular ass people underneath the editing, angles, and filters. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside; I highly recommend it to everyone here.

I'd share some of the pics but they aren't cows and honestly I just tried putting together a few of them to show y'all and it felt very pathetic. kek

Actually here's one of Ariana Grande. I'm the same height so when I saw this outfit I was like wtf she looks terrible. Kinda like I do sometimes when trying to dress myself. Feelsgoodman.jpg

No. 9933

She looks terrible because shes dressed like a little kid. I know the sweaters supposed to be oversized but its not flattering and the rest of this outfit screams 4 year old too.

No. 9934

Leggings and sneakers are suddenly for 4-year olds? Sorry you don't like dressing comfortable, anon.

No. 9935

OT, but I really don't get this so called "short girl fashion". I get that the idea is that wearing oversized shirts and sweaters enhances their cuteness, but honestly, it only makes them look stumpy. When I was younger and hated my tall height I always wore long shirts to make my legs appear shorter. That's exactly the opposite of what short women suits.

No. 9936

it's not short girl fashion, it's "Ariana hiding her eating disorder" fashion that everyone wears now because she made it popular.

No. 9937

what about shmegeh? didn't she use all kinds of angles and stuff to appear ~ana~ but at those weeb cons she looked totally normal in the candids? lol

No. 9938

The original comparison is of her after surgery on both pictures

No. 9939

>Ariana made wearing oversized sweaters and leggings popular

No. 9940

please post what you got lol

like honestly i dont think what you do is petty at all, its pret healthy tbh

No. 9941

Ok. I'm just sitting enjoying the rain so I'll make and post some.

I tried to include pics of the "era" that I was most into for the "good" pics.

Also in putting these together i realized how well it worked to humanize these ppl and allow me to move past the feelings of inadequacy I felt. Yay!

Pic dump incoming

No. 9942

File: 1543512009214.jpg (3.24 MB, 1920x2402, inCollage_20181129_091328100.j…)

the good pics are on top and the regular ones on the bottom obv


No. 9943

File: 1543512172368.jpg (2.84 MB, 1920x2402, inCollage_20181129_090907789.j…)

hanestly aka standpoor

she's kinda gross nowadays tho. but tumblr circa 2015 she was popular and cute. In retrospect I prob just thought she was ~cool~ bc she worked at AA and always had cute clothes

No. 9944

File: 1543512358030.jpg (69.88 KB, 275x206, 1543431210520.jpg)

I posted this in another thread too. Lily aka cokedrip aka ifidieiwontcry from tumblr. her current ig is enrouteforthehexconclave or smth

I couldn't remember her tumblr handle from before cokedrip so I couldn't find really good pics from those eras

old pics on the right

No. 9945

File: 1543512484317.jpg (3.23 MB, 1920x2402, inCollage_20181129_090706565.j…)

sheslethal aka boredbrat aka hairlockette

she's really cringey in her live videos too so that made me feel better kek

she has a pretty curated image online so I was surprised when I found the regular looking pic on one of her friend's pages or something

No. 9946

File: 1543512708611.jpg (4.26 MB, 3416x1920, inCollage_20181129_093055689.j…)

Rihanna's body looking attainable (imo) on the left

No. 9947

File: 1543512929348.jpg (2.7 MB, 3416x1920, inCollage_20181129_093411863.j…)

Clare Buley aka Lilith Levesis, who I'm over my fascination with by now. Too lazy to find "good" pics for this one

No. 9948

File: 1543513351026.jpg (2.3 MB, 2560x1920, inCollage_20181129_094012577.j…)

Pics on the right are the reason I started the folder kek

heroingranola aka Holli Vail or Vale or smth

No. 9949

File: 1543513503689.jpg (1.74 MB, 2400x1920, inCollage_20180623_161048021.j…)

and finally, a pic of Miley Cyrus looking like her hairline is falling off her head just like mine does sometimes lmao

all the bad-looking/regular looking pics are saved in my Don't Compare Urself to Others folder; the "good" ones are added for the sake of the thread


No. 9950

she definitely used angles to make herself look thinner. iirc she also used eyeshadow to make things looked more defined. however she was still pretty ana just not as Ashley tier as some pictures made it seem.

No. 9951

Shit I meant on the right

No. 9952

Honestly even though I don't like Rihanna that much, she really does have a body type similar to a lot of people. It's really fucked up how the media alters their looks to the point where they don't look like themselves at all.
I want to see more thick legged Ariana

No. 9953

because there aren't many shirts long enough to be worn like this if you're tall. if it's oversize but doesn't cover your crotch/butt it doesn't have the safe effect.

No. 9954

File: 1543596201950.jpg (2.37 MB, 3413x1920, inCollage_20181130_082537988.j…)

Womanlet here; the golden ratio/ ratio of thirds is a useful guide to utilize when dressing petites.

I also noticed that Ari's stylists use this guideline a lot. Her legs wouldn't look so stumpy in >>9932 if her shoes and leggings were the same colors and because they aren't platform shoes so the sweatshirt is taking up like 1/2 of her length.

I'm no expert but I thought it was worth mentioning if anyone hasn't heard of it before.

No. 9955

need more of pictures like this of ariana grande specifically tbh

No. 9956

File: 1543612692025.jpg (1.87 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20180705_140922917.j…)

Here's the only other Ari pic I have in my folder

No. 9957


i still think ari looks pretty cute here. it's probably just because she's so damn short and she's holding somones hand and smiling in two of em.

No. 9958

File: 1543616640734.jpg (3.3 MB, 2199x3300, 1541706447001.jpg)

I have one of Elle Fanning

No. 9959

I think she looks adorable here

No. 9960

Wow, she looks awful.

No. 9961

File: 1543623119960.jpg (130.45 KB, 458x513, 20181130_160915.jpg)

This is a terrible picture woww but imo you can tell she is beautiful despite that

Here's a cap from the new music video. Thought she looked pretty stumpy here. Wtf is that huge cardigan

No. 9962

Huh, I always thought she was way more petite than that. I don't think she looks bad though, just not as expected.

No. 9963

File: 1544467030063.png (963.75 KB, 926x533, -------.png)

Before and after sucessfully maintaining drug abuse for the Tumblr/IG aesthetic.

This is Lily Bouse (was cokedrip on Tumblr, is now enrouteforthehexconclave on IG)

I also second a thread on her but I doubt the milk would be plentiful.

No. 9964

The only milk really going on with Lily/enrouteforthehexconclave are her ongoing horrendous tattoo skills and growing collection of future laser removals (that's if the drugs don't get her first.)

No. 9965

Do any of you know the story behind the horrific face wounds? I remember when that happened to her but I never could find the reason why.

No. 9966

i followed this lana del rey wannabe on Facebook Instagram and Tumblr around 2013 before she had this image and she was just as cringe back then and a would-be cow if she kept up with her sad palegirl act, typical ana posts and statuses about how she hadnt slept or ate in days, angled photos of her ribs/sucking way in. and then you see a candid and she's just normal. lmao.

No. 9967

She smashed her face on a drinks bottle. I think she went more into detail on her old Tumblr but I can't remember now.

No. 9968

File: 1546712629583.jpg (203.37 KB, 475x790, 20190105_102306.jpg)

A new one of @sheslethal

No. 9969

who is she though, if I may ask? is she an influencer or some performer? I only saw her through her bf's insta (insta radar was really pushing this guy's page down my throat) and thought she's irrelevant (I mean irrelevant in like, just a girl with baddie style, no one with actual internet presence)

No. 9970

File: 1546716531952.jpg (110.02 KB, 450x600, file.jpg)

She gained popularity on tumblr for posting pics of her (ed'd) body. Obsessed with Lolita and Lana Del Rey (yawn) and would copy those styles and post provocative pics. Her tumblr was kinda like a diary tho and her life was fucked up and interesting imo. She had a lot of family drama. She occasionally makes cringey wannabe LDR video snippets on ig. I posted her earlier and someone else seemed to know who she was so I just posted that new pic here. You're pretty much correct she's not milky or an "online personality" these days. Looks like she bums around with her bf (who is TIF) and goes to clubs. She goes on instagram live a lot and super cringely dances and lipsyncs while doing her makeup and otherwise admiring herself. She's like borderline calf material, if she was more open/active online about irl she prob would be a cow.
I've followed her since tumblr days. She's kind of captivating to be honest. But still kinda cringey.

No. 9971

Can her old personal blog posts can still be found anywhere? She sounds interesting!

No. 9972

I've been trying to dig up old stuff and a lot of it is gone. Her tumblr used to be @boredbrat & @dollyhazed (and more but they're long forgotten by me), but they are gone now. Her old ass youtube channel is still up called kody jewel. I found an old ask.fm, too. If you sift through you can get some okay content. This is old though. https://ask.fm/ohwowllovely/. I'll try to dig up more. Her name is Kody Sanico I think.

No. 9973

Her current tumblr is @hairlockette. Go there and search her tumblr for "boredbrat" for some old pics

No. 9974

File: 1547512691512.jpg (2.39 MB, 2400x1920, inCollage_20190114_163755391.j…)

Tana is easy pickin's but jfc

No. 9975

dark circles never look as attractive as they do in drawings

No. 9976

File: 1547546351397.jpg (131.52 KB, 1132x584, large.jpg)

No. 9977

File: 1547546379846.jpg (114.09 KB, 640x651, Cz4E2sE.jpg)

No. 9978

File: 1547547590216.jpg (158.34 KB, 704x657, mimisug.jpg)

MimiSugars probably has the worst case of faceshoop (and also some bodyshoop) I've EVER SEEN. I had never seen/heard of her before, and I saw her at ALA in Morrigan. Then later when i was browsing tags, I saw her post in Morrigan and I was like "hmmm. that looks wrong" THEN I FOUND THIS UNEDITED PIC OF HER TODAY AND I HAD MY SUSPICIONS COMFIRMED.

No. 9979

File: 1547559595381.jpg (300.25 KB, 2048x2048, PFSH9f9.jpg)

I honestly think Kenna is SO pretty irl, but her editing gets out of hand sometimes (I get the white lines are just for effect though). Also, her shaved eyebrows looks really bad and don't suit her even more in motion.

No. 9980

If you like this stuff there is loads on r/instagramreality
and insta @celebface @beauty.false

I was blown away with this one:
WTF she literally photoshopped like 4 dress sizes down - and that's how she is going to remember her wedding day.

No. 9981

She looked so much better with darker hair and some color in her skin.
Anime. Not even once.

No. 9982

I know she's been posted before, but damn she looks like a female Val Kilmer.

No. 9983

That neck shoop

No. 9984

File: 1547575486679.png (457.46 KB, 612x791, 20190115_100215.png)

In the same vein…

Not bad, but def not good

No. 9985


she's gained a lot of weight recently, can't blame her after the death of mac/failed marriage. plus she used to be really skinny (to the point she got accused of anorexia) so this is better.

i've been noticing it too. in the candids her weight gain is obvious. but she's been posting a lot of heavily shooped shit to look skinny. it's sad cause she's not even fat or anything.

No. 9986

Except pic on the right is from 2016 and the one on the left is from 2018? By your logic she should look thinner on the right (irl)

No. 9987

File: 1547634116573.jpeg (615.83 KB, 750x923, 67354F1E-0EE2-4E2E-929D-0FBB47…)

It’s honestly hilarious how fat she is versus how thin she shoops herself. I saw some of her pictures online and didn’t even realize it was the same person that I had met multiple times through mutual friends. You can actually see the vertical lines from putting it through a ton of editing apps.

No. 9988

File: 1548175725645.jpg (2.47 MB, 2560x1920, inCollage_20190122_084556356.j…)

This girl keeps popping up on my Instagram and her shops have got to be one of the creepiest things I've ever seen

No. 9989

this is really creeping me out. wtf?

No. 9990

File: 1548200938103.jpeg (178.04 KB, 322x934, F89D21F6-94A9-41A3-A242-F1C8B4…)

This shoop needs to end now

No. 9991

File: 1548503788775.jpg (80.33 KB, 552x769, 438c2eca0febc2931012f2a2c84d14…)

No. 9992

looks like a literal forever21 mannequin on the right lmao

No. 9993

Holy shit she looks like danzig here. Thats a beefy neck and jaw

No. 9994

I thought Ariana said she was going bald from dying her hair every day for cat and sam and how she has to use a lot of extentions to hide it. She doesn't look like her balding at all

No. 9995

Looks like she's mid-blink and doing that thing where you flick your hair off your shoulders by whipping your head?

No. 9996

they got the eyes and ears and stuff pretty well tbh. The full head of nice fluffy hair though, wew

No. 9997

She might have been able to reverse the balding if the follicles weren't too badly damaged yet.

No. 9998

File: 1551302035650.jpg (1 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190228_045907.jpg)

Y'all wanna emphasise how much someone edit their photo onlime, at least go find a photo of the person in similar lighting or pose lah. Don't compare with or without makeup lol

Here is a comparison of xiaoyukiko on IG

Left is the one is the event photo she post on Instagram. Right is actually the original photo I found on FB from the photographer himself

No. 9999

File: 1551302222577.jpg (1.14 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190228_050846.jpg)

I am actually super surprised people mentioning xiaoyukiko (probs from singapore coscomm) never mention Plant Lily Cosplay

Here is a comparision
Left is an event photo posted by Lily herself. Right is the photo I found on FB posted by the original photographer

No. 10000

File: 1551302931743.jpg (1.01 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190228_052522.jpg)

Maybe the Plant Lily one was too old (2 years ago?)

Here is a slightly more recent one I found

Left is the photo posted by Lily, right is the photo posted by the photographer himself

No. 10001

There's literally 0 difference between these photos, or is that your point?
Photographers edit, by the way.

No. 10002

These last two she made much worse in the edit, looking like a creepy dummy. They were much better before. But the first comparison seems exactly the same.

No. 10003

File: 1551305175786.jpg (1002.35 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190228_055841.jpg)

Just here to share things I found lol. Isn't that what you guys being doing on this thread? I just felt perhaps I can share my goods resources too. Chillax man

So, yea. I found Rurusama 's photo too. Different photo but same pose same cos at the same event

Left is what she posted, right is the photo from a photog at the event

No. 10004

are you blind? look at her waist and her face

No. 10005

The face is creepy but what she's done to her ass is some real body horror shit

No. 10006

File: 1551307131966.jpg (843.48 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190228_062021.jpg)

Thanks for saying the difference in xiaoyukilo's post for me lol

But yea, cus I saw people comparing her event photo, her photoshoot photo and livestream photo so I thought I start with Yukiko's comparision.

Thats actually pretty much the only event photo I can find from xiaoyukiko arh. I understand it is not fair to compare cosplay photos from years ago so I tried to find as recent as possible. That photo is actually from like mid 2017 btw.

And like, I found her most recent event photos, AFA2019 to be exact (in decmember last year, 3 momths back?) The photo like I really cannot see much difference though???

Somemore the photo is from a mass produce photog who shoots alot event photo in one day so do not photoshop for coser.

The right is what Yukiko posted arh. The left is what I found on Tan Lum Hoe's FB

Just in case anyone thinks this way, I am not protecting Yukiko or anything, I just so decided to start with her because I saw people talking about her here already.

No. 10007

Except the color filter of course

No. 10008

I just wanna say that, chasing cosplay for quite a few years now, photoshop is very common in Cosplay as everyone know.

It's fun to find out how they actually look like of course, interesting to talk about. But I just hope you guys don't bash harshly on them. They are just girls who want to look their best online. Which girl doesn't use a little touchup on their apps these days?

That's all I wanna say arh. If got more pics I find I will share :)

No. 10009


the only difference i can spot is that she made her waistline smaller??? is there more here or

No. 10567

I'm confused, this doesn't seem like a problem a all to me. It's not super extreme or anything

No. 10590

File: 1551396325685.jpg (51.4 KB, 500x667, proxy.duckduckgo.jpg)

It's like a Jenny Kaori piece come to life

No. 10619

File: 1551413460219.png (268.95 KB, 665x404, wowok.png)

tbf she's never tried to tell people she doesnt though

not to mention the fact that this is probably also a combo of angles/lighting in addition to editing.

here is picture for contribution, she looks like a sim or smth in her edits.

No. 10658

File: 1551457307731.jpeg (72.75 KB, 960x540, 1549277310965.jpeg)

No. 11895

i hate seeing this spoopy bitch pop up on my explore page. worse are the idiot teens who comment shit like "goals" too stupid to realize shes lying to them

No. 38194

no, the Ariel photo is not shopped. You shouldn't compare a live stream screenshot with a properly angled photograph. Though, I do agree that the white photo Yukiko have shopped herself to look worse than she does irl.

No. 38681

This deavan person from TLC's 90 Day fiance the other way has a huge gap between her private photos and her actual face on tv.

No. 39227

holy shit, is that unedited spechie ? she looks like a male bridge troll in a diy wig, complete with large damaged teeth from mouthbreathing, a protruding lower lip (extended as a flytrap for protein ?), and fifty bile glands on either side of the face I guess, because there's no way she has cellulite on her fucking cheeks.
I see nothing elegant, nothing delicate, just a coarse bloated potato infused with fifty shades of retardation - which explains the rage in her vids and the crazy gf behaviour.
god, that was an experience.

No. 40352

File: 1563167743981.png (1.49 MB, 1156x1152, Screen Shot 2019-07-14 at 10.1…)

reddit gtfo

No. 40357


damn she looks almost completely different..

No. 40414

The post was stolen from this thread >>9923

No. 40431

File: 1563224922905.png (2.98 MB, 2048x2048, PicsArt_07-15-04.08.11.png)

Yeah, I've been watching this season and fucking yikes. She edits the absolute shit out of herself on IG.

No. 40457

File: 1563246647512.jpg (115.82 KB, 970x425, fil.jpg)

No. 40586

Is that sakura.gun

No. 40686

File: 1563385744320.png (2.28 MB, 1730x1190, PicsArt_07-17-12.42.50.png)

I love her art, but namacolove shops herself so much thinner than she is.

No. 60316

File: 1572537934050.jpg (3.45 MB, 2881x1920, inCollage_20191031_090433463.j…)

No. 60317

Holy shit! I've never seen her social media lmfao
She always seems so confused and scared and not trying to be friendly or embrace the culture. Although props to her for eating that octopus or whatever.

No. 60397

Such a baby face lol

No. 62470

File: 1573638886540.jpeg (139.26 KB, 763x766, 8DE4DD41-058F-4EDB-B157-E53DAF…)

I don’t know who this is, but I gasped.

No. 63109

File: 1574143590226.jpeg (597.46 KB, 1267x852, 19C9193F-D588-4EB4-AB5E-818DF1…)

No. 63207

How deluded must you need to be to do this long term with no affect on your self esteem.

No. 63473

File: 1574328021031.png (371.23 KB, 500x500, 8AAA93F5-85C3-4436-B850-A7EA02…)

You’ve gotta be completely unhinged to delude yourself that hard.

No. 71624

File: 1578606143770.jpg (2.15 MB, 1920x2400, Cos2.jpg)

I know this thread is dying but I just found these pics my friend sent about a year ago and I had to share them somewhere. I think these are all from the same con. I'm not familiar with any of these cosplayer but was told they're all pretty big names so you guys might recognize them?
This one startled me the most.

No. 71625

File: 1578606239369.jpg (486.28 KB, 1536x1920, Cos2.jpg)

No. 71626

File: 1578606374230.jpg (450.36 KB, 1536x1920, Cos4.jpg)

No. 72122

File: 1578966406434.jpg (277.23 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20200114_044642.jpg)

No. 81070

Why do all degenerate mentally impaired furwankers look like that though?I see a pattern

No. 82953

File: 1586482533362.png (1.82 MB, 1600x800, 50A5E5FB-5B17-43EF-BF81-EBFDEE…)

No. 82990

Is that really them? Holy shit I remember seeing them on my explore page. Wow.

No. 95299

File: 1591656229334.png (1.18 MB, 845x738, 1591599266150.png)

How do you even shoop this hard? Do you have to wipe your entire face off in Photoshop and paste different facial features back on? Is there some kind of tool that I just don't know exists yet? Even liquify, frequency separation, and makeup/eyelash brushes can't change my face this much.

No. 95308

Glad somebody posted her, lol.

No. 96636

File: 1592659713102.png (2 MB, 1104x1402, violet.png)

Violet Rojas (@vibinwithviolet) is a They/Them #1 Brigitte Overwatch streamer

No. 96657

Yikes. Reminds me of that vtuber whose tracking glitched and revealed that she's actually a gross middle-aged otaku.

No. 96666

File: 1592696282644.png (6.96 MB, 3200x2044, opvsr.png)

I'm shocked Xiao Rou SeeU (小柔SeeU)isn't posted yet.

No. 96713

the fuck… looks MtF?


I have the insane habit of comparing myself to the highly edited photos of 'beautiful' people, even when I know it's completely misleading.

the left reminds me of wayne newton. kek.

No. 96744

Which vtuber are you talking about?

No. 96963

kek. looks like asherbee

No. 121252

File: 1609949352934.jpg (123.49 KB, 640x1280, 136045247_783653705581582_4358…)

Is this thread still alive?
I found this girl, miischmiisch, because she's constantly looking for "friends"(=new simps) in German-speaking weeb groups. Claims she just uses Snow to adjust the colors of her selfies but videos and candids of her say otherwise.
55.5k followers atm who don't see anything wrong with her.

No. 121359

she looks like a fat venus

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