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File: 1592782517430.jpg (817.68 KB, 1598x1500, John_Bauer_1915.jpg)

No. 96783

post anything neo-folk related, inspiration, discussion, music, questions…etc.

No. 96784

No. 96785

Wrong board, this should go to /m/

No. 96813

File: 1592856757063.png (1.48 MB, 1024x2107, lady_of_the_forest_by_digi_m-d…)

No. 96814

File: 1592856803835.jpg (92.19 KB, 564x1009, c8dfa1d6717d397a4005cb0a4bdd5e…)

No. 96815

File: 1592856857524.jpg (55.21 KB, 487x750, original.jpg)

No. 96843

Love this idea! Would folk horror films count?

No. 96929

File: 1592954373541.jpg (177.08 KB, 960x960, IMG_3955.JPG)

wouldn't neo folk inspo just be varg tier trad stuff and SS worship?

No. 97080

Faun is my fav neofolk band, though I have to say I prefer their older music. I still like their newer music though.

No. 97082

Old but good

No. 97091

File: 1593072805254.jpeg (145.75 KB, 600x600, DE2EF1C9-E350-4921-8966-0DEE71…)

Pretty much. At least the original 80s neofolk music scene was full of people who technically were not nazis but definitely worshipped the German military aesthetic and ~muh west civilization~

I’ll admit I listen to Death in June a lot, because I genuinely think there aren’t many artists out there who can create this beautiful, eerie atmosphere the way Douglas does. But yeah, I don’t agree with people claiming the whole nazi angle of his aesthetic is just tongue in cheek. You can’t be THIS deep into an aesthetic without identifying with it somehow. Also, I have a feeling he uses his gayness as a convenient way of deflecting accusations.

Anyway, I’d love if anyone could recommend music with a similar feel to DI6 but without the problematic stuff, because I suck at finding new artists lmao.

No. 97201

of course! please share the good stuff

No. 97220

File: 1593196828379.png (881.63 KB, 800x827, we_are_family_by_digi_m-d2f3gu…)

I think what you're referring to is more of nordic neo-folk which is undoubtedly infested with nazis and white supremacists because norse people are the truest white but folk isn't only vikings and norse gods.

No. 97478

File: 1593383744440.jpg (255.33 KB, 887x1240, wicker_man_UK1sht.jpg)

I saw the wicker man the other day ! I had such a fun time watching it and all the songs were really good !

No. 98166

Who dis?

No. 98181

As did I. Fantastic film. What are everyone’s thoughts on Midsommar?

No. 98202

I loved midsommar, what a fantastic movie

as for music, I've been listening to a lot of Johnny Flynn recently since I watched the 2019 Emma

No. 100118

Do you guys have some recommendations for podcasts about folk in cinema ?
I've been listening to the evolution of folk horror lately: https://www.evolutionofhorror.com/folk

but I would love any recommendations !

No. 105258

the Old Gods are With Us

No. 105263

File: 1597954026398.png (358.5 KB, 1180x520, puppy.png)

I just spent half an hour looking for a meme that looked like this but couldn't find it so I made my own hope you like it also I love both the logos but the stick-like one is perfection

No. 105324

On what planet is wittr neo folk

No. 118313

No. 118477

I love that anon! I’m saving for later use

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